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Failure of Illinois Surety Company
Leaves Some Very Much Up
in the Air.
(From a Stuff Corrprnidcfit )
MNOOUV, April 5 -Hpctiil.-According
to maiuiagn r"i'lv(l by Insurant
CommlMlnner Kssthsm thin mornltiK.
many saloonka.pera of Nebraska may
h left holding the nark In th action of
the National furtr company it tw
Tork, which has notlflad the rommls
elonar that they have uought th bu.
ease of tha Illlnol Soraty onmfmjny,
which recently wont Into voluntary liqui
dation Tha Illinois company carriad lars
amount of saloon bond and tha Nw
Tork company notlfle tha Insurance
tmmlMliitir that thry hava taken ovsr
all business of tha Illinois company as
cent tha saloon bond.
Thla will leave all saloon men In thin
lata who were bo. 1cd In tha Illlnol
company without a l'gl liornl unless It
ran ba shown that thy carried out their
part of tha contract and paid full Itmir
ania for tha year. Otherwls there may
ha a (cricriil closing up of wot (rood
imnoilum In Nebraska.
Sualh Mid Salou Men Aailoua.
Vesrly half of tha Houlh Hid suloon ara worried over a situation
affecting their official bond which they
inurt furnlh tha city before bain
arrantod a liquor license, Tha failure of
tha Jlllnola Bursty company put It tip to
these tsloon men to besllr itheriisclve In
quest of peraonal bond, Hfly of elshly
flva hava furnlahed bond, Jw inss
mitt ba received by May 1 If thee men
ara to continue In bualnaaa. One. saloon
man offend a personal bond jilven . by
hta wife, but tha city lnl department
explain' (hat such a bond could nut lie
aci '-pled by tha city.
Red Oak School
Plan Strikes Snag
HKlt OAK, la., April M.-frtpeelal.)-Tba
problem of providing- a new school
building for Ilia Independent school dl
trlcl of lied Oak la on that haa been
Hiving the peopla of lhl community con
aldcrslil concern for the laat two year
or mo, I-o t year Ilia proportion to
bond ll district for ll'rt.Ow for tha erec
tion of lb iiew building waa defeated
m a special election, and tha prnpoaltlon
la bond tha district for SUM") la to ba
brought up at a special election within
He ne few week. It waa thought that
a, big stride had bn made In favor of
the new hullldlng whin tha city council
a few week ago offered to donata Col
lins ptik a a ait for a Mgh achool
iiulldlii", providing no oojectione to doing
could l found.
t However, according to tha opinion of
fliy Attorney Ilalph i'rlngla, tha city
cannot donalt tha park to tha achool dis
trict. It haa bean tha general opinion
Kara Hint tha paik, which waa owned
ny liavid Remlck aa tarty UST, wa
to b uaed by tha city a a park until
ii h lima a It could ba u4 aa a ,ite
for a college.
Attorney I'rlngla holdi that tha term
' co g" do not Include tha publlo
school ytem. a Intended by Mr. Hein
l k, and that the park mm continue to
axed aa a public park until mada tha
H a of an Inatllutlon of higher learning.
THENTOK, N. J.. April .-Complt
hut unofficial return from Tueaday'a
prraldentlal primary election In New
Jrey Indlcata that William T. (Tozart,
colored, who favor tha nomination of
Theodore Ilooeevelt, waa elected delegte
to tl republican national convention
from tha aecond congreealnnal dletrl' t,
Cowt and William If. Lord, who wa
auoceaaul In tha Ninth dlatrlct, were
tha only Hooaavelt republican delegate
alaelad, the other blng unpledged.
AU tha democratlo delegate favor the
ranominaUon of raaldent Wllaon.
ANJ ARIIOn, Mich.. April H.-All the
worka dealing with International law In
tha library of tha lata Jamea n. An
gall, prealdent emeritua of tha 1'nlv.rnliy
of Michigan, aro left to the general li
trrary of that unlvrraily, In the edu
rator'a will. Jut admitted to prnlutia,
Tha collactton contain many law book
which ara not duplicated In any lltr-y
In tha I'nlted Htate.
