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    aily Bee:1
Call Tyler 1000
If Vou Want to Talk to The lie
or to Anyone Connected.
With The He.
VOL. .XlV'-XO. 201.
Ob Train, at Solai
Mtmt Btaads, aton 60.
Gilt Edge Express Running: from
Boston to New York Smaihes
Into Rear End of Local
at Bradford,
Earlier Reports State Half a Hun
dred People Have Met Death
in Diiaitcr.
rituvjui'iM Jv, Jt. 1 , April 11.-"
'Ih (Jilt Kdg exprfl, Hoaton to
New York, ran Into the rear end of
train No. 623, a local running from
lfmton to New London, at Bradford,
It. I., ataflon early tonight. The lo
cal had Ktopped at th Bradford ata
tlon and the filer craahed into It.
Karly report here my that fifty
people Iirvo been killed. Homo of
the (mm were burning.
Senate Votes for
Probe Into Climbing
of Gasoline Prices
WABHINOTON. April r7,nalor Mar
tlnn'e pr-fimtl to x resolution directing
Iri'iulty Into th rising price of gasoline,
which cTinrrictcrUod ih) ftlandard Oil
company a a "trust," w adopted to
driy by the senate.
TJie body of liter resolution calling upon
the attorney general to Investigate, wa
adopted two wcka ego, Tlia preamble
wa held up on discussion of whether
It, was proper for the annate to brand the
company a a trust in the lliiht of the
u,irerne court'a dissolution decrea.
NI';W yoi(K, April 17,Tha propocd
impivy ly the trtttud Hut attorney
general Into tha Inoren of ina price of
gasoline will not he opposed, It wa an
nounced at (lie offices of tho Hiandard
(HI company of Nw Jersey here today,
Tim company, It was stated, "invite a
full Invest 1 nut Ion," which tha company
believe will show that the pel'' increase
"l traceable only to natural causes,"
HT, IiCtH, April l7.laJtolln In fit,
loula today sold at 111 cent a gallon, a
drop of 1 cent, Tim dcr.llna waa e,Url
bulcJ to tlio Importation of oil from
MAHTINOH, Neb,. Aprl tt.fpnUI
Telegram.)-.. A, oiunong, W yearn old,
rnrninllted to Inglealde from Tork county
three week ago, attempted aillcld by
tumping In front of an automobile driven
ty teorge U. Tyler, Falling In that ha
next tried self-destruction hy butting hla
head against a tree, Tha man' commit
meit followed hla attempt to kill himself
hy hanging at bla home,
OlbWi waa walking with a number of
other patlenta under tha guard of an at
tenrfnnt when ha saw tha automobile ap
proncli In the Institution grounda, 11
threw lilmaelf headlong on tha road, but
Mr. Tyler quickly awerved hla machine
and avoided wounding the man, though
0110 of tlio wheels touched hla clothe.
tl'roiu a fluff fonenponoent.)
!.1NVM,N, April 17.-tp:clal.)-rartlea
who have been waiting for work to ba
vin on the new atato aid bridga at Ht.
1'aiil will be pleaaed to know that tha
company contracting for the erection of
the bridge, which la to coat In tha nolgh
liorhooij of ISIW, la about to begin work,
The Central Htatea Ilildgn company of
IiidianaiKilU baa the contract.
The AmocIiiIa Iirlaatlonlata of wentirn
XchraHkn will hold their annual aeaalon
at H'OilKbluff mi April !. tntfl Kngl
neer Johnaon la on thn progiam for an
V.IIN,iiTO, 1 1. r Apill lT.-rrecl-dint
W IUiiii today approved tha recom-im-inliilliiu
of the nenctMiy of war impoi-
mn n npiTen' or rcitnuiHua on i-muinn- j
atit t'oloiul liomlli r of the aviation erv- I
be. wbn irceiiltv a Ivied by fourt- I
iniirt ril "n rnnuri'tinn with charge ever;
the enhdii, t of the ran Ihega alallon. j
The Weather
tv.r him .'! m,. I I liinliy-t'nsetllrd and
l..0?lllt (.Ji.trtiiH, ftii"t',
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t. I II I
l.i ,t .1 I lll4, ,,,
l ll I 111,. 14.1 )
,1 Iv
1 '- I II .!.. , I
I I ,1 . .,, . . , II... , (
- fl , , in. .- . , , ,
I (,, tl,,., ,i
i i.i a
I" I- H
' " ! I . (., II in - VI,.. I . I .
