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M-rir; nrr;: (uiaha, n tii-M'uay, AI'JUJj 5, 191 (J.
Mayor 871 Judge Tried to Get Per
mit to Disinter O'Connrr Body
by Unfair Meant.
HASTIN'Jg, Neb,, April (8pe
rial T!lrain.) Tlia hgd trf
.John O'Connor w:r broug-ht Into
th republican gubernatorial rac
(day In a talmcnt by Mayor Wtl
I'flm Madgott attacking bl rival
Judga A. L. Sutton of Omaha, lis
allra that a member of Button'
low firm trtui to taka adrantaita of
Mm to get a permit for thrt dflntr
merit of O'Connor' body In th ault
of Jobn Kirk rnurf of Orpghg, who
('alma to on O'Connor aon.
Mayor Madgctt y that h bellave
III mlarepreaenlallon and lgnd tha
permit rather (hurl bar II ld Hint h
refu4 lewaua button wa lil opponent
for lb governorship, ll y when b
learned of tli tro rondltlnn b tiw
hi effort to prevent anything further
being don. On Ihl advlca of tb city
ninth th eily clerk ha rfum-4 to
aign permit, r,d without lil aigna-
lur tb permit I inoperative,
Th mayor y that herau Mlik
mn' flrrt lawyer w arrraied Iti a raid
by Ida )ffing polba I no f -n why
th Omaha firm ahoitld aeck to Ink ad-
vntg of him,
flarrl ftlerla rroeeegl,
H, A, Hirrl of Omaha alarled proceed
leg Monday i hum tha turfy of John
Ofimnor tor Identification hy tb alleged
ton, John J Irk man of Owal, In th )t-
terg ault fir tin? wM trt'onnot eatl,
Jlarrt alate tint, a t"iUr boo for.
matlon ha been 6rmrtt in tb body
of John Kirk man and other generation
of Ma family, To prove that Klrkman
and other Mifft'M the bom tor
mutton ff'im John O'fioimor, it I derd
that lb body of fh f:lu b t tUnmnA
t'ir enandnallon by N J:y,
PrirmH in exbuma tha body waa hxuti4
fiy Mayor M1jrnt, but ('Hy 'lrk !r.
t'O on lh a4vta of ( ly Attoinry tinn-H
man wli!itl4 Ida alnaiiir wllfiont
mhirh l la lwi"-rtv, Mr, nurclimao
ihtmrsltriMA lli mova aa oollilna twin
flian a "tlnhlnf rti'l'n fur vMw
to a ibatanila'a theory of bum pee ilwH
lia," l r.1 tlt tli Ootali
jil hl noMilM lmlil uf,n wlil'h to
fnake tut, 4 u,r clalrita mat aioiH an
utmtrr'Hrtury imvt alxi'iM m allow-!,
Tlia roonty Jio)j(a alao rf',ia4 to l.
New Power Line to
Wilcox is in Use
ttOUil'.yjHC, Xt April ,-Hal,-Th
fi-w por llnaa wlil:h Ih lm(ii
llonal Juily, Iitit aoiJ t'owr -'mi
fnny of thin :ly hava hn ennutivMug
out of J('ldra to tlio o-l(lil;'irlii tiwna
ra pot Into u Ilia flrat of tbl waok
wha llhia and power wra iipplid t
Wll'o, lxtn rollea Uum lira, .fjthrr
tra will M aupi'lled a anon aa tin
company rcf wort tranaormera
from tho factory. Work on tli rtw llnea
aa delayeil avrl tnonth on ni-wtut
of ih intimity of Mftttlnc wlia and a'ip
plla from aatm fa'iorira.
OMSKKf.l. la, April 4.-rXotlal.-Whlla
flrooklyn volara r hnl'llnv an
alaetlon on VrmAty "tor men only," Ilia
Brooklyn (min otKaofxH and went
throuifh fh ama vvrtntmm; juat aa
ihrmh they wero leaally enlllled in do
, and niariaed to mak th"niaelvea
meet and aetlla ma pnzlln ouea
llona. When tha tola wera rheiked out
It a foi.nd that out of V volea of men
(tha tareat numbar tvar ! there
leran wera arwlled. Out of the Hit volea
nft by tha women only on waa aptillad,
frominen't"gretna farmer
is killed in runaway
OftKTS'A, Neb,, April t.-(Kpenal Tele-sram.)-Jaob
town, a prominent farmer
ho llviwl four mllea aoilb of here, waa
Inalantly killed In a runaway laat nlht,
Mr, lunn waa relurnlna lioma from town
hn tli team of mulea ha waa drlvlnx
becamo frightened and ran away, lf
ii thrown from tha ttinn and had h la
nei k broken. Mr. t'linn waa n of (he
larjert land ownera In Ihla roimly and
aa about M yeara old, Ila leavea a wtfa
and aaveral children,
fea from (aleannnd,
m.r.VWfiOli, la,, April f-(Hpe.'al.l-ln
lh rlty ele'llon held here v'Nlerilay
ha raiinia noinlnera, I r. I''. II. Jiiifielmi,
miiynr; i'lyila flftoadra, treaaurer; I'hailaa
II Kamlllnn, ie-i,fdci; .', . Iliii,
maiahal; Will I'rM'ia. nMm, and I'r.
