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Tlio Dp Publishing Company Proprietor.
Kntoreit st O me he, poainffloe) ee eerond-ctaae matter.
Ily carrier Pjr mall
.. . per month. pereer.
n4 Fonder Ur . M on
t'alljr without Huntley...... ,.4,,c 400
:vanlng anil fltinilay , ,,no ..,,,,.,00
Kvenlng without Nundsy the.., 4 0)
Kvenlng without Huntley .......2)., '
Bundey lice only aim j or)
I"Ur nl Muney He, three years in ativanee.. .110.00
Henri notice, of change of anMraeg or Irregularity In
delivery to )mlii HijlMilil ln fiepertment.
, . nrMITTANi-Hl
Fmlt by draft, einrees or poetal order. Onljr two.
cent etampa received In payment of mll account.
I'rrii rhe e, escept on Omeha and eastern
change, tint 11 eo pt oil ,
omsh The H BulMlnf.
outh frmehe-BI N street,
r'niincll l'lnffs-14 North Main lrC
l.lncoln-M Mule Itulldlna-.
I'hl.ago SI. jm,,( ) PulMlng.
New lora-Honm IK, tM Fifth avenu.
Ft I-oije-60 New Iianlt .f Commerce.
W'eehlnglnn-7a Fourteenth street, S. W.
c .r. f" 1 tT'TV..".'J r. ,.-
AMres communications relating; to new and aiU
torlal metier to Omaha He, MHor!! ropermentt
56,628 Daily-Sunday 50,628
("wight Wllllsrne, clreulstlon msnsger of The Wa
rubllahlng company being duly georn, sys that tha
average circulation for tha month of Wari.Ii, il, wae
M,tt dolly and Wiira Huhrtey
- DWKiMT tVIM.fA.MM. Circulation Mansger,
Mubs-iii,erf in my presents and aworn to befor ma
Ihla id day bf April,
IlOKKRT 1IHNTKR, Notary Publle.
BubscriW leaving tba ciif tarngporartlj
bonld have Tha mailed to tltna. Ad.
drea will t chanced at often aa re-qoeataxl.
Republican optimism conMtute the brlght
st ld of backward aprloc,
Mother' day ) officially announced. Poor,
frlpod dad I A loacKoma a June brlda
K'.onm, and no official apotllght to do him honor.
Ocean carrying rate havt reached an altl
tud o profitable that ownon can loaa a ahlp
now and tbfn without dlmlnlihlnc tha dividend.
1 Btlll, thora la no groat haala la advcrtlalnf
tb fpfd and endurance (juallllM of automo
bile cornmandfarfd by lona bandlti In varloua
AurDrf rome from official aourrei that
hort worda will be far.hlonabl tbla aeaaon, Thl
add atrrnuth to the bfillcf that the country la
in for hot campaign.
Democrat who are eager for a keynote
apnech nd not wait for Prealdant Wllaon.
Colonel Hryan' deluge of keyootaa equala
every demand and toavea nothing worth while
tt be aaid.
Roforrnc'd autborltlea are agreed that rob
bery la not a profitable profeaalon. The lateit
ntrprlae in Arkanaai, where bank rrackauien
rere rewarded with two centa, atrongly aup
porta the vlewa of retired eiperta.
Tbe Douglaa county bond propoaltlon for
.r.od roada look big by Itaelf, but it la a trifle
iu borrowing and apendlng gooa nowaday!. Tbe
warring nation aro. abootlng up 11,777,000
tM'py thirty minute of day and night.
Every Kaaby In the land will applaud the
ruggetion to convert post office into armed
fcrtrcMaaa a a ineaaur of praparedne. The
f(Ulpnient of a fortification are eapecially need
ful when an offcnalve political enemy attempt
to break la.
Now that the State Banking board pot It
Ufitrlctlve band where good reaults are prom
oted, the next tep toward Rafety la limitation
c f the, tout of money. If reitrictlon of the num
ber ot bank I a good thing, regulation of In
ttrt?Ht charge i better.