KW TOftK, April -Tha Itev, Jnatah
fttreng. prldent alix Wt of tha Amer
teaa InaUtul for Uncial Kervlca, pieet
dn af tha ttwial Ceiiter Au latloii of
A m lira, editor and author, died In a hn.
tttal bar today, lr, btrong waa born
III Kaparvtll, la,, In Mf, Pino ll, l'r.
fit mug bad bean dltr ef , tnaaailna
railed "tioepal of tha Klngdmn." Ha
n-ia numbar f bonk dealing with
ll ttrntaitt and reiigloim ibe't
(rera Waff t'irrvem,te(i( I
I .IV' t.V. pt M i-t, ii H
u iiitlun wa ki ii e. tty t y h.ii,
l -ietia-1 tha ret .im i t iiei M.iii' i
Ti t-t a a h -f n-m b-i
tit ir hiirt ef riifciii fiimr at Hi)
urM , Itttimintti,. elit ffni U
a ji t, t li tea t-f Iba Tmnuwt :.t,i ,
. 111' I t !. uia,.,
ai l el vi . anxg ti
ita raiina u a ef e.t h twing t"f i' enriwa, )mn
' ai f It aa4 !
nee iimi la tt.riut Imtii,
lHII III t It t S.. . Ay4 B. !!;
tea ,.. .ti f K f I .,, I ,
ih Mca l t ot lb it .ii n
aa tt'.t i l ,nia -4 ay linn
t i at. ,. ! if ht an
l f lino our, Hilt t
"t tal ' :,irie4 f'
ft- 1 I' i 11. lev t .
!' ItlMt.l MvM.te I e..
. t,M'" an s I iii(i(,, i,i
!' igeiiH tf(ife. c,. ..,
I " V- ,-.,. , - .1
From Our Near Neighbors
A oca.
Mie .Mary Ymmg I anendlng th week
with fnenda at Merlin,
John - Wn.var and family wara from
Ileiiln VV'ecliioailay evening.
li. (!.' Marquardt ajid wife wan Omaha
vieltor I li firit of tha week.
Mr. F. W. Kniee and daughtar, Anna,
Marie, wera at (miha Haturday.
Wllllum Maaaman and wlfa war at
Omaha, Tburmiay and rrlday,
Uovd Orham, who hum toaaa Vlaltlnaj
mlativea hera, jaft Thurdy for (,1ia.p-
p""' ,
Mr. and Mra. Oaorga Bhanklay and
daughtar, Margaret, wara at Itegla Tuea-
day. ....
Mle Jli-i-tha Hinont haa ratumed from
l'.'imll, were ha ha been teaching
i;hoi., . ' .
Mien Mnreri IUmuen of Weeping
Water waa vUltlng frlenda hara thla
Mr. It. i Hmlth and Vra. M Oier
etreet of Mncoln ai vlilUng Avwa rela
tive , i
Mr, and Mr. fVirl Harmon rat u mad to
their lme after two wek' vlalt with
relative hern.
Meadameg J, C ' Zlmmarar and Frad
Kuhnbi-iin wera Neljraaka "lly vleltor
the flint of tha week,
7,. A. Coalmen wa at Omaha thla week,
where he fiiri:haeJ a new alx-cyllnder-aeveti-paaeenger
Mr. liule (llllen of Council Bluff,
la., hna t-en peiullng tha weak with bar
parent, Mr. and Mr. V. W. Huhg.
Mr K S, ftiewart I vleltlng with
friend at ' nli-rvllle, la,
liet-uly Hheilff Mert Ifemlllon vlelted
hie mother, Mr. V. M. Jlah, Tuetday.
Otto .loern entertained Mr. and Ml.
II. I',,. JoluKon of Hreckenrldg, la., thla
week, ,
Mr, Olllo Wilrot nd children Of
1otiUvllle epent Hunilay with Mr. and
Mn, I'.. I'. Armlrong.
A blrllulny rmrty wa give Harold
Wy at bl horn north of town. It waa
the twenty-third anniversary.
Mm, W. II, Wlllwr died laat, Kunday
nlglil afinr g llngi'iing lllne of av
eral month. Mi wa 7V yeara old.
A liaaa hall gam waa played hera lat
Frldy by th high anliool team of
f'apllllon and Hpringfleld. J'apililon won,
U to II,
Krerterh k Tflug died very auddenly
TtiuredNy afternoon. Ha waa alone at
hi home, mid whtn Ida aon returned
home he found hi fatlior In an iiriron
iih.i mt on the floor. Ha died aoon
nfierward. He w ona of tha early
I rnlil' iita of tha atate,
John Mori hen and l, Thompson left
Wedneeday for KIiiiImII, Neb,
Ml Minnie Craven of Omaha Waa tha
wefk-end gmut of Gertrude Ingram.
