Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 15, 1916, NEWS SECTION, Image 3

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    hit. bki;: o.maiia, s.viti:iay. atkii, i;ir.
Hitchcock and Neville Star Perform
en at Meeting Held in
il'min a Waff fmieerioinleiit )
I, M'ii(,.N, Null., April H -(Hper-lal Tel
i strain ) -Much eiitlniilaam marked Dm
ImtiiiU't put on hy Ihn Womlrnw Wllaon
"lull r evening at Hie Mndrll holol.
Ttin altfiidaiire waa rmt up lo enpiwta.
tlona, ulllioiidti mnri than pi) were aaateil
f Hie talilp, ttliilo hy tli time thn
apeakrr hi uii u Id hi l.arniuet room waa
rnwiterl to overflowing.
Tin- lani'icl in reality given In
liiiimr of Senator llllchiock nnrl very few
Mi- iin rum were itreginit. t'liarle llryaii
inlneil will) Difl rro'vd In the hotel lolihy
luforo Ihn lnii'iiet liegan, but left to fill
apiakliig data In another art of Ilia
Noley ftreellna !,
Jovei nor Moieheait wa (ho flrat of tlm
eiiraker If) arilva and wa greeie, with
a In-arty round of harM -('lapping. Me
n follower! a riiliiiila Pr hy M'-nalor
Dili liowk aii'l Keith Neville, ami l,,,i,
iin greeted In a rinlny (winner, Olli'ra
v. Ill ti"-Kvi-( "apnclal npplanan" wm
Arthur Mullen anil Tom Nolan of Omaha,
who rama In a Wile. Infer Willi other
Oiiirtlm men.
JuH before, tin) annaklh th crowd eariii
Inaflly thn oh ileinoi rniln aotig, "How
lry J Am," ami repents U anveral time
under (ho Inflmnea of roffea only,
I'renlijeni , J, Campbell of h Huh
tnagtmaalnr and Introduced Ooveinor
Mori -head a tlm flint ejiaaHer. Th kov
ernnr confined liln remark to a ahort
inlk on tho conrtlrlloii of tlm atale,
elllr, and HHeheoek,
II, . II- . .t .. ...
..... i-.yiiif, (i,.rrH nip HIT UII I Kill ai'lllK
about thn aarne line a In pravloita
apeeehea, confining hi remark to prom
le to enforce the law ( thn aluto if
"l. i led governor, "Irl'tly and Impartially.
'I lia principal apeeih wn made by Hen
ntor Hitchcock, who apod a along imtlorinl
nffiilM and proceeded to glv Mir, Hiynn
aevnnil round of ahot from the llllcli
cor k gun.
WKHT POINT, Neb., j pell M. -fHpe.
Inl,;-Jnlliia (. Hull, proprietor of the
National bakery at flit iitiwe, returned
home Thuiailny evening from lllnlr,
hrlngliijr Willi him a brblu. Oil Wednea
'lay moriilng he nun married to Mia
Kdllli HclniielliiK, librarian of Ihn public
library at itlalr,
Tho turning county fraternal Union
held a aiicceaaful meeting at Went J'olnt
on Tueaday. Htata Hrgnnlner Wood of
Lincoln wa preaent. Tha Nebraaku
Tclnphona company wn well rapreaented
it th meotlng, J", W, Unit of Omaha.
. V, ,an and (i, T. Hpreoher of Nor
folk weto piOHent and inarlfi brief talk,
Thn County Hoard of Hupervlaor met
on Tueaday and appointed John Nkala
of Ornnt townahlp a county treaatiror
to fill thn tinenplrnd term of tha lata
A, McDonald, whnaa body wa burled
Ihn mim day, Mr. Bkala I a dnmoerat
nd a member of tha county board.
(', Jullii Wentorberg, a prominent
fanner of the cuat aide, ie,j at tho
family home of anaeinlti, He mnn 4t
year of age.
Walter I,. Hmllli of Oil ell) ha n
noiineed hi criiidldacy for Iho ti publican
nomination for county Ireaaurer. No
i iinilldfit had been named by tha re
publican to emitrat lh lata W. A, .Vfl'
Honald, ibninernt, but alnca hi itnalh
aniillnunl lia clungod and Ilia naiim of
Mr. ftmlth will m written on tha bal
lot. Mother of Eight
Children Files Suit
for a Divorce
MAMMON, Neb., April 14 -(Mpei lalj -Mary
Miummiiud of Norfolk hua begun
action In thn tllatrlet '-our! for dlvorue
from her huahmid, 1'inil Hi iiiiuiiuiid, al
leging In her petition ground thera
for entreme cruelty and lack of upart.