Can Omaha get a new I'nlon Depot? The
lailroad admit that Omaha la entitled to better
d jt faclllttea, no It I only a quettlon of in
ducing them to Join together In ome feasible
iilan. To arrom t'llrth thl may take time, but It
H an eventual certainty.
Why huld the newapapcr that o con
Mantly make loud profeatilon of devotion to
honesty and reform become the ipologlut for a
fre-grabber on tbe theory that the graft I
"only a Utile one?" )oe graft become repet t
elle whenever perpetraled by a political ally?
Charley tfi-hwab hed neediea tear over
the threat o( a government arnmr plate plant.
Tbe proponed plant could not manufacture one
br.lf the armor required to carry out the naval
program. Ifc-thlehein may secure enough of
the talmiin to keep the ruat oft the machinery.
Don t forget Umt one of the outgoing re
ill f the stale unherslly thlK year- I a
liila county man and that the place should
by rights le filled ith annthrr Jkiuilas county
i. so. The only candidate for university regent
tuie Is I ho Honorable E, U McUllton, whose
i i. inpsinf y and quallflrsllons ri unqura
i.oiird, to say nothing of bis restltnass to devote
the itrn'oary lime to this wholly httnorart, at
tintini, tiffice.
Thirty Years .Afro
This Day in Omaha
1 cre as ru,
fu t.intni . ti.-i li-t tate Jahej k u.,tt
! M '. aiaal f ur
'..t-itt i. a.aii'a I itthl 4(s k , t,
in.iei ", k-t u .-4 tt"s-a ait tag m
i i f ti.s .of A:iail M a ('
I C"i" ' 'it li. Vv m talari ,a
! I'-- !' 't t ika in, faa r'ilia(ia
l, 14.1 . ' IN li'MHIIHt V Ik.
I ,. ! V i i'
' t - t -4 I ! l .!
hi t 4 tii. s" 4 -' ia tah f.
' t r - l ta' t(
l!at:-W tti.S a '
. n f.-.; S' f..-l ..a; It kia l-t sot (-.
a .SHN '''-"I f at
f ' I ..! . t
1 -'! ' VI,. ! ai wt
I - a ' t I .! 1 ! t..H a tit
w" M t . ' ' '-19-
f" l.l'linl u W ..w ,
i ,i .!, , 'i a t I i'4 t-M.iw til.
I U" I --. I f ii-J i j
A to National Committeeman.
Tbe position of national committeeman,
v hlch In Nebraxka ha been thrown into the
primary, I identical In all political purlieu In
that It calls for tbe same qualification and im
poses the nme duties and responHlbilitle. The
rational committeeman la in fact ono of the
board of manager for the conduct of the preM
dentlal campaign with particular supervision
and direction of the work In hi home ntKit.
While the conteat la on, It i not a drewi parade
excursion but a bard-work Jobproviding the
committeeman honetly doe for his purty what
be promlsea when he accept the poHltion,
On of the candidate for democratic na
tional committeeman manifest the right con
ception when, in his appeal for tbo votes of
Nebraska democrats, he says, "If elected, I am
willing to give whatever lime In necessary to
jioperly discharge the dutlos of the office,"
On the republican aide, there In only one can
didate who I In position to make thl same
pledge. If elected, Charles F. Mcdrew can, and
will, give whatever time 1 necessary to properly
dlsrharge the duties of the office. His op
ponent will not do ao, becauso ho can not, for
the reon that, hi time 1 not hi own to give.
The time of Mr. MoOrow' opponent, a every
cne know, is bought and paid for at tbo rate
of $8,000 a year by the taxpayer of the molro
pclltan wfer district, and as national commit
teeman he would either have to shirk bis
political work he has heretofore or he would
have to cheat hi employer of the lime, be ha
old them. Thl is entirely" ald from lapses
of party loyalty, which oine might he. dlposen
to forgive, If not forget. Republicans, there
fore, who want their party organization put in
fighting trim, with men on the firing line wu.
may be depended on to dig the trenches and find
tha ammunition for tbe political fray at what
ever outlay of time and labor, will vote for
Chre F, McOrew for national committeeman.
New Way to Pay National Debti.
