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Staid Musician! Imperaonate Some
of the Old Master Whom
Tliey Revere,
l MM. I, It KM 4 rtl H,
The profeaatonal munlcal peopla who
lielnrig In III Clf club K anlde, Ihelr
prorVonl dignity Hiilurdny evening
end Indulged In an A pi II drat haiiijuet
t the Hotel fxiyel, There were eberrle
bard a brick In gnipe fruit rocklall,
dlahc of onp mad of -oiled la and
grease, glunne of bitter water, candy
apnragu nalnd, wftor dinner mint fla
vored with quinine, nnd cigar that hut at.
Attractive plac card wllh mimical
theme kept the gucat buny guexnlng
Ihcm, Mml afterward tin- vaudevllli) ahow
wm lif Iff . Tha nrchentra, compoacd of
Mlnne Kmlly Ocvn and l.uolla Ambr
on, and Mr. Frank Mhch aii'i Mr. Henry
Cog, played an overture, and Incidental
munle. Mr. Ceil lierryman a I'k'Ipi
ewkl, and I he ntiigi) hand, Ml All''"
Imvle a tha Wnh'io I. In Hint, Ml (ieve
nit 1-THzln ICrel!cr, Minn forlnne Paol
aon a Joeflna Hoffman, furnished
A mlnntrrl ahow contained Vernon C,
Dennett, J. r, Colvln ami A. M. Hoigium
and a 4ulntU of women, Kho M
orlfflnnl llmerb k about member nr
t ... .
w-i T,""r
Style. Quality . Sewfc Q "D T7 T A T
1 1 y jdii'biu your order for a woolen milt Willi ux during
the olio Ins week you will waive In addition
A Handsome Sport Skirt
Made To Order Free
of Charge
Whlcb l worth from f 18,00 to $2g.0O, All Inlereated and
who apprcliit the hlghrat atandard of exclualvflne and
maHtenthlp In execution are advlaed to make their selection
"Omaha'i Most Exclusive Ladiet' Tailor"
l llldK. Iliori Domr. 210.
ranged anil written by Mr. Jean Huf
field and All Oriice Hancock.
A mill'' quaiti't made up of Meant'
Minima, Newlan, Krai it nnd fiirnul, a.
led by Mr. l,Mndherg, a nIiiicIhk
iiiiiu'liHii, put on huniirnua compo "Itlon
hy Mr. I Jiii'll"ig, ('miiiil and Mr. KraU.
re ei'tlvely, Mr DoiikIh Welplon n.i
Vfata Tllllf, alnlfd l.y Mr. II. V.. Mil
like", Mr. Martin Huali, In "ilf if
lioperaoriatloiia of iircHl oniportetii, and
Mr: ly'lith I,. H'hhmi r, In mi orlKinn1
moniiloKun on Die hlalnry of niualit, w r
Heat favorite A ("Millar lieHilllner wi
lh H'l of Mr, and Mr Vernon Ctlo
(Henry l'i). In Hie wintla wnlk, lar
NHiid ''' ii triic, 'o trot und other
aorlfty daneaa wlHi orrliealra and p-l
I lull t. Mia HorKluni, Mi, lluetena, Ml.
Helen Mnikln, Corlnnn I'muIhoii an
Marie IIimIi, vaniiulnhed Mla Henrlitli
Heea In a plarpo olo, end put It on tnr
Younjrer Set Entertaini,
The O'T eluh, efinipoed of th" ultra
yrmnaer alrl, will irl' Ihelr flrl dan'
thl evening at iha home of Mla
Joaephlna Iitenaer, I'n'll thl vnnlrif,
the 1 1 ib lin not ntf rn ted ani M'-a m ir
ainliilloua than an fwphaurn or lunrheon
party. If Ilia dunee prove n (irea auf.
re, fhr.i alll h many mn Ihl r.
