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is Going On
in Society Circles
At Hipdt Hollow Club.
Happy Hollow club was crowded
last night with members and their
tamuiei or friend!, who were en
deavoring to find refuge from the
heat. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Miller en
tertained a party of fourteen guests at
the dinner dance. Mr. and Mrs. J.
C. Johnson had twelve guests: Mr.
and Mrs. T. A. Fry had dinner for
a party of nine.
Others who had smaller Dirties din
ing at the club were; R. R. Gooch,
J. H. Hopkins, M. C. MacFayden, W.
H. Rhodes, Norrie Brown, A. H,
Bewsher. R. C. Hoyt, H. G. Loomis,
H. Goodrich, W. F. Milroy, G. W.
lohnson, J. M. uilehrist, K. r. Hamil
ton, E. B. Williams and W. F. Daw
son. At tht Field Club!
A number of large parties were
given at the Field club dinner dance
last night Mr. and Mrs, W. H. Yohe
had as their guests:
, Messrs. ana Msaaams
LaanaM Kohn. Watson Townasnd,
I. A. Madlar, . P. L. Tali,
R N. Havaa. Tni TuM
Mr, and Mrs, P, C. Hyson had as
their guests: -
Meaara. aad Maadamae
T. B. Colinan, C. A. Bwanaoa.
Don Laa.
Edward Fuller had party of the
younger set, inciuaing:
Mssirs- . Measrs
David Barrett, ' Donald Shepherd.
Robert Stora,
Mlaaaa - lllaaaa
Oaraldlne Hw of Halao Fearee.
CouacU BluSa, 'Dorothy Athlni.
Other host at the Field club Sat
urdav eveninc were: i
Alex Ficlc, who had six guests; Lee
nun, seven; v. n. re iters, nve; j. o.
- Porter, four; -H. G. atranz, six, and
; E. rt Smith, ten- v
At Carter Lain Club. 4
Mrs. C. R. Jones, who hat been vis.
itlng her sister, Mrs. Al Sorenson, left
last night for her home in Atlantic,
la. . V v.f
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Bundy
and Mr. and Mrs. U ti. Herring have
settled in their summer cottages at
the lake. .
Mrs. Bob Grayson hat raturned
from the Clarkson hospital and is
slowly recovering from her operation,
The Carter Lake Women's Swim
ming and Bowling club met yester
day, mgn score was won oy ura.
R. H. Zaugf and Mist Janet Jaeger.
Mr. and Mrs. Charlea Iddiolt will
arrive Sunday from Kantat City to
spend the fourth with. Mrs. W. M.
Jorgenton. v
Mr. and Mr. W. F. Guild enter
taintd at dlnntr in honor of Mr. and
Mrs. Dan T. Ltary and thair house
guests. Covert wert laid for sixteen.
Mr. and Mrt. Dan T. Leary, Mrs.
Al Sorenson, Mrt. W. F. Guild and
Mrt. L. T. Heeney had an Imaginary
picine in boatt, with lunch spread on
raft in the center. '
Mist Muriel Grady entertained at
luncheon, tennlt ana swimming the
Alpha Delta club. Those present
: were Misses Katbryn Sidell, Fannie
Sidell, Ruth Sceery, Marcelta Holton,
Hatel Wbitcomb and Martha Good
all. .
Mrt. J. Rohaeek tntartalned at
luncheon in honor of Mra, R. H.
Zaugg of Minneapolis. Co van were
laid for seven. .
At tha Country Club.
Dining together at tht Country
club last evening were Mr, and Mrt.
W. A. Rediek, Mr. and Mra. John W.
Redlek, Mr. and Mrt. Charlet T.
Kountse, Mr. and Mrt. Charlet Met,
.and Mrt. George Rediclc
i Mr. and Mrt. George H. Kelly had
twenty guetttt Judge and Mra, J. J.
Sullivan, eleven; M. C Patera, eight;
Harley Moorhted, four: Mra. E. E.
Hart, tix, and Kennem Patterson,
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Cole will enter,
tain a party of twenty-eix and L. G.
Donp four en the Fourth.
With the Social Cruba.
Mra. F. H. Wray entertained the
Dale auction bridge club Tuesday aft
ernoon In honor of Mra, W. Blair,
Salt Lake, and Mrt. Charlet Fergu
son. Buffalo. High score wat made
, by Mrt. W, Spencer.
