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    flTE BEE: CW ATTA. SATURDAY, ArRTL 22. 1H16.
Friday, April 21, 1916-
AJJ th. books ar. U b .
circulating library at 9o eday
- Jew Victor BWoords Kow
&e,dy Com Bear Them.
Phone D. 137.
to Get
NEW GLOVES Are Necessary to
W styles are here for your choosing, Despite the scarcity of fine
French Kid gloves we are showing In our glove department a
New atylei
erlen, '
J? kid gli
DH.OO, $1.25 pair.
Kayser's two-clatip chamoisette gloves, at Me.
urg ess-Wash Co. MU Hoot,
most wonderful collection of French
gloves, a delayed shipment Just re
ceived, we are ' prepared to meet
every demand.
New style and exquisite embroid
eries we call special attention
two-clasp pique. French
glove. In black and white
with handsome embroid
ered backs and con t ranting!,
Vi-lnch welt. At the special
price of 9 1.7ft pair.
Other handsome stylts and col
ore at 92.00 and pair.
Two-clasp overseam kid gloves
In black and white with contrast
ing stitching, at 91 .AO pair.
Two-clasp overseam lambskin
gloven In black, while and colors,
a splendid quality at 91.2ft P&lr,
Kid gloves for children, boys
and girls, at 91.2ft pair.
Kayser silk gloves at ftoc, 75c,
New Blouses Must Not Be Forgot
ten in Choosing Easter Wardrobes
TTlVEJlY rharminjj mode at its best, for womr-n who Bcek
i-J tho "iinusiml" in blouse.
A hont of lovely new blotwos, values exceptional, filmy
of fabric, radiantly new of color, Ktirely no blouses of a forrn-
or hnstertide Mere as fascinating as these blouses of -
Georgette Crepe Fine Voile Handkerchief Linen
Crepe de Chine Soft Batiste Chiffon
Net and Lace Lustrous Silks Pussy Willow
BIoukob in white and pale tints to don with the after
noon costume, and blouses (suited to every day needs. They
prove their importance jn the has tor outfit by the addition
al attractiveness of their pricings.
92.50, 3.05, 95.00, $0.50 to $10.00 and more.
Bnrgaes-ITssh Co con4 rioor.
An Extraordinary Sale Saturday of
Easter Trimmed Hats
Regularly $7.50, $10.00, $12.50
: "TX7K have set for ourselves
tt the of offering
for Easter the best $5.00
hats in Omaha. Included in
this event are hats which discriminating
women of fashion select and wear for all
occasions. To realize how smart lookincr
these hats are yon must personally see them.
ha i it i;im;k hats
Tlie season's most fashionable shapes for every occa
sion; side roll Bailors, drooping bailors, mushroom hats,
close litting bats and poke bonnets. Niown in every new
coloring, white and black.
Bnrgess-ltasli Co. eeonl Floor
Girls' NEW TUB Frocks
Combining Style with Moderate Pricing
ff LIXIOX, cliHinbray, gingham or pique, empire guirope
J flresses, quaint little Jmtch frill frocks; coatee and
Russian blouse styles. Pockets, belts and feather-stitching
afford novel notes to delight the little tot. Prices
$1.95, $2.50, $3.95 to $12.50
Children's Coats
$5.95, $7.95, $10, $15 and Up
I'niqne anil nobby styles - surge, golflnes, noYnlty chocks, Diagonal
weaves nl Pllko. Charming types, trimmed with sheer embroidery
collars, fetching belts and ronti unied colorings.
Biirvtss-Wssb Co. -ejeoon4 floor.
New Coats of Character
$15.00, $19.50, $25.00
v. 1 I 4 nm 1 ,
u.maiu nni uncommon in cut are
0 theso long, two coat, nomo with
out any belt whatever, others with
idt belts or belted nil tho way around.
A fen of the emit of bhtek nnd white
1 In-eked serye lire t riiiiiiii'd with blek
tuttVta bnnN.
Uhl i hlid -Mils. ihlruhllU. In light
riiuuil, t-reiittf'tl ttneit bis' k and
t roal ii fina iliM!ii. . rsr. Kill
'1 iori ri m tU an I wm.l )
(In l ull toti, Inttl, itit lamdi In
"i iti.i.i f 't iiion an.
