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President Reedi Meuagei Concern'
in; Attack on Shipt Carrying
WASHINGTON, April 6.Preal
4knt V.'llnon diacuaaed with Secre
tary Landing tonight tho eltuatlon
growing out of the accumulation of
evidence indicating that German
ubmaiincK were reaponalble for the
mimeroua recent marine dlaaatere,
In which Hi e Uvea of American eltl
rcna have bcn lost or endangered.
Jln patch en received today con
taining the report of the naval at
tanhce at London and Parla regard
ln the exploalon which damaged
I he Hrltluli ateamer, Suaaex, and
other nieanagea regarding the at
lack upon the Hrltluli ateamer, Her
windale, and the bark, Bengal,
were before the president.
H-crelry Lenelng declined to dlvulgi
ikA ...... nt t.1 Ihe llurifitc.tiea. All C '-
hurt from ahred have Indlreied tual.
tin evldenc gathered by h etta-hee
tended to proie that the 'iaex wa ti
l'd ed,
o Word from Gerard.
The ae-reiery aald, however, he did not
think II advlnahle to diecuaa nny vf.tbe
Information receded until II la complete,
n r no word haa tome from Germany
In rreponaa lo Amhaeeador Oneida In
iulry at the forelan off he.
I tint official information regetding thi
e'iaK upon the hark, ltrnain, wa re
reived by the Blute department today.
It. waa In the form of a diepalch from
.'onaul Frot at gueenetown, who re
ported that the veaael, carrying to
Aim-tleane, hid been aunk by ehell fire
afler having receded "ampin warning,"
and that there aara no ce,aialile. (Urn
eeq'iently, In thla tao at leaat, offHale
eee no ground for lomplalnl ty tht
I'nlted tate,
It became known d 'ring the 'lay that
he adrnlnlat ration conaldei diet ti e n
tlte altuatlon now hlnaea upon Oermari)'
altitude In regard to the Huaaex end
ithrr veaaela, about wbl'-h inmilriea have
l"n made. The Official lew m rep
rearnted aa helng that It la for ijerman
lo demonatrate the viilue of the promla
glvn to the United t'latea.
HKIII.J.V Via Umdon', April . Jemee
W. Oerard, the ambaaaador, today aent
en Inquiry to the clcrtna.n foreign offhe
enernlng the alnklng of th eteamahlp.
lierwlndale, off Quecnatown.
Bulgars Said to
Be Preparing to
Attack Dobrudja
I1OST1OS. April .-A long-delayed die
patch from Buchareet filed by Reuter'a
correapondent there March 21, aaya that
in view of fJie umllagulaed military prep
eratlone of Bulgaria on the Roumanian
frontier the government of Roumanl la
taking "neeeaaary military meeeuree."
rremler Bratlano alao ba prolonged
the parliamentary aeaalon until the end
of April eo aa to he ready U deal aa
quickly M poaalble with any Bulgarian
aurprtae, which the correapondent aaya
In the opinion of aome pereone la by no
meana out of the queetlon.
The Roumanian preaa commenta eoroe-
what atrongly on the dlepatch of large
Bulgarian forcee, aald to amount to alx
dlvlalona, for the purpoae, the newepapare
aay, of attacking Dobrudja. which Hou
rreala, acquired from Bulgaria, after the
eecond Balkan war. The Roumanian
preaa alao dwella on what it conaldera
the hoetlle aentlment created by Bul
garian newapepera and demanda the re
call of 8. Badew, the Bulgarian mlnlater
at Bucharcat. who la aceuaed of atlning
up trouble in Dobrudja.
The fontenelle Home Improvement club
held a apeclal meeting Wedneaday eve
ning at ita cluh room at 3945 North Forty
third atreet Tor the purpoae of taking
afepa toward eatubllehlng a voting pre.
cinrt tn the aouthweat part of the Twelfth
Frank Beat apoke on mattera per
taining to county affnira end good roeda.
II. ('. alao apoke on mattera of
importance to the rliiba of north Omaha,
A committee waa appointed to act In
t-Aiijoncttnn with the Kenwood, Fairfax
and Lincoln Ilelghta c.ih on piorurlna
another voting precinct to accommodate
I lie voter of thla part of the citv.
H i rapidly hna thla part aroen that )
t ween .) and 4'0 yolera In the Twelfth
ti aid lnoc iihnut too mllra lo go to vote,
v iii..- thet la nothing to Imliiate that
.inni, i la i hme at hand, according to
Pt to the rallrnada. mil thionfli tie
rieMi and ii niml i.irtloni of the !ale
ihe McKther la much warmer iln along
ii.i. Mi... nil all t he nil r hen
i jrtred and there tin tin IikIi-nil iiu f
i nin bi tim.
l ill (I M.iii. .. Ii.i ,
I i,- I ei I, ..,.
t. ,ii-. . itiHt,l , ,,( ,.; ,,jim(.