Mrt. Thomtt Btughman enter
taintd the Edelweiss club at her home
Thursday afternoon. Twelve mem-
bert were present and the club had
at Itt guests, Mrt. Homer Ron of
Sacramento, Cel., and Mitt Henrietta
Robhint of Kantat City. The club
will meet in two weekt with Mrt. J.
Bacon. . ,
Mrs. Ben F. Marti wat hoiteit of
tht Cotnut club at her home Thurs
day afternoon at tht latt muting of
the teaton. Next Monday' evening
the members will entertain their hut
bsndt at the home of Mrt. Marti.
, Priset at yesterday's meeting were
won by Mrt, Ben F. Marti, Mrt. A.
B, Moore, Mrt. Charlet Evenon,
Mrt. Dan TWotton and Mrt. Georgt
Morris, Guests were: Mrt. Robert
Lee Grant, Mrt. A, B. Moore and
Mrs. A. J. Pienon.
; 0 lor Yellowttone Park. w
Mitt Beit Dumont and Miss May
Somen of the High tchool faculty
will leave in a few daya for an ex
tended tour of Yellowttone National
:' park.
Mr. H. G. Hagllnd leavet for Vel
lowstone park Monday. Mr. Haglmd
; will be accompanied by his mother,
On their return trip they will spend
tome time at Salt Lake City.
Mr. F. W. Grosjean and sister left
for Gardiner,' Mont., Tuesday even
ing, They intend spending their va
cation in Yellowttone.
Lure of the MowKaint. ,
A. J. Marsh, tr and wife left Sat.
urdty to tpend their vacation in the
Osark mountain!,
Prof. S. B. Sloan of Iowa university
patted through Omaha Thursday on
1 a trip to the tame place. He in
tends ipendlne; two weekt in tht
Mr. and Mrt. M. Waatcrman of the
. Colbert epartraenti are leaving July
10 for a tlx weekt' trip to Denver,
: Colorado Springt, Ettee Park, Mani
tou and .Salt Lake City, f-
Former Omahan Ingaged.
The Albany papert laat week an
nounced the engagement of Mitt
Martha R. Douglae of that city to
Charlet H, Wilton of New York, ton
of Mrt. C L Wilton and tht late Gen
eral Wilton.
.'" Mr. Wilton was for many years one
of the well-known society men of
Omaha, a leader of cotillions and in
demand at social functions of every
tort, and hit departure to make hit
homo in New York tome years ago,
In Charge of Summer B ible School
t I
Oraoa AIHM.
Otalra Daua nartr,
Vlftlala 0ult,
Rataa Sniwanaa,
Harrtat Waltara,
Mith nisaatM at
Vrna Kaae.
Harlan tluhn,
OaraldlM Mm at
dward Paathartr.
Ckarlaa Alllaan,
Oharlas Burftaa,
Mwu Bureaaa,
Pairi tklrlar,
niahard faea,
Waltmaa Waltara,
Ataan finaarwan.
robbed Omaha of one of Itt oooulsr
bachelors. The newt o.' hit engage-
menc .will surprise inq iniarcsi ma
many old irienas nere wno nave long
considered him a confirmed bachelor.
Miss Douglat lives with her three
brothers in Albany, but summers at
Kennebunknort. Me., and it wat at
the latter place that Mr. Wilton met
ner. 4neir marriage win tana place
in tne coming autumn.
Announcement Affair.
At a birthday party In honor of
Mist Helcne But, at tha home oi H,
A. Cron Wednesday evening, Mr,
Crott and Mitt Bilz announced their
engagement. The evening wat spent
very enjoyably in music and readings,
Thete pretent were:
Xlatas Mlaiaa '
Balana Blle Ocarsa Masay,
Bda Wis. Asnaa JU4,
Marferel afeDaneld, Wnnla Brooks.
Fraida lUaoh. Alloa Lanan,
Anna Farsuaen, Bthal Jariansea,
Martha Brlltsn, Zlta Braw.r,
Dora Nclaon,
Kmhi Meiars. .
Harry Oram, Karl Patt,
Laa Brnta, Ray Tours,
Clark Xllna, Harold Xratiaa,
rnaat Malmas. Robart Carruthara,
Charlae Varltr, Claranca Whlla.
Oaoria Kasarman. Roy Ovarbolt.
tfaatra. and Maedamaa
Carry nasaar, Carl Pillar,
, P. Car tar.
Cartas Boyt Entertained.
Nash and Henry Cartan of San
Francisco, who are the guests of their
grandmother, Mrs. E. E. Nash, were
given a dancing party at "Nashwood"
Thursday evening by Mr. and Mrt.