Hon and nt. A l ufM, auipar w I i
efve. lii fore 1(1 o'i Iik k. The rri'mher
of the iliili are;
lionna McDonald,
fa., line 'Vad,
I'elty Kairfleld,
Winifred Kraudl,
'on Hrl'ali k,
Ivlilli WHInlirand,
loi.ihlnn ,atener,
Morning Frock
Mle -
'iei , tt. i' feyrke,
lldn I aoilnn,
,lo el) ii H one,
I IIMhii Mini
Hwendnljn Me"ny,
MlVllllll Wliltn,
Imintliv Hlptile,
'J'ara llm kenhei K(,r lli lui fryke
or i oiiiinii'ia,
'liie Hiienla v.lll lie
Mel -
Ilohert Iniiweraen,
.lohn fhlltiln,
llayimind WryVi-r,
Hubert WHIc,
Jrime Noble,
Will N'lebolann,
III' bard fmlib.
Mer -'leomn
Italnh Hut ton,
llodvard Norton,
l-dward I'baiiilierluln
I'arl Ixiwe,
llobert Month,
I'n'tiaid lloliu'ult.
I ruie t'uiiibiKliam, Herbert Negele,
Dictz Club Notei.
Th I'letX iiub Kavn a ln party Hl
urday evenlna. About forty member
and frlenda wern preaent. Tha provram
'onalnt'd of tnuale, niiuif and luniiienn
erved at 10 o'eloek. Kbort lalka by mem
bera er made and aervaral nnw mem
ber were added to the 'lull Hat.
For Beatrice Oueit.
Twelve of tb very young girl wer
Ilia kueala of Ml J'egliy Iteed at her
Pi!an5ISr ,. ,-IaVilJ12iaY"rX
fi-ir- r fir J-- - - , , r.J. t T!gj.j r...:.
Th New Home of Hart Schafner A Marx Clothti.
ml t&i
'it'h (
Can't Find Locattone.
Scarctly any of the strata are
namad, and ula familiar with
Ihe dctalli of that particular part
of th city, one may ao for aevnral
blorka and not know upon what
atrept be la traveling.
Look at
from th undy Na.
Then 7
at This LT
There may not be any algna upon
the itrneta of Omaha, but there la
An Enormous
on the old RranUela Building that
nobody can mlaa.
Home of
Hart SchafTner & Marx Clothe
Watch far lha Illumination.
It Is Vacation Time
for School Children
It gives mothers a splendid oppor
tunity to bring their ehildren here
and outfit them for Kaster,
The JioyV Clothing Dcpartinent,
the Misses and Children's Depart
ments and every section of this great
f-tore where children's wear is sold
is ready to outfit the younger gen
eration with the best, and save you
money in the bargain.
Excellent Shoes
In Stylish Shapes
200 Pairs Women 'n NIioph, orftU and ends,
broken Nizt-H, hI ijrhtly Niled from display
on the luirgain tables, Speriaily CS
priced, pair OUC
Odda and Kudu In Women's l'limpa and Oxfords;
broken el lea; patent leather and aatln. nr
I'alr aOC
Odila and Knda In SVotnen'a Rubbera. Small f
Ire. Kpxclal Tueatlay, pair 1UC
Odila and lOnda In Men'a Shoe, broken (1 ff
l pair J 1 UU
Women'a Juliet and Three Point llouxe QQ
Kllppera, All aire, pair ,.70C
tilrla' null leather Shoe. All alteg to (TV O
2. Pair VOC
We have Juat rerelved a big, new
ahlptnenl of (( dnen unlrlinuied
bale In Milan hemp and ( hlna
tpllt et r.i a. Many f lliete hat
are In th lUr ahape, and ihrre
ye pleniy of Ihem In black. Then
hate are ! new aprlng ahapea,
and tha woman who lhe Id
-ronoiiiUe on her taier Hat wHl
find the bent of bargain here on
TuemU), Wprth up lu .l SO. Spe
... I HmI
To rompleia the Knater Hat we are
offering on Tueadar a beautiful
aaaorlment tf all kliula of flower,
eiieh a halaiea, Palialea, Vlolela,
Hnaeg and many other klnda. Many
of the tleeoratlnna are worth up
In (Wo, All on nale Tuea
lAir Ihoae di'ilrlna fani y feather
trima fr ibniiialiiin. w lin miiue
of ih u-ry preitieal of burnt t'hie
and Imitation lioura im 4l at
39c .nd 49c
Mr I, lli:( iiMKI a i-;.
