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Even Their Flow of Language
is as Good as That of the
Timely Fashion Hint
A Mere Man has elicited from an
other Mere Man in my vicinity a
startling fact in regard to women
golfers. Said Second Mere Man to
First Mere Man: "How's the flow of
language out at the women's golf
tournament compare with that at a
man's tournament?"
Said First Mere Man to Second
Mere Man: "Why, say, you know
the more those women hate each
other the more affectionate they get.
They go around calling every one
'dearie,' and when they get into dis
putes they call each other 'dearie'
harder than ever."
First Mere Man stated that the
women of Omaha and its environs,
who form a majority of the golfers
at the Field club, are playing pretty
good golf. To be correct, I should
say that he conceded as much, for
this is the way he said it: "Oh, they
flutter around a good deal, but they're
playing pretty good gclf." Isn't it
cruel of people to put the drawbacks
Numerous husbands have been
seen skulking around the golf links.
Some come to admire, some to laugh
and some to crow. Ernest Sweet was
there to see his wife play.
The First Mere Man drew a big
laugh among the women folks when
he made the very rash statement that
one of the golfers was garbed in a
purple Mother Hubbard! Wasn't that
just like a man? Mrs. John W. Tilt
son, who has played a great deal with
John W., boasts that she can beat
him. That is the proper spirit for a
woman to show. "Never say die I"
I mmJt$iCskikittJi' ' - . V' Csasassaaassssasssnsi i
small (laugiiters ot lialtimorc, Md.,
arrived unexpectedly this morning
to spend several weeks w ith her par
ents, Mr, and Mrs. Kred lladra. Mrs.
Rosenthal was formerly Miss Martha I
Miss Florence Dow; Miss Uuth
Hurst of Louisville, Ky., who is the
gue.t of Miss Eloise Green; Miss
Katherine Lynch of Madison, Neb.,
whose hostess is Miss Evelyn Han
croft, and Miss Marjorie Reese of
Lincoln, who motored to Omaha Sat
urday for a stay with Miss Helen
Xieman, and who will return to her Hadra.
home this evening. Resides these ! C. F. McGrew will leave Wednes
hostesses and their guests those in- ! day for Los Angeles and after a short
! stay there will return to vonung,
I where he will be joined by his son,
K. G. McGrew, from C'hieago, for a
' fishing and hunting trip in the moun
tains. : Dr. Kmest Kelly and his father, Mr.
John Kelly, have gone for a ten days'
trout tislung trip in .Saratoga, V yo.
evening after visiting several weens journed to the grill room, where they
with Mr. and Mrs. T. K. Rutledge. enjoyed cards and dancing.
Mrs. Herbert Rosenthal and two! 1 hose present were:
Mrs. I'aul W. Halrd, district auporlnt.n-
Mm. I.iIa Rheyno. afl.lHlant tllitrlct su
pertnlarHlent. Mri. II Ponnclly, sfrrMary.
Mr MtirnarM Stivl., trrnsur!
eluded in the party were:
Mlaapa Mtsai-s
Mary Cleveland. Port WIp".
Katherine Corey, Kilt en Uuliitrr,
Krancea Cleveland, Mar; l.p!t'.
Louise Wleae, Mary Newton.
Kllen Wniten,
Mary Hlley,
KCN Hanaon,
Mary I.ons,
Mary Connor,
Mary Klnaell.
Mary Sutton.
Anna Hoyer.
Franrea Kratfoy,
l,etlt!a Wright,
Rom Smith,
.Vlary Avery,
Margaret rilgrlm,
Anna Zellar,
Rose Bernard,
Mary Chrlslopheraon,
Mary Anderson,
Tlello Thompson,
Hadle Ulhson,
Agnes Hug.
I Miss Jessie Rosenstock entertained
' two tallies at bridge this afternoon
, for Miss Amy Glaser of St. Louis,
! who is the guest of Miss Mildred
I Rube!.
