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Wedding at Schuyler of Interest to Omaha
Warren Cundiff Is I
n ' n i! . I
liiven a rromoiion i
Warren K. Cundiff, assistant gen- j
oral passenger agent at Kansas City,
was yesterday appointed assistant
general passenger agent of the Union I
Pacific at Denver to fill the vacancy
created by the death of Robert i. I
Ruble. Cundiff was with the Union :
Pacific here a number of years and
was local secretary of the Western
Passenger association in Omaha, tie
was junior assistant general passenger
agent here before going to Kansas
J. Oscar Goodsell. city passenger
agent at Chicago, succeeds Cundiff at
Kansas City.
South Dakota Spring
Wheat Yield is Low
Mitchell, S. D., Aug. 3. (Special.)
Firs t threshing reports of this vic
inity coincide with earlier estimates.
Loss tos pring wheat from black rust
is even greater thin predicted. Re
turns from five fields of wheat at
vavrious places give the best yield at
seven bushels per acre and the low
est at five. The quality does not ex
ceed No. 2 in any case, and part of it
is little better than bran. Three fields
of oats yielded thirty, forty and fifty
bushels per acre, respectively.
In Chicago Mayor William Thompson re
voked the llcenst-a of twenty-two aaloona,
tn the flrat atop of a new campaign to
enforce the Sunday dosing law.
wmi3CSHyBt. -LiijiM,m.gj.iwjBit,.w' ''HMwiute?''''!
WHEN lunch or supper
seems a long time off
and you're hungry, eat
Uneeda Biscuit.
Just enough to satisfy to
keep you Jjoing till meal time
but so light and crisp and
flaky that they won't spoil
your appetite.
mtaw a -
Bast Booka for
Summer Read
lag at Reduced
Main Floor
1 HI illlUHI lllllllfllll la 1 li-fT" TT"'' "-TI It ll.Jmnti
Ask to ... tha
"Special" Saw
ing Machine Fri
day and Smtur.
day, $12.98.
IMPORT A NT.. During the month of August this store will
MITMM VIX MSXllA Qn gaturday nighU at g jn8tead 0f 9 P. M.
Big Basement Bargains for a Busy Friday
Mid-Summer Sale of Most Wanted Merchandise
1 ,000 Women's, Misses' and Juniors'
White and Colored Summer Dresses
Street dresses, porch dresses and house dresses. Hundreds of dlffer-
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good styles and materials; 39c to 59c values, your
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Rompers and Dreaiaa, many different styles. Ages 2
to 6 years. 25c and 29c values, at. . "174
Equalization Board Will Make
No Change in Valuation of
Personal Property.
(From a Staff Correapondsnt.)
Lincoln, Aug. 3. (Sppecial Tele
gram.) The State Board of Equaliza
tion concluded at its meeting this
afternoon to not make any changes
in the valuation of personal property
as reported by county assessors.
There will be some changes made in
real estate valuations in a few coun
ties, but until the changes are made
there will be nothing to report by the
0 W
port street, Omaha. Mr. Davis i9 a
graduate of the Beaver City High
school of the class of 1910, of the
Wesleyan university of the class of
1913, and of the Harvard Law school
class of 1916. He has a position with
the law firm of DeBord, Fradenburg
& Van Orsdel of Omaha. His father
is Thomas M. Davis, president of
the First State bank of Beaver City,
who is well known in business and
Masonic circles throughout the state.
Mrs. Davis is a graduate of the state
university, and has been at the head
of the Fremont public library for the
past two years.
Torty Gatherings in Larger
Cities of Empire, But No
Precise Statements.
Berlin, Aug. 3. Meetings of the
national committee for securing an
honorable peace were held in about
forty of the larger cities of Germany
last night, but at none of the meet
ings (lid the moderates give any pre
cise statement concerni.iB the con
ditions of peace, as the moderates
would like to see them. The speak
ers usually, dwelt on generalities,
rarely going beyond the chancellor's
declaration with regard to peace.
Prof. Adolph Haruack was a
speaker at the Berlin meeting. He
made no surprising statements re
garding the aims of the war. which
he specified as the thrusting back of
Russia from eastern ''"urope, where
it was an intruder, to the east where
it had its mission, and - termination
of the situation on the west, where
England was the uncontnled ruler
of the sea and Belgium -s vassal.