,1, M, f ' jrk riiniilli,nei , nere
rifll hy a very amiill vie, .n i.nn
iei In any ward or upon any randl
data madn tha elviinn d"tuid rf Inlereat,
A er.erlal train Over tha lliu llnalon lll
at llenm,d Apt II al I a in H.l
ann, rad ileiiiiiiiniminra.
'Ih tpelrli'l Kl.iM nf I'tihiu rem
t.nlliiM heia i.M ty II r ''l l ih le
!,alea I'r W, It i taig ( r i.lf i ,,, ,,,(
I'uitan, raahUr t.f the Malsein Su.i,
i.mik, haa aninniiM . Ihi li i n,li,u, t
ffr li,a .'.'iM. li i, ,.,, , u.,n fi Milla
.ii(i a 1'i'H Miiaiii
tla(nr Neark Mill Heixier,
i.HIVM'I.U l, Ann! M,,ii
t'ltlnr ', liah. !. ,.. miiiii,.! i.f
111 1(1,1.11. I i:.l.l, UI.4. l, 4)
M l In Ui II and trll I'll " III U )!,
'Milt I fa.ilt m)I, Ai' i IIii. i tt, t
f ( .,i.i,il ,,,,i,.i Ila a .
-i. uf Hi .tn!i( iliat l.,i iit(ilit
' "' S In. m i ,
aiut It I.. i iill li. iiil. a ilnlc. ,e la
I,!.1 In t, atiMiiii.t Mftitili ein Will tu
''lliH . f tin ml. ti t Ilie ii.iii. uii.
I kamketlala a tablet lHfl
Mi I t" . n.iii, (n,, .
ilea Ik It . ii. .1. .... i .,. i 1 1
i-ii t.iui, g f, lii t
"i it it i In mui , i, tail
N f ,.
I I am
i f !,
' I' 'e'a ai i..i., .n . ,M
or -llii I hat. I n t ii iii.m
1 " tl ) ., I ,.,.:
' ' ' i'r ii' in I '-. it
I - ' in.,, I . I I . .),.,
I ll I . I. t, (Kit Hit , !,,(
' I"! t Cilii,,!,.: , 1,11, t.'li
":'!.. ! 1(l.i(, A4,,..H ,
Oats Smut Cost
Madison Farmers
Hundred Thousand
WATTI.K CIltCKK, Nab., April - Hpe
ell,. a h'lier lo Ilia Oyiiy I 'artiii
aa'acialliiii of Mudlaun i!niiny, Arthur
I, (lv,ri(e, rouniy aarlcuiMial avnnt
trinra up lh inaiinr ut trial, n ii f ir
nun, "l.a.l i-r," aa a I ha anl,
"aeventylwo Madlxin county oat fklfa
anlmted from all over the cnuniy, there
waa an avarv uf 6 t cut amiiinul
heada, If 1 pr rent of amul de reaned
Ih yield ona huahel per aira. aa waa
lh iaa In i uunty two yera ann,
tha out )ili had been decreaer-d five
huahela per ar In Mudlann counly Inat
yuir. The Mai it ai'rena In Mmllann
eoiinly laal year waa fi,w aerea, which,
If tha yield had teen Ku nnand llva
buahla er aire, wmild liava teen it'ifiin
luahela, Tide, valued al pi-nl per
iiiiahH, would havn hn n f!01,!V anal
on thi nat crop plune.