Mr. John Mehl of Auburn we tha
week-end gueet of Mr. Hubbard and
Mm, HUK'reM.
A parly of high achool atudent mo
toieti to Omaha to a 'HI la Werner"
Thuraday afternoon,
"The Willing WorkeV'' held their reg
ular meeting Wednedy evening, at
the home of Mr, and Mra. Huborg,
John Iulall, accompanied by hi
brother. Jeeee l-iil'-ll, and Mr, and Mra,
Frank Franc!, bav gnu In their auto-
Spring Togs for Children j
I Coats for Girls
f 1. e(,. L. 4. ,.V4.. . C)kael.
It la do trick to t hoone a Spring
moat plflHgiDC assortment of gerges, gabardine
nd black and whlt check; itylca with amall
capeg and clever belted backa ara very deitrabla
and are hera moderately priced at
$5.75 $8.50 $10.75
for Tots
In Trench aerge, wool poplin, gabardine and
moire allk. Detachable washable collar are a
desirable feature, while pretty smocking haa at
tracted much attention
I $3.50 $4.50 $5.75
? tz7
a - li - : ' e-
I if
j 1
Boys' Wash Suit!
in a Sale
WflTH ah.rl
iitj low aet,
he inltl y tla Mil
lt fi'itl and smelt coa
tratlg linitiii. tea,
! ted while, t'aia.
tiiie t r lei e. RiaUr
tail iThti nit t
j! 95
l I
lli!Wa iialEffi(l j
fttfaftaf) 4 4aVesMaas t RWsWMV 9 9VM01VVf &0lttt0t& fMsMMM 4VHMaisBl VMMMMrit 9 9N0UHtt0l 9 tr VMeasVaaVsaBat V 0t0tltKt 9 4HWatVS
Mr. F. C. Kennedy and daughter,
Helen and Ethel, were tlia gueet of
Mr. William at Fremont Saturday,
Ml Henna I detained at Fall City
by the Ulnae of her brother and Freda
ilelmbach la aubaututliig for her thin
Tha regular monthly meeting of the
Woman' MIlonary gonlety waa held
Wednesday afternoon with Mra. ttoy
mobile to their bom In Wllaey, Kan.,
for a abort vtait
Mle flebg Chamberlain of Unlveralty
I1aie, Nab., arrived Thuraday to ba tha
wenk-and gueet of Mle hlnel FAibank.
Mr, and Mra. V. M. Kutla motored to
Fremont Thurdy.
Tha reg'ilar monthly meeting of the
Valley Woman' t'hrlatlan Temperance
union waa held Friday afternoon with
Mr. W, O. Whllemor. ftutajar.t., "tadla
Itoll." Mr. Ferraa, inpertntandent of
that department, waa leader.
Mia CUra Panka celebrated her birth
day Munday,
f!laua Oft and Theodore Frtedrlcbien
recently returned from Onaria.
Mr. Detlef taler entertained Tueaday
In honor of her birthday anniversary.
Mlaa Naomi Oroff of Benaon epent the
week-end hera wluh Mle Mary tilork.
A. . Chr'idenaen of Ianrnark arrived
her laat week for a vllt wltb hi
brother, Karl (. hHalennen,
Mr. Henry Wchmidt I t an Omaha
hoNpltal, where aha recently underwent
an operation for a aevere attack of ap
pendlcltla, Rev. Mr Kuabium chrleiened th In
fant daughter of Mr. and Mr. Theodore
Moi kleinann ftunday afternoon at th
t'hrla Jlackhou horn.
C W. Olandt be begun tha erection
of a modern none for Fred Ohrt on
hi frm north of town. 'Die old hou
will probably ba moved to town.
Tha local camp of Royal Neighbor
held a oulHlrie: lie recently. The mem
ber ere prepering for a fair to b hold
at their hall tha Tatter part of May,
Ueenlac Water.
Tha data of th Weeping Water ehatt
Uuo,ug hag been get for July 17,
Oaan Miter ha returned to V?;na.
Wyo., after a vlit with hi mothar ifni
oilier relative hera,
Frd Wolf and family hv moved to
Havalock, where Mr. Wolf haa a position
in a mercantile lore.
flay Krelder bed three rlba broken
whan a young teni h wag driving
backed over an embankment.
Mr. It. if Kwart of Mumlereon.
Wvo., I here for a val'. with her par
ent Mr. and Mr. P. II. Mill.
Mr, end Mr, F, F, Mvarett of Hcott'
Uluff, former reeldent of thla piece, ara
vlalilng relative and friend her.