A very charming midsummer hat is
shown here. The hat itself is of white
chip straw. White georgette crepe
forms a border on the brim and drops
from the edge about two inches. Huge
white satin roses are arranged in
wreath effect around the top of the
crown and a band of gros grain ribbon
lends a finishing touch.
Dinner and Dance for Guests.
Miss Marjorie Wilkins of Des
Moines and Mr. George B. Post of
New York will be honor guests of
Mr. Wallace Shepard at a prettily ap
pointed dinner which Mr. and Mrs.
W. E. Shepard are giving at their
home this evening. A color scheme
of pink will be carried out with can
dles, roses and tulle. Following the
dinner the party will dance at Happy
Hollow. Those present will be: ,
M isses Mlasea
Marjorie Wilkins ot Gertrude Porter,
Des Moines, Reglna Conneil,
Katherine Gould, Helen Straight,
Clare Louise Wright Marion Towle.
of Chicago,
Messrs. Messrs.
George Post of Philip Downs,
New York. Guy Beckett,
Herbert Davie. Foy Porter.
Robert Edwards,
At Happy Hollow Club.
The Misses Helen Streight and
Katherine Gould entertained twenty
five guests at luncheon today for Miss
Marjorie Wilkins of Des Moines, who
is the guest of Miss Gould. The
guests were seated at one large round
table with a big basket of daisies for
a centerpiece.
Mrs. Porter M. Garrett gave an in
formal luncheon at Happy Hollow
club today, her guests being a few
neighbors. The party occupied two
small tables adorned with bowls of
garden flowers. Covers were laid for
Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Jumper will en
tertain at the dinner dance at Happy
Hollow club this evening. Garden
flowers will be used on the table.
Those present -will be:
Messrs and Mesdams
A. H. Fetters, John House
John McDonald, Arthur Cole.
Robert Craig,
Mrs. Don T. Lee entertained the
fourteen girls of the Kodawicka
group of Campfire girls, who are un
der the sponsorship of Miss Nel'.e
Ryan, at the matinee dance at Happy
Hollow this afternoon.
Mr. Dwight Evans will be host a:
a dinner given this evening compli
mentary to Miss Elizabeth Jones of
Chicago, who is a guest at the K. K.
Evans home. A basket of garden
flowers will adorn the dinner table
at which covers will be placed for:
Misses Misses
Elisabeth Jones, Margaretha Grlmmcl,
Helen Garvin, Caroline Uolmqulst.
Messrs. Messrs.
Waltman Walters, Carlisle Allen,
Philip Gllmore, Dwight Evans.
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Sunderland will i
entertain at the dinner-dance at Hap- i
py Hollow this evening for Miss Mar- j
giret Hodge and Miss F. A. Page of
Minnesota, who are guests of Mr. and
Mrs. J. A. Sunderland at their home I
in Fairacres. The guests will be !
seated at one large and one small
table. On the large table marguerites
and blue corn flowers with place cards
ornamented with blue flowers will be
used, and on the small table white
marguerites with coreopsis will be
matched with yellow flowered place i
cards. Covers will be laid for:
Messrs. and Mesdames
J. A. Sunderland, J. R. Webster,
J. H. Dumont, F. E. White.
Misses Misses
Margaret Hodge of F. A. Page of
Kinneaota, Minnesota,
Helen Sunderland.
Messrs. Messrs.
Dean Page Sunderland.John E. Sunderland.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. McFarland will
have as their guests at the Happy
Hollow club this evening:
Messrs. and Mesdames
Turner McAllister of W. C. Ross.
Alameda, Cal. ;
Mr. Benjamin McAllaster of Oakland, Cal.
Mrs. A. G. Edwarde
Misses Misses
Mildred McFarland, Ross.
Additional dinner reservations at
Happy Hollow for this evening have
been made by Mrs. Mary E. G. Van
Gieson for seven guests; by Dr.
Palmer Findley for seven; by H. V.
Smith for seven; by A. W. Friend for
three, and by P. F. Peterson for six.