Mir amut waa fnund In tha northern
half of ih (uiriiy (ban In tb wiuihern
half, ao It waa mora Imixnlntil thai a-t
wluerd In the unrt hern half of lit
'ounty ba ylveii treaiment, l;mmitra-
tpina on In-aihia iiaia will be held on
different farina and It I Imped that llin
member! will a'dnd una of thena dniri
onairullmie, Tha i-mimy aa-rpulhiral airent ooti
rludea with a aiaiement that oat, amiil
will rnly he controlled by avery furmer
en-oieraiin In llila movatn"nt to prs
vent It on bin own farm,
Iilreclhoia aia encloaed wllh Ihla clr
rolar letter to lh farmer fur tba fur
mallri lreiment,
Howard County Man
Seeking Six Per Cent
On His Bank Deposits
I from a Mtaff t'nrreapindeiil
f,l,S'lVV, Apfll 4," iHpelal,-Allcmpta
of a rerlaln well known bnalneaa man of
Howard 'oiltiy to tempt alale banlia to
break tha banking law of the a'ata have
been fllwonri-d hy Ih Kiel Hanking
board, which baa eeveral U-ltera written
tiy th man In which he offcra to depoali,
money upon payment by tha harika of
per rent Intereal
The banklriK lawa of lb ial prohibit
tha pfiyoieni of mora than i per cent on
Tha Howard eoiinly imn would write
lettera to the banka offiii, tbe;n dif
ferent amount upon payment of 6 ir
cent. Then h would attach a parnt
allp to hi latter annonii'lna; that upon
receipt, of a check from h bank or a
pemomil check of an official In the
amount to be di poaiied tha money would
be forwarded Tbl I per een, which waa
wn-ritHy ithen tnttA amount.
wonW not derei i the bank In la avaalon
of tha law, Wowevep, aeveral banka have
forwarded the letter lo Hecretary (oye
or tha banking board.
f'Al.MWAV, Neb., Atoll availed 1. 1
Tb body of )orn O, lieniter, who died
in an Omaha hpiu Saturday evenlna.
arrlveij In Callaway yeaterday, funeral
aervlce were held al t o'elO' k Ihl after
noon, Mr, J'.enaer waa on of the very ear-
Heat aefilera nf Ihl loeallty and baa fl-
iirnd coni'uoimly In tha upbulldlna of
tha town and community, JO waa at one
time In the hardware and furniture bunl.
nea here In partnership wlih Jamea If,
pecker, later acllliig Ihla buln and o.
i Into the Callaway Htala hank a pie.
I'Pnl, Tbl waa later old and ronol.
dated with Ihe Klrnt National bank of
Callaway, and bo waa elected aa Ila vice
preablent, which poaHlon he. held at the
lima of dcaih, althongli tha Klrat Na
tional bank waa a fw momha ao con-
erled (mo the hevan Valley Htata bank,
Kor aeveral yntrn he had tiwr, a aufferey
nd ha ien In Ih hoapltal al Omaha
aeveral times, however, hi ailment
aeemed to alwaya baffle Ih doctor.
Prior lo hla d'-ath ha had baen conalantly
receiving treatment In an Omaha hoa
pltal for three month, hut atlll hla mil-
a-l r acenied to baffle the doctor.
Mr, Iteiigcr (raven a widow, a aon, Cur-
tla, and daughter, Mr. Jlarry I-mh,
funeral oe urrcl todey.
ftnilior.PoHT, Neh,, April 4 - 'Hne' liil I
W, J, lli)n apnk At Ilia Jlililuei.uit
opera houift leaterduy hfli i noon on the
ihjci t of I PiiifM-i a in e. There waa no
enlhuelaam ami only a mull aatbarnu
gieeled llm ,t ,, , l(ri,,r Chajllr
alo inil a ehdit aiblrex
aellle for t ourl llonae,
l lliIMUNT, Neh , April 4, -i H.-. l-il
At a meeting of llm lin,),. rmiiily H.mlil
nf ttiipenlam hfie aiciilay, a actiif.
lueiit mi the nr l.i ' Dm n,utlty In thn
fh whhli ilemriiinl the riiiui ln.ui.,
icceiiiber S, lilj. a lilln uuli Ihe
liiaiu mn ii i .iin in i, ii- The bnanl ami In-auiaii'-e
r oMifan V ii-pieniilM nun.
pinililkid on l''t fur Ih titill.llni The
Imalit had anki the f ill lunuiil, tkn.i
a a. ui r i ..... .
tlminil (awil nld.
b I'l.KI.V Srli . i pi l Hoe. ,
'lliira iniarirr iM.thui of h , ,
iiiinlv land tui. I t A n t un m u,
ill' ilii urn al l.,ii,iii,, ,i ,.
'I ' f ml i iiri aim, mi mi. I
and the !l Ii I ,i i n n n.