T. C. K unkle of Madrid, Nab., waa hr
Wedneeday vleltlng relatives, lie waa
formerly In tba jewelry business tier.
Mr. and Mrs, Henry lay were Omaha
visitors Tuesday,
Mr, and Mr. Julius ff'huldt went to
tha city Thursday.
Mr. fif lis rd gue entertained the
card club Wednesday.
Mr. and Mr John Oreggarann and
daughter, Freda, visited Hunday at
Sturdy garments for School and play
hours and better ones for Dress.
t... e.. k(ai ' li" aatilnnail U
( oat from this
Fashioned In
madras, New coat effeiUt; middy styles, check
designs. Strong contrasting straps, belts and
trims. Very well made; In (act, (ar better than la
generally considered necessary-
J fo I ar
of serviceable madras, In attractive
pattema and good practical atyles.
Worth to 11.00
Be "tylew'ue," glrli, and know what'i what
in Middy Blouse. -- Visit our de ptrtment.
rcy good atyla la to ba seen here from the ilaln sailor
haj la rv( eatla galatea to tha quite elaborate ilk lnldily -
from 59c to $5.00
fteatat! Middy flilrt tn white galatea, pec)n l.oO
rieto4 Middy ftktrta In check designs, special 91,15
Children's Footwear
Low Shoi for School or Ore SVr
IUTIK foct, t On tsii.v., nmk n jirti!.-m fur
J l'rrtitl M trt o!j tilt it il pur apfi-Ul builntM
nnl w hav ttnr h umr Vwm
nr Vtr,v sm'ivlitniw tK-k i olio tn mAy yvur
vny tio.-.l.
- see
Charlie Pool, for Secretary of State,
Appears to Be Leading
Them All.
(From g Btaff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, April a.-(p'lal.)-Demo-cratle
stats officer who had no opposi
tion in tha primary and wera thua de
prived of tha real pleasure which go
with running for riffle hava now etarted
a little rivalry to tea which of them
polled tha most vote.
At present' Charles Tool lends and
mile because ha polled mora vote than
Prealdent Wilson. Oovernor Morehead
la also In tha limelight becaus ha polled
for vlna prealdent mora votoa than the
Nmltb nan Wall.
Jtat Auditor Nmlth ran up wall with
hi colleague, but did not quite come
up with J'rcsldpnt Wilson, but ha feel
pretty i liesty because he received more
vote than another very prominent can
didat for tha presidency, Koliert O
Knss of Islington, H also polled more
vote than t'lemmona, laii'lldate for
atat superintendent.
Th vote with Adnma, Ululne, Cedar
Custer, TMuglaa, I Jin raster, Polk and
Bcott'a Bluff to bear from ahow offl
f latly follow:
Wilson fil,14!!
Itos .., , 7,m:i
Morphea d 52,4:17
Pool , ...w.iija
Bmlth ...M.uff
Clernmon , , , 47,i
Mara Lead.
Oo tha vote on republican nomlnn.tlnn
for atate auditor, Marah appear to be
holdlnf hi own and Increasing a lllt.le
tha vol from tha counties reporting
ahowlng Marsh .irm and Minor 21,911,
a Isavd for Marsh of ml
Chalco with Mr. Oreggerson ulster,
mi, iienry lila, and family.
Mr i:rl itniimaardner entertained
tha T. N, club Wednesday afternoon,
Mr. nd Mr. K. I;oo r tha par
anla of a new baby,
Ora Jl'illlstcr and daughter, flrnte,
visited r-iive in (tinslia Kuntey,
Mr. and Mr. Hchuldt of Ilnnnlnrtnn
visited at tha ilenry luy homo Wednes
Mr, and Mra. Ftmll Hand and Mia,
Fred Martens motored to Omaha Thurs
day In the former cr.
Dave Oouglaa will hava a house
erected on the lot he recently pur
chased or Hert uaeraon.