I ' ! 11,11 - i Hli, 1 If ,,, i,
V ' O I' ' 1 I I i I I,,
I iii I . fi k in I ii tii- . , i ,l
V, V U' . I
. ' .Hi i . ,
. t4 ' ''.. t-i I'.iuta.i,)
i.l I, I " I. !' l 'I ' ( I t
. - ii in a ' , ,,
hi in ,i,'ii 4 ' ii. nili in ll
!.! I S ' I- ! mm 1 V.' .
I t lit . . . ' l I
ii ii t i ' I itiif i a ii civ i(l
.' ! f- I f ! I ' l,
I . ! II -t I a 1 '
II I 11. ut ... 'll
Beaalo I'eteraon wanta a divorce from
Victor on tfrounde of cruelty and non
auppirt. Thry were married In (llenwond,
la., In I3W.
Catherine t'appaa wanta a divorce from
Hani. They wre married In Fremont In
MM, and be haa alnce failed to aupport, aim aaya.
Judge May granted a divorce to Harriet
raker from Frank U. Baker and reatored
her maiden name.
A divorce haa been granted to Martin
I.. Teata from F.lla.
Auto Club Geti Warm Cormpond
ence from Some of the Coun
tiei of the State.
rtoplau like harmony doca no'
p eval! among official In aome of
the co urn lea of Nebraska, Judging
from correspondence received fnn
different county aurveyota by the
tmaha Aiiioinolille dub.
Some time alnce Ihe aaalalant '
ttlary of Ihe local automobile club
wrol lo county aurveyora all ovei
the Mate In an effort to get me pa of
Iht hlghwaya In (be different roun
llea to b! need for reference at !h
downtown headqiiartera of Ihe club
Bt the Hotel Fontenelle,
If, I), Mead, county aurveyor of fiawea
county end city engineer of f'hadron, re
plied that "tlila county, like many othera.
baa no map. The moaabach commlaalon
era aee no ryed of a map,"
The fiawe county aurveyor advleed the
loi al Automobile club that he waa aend
Ing a map pngitred on hla own lime and
at Ma own expenae,
f. I), llaydni of Curila, county a'ur
vejor of Frontier rounly, teplled In ir(
to the map query:
"Under our (ueaent ayalem the road
oeiaeer la powr unto hlmaelf. If hla
pleaa ere different than lhna- of hla
piedeceaaor he piocecda to ear up the
roade and tnakn them over according to
bin own Idcaa,"
Mia. (ii-nrtn A, Joalyn and II H Maiui
of the Humane aoc.iety rcqueatid '(:,
f.'dmndealoner Kugel to clecliocutc doga
thia year at Ihe pound, lualad of uaiug
the old method of charcoal furuen
Three new caaea of eearlet fever were
reported Wedneaday:
Baby White, Z'ZO South Central Imule-
VMary Byan, 1a) floutli Thirty fifth
Alice' Rolllna, 7715 Mleml alreet.
Youngstown . Woman Laugh
ingly Telia of the Astonish
ing Relief She Gained,
' I can eat like a pig and aleep like a
lamb," laughingly aald Mra. B. Ifender
aon, of 116 Bouth Ilaael atract. Tounga
town, Ohio,
"1 know thla aounda rather 'plaglah,' "
Mra. Itenderaon explained, "but I can till
upon no worda that deacrlbe my preaent
condition better. Eapectally l thla true
after the many jeara of aufferlnf I went
"Indlgeellon, catarrh of the head, noae
and throat, kidney and liver trouble and
tiervoueneaa all had a tight grip on ine
Worda cannot deacrlbe the palna end
agony I underwent.