Tin I'm iniliii.n nf ,i, ,,
I' l llm Jmma Aiii t.i.i. ,i a.f
lr al XtviMiait irte tlnbbrd,
NA M VN tilt' s Nil, , i ill ,h.,
l l ,i ,i. In. ,ln ini.i m m,.
ttiinml ti,i t I.hi.iIimi i.,m l.ii ui rit
Ling m. 'I i,ir, ,....! hhi.iii,!.,,
''' I M I l.i .li la i .1 mi I, ,
llll 4II I I.I 1 ,. I .1 t., ,i tl,..i,
.1 . Im i. . , , i !,nt,,(
I I ) I.A x.i, , v pi t i ei. li
1 1
"'"'I piii..l U s. h, i ,
fn.r H . r i, , p ., ii, i
1 '" "l '" t'. 'nil i ant i,
"' Mii"iiut, a-'inla lin
l"l 111. I, ,..,
.. tt, K
! ml n n , ,.,. p.,.
a i n !
I ""ii i
!! . m ., .,, I,.
Iii lit i..t. , , ,, j
' 'I .1 Ml Ii . l,. ,
l ,
lie tin
i . i- ,u
1 K
U .ui
1 1 l i I
Democrati of Capital City Send
Machine Fire Alonj the
H' rom a' Hlaff C'orrcaiiondent.)
r,INOH,N, April 4 (f hil ) ,Tht
deiiuxiritio harmony la on tha lncrea
and la looming up lit huga and dcllrlou
chunk I In evidence tha Imt day or o,
and epecly , rK,t here In Uncoln,
when lat night a 'Wood row Wllaon club
waa otgaiilxi-d and reanlullona wer
adoptl n4 i).Mhi. mad which Imll
caied thai Ihe club I hot In harjnony
lth W, J, llrlan.
Tha reaolutlona comlemned effnfta be
ing road to entry Into the Ht. I,oula eon
Vetillun mieatlona In mipoelllnn to tha
pnlhlea of prealitcn; Wllaon, and other
wise Indlciited that Mr. ttrvan la not In
good alanillng with Ih new club.
Added lo I hie, II. K, Oooch, prealdrnt
of tha Mncoln Jally Hiar, thl aftertioon
came out with a three-column advertlno
ment In hi pper In which he roundly
ihnallee Mr. Ilryan and In vrl
different iHtiguage nrlnted In '?ngl,i,
why democrat ahnuld not vol fur Mr,
Hryn for ti lgt largn to the im
llorinl ijeinocidiip (pnvenilon,
( Mr, Oooi'h gUe half a dmecn or mm
raai.n Why Mr, Ilryan aiould not go
to fh iiHtliiiinl convention a delegate,
and eiiiphmlra goma of the reaaon with
blaik fc cupital letter, o plain that
"lh wayfaring; mn thouh a fool may
not rr therein."
Jl rharga him wlih performing on the
vaudevlll plgtfnrm with high khketa
and other up to data valde llllei t
much per, while he waa a member of the
eahlrvt, and nine that tlrna ha been
nrnbarraaahig tha prealdrnt a I. every turn
of the road, while at, tha me tlrna he
I pretending to b for him, One churgo
that h make ;
"III career lnc hla reilgiiaflon ha
bueri on of Inaldlou crlllclem nd hoallle
iroii(,,i,1n ugahiet 'in,,.,,i 'll,i
and hi pollcle. The preahlcril put for-
ward . moileat m,, coiiaervaljve ore.
parednea program. Tbl waa
tly branded by Mr. lirvan a -milt..
larlam," II, attacked the preaident'a
program In hi Commorn-r nd kept, tt
up for ver lamiea. Ill hrother in
flncolri airil out thouanrid of circular
iciir ainoking the pre.ldcnt'a policy,.
anu aaKing people lo aend In eluha of
auhacrlptiona to the paper no tnat H 5
could carry on Hie fight with greater
effect. The attaikii became ao per-i
rieou that t waa neceeiuiry for the
preallent nf Ihe l ulled Wale to trike
hi cam directly to the peopl
h did, with, marked
ancceaa, Anyone:
who baa read tha nreaident' iieec,e
ha no doubt lo whoae utterancea lie
wa refuting or alluding to. The preea
of the country, democratic. nd repub
lican alike, recognised that Ilryan w
fighting the president'
That Mr, Oooeli believe In "eaallng
hi bread on th wnlera" i evidenced by
tlia fact that the me dvcrtcmcnt will
b aent to all the mot Important pajier
In th tal and the churge will be
paid by Mr, Oooi.h out of hi own i
excherpier, '
VAU.H CITV, i'eb April 4'Xplal
Telegram.) Wlierlff ltntcklii cariture-li
three yontig men Willi Cord tonrimr cir
that they adnd'tcd I hey hid rbilcn l
yoventii nth and llnrwooil Mre'-in. l.ii
coin, riindijy eveulny. They gHve thvir
liamea a le Welch, I7f, K ulid nteiiue;
Ionnld Money, W O Mi eet, and I el or, li'ivenih and O atio'a. I
They chiliiicd lo be , 14 mid 21 er
old, ' reapectively. - They applied at the.