Prof. Harnac , warned his auditors
against expecting, or demanding too
much from the results of the war, as
Germany must ramember the lot pf
its confederates as well as its own
success. He appealed to his hearers
to have confidence in the administra
tion, which he said had done its ut
most to prevent the war and the at
titude of which toward certain neu
trals, history wald some day justify.
Busch Heirs Ask
To Handle Estate
St. Louis, Mo., Aug. 3. A petition
was filed today for the removal of
Public Administrator Newell as ad
ministrator of a $2,000,000 portion of
the estate of Mrs. Anna Busch, sister-in-law
of the late Adolphus Busch,
who died last April.
The petition was filed by her son
and grandson. They claim that the
property is in no danger of being
wasted, and ask that the estate be
placed jn their hands.
Ford Party to Arrive
In Fremont on Sunday
George F. Wolz," president of the
Fremont Commercial club, has re
ceived a telegram from Detroit stat
ing that the Henry Ford party will
leave the Michigan metropolis Sat
urday morning and arrive in Fremont
for the tractor show Sunday. In the
party will be Henry Ford, his son,
Ebsel; E. R. Bryant, secretary of
Henry Ford & Son, Inc., and G. E.
Sorenson, superintendent of shops.
Hundred Shrapnel Shells
Explode on Schooner Elsey
New York, Aug. 3. One hundred
shrapnel shells exploded during a fire
on the four-masted schooner George
W. Elsey in Erie basin late today. The
only person injured, however, was a
fireman who was struck on the arm
by, a shell fragment. Fourteen men
working on the schooner jumped
overboard and swam to safety when
the bombardment began.
Culls From the Wire
Joseph Carrara, better known aa Johnny
Dundee, a purlllst, waa . arrested on a
charge of homicide In New York after an
automobile he was driving had killed a
13-year-old boy.
Senate and house confereea agreed on
the military academy appropriation bill,
substituting for the senate amendment ap
propriating 11,000,000 for new buildings, a
provision for a commission of three offtcere
to Investigate and report on building re
quirements at West Point.
Easiest Way to Remove
Ugly Hairy Growths
(Beauty Culture.)
Here is a method for removing hair
or fuzz that is unfailing and is quite
inexpensive: Mix, a thick paste with
some powdered delatone and water
and spread on hairy surface. After 2
or 3 minutes, rub it off, wash the skin
and every trace of hair has vanished.
No, harm or inconvenience results
from this treatment, but be careful to
get genuine delatone. Adv.
Formation is Completed and is
Mostly of Veterans of the
Spanish War.
The Sixth Nebraska Voluntcec in
fantry, which was organized and
tendered to the governor of Nebraska,
and by the governor to the president,
made up almost exclusively of Spanish-American
war veterans, has com
pleted its formation and elected offi
cers as follows:
Colonel John O. Msher, Lincoln.
Lieutenant Colonel Walter K. Steele,
Regimental Adjutant Fred K. Fero,
Major Surgeon John O. Marrlan, Brain
am. Assistant Surgeon Dr. N. O. Reynold.
Captain Quartermaster Charles E. Fos
ter, Omaha.
Captain Commissary A. W. Shilling,
North Platte.
Chaplain Harry Klein, Omaha.
First Battalion Major. Leonard H. War
ner, Geneva,
Company A, Lincoln Roscoe C. Onman,
captain; C. h. Rudstrom, first .lieutenant; J.
L. Nlms, second lieutenant. 1
Company B, Omaha Frank Wlppennan,
captain; C. B. Nye. first lieutenant; S. J.
Bonavlev, second lieutenant.
Company C, Omaha David Mortpn, cap
tain; Philip Rlsch. first lieutenant; Justin
Refregiter, second lieutenant.
Companq 1, Omaha Henry Shrode, cap
tain; Fred Klshmacher, flrat lieutenant; L.
P. Rogers, second lieutenant.
Major August Wanner,
Company E, Columbus, August Wagner,
captain; A, L, Rollln, first lieutenant; A. H.
Post, second lieutenant.
Company F, Geneva A. S. Pcttlt, captain;
A. E. Holt, first lieutenant; Sylvester Eaton;
second lieutenant.
Company Q, Merna W. H. Seabrooke,
captain; Horace Kennedy, first lieutenant.
Company H, Staple ton Leon H. Davis,
Major Allen Q. Fisher,
Company I, Chadron Allen Q. Fisher,
Company K, Alliance J. B. Miller, cap
tain; Donald Oraham, ftrst lieutenant; C.