Mr. 'Wyatt left. Monday evening for
her borne at itarnsnurg rter several
weeka' visit hra with hr son and fam
$2S for helping yourself. 'Jo out to JHim
da. Ha Page 19 advertisement
for Juniors
a 1 n n ti il m L.nnU .1.
gingham, French chatnbray and
generally vuuaiuvreu ncccanar j
$2.25 $4.75 $5.75 J
a Special in School
Accompanied by a woman companion
Jd a chauffeur, Mr. Delia M. Ward &t
Neola, la,, toured through Omaha en
route to point In Nebraska and Bmrth
1'akou. Mr Ward regUrtered at tha
Save $5.00
Use This Merchandise Check as the
First Payment on a Combination
Round Oak Range During this
Special Round Oak
Combination Range Week
April 2th to May tth incluiiv
DURING Iho past year wo have nold fieveral car loads of
Round Oak Combination Range. Every individual Bale
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Combinat ion Range. To make this range still better known
we have effected a special arrangement with the Round
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Saving: of $5.00 on the
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coal or wood and using only ona
oven will be put Into your borne
without jour paying a cent down
and at a saving of 15.00 on tba
regular price if thla offer (g taken
advantage of during tha week of
April 2'Jtb to May 6th, Inclusive
Jlurn$ Cat, Coal or Wood
Dining Furniture
We cannot speak too highly of the values and unusual
assortment we have to offer this &ea.son.
This Buffet, Like Cut, $28.00
Quart er-a wed golden oak, polished finish, colonial scroll, 44 Inches
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Large Comfort
This Is but one of tbe large as
sortment wa are now ahowlng at
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quarter-sawd oak, back 24 Ins;
high from Beat, broad center and
two small panels In back, auto
spring seat, covered in Spanish
An Extra Value
Ostermoor Mattresses
Full Size $15.00
. Sold only by Orchard A Wilhelm Co.
3 Exceptionally Strong
Drapery Values
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Fine Rheer Curtain Muslin.
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Marquisette In white and ecru,
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Fine Voile In white and ecru,
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it ft ta t t . f h.0
almost ar Jir chUt, f . r
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Couch Covers
' h 4 nlf, lit MHUt ?!.
la.h.a tr )r.t
$1.75, $1X $103
Orchard & Wilhelm Co.
downtown headquarter of th Omaha
Automobile club In the Hotel Fontenelle.
She haa extensive land holdings In thla
atate and In South Dakota, among them
being a ranch near Alnaworth and two
ranohaa near Wood, a D.. alt three of
whloh ahe will visit on her automobile
Th amlllng assistant secretary ef tha
30 Days Free Trial
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Oak Combination Range Is bucked
by the most convincing proof,
viz. Wa will put one In your home,
connect It and let you use It for
30 days. If It does not prove sat
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we will remove It free of all ex
pensa to you otherwise you pay
tha balance In email monthly pay
without Chang of Parti
Comfortable the Year Round
You Ask Why?
Tbls proved range keeps It cool and deligntful In summer because
It burns gai.
It will also keep It cor.y and warm In winter without added ax
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Bring In thla merchandise check at once. Only a limited number
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Orchard & Wilhelm Co.
414-416-418 South 16th Street
Seamless Brussels Rugs
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Carpet Sweepers
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snl H w e e i
I w e p e r,
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Othcf SIimIcI"!,
Combination Victrola and Record
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tl7t I ll"r ! tailing Me.
.siMs.Utaa Trt
l.ltike r Httk In th M it.
TtfT4lftU Hag, teilniAm a.....
I'anaiu I'Mi irW tfa, 1 1 nuiUalaitt
iat, i
IttV-l U !"
-.wWa Qra
Bii till bt1 lf HtMHi-tMKlI.
- a. ara-uir Harrat
t.v4A.llvtl.le IWU tu
-s.ll VrM
iiH . Itwaul) iin.
aa Oiaa
taatlet Mvmthl X rem. wf l' mii.
UH-.M8 South 16th Strtet.
Auto club, 8. E. Smyth, made a "hit"
with the Iowa woman hy reason of his
Information aa to the condition of high
ways on the route of ber tour. She gave
him an invitation to visit one of her
ranches next fall and Join a large party
on a prairie chicken hunting expedition.
Bee Want Ads Produce Results
This is the Round
Oak Merchandise
Worth $5 to You
if used between the dates ol
April 29th and May 6th,
1916 under condition!
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ing wltb Orchard k WUhelm
Co., 414-416-418 South 16th
St., Omaha, thla
Merchandise Check
entitle you to a credit of
15.00 to be applied m tba
original ' payment required
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home, ona Round Oak l-fuel
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Tbe Round Oak Folks,
Dowatfa, Michigan.
When handed la for credit
tbe customer la required to
endorse as Indicated.
)ae)s9sty)w t i
Address. ,
Children's Furniture
New line (io-Carts, Car
rliifff, Chairs, Cribs.
Folding Collapsible Oo-Ctrt with
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I 1 ,'ln "''
! '-II i Uh