' - l i- ... t .i l (- 'it I'I i.. -its
' " I i i' ,f I I "' i in h
I I i. .hi, , I , , .. ' , I H I.g
'a". -i aiata T.-iiij. ii i,. (,,
l u .
1 .
,i l l
I I t SI. . I ,
' an.- , t i.
- la,,
-ii, ....
t- . .lie, i
who's jiughes?
Charles Evans Hughes, born at
Glen Falls, New York, April 11,
1862, only son of Re?. David Charles
Hughes, then pastor of the Baptist
church there.
Graduated from Brown university
in 1881 and from Columbia univer
sity law school in 1884.
Achieved national prominence by
expos ing- life insurance abuses in
Elected governor of New York in
ISO'S, making- great reform record,
and re-elected by increased major
ity in 1908.
Associate justice of the United
States supreme court since October,
"Write it in and don't forget the
Baker Directs Changes in Depart
mcntA Officers Being
WASHINGTON, April 1 7. I'rent
dent Wilson today approved tho
recommendation of the secretary of
war Imposing- a sentence of repri
mand on Lieutenant Colonel Ooodler
cf tha aviation nervier,, who recently
waa tried by court-martial In con
nection with chargeg over tha con
duct of Hie Han Diego Million,
flecrolary linker announced that ha
bad eemnired Itrlaadler Oanral Wcrlven,
chlttf of tha algnal coipa, and Meutennnt!
Colonel Hamuel luber, chief of the avia
tion t'orpa, for Improprletlea In cotinac
tlon with the aviation aervlce,
Hecretary Hakur alio annnunced that
Colonel libr bad been relieved from
duty aa chief of the aviation auction and
that thn whole queatlon of thn manage
ment of tli army aviation would ha re
viewed by a committee of the general
Captain Mitchell of the general ataff
Willi guccerd Colonel Iteber until tha gen
eral ataff committe make Ita recom
mendation, neneral Kcrlven waa cenaur'd "for hla
fallura personally to aupervlae the dla
clpllnary featurea of tho aviation corpa
Colonel nler wa cenaured for "dla
rcgard to ft coordinate branch of tha gov
i mrient, failure to ohaerva the reatralnta
imposed by law with regard to tho pt'
aonnel and pay of momixra of tha avia
tion aeclJoo. or tavk oC bualneaa metlt
oda with regard to tha property of tha
government In discarded machine and
for falling In that dogreo of loyalty to
hla auperlor officer which would have
aaved both Qeneral Bcrlven and hlmxelf
from the eenaur now involved and Ihla
branch of the aervlre from the public
doubt and crftlelm which haa affected
It unfavorably,''
In hi atatcinent regarding the cenaure
of General thriven and tha other offl
cera ftacrMary Uaker declared:
"Jt la cfear that at leaat a part of tho
cii(tcliii which baa attached to army
gvlatti la dua to a failure to realize tho
experimental atala of to art of flying
heavier than air machine adapted to
military uae. The auppoaed failure of
aome of our army machine are not
greater than failure experienced by In
veritoii, manufacturer and pilot In civil
The city council, Board of education
and Water board have a aired lo aluc,!
tha expenao of remodeling trio city ball
Another conference will be held next
Monday morning. The eatimatod cost I
ia.090, which amount will Include new
elevator, placing tho main floor on the
present haaement level and making aii
otia change in connection with the gen
eral plan. A comfort tatlon la Included
In tha plurm.
Wilson Says Nation Will Enter
War Only in Behalf of Humanity
WAHItlMITuN. April IT. - PrMldant ,
WIUuii, iraklng In-fine the fiaughlii
of the Arni'ilcan Hevolutloej here loly, ;
derUrrd that the only aeu ot lhi
t nited Htale to ever flbl would be Ini, hr rhw,,t (r ,-b,,,,,.,,,, , r imu,
ih i ii.mi nf humanliy, Ilia word were
enlhunlaiillcally M 'll url. t by drlegalr
from all pit of the rountry.