O'Brien, second lieutenant.
Company L, Grand Island K. A. MrRae,
captain; Don Hannaford, first lieutenant; J.
L. Holladsworth, second lieutenant.
Company M, North Platte W. A. Brown,
captain; L. I. Tucker, first lieutenant; O. K.
Garrison, second lieutenant.
Dysentery in Alabama.
"My little 4-year-old boy had a
severe attack of dysentery. We gave
him Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy and believe it
saved his life ," says William H. Strib
ling, Carbon Hill, Ala. Obtainable
everywhere. Advertisement.
Corns C;me Off
Like Banana Peel
Wonderful, SimpU "Gett-lt" New
Fails to Remove Any Corn Easily.
"Wouldn't it Jar you! Here. I've heen
going along for years, with one desperate
corn after another, trylnjj to get rid of.them
with salves that eat off the toes, tapes that
Besltatet Use Snre "Gnta-Tt. for Those
Corns and Save lour Life and Tour Toes
stick to the stocking, bandages and plasters
that make a package of the toes, trying
blood-bringing rasors and scissors. Then I
tried 'Gets-H' Just once and yov ought to
have seen that corn come off just like a
banana peel." It's simple, wonderful. It's
the new way, painless, applied In two sec
onds, never hurts healthy flesh or Irri
tates. Nothing to press on the corn. Never
falls. Quit the old Way for once anyway
and try "Oets-It" tonight. For corns, cal
louses, warts and bunions.
'"Gets-It" Is sold everywhere, 25c a bottle,
or sent direct by K. Lawrence & Co., Chica
go, 111. Sold and recommended as the. world's
best corn remedy by Sherman & McConnell
Drug Co.
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Onepackage
proves it 25c at all druggists.
One of the great efficiency experts believes
bad feet are a prime cause of Inefficiency In
the pursuit of the dally bread. "I examine
a man mentally and physically," he says,
"and If I find he has bad feet 1 report
against him. I know that bad fret lower
a person's effectiveness." If you are suffer
ing from hot, tender, aching feet you can't
do your best work. Fortunately there. Is no
longer any excuse for suffering feet. A
26-cent package of Wa-Ne-Ta will give you
foot comfort. When you get homo In the
evening, drop two or three of these tablets
In a pan of hot water and soak your feet In
it for a few minutes. You'll he nurprlscd
how the pain vanishes. It will hood relieve
you of all foot troubles. Delightful for us
In bath. Leaves skin soft and naniary. ir
your druggist hasn't Wa-Ne-Ta, send uh
10 cents and we will mail you prepaid a
sample package. L. C. Landon Co., South
Bend, Ind. Advertisement,
Discolored or Spotty
' Skin Easily Peeled Off
Dr. Frank F. Burhorn -The
414-418 Rose Bid, Phone D. 5347
I make s specialty in adjusting tha
causa of aute and chronic diseases. In
vent i (ration costs nothing, and means
health and happiness. Chiropractic deals
directly with the cause of ill health.
Dress Prints, Ginghams
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Solid Bra.. Fountain Sprays 594
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at ..........394
In the Basement
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Falconer Mustered
Out of U, S. Service
(From a Staff Correspondent)
Lincoln, Aug. 3. (Special.) Major
A. B. Falconer of Omaha, has been
mustered out of the federal service
as quartermaster of the mobilization
camp at Lincoln. Major Falconer has
been busy since the troops left for
the border cleaning up matters left
in his charge, and has now completed
most of the work, the rest being
turned over to Captain T. W. Jaycox,
jr., who has been at guard headquar
ters since the troops left.
First Lieutenant R. R. Heald, adju
tant of the third battalion of the
fourth infantry, who was rejected be
cause of the condition of his teeth,
has had that trouble fixed up and
left this morning to join his regi
ment on the border.
Adjutant General Hall has gone to
Washington on duty connected with
his work as disbursing officer for the
Nebraska guard. He will look after
other matters of importance con
nected with the guard before return
ing. Great Demand for
Motor Car Numbers
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Aug. 3. (Special.) As the
seaso draws toward the middle, there
appears to be no decrease in the num
ber of applications for automobile
numbers at the office of Secretary of
State Pool. During the month of July,
5,841 automobile numbers were sent
out of the office, and 250 motorcycle
numbers. This makes the total reg
istration of automobiles at 86,690, and
of motorcycles, 3,509.