Jinll Co, gaiave in enclianne Inner
tube for gaa. Tho trade wn made, hut i
th elnrlff waa notified and got the boy
before they got out of town. j
kprlaaflrld Man I'oaod OcNd.
WPItlMJIiKIJ), Neh., April 4,-IHpe
(,'ial.) Jacob liunii of ffprnafbld ns
found onad on the road to (iretua Ina:
night, Imnii waa on hi wav honin from
biiirigficld in hla wagon. Ida Imdv
found blng In Hi toad, with hi to no
atamlHig by, The enai't caii; of th.
ihatii if not known.
4 tiood ( oHah Memeilr,
fir. Hell' Plne-Tiir Mom y p,,,,,
your cougli, anothe the raw epnta and
prevent lung ailment. l",i . All dritgghit.
Juat now you ran get m niiuaiinlly fin bar(ln In allgtnlv
tiaeij riatm ami l'la)or I'lnno. Wa have our Hprlnn tienn-up iin.ier
way, ami Iliat nien fine liargttiit fur llmar lm really aptimialw immI
I'laiioa or l'ln)er Piano anil waul to 1 1 tit) n f I.Vt, Tlie) are all
In kmmI niiiilltlnn, man) of I hem iraiilially new,
MI limit 4 twin I I'tlnlil, no4 g IH
$,lfttl Kmci nn I prlghl, iiM ,,,...,;, H.
IVW Knah I irlghl, now )K f
I.VI Mnileiiimi I prlght, n in 8 I
tiMt imm A Hin I priglil, nun , . , )n0(l
PJA HainlllHii I prlgtil, now , M1W
flMI tiiirrmit I I'llglH, in.. , , , , ,
Terms I $1.00 to $2.00 Per Week.
, ..... ,.,., ,,, . n m, ,
and t hmoller M Mwcllrr 'lam,
UMlie Jiuir oiW nun.
Now I a imn llm in niake yiinr elerHna
W't II MDMVa WttltUI (.It H MttNM It M K,
Schmollcr & Mueller Piano Co.
till 14 l AttVM Klltl r, tlM u
Me,li,Hitr. ..e ll,e Mnbl't I let. I I'lamw, lei.llan iiiln.n. m .li.ntU
0 wni 'Jj - mmmvm'vmmv
Candidates Must Stay
On Ballot Henceforth
from a Klaff Correspondent.!
LINCOLN, April 4. (Hpcrlgl.) - ficuie
lary of Wlal Pool ha pit hi number
l foot down, and from now on candldataa
who gel cold ,i uilnge over the pi
lilh;l proM't cannot get off of the bl
lot, but will have to atay on and take
Ihrlr iiieillrlria no mat tor how bitter It
limy taete, ,
Tha tlrna t plred lt hIrM at 1J o'clock,
nd thl morning Mr. Pool "ii( out to
county i'lerk Ihe following notice;
You ai herrby notified that the nam
of Tin, una l(, Maraltall, diinnciatc can
flulain for vice preanb-nl, baa been with
drawn, and h lanamo ahnuld not a nr
on the ballot.
W. K, Hliiecker, (IciinierHtln randldat
for giiveriinr, li wlimlrawii, and hla
mime ahoulil not iiiear on Hie IihIIuI.
John A. Woodard, ib nioei al Ic cnndldata
for auperltilenilenl of public IddIimmiIiui.
hue aimi wlihilinwn, ami hi name ehoulij
not appear on the ha lint.
Von will aleo rlianae tha tiame of Wil
liam II. Chiininoiia lo W It I
UN a rMiitlirUlfl for mirrr Iftle ndt-nl nf tnti,-
II" iiiairucllnu on th.i' ln,l..i, ml
enl ticket
Notes from Beatrice
And Gage County
IIKATItlCH, Nifb April 4. -trtpei lat.)
Crank Klnman auelalned n broken hip
and rilelociiled ankle yeaterdny at the
Kill llngtnii ltlon while naalatlng Kred
VVertg hi unloading automobile. A
chain holding one of li e gutna allpped In
aoui nianner and Kinman w pinned
benealh tha machine. He w removed
lo a I will hoapltal, where hi Injiirle
were dreeaed, I'nle complication "t
In he will recover,
Thorn Wdley and Ml Norm M'
Oaffey, liolh of thl elty, were married
Hiimlny afternoon at I o'clock at the
home of Ihe bride' pari!, Mr, and
Mr, 1. ft. MofJffy, They will make
their horn on a farm aouth of I ha city,
The funerel of John Melnt, th young
man who wa killed eaat of Phkrell
itunday, when hla auti turned turtle,
wa held thl afternoon from tha Her
man Lutheran i liuri-lt et of Ph krell.