Tbe Carranza government is now fostering
a plan to discharge part of It national debt by
a method that 1 simplicity Itself. Each Indi
vidual I asked to contribute tbo prlco of one
di.y' work each month, tbe pay for which, rep
resented in constitutional currency, I to bt de
slroyed. Ry thl process will be reduced the
cutstandlng total of debased currency, and. the
purchasing power of tho remainder will be In
ri eased. On such childishness does the Car
ranna government rest It hope for siiccest
Tbo process Involve the lonK exploded
theory on which fiat money first was Issued.
If no question of international relation I to be
Involved, the plan I perfect, for It doesn't mat
ter then If the circulating medium be the peri
winkle used in New Amsterdam, or the corle
of tha Sudan. Barter and trade may be carried
cu and aerrlce rendered requited In kind, and
tha Industrial and commercial life of the peo
ple will smoothly flow so long a It doesn't
come Into contact with tbe outside. Whenever
traffic with strangers la attempted, It will be
found that the government' order doe not
t reat value nor found credit. Printing presses
hrve flooded Mexico with currency of vartou
kinds, most of it worth nothing, nd tbe Car-'
ranza sort selling now at about 6 cent on the
dollar, Thl 1 tbe Inevitable result of Issuing
fiat money.
Carranita and hi followers will discover
that It wa comparatively an easy task to wrecR
Meilco; to restore the country to Its place
among the nations will not be so readily ac
complished. The tremendou task of re-establishing
national credit I a patriotic duty, but it
cinnot be fulfilled by burning up worthless
paper money, a process that In Itself amount
imply to defrauding those who do not cheer
fully give to the general contribution.
After the"Philoopher' Stone."
Ravant at John llopkln university are re
ported to be able to restore life several hour
after It baa beeu pronounced extinct. In one
cae a drowned dog was reanimated four hours
after death. The experiment has not a yet
been carried to Its final success, for the reason
that certain mechanical difficulties must be
overcome, such a tho Increased blood pressure
and hardening of the arierles. incidnnt to the
treatment. Even ns a laboratory experiment,
tbe matter Is of more than passing interest, a
Indicating the advance of man's nllble quest
fir knowledge.
Chemistry had Its birth In this ambition of
man. Tbe desire to ttt-fy leih stlmulsiod the
ei.rly Investigators, and the alchemist, in his,
secret chamber, made many useful discoveries
at to the properties of matter, but without un
locking the secret of life and d"att It has re
gained fr bis modern successor, the chemist,
fortified by the research of all the aies, to ap
proach more closely the curtain the ancient
tight to lift Nature Is slowly yielding her
secret to man perslsleni Inquiry. The trans
mutation t metals, another of the tchemlt '
dreams, 1 now an established fact, s proven
by the automatic reaolutlon of helium Inlo
radium. Thl I only one of the astonishing
furl toad known by modern chemistry, whose
tU.votees are daily extending the domain of
hi man knowledge llh eonarquenl amollorat tm
t human life It would be a Vtr bol.l or
vrrt iulint man ho uld undertake . . I
4 tin! limit to the rrault of raaaanh
The I'muielheaa fire t reillum the t
tt.nlh.l ratk of life w
made Hhle fr lb rraMf tln cf !. uti
timet) cut off B Mtcal or oihrttt.
titiiaka slioulii b e fwt htu Ut ttie
iai l. v ef J Albafl I oiai.h et Utnol
f(H 1,1)4 tf the n.piiUa e"ii'i.'i.4 for i
, tHi J.i la fvnltMi if what tka ottit.h
fsmilr bs fr On.ah J . a Cntauh'
titlrr wa for toanv ' t-a tf cr brnHln-t
t ( n b!$'' t b .11 1 h '.ab, I
ki btollial, : J trlh ta seialbl wfa
(I asee ! f itn l.pi,t f imi
4tk atalrnt as t ta ifowa !.ma'U'n thai
h4a 'n 04 I tilft 1 la
I s gvitviuniant I t'-f n aii" e i"
? V arttsg ffti ,, hi. ,-iiiii iti( I S
tn tuttv t' !'" t mr a 1 1
fii)v,te cf iIm at ' t I '. fi V. 1
hv at- I rnliliM (ha t 4 1 . i i " i. .-. .! .1.., t, '
1 a ! ae'M'l I t'-n i ' fcrt l
4if ' t.' iH b -t- 1 1 1 t a I jit Him
Strong for Hughes
I'lnn Aaaanilng- l.aro I'rupurtlnaa.