The expense of operating the auto
mobile department for the past month
was $974.63.
The secretary's office also collected
during the month $50,117.52, while the
total expense of operating the de
partment was $616.83, which makes
-a profit to the state of $49,490.69 for
the month.
Arrested for Theft
4 Of an AutomobUe
(From a SUlt Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Aug. 3. (Special.) Fol
lowing instructions received from the
police at Sioux City, the Lincoln
police arrested W. T. Gordon as he
was leaving an automobile garage in
this city this morning, where he had
left an automobile answering the de
scription of one stolen from Sioux
City yesterday, and which was said to
be headed in the direction of Lincoln.
Theautomobile was the property of
L. Koolish, and when arrested Gordon
confessed to having taken the ma
chine. Secretary $ool Drinking
Buttermilk Out of a Jug
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Aug. 3. (Special.) Secre
tary of State Charles Wesley Pool has
taken to.buttermilk, and each morning
a farmer friend comes To the office
and leaves a jug of the invigorator
and takes back with him another
empty jug in exchange.
Child Dies of Appendicitis.
Stella, Neb., Aug. 3. (Special.)
Catherine, the 3-year-old daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Morris, resid
ing southwest of Stella, died in a hos
pital at St. Joseph, Tuesday, of appen
dicitis. Burial will be in the Prairie
Union cemetery this afternoon. Last
Saturday the child was taken to St.
Joseph, where an operation was per
formed, v
Campaign in Hamilton.
Aurora, Neb., Aug. 3. (Special.)
County Chairman F. E. Edgerton of
the republican county central commit
tee has called a meeting of the entire
committee for August 14, 1916, at 130
p. m. in the court house. It is planned,
to make this the beginning of the
campaign in Hamilton county.
Eoys Are Struck By Lightning.
Aurora, Neb., Aug. 3. (Special.)
A large barn on the farm of J. D.
Ferguson, fourteen miles northwest
of Aurora, was struck by lightning
Monday night and burned to the
ground. The loss is estimated at
about $1,800. Some grain was stored
in the barn and was burned.
Oil Fees for July.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
Lincoln, Aug. 3. (Special.) Oil
fees for the month of July were about
$300 heavier than for the month of
Jun-: which were the greatest in the
history of the department. The fees
of the oil department amounted to
$11,700, which indicates a heavy con
sumption of gasoline, and that it is on
the increase.
The Best Laxative.
To keep the bowels regular the best
laxative is" outdoor exercise. Drink a
full glass of water an hour before
breakfast and cat an abundance of
fruit and vegetables, also establish a
regular habit and be sure that your
bowels move once each day. When
a medicine is needed take Chamber
lain's Tablets. They are pleasant to
take ana mua ana gentle in ettect.
Obtainable everywhere. Adv.
2B,748 more paid Want Ada flrat six
eoonth. 1916 than In same period of 1B16
nearly 1,00. more each week. Why men
tion results wila this kind of evldene.?
Nee Florence Wells.
Schuyler, Neb., Aug. 3. (Special.)
Clarence A. Davis, only son of Mr.
and Mrs. T. M. Davis of Beaver City,
and Miss Florence Wells, daughter
of Judge and Mrs. G. H. Wells of
Schuyler, were married at 4 o'clock
Wednesday afternoon at the Holy
Trinity church in this city, Rev. E. A.
Moore being the officiating clergy
man. Miss Clara Wells, sister of the
bride, was bridesmaid, and- James H.
Mickey, son of former Governor- J.
H. Mickey of Osceola, was best man.
Mr. and Mrs. Davis left for a wedding
trip in Colorado. On their return
they will be at home at 3312 Daven-
Mayor of Wymore
Will Run for State
Senator by Petition
Beatrice, Neb., Aug. 3. (Special.)
Mayor Rawlings of Wymore has an
nounced that he would make the race
for state senator from Gage and Paw
nee counties on the republican ticket
by petition in opposition to Adam Mc
Mullen, the regular republican nomi
nee, and Julius Neuman, democratic
candidate. He expects to circulate
his petitions for signatures in both
countries soon.
A committee from the Beatrice
Commercial club will attend the con
ference to be held at Omaha this
month at which the new freight rates
will be considered.
Emile C. Brauen of Chicago is in
the city conferring with G. W. Stein
meyer relative to a hydor-electric
plant which Mr. Steinmeyer expects
to build at Barneston.