!" ! t Ur tlx'. r r)ll'
I 4 AO 1. 1 TA tMi,
.HmIU tk4t lk llijl ,,f cc1ltuli'..
i'tt tin1 I ! t I ' roi, nut !t
i i n,i sill t liiflw ll!i .U ri int.iu iv.nipin
t l. i ' a . . , . t hk,
f. 'Il"t l 'I' '' lhr.k q. ( -Kluhirt
Pretty Earrings
at $1.00
NOVKLTV earrings, pearl
button, pearl and Jet but
tons, pearl drop effects In
many odd and pretty combina
tions, colored stone effects,
etc.; you'll surely want a pair
for Easter, I.OO.
27-lnch graduated wax filled
pearl beads, hare a beautiful
oriental lustre, Th proper
length and alae, a string, $1.50.
urrMi-Vtkh Co Mala moor.
Burnasco Quality
Pure Silk BOOT
HOSE at 50 Cents
WOMEN'S pure thread silk
boot hose, black or white.
full fashioned, regular mad foot,
mercerized garter tops, floe pair.
l'1n cotton, black or wnlt. full
fashioned, full regular made,
double garter tops, arte pair.
The mill calls them seconds.
black only, very special, floo pair.
Bnrgsts.VasB Co Mala rioor.
Imitation White
Fox Scarfs
$5.00 to $7.00
"TVMV much the-
V vofiriie as a
neck , d refin
ing, lhcfie
new styles.
Your New EASTER SUIT is Here at
B u rgess-Nash REM
A XI) we assure you it possces cvorj requirement you can demand. The clothem ideals of M'vernl of the eounfry's fore
most designers arc here ready for you to slip on, to ee their distinct ivonoKn, to feel their comfort, and to give them the
enthusiastic fipproval, which is their due.
The showing, which Is remarkably complete, rcprenen(s the skill and genius of the high
est class tailor shops, revealing tho very newest Ideas In incn'a clothes. Kvery yurmeiit Is
strictly "hand-tailored" throughout, made to conform with our specifications, the
which means the best at any price. In fact, we feature itrlrt!y "hand tailored'
suits for men and young men at a price range of
$13.65 to $40.00
Smart models for young men, more mature models for elderly men, and a
wide rango of mpdels for careful dressers of any age, In every garment there Is
quality of fabric and standard of workmanship that we Mund back of.
The fabrics new in weave, In color, In teiture. And each Is guaranty ,1
unqualifiedly as to fastness and wear (Important Just now, you know),
We feature for Saturday
Men's New Suits at $25.00
THERE'S everything about them the material the fit the style the patterns
that means satlsfHctlon to you, and which means genuine service when you buy
and money back cheerfully If you're not pleased.
New double-breasted, 3-button, son row collar, nign waist line.
New I'lnch back, half belted walHt lln, plain or slide pockets
our own creation.
New 1, 2 and 3-button sacka, form tracing, well defined lines, aeml-bot bark
long vent.
Men's Spring Suits at $16.50
TWO or three-button sack, regular or narrow lapel, with or without notch or peak.
Patch or muff pockets, form tracing and pinch back or Held model for the young
men, and the more conservative models for the older man, Iong, atouts, regulars and
rllms, to fit any shape. Exceptions,! vaiuca at
.nriiiuMi I.O. sroartn moor.
Very distinctive
Hand embroider
ed goorgctte and
net collars, with
jabots efforts; ulso georg
ette crepe flschus and
ploatlngs, rOd to 83.50
Tea Veil
In black and colors, to
match your costumes, tWc to fl.oo.
urgMs-Vasb Co. X&la moor.
Two Special Hand
Bag Values
Along grain leather back, strap
envelope purse," with assorted
colored tlespi, leather lined nvd
Inside framo purse, $I.!M.
Hand Bas, $4.95,
An Easter Special A real
Morocco hand bag. two styles,
both gathered effects with a
pretty narrow chased German sil
ver frame (are exact copy of a
sterling frame). Hags are silk
lined, fitted with mirror and have
Insldo frame purses, white kid
lined. An unusually good, anappy
and serviceable bait and an ex
treme value, at $I.U5.
Barg Co. Mala moor.