Anuri a ll h fnrgnlun Ii tr-'
,li U. 'ni, raid to pr, blent, If It frahta
I. ii u fur II' If tie Ii-.1 tbsl ll.e
I nlied eiair ient in( fiM umb r en- ,
tltKin a weiild mliow tl iii foianttan
tlniilli in lie it Anxfli iia t I-"
minlM.h lo alii. It lil nam t In.
Animus !
The prcniilret ib-iUird Ilia esib.ii
fortnvil fur II1.1 porHoiA vt ivoig tit
IH ul nniiUml aa nun 'i a l'-if, n
I alfi'id a)l m l' i li ' 1 lr f
am in ii . I (iiot 1 1 I j .n i lneiJ' io. Mi l in li
. ,.,(,, 1,,,,, 1 1 I) t n- ',11 In 1
,i. itit I lo , sllenl I'. I ' m ul
k-i.i ui bi" it at l iii ii lei
II. .ll f l,l H.l.i'l (' tfll ' ,
.'-u i 4 I'-'a i "
.' t..v ' . 4f .'
. . I m -. . .rt
i, V, '
eKKL-i-' 1 I .
rr - i. ' s k
United States Supreme Court Takes
Broad View of Act to Protect
Railroad Employes.
WASHINGTON, April 17.- Tho
rreme, court today no count rued tho
vnrloua federal aafely applluneo acts
that all eniployeo no matter
whether engaged at tho tlmn la
IntriiHtttto or Interatate conmierce
may recover danuiaea for Injurlea oc
curring tlirotiah failuro of intcratat
commerce railroad to comply with
the aufety appliance lawn, It wua
regarded as a precedent making do
clnlon, giving aafety appliance lawa
a aeopo fur greater (bun the federal
employer' liablllly law. Tint firat
craployera' liability law waa even an
nulled yeura ago becauae It applied
i employea rngaged In Intraatato
commerce an well h thoao In inter
Mate commerce, '
The decllon waa Miinoinned In the ault
of A, It. rtlfiittiy, a tiMkenuin of tha Texa
ft I'aclfie railroad, Ittlnred hy a defective
ladder on a car iniirk'-d "had ordera" and
left atandlng In the Marshall tTcx..) yard
for re pa Ira,
JiiKtiin ritney, apeaklna for tho entire
couil, held that (inaiea had taken to
Itflfir exelualvo Jurladlcllon over aafely
appllan'ea for luteintalfl rallroiida and
that the alatea would not bavo autlioilly
to muke hiwa reuardlng thorn for the
benefit of Ktote einployra,
The rourt held all that wn neeeaaary
waa that the railroad be engaaed In
Inteintate eoiiuneree for the feleral taw
to apply to all their acta rewarding
' The Judgment nf the Tettaa courta In
favor of Itlgahy for 111,'! waa affirmed.
j-, , .
htlOrtS tO ATHCnCl
Array Bill Beaten
in Upper Chamber
WAHMINfJTON, April lT.-Kfforta to
amend the army reorganisation bill were
defeated In rapid micceiilrin In the acnuta
today on tha eve of the mcuaure'a !
Henalor Jteed'a amendment lo create
from lx to twelve training aclioola for
Went Point and Annapoli hi varlotia
part of the country waa defeated , to
31. t'nder an agreement reached Inat
week, voting on Ilia bill pending amend
ment will lieln at & o'clock tomorrow
other amendmenl rejected Included one
1... , l .a i . . I
ny ponaiur ib in Maryland 10 moreuan
the numuer of National Guard enllated
men from i to 'M tor each repreaenla- j
tiva and awnator Itr congre and aenntnr
Work1 propoaal for an lielimtiial mill
lary force of 2"fl,(V)0 men to aervo a month !
eruii jear In the army In time of peace,
and eleven month In foreatry nd re
('animation aervlce m the J'aclflc coaat
uiiil adjacent atale.