Four Divorces Are
Granted at Fairbury
fA I It 01 flV, Veb,, April 4-lKpechil
Telegrum.)-Judge M, Pcinherton ad
journed the April ecanlon of dlalrlcl
court for Ihe eighteenth Jndhial dlatrlc.t
al noon todny until May I ft after grant
ing four divorce caae and rllapoalng of
a few tnlnor eipilly canca, lie granted
the pel II Ion lo Ihe gltorney of I nil
I'ndenJow n to remove the SO.oW death
'I ehiltn ult agrilriat the Kui llngtou railroad
to Ihe federal court at, Lincoln and the
enae will come under the liability gel,
Thl ineke Ihe reeond lime thl
ha been tranrferred to th federal court.
The divorce granted Include Kffle and
ftnaaea Thorn, Karl and Junltg Io
nard, Alice and 1,'lala U'allac and Jan
and William McKinley, No Jury wa
aiiinmoned thl action.
CI.AV CKXTKIt, NVb,, April f-iKpeci,,)
. Telegram.)'-While W, J. Ii'rkaon w
Working wlih n heavy wreii'h the tool
lipped and alrnck auch g hard blow on
hla chin that he 1,1 1 hla tongue clear
through, except the llghteiit portion on
''h edge, and lila lower Hp wa ao badly
cut that It took Mil lltchea to wiend It,
and Huh! aiiichc were ne-eary lo
hold hi tongue together, Tlie euigeon
I cruifhient Unit liolh wound Mill lieu I
alihoiil tioulile.
An epidemic of niefimilea la ptevalent
here, over PO cgaeg being reported in and
iier lay Ccpler.
H. W, Caliipbell, pioneer of CJny
county, I crllhally 111 at hla home here
with creeping patalyal. Mr. Campbell
I a large laud owner and vim )n nlilent
j of the (,'omnicrcinl Ktate blink.
! Nail iaalnal aloon Men.
j I'itKMONT. Nib., April 4. -(r'peciiil.i-In
a pet Ion aelting forth Hint hit wif
! waa enll' ed nio aiiloon owicd an I
! opeiiid by the defendant ami
forced to ill lull Ihiuor and then war
guhje-l"d lo InrtlKiiltlia by the pro
priitota, Aiihur U, Htrula of Hi'rhner
I rough! ault for KVm ftnmagea again
''halloa Kerb" iihnra and peter o
''frrlbnei' in illnlrlct court. Th ai g ni
I incident oi curie t hund'iv. Mnc'i I.'
j l,fc, at f-'i lihner. Mr. Firuhe la only
.vein o il and I the mother nf U i li I
i dien
Is a Good Time
(ttttKI I ntrnn Miiigf e, mm
I.Vl Mirgnr Jt Hin I prlght, now , , . , ,
H.Vi Mi liini.llcr A Mueller I priglil, now
I.IHill HiiilirrlliH lit ami, now
,IMt Mlrtnway tilaml, liii
Hot) I e.trt l'lwrr I'tann, lnn , ,,,,,,
W Auto ll)er f'lanit, imw ,
iir.r, 1 1 1 iii n n , r iiii"im eiigr m , ill I'tiHtl, I lliilriiian A ami
al Hi OciiiiIh. miltan Plain. I llnrn.. grw mm n il apl,, ami we
- mxm'MmiKimHmmm
U4 Ceffhfi Wnli Tm C, Jmii, C, fliilfi. Ii
State Superintendent Declares Mini
Sullivan's Criticiimt Do Not
Fill Bill.
(I'roui a Klaff Conenpiindeitt,
M.NCOI..V, April 4. (Hiiecinl )-The con-
troveray which ha arlcn oer cirtnln
eighth grad atudl" which S"it H'ipcr
Intniideiit Thoma ha put In practice and
w tilth reunited III a emb lem by a lourity
iiicrliiti ndnnt, Mir H'illlv nn, hu led lh
(tula ii erlnlenileiil to lamie a ttem lit
of hla own, a fullowa:
I'dueatora do not think Ml M illlvmi'a
rrllliimii of clalith giad etainliiailiiiia
well founded. When Mime Kurierliileriderit
Tbninn waa aakcil If h Wo lid rrp'y, b
anh'i hp llioiignl tint at in e a nt II 1
imply keeping hla eaia open, aa ha It
glii'l for auggcKl Ion whlci my lent I
an Improvi ineiit l a.iiil i,e had fr
nuciilly reiiieited aue rlrilcndeiila to olfrr
I "
any auggi ail'in wtilch Ihev trio n tii.