A table of young girls were the
guests of Miss Gladys Petersen at
luncheon today. Those present were:
Misses Misses
Bessie How., Ruth Lynch,
Amy Howe, Helen Lynch,
Lois Needham, Clare Berentsen,
Frances McKenna, Frances Hettinger,
Alice Peterson, Mamie Hettinger.
Miss Catherine Hastings was hos
tess to ten of her friends this noon
at Happy Hollow club, preceding the
matinee dansant.
A group of visiting girls was the
occasion for a party at the Happy
Hollow matinee dansant this after
noon, given by Miss Jean Dow. The
out-of-town guests were Miss Louise
Grant of Kansas City, who is visiting
At Carter Lake Club.
Mrs. R. E. Fisher entertained seven
at luncheon today. ,! Bridge for Miss Glaser.
Swimming and Bowling club had
luncheon at the club today. This eve
ning their husbands and families will
join them for dinner, and reservations
have been made for sixty.
The Department Managers of th" I
Rrandeis Stores and their wives win Personal Mention
have dinner at the club this evening.! Mrs. E. L. Harper and Miss Pearl I
Reservations have been made lor j Harper ot Carthage, 111., are visiting'
sixty. (Mrs. Harper's two sons and one1
Mr. and Mrs. F. P. Mason will have ; daughter in Omaha, Mr. H. H. Har- j
thirty guests tonight. nc, Mr. C. H. Harper and Miss Lillic
Mr. and Mrs. William Holzman will Harper, for several weeks.
nave nve ainner guests tnis evening
At the Country Club.
Reservations for dinner at the
Country club this evening have been
made by M. G. Colpetzer for a party
of four.
Ilreathlng Heeomea Kasler.
After a few doaes of Pr. Hen'a Flne-Tar-ll,my.
inflammation Is arrested, you cough
loss and breathe easier. Only 2E,c. All
druggists. Advertisement.
Tomorrow evening will be tlu
weekly cottagers' dinner at Carter
Lake club.
Notes of Interest.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Shackleford left
last night for Chicago, where they will
stop for ten days before going to New
York for a vacation of six weeks.
Miss Jane Rutledge returned to
her home in Sparta, Wis., last
Banquet at Hotel Loyal.
The officers of the district conven
tion of the Degree of Honor and the
members of the convention commit
tee entertained at a banquet at the
Hotel Loyal yesterday evening, the
guest of honor being Mrs. Katie A.
Stewart, mother of Mrs. Paul W. I
Baird, district superintendent. Ward j
roses were used on the table. Fol-1
lowing the banquet the guests ad- J
"Snutfene" for Hay Fever.
You can stop that sneeslns, and seura
clear Head and Eyes, by tha uaa of
Cook's Hay Fever Relief.
It is applied to both tha nose and ayas,
and is of benefit to thousands who ara
now using it. it is a remedy of Merit, and
ean ba obtained at all Drug Storas, or
will b msiled to you dirset upon raeeipt
of 1 1. 00.
Writs for Pamphlet.
Caspar, Wyosniag, U. S. A.
seriously over the question ot
motherhood It used to mean
such aitony and sacrifice, that
one could easily overlook the
pleasure and honor of children
In the home but "Mother!
Friend" has changed the
view of thousands of women
from that of dlstresa to ft
pleasant anticipation of tho
happiness of being t mother.
By nternal application "MotWs
ins namra in tna
derful transformation of the physical
aysttra In aaa and com fort. Qat
Mothers rnami" at any druggist.
An Intensely Intonating book as)
srnooa win na maihM rrae t
appelant moinars,. Address
Dr.nn.ia newniator Ije
. .1 .
aiibbib, ua
son Motn
r v
I MM at
jm rm
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Onepackaga
proves it 25c at all druggists.
1 Vtf2, J
Tested Recipes
bound in convenient
form for use in your kitchen will be
mailed FREE if you send your name and
The cooking lessons explain how
you can always have "good luck" in
your baking through choosing the
right materials, mixing them, regulat
ing the heat of your oven, etc.
