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aily Bee
Call Tyler 1000
If Villi Willi! lit T.!L (.. Tl...
or to toyonn Cniuitwf t-it
U'hli Tho Iti-o.
ii ii a 4
vol. MA' xo. 'J;o.
Sl.i.'lt."0.1.'1 81X0LK COPY TWO CENTS.
SK.'fSJH. Cr0inza s Nephew Reported
Bringing Body to Chihuahua
Republican Soldiers, in Furious
Counter Storm, Penetrate Teu
ton Fosition, but All Are
1 Tut to Bayonet,
Tl i 1 1 i n Announces Terrific: But. Vain
Attack of Gauls in Face of
German Cannon.
'j'luit (ho French troops defending
the fortress of Verdun hum launched
a vigorous counter attack In th
region of Deuij Man's hill, on ilm
went bank of the .Metire, was (Un
closed hy tho official report Issued
tjalurday afternoon from tho German
army headquarters, Tho attack fol
lowed violent artillery preparation
and wuh directed against tho German
positions mo mh of Corbeaux wood In
the, Gumlerew wood and on end
Man's bill.
Though lloo after lino of French
troops were mowed down, tho Ger
man statement suld, hy tho artillery
and imicilno gun fire of the Ger
mans, somo of tho Fieiich battalions
succeeded In penetrating- tho Teuton
position on Dead Man's hill. On
gaining a footing in tho trenches
there, however, Merlin declares, tlioy
were alaln In bayonet fighting-,
furl orrlilnlly Silcnl.
1'ail Offici i lly ! HI'Mlf. l'-jlll llllK
halllo, I f afternoon sliitciuciit. iinmnirK!.
lug Hint Ficiii li tcrli'M ih'I evidenced
great activity ou tic. Hint, ljuiik of tlm
Meim, particularly ti tlio went of Cor
beau wood hihI foiKcii brook, mui
that no Infiinlry i lunacim nu bad Itiltcii
Tho Intent official ulatemetit Ixflucd ut
Pari fall to mention any activity liy
1'rcncli Infantry, Hotli cant mill went
of tho aft use, lliern Iimvii been Hitllltiiy
himiharduK'iits only, j
Uu tho eimteni front, sharp fighting
I g"big oil between ,ttinlriuti and ftiia
kIuii force for (Mwllionn on tin; lower
Hi rip and tho Iml;itcr river In (lulhtu
Kllil f'ir other liorlliiiiht of CzcmvwiU,
In ISukowlna.
It, Hi Italian theater, tho Juliana and
Austrian nrmtejf havo respcc.iltely taken
the effcnalvo ut various point along
that front, Auatrlnn troop stormed hi,
JtillHn poult ion nt Alrsllvrh, and claim to
have IichI-ii liii'k several counter at
tack In which ttm Hal. nun arc mild to
havo (Offered li'ivy lofcMcn,
lit ociinlp 1'iiallloit,
Tlio Auslrlaits iiiliint. lin y were forceil
to tfvaouHtO ft ill fi nnh'1! point Ion mnilli
of Hpcrone, lint clulni to liava repnlttcit
the J lull" n HUui'hii In other ncrtom.
In tlio iipi'i'MllotiN on tho water four
VH)eln flume in tho liewn, Tim Hrttn
teunirr Hlii,iiir1(,ih of 3,Su', ton Kivkh,
mill the (.ii limn him iiihi I r llliHiilri
Iihmi hetii mink hy nilnex, The Juinluh
cch'ioner I'roven Iihn he;n sunk hy n
(lerinili Mtililimrlno lit point n'uih of
Mm kliolni, mil) I he JIuiiIhIi lenlnlil
lHiin hH been citiirei) In the Catleiiiit
hy a lnriiu (lurmun mihiiiHilne.
Temperature to Be
Nearly Normal in
All Parts of U, S.
WAHMINUTON, April K..-TI1 wenlher
Vinifaii fnrecw for the week britlnnjug
to'tny H;
"A itlturhnnee thnt over the
Rmky nnninluln reulmi Suturdiiy timin
lug will iiiuve ciihiwiikI ii 1 1 1 1 ho n l ic
by iidiieiHl rnlntt thn tint (not of tlio
wnek over tliu union Citut of the Mis
l-lpit river.