. "' 1 1 .ben-flclril, . lrore 1 1 . i,i,. ai on,
were niaue mime nan aic'l lo nav inem
aircngi ro neii, i n ruinvati i i'i onty
i n" who Ima complalnerl,
Ilea (nil l.eflera
Hire are two letter iecllly lo the
pnlni, on from n county and one from n
i It v aiinerlnlniiili'iil :
"liver y teacher to whom I have po'eii
lout t twine friimtliic raid Hey we fill
or rent unity, They ill-l finl think any
pupil who roii'd not gel ti re iilr 1
grade on theao riueelloli We Ibro'igU
with the eighth rrndo a n iflimd III t . te
J ale ( oiiian of Hiudy, I adviaed tha
iiuiilla not to wrlie on the March ni
(nation. Tlmw who did write wei In
rtuccil by thalr e liei t" wrli" only on
certeln auhlccl, a few a poaalble, but
after thieie pup. la eaw tlie iniethin
inriny of them thought the ramulnailnii
waa loo eaay to 'Id go,' and wrotn mi
thn program, I griideil all tin ip-r
lone, and w a ' l ine I i g'lidlng f
could be without being untlc Ml of
eeventneri who pn"d that ennmlnallon
vcrr eaily wer two 12 yar ld, four
1,'Henr okl. elaht l4-enr o,(U, thre I
tear -old. Many nior l.:er-ihl would
l.ii ve pHeaeil lliil ruamliiitlhirl hod their
tern hem ericoiirave.1 them to at'O'iipt II
Helatea Only lo lllnlory
"The crillclam unfair bcjiiie
directed al only n part of one or two
luetiin In one nil. (eel blatorv, Thr
am Ihlrleen oneiitiiina in tha bltorr en-
iimliiallon. Ail the pupil tueda Ii do la
lo iinnwer half of them 'o jet Ihe mini
mum grade of tie wr cent, Any nnpll
whoae reKonlng power are hwff'ed' by
aucli an eaay Anamination la not thronuli
with tha eighth grada in Nabraekn, nor
DandrufF Goes!
Hair Gets Thick,
Wavy, Iieautiful
Save your hair! Double its
beauty in a few momenta.
Try this I
Hair stops coming1 out and
every particle of dandruff
Try a you will, after an pplh'loii of
Handerliie, you can not find a elngle trace
of dandruff or falling tinlr and our
Kcalp will not Itch, but viiat Will plena
you mom, will be after a few weeka'
ii. when ou e new blr, fine and
downy at flrl-)e but really new h!l
-growing all over Ihe acalp.
A little (hi inter Ine Immediately double
Ihe beauty of your hair. No difference
how d ill, faded, brittle and crnggy, Jnt
mo'rlen clolh with Iwti'lcrlne and cr.
fully iIimw It lliiongli jii!r hlr, tklng
one amiill airaitd rit a time, Th affe't
Immediate and ame.liig- your hair Will
beallght, fluffy and wavy, and have art
appeariiue of abundant; an Imompar
b!' lual re, aofttie and lunurlaii'e, the
brutj and ahlrnmer of true hair health,
'let a cent bottle of Kiiowiton Iran
tJrrlnc from any drug tore or toilet, coun
ter, and prove that your hair I a pretty
and eofl a any-thal It baa been
ncglcoieif or injured by cgrelea treat
ment thai a l,
I'arulerlne la lo (lie balr what frnh
ahower of rain and aunahln are to vege
tntloti, If goo light to the root, in
tigoralea ami rtrenglheng them. i e
hlluratlng. tlmtilllng and life-producing
properlle caue the hair to grow long,
alrong and beautiful - Advertlement,
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
oroves it 25c at all druggists.
"e a-
I Ml
& m m l
t ho Bfrong enough not tn he btfficd by
tha work lit thn high aihool."
A auporlntemlent ln,m tho wealern part
of th (lata write;
"II eiin lo 1 1 in that Ml M'llllvan a
cimaiiierlng th child pr ont and pt
lalher limn Ha f ilure. Hi, may b too
yo'irig anil hla mind not ifflren!ly ni
turn to auxwer am h ipieallon, but If h
I he I certainly too young and too Im
mature either lo eiilcr high echool or to
il'ilt i hool It ba been my obaervation
Hurt It la poaalhla with the ii a' lnna a
the Imvo l.en for a child lo th
elKliili grade riamlriaf lima and ailll ba
unprepared to do anrltiln like aailafai-,
lory work In blgli i houl, I would fur
rather aea the uin.lnuin mada harder
lhall lo aea lliein nirln eaaler.