Louis Nash. The guests were:
Caunell Blufta,
Clara P. Hart of
Counell- Bluffl,
7oaaphlna Canrdan,
Oartruda Staut.
Naomi Tawla,
Bllaabatk Raad,
Passy Raad,
Marjorla Bmlth, .
Kathorlna Smyth,
Bathar Wilkaln.
Busana Navtlla,
mts Biiakala,
BurdatM Klrkantall,
Danajian KauaUa,
Hanry Hart al Caan-
all Bltlftl,
Robart WhllUaaay al
Naw Ha van.
Thurtdty afternoon the two boyt
sre entertained at luncheon in Coun
cil Bluffs at the home of Mr. John
G. Woodward, and Friday evening
Mitt Grace Allison and her brother,
Charlet Allison, gave one of the de
lightfully Informal dancet for which
Kotimtre Loage,- tntir parents
tumrner homt. it noted. The young
people motored out and the dance wat
In the log cabin.
Maitvu-Hnoaon Wedding.
the marriage ot miss vtra Hudson
and Mr. Hiram S. Manvllle look place
Wednesday evening at the home of
the bride't parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wil
liam Hudton. Rev. 0. D. Baltaly of
Kountie Memorial Lutheran cnurcn
the certmony.
Mitt Emma Kunx, a sehoolmite of
the bride, from Elmwood, Neb., and
Mr. Kenneth Reed, were the only at
tendanta. Mitt Freda Schrtiber, an
other tchool friend, tang "I Love
You," and Miss Irene Joomit slaved
the wedding march. -
The young couple nave tone on a
motor trip through the state and will
be at home after July IS at 711 North
forty-lint ttreet.
Young Women to Assist.
Miss Helcne Bixby and Mrt. Ronald
Paterton, who are in charge of the
big card party to be given Thursday
evening at the Auditorium for the
benefit of the Old Peoole'a Home, hat
eeured a coterie of well known young
girls and matrons to assist them in
the tale of ticket! down town Monday
and at the card party. The young
women will have luncheon at the Uni
versity club Monday. Among thtm
ajtanot- Mleaasw
Bllaabatk Daals, Aliaa Jaaullk,
Blaanar Maabar, Anna Olftard. .
Italia Taammal, - Mary Burklay,
Mailers Pavla, Eiiaabaih Unas,
Paskna Patara. Laella Baean,
Busanla Pattarsaa, Joaaafctne QanetaBj,
Gladys Patara, Oartruda Hals,
Kathrya Thtimmal, Marian twaa,
suaanta wnuainra,
Waadamaa- MaadamM .
Karbart Pranak. Harald PrltakaM,
Ralnk Patara. Harvav Hllllkan.
Jaak Wabaiar, wiu leknorr.
To Summer In Cooler Climes.
Judge and Mrs. J. J, Sullivan slan
to leave July 10 for Atlantic City.
Mr. and Mra. N. P. Dodge, jr., are
at Cohatsct Mass, for tha tumrner.
Mrt. A. J. foopleton and her sis
ter, Mrt, Ferguson, left laat Saturday
for Bay View, Mich, for the tumrner.
Bithon and Mra. A. L. Williams
and Mlsi Lenore Williams left
Wednesday for their summer home
at Richards' Landing, Ontario,
Mra. W. J. Hvnee. Mra. N. U Guck-
ert and Mrs. N. P. Updike, with their
children, leave today for Clear Wa
ter lake; at Anandale, Minn.
Mra. Frank Colpetxer and her
. - f 1
mother, Mra. Dubois, left yesterday
for Harbor Point, Mich,, to be with
Mr. and Mrt. Harry Wilkini for the
Mr. and Mrt. William L. Holzman
and ton Max have taken a cottage at
Carter Lake club. The family moved
out yetterday and will remain at the
cottage for two months.
Mrs. Edear H. Scott : returned
Wednetdty from the east and left
Thursday with her family for Clear
Lake, la., where they will occupy
tne voage cottage lor the tumrner.
mi. acuu win join tnem mere rorn
tht eatt.
Mrt. Joseph Btrker and family left
Wednetdty to tpend the reit of the
ummtr at Salter's Point, Miss.,
whtrt they have a cottage for the
tenon. Mr. Btrker It flopping with
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Peck until he
goet eatt lattr.
Nottt of Interest.
Mrs. S. A. Collins nresented her
piano pupil, Margaret Carmichael, in
recital Thursday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. W. W. Carmichael.