Two Americans on
Latest Shelled Ship'
W A HI 1 v, April IV.-Two Ameri
can, William Hmlth ami Nathan Till
man, were on tlio llrlllnh steamer Koat
em City when It wa attacked April t
off Cardiff, Wab . and unk by ahell
fire from a ubmniine n llv,, u,i
loat, A report on tho attack wa for. j
warden to tne Htate department today by
American Conaul I.nlhrop at Cardiff.
il'"roin a Staff CoirexpoiKlcMt.
LINCOLN, Aprtl 17. (Hpeclal. I A re
puldican cannot be made the nominee
of the democratic party and vice veraa
by wilting In the name on the primary
ballot, l the anawer which Hecrctury of
Slate Cool ha given to linpilrlea com
ing from Omaha, ll:iHt!ngn nml other
Thla la baaeil on an opinion of thn
nupieliie court In Slate v. Well, CM
the ni)tl wau the i ,rpoie r.f , rihiii
I- at ll n I lilt .
if i fiiill fnou ihe ti.ulillioi of
the fiith"i e ba'a il'ahnnoi e i llii-m.
If e foi set I he iidiiMon of th'i falli
lnl an old lll'l'liln , we bsr Inn nine lih.
1 nliminii of Ibe lili Iplea III I . h thn
life of Ibe bll"ll llmif Mit.', aod :
Vlo'Oiieit. ',
' lntlcii will f,iiolteii pa 1r
ilnion hiipti-i uiuiH nut? iicrsiluit It
ftn'it t,.r tiif oiub r sic b rr .
I hi ii luce as i ." tint ll . . for
..iieo l i H,ii for n! n M'.'l Ac I
i-e' Hi i..p lbs .Utiei t n lite, rirr
t'l fo Ilie v,.illi.n of lt I'
Is that M i'iiii 11 In .,!i,.( ,f
t'i lult 1 1.I4 f t b ,1, mini 1 j
' V 4 tt .i l-n I I It. 11 It I In bsv.
'i sii ii ln.lili. o, Ii4l '.bin e' 'Ht
' ' ' i V l,ii tn,it- 14 1 . tn 1.
i,n,ill.i, ii 1 1.. i. , ,
" ll U lit I d. a ,.f
.-ll-. I-. b Mt SO I', lit ... it , I 1 , 1 ,
tl -lll't . Si i" I i . ! ! f . ,11 I
II li li.- L,(i 1 1 iti. ,lt,v, I , n n
f.a I' Im' t I I
v ,-cnt Wilson is Putting Finish
ing Touches on Document and
It Will Start for Berlin
in Short Time. j
It is Link in Chain of Evidence that
Germany Has Not Kept Its '
Promises . '
WASHINGTON. April 1 7.--Treat-;
!i-nt Wllhon today completed t ho j
oimmiinlcutlou to Germany on aub-
i.iarttin warfare and aent for t'hnir
li Hit Rtnnc of tlio aeiiHtH foreign re- j
lutiona commltleu for it conference,
probably tonight. Tbl ucllon waa 1
in linn with the prealdcnt'a policy ot i
keeping congrena liiforincd of the I
progresa of the negotlatloiin. ;
WASHINGTON. April 17, An-
tioiinccini'nt waa made at I bo Whltu
Houho todtty Ibat I'lealdcut Wilaon
I ud practically completed conaldcra-
Hon of tho forthcoming communica
tion lo Germany, and It will go for
ward to llcillt) lata today or tomor
row. 1'realdcnt Wllaoti, H was aald, had
bcon atcudlly engaged on the not
for two day, He did not go to
church yeatcrduy, but worked prac
tically h11 day examining evidence
mibmlttod by tho Btato dcpiirtmont.
The doeumenl, offlcialn aald, will pr
, the atibmurlne leiie to a dcclnlon. Jt
i waa reiterated that the Milam X caia would
j form only a link In the ctmln of evidence
the I'nlted Hlalea will preaent to fer
many to ahow that lia promlKea have not
been fulfilled,
Note Poalllve In Tone,
The document wn charaetorlwd ly of
richil today aa being very poaltlve In
tone and they believe that only prompt
gciulerenca by tlerir.any in thrt poaltlnn
taken by tho Culled Htatea can prevent
a break In diplomatic relation.