Aliulher (llntm hiini o w ilt III h! prole
hllity f irm tuer the MUHhttext ttm mhl
(Ho of tlio tvei k, 1 t .11110 I'.nlttiit'l mui
IMTMIll over lh lillihtli" went ut tlni i tul
of the wei.k, hi' inli .1 by tniM'tilnl
wenllur noil t"inl riilim, Tim itlier
will h fir Hi fii t hnlf of l'i . k
iern!lv e-t of tlm (;- .i-i.. ilM-r,
(ha inhblin ilHy of h link PI l' fulr
lit lh mf.litl t'ni tti.U iiiitii
The Weather
I'm ef lh v.nli.'i l-.r
.(ll.l 1 .in. in V
I , r ,Ninii I'nii'i, . .. 1
f.,,,( h (.-!, t. !.
I rlr '" t'MMhit etli riJn).
Wilson Williiijr to Agree that Tcrsh
ing; Will, Not Penetrate Much
Greater Distance Iuto
Washington Roady to Recall Puni
tive Expedition Within "Rea
sonable Time."
W'AHIIINtJTO.V, April J 0.- I'iomI
detit. Wllaoti hiia decided to Inform
ficitcnil 'iirriiti.u, In reKponao to hla
iti(Uet for wllhilrawtil of the Amerl
fiin troop from Mexico, that the
t'nlled Htatea will neaollalfl for an
agreement along theae. linear
Tha t'nlled Slate government la
wlHInK to aareo to fix a limit, on tha
dlatancn Anterlciin troop now In p'tr
Htilt of Villa ahull proceed )nlotMex
Iro ami to make that limit not much
farther nonth than the Iroopa already
havo proeeedeil,
Tho I'nKed Hlale government I
willing to ;lve iirKiirmircM that the
Amerlcun troopa will he withdrawn
within "a rciiaonahlfl time" or aa
aoon It )h definitely fatahllahwl
that Villa liaa reached a point where
ho can be dealt willi better hy tha
Carran.a force.
Ilenljr In I 001 iileleil,
Ttieno point, It bfteriine known t'inulit,
wero (llti'Mimieil fully at ) inleribi)' cabi
net llieelllia, ThO preielit' B'Jvlti'H
ri wild to have nareeit on in h a courae
In the belief that It tvoubl iniikc alroiiacr
the chiuiee of ciilehliia Villa, A rCiy
to flMii'ial ('nnnri. I culil to be virtually
(oniph teil unit la eiei teil In go forward
In ft very abort tlm,
Ateiiiitlimi the iiuranlt of Villa by thn
American troop will eonllinie, Kecre
liny linker nharply oiitllnei) tliU today
In a formal ataiement,
The line of eoiiiimmlnitbin of the
American troop following Villa havo
Irenily been leimiheneil in thn point
where neinlliisr mipplle ha beeomo fllffl
e'tlt and It l reallzeil here that. It would
he extremely huznnbni for them to go
much further.
The flint offblnl ruport on tlm claali
Veneai1ny t far ml, reaching tha VVur
department Into lonlghl from (ieneral
FnnMnn, anld two American trooper and
forty Mexican were killed,
Hwrelary linker iiailu thl announce
inent; '
"A telegram from tlerieial runnlon
ntiofe a telearam from Oencral 1'erahlng
to tho effect that he ha Jut received
Information of an unprovoked attack
upon American aobller who had entered
I'arral to buy nppllit. Ml information
la that two American aohller and forty
Mexican wcro killed, but 110 further de
tail had been reported at tho time,
"Oencral I'erxlilng bIho report that h
has given full Information to (ieneral
Iterient a to the potiition, direction and
irciieinl dealliiatlon of onr troop purmi
big Villa, lie baa sent by aeroplann for
full particular"
(ieiietal I'rrahliiK'a IIIckmuko giving
itrtually Hie ;.anin Information regarding
the fight an previously had coma from
unofficial aoiiria wa regarded at thn
War department a dlppoolng of aiiia
tlonal border rumor magnifying tha Inci
dent. Tho nferema tntieneral llerrerii,
Otrranza. coiiimindcr at ChlhiiHliua, wa
accepted a further dcmonKtrating the
extent to which the American and do
facto forcea were cq-tipiatlng. Although
lha iiicKB.ign did not an upeciricnlly mate,
official took It for granted that 1he at
tack on tho American wit made by
elvillaiiN, nines any hoalll move by Cur
riiniEii linnpa would have called fur a
ilefiitile alaleiiii ut by ij neral Perilling to
that cffnt.