Koarnay Hub! The movemont to write the naliui
of Chsrle JO. lliiahns on the prealilnntlal primary
ballot Is growing; and will undoubtedly assume
laiuo proportions on the day of tha pilmsry election
el lit I'rni-llfr Awblla.
Ilsatlnga Trlbiiu: fraetldi i writing Urn iibiio'
of "Cliarli-s K. HiiKliea" ao you will not hesitate wheu
It comes to writing his nnnie on the primary elwllju
bHlInt. ,
l.rt llrpnblli-ena UmUm 'I'hrlr Nanla lino,
lleslrlee Kspress: "llugliea for president" sentl
moot In Nebraska la to be tested st the primaries,
A pi II IK, lii aplln of tho fact (hat tho illstlnguisliMt
Jurist refused to permit his natiio to iijipeiir on the
Nebraska primary ballot.
Olio hunilrrd Nebraska republican tinpeiH. r'-Hllli y
the spread of Hughes sentiment In Ibis state, hn v
clei-ldefj to urgn the voters lo wilte In the oatne itt
t'hsrles K. Hughes on a blank lino In their prlmi
It Is arlnillleil that Ihla will piove soinn job, In. I
when Ilia Intelligence tit the voters of the aisle U
taken Into eonsl'liuatlon, thero Is no uuestlon but
that It ran b nmiln sueieiaful, If the rank Slid file
of Inn republlrsn voters of Nebraska are for .Hughes,
they will say ao on April IX under the plan first
advoeated by Vb'tor Koaewster of Tho Omaha lie,),
and tho mere faot that the name of Hushes does not
appear on the ballot will have no effect whatsoever.
Nabraska republicans generally know what they
want and they have, a way of milking llielr wsnls
known In a manner that brings forlh resuM.
Whr llemocrali Don't Want lllio.
Merman Jteroid: Jiemocralk: nowspspetg through'
out tha stale, and particularly the Worbl-Merald', 'are
considerably worked up over the efforts being nisda
by the republican preaa to have tli voters express
thnlr real prealdantlal prafernnre, knowing full well
that If the real preference of Ilia people la espieased It
will lie for Charles K. Hughes, Tho only thing that
stands In the wsy is the fart that voter mV not
fully underatanit how to mak tba vote count. The
Uncord Is In full harmony with the effort being put
forth by fully 70 per cent of tha parly nigsns of the
state to Instruct voters how to csst their vote, for
Hushes whan thay are anxious to vote that way. It
Is the fact of Hughes being the only man In the
republican rsnks today who Is big enough rr th
place that scares ths World-Hsrsld. Vote for Hughes
April II. . .
Anil lleniemhee the I raa In the liiaare,
Clay ('enter Hun; Tha coming Nebraaka primatv
glvea us g new form of ballot, on which the S'jiisrei
for lha i rons mark ar st the left of ths candidate s
name, Inalaad of at the right, and this Is true, also,
of the blank line on which tha voter msy "write In"
a nnmn. Those who wsnt to writs In tha nnme of
lisrles R, Hughes for president, or any other nsme,
should he csrefuj not only'to "write It In," hut lse
to put a cross in tha proper square,
I it to the flepnhllewn Who Mania Mini.
M.l'onk Itepubllcnn: The republican who reall
wsnls Charles K. Hugheg for presidential standard
bearer will net find "writing It In" too big a task,
acceptable to Large 1'rnpnetlnn of Tarty.