Unol fbiul dlnpatclica frum Jlerlln In
dicating that the (icriuan govei-nment la
ready to meet the t'nllcd htatea mora
than half way. It wa aald, will not
ihangn tho conran of the American gov
ernment decided on at Kiiday'a cabinet
' "
cfor the commmilcntloii to flnrmnny
forward, the pr-ald-iil and Secre-.
tary fanaing may confer again, but It1
wa aald early today that thla waa no!
abaolutely neeeaaary
The prenltient an I
M cabinet have agreed on the atepa to
he taken and tho preNldnnt ia now iiilah
Ing the pbrancolggy of the prop if ed otim
munliatlon. He Intend to Include In thi
indictment of ilcrmany'a auhmnrlne cam
pahoi attack on neutral veaaela not car
tying American. That will be done on
the broad ground ot humanity and for
the reaaon that many of tneao naiitral
wc wara going to or from the I'nltel
The Htate department today received n
cable from Ambaaaador Oeraid at Hcr
1 1 ii which, it wa aid authoritatively,
wa devoted entirely to editorial exprci
lon from the tlerman newapaper.
(Continued on Page Two, Column Four.)
St, Louis Segregation
Law Declared Void
HT, I.lil lS, April 11.-An Injunction re
straining the enforcement of the negro
aegi'ogatUrn ordinance of Ht. Ixitit waa
granted by the feleral dlatiict court here ;
,l"'nJr' '
Ono orillnanie prohibit white or ,
ii i t. .. ii i, i. ii l, i ,ii..i, -
per cent of Ihe hnimca are occupied by
persona of the oppoalle race. Tlio other j
make eluiihir rcrtiictloua on a baala of j
I0O Inatcnd of 1'i Jier cent,
lodge liyer In aunouiiiinu the dei UInn,
said tlio nrdliianii' x ceiled the iiollce
power. "The negro," he aiilrt, "ia en- !
tilled In tho aiimv colii'hlcrallnii anil tho j
same right aa a uhlie man." i
Nebraska's "Big Four"
I nf lelrHf s-m-l mr 1
tloxaril M, lUlilrlae, iimaka.
I rank M. I nrrlc, rfnl,
I!. H. Iinrsn, 'rrmonl.
It. J. Klli-alrli k. Ilralrli e,
I ur tllrrsslrs-sbl smri
I:. II, Hrarb, I IkchIh.
tar-lot Hnrrsli, liHiaha,
I. alu.ks, Mi l link.
II. a.r, It rlll.
I mc ailonal I iiwnlioraissi
t kailis , It, l.rrti, liaiahs.
Repubhcant nhoulit know that
they will HnJ the above namri
jnntfl on Ihe primary bUot.
namn of not only dr.
voted In a leunnui of the parly, but
alij i'f ttird loyalty a i l piovcd iral
tot parly ut tt
If You Want
ics for tfresiaen
ALL EYES ON MEXICO-Map of northern Mexico show
ing the territory in which American troops have been hunt
ing Villa. The figures show the number of Carranza troops
stationed at various points. The black star marks Parral,
the point where American troops were attacked April 12.
f , Tk) r ' JrVX BPal IBa akl it"
1 't J
loo ri
FkiL( HMMt
, . , .
irench Official Report Says Three
Positions Wept Of MeUSi Wtft
Bntnh.rH. flnna
" " '
PARIS, April 17,-FrcncU poal
Monti In Avocourt Wood and on tho
front from Headman's Hill lo Cu
ltiletea were bomburded yesterday.
There wcro no Infantry attacks, the
official report of tha afternoon tiny.
To tho ciiHt, of tho Metiao the night
V'bH calm except for arllllory activity
ft Haudremont Wood.
Tho text of the Matrment follow:
"On the left bank of tha Meuea there
baa been intense bombardment of the
French poal lions In the Avocourt wood
and on tho front from La Mort Homme to
"tin tlie rUht bank of tha river tha
nltsht paaaed In relative calm, except In
the region south of Ilauorernenot wood,
whcie there van cniitlnued artillery ac
tlvily. There tin no Infantry attneka
during the day and night.
"There la nothing to report from the rn-
, ... , ,,
nialniler of the front, with the excep-
(Ion of tho cuatomary cannonading.