American Women -i
Soldiers Vote for
Trousers Uniforms i
M -W 1 'lth. Ann i !; American !
"iinnin .-.lilli i. ivill tiuuitei ax jui
of thiir i.iiiunin if tip f,.iii, i,f r.
ii'l'tn e i hy tin' ."i tin mhei . nf t.,
Ami ii ait , ,. f,,,. hi it -
t.itc. "1 In ,t wiutu-ii bvQ .(ri-o utti nd
iti weekly Utltl Ibiaugotoit tlm wnrn
ii-e IU- n( iinit.Mtii mnt up f.if '
(ut.. ink " id (!, ., .,, ni
'I c l ili.i i.-aliti pi ,, ii Vtm I
Mi.l i rf,t.l .V'ulbdiia. hd ef IH or-.
g uiuatl. II. u. .,1 ! (ii. il ti. a ula ncto j
I'V I n -.n.- IH.J net I.. I, I. j
Hlilt-.l !.i fc- o' fi t.' I In tt i oil It
H ' J." I I It 1 C -. ,l rt 1 - 11- .1,.
(i..-. tt II (. .! I,
't.'.i.-a J ini'iie . 4,t i
-til l ti ml li 1. 1 n-n.iHi ..ii. a t. li ll:
..Ut d.'li... I -. , I tl-i i-.f tilt Hi
U hi I. i., ti.nlt,.M t-i Cn l-i.i.l
ll CHi- Ut , . VM.I , I it
1 ' cf I i -4 . -tie 1 it i. It
I I II i .41.-1 t X- I. ! Ul
.1 t I li . . ft '
I t I ( . I i i . I I I
I ... ... ...(, Hi-, I " II . j
iTiiiksKiiUMilliiiii i
Aniii'iiiaiis to I),t!
! . : ., 1 .
t , ' I . H- , ic (. -
I i I -
' ' - t - I
j '..-.. -It ... .t I ,
! . t; .f... i - 1 -ii i
- - ' iiit t .- , ,- i -, , .
Telegraph Operators at Madera and Cusihuriachie
News that Notorious Outlaw's Life of Murder
and Rapine is Ended
(My Associnlotl Press.)
EL PASO, April 16. Mexican Commander Garcia
announced today that messages have been received from
military headquarters at Juarez from telegraph opera
tors at Madera and Cusihuriachie, stating that the body
of Francisco Villa was being brought into Cusihuriachie
and that it will later be taken to Chihuahua City.
' Garcia said he had wired military commander at
Madera for confirmation. Neither telegraph operators
stated in messages where body of Villa was found.
Garcia announced he had received a message from San
Antonio that a special train, was being made upw at that
point to take the body of Villa to Chihuahua City. Garcia
says the body is being brought to San Antonio by Carlos
Carranza, nephew of General Carranza.
EL PASO, Tex., April 16. Francisco VilJa is dead and his body, disintered some days
after his burial, is in possession of the Carranza troops, according to a series of telegraphic
messages received in Juarez today by the Mexican officials.
For more than a week reports that Villa had died from wounds have been current both
here and in Juarez. Today's "accounts were;the most circumstantial and apparently reliable
yet received. They were accepted with reserve by American officials including General Bell,
but the Mexican officials expressed confidence in their reliability. ' The messages, in the order
in which they were received, were as follows:
"The dispatcher of the Mexican Northwestern railroad at Juarez reported to General
Gabriel Gavira, Carranza commander at Juarez, that he had heard a conversation over the
telegraph wires to the effect that Villa's body was in the hands of he Carranza troops.
"General Gavira notified Consul Andres Garcia here, who rushed messages to the tele
graph operators at Madera and Cusihuiriachic asking for confirmation.