"There waa a bloating of ana on my
atomach after eating. 1 auffered bead
acliea, my noaa waa i. topped up. rnucoua
formed In my throat, my eiea were weak
at tlmea and my kldneia were aore, A
general run-down condition of health i
what I really auffered from. Never did
I fee erergcllr and It waa Impoaklble foi
me to rellah food,
"I tried almoet every medicine thai
ciime nlong, but none of them did me an
good, I finally concluded that there waa
no hop for my recovery. I read of Tmi,
lei , frlenda Inld me ii limit It, and f'U
It ia negged me In take It at flint, tint
I kept on rifualng. F.nrh day my eondl
Hon grew wore and 1 waa driven hi
deaeralnn, I auppoe. to take ano'lier
chance of finding lellef n a proprletu i y
' Ten ( of Teniae treatment made a
Ii. w woman of ine No longer do I auffor
from an of ti.a old ailmenta, fli, hnt
a lileaaure It la In feci gnoi nine more
1 ran t help ih.ihiiik Tnl ,at
anil nttt, If eny of mv fijenda or pen
,le who hear nf mi iae aiiffer aovililoa
liae I ili'l, I mae them to I ike TauUc "
T.nil.ii' la I l Inlrodin ed In inunlii al
ih Mi I'oiiiieli drug
Ii.i'i and l'"ile etieela
I'n Ui ion I le cl.i.nir.l ii, Knuaiti, nf
I t , hlliei - IteatlM I'lua alma, (tp'tna
foil, II l'lant e'lm, ,.oi Waier
V'mi int l o , Sl .e I'ti i ILiu i
e. ' e A in, A luiiii. K It I um II :i is. n, Malum I' fi
I i "I Fieiooiit Hi) w ti I it.I m La ,o
l e ! ..! n it SI i ltiiiu4 g
" i l aiUi in I It hi l . I .ii.i. k I
-II. In lt ! 'Ii,i,i Unit l,.'
I. c,iii M .,.((.
f. II. ii. in 1 1 . ,'f , .
a It l I t t i j
1 . r i lie ii ri l r
e i..
I Ucl
t VI
t.t - e i ., i, , . ,
I .'. .1 1 ..,...,.,.,
Ml I- . t ,. ., ., ... . ,. ..
" I ...... a t; . ... t ,
- ' !.' !,.,,
in i it nil i .,, i, , , ,
' ! . in l ....-; , b 1
! . j.l . .-., i , ... a i
f l : ft . ,1. , , . .... '
' "I1'' I t 'I t I . ...
- I ! I .! , , . . ,
'! ( . I ,, I , ( I
i a i i. . i. i . . ,.. ,
t , , k l a .. .... , i. I...,
'' ! l i - I i a 1 1 . i , a ' '
ai l M . . ' f..i , .
i i , .
. . I .: '.-a , ,
-' ' i
Anyone Can Speak at Man Meeting
of Republican!, So He Ii
Office Seeker.
Anyone and eeryone, an long aa he it
a candidate for offic on the republican
ticket, may apeak at the big iuae meet.
Iti (f Icpublliane to le In Id a wei It from
faturday night In the Ij ui'riea hall at
Tw my-fourth and N alreeta. Thirty or
more ineinbii of the Houtli Mde Hepuh.
I.i'iiii vliili annouriied ihia Ihdr ui.hii
tnone decia on In a lominlltee lunln'M
aeaalmi In Hie Caldwll court loom al
Twenty. fourth arid M alreela laat even
lug. I'rcali:rnt P. J. Martin if the or.
raulrallnn prealikd, and the me ttig wm
The propoeltion i f rillowlug i amll ln lea
ho w-iuld apeak t It c ui-x I i, In l.a
iierli.nd by membeia f ttie audience
waa flatly vmd annlim! wtien a vote w ia
called for by the president.
Prealdcnt Martin aunoumed that he
woihl accuie one or two iepri'aeniaile
lepihllcniia of oiat'iil al ability, riril who
wire not hi t lie cm . r office, t, apeak
on the Ken.ial polltml aiiiiiif,, Thla
met wij the approval if tin- mcintera
VilU'etn htti helei , aned i caia lo al
paikmg hotteo workman, dl-d yeateri1ay
at hit home, 4lo; Miiilh Twenty-i h' It
at'iel, 'ollowli.g mi lllnea of l miiillia
Willi luiin tiniihlc tic am niiiiuii r e I. l y mother mid fith r.
He waa a meiulor of ti e h,i nl rrutcrrnl
'inter of Keg lea No, l.'.l.
The furiernl will be held at !i o clic k at
HI, Ktan'la' churcli llurlal .lll bo lu HI.