Edward Bracev Perkins, for manv
year s on Tht Bet at reporter, it now
living at the Phi Gamma Delta club
in New York City, and engaged in
feature work for variout Daoers and
Lieutenant and Mrt, Allen B. Reed,
U. S. N who recently visited Mrs.
Reed't parents, Mr. and Mrt. G. P.
Moorhead, sailed Wednesday from
New Orleans for Panama, where
Lieutenant Reed it stationed.
Mn. A. D. Lane and her daughter,
Mitt Margie Line, passed through
Omaha last Saturday on their way
from Fremont to Roger's Park, III.,
near Chicago, to make their home
with Mrs. Lane's daughter, Mrs. Sid
ney Smith, and Mr. Smith. Miss Greta
Lane is living in New York with her
uncle, Mr, Vance Lane.
Mill Ruth Beecher of Haitings,
daughter of Bishop and Mrs. George
A. Beecher, has gone east to attend
tne eoniertnce it Cambridge, Mass,
Mitt Euphemia Johnson of Brownell
Hall it also at Cambridge for this
purpose. Tht conference, which It an
annual affair, opened June 3 and lasts
until July 8. This year the lectures
will be along church lines, with Bish
op oreni or tne rnnippine diocese
and other distinguished Episcopal dl
vintl at the lecturers,
A orettv church waddla took
place Wednesday morning at 9
o clock, when Mitt Laura Coupal of
Btnton and Mr. Edward Lie of
Omaha were united in marriage at
3b Bernard s church by Kev. J. C
Buckley. After the earemanv a ra.
eeption wat givtn at tht home of the
ON? or ras brides or
am Bt- 'giflgJIen ft
: ''n
Mrs. Hiram 5 .Manville
bride's parents in Keystone park for
fifty guests.
The attendants were Miss Marga
ret Lature of Blair, Neb., and Mr.
George Cunningham of Omaha. Miss
Edna Maney played the wedding
march and Viola Cravin was ring
The bride was gowned in white
embroidered net "over white silk
draoed with tatin ribbont and the
carried a ihower bouquet of white
roies and larkspur.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee left for a trip to
Denver and will be at home August
1 at IMS Military avenue.
Houck-Byrne Wedding.
Announcement is made of the mar-rian-e
of Miss Elltabeth Bvrne. daugh
ter of William P. Byrne, manager of
the Urpheum theater, and waiter
Houck, which took place June 19 at
Plattsmouth. The young couple quiet
ly slipped away from Omaha that
morning, were married and returned
home, not informing their friends of
the wedding. A few days ago the
newt leaked out.
For the present they are at Z3I4
North Twentv-second street. Later
they expect to build a bungalow home.
Gossip of Visitor!.
Mrs. Elmo Doudall, nee Cassie Ar
nold, is here from Chicago visiting
her auntr Mrs. Mary B, Reed,
Mrs. A. W. Brower tnd daughtr,
Mra. F. Carlson of Chicago, are the
guests of Mrs. George B. Chandler.
Lieutenant and Mra. Harold Keller
arrived last week and are the guests
of the lieutenant'! parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Charlei 0. Keller.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy M, Jackson ant)
children of Lincoln are spending a
few dayi with Mri. Jackson's mother,
Mrs. fcmma a. Manchester.
Dr. R. S. Anglin't inter, Mrs. Hay-
worth of Spokane, Wash., who has
been visiting here for the last three
montht, left for home Siturday.
Social Gossip.
Mill Elizabeth t-arr left Tueiday
for Hvannii, Mass., to spend the
tumrner with her aunt, Mrt. Joseph
Mrs. E. L. Burke and children leave
today to toend the rt of the sum
mer at Bolmat, Cat., where they have
a bungalow.
Mr. Bernard Uevoto of Harvard
university, who spent the week with
hit aunt, Mrs. Victor Coffman, leaves
today lor a trip to tne western coast.
Dr. and Mrt. F. S. Owen returned
Saturday morning from California,
where they had been to attend the
Jiraduation of Mill Gertrude Owen
rom the Bishop ichool at La Jolta.
Dr. and Mrs. I. P. Lord returned
laat week from v siting their ion in
tht east and were accompanied home
by their daughter, Mrt. Roger
Vaughn of Chicago and her two chil
dren, who will remain over the
Mr. and Mrt. Harry Tukey and Mr.
and Mrs. Sam Burns left Friday for
Cleveland, and from there will motor
along the St. Lawrence to Quebec
and Montreal on their way east. They
will be joined at Erie, Pa., by Mrs.
Ella Cotton Magee, who will make
the motor trip with them.