Store Hours: 8:30 A. M. to 5 P. M. Saturday Till 9 P. M.i
Burgess-Wash Gompahy.
Tuesday, July 25, 1916.
"eye ryb odys an-ORB-
Phone Douglas 137.
Hoor Sales
A CLEARAWAY of good, desirable, trustworthy merchandise in lots too small to last more than one hour but in every instance the
values border on the sensational. It's unusual for Burgess-Nash to offer merchandise this way, but we are determined to clear our
decks of all small lots and broken lines before inventory, August 1, that we may start the new season with practically a new stock
throughout, and this is the way we have planned to do it.
NOTE Items listed under any given hour will be sold at that price during that hour only. No mail or phone orders accepted.
xNtme sum w ueaiera, anu we reserve me ngnt to limit quantities to eacn customer.
9 to 10 A. M. 10 to 11 A. M. 11 to 12 A. M. 12 to 1 P. M. 1 to 2 P. M. 2 to 3 P. M. 3 to 4 P. M.
Boys' $3.50 Hals, 50c
Boys' straw, washable or
silk hats, in a variety of
styles, were to $3.50,
Wednesday 9 to 10 A. M.
only (Fourth Cfa
Floor) at OUC
Table Tumblers, lc
Pressed glass table tum
blers, plain or colonial
shapes, Wednesday from
9 to 10 a. m. only (Pi wn
Stairs Store) very
special at, each. . .
Telephone Stands,
Solid oak telephone
stand, stool slides under
stand, fumed finish,
Vednesday 9 to 10 A. M.
only (Third
Floor) at. . .
50c Silverware, 29c
Sterling silver deposit
water pitchers, fruit
howls, comports, butter
dishes, sugar bowls, etc.,
Wednesday 9 to 10 A. M.
only (Mam
25c Earrings, 10c
Seed pearl earrings with
Mack edge, regular 25c
values, special Wednes
day from 9 to 10 a. m.
only (Main 1 A
Floor) at Ivt
Children's Pants, 2c
Children's good quality
white cotton knee pants,
most all sizes in the as
s. ment, 9 to 10 a. m.
only (Downstairs O
Store) choice '
Women's Gowns, $1
A splendid assortment of
women's fine nainsook
gowns, daintily trimmed
with lace insertions and
edges, 9 to 10 a. m.
(Second d1 nn
Floor) at....P1,UV'
$3.80 Blouses, $1.75
A good selection of lin
gerie blouses, well made,
splendid fitting; were
$3.50, Wednesday 9 to 10
a. m. (Sec- 7C
end Floor).. pls J
$2.50 Bathing Suits,
Men's two-piece bathing
suits in both athletic and
wing sleeve styles, were
to $2.50. Wednesday 9
to 10 a. m. d1 AQ
(Main Flo'r) V 1 etJ7
Wash Fabrics, H
Waist, skirt, dress and
apron lengths of voiles,
tissues, crepes, etc., were
19c to 39c; Wednesday
9 to 10 a. m. (Down-
a.. Price
Men's Panama Hats,
for $1.98
Choice of ny man's
Panama hat in our hat
department, including
values up to $7.50, Wed
nesday, 1U to 11 a. m..
Khaki Pants, $1.00
Men's and boys' good
sturdy khaki pants in
sizes 30 to 44, special for
Wednesday, 10 to 11 a.
m. (Down-Stairs tf
Store) choice P 1
50c Crepe de Chine 36c
Silk and cotton crepe de
chine, 36 inches wide, all
the favored colors, regu
lar SOc quality, 10 to 11
a. m. (Main 02,
Floor) yard OOC
15c Cluny Edges, 8c
A selection of real linen
cluny lace edges and in
sertions, 1 to 3 inches
wide, were 15c Wednes
day, 10 to U a. m. C
(Main Floor) OC
SOc Parlor Brooms, 25c
Parlor bruoms, made of
the best quality broom
corn, 4-sewed, were 50c,
Wednesday, 11 to 11 a.