Captain Eaton and Lieutenant Yule
of the adjutant general's department
were in the city yesterday collecting
the accoutrements of Company C at
the armory, which are to be turned
into the adjutant general. They went
from here to Wymore.
Mrs. Ula Jackson, a pioneer of this
city, was stricken with paralysis yes
terday and is in a critical condition.
Medical Men Meet
, To Outline Fight
On Dread Disease
New York, Aug. 3. A series of in
vestigations with the object of solv
ing problems which have arisen from
the epidemic of infantile paralysis in
this city will be begun here tomorrow
by several of the leadng pathologists
and bacteriologists of the country. Dr.
Simon Flexner of the Rockefeller In
stitute for Medical Research prob
ably will be present.
It is planned to discuss thoroughly
the nature of the epidemic and its
progress. Then the doctors will be
organized into committees to divide
the work of investigation.
It was announced tonight that thus
far thirty-eight persons, classed as
adults, all over fifteen years, have had
the disease. One of the deaths report
ed today was the 4-year-old daughter
of Dr. Thomas C. Chalmers, an at
tending physician in the Queensboro
hospital, where several cases have
been treated.
Here's a Soldier
Who Cursed the Flag
Montgomery, Ala., Aug. 3. Private
Harry Goldberg of the Alabama Na
tional Guard vas ordered court mar
tialed today on a charge of disobey
ing an officer.
The charge grew out of his punish
ment nearly two weeks ago by being
tied to the ground when accused of
cursing the American flag, the presi
dent, the nation and the officers. The
officers who ordered this punishment
were publicly reprimanded today by
Brigadier General Bricken for exceed
ing their authority.
Farmer Drowned in
Pond Near Tekamah
Tecumeh, Neb., Aug. 3. (Special
Telegram.) John Reckewey, a farm
er of Elk Creek, was drowned in a
small pond near this town last night
and his body found today. He was a
victim of epilepsy fits, and had been
fishing, and, in a fit, fell into the pond.
Reckewey was 52 years old and is sur
vived by his widow and nme children.
Soldiers' Home Notes
Or an d Island, Neb., Aug. 1. (Special.)
Rev. M. Jackson at the Flrat Baptist church
of Grand Inland, occupied the pulpit at
th Home chapel on Sunday afternoon and
Rave a iplendld addreai to an attentive
Mra. William Madden haa returned from
a five weeks' absence from Burkett.
All but eight of the ninety-four cots In
the West hospital are occupied at present,
but the physicians' reports ars encourag
in. The new uniforms will be Issued at 1
o'clock today to those who had their meas
urements taken last April.
peorgo Waters has returned to Burkett
from his recent vacation furlough.
Charles Corwln started yesterday to can
vass the Home mem bets with the view of
ascertaining the number who would attend
the reunion at Central City, which begins
August 7. Tents will be provided for mem
bers and their wives who attend, and a
good cook has been secured.
Mrs. Thompson of Have lock, who has
boin visiting tor a short time wlih hr
mother, Mrs. Rldgley, haa returned to her
The freckling, discoloring or roughening
to which most skins are subject at this
season may readily he gotten rid of. Mer
colized wax, spread lightly over the face
bnfore rotfrlng and removed In the morning
with floap and watnr, completely peels off
the disfigured nkln. Get an ounce, of the
wax at tiny druKKlKt's- There's no more
effective way nf banlnhlng tan, freckles or
other cutaneous deferls. Little skin parti
cles come off each dny, so thi procens Itself
doesn't even lempontrlly mar the complexion
1 one soon aciuiren a uranu new, spot-
lcin, girlishly beautiful faee.
wr liKl's raUBPd ny wcatner, worry or ill
ness are best treated by a Imple solution of
powdered saxolite, one ounce, d Involved ini
one-half pint witch hastcl. Bathing iho face
In this produces a truly marvelous trans
formation. Advertisement.
Specially Priced
Infants' Patent Leather Strap
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Friday, at v 29c
Women's Cotton Seamless White
Feet Ho.iery, worth 10c, special
per pair .8Wt
Children'. Half Ho.a, in fancy
colored stripes. All sizes; 15c
quality, per pair. ...... .126
Women'. White and Colored
Border Handkerchief.! regular
price 5c, sale price, each..2HC
Alcohol free
A Brannev Beverage
On Tap and In bothes
Omaha Beverage Company
6002 to 6016 South 30th St.
Phone South 1267.