Philip Chase is spending a week
at Woodstock, N. Y., with his mother
and sister, Mrs. Clement Chase and
Miss Helena, before going to Camp
Chenango, a boys' camp near Coop
erstown, N. Y., as one of the camp
counsellors. The latter are assist
ant! who teach swimming, rowing,
etc., and look alter the boys.
Changes in Residence.
Mrs. W. C. Sunderland is at the
Colonial for a time.
Mrs. N. P. Dodge of Council Bluffs
and her daughter, Miss Caroline
Dodge, are at the Wlndemere in Chi
cago for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Osgood Eastman
have have their home on Fortieth
ttreet to Mr. E. A. Holyoke for her
school for children, and will give pos
session within two weeks, Mr. and
Mrs. Eastman and daughter! will
probably take an apartment.
Droaher Brothort' Extremely
Chilly Fur Storngn Vault
Plenty Cool Enough On
Even tho Hottest Day, .
Those who are continually bewail-
Ins that: "It's ao hot that I limply
cannot get cooled off," are extended
an invitation to come to the Dresner
Broa. Cleaning and Dyeing establish
ment at 2211-2217 Farnam St. to
receive the necessary cooling.
Accommodating department peo
ple will escort the heat afflicted ones
to the Dresner Fur Storage Vault on
the roof of the Dresner plant Once
Inside the concrete walls of this fur
storage lection you will be cool
enough for human comfort, for the
atmosphere of the vault is kept
chilled every minute during the
entire torrid season. (
You'll think yourself In northern-
moat Alaska when you get Into that
fur room automatic equipment that
la almost numan in its action Keeps
the temperature juat ao if you like
it cold you will certainly get what
yon want here.
Speaking of Fur Storage it would
be well to let thlt serve as a warning
u your tura are not stored away
by this time they should be it's high
time. Just phone Tyler 845 and
Dresners will tend a man.
July Picture Discount Sale
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During July we discount every picture twenty per
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School Set Returns.
Denman Kountze returned home
Monday from school at Cleveland, O.
Malcolm Baldrigc " arrived home
Monday from Yale for the tumrner
Miss Eleanor McGilton returned
last week from Smith college to tpend
the summer with her parents, Mr. and
Mrt. ij. McGilton. the family
plant to motor to Colorado the latter
part of the week. '
Willard Millard it expected here
Tueiday to spend tix weekt with hit
brother, Mr. Barton Millard, and Mrt.
Millard. Jo and Ray Millard are
spending their tumrner vacation in
Japan, having sailed several weeks
ago with a school friend.
Personal Mention.
Mr, J. A. Russell it quite ill at the
Presbyterian hospital on Wett Far
nam. New arrival! from Omaha at the
Elms hotel, Excelsior Spring!, Mo.,
are Mr. and Mrt. A. W. McDonald
and Mr. and Mrs, A. B. McConnell.
Maiter Jack Gunner left Sunday
night for Kamai City, Mo., to spend
the vacation with nil litter, Mrt.
Frederick Sands. His mother will
join him later and they will both
motor back to Omaha with Mr. and
Mrs, Sands in the fall.
In end Out.
Mr. C, C, Roiewater it east on
Mies Landit hat gone to Ctlifornia
for the tumrner.
Mrt. George A. Hoagland and her
?:uett, Mrs, Peck, returned Thursday
rom Lake Washington. Minn.
Mill Helen Hibbard leavet in a
day or two to tpend two months in
Missoult, Mont., with cousins,
Mrs. C. F, McGrew returned Tues
day from Chicago, accompanied by
her little grandson, Charles F. Mc
Grew, 2d.
Mrs. John Brady it visiting her
daughter, Mrt,; Morgan Coleman of
Chicago, expecting to be gone a
Mr, Cedrlc Baldwin left Thunday
evening for a viiit with his titter,
Mrt. Horace H, Chapin, in Batavia,
N, Y. They will later tour the state
of New York by motor and will spend
a large part of their time at Chapin
cottage, on Lake Kenesus. Mr. Bald
win will return in the fall.
Pleasures Past.
Miss Frances Dolen gave a theater
party at the Brandeis theater
Wednesday afternoon in honor of
Miss Gertrude McLean. The other
guests were Misses Irene Hughes,
Bernice Parrott, Edna Young and
Helen May.
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard E. Johnston
entertained the members of the Im
manuel Lutheran choir at their home
Friday evening. About seventy-five
guests spent the evening with music
and games.