Patrician and Sheraton Patterns
A GLANCE at the leading periodicals will convince you why Commun-
il-lty riilver plate is the vogue of all table silverware and wny
should havo It on your table The most complete stock In Omaha
T'UHDoonli. set fif six..... $3.16
TuliU Hpniino, sat "t tlir... . , . . .1 a. IS
jnn.'Tt Hnoons, "t or nx 91.00
AtM'.r rHiiiiiir V)ffo Kiioono, set of
a x
0 UVIork Tea Spoons, sot of six,
Oranao Hixions, t of six ...... $3.00
I'rtatn I'tl, cnrli ,.,11.38
Ornvy 7 .j.rl In, eHh ............. .11.60
Kerry npoon, chcIi fl.76
Hain't Sp'ic.ri. rurh 11.76
CoM Mat Forks, each 61.36
flalsil Korfcs. set MM
Ovular T'orlis aa.vo
Pie Forks :.400
Hollow handle, tne-llum Knife- soil
IVirk glO.30
Hollow han11s - Dessert Knlfo tin 'I
FVrk $9.80
Pint hari'll., mi1liim, Knlfo aivl
Fork 7.60
Anrl a full lln of alt the miscel
laneous pieces.
Bargss-irsib go. aula moor.
Marked Individuality in Women's
and Children's Easter Footwear
IT 18 wonderful what praeo of lino well
made and reliable footwear can have.
That is what characterizes the J'ur-nesfi-Xash
Easter selection. Our Rpeeial
pumps, colonials and oxfords, per
fect fitting and made especially to
our order, poft dull kid, black lius-
sia calf, patent kid and white nile-
cloth, thirty styles; prices $3.50
and $4.00.
Children's Low Shoes
infitep Ktrup Pump
Two Strap Pumps
One Klrap Pumps
$1.00 to $3.50 a Co. Booonil rioor.
tii vi r-i i am
Novelty Pumps
Roman Sandals
ICngllHb Ankle Ties
Your New
Easter HAT
BETTER come bare Saturday
and pick It out. We'll assure
you therea no
better place. A
style to suit
every type of
face. ,
1UU at sa.oo.
Murnasco Spe
cial hats, soft or
Hats at $.1.00.
Purges - Nash
feature bats, soft
or stiff.
SteUon Jlats,
Tou know the worth of a Stet
son, many new styles as well as
the old favorites, tK3.AO to SIO.OO.
Burgess-Wash Co. rourth rioor.
Drugs and Toilets
DJ-Kr-KfKs Face Powder, 4rW.
Mennen'a Talcum Powder, lie
Hind's Honey and Almond
Cream, 20c.
Pebrco Tooth Taste, 2ftc.
Jap Rose Soap, cake, Be.
Ed Plnaud'a LI I as Vegetal, fiOo.
Llsterlne, 60c slr.e, 20c.
Canthrox, SOc size, 20c,
Sul Kepatlca, 25c size, 10.
Sanl-KIush, 25c site, 17o.
Ivory floap, 10 cakes, n;
Bnrgess-Bssli Co. Mela Floor.
LILIES at 10c
h ealthy
plants, with .'5
4, i or more
b u d s and
blooms, spe
cial Saturday,
at 10 per
bud or flower. Co.
"Wirthmor" Waists, $1.00
T r you do not already know. It will bo a d.-llght to
learn how thoroughly deimndablo and in gmul tant
are the Wlrthmor watstn at unrf If von
tiave sever worn a "Wlnbrnnr" you do
not know how good a wtt I.(h win
buy, Four new rtunlels on suln
urday, at
Wlrthnmr waists are sold at Jmt una store in r t r y
city. In this rttr tliey at imiM te en lirvH. a
klsv, t loo. ae aUv worth mt-re
hb Co.-at..!....!
Charming Easter Hats, Us
ual $5.00 Values at $1.98
li VI l HHVV will !).. rit
k-' of tt , it fur I'tii
V .is." - "v. .
rbeaikg new nittHneir and a'
r r wttd a . bt ).. t
(if (li"i llrt.if iipMn.
ci.!i. t oil r ait uu re m r a
bUr '' a a4 f I i
Any Child' lint, 6t)c
V-tu (ii.i(n I I i !'. of a t'kM l
it U tl' l fmi'l In 'it
Values to $19.50 at $12.95
TiltC frlie il.
S" ler of
mil In ariy wy Indicate the clmr-
I hi' ginncnl ami tli mulerUlx,
torkt!innliit and fliilnli ate tnr In ailvniun of an)
ttiin )t offiTcil nt micli a tnoderatit erne fwnal
lvli, nrw flum lurk (iia inii.tflx, nelly trlninieit,
all mouI s -, pupMne and ilnvki In navy, c(pn
hagea and black, all i.!k Imii'ss,
suits that r furmrrlv 'fl"-,
t 1 1 '.. II? 7.', and II "', jm.
ul f-r M ii l.n i
kll.l Kti'i (' BUem.M:
Women's New Silk Petti
coats, $4 Values, $2.39
(' f ilk t ti
h,. l i iri!,ui wlili
the h ejiitrn a ill M.i tillrii
lil'tU wild il-. m l . I .-'in r
liftMtn e si-d. a!-t lh. icuik wanio.1
I l 4 I li J til ' fi i
1 lf r' "-i if
S 'i. k.)ii at 1 1 (, l ii
fur el .r Ur niil, rlinlia
f f . ........