m. (Down-Stairs OP
Store) at sfasjC
25c Jewelry, 5c
Including men's cuff
links, scarf pins, fobs,
women's brooches, etc.,
regularly priced 25c,
Wednesday, 10 to 11 a.
m. (Main Floor)
Women's Pants, 5c
Women's white cotton
knee pants, well made,
and a splendid value,
Wednesday from 10 to
11 a. m., (Dow .1- C
Stairs Store) at.... JC
$1.50 Record Albums
for 98c
Record Albums, well
made and very t'.esirable
to keep your records in
good condition; ' were
$1.50, 10 to 11 a. QC
m. (4th Floor).. VUG
$3.95 Blouses, $1.98
Summer blouses made of
voiles, batistes, handker
chief linens and organ
dies, were $3.95, Wed
nesday, 10 to 11 a. in.
(Second d 1 QQ
Floor) M 1 'IO
Hose, 3 pairs, $1.00
Men's silk hose in tan,
navy, champagne, grey
and black, double sole,
heel and toe; 50c quality,
10 to 11 a. m. (Main
Floor) O pairs flJI
for S
Panama Hats, $1.95
Choice of any boys' Pa
nama hat in hat depart'
ment, including values to
$6.50, Wednesday, 11 to
i m. only
(4th Floor)
Men's $10 Suits, $6.98
Your choice of any man's
fancy palm beach or cool
cloth suit, were. $10.00,
Wednesday, 11 to 12
only, (Fourth tfJC QC
Floor) at ... pO.70
$1.50 Boas at 79c
Maline boas in all the
pretty colors, very at
tractive; regular $1.50
value, Wednesday, 11 to
12 only. (Main "TO
Floor) at 1C
$16.50 Sewing Machine
for $11.95
Arrow make sewing ma
chine, two-drawer style,
regular $16.50 value, spe
cial Wednesday, 11 to 12
only (Down-stairs store)
only. , $11.95
75c to $1.25 White
Goods, 39c
A big selection of our
fancy novelty white
goods, all new goods;
were 75c to $1.25, Wed
nesday, 11 to 12 only,
(Main Floor) QQ
yard OaC
Umbrellas at 59c
Full size, fast color, rain
proof umbrellas, black
American taffeta, cith:r
men's or women's, Wed
nesday, 11 to 12 only,
(Main Floor) 59c
Brassieres at 98c
Allover cluny lace bras
sieres, usually $1.50, spe
cially priced for Wednes
day, from 11 to 12 only,
(Second Foor)
Stamped Gowns, 29c
An assortment of night
gowns, all stamped and
made up, ready for em
broidering, including val
ues to $1.50, 11 to 12
only, (3rd Floor) OQ
choice 7C
8 for $1.00
Men's fine quality all
linen handkerchiefs, full
size, neat quarter-inch
hem, Wednesday, II to
12 only O
(Main Fl.) O for.
Children's $1.45
Rocker, SOc
Children's rockers, made
of good quality bamboo,
formerly priced $1.45;
Wednesday, 11 to 12
only (Fourth CA
Floor) OUC
Floor) . . .
Crepe de Chine, $1.29
In all the new shades,
full 42 ina. wide, spe
cially priced Wed., 12 to
1 p. m. only d y OQ
main Fl., yd.,P 1 tU
Men's Hats, SOc
Choice of any man'a
straw hat in our big hat
department, including
values to $6. Wednes
day 12 to 1 only. (4th
floor) f-A
choice Jll
Rompers, 3 for $1.00
Boys' rompers and beach
style wash suits; ages
2Va to 8 yrs., were $1,
Wednesday 12 to 1 p. m.