Miss Lola Clarke entertained the
A. D. L. kensington at Krug park
Wednesday evening. Those present
M low-
Anna Janaan,
Francaa Naltnar,
Anna Damm,
Blala Damm, -Berdla
BcHSla Jensen.
John Robahaw,
Alma Parr.
Myrtle Kluberger,
Deeela Clarke,
Maria Slavln.
Mabel Slavln,
Lola Clarke.
P. E. Clarka.
Mrs. A. C. Lessard of Bensonhurst
was pleasantly surprised ' last week
by her Sunday school class of Wal
nut Hill Methodist church. Those
present were:
Mlaaea M!si-
Vara Hudson, Ardeth Hudaon.
Irena Owens. Ruth Vest.
Mildred Plekar4. Freda Schrlber.
M tsars Messrs.
Vaman Leaeard, ' Hiram Manvllta.
Laslla Vaat, Charlea Lassard.
Messrs. and Mesdames
Charlea Hudson, A. Vast,
Clark Williams, , A. C. Usssrd.
Victor Calar,
Social Affairs
of the South Side
M Daddy's Jewelry
will suit him if you
buy it OF US.
Misses Jessie and Louise Tucker,
daughters of Mr. and Mrt. O. A.
Tucker, left Friday for a summer's
outing with relatives in Illinois.
Camo Fire girls who had their out
ing last week on the Young Women's
Christian association farm near Ben
nington were composed in part of
South Side girls. One of the most
enthusiastic was Miss Helen Clark.
Mrs, C. E. Scarr entertained women
of the Wheeler Memorial church at
Twenty-third and J streett Thunday
afternoon. A fine program was de
livered, followed by a lunch. Mes
damet Compton, Bliss and Sturrock
served tablet.
Mr. and Mrt. E. H. Roberts of thil
city entertained a cousin from Hart
ford, Conn., in the person of E. M.
Hunttinger, who now lives at Higgin,
Pa. Mr. Roberts and M, Zerbe left
with the guett for a week's automo
bile tour of Iowa, where relatives
of all three will be visited.
Mrt. G. Goodman, 1219 Drexel
ttreet, will entertain members of the
Degree of Honor lodge No. 193 at her
home next Thursday afternoon. An
interesting program has been pre
pared. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Blanchard are
spending the week-end visiting with
friendt out In the state.
Mrs. A. M. Menefee and Mrs. J.
P, Jones have returned home after
visiting friends in Lincoln.
Mrs. W. M. Davis is visiting friends
at St. Louis, Mo.
Mist Georglna Davis is the guest of
Mrs. Wilton of Rolla, Mo. Mrs. Wil
son was formerly a teacher in the
South Side schools.
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monthly basis.
We have set out some good Up
right Pianos and marked them
down to a price within the reach
of ell.
Good Upright Pianot in
oak, mahogany and walnut
estes fully guaranteed in per
fect tune nnd action as low at
$160, $160, $175, $190, $200,
$225- with stool and scarf
delivered right into your
home and kept in tune free
when renting tame.
When buying the Piano you pay
but $10.00 down and then $1.28,
$1.50 or $2.00 per week or $5.00
or $8.00 per month at your option.
We absolutely promise you
in writing that the instru
ment will give you full satis
faction or money refunded. .
Should you rent a Piano and
have paid six months' rant and
then wish to buy tha Piano you
rented, or else buy a new one, the
sis months' rent applies as part
purchase money on the PIANO
We have also selected a
number of Player Pianos on
which we will sacrifice prices
so you can have music with
out study.
The Player Piano of today imi
tates hand playing perfectly. The
player rolla ara originally hand
played so that when reproduced,
are the real works of art In music.
The vacation prices for
these Players are $250, $275,
$325, $865, $375 and $400.
Some of these Players sell
for $660 regularly. Some
very fine makes in thlt lot
and the terms are aa low as
$2.00 per week or $8.00 per
month and up.
This wonderful lot of Pianos and
PUyors comprise Kimballa, Pfluag.
era, Wesor Bros., Hinzaa, Majestic,
Whitney, Boudoir and others.
Every Flayer Piano In
cludes rolls, bench and scarf.
Here is tempting vacation
oner ana includes tne Bram
bach Grand Piano the larg.
est tone, smallest Grand and
most durable instrument '
' known.
Easy Payment Buys
Any of Them
Wo take old Pianos in asahanga
as part payment. We tune Pianos
we rapair Pianos wa pack
Pianos. .
A. Hospe Co.,
1813-1515 Douglas St,
1 Omaha, Nab.