Nebraska City 1'ieaa; Vb'ti Ilosewster s work in
behalf of Mr, Hughes Is edmlrahle end well executed
On hundred newspaper have expreaaed a deslra to
sea the supreme court Justice s name on the ballot,
There la but on wsy to get It there-write It In sml
put a cross st the left of that name In tha little
square. Hushes Is a candidal who, no doubt, is
aooeptable to a vary Urge proportion of the republi
can party.
I.narleai Man to t.ead the Party.
Monro llepubllcan: In endorsing Charles K.
Hughes for president, ths Republican doea not alor.e
expreaa the preference of the editor, but also of nearly
all republicans of this locality. He la recognised here,
s eleewhere, as the logical man to lead Ihs republi
can party this fall,
liond Teat of Vfir tlallot f'nrm,
Weatern Wave; Tha coming Nebraska primary
gives us a new form of. ballot, on which the suusraa
for Ihs cross msrks sre at the left of the candidate s
name, Inslasd of et the right, and this Is true, also
of the blsnk line on which the voter may "write In"
a nam. THus who wsnt to write In the name of
Charles E, Hughes for president, or any other nemo,
should be careful not only to "write It In." but also
to put a cross in the proper squire.
People Are the f'aart ol I eat Reaort,
Fremont Tribune; Hpeaklng of Juatlva Hughes and
the supreme court of the l ulled Rules being the
court of IbsI resort, Is not quite true. The people
of the I'nlled States are the lait resort and a tra.
mendous number of them want Hughes for president.
Monamealal Taab tpt to II Serom pllahed.
Kalrbiiry Nea; If the republlrana of Nebraaka
aucreed In carrying the atate for Chief Justice Hughe
by writing hie name on the ballot, It will be aom.i
thing never before done to our knowledge In any state
In the union and It will be a compliment to the In
telligence of the votera. Heretofore the blank line
on the ballot has been meanlngleas. In the It
promotes populsr government and la an avenue for
the frea and unlramnuled expression of public senti
ment, but In reality the man who haa been fortunate
enough to have his name printed on the ballot la
the only one who haa a chance for puhlla preference,
whether he la lha popular choice or not, Republicans
have undertaken a monumental task to reverse this
order of thins, but It jooka at thla time like they
were going to accomplish It.
1 ea, t,-k a IMa There.
Ilaatlnaa Tilbiine. .Nebraska imtii are going to
have a new kind u( ballot to I, an. lie at the .oming
election, un Hie new ballot the email i-iuara, In w hi h
in oiiiat place a rrnee lr he dealrea to vole, la
.Mie.ilv In front of the candidates name, or rathe
at the left of the randiilatea name Ineteart of balug
at the right, aa was the rase on all former ballots
All iciMihlican titters ht desire to caat their tsllo'
In favor ef Hushee should remember that ihsy wM'
bate to wide lha name of Cbarlea K. Hughes In on
tbe ..i, line for that pur point, and ley wia also
hat l.t place a cross In the siuare at tr Isfi pf his
name ffilcS a phi pi here.
People and Events
The btel mm ,.f ktmit Mi pun a rreai-a-tt
at t. a ,, shi g ai l. line f wins si l'
a ..14
it m-it i ( i k: (hi i ,.. I r.ii 4 k mi, ( )M)
t" 'a ktolrtwe-sM t;'i. hi Si.le wis, a g'la ef
wtr at. I 1 il,. eian ineH.ta Is ai'tt feel
le ttuti l - I s-ia'iie ! ef ci ireg i in. ,
The .it l.. Unlet Keeo g-.f tnie lha fveeaat
t.a's1" ih b Hm ) 4l lattin t a t ,k at en a sv i eie s4 etea'4ik
f . I I en it la Ketta ea.' , tkt ,
4 -a I t,i I l la lVi4
V ai e l ke i't 4 r, '
I t t,i 11 s ' ,' i i,i off ka tea aga
ts " IV -et', S ni ah4se Sia tene'Utat)4
TK 4e-.'te if ie qf the raternA tS.r-'lta. atti
.giiei t. ri ...ut ef is a .te4 e
t,4 me k.ii T- etke. tk-if- a K.4, ki g -t
i . i-e l.,-t ' .! ka tt iMu-.iit t
IV 4 I lWlrJ P'll'lt l V
t ui .aa . ti ' N et !n leg v
iiihI . t w4 .kill l I ei i
ee a tJwt 1, f I Tt riii.. m,
IKH ! lB'it eet iw fieiweg aa
...'Min. a ta'S t et ka te g i 4
,in. tti t.e ta arr' a
. 1 .. . , I tM. ii. t ike I !., 1 wti teieet
e'-"n t. 1 1 1. a A tke .ltit lt
m-. 1 ' ' ' ' k.'ka v i w
1 .( 1 ! See- " e e'e eel
t r- .1 . - . 1- l , , t
t '
It will make
feel mighty
Omaha north
t an Anyone Matrb Hob's" Hecord.