"The Madera and Cusihuiriachic operators answered confirming the report and stating
that the body was being taken to Chihuahua City.
Liner Brazos Halted When Men
Demand Raise, Including "War
Risk Bonus."
NKW YORK, April 16.--Actlon
which wa believed to tin thn fore
runner of an effort to rauao a gen
eral htrlke among seamen of all
chiKhoH on oceao going Hteatuwhlpa re
anlted here today In one veaael, the
American liner Mongolia, being de
layed (several day In Halting , and an
other, tho New York and I'ortu ltico
liner Iiriiis'iK, heing forced to anchor
down the hay after leaving It pier.
The Mongolia, laden th Iii.Oimi
tun of mined t at go for Liverpool,
wan to rail early in thn day, hut did
imt S'l a ay until p. in. Tim
ere, it waa nald, atrut k after a de
mand lor higher wage had In en re
fused .y aeeiitu of tht- line
I'rrx'Ul I -BtHil.
'I 1.41 I'l ,- Il4 I lmlo t l 11 , l ., rtl
" I H ".l!t of l.t'.illv tui t!i I it. il waii
t. M a H'Vll l uf i lU''l I'l fwrnieit
.,.1 ft. I l.M.. Jit.j J .l,.
vii.,i.i .f,i t .':h II ,V l.,lli
iv.i i.ipii ittfd it. I. t.i tlt...
In I t.i. .it ti,. M-ti t mu. ii
I' ' .tiM.i. I ! , .tii. i.i.t I ,; ..'-i,
I. I - .tlti'll .1 p Hit I ,. ii. 4 I .... t : .- it
Mexico City Rojoieti
To Hoar Washinulon
Will Recall Soldim
i, i it ' i . : . t ,.i
t . - i - ti- , i
. - I
ul .
f ii -i t - t ,i .
. t , t ? , i i - ,
One Year Ago
Today in the War
Hrltlah atthinarliiA E-15 ran aabore tn
tlm I 'tirdiiiicllt'ii.
Stititiicaat of Yprea the Hrltlah took
Mill No. 0.
Allien tittiu knl (iallliiotl pnlnHiila and
llnrdiiiipllt-K forts.
! licrniiina rt-ported eaptnra ef Fmich
piiHlllniia In 1 1 in 'i.i"ti" mui )ib in p nm nc
I'rt'nclt crul(r fired on Tnrkliili foitlfl
cHlnns at Kl Arluli In Kypt.
Here's Martyr Story
Like from Book, U. S,
Man Burned at Stake
, At h i:-H A, Hli, Aptil h. -Hi.
i Jc.-i .li ehtiiiiMiti, t.ti no r ftiidi iil of i'r.
j tell iitllta.', WmiRfeiin. and a itieinlirf
j i.f ihe CU'I i lni uf the Jclfi lum ciilleae,
I'hlladi InlilH. l.tnned al Hi ll
tiit ItIh i. it Kl I nltilli, 'etl, n
I til. ilea tt lul l'' te.etlr.l lte fltilll
, I I;IH . il-l.l.t Imt t
V, i. inline lit tlic.n .lvi.e Toka tHnl
I in i I'l t.i . Irda
j islam I i "ii hi i lmi and iti-miii
that !.. Ii tc r4iu," ha atil,
tntif,.i ant t'tnild. l t 'il'l "lha
I I. ..i tt.e ..'. it s mi ', 1 ImiI kli.n
- - I It v- . t. !. I' ! i T. -t
ft- t..i t tn. mi .ti .I i i-il tn'u I
'tii .11-t .ti tie et it- Jinnl i l .tl'n
I . if i, .I,-., 1. 1 1 .!!. 'I
I mi, . .y lt I Ac of Iii..iif.i4
l,t, l...i, I ! HI t,. IttW t.f It' ! ( ''
' 1,. 1 ti. . .... . t I ' . I ll.
1 I4M1 t. . t -I-.-, i . I lit. ti t. I - .
. I' l l t ' l t- ( .'! I
.1 t I . I, ...
I " I ' 1 1 I l .. CI -l lt
, n - I . I tt I 1 1, i i - ... I
t 1M tl- .'.....- i . 1 I '.