Tby wer married In Itftl and had nine
ihllrtren, eight of whom are living, tha
yotmgeai hclnj a babe of 14 month, Mr.
Hrummiind wnla the' of lo i
minor children, temporary and pecma
tient alimony, and an order restraining
and enjoining tier Imabnnd from dlapoa
Irig of hi personal property ani from
eiieiiiiiberlng or dlpoalng of elKhty acre
of real ealnla valued at l,,
Catherine Coj, employrd In lh Houlli
Norfolk lallrond dining room, ha filed
her petition In I he district court again!
the Northweatern llallioad company to
recover $!fl,OW for Injurlea whb h aha al
leged aha auafaliicd Auguat 7, WW, by
falling down a cellar-way wbll In tha
employment of (h company,
Myrel loafer purdy, aott of Cnmmi-
aloner I'tiidy, died Wedneday, aged JO
year. Iealli raaulted from complica
tion brought on by tha meaale.
Tha Jialtlo Creek High grthool ha
ball team defeated tha local Mgli gi-houl
team hera VtMiy afternoon, Ul 8.
(From a Ktaff Correaponilent )
M,VCOI,N, April 14, i.lta-cnl,) lie
genl of tho t'nlverally of Nebraak muat
decldn tha beat thing to be rtonn In con.
alderlng bid for cnnalruetbui of building
under thn apec levy mud", accmdlng
to Attorney (leneral Iteed in an opinion
given Itegent Hull, follow:
In reaponao to your oral InuulfV,
whether the lloind of llegenla of Ihn
Htate unlveralty, tinder tlm cormllluflon
and exlallng law, am warranted, at Hit
time, In enterlnrt Into a emtio' I, or con
Iructa, for the entenalon or conalriic.tlon
of any building or bulblliiga upon fh
grnunii of the Mlale iiulveially, within
tha ell V of Lincoln, Will aay thn leglaln.
turn muat tieceaaarllv have linen awaia
of the fucf. I bul building of thla kind
and character which you are required
to canan to b conatructed. Cannot t
completed Inataiitly; In fact, It muat
neeeaaarlly rcMch over a long period of
"Tha making of tha levy, from whloh
fund you am required to uao, doe not
alwaya mean tbnt It will bn collected In
full, and ynt you era aulhoi land, m
powareil and rcipilred tg aci .ompllah the
puipoan for which levy, that la, for tint
conef ruction of building, wa lieceaaarlly
made, and thn appropriation certainly
contemplated aoiiin unceilttliit y In dollar
and cent of the amount which will illtt
matnly reach (ha treaaury, and tha pay
incut on Iho contract rondo.
With refnrencn to accepting a bhf whl'di
ha recently been made, If, fn your Judg
meiil It I the beat which can bn ob
tained, you alioulil accept It, you might
h derelict In your duty If you d"ly
i uri ner,
Railway Comraimioner Sayi He Hh
long Been for the Juitice
for Pretident,
il'rom m Mtff I'n n -a; onleiil I
I.INi'iil,.,', A pill 14,-iHpei-lal I liull -iv
t'limmlaaloncr Tliomaa I,, Hull claim to
be tha original Hughe booster In Ne
blU and ' HI Inalal that r'harlea I.
Hughe la tha man who can bilng lo
tha republican ticket the full republican
vote throughout Hi nation
Comndealotier Hall boorted for- llugliea
for tb repnlilban noniliiailoii for th
piealdency In wg when f'rolib-nl To ft
Waa nominated lb fir at time and baa
continued to remain loyal In hi flint
love. He la ao enfhtialaa b." for lluahe
that he I going to write hla inline In on
tha ballot and propoaea l i ace In li Huii
the alliiallou I filly cuplnllo-il lo I boac
of hi friend who ahould voin Hulil
i ViiiiinlMalnner HH lielteea thai with
Hughe hdirg Ihn ticket It will l.e pine.