It la dlffli'iilt to find u mourning frock.
that I both fanhloiiablri nnd eonxervatlve.
In thla Innlance both ipuilllli'li me rtiiiriri
Inuly illnplayed, for there inn n dlrr"i tly
low neck and long aleevi J The aklrt I
draped III bouffant effeet over tile blp
and I veiled with dull blark rhlffon. A
orgi bouiiiet and baiidn of dull
apangled trimming afford aultHliln trim
country home thl afternoon at lun' heon
In eieel Ml Virginia lloblnnon of
Heatrlcn, who la Ihn boue guei of Ml
Heed, The dining room and table wet
derorated with country-grown aprlng
Perional Mention.
Mr. Martin K Hugarrnan and children
left Hundjy availing for Naw fork to
apend two month with Mri. Hug&rmnn'i
parent, Mr, and Mi. A, Mnmly,
Mr. and Mr. Kdwln Holdberg left Mon
day morning for 8an Kranclaeo to be
gueata at lha wadding of their nlera. Ml"
Imrelt Nathan, to Mr, Joaeph Klaehcr of
Ban Kranclico,
Social Ooiiip,
Mr. K. J. Nevllla and her daughter,
Florence, are reglatered f. the Ht.
Charle hotel, Atlnntli! City, N. J,
Three Faintirijp Arc Makinj Close
Rate for the Lea'Jcrhij in
the Contest.
Xjdilteil tiillnu In the popiilurlly inn
t"' li! I lie inbl'ilt of nut the enlel n in
ltr, li b In lielng held In the mw.iedm
jut Hie ii'iblb' llbrnrv miller Hie auaplcna
of the (bun ha line Alt oiiiiy, In being
tarried on by liujie iioile, whbii arc
billy Htteinlini; the ienri; dlnpliiy of
nil '"(iei.; ,
TlH'ie piijr'iu in" liinklng M rloce rnrt
(.(- leadernblp In the . on'enl, "The Ciihln
MoHier," by Ada Waller Hlnil. tl,
b'.weer, redlining (he frt pbi.e In Ihe
fin or of lhoe who have vol il,
Ueririiiln J, name' 'i'i I'lb ', mid
ll'c aealern palulliiK. "HI I f la hi ," b
y H. I'nxann, are flili tiiiillbg for aeeimd
' reotile" I a bionie nii'dul pliiure
lliat b ranknl by mi buer m ll film
ntildy lit tlll life. II einbl.'lleii nil llin
ie.iiie of drawing, good color and
ileiOMillv" 'finlltk Hint Illlike up a good
4lo I'nliila l.anilaeape.
Mr, firnii nlno paint liindneiipr, for
v lib h nlm lui won honoi on neveiiil
i ci anion. Mie (l tepreenlei l ll,e
Han I'raiiiiiico etponlllnn bv a nilnlatuir
rntlilrd, "Hlii willi I'eralan Cat."
The a ill! from tvboiui In nail rimie "The
I'nbbi Molb'r," I im Indiana woninu,
v ho rebell ed h"r art Irii'nlng In l"r
ill. lin" Villi neadein-, Hhe muke
apeeinlfy of tmlntliig children, a onn
might Infer by nludjing the charming
llllle yoiingnter In her cunva at the
local e hi bit
Mr, ri)i In painter who ha made
a npeibilty of depleting the life of In
diana and American pioneer Hi
niurala havr gained wldn reiognltlotj fur
him In ihe art world. There ora eight
of thene In the Mlnxoul county court
houan iMontniinl and l In the Montana
enpltnl, "Ciialer'a I, ant fight'' I nnn
of hi painting wlib h ha been cnhlhltod
j III ninny elite.
lloeaae ( Kthllilt.