"Inn ing the night of April I-I7 a French
air iu.idroii composed nl nine machine
dining an Intense, fog executed certain
Important bombarding operation in tho
union of l oni Inns, pagny, Aruavlll and
llointiai h. Protect lie cv dropped aa
follows: i'weh,, shell on the railroad
stal'on at ouflana, niMt'i-ii 101 Hie fac
tory m( Itouilm. b. rial. I 011 tha railroad
slalioit at Ainattlle and eleven on the
1 m 1 1 1 iii it line ,11 I'nisny nml A'.
"iMirinn the nlaht of A pill M a
("remit s1111.1t aerni'lanii flying otr th
North Ha nt 1111 alilluila of :mh fert ibrf-w
Hleeii stnils at a ve.sel nf lbs enemy,
l.leven of these nilM(le found Ihelr
timtk, '
a a
I it
"English People Arc Fine and
Good But They
t'.f Pr.
teis Mf
s, i f i ; " 'dr. oi li I i.i if
i i i.iiin!,i, on ilroirting ln.4r
i. ault I1., t,i.r t i-iii 't ntm
(I - I' . H. -I ill tl i ll nt,l,a. ,14
nini iFi ' .oii-iii! i i
I'lo, ,. t I.-1 fin I'
ll ' ... till .
til. bao II
i it
. lot
in. nt n ,i . ... f
M , - -e li-i ,
H , f ii, I.. .1 ,
'S.IJ..H I. t.
t V I l i .
1 '
I t
' , '
uMtu ajCMAa cuamttiu
It MO fvSA'tVO
II rv) t Trai oh- 450hh
Giutav 01 (ton Injured When Rumian
Ship Impera tor Was Attacked
by a Submarine. 'v
WASHINGTON, April 17, One of
two Americana aboard the Hiiaalan
eleaniahlp Imperator from Utilfport,
MIhs., for Maraoilloa, France, waa
wounded when the vcasel was tor
pedoed without warning by an Aus
trian anbmarlne off the Culumbreda
iBlanda, according to official advices
lo tho State department today.
The American Injured was Ouetav Ol
son, whose father la bandmaeter at Kort
Warren, lioetnn. Tha other American
who waa aboard waa Aner fcweennsaon,
whose brother Is foreman of a Min
neapolis furnltura factory.
The State deartment'a Information
came from the American consul at Bar
celona, Ppaln. Ho said the ahlp wa fired
upon without warning an April U. Threa
t-hol were fired, one taking effect. Tha
vertcl w aa set a I Ire by the stibmatino.
Olson wa reported to be m a hospital
at Barcelona, suffering from shrapnel
wounds. '
V.rrvrit'an ahlp uak.
lAiM'iiV, April 17,-The sinking of a
in ul nil ship and a Hrlilsh aleamsbip wa
reported by t.loyd a today. The Nor-
, wegion ship til. nil. .on waa sunk by gun
1 fire, ' The lost Httllnh ateanvhip was the
! Ilairovian. whl, h waa untrined.
j Tha lilcmio'iii, wlibh wa ssillus from
: biulipie, i'i He. for Calais, was bul't in
I1' and In i hrlnllaiila It gios
i toiinaae wa l.tita
j Tha llsrrmliiu tsilsd I nun New Yark
A mil S fur Hair", It was a -aantpara-I
ttvpy nei vrs.i l, having been built In
1 '! for a Uoi lnn i.mipati) it was 3A
I feet long so. I of 4 Ions net grusl
Get Up Too Late
not t ' i! 'i.. i. . -I of I hi if l.iriisa tay
nl n" thslr in not a 'Lroita
t"i . , 1
i oai'l erili. iam Is fit I,ii.ln4 h
ni l I i Iia.i.11 In K f ibiii i,.it Hf
l.'i's Ii in. t'"at i, ...- dii
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As Hours Pass Without Definite
News Report of Death of the
Bandit, Washington Grows
Special Train with Body Should
Have Reached Chihuahua Last
Night or Early Today.
- ni m.kti.
WASHINGTON, April 17. Secra
tttry flaker today received a dlapatch
from Naro aaylng that Oeneral Villa
va last aeon heading In tha direc
tion of the place where reports yes
terday aald ho was burled. Tha dls
pitcb was talton by War department
official to mean that tha reports of
Villa's death might be true. The
dlapatch wa Immediately sent to
frealdent Wilson.