"My nhnervatinn of high aihool begin
nera I ui h Iliat I bellev larg part
t-rrhap nine I, nlli. ,,f ihi'lll, Wiillll)
greatly protti a I through their aihool
rarrei and ail through life t.y uklng
another year of giamoiHr, eighth grada
l.iigllah, rilbinciii-, i,l,i,,,, ,i oilier
grade (iihleiU he for o eliteniig MkIi
aiiiool, Few em to relu how ecn
tlal itd how valuable HioioughneM In
the roiiiinnii hranche la
"I do imt premium to (dvlne the atala
deiwirtmeiit (n rhia nmtier, but Jimt lo
tula mi opinion iid enter a counter.
'Ihree FtainloNttoaa,
Klale giitierlntendent Tboma en Id
"Three eiimliitlon arn offered March,
April end May, The Manb anamination
In naunllv a leaf given bv the tein her to
enable her lo Inielllgenil recommend
candidate fur tli eaainlnallon III April
The Mav dulfiliml i,n U Ii. mlly glti.n
aa aei ond lilal for thoan who oinke n
eredllnble thowlng In March nl,i, l nii'l
need aei i,ii, gram-. Them wgj II. Ii
teen iinoeipu,,., fr,,m wbb h Ihe i i,il:,lBe
could lei ler, Hmiir nf thr ilealloii
were technical, gomn wetn to e pi,
III maturity and power of orlHinal
15131519 yx
Will Save You Money
It Will Pay You to Get
Th pile
lltd ba
low will Ii
brd lo
for aoro
time o
com gftar
lhc gr
I right
the rug,
(he final
Ity, th
i arid
th pi iiea,
aoa't .
Iy mak
) imn .ii nun in ) w fawfgwiai
ing your
ai'iectp,,, whll our big openlnr; gtoik
0x12 Axminstcr In a line nf Ji.-nt nrifiital nnd "all over
luiKfriirt, (rcfijlly pplcffftj rolorinKH, 1 75
8 3x10 G AxminBtcr In Minn ijiflrn,
for ,,,,,,,,,, , . , ,y I U v
0x12 Tapestry Brtmela Nifty liri. of v)n,im iogm
wrr;. $13.75, $14.50 and $15
0x12 High Oracle 5-Frame, 5-Color Wiltotu, aaa jr
0x12 Royal Wiltoni In lifHiilifulMtl'tfolonnKK, Jfi r
mm tmm
Ceoet J Diiliibulori Omaha. Ntbfk I ftf I
thinking. All, however, were taken fron
the cour of atudy. A new courne of.
tudy In brief form will In out In ttm
ror rounty Inatltutea ana rsnripieiea lo
tli,M r,ir l,A UMiil.inlA. Aitf-rilnlr I eeWMfe
inn minim Dfuinnwnt iimm lutvnr naa iiinni
for tb printing of a courm of atudr.
. W-'ll w'iiiii.wij w V IIW
ter to puhllahlng hoimea
"Wi Huillvan cilitclam of thre iuom
Hon I unite amualng, aapeclally th oeg
relating to tha pilmary eolora, Th trt.
marv color form a baala for a long
of itevluea and leaaona In averr klndarj
tarten grid primary a".hool In th tl,
lelailve to th auiomobil and tlphoru
In modem rural lit, praotloally varw
child In Ihe giammar grad and oni
adult know II, ui tlieao ruk rural W
mora utile Ho far aa tna Uatlon Ira.
domenim m p nre I eoni erned, a kten
of Hi lylog of lb laid eecm real agar.
II I mi- of th flrat leaaon and on a
of the mnal eaally taught. I think mot
children would not hava much trouble
wiin ihla, an hough I hava en om
adulta at baniiieta begin at th wroail
ond of th lino with their ut'tiall,"
tVmm a Ktaff Corrcapondotu.)
f,INCt;V, April 4 (MpecUI.)-A ftU
Hon with tb reipilred number of tgnr
rched th office of th cre!ry of
ilw day plcng th nam of Krnk;
K, lleemen a candidal for dlalrtct
Jndg front the Twelfth Judhill dltrlc
on th non parllaen Irrtmary ballot.
Nnriilnatlona for judicial office ar
nil open and tiling rn b mail up tn
faturday night, April , ln dy befora
Ih prliiinry,
Ihofo's Alfeason
Our Prket Before You Bay
Tb fol
lowing prcg n
mr Itug
I 'apart
ment AS
loo m
felllng to
Wiettt la
la her n pick from,