' mi . ,". t... i - e , ... ul Ic- 41. I
l.i I I 1 .. ' - ! Li"
t, i ! . i ,-- t - .--) t ,-tni 4
1 -.1 1- il,.. ... ,
,.. , f I
! M ia ptlaiall t ,4i
I .Ha e. a a a m la a I' a
Uttll.t iHtnakl I . , laa.
. l.a4i .
Lectures at the Centennial Celebra
tion of the American Bible
Nino principal false gods beckon
today to claim the worship of man
Instead of the true God, according to
j William Jennings Hryan, who spoke
! on "The lllble at Work in the World"
al the Auditorium yesterday after
noon, Thn occasion was tha renten
iilal celebration of the American
lllble society.
j "IIae we no need today for the
. commandment, 'Thou Miatt have no
other god before me?"' aaketl Mr.
i Hryan. "Trun wn do nt worship
Idols today, but we have other gods,
j so iiiiinrrmia that It would take all
I afternoon lo recount them, 1 will
f Iheiefore only lake tunm of the pi In- ones, and wilt limit mitflf to
I'llrf) 11. tine l.'.i ,..l INti H
t nniiii.iiirr iit"t mil mil.
'I i'l tiul'l 't d ef t it-ill.. tt li t i.f
ama, i .d f I itr, i,l i.f,,,
til uf Ttt, t, ti ..1 t i 'im t t ui f
I imt ! t . J ef I r I,1,,
HI e.4
Tt rakf r f..i,-d h ami a wn
t lie it ti iii.ia t I-aeMtit 1?..,
"n.. a man ..!.. (. i u- ef tj-.i
!" U llwll ehfltala," 1. M-.
" tin inxl ef lama oi t.it4l. I
l.-iiij. aaaiar, tr ia .i-,. t :!!
It illlH . ,.... 'ill -,r r,,...
( i a t. -1- a ' I it lua
"i "i a l a a, 1 1-.
1 ti. t .J f t - a- ei it tk a
jtat-' n twin- . tt ... t, .
j ' .it I !-! II f.f at .
I ' " '-a ' t . i .( ai.
j .-. I He . . , ,. : f i at.
I e I . I a-- i -.i i t
I t i .
1 1
.11 t,
,1 , I
.1. jl
t I. I
I ... i
I a
, ,..
i a I '
1 .
I)BNVt:n. Colo.j April IS.-ImmrdtHta
action hy romrren upon tha Huan H.
Anthony amendment way itrtiiEwiK.ait h're
tonight aa tho ptirpoiia i'f tha tranacon
tlncntnl totlr of twenty-five member of
tha (r'oiiginaonal 1'nlon for Woman
Suffrtiac which Ir-ft Wanhlngton April
9. Tin tour eontemplatca a vlalt to all
thn ciiuhI nlfnian atatea, ending May 11
and IS, In HK Lake City.
J0f v "'
fjri9 "s
t"0 ; ' F . f
I . .. i
'! ' kj
?: ,..... -.'J
But Why Don't You Give
a Direct Answer, Mr. Howell?
The question is this:
"Will you, if elected committeeman, support the nom
inee of the republican convention for president this year?
"And would your promise, if given, be worth any mora
this year than the same promise which you gave and then
violated last time?"
The Side-Step The Question
Conforming with our regular pol
icy of "fair play" wa glre spaoa to
this gentlemanly outbursts.
OMAHA. April J S.-To tho KdHor
of Thf line: Here la my answer to
5 our question In today's Hee
Naturally deold of all notions of;
fair pla, shortly after I defeated you '
for national committeeman In 1912,'
you hKiin " t'h't ' overthrow the
reaitlt or that atatn-widn primary, and j
to this end, jou anil your friends d- j
tiiandctl that the republican national;
t'ommlttee declare my place vat ant
and seat f, K. Mctirew of Omaha a.
Nebraska's rept'eaentatlve, Tha d
tuatiit for my removal was band upon
fhaigca filed with tha nailotul repub
lican rommltuti, an. Ub'h charge.
Ihe I oittlulUee fcfn m In consider
You now rrittrate ihene charges
at th tetiitiu hour, hoping that the
repiii.lii an of ,Vbraka tn be more
rnl dud than the republican n
llnl.Jtl rnlitliilltise.