OMAHA, April M.-To the Editor of
Tha fleet t have a letter from Robert
Hmlth. Tbe first paragraph reads as fol
lows;,' "Having served on the jury, you
hut a bettor knowledge of Uie workings
of this Offlct t hit 11 most men." fh fsr,
so good. , However, while serving on the
Jury the only knowledge I got out of
the' wsy the clerk's office was being run
wss lo be handed a cheek by one of the
clerks for services rendered. I wis not
Invited behind the counier with s re
uut'el to check up lh dockets for unpaid
fees, etc.
Robert Hmlth tells me In ll'a ' nmim, ni
ce lion, written 011 illn'rl' t court, I m u
les county, Rolier! )ni!l'i, cle-k, et-.,
letterhead, and over In iM left-lund
corner printed "ptlvsle slsilnnery," l'i.
Ma sversgo holdout on i,nt 111 ! iwi
fees bss been llfl .27 per moiith for nine y
r I n- moiitiis. 01 alien. ly s IoImI of
t'.t'.il.'.n. Kor this same perb.d 'lielhiirty
"Mob'' also pulled down IM.OiO siMi-y. a
totl of H0,4M,73, end with ,n''ie f i'd lii
longer to serve at the sumo into. Is
there another man In NebrnUn thst luii
fnred aa well st the political trough
during the lnl nine jears'; '
Kt-Seiinlor Allrn llooala llnnilall,
MADIHON, Nen April l.-To the VA
Itor of The Reel I have received num
ber of Inquiries from different psrls of
the stats respecting Hon. Charles A, Hin
du!! of this county, who Is csndidate
for nomination for railway commissioner,
The Inquiries lake a wide rsnge snd sre
written by both republicans snd demo
crats, snd, as It Is Impossible to snswer
each writer, I wish you would give me
a small apse In your letter Box to sn
swer them In a few words.
Mr. Randall has been a resident of
Madison county for fully thirty years,
during which time 1 have known him
personally. Before coming here he re
sided at Fremont. In IMA he established
a hardware store at Newman drove,
which he conducted successfully for soma
lime, and then organised a state bank,
of which he became the cashier and gen
eraj manager. In due time he converted
the bank Into the First National bank
of Newman drove, snd was Its president
snd active manager until shout five yesrs
sgo, Mr. Rsndall Is and hss always been
a consistent, active snd aggressive re
publican of the broader type,
Mr, Randall Is a marked typs of the
rigidly aggressive, honest, conscientious
snd unpurchasablo public servant. He
believes whst he says and ssys what he
believes, and cheerfully tskes the conae.
qtieneeg. He Is a deer-heeded, capable,
conscientious msn, snd bis sympathle.
sre with the public, I do not permit my
self to doubt that he would bring to the
discharge of the duties of spy public
position a high order of ability and effi
cient services. WILLIAM V.' ALLEN.
aliening; and IHvielon Into SyllaMee.
OMAHA, Bouth Hide, April )0.-To the
Editor of The He: Bom time since I
noticed an, article in The bee from the
pen of a. superintendent of a school, glv.
Ing some criticism to certsln things and
advancing theories which he thought
brought best results, but h failed to
touch upon some minor topics of much
Importance, vis.: flpelllng, dividing words
Into syllables and where place the em
phasis, among the first principles of
orthography, which should be looked
after carefully snd thoroughly. If this Is
not done In the grades, I venture the
assertion that It will not be done in the
high school, for the reason of the higher
studies demanding the attention of both
student and Instructor, snd the student
come out at graduation unable to spell
many of our most simple words.