Il'ally lmpoalba to prevent a reputdhan
victory In November III NebiaaUa all
long the line, nn matter who I nom
luted for govmnor. ''There la aome
thing about Jiidg" 11 igbea," aald .Mr.
Hall, "which convince one ha I b -lulely
on the a'piare and a man who will
ha for tha peopla all the lime. Ha can
not ba (on I r "I led In lh corporation
nd hi record a Judgn and aa govcrnni
of New York ahow that b In a fn
man lo ba entr iaied with lb ffalr of
tha government, Ther I nothing wlahy
wahy nleiut him and ba will aland firm
for recognition of Amt rU'nn rlgiii on x-n
and land "
ffrom a Hlaff Correapondent t
LINCOLN, April H -fMpeelal )- Joa'-pi,
V, U'llavin of Hall county baa appealed to
th auprein court from a JiidKiiient ee
cured In the dlatrlct court of Unit county
In favor of Michael Hnlllvan for I.,""
Mnlllvan waa ahot by WHeori whllo n'
work In III field laal year ciiltlvallng
corn. According lo the evidence, Wllaou
and another tunri were tiding along Hi
road pent lo tlm Hulllviiri cornfield nn I
Juat hefora reaching the place where the
latter w at work Wllaou diew a re
Volver and ahot. at a inlilill wlil'h inn
along tha lde of the road, Mlaalng tin
flrat ahot ba fired again and Ihe bulb I
bll Niilllvnn, enlftilng hi body ri'-iu tiic
hip and pnaalng thioiiKli, lodgltig In lb"
other hip,
Mulllvan claimed to b able to enrn l,.Vl
a a farmer each year and ue,j for
Vonng Man Conod aiiol.
HAVKNNA, Neb,, April 14 .-(Kpeclnl )
Irvln lloblfcld, a young man about 1
year of ng, Waa found dead at the
home of lila tuiienla early Idle morning,
tha am rounding pointing to aulclde by
hooting. N) reMor ran be given foi
th a t, and no won! waa left by lilin,
The lloblfcld fnmlly live about five mile
northweat of Kavenna In tin- edge of
Khnriuaii county, and tha father, final.
Holilfeld, I a prominent and well to-du
Uerinnn farmer,
li E
415-17 So.l6'St.
Phone D-335XL
Omaha Housofurnishing Headquarters
Refrigerator Time, and This Store is Ready!
t Saturday Drapery
There in not a rofriirorntor need from n finmln ,V)-
loun(l clifHt to the finest porcelain rofriaTcntlor Unit this
Klorc cannot supply and give fullest possible value at the
And wc carry no rofriorntorK that wh cannot Hiifcly o
hack with full warranty that they will jfivo Hatisfactory O
Our Cold Storage Refrigerators
liavo alwilVH boon noted for oooiiomv of ioc ciinHiiniiilinii. O
ttciontifie coiiKtriictioii and convenient HrntDKenieiit. g
Over .ViO of them now in iiho in Omaha. Como in nml 3
let us prove their Mipt'riority. t 1 C f tCn
I'rii'fM I'nnirn frnm li) 1 tJ 10 tl)aJvJ H
- YJf Many other styles in dependable, well con. fo r a
WV MVIVM VM AV VV4 (J iVViMU i A VV14 (rtl iVn (VO , w w
ci Vllrk ur llit.v doiihle (Im-itd
O T UIIv. (ii.', 40 iiifht'H idt',
iiH'iit' l'iiiih, pt'i Mini,
P hravy tpmlily, ,V inches bfi
H uCnill ainl fiiiioy oru lit'tnj nU Qkj A
o He, tip in ri p r aitl, r?A vt II
2J S,tttlid.l
n moq
ucttc Couch Covers
j Ti in' i-f I'hiiii'ii' Mini (himtHl iiir,
H $13 and $18
i . itr i t tii
nipriran ivninni iir inn inhi i
Willi lripl ndrror, t ttt lly O'ltfl 7C
r i 0 1 1 k . cut. i rii'ii , yis I u
tj lviiiipp.-d wiiti il mid hiv-M-r in imiMi ,,,, Siill.i'O
J hull lu.M. is ht util'tiliy mad.' uud dut Ud l tuati li
fA i"f. iriH'liciil fi-r t..itirf lh,' un- i lil I Hi) f c in luuhl, ,
vi III ,iliil ill IiIilI'is .