(Fourth O 1
floor) at. .O for V
$2.25 Hammocks, $1.25
Made of heavy cotton
fabrics, wide pillow and
valance, large assortm't
of patterns, 12 to 1 p.
m. only (Down-Stairs
Pretty Necklaces, 10c
Pretty novelty bead
necklaces, all colors,
graduated or long coat
effects; were to $1; 12
to 1 p. m. only (Main
floor) each
.1 -9K C Ml. fl o
16-button length, double S,1?1 M,n.
tip silk gloves, black and
colors; including Kay
ser's $1.25 to $1.50;
also embroidered silk
gloves, $1.75 to $2.00
values; 12 to 1 p. m
only (Main . Q
Floor) D7C
$10 Talking Machines
for $5.00
Talking machines, well
made, complete with all
late improvements, were
$10; Wednesday 12 to
1 p. m. only tfjc ff
(4th floor) J)OsUU
$5 Blouses at $2.50
1 Dainty lingerie blouses,
all new summer models;
a splendid value Wed.,
from 12 to 1 p. m. only
(second itO CA
floor) iJaS.OU
Men's Union Suits, 39c
Men's balbriggan ilet
mesh union suits, regu
lar COc quality, Wednes
day 12 to 1 p. m. only
(Down-Stairs OQ
store) at Ja7C
10c Cups, Saucers, 6c
White semi-porcelain
cups and saucers, plain
or fancy shapes, were
10c, Wednesday 12 to 1
p. m. (Down- (
Stairs Store) ea., OC
Rag Rugs, 23c
Old fashioned hit and
miss pattern rag rugs,
very attractive, size 18
x36; Wednesday, 12 to
1 p. m. only 0
(Third Floor) . . MOC
$1.00 Black Silk, 7 Be
Black silk messaline,
rich lustrous finish, 36
inches wide; regular $1
quality, Wednesday 1 to
i p. m. (Main
Floor) at
Man's $3 Pants, $1.95
Men's fancy Palm Beach
outing pants, including
$3 values; Wednesday
from 1 to 2 p. m. only,
(Fourth d1 QC
Floor) iP 1 .JO
50c Auto Caps, 39c
Selection of auto caps in
black and white checks,
with plain white or col
ored drape, Wednesday
1 to 2 p. m. only OQ
(Main Fl'r.) Oi7C
Belts, 6 for Sc
Plain or embroidered
wash belts, with detach
able pearl buckles; go
Wednesday 1 to 2 p. m.
only (Main J?
V for XV
Women's 10c Vests, 6c
Women's vests, low neck
& sleeveless, white cot
ton, full taped; special
Wednesday 1 to I p. m.
Floor) choice. . ,
Children's Hats,
Children's lingerie hats,
daintily trimmed with
bows and flowers; spe
cial Wednesday 1 to p.
m. only (Second
Floor) choice. , .
Pound Paper, 17c
"Burnasco" pound paper
95 Bheets to a pound,
very good quality; spe
cial Wednesday 1 to 2 p.
m. only (Main Floor)
per pound, 17(J
Palm Beach Shirts, 39c
Men's good quality palm
beach shirts, with dou
ble military pockets, spe
cial Wednesday 1 to 2 p.
m. only (Down- QQ
Stairs Store).. OUC
Rag Rugs, 29c
Rag ruga in pretty hit
and miss patterns, size
22Vix36, very specially
priced Wednesday, 1 to
2 p. m. only
(Third Floor)..
78c Tooth Paste and
and Brush, 39c
One tube Pebeco Tooth
paste, regularly SOc,
and one regular 26o
tooth brush; 75c com
bination, Wednesday, 1
to i p. m. only
(Main Floor).
Burgess-Nash Co. Everybody's Store 16th and Harney.