I Mi. I). II. I'rlnz I the hoale hi
I ' hinge of today' exhibit, Nlm I being
jgnalntei'l by Mr. J, H, (Inhume, Mr,
i Moyd tiaborne, Mr, J, I', I'nlmer, Mr.
K, f. Peek, Mrn.'John A. Methane, Mr,
l.mlen Htephena, Mr. II, II, Mclluff,
Mr. W, H, Mill Ugh, Mr. W. II, M"
Keen, Mr, J. J. Mc.Mullen, Mia. Mul
Naali, Mr. Krank J. Norton, Mr.
Charle Offutt. Mr. O, C, Itedbk and
Mr, charle (ilmm.
It ha becomo known that Prof, Paul
Orummann, director of art nt Ihe alale
unlveralty at Lincoln, la endeavoring to
muke arrangement to get the ehlblt.
for the capita! city when It leave
' imaha.
There I a pnnlbllly that penver will
hv the exhibit hefora Lincoln. Can
vae of porthwetern atill would be
hnwn In the art mueum at the atate
unlveralty If Prof, dnimmami can make
atlfarlory arrangement.
Widow'i Club Meeting!.
Mr. Hel ('.. Turpln, the organizer,
announce two meeting of the Hoclety
of Amrlean Widow thla weak. On
will be held Tueday at 2 o'clock ftl
the Young Men'a Chrlntlnn aoclallnn
f f ;
-v Ad
' , .
. . : j J
Why Buy Tomorrow9 s Milk
Supply Today When You
Can Get Today's Supply
Before Breakfast From
ami to
The "Milk.While" Dairy
Try Douglas 409
For This Service
Women's Union Suits, 25c
Wemrti a I im' t iUoi l nuui NuiU, iitnbrelU kucc ami
cuff km i", rru' titid nut im a .l'ic tallica nt 25o ml n 'a Fm tUi M.'cel, H c,U; fn t.,.,t, fclidilt
'!) t fi i I lV tlic, ape. tal 7.,e r It.
Ii,f,,M;' t ofloti .u l.iile lo' i tn!,.r Wortlt I I
I"1 'ir, IN r i itir, UX'. Tor, lion In.,-, gtl Imeiii,.i,a .i itMi.H, k,ntbV
I'.ir r rnr i I childrrit ,UfM. Np-, IWj rd
lci a fin" .((. .ti, t iMil.,,t Mxi tud l.ule r Hi.ah lo-.
I ait iMlor and Hi n Ii,ni n( ir,U, Vortl IV. i. me. Ue.
t'Wex m mi
I ti'll, tlclicimi,'
team A it y-1 I ..,! Taff,
all fUor. Ic?'i'ar I'.'.'
plil'it , per p-.l"d
Dressmaking Classes Have Started
' I,, 11 ,1 Hur.l iV
Miu' t'n.elet . ! as hi ter trr.ltii l'li.n .n ii,u il.,r.l t
tl.r.,!! i. ,w al Ii.- i . r.,,1. ., ,,t iHf.ce Ticket f ,s l c , .:,,- ,
'f I M. f-.f
Want to Hire a
I Put Your "Help Wanted" Ads I
yThe Omaha Bee
le Per Word on Phone OrJtri
TjUr 1000
A fm iiii'i' iiiiiiiIiii gil l, Mnn I lert I'ikIii
Mi'CiirlliJ , will be niiibl of borior nt the
wedding of Mm hilith iigden Illinium,
daughter of the former inavor of Chi
cago, Carter II, llnninon, and Cyrn Kd
Hon Mnnlerin on lllinter Tuindny, The
Weii'llllg will be a Iiiiki nnd bllllllillt
if fii of th" Liiier aeiiHon,
Mln McCntlhy In Ihe duughter "f Mnjor
and Mm. I'iiiiI SlcCirtliy, wlm were
formerly ntntlounl nt the nrniy lieiiduimr
ler here, Minn McCarthy icliiiocd but
full lo he an alictubmt nt the wedding
of Mln Irene McCoimcll nd Iibk Coiid
and remained over a npechil muld to
the iieen at the Ak Har Hen bull,
and Ihe other will be ThurnUay nt 1
e'liock nt the Young Women Chrliillnn
ochillon. The latter meeting be
preceded by a dinner In the, "Y" i fi
at a.yi ii clock.