This Is not a It should be, and why
is It? To Illustrate as to first principles:
I once (snd many times thsreafter) asked
a clsos to define spelling, Johnny said it
was naming the letters Ih a word. Mollle
said It wss giving the sounds of the let
ter In a word. I then wrote on tha
board a-p-i-e-l-l-l-n-g. Part of the class
said It wag correct and part said It was
Incorrect, although It contained all ths
letters In the word. None could give
any definite Idea how to arrange letters
composing a word. This Indicated that
something wss tscklng In the definition
git en, vis., piecing the letters In their
proper order. It also Indicated to me
that (hay had been taught In a rather
slip-shod, eareleaa manner. Many things
of like character, although seeming
smsll, cause a student to come out of
school a poor speller.
Orsl work, in the msln, I think prefer
sble to written, f"r It sems to sharpen
the senses more readily snd lasting, so
thst one does not hare to consult au
thority to get eorroctneei sa often s
by the written method.
In close connection ta 1th this Is to
know how to divide words Into sylables,
snd where to piece the emphaala. When
thla la done, no bungling will be mad
In pronunciation, er comparstlt ely little,
st le-el.
Imrn the past winter I noticed that
oral epelllrg ronteale were hell In a
number of loealltlea. which, If conducted
properly, t think la of much value to
the perUspante, refreihlng memortee.
keenneee and tearing ability, so that when
one atlempie to write even sn ordinary
letter, en autherllv will not have to be
consulted et often as otherwtie
A Mill ant g uterlntendent flrahsm le
a recent report made s.rUea another
ketnele, where he reeotnmenil mere at.
unttnn being rtt to trailing In the
ratee Thle gee hsnt In hn4 won
the ,jV Suggested, anl If sot InalalM
uwtn In tt-e giaitt tisthira the en
ai spparset
ri.i K, n
Srheel MatUlaga eeaea.
CtMAMk, Aenl I T the tnt ef Te
Siee Si.t.e It ha keen ' tiiai tka
.-t l.iltl Oeelh tl 4H ertie.S k.,l.Mig
ait -a ' SI ISe n.imi ef Tei t.fll
44 t, it,ii ia In a 4ma, eMittn
wk M tt ilea a se t "r'a-e t
k a me- e.w. A a aa s .1 - el
k.'to soke ea ie sue e
m ea I1 k rent e ef Ike i ,!h
W le. Scieeetif iIM iVwake k l be. a
tat it. 41 ne tkel as .t. k .4
Mk-i t ' -aee "kl k t i, el
!! a f "ke ! wkera tt 1
ee-t-t k W we ' it e
eitit I ttn.eka , k. I keen '
He-et la eit 4waAa I I we .g
i ke gM t. t e .me ! ) (veil
Tk e a e '"- ' " "O
mt ae ik ikk-e - I ia te s e'k,,.
ft I M , ,iUi tj -! i
a.aA , 4..'tt tt.,5 k,i taa 1" t
It eil .ia-l IS t . fee!
W-4 ef Ik ef Ik wik fit ...
! ike r - k . 1 -t
t4k le f !f
k .--! 4 -f I' 11m r
keea tl h r-"i-e-
f-i ih a a .iiii 1,1 1
ih ' ef Ike a -I 1 ..,. A a l'(t
k k ei k 1 A 4 I ' ! x M-,t
k . 4 r ..- 'e ik a-4 Vj -! i
the people of the South Hide
good towards the purt or
of us.
fonllilcullHl nil visor or eitiifi ai manage.'.
l(ci,d of business liooii: on may bate
llioto .lobe. I will malic ou my omc
, hot . - ll illan Ncwh
"Those two j.iiU c .utn'Jy bail 11 little
too much Ice 1 renin soiIh ctcrday
' V by lliat Inlcrcnco '."'