And why he )tu adapted nmk
ta to a ?
I l,au,w ke, r 1
lav lit a i ear tit inuut Iriag )uur
pMt.ld 4icn lu the lire h uiht b
ft.ra- lit.- pii.ii lt 111 I h I h,id
nJi.tate f..r t.
a i h tie u m
I't ' ' ' j(..v t i H- r
Au. I..-. una! l. .t ta it Id
etfmt ii Itit.uttat tviiotui'ln ii, ail uf
ytoti.lf , n i tt let it.iue.l lit
t'n, t.n -h it. ,1 1 t thi&a tor wu,
satofit, ih 1 t.f t r VI .
I t . f V i a tu J ! ka
ti'i a i t i i. in t c I j tr't,
lit a 't' ' o-' i.? a i , a i ii, i
hif i' M . it fc h.i n 1 1. . I n if In. faille
la t !.. a l.t In t . Sit (Ut e
One of the Most Hotly Contested
Preliminary Campaigns in His
tory of Nebraska Politics 1
Draws to Close.
On the Democratic Side the Fnsilads
of Missiles Sizzle Between
Bryan and Hitchcock.
After on of the moat hotly eon-
heated preliminary campaign In the
hlalory of Ncliraaka, the final toe,ha
for tomorrow'a atate-wldo primary
were put on at meeting; of worker
for tho different candidate, and
alatea galore are ready for circula
tion, with tha Urgent reglatratlon
and the largeat number of candidates
ever entered, more offlreg than ever
to fill and correspondingly whetted
popular Intereat, It la expeeted that
with pood weather the biggest vote
ever polled In & primary will be
On the democratic aide the fire
works and fuallade of missiles has
been going on hot and heavy between
two elements headed by William Jen
nings Aryan and Benator Hitchcock,
respectively, Senator Hitchcock has
accused Mr. Hryan with trying to
"hamstring" the party and the dopo
aters figure that Is what he has done
with reference lo the senator, who la
sure tq outrun Dunn In the race, but
to finish so lame that ho will never
get his speed again.
(,niprnnrhlp Hare.
. Tho flalit for the governorship nomina
tion between Mayor Oiarlos W. Hryan
(ftrothar Charley of Lincoln) and Keith
Neville, tho young unknown from North
1'lallf, la rxpneti'd to flgura close, though
I lie odda hcpiii lo favor .Nrvlllii, although
pnaalhly Influenced by the. well known
preponderance of tho wets In Douglaa
The effort to keep William Jennings
riryan from going to Ut, oui as on
of the Nebraska hlg-four dnlegntea-at-larga
! of doubtful suoceaa, and tha
rliancea are placed .even aa between
Mayor Imlilmnn and Art Mullen for the
democratic national committee Job,
Another Intaresllng democratic fight Is
that for the nomination for rongreea,
which brought Congrcaaman Loheck home
from Washington tn defend his till
against Harry H, Fleharty and Laurie 1.
(('untlnuedon'rago" Two,Coiuinn'oury
When you asked for the votes of
republicans for national committee
man four vears atro. Mr. Howell.
j declarlUion your
ow ligature!
"While I am a great admirer
of Senator La Follette, I am a
warm supporter of Colonel
Roosevelt. However, I am first
a republican and whoever is
nominated will receive my hearty
support if I am chosen national
In spite of this solemn n led ire ef
Mr How(t on
staying on the commutes whiis
fighting the party's standaj bear
ers whom you wers in honor bound
to support; yon contributed money
' campaign funa or anothtr
hoitilt patty; you tried strenuously
to prei cut republicans from having
even a chanct to tots for then
presidential ticket.
ForgeUm, tha pait, except as a
guide ta thi future. hrra ti.a
,Un, today, Mr. JbwtU I Aa4hat
itl vol 44 tn tha nest campaign,
if again ommutiate4 a ftnerat
f o lPuMlCtt paitf
lt, thai t frrl n bitteittcaa t
t a4 tf fc.iMhal j,ii4 ii!rf 4
tna aa tha au. .Ul wf h la-Hbtii an
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