i v Shi
Ml .1,
iP" t'" '' d.-k in Hiut-ii, . , , , S-U.ri0
i iovk,., s,",'. hi d js!,oo n
Haskell Offers Prize
For Music for Poem
itVirii a Mtaff l 'iirieapiinilciit i
I.INflU.V, Mull It iHiicrlal, -Tha
t 'lrniiiltlnc h.ttlna III i liurne Ilia il-
I'll ci leliral inn nf Die amiil i ciilcuninl
I'lifehrallon of the S'liiiMnlnii of St
lrek Into Hie union of elated, A. n
Tlmnma, Itnaa I,. Ilainriioinl ami I'aul
Jeaacii, la aulliiii ixril to uimoiiica lliat
I nhn I', lliiahell at iVaaelietil hna of
fririil . ,rl,! tit ll for ttin deal mualc
ciiihn,.i)',i cnltiil i, Ida Nehraaha fiorirt
recently adacleil. The miiale alimilil (,
fur liilO'l vni'ia All audi ciiii,,',ii..i
aiiliiiilllcl In lh, cmiiest alinnlil li ant
In Mlaltt Hniiarliileinleiil A. I). Thxtiiaa,
MiKiiln, id Im I r liia.ii July I, i''.y of
(iixin ttlll ,w acnt on aiillcailiin A com
liillfce of coniii'tciil J'Mlx-a will liave
liari of tha e I" tloii.
Ilirce lieneaaw Irarhrri llealaai,
....NKKAW, Ncli, Afi'll U -(H(iccliil t -The
iwiirw linaril of l',,iiciitloti lia
rlctcl I ha flali,( ), r ,.
I.lilcl, a'i,iliiliiilciit, l.ilil Hill, priiM'l
il; l.rfla V, .lohiiaon, matliematlca,
I lota lto)lea, il,nii")lc a'lcice, Mary
flu I'lon, iiiaiiiinai , Alia llcnu, a,,-,,!,,) h
I' nncliaie, halili-in Hmllli, flrat Inter
liieillHla; Lena lloaman, Jirlmary, All tha
(iiaite tciciei, almeit coiiiracia Noi,a
of tlm Mali achonl I'm hnra acccptfut anl
the lioiii,) la conahlerlnv ai'l'lh atloha for
thcaa I'lii'ttlona.
Secretary Pool Telia North Loup
Man Somrthinif of Election
j lion for K'lllcr nml auln lnvl nl tumor.
The hoily waa Wrought lioina Tucailay
and aertlcea era lieli) In the Mellifallat
church Wt "Ineailiiy aflertiooii. Mlaa
Toimaciiil aa Ihn ilniiKhler of Mr, ami
Mca. II. ,V. Tnnaen of iilar.
The hwly of Mra. Iliitlln fialmrne, who
iticil at her li'imn In Ayre at mlanlalit
Hiimtay, aaa luoiiaht to I'Mnxr for IhiiIiiI
iylric.iiy. Itr-v, A. I,. (iacn of Hih
ciny offlflaterl at thn nerviYea In Ilia
I'hrtatlHti clnirili at 1 SO Wflncailay aft-'
I-union !
Loss ofAppetite
Moat Traataa f Taitnr
Mood 'a Saraaparllla,
'from a Htaff firreaiiniiliil ;
MNl'tll.N, Atoll H - (fpecliil.) He re
tary of Mlnte I'ool liaa all klrnla of
Ironhln rmt nri to lilm over the law aa It
iiii.IJii In Ihe fulmaty, lint tlm Inlcat
lomea frnrn a man at North Ikmi who
I ha a Hriiicn m an,,w If It la Halit In
llnch Hi.' itooia i the election voting
I'lace while ihn hallnla are helna coiintcil
Mr. I'ool haa r-aionlcfl liy aaylnif that
Ihn elntlon law etatca plainly Ihaf Ilia
ranvaa nf Hie vol moat l,e iiihle.