Bring the Boy Here Saturday
'P HK assortments are as new as the sulfa are fine. Practically every
x day this week brought In new shipments and Saturday the
variety la full to completion. Kvery good, all-wool fabric, every color,
every pattern that any woman can want to see on her boy, or tbat any
boy can have a fancy for, will be found In this collection. ,
llojs' Nulta, t;.(5 to I.M) Hats and Caps, 50e to 14.50.
We feature for Baturday
Boys' Norfolk Suits With Two Pair
of Pants Saturday for $4.95
Oi orf, sturdy fabrics, In new patterns and colorings, splendidly
tailored and finished. The coats are single and double- A Mft
breasted Norfolk styles, with two pairs of knlrkerbocker n
pants, lined throughout. Hires for ages to 17 yean. Tii71'
You'll appreciate the remarkable values. Saturday, at. ..... .
FREE Boys' Pocket Savings Bank.
With rvery purchase In the Boye' Clothing or Furnishing Depart
ments Buturday we will give a unique nickel-plated pocket saving bana,
jBnrgesS'lfaeh Co. rourth rioor.
Men! Saturday Before Easter
REMARKABLE sale of satin
striped tub silk shirts, well
made, perfect fitting. French cuffs,
coat atyle. Splendid assortment of
patterns; at the price we will offer
them they will certainly go fast. We
would advise being at the store when
It opens. The prlco will average
about H reduction, special, at 93.45.
Silk Front Shirts 95c
Shirta with silk front bosoms and
cuffs made of silk same aa our $3,00
shirts; body made to match of mad
ras cloth. I'oat style. French
cuffa. neck bsnd. A limited number of these shirts, all good aires,
plenty of small aires. Rale price 95c
Men's Easter Neckwear, 45S 65 and $1.00
Neckwear purchased very advantageoualy from one of Amerlca'a fore
moat manufacturers of high grade ararfs and neweat Spring 4-ln-hands.
In tills group are stripes, plaids, checks, figures and apota In
color coinblnatlona of more than ordinary attractiveness, also em
broidered figured effects and new patterns of famous Imported "Kng
llxh make.
Men's Easter Gloves
Horrlsan's Reindeer fabric and Kayser's silk gloves In the 191 Spring
nhiides at $1.00 and I1.C0, also fawns and II. & P. gloves at upaelal
llntiter prices, Bnrrs.-X.h Co. rtoor.
We've Enlarged Our Men's
Shoe SectionFourth Floor
'PlIK new Spring lines are complete, and wo claim the
- l"'M Mm in of nu n's good xlm to be found any
where, James A. Hammer fine boots and oiforda tj be
bad here, mil)- In Ouuiha.
iiiit.ili-i t.m anil Ku.hU cnir
f"inl. ibe in Amor and Knvoy lat ('
lining mm. 7.ihi pair.
I'lmr lie" HvfuiiU of (tn !u.U t'lf
gild b" calf Neiilln milt-., wf belter
tli.ii liallur. iu.nlfii by the maim
i turn.. t M kiuI YtN,
wuty i llifu l.l and patterns, rn
ln In ptl. r ftmu f t, Ml t.t '.tMt,
Hoys' Shoes on Fourth Floor
Vnll. IUm' Hh are n, m atrd nn thu fourth f!'r-
n r tjn i li-m rd filter III ili.rix.
wr..e R.a c ,yjra rUut.
Sporting Goods-Fourth Floor
li.t' t'' MiH, Pi' M. r' tit-nn r lUt, resnilur
l iit t- ,VV, Saliinl.iN, t-u. !,
iot' tM.r' UImvi, rKu!it!y '' S.tim.,v, 15.
OOI.r HA0S-A .MMiplol. Iin.' ut $3i to $1400.
K0t.I.r.R 8KATF.S lull l-anm iv.lju tt
"I" 'I i SI 0 I iir
H-i'-m N.a ft
,!! .. I I I !. II l, I ik t',,.i n lil S, 1U ',,)
f .1 i -1 i ,.!' in
ti ' l-i I .' '
' ! t )' !
fevii irrn cirb . oron rx"