Boys' $5 Suits, $2.95
Boys' Norfolk suits, with
2 pain of knickerbocker
pants, sizes 8 to 16 yrs.,
were $5.00; Wednesday
2 to 3 p. in. only (4th
Floor) at, djO QE
choice p.Ci.7J
Boys' Wash Suits, 95c
Choice of any boys'
wash suits, formerly
priced at $2 and $2.60,
ages 2tt to 8; Wednes
day 2 tot S p. m. only
(Fourth QC
Floor) HOC
$1.75 Silk Georgette
for $1.29
All colors of silk
Georgette crepe, 40 ins.
wide, a very special val.
at $1.75; Wednesday 2
to 3 p. m. only (Main
Floor) at ttjl OQ
yard P lasts
Silk Girdles, 10c
Pretty silk girdles in all
colors, also patent lea
ther belts; were to 69c;
Wednesday 2 to 3 p. m.
only (Main 1 A
Floor) choice.. 1UC
Women's SOc Union
Suits, 29c
Low neck and sleeveless,
lace trimmed bottoms;
white cotton, regular
SOc values, Wednesday
2 to 3 p. m. only OA
(Main Floor).. aa7C
Women's Corsets, $1.98
The broken lines of high
grade corsets, including
values to $7; Wednes
day 2 to 3 p. m. only
(Second $1 QQ
Floor) at.. J 1 sa70
Women's $12.50 Coats
for $5.00
General utlfity coats
made of splendid wear
ing serge and noveity
checks; were $12.50 to
$18.50; Wednesday 2 to
3 p. m. only tje AA
(2d Floor) ipOaUU
$10 Blouses, $8.98
A splendid selection of
lingerie blouses, for
merly $10 to $16.50, in
one lot Wednesday from
2 to 3 p. m. only (Sec
ond Floor) dc Q(j
choice iPUsevO
Big Assortment
Toilet Soaps,
Cake, 6c
Including such well
known brands as Jap
Rose, Palmolive, Phy
sicians' and Surgeons'
soap, S a y m a n's and
many other kinds, Wed
nesday 2 to 3 p. m.
only (Main
Floor), choice OC
$1.80 Pumps, $1.00
All the ankle tie and
Mary Jane pumps in pat
ent colt and dull leather,
were $1.50 to $3.00. Wed
nesday, 3 to 4 p.m. 1
(Down-Stairs Str.) $ 1
Men's $10 Suits, $8.95
Men's good suits, well
made and perfect fitting,
sizes iZ to 42, were $10,
Wednesday, 3 to 4 p. m.
only. (Down-nt.
Stairs Store) P37U
Mea's Wool Suits
for $13.68
Choice of any man's ,
or skelton lined wool
suits, were to $25, Wed
nesday, 3 to 4 p. m.
BStf $13.65
Soap, 10 Bars, 29
Cudahy's peari white
laundry soap, specially
priced Wednesday, 3 to 4
p.m., only (Down-Stairs
Store) 1Q bar,
$1.00 Hand Bags, 39e
Leather hand bags, fitted
with coin purse and mir
ror, formerly o $1.00,
Wednesday, 3 to 4 p. m.
only (Main OQ.
Floor) at J9C
$1 Alarm Clocks, 69s
Alarm clocks that are
good time keepers, loud
alarms, regular $1 value,
Wednesday, 3 to 4 p. m.
only (Main JQ
Floor) choice .... 07 C
19c Ribbons, Yd., 10c
Pretty ribbons in stripes,
checks and flowered ef
fects, 5 and 5K inches
wide, 19c values, Wed
nesday, 3 to 4 p. m. only
(Main Floor) 1 A
yard 1UC
Bratsieras, 2Sc
Made of good quality '
muslin, hook front, em
broidery trimmed, per
fect fitting,. Wednesday,
3 to 4 p. m. only
(Second OC
Floor) s&OC
$25.00 Tailored
Suits, $10.00
Women's tailored suits
reduced from the regular
Burgess-Nash stock, all
sizes and late models,
were $25 and $30 values,
Wednesday, 3 to 4 p. m.
only (Second 01 A
Floor) at alU
SOc Bathing Caps,
Special at 25c
A splendid selection of
bathing; caps, all tha
favored fancy and plain
styles, were 50c, Wed
nesday 3 to 4 p. m only
(Main Floor), e