The election lioanl , an dh Me off anf
ficlcrii aiaca to keep tha crow! away
from the hoard i,,na tha cminllna, hut
the I'ni. lie liaa a riaht lo oliaere Ihe
coiiniina of tlm halhita
Three Meatha al t iliar
fAIKKII-.M', Nen, April M - tr-pei lal )
- Mra, llefirjr Mlauahler ill'-il at her homn I
In 1,'laur yeatenlay iii'iinlna. aa"! 47 j
yenia, of luheri'uloaia Tha Innly waa i
i taken to Moweaipia, III , f"r lntrineiil. I
Mra. ."laiialilrr leave a hilahanil (ll'l a
llltla lrl ;caia ol'l. ,
Mlaa yna I'ramea Tnwnaerul illcl at j
th aanalortutn In Haatlnaa laal Monday'
iavenlna, avert 14 yeara, after an opeia-i
William II I'eirv, who line l.nen In the
nim ala' ent lioapllal for aorna time, waa
taken lo the W eat lioapllal on Monday
Mr Mlllei, of thn Weat lioapllal. haa
leipieaied n I a dav fiiilouali and will
go to I'i'oila, III, wheie he will attend
a famllv le.iiilon The twelve children,
eight atria and )oa, will he In at
tendant The yoiina men all eiillaled
when yoiina lo aerve llirea veaia In Ihe
aunt. Ihre of thent ircehed woiiinla
while in line of duty, and the olhera did
not learn of (hem unlit they wera dla.
chaia'd after their term of aervPe waa
T. II fth'irnan. of 'owe, Nell., on Mon
day mm ulna drought hla aged mother to
lie h"ina for rara and medical treatment.
1 lie ti.iing man la a Hpnnlah Ainii I' an
war veteran.
ICnglneer l 'niton haa etaln reported fur
wink, after an llltieaa of two "i He
la nol foiceil lo Hi"' a criili h and cane t'(
aailnt Ihm.
Monilav wn Hie regular pay day for the
emiil'itce of the home for Ilia month of
March I'herka l Ilia ahiount of U.WW
were laanad lo eevrrily aeven einplnyea,
t,oaa nf appetite la accompanied by
loaa of vitality, whl'h la (erlotit.
II ta coiiimon In tha alilng lieegiiaa at
thla tlmn the lilood la impiira and Impov
erlaheil and falla to lva tha (llg-aatlva
organa what la ahaolntely tieceaaarV for
th piopar perfoimama of thalr funi
tlmn, ,
I led a Aaraaparllla, lh old rHalila all'
the year found medicine, l aapaclallr
uaefnl In lh aprlng. fief If, from yotr
drngglat tiday, lly piriryln and an."
rl'hlng tha hlood and giving vitality,
vigor and lon, It la wonderfully ncaa
ful In tha treatment nf loaa of appatlfa
and Ilia other allinenfn prevalent at thlaj
time. It )a nt almply aprln inedlrln,
It la mm li mora than thai-tint It I tha
heat el'flh medicine.
Hood a fereeparllla make th rleh red
hlond Ihe tllgeatlv organ peed, Adver-tlaement
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. Oncpacka
proves it 25c at all druggists.
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A Vtt
lil II H I
(IK 1 (lt
One Minute Store Talk,
i.iteliiiii.t it mm n-rtt iit Mtiiiien ul
nn.h In (I) tin ii ami thing fut g (, mil)
Hie Vil ntrtMr ue (. atr in) nr tl ti it ' r
t! wll l' lilUim t as.ililt luiiili f .. r 'Mi.
ituna i r inn imtii (Kit. at gi mi jui.i. h
mil llniialiii gl.ui t.i.lm iuiansM Hm
' N t-irt-ka i,!,i ,,f odj , ii ,.
g I, .n. .t hi i hr i it vii.g . 4 ami. , thai all
tan .iiit. nii't iriti In, t'liintiiii.
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dullar value an added iin'i iitive.
s.'tt Hie Nan M.nili.itl tin, luii a Mm i ainl ! uhlitt, IU
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vwNMaNiOM.n.i ff ),'7'l' VyCT'"l i'aw
-'irif t & --"rtfifi T,f iff ff I
i ii, i r tiiu.i i M'M vt i s m .t v i tvti s
Kiel I i inn I'll IU I'll n i I'tiiitil a" I i tin It t a .'nf a-"l ' ix'Mt,
I Im! l licn I ii ltd, II V.M
uiili'ii "Ml alt wrigl'l all l g glut
all fiw It ligl li. l .rli , fliti tt, 1,
l-argeat ghun In
li ritjr, l.tHt,
l..v. tt IHI,