Jlery'a cemetery. Kmhelek waa employed
by the Mnrrla i'a'klng cinpari) before
he look glrk.
f'apialn Vanoitt liaa beg, in a vluoroua
campalan aaalnat leitain illvml'ily
hniia-a that data l"en goirig hte opet
In oppoiiitlon to the law (l llttn: Wi
ftiv we.-fcg. The plae run by Maiy I'.lui
ney at 2tl.' N alreet waa raided (, r tin
aicond time in a alngle day lat evenl'ig,
ahortly before 'i o't'lo'k. Nine nien und
three glrla were tnken lo the poll e ata
thin. Vnrinua refuted lionda lo the women.
feven men were taken In an ea'ly
morning tald, The aame glila were er
leatcd, but released In police court by
Jnlje n a flue of II and coata,
attlHtied lir Mire,
Mrmk ly a flying atreet i ar trolley lie
wire that broke looee frmu l a faalnlo
near Twenty altth and N a ieeia, (j oig
llcral', Twenty-four li and l alreeit, t
kiiockad 'Hu oiiai lien laat eieultg aa he
vaa walklcg doen X atreet ahoui I '
I o i Iiu k, He waa ph ked up lu.medla'e'y
! after and laken to Ihe elation In 111 no
! bulnnce, where h aoori revived,
I 1 here waa no eleciriel'y In Hie wue
land lie aid tuaialued but at' I a! tit brniaia
!ln the contact with the fllng mlaa le
! I I ed fur 4 atllnaj Monia.
j S, I )n lea, coloied, waa fined t ami coeta
I In police court for rutting up a brand
new pair of tan blah lop li.r a that hla
wife had bought a few dna nn. The
: aleppera were Ihe leul amff end Mia.
.(latea waa hltlily linllanaiit
ton haa not railed hi aipiad to order
H I hill mil aa aoi ii aa the iiiiinlnu
in" el hea luen i.nui ! i n d H.iMuliiv even
It. .iiiaf Mfll'le '.ic. leu. her of the'ir t'eluliig clfiaii of the Wheeler rhi.nli win accnuipanv her
prutetii a i n ii h .t. Mln,d"ii park I II
dv afieriioon,
big aix-lili v Hint h nlli he held thla
eieiihn in the downaialra aii'lltorliiin of
lli l,ie!. .Memollal I'l ealiylelllill
c'luich at IkciiIv ihliil arid J etueia,
T'ie liialih la beinx alien iimlei the
a.ieplcca of the i lnlallnli Kodeainr
liBK.n and an aduilnloii of II, tenia
will I e i he' red.
ai'hlllvr lo 'leinlia.
XKW InltK, April f ti.ii r anei on
a iharge of piraci, riareine lliniaui,
lli'ian otliemiee iij i.'tnei' eclilllei, una
lodaed In ll.c 'l.oiil.e IomIkIiI peudluK ,a
reinmal to I idiaaii to- ulat for
reiure ai e. o' ih ll'pleh freight
atemner Mloppn
I'or ' i fill, edmlaalon to the young
people a aoilal el Ihe new pariah houae
of the Klrat Praabytmlen iliuich thla
eiening, yea, for 7 cnta, one may atay
fiom " 7 p, m lo Iti.ifi, may play aeven
guinea of aeven poliiia each, gel one of
aeveu prlea, rat aeien dlehea nf e
cream, and, peihapa, like aeven young
ladlra hrmie.
Anyway, thla la In he a aoclal nf
"aeveiia." The "aeven" feature la merely
a nniettv to give life and rn dement lo
the evening
The t'hilminn llndcavor of thla chunli
ban been le. eullv reorgalilged after piaf-.
tlcally being dl'iiiembeied Ihrougli tha
trailng down of Ihe old chunh building.
Thla la a booster and good fellowehlA
meeting to get the young people to
gether and work up aouie cntliualeam
for the work. Home ;mi are expected to
The big drop In grain prlcea that
airu'dt llui t'hhago maiket Wedneadky
waa felt to aome extent on the (jmaha
fit al ii exchange yeaterday, Wheat aold
off 1 o t rente and ertn and oata a cent.
On Ihe Oinnh. mmket wheat eold at
II (it 1 II; coin, 'it to "iV. centa, and oata,
to 41 centa per buahel,
drain reielpla for the day were: Wheat,
elly-iiie; i orn, eUM four, and oata, ten
that her
huahand ahould bai lei hta im per allp
an profuaei), " want him io ked up
until he i none better," the told Can
lain Vanona laat iieniiig when dales
Haa brougi t tn ihe aiH'lnu on rompliitnt
of hla wife.
tlaafe II r 4iotti.
e'or Haie i 'heap loom ho iae, mod i n
hear Jlli and II. Call M'i'i'h ,'nl.'