Social Notei from Lincoln.
M. H. K. Hyiam of Ciilcago rame io
Mnuolii Moni'ny for i; brief atny with her
Inter, Mr. Inil Kornmeyer, Hlie ie
lurtied to her home. In t'hlciigo Tneadiiy.
Mr. Loul Kornmeyer accomi iinb d In r
to Omaha, where they rema ned nevernl
day, tin! gociri of Mr. end Mia, A, J',
Tiikey,- (iuiidny State Journal.
Mra. fl, H. Whllliw nnd Mr. Kiel L
IcvVltt entertained nt bii'lge Thurabiy
alternoort In honor of Mr. T, It, Whlfltitf,
who will leave today for her home In
Omaha. Mr. W. I,. Iav: won the prlao,
Mr, nd Mr. Whiting have lived In Mil
(Oln for revernl yeai nnd are golmt lo
Omnia becgiiae of a changi" In Mr, Wblt.
Ing'a work, which iieceraltloa tiaveing
out from that clly. Hunday tJtato Jour
Rockford College Affair.
A "between time" affair wa given
thl afternoon by the Hock ford College
anioclutloti In a luncheon Hint had a
giiet Hockford ntiulenln home for
Ihelr aprlng vacation or panalng through
(una lii, enroiitn to Ihelr achool, The
luncheon wa given at the Young Wo
men' fhrinllnn annocbitloti nnd tha
tnblo wa decorated with tha rnllegn
color, purple, In aprlng flower. Thonn
prenent were:
Menrtnme - Meadamea--full
n it. McDonald, .1. II, lienton,
A. W, Cn rpenlei-, c. A, Woodland,
t ,i )', Crook, Harold lllby,
,1le Mlnnen
Inabel Hhtlkerl, Henrietta Medlar,
flertruile Alkln, Hninh Hear.
Ploreni tlegghlnde, Alice ttedgwlck,
rlalen Huek. i llndya loodinnn,
Vlirlnn Maylord of I teniilnger.
Anniversary Surprise Party.
Mr. mid Mm, Henry Abraham wero
mirpr'eeil nt their home Unt evenfng by
a piuiy of friend, who called In honor
of Ihelr l went y-ei enth wedding annl
verairy. The guent pluyed l.iidgH and
ptinia were won by Mr. Saniuel lionen
berg nnd Mr. L. I loldsmlt b. Thoee prea
ent were :
Mennia and Mendiitnen -ShuI
I e tne. H.imuel Itonentierff,
Havld Newman I!. IhMhiiiIUi.
Itol eri irn I v 1I 1 1 roe
Aron Roaenl em. Henry Abi aham.
i M.,ri in ni.enl ei ,
I Mnndnuicn Mem'Hioea -
Fanny Htinon lice Klrve.
M Ineen - ,t tnm-n
' I'nia lle,e, ,le e Kroner
j Irina I lion. Fat lice Newman.
Pauline Iton.-n ierg liorothy Abrubani.
! flella A briiliain.
Mr Hint Ainni'nm 1
Inteifit in Conference,
tiitmh.l inn Hi, i ii ' ii
In Hie pitu ceding nf the laent
total hlld Welfart . ..ireceii,
Hoil.,1 cut,, eltl un n( tin
Mother and Pnretn Tea
llnim ThU . ..h, i till. oi openn lepiorniw ,
M Vi.lnllle Tern, , ntel ill i-.un noi