"I hoard 0110 telling Hn' other thet she
IihiI m ccrluc tn-it- In her month this
niornlriK when- sic nwoke." Loui-t illc
i (,'oui iei -Journal.
"I gate my wife a fine little do:,"r
marked the Inconeequenllal looking 111.111.
"Hoes she like the dOL'?"
"I'm not sure. The firm thing ehe did
wss to name It after me ami the next
Hit to tell the sect ant 4o keen hut
up In the baaeinent." Washington Htnr.
i:lunt.l Hill.
When Is It epilng? When eplrlls rise,
IMre crocus-buds, heie the snow dies;
When children play outdoor till dark;
When the sup trlcklew up the bark;
When lilt of blue sky flit nnd sing,
1'lnylnu nt bli'd-i llii'ii in tt sptiiu''
Wi nn Is It spring ',' Wncn t hey ben hums;
When Ihrouuh tin' own window comes
The brneiie, mid summer license claims
To swlnw and toes the picture frame,
When the Hlk drloe; the robins csll;
m brown hens dote by th sunny wall,
One foot drawn up to warm, or sing.
WUh hnir-fil.ncil cyca-theii !s It spring?
Nay, chcIi tnlnlil prote s treacherous
Hut wU-ti old waters seem nnw wine;
When nil our mates nr.. cf divine;
When love emus caHer than hate.
When we have no nunc shrugs nt. Kale,
Mut tl-'nk eoinoi lines of i!od. sod Inte
Our sv. Iflcst servln" seema to be:
t l-i-ii In I : h w ays numberless we see,
And tloukhts sprlr i.p. anil hopes run
Ami wild new dienm.- are ell 011 wing,
Till vn niiisi either f.'v or sing
With riotous life -he) sure 'tis spring.
Hi 1 iiuaer - I intki,, , ili' Hilt 11 lisi iiieiil
11 I' uii r tl, iiin,ii''ie for a mini to
rele'l lnipf,r:e'l c-iKi'e.
I n-iii r'nr , ( lllnl li'; line you
' ad any oeprr'i nre In 1 1 1 n line','
M 1 r - r h. no, I niei-.-l v hrol ii.iiirl
isltt to k-iow how Ih'- rttnni'ira losl til lr
la'-;. i 1 lenabu'l
II101I of I'iCliii list pot It Inn io
yon i'p-,i In our cstMlillshiiu ut, sir ','
Colli de grmlUHle - I Hi, somcililiiK Ml;
Worth Careful Thought
Do you read the label to know whether
your baking powder is made from cream
of tartar or, on the other hand, from alum
or phosphate ?
Royal Baking Powder is made from
cream of tartar, derived from grapes, and
adds to the food only wholesome qualities.
Other baking powders contain alum or
phosphate, both of mineral origin, and
used as substitutes for cream of tartar
because of their cheapness.
Never sacrifice quality and healthful-'
ness for low price.
New York
Teach Your Child Head-Cleanliness
It will become the best of habits. A shampoo with
The wonderful "Sunday Morning Bath"
removes excess hair oil. Contains nothing that can
injure the finest hair, makes the shampoo a pleas
ure by "removing much of the labor. Unexcelled,
also for bath and general toilet use. Sold by
leading Grocers and Druggists.
Jap Rose lathers instantly in any water
For Free Sampl Writ Jame S. Kirk Company, Dept. I'd, Chicago, U. S. A.
Colonist Excursions
To California
Tickets on sale daily via Rock
Island Lines, March 23th to April
lith. 1010. Only f:.'. from
Omnli.1 Similar reductions to
North Pacific Coast points.
Coin a Rock Island tourist car
W, roomy, comfortable, and at
tached to fast limited through
trains. Dining car sen ice.
, v -enV -
Choice cf routes-through the
historic Southwfst-the direct
route of lowest altitudes or
through $a-nic Colorado.
et4Jw4, JL'wg
fuaeef Weew A tr.J ,
3we4 4Wf I Jvt.
let rrse hc!p outline ou a trip,
J. S. McNnlly, D.P.A.
Hth vad YxmxM V 0 NV. BUtj,
OnuhA, Neb,