WASHINdTON, .prll 17.--A the
luiiirs pna without conflruiatl'n of
lb alory of the finding; of th body
of Francisco Villa, Waahlnglon
prow mora doubtful.
Villa's body wa to have reached
Chihuahua CHy by special train some
tune last night, but American Conaut
Uitcher has not nven forwarded tlm
tumors g to Vllla'a desth which
must be circulating there.
Tit Mexican embassy here had no ad
ditional Information. It laat report
from Conaul Man! at l',t l'so said h
was saakln ennf Irritation.
flat and War department official re
fused lo comment today on General per
shlng' repoit of th t'arrl fighllnt..
which Is much different from the ver
sion transmltled by llenersl Carrans lo
support bis siiagesiluii that Aninl'tiu
troop lie withdrawn. Tlie American re
port show that Carranr.a troop noi
only Joined In Hi attack upon the lilt -e,
ditachinenl of Anierlrans, but folloeeii
them several mile a they withdrew lu
avoid a clash.
It was liollcaleit at the fists ilepsr;
inant that further detail Would b
ought from American officer before n
rply would b sent to Oeneral Csrrnr.a.
Hacretary I.snalng planned originally lo
'lies I with the Parral Incident aa a aep-
aiate question and not ill th reply to
the note suggesting the recall of lh
Amsr'.caa expedition. The reply to th"
Carranaa proposal for withdrawal wa
still In preparation today.
J It was raaart4rrVtoU S that slnerbl
U Aodjr iv ; Identified that of Villa
the expedition would come out of Mex
ico at once. No Instruction hsv ytl
been sent In Consul ltchsr or Oeneral
ferhlng, however, aa In the Identifica
tion to be required. None will go for
ward until thcae official transmit om
Latest report ssylng tbst Ihe bandit s
body had bean dug up from a two-week-old
gfava by a nephew of Oeneral Car
ranaa and waa being taken to Chihuahua
City, foctiaed attention on American Con
sul l,etcher at that place. Official
loohed to him to , throw light upon
Vllla'a reported death and alo to
promptly Identify the body If polhl.
Body Not at (nalhwrtairhlc.
EI. PAHO. Tex,, April 17.-A tele
graphic dlspat-.h was received by Oen
eral Clavlra, commander of the Juarex
garrison, from Custhulraehlo at 1:36
o'clock thla morning, stating that the
body of Francisco Villa hsd not arrived
there at this hour.
(leneral Oavlra talked today with the
telegraph operator at Ban Antonio and
obtained further details of tha reported
finding of Villa s body.
According to the Han Antonio operslor,
on last Saturday Oeneral Cavaxos and
Colonel Carina Carrans, who were at
fuel, received Information that a Villa
band waa operating In th nelghhnrnood.
Two Carransa offieera with a body of
men Hurriedly left Cual and engaged the
Vlllletaa In a combat In which many of
Vllla'a followers were killed and wounded
and aome were raptured.
A Villa colonel waa among the cap
tured. He begged for his llfo and prom- '
lad to lead hi raptor to tha grava of
the if tbey would not kill him,
The oMrator at Ran Antonio said that
lienersl Calaana and Colonel Carranta
were taken by the prisoner to Han aran
claco liorja, where the body la reported
to haie been unearthed.
The erater wave no further Informa
tion to Oeneral Oavlta other than that
Villa waa wounded on March IT. He did
not know tha date of lb batolit death
(leneral llailra said that aa soon a
he wa advised that the eo,ty r-f pi
had been brought to Cul, h would, let
graph Minister of War ('bra-fun rut.
log thai Ibe body b eenughl In Jusrsi
'eneisl Haiti said Villa, wnubt, real he
gtt an a mllPary f u.ersl but ll wool,!
I buried a a bandit In th Juaias pot
ter fiabl
mining viituarn bsia Willi a tepraaae,
tail' at nuts t'aiit r-x an aa a me
stae l"Ut Ihst thsi loan bad .
all. k. hr ban.lii Sal iris nlhl. Th
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