Office ep'i'e for rent In Ihe nf ice, ,"n
i.N atreet, Tettna teaaonnbe. Will kuow.i
loiuHon. ') el "fundi , ,,
ltd , Ifoheil I,. Whcrlei, eisil(. of nr
Wheeler Memorial climrb. w.ll c. Ictiia'e
hla bliihdHi fiiiiilnt nii'iiii'ii, cmh.Ii '
lug a apeclal seiinou on ihe l,ipii , rin
lilithday of itiu Hotij. '
Membeia i.f Ihe malms' 1 1 a lull, k d".
pel llllenl (if Ihe 'dc 1,11,1a i . in
j Inet tlila tool ulna at Tt en" fourth and '
r aneeia at ocimk. A liilie to I'liMd a '
Point, eeat of ItelleVue, has ii,l lend
from that point.
Klrat bate bell prnellce al Ihe local
hlflh achnol will begin moil Coai h Pat-
Seasonable Gas Stove Prices
10 to 50 Saving
lew Ba tea. aaa at ata n aaiaiaa Baa Aaaasa. .aaaaaaa A I '"
iiudcl uiti mmt m uuu sfuHt
We must have the floor space occupied by these pieces, and Jry,
now right in the Gan Stove Season we offer you an oppor- m1ff.Z-
unity you cannot afford to pass.
U n
Jftjl WW tttlW&WlvJrS ".Tr'IV, an..p.rtu.
nif (i - t i --a.- ..... . - ...,. - ,.,. , . ,, KniJ nut lo aate ton nuti.ry.
I " LL ... V
'ili'l! "ti";
m mm'
pnm!mnriTr,t.TnT y
The p
New Ei
Small Monthly Payments
for a Short Time
ripu are
The 29 Volumes Complete Unabridged
f VI '-'Iv xrV'r!3 '; fsetr e t w as... a) er-Tsr-7FT?T'' T 1
Li .1 J. i. " .' '- . . . i5 1
At an
Price - -
ttaftiAhatWlW tWi ii -. i '
You need them
ncyclopaedia Brifannica
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where you can lave tlicm at your elbow, ready to answer all
the queHtions the children ask ; ready to aupply your wifo with
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ready to supply you with endless diversion and entertainment
for a quiet evening by the fireside; ready to help you "get up"
a speech, or settle a knotty point; ready to supply you with
11 you missed in a eollepe education if you didn't have one.
THEY AUK A MIIIACLK of compactness. Think of it!
Twenty-nine splendid volumes, with 30,000 pages, 41,000
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There never , ,ny book ,,k(, t , fh hanr f ,
te prepare Una new Kleventli Edition re,,ilr lahl veira of .d'lt.Ve 5i
work, a... ru.i a million ari.1 a hair of do la, Tior I fa aln".. Tha ru t?!
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Camtirldae I'nlveralty Inane. An enonnDua edition aa
cotilractod for and the dlatrlhutlon of thla edltlim arranieij
for by ficara, lionlim k and Company, tha largaat retail uier-
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llecauaa ihe coat a of printing and distribution could be
heevllv reduced. It a air mined to aell I hla new "Handy
Voluine" laaue at an ainanliig pi li e one third the price nf the
lareer naeml laaiie. Thla in lie la en low that many tienpU who
bare lung wanted in poaacaa the Ciu ytliipacdU Hi llauiiUa fiuld
not t'ellme that Ihla .it the HrHaniili a. (he new Elev
enth Kdltlon, iiiini luta and unahrlitgeit. Mih every ant that l
aold wa glue the i'uliliaher a guarantee that It la, and that nut
Una nor page tmr an illuairallun uf any kind haa bean oniitted.
And wa aend you the rmupleie wot a, Ilia eiillie i ViiIiiiii
a flrat tiaytiiKiit ut a HI Mil .K Ihi. I.Alt After that e.
lariueiila at a fete i f a litlle itime than 10 crnla per day
further than w guaraiitee that If far any leaaen yntt
lah In keep liie Inmka a'ler ymt hate tunialil them and had Uiem i t pntaeaalun ym4 tnar at any time within Ibma tulii ri'lmu ttialu
te iii and wa will nfu'il tn n emit ponuy tin lua ,ald In wa ai t
tin ihippliig coat in ad lalnii
The Price ot Ihe War
m m&Mimmmm
ilea up n.i ; ''
tnaulUU ' ;
rnn do tint
It Ml Ihia emir mull -lutitiel I being tapi-t'i eiUai-'ed and aa laa'
for only a almrt iut, lnua.r W lie liud Ui anai'ta "! Hie pnliiialin a
lr annther pilnUiia, but y a liiae u that ilu I t It e .Haul. Imtaiii
lit ti e rat uf few t aieruli
l, . It win he lai.
Iheredite we
i eittanleiit, eaai I
tuna, en4 i'l' Dalut tiiilaf ful l'i 1 10 page turn drli fibad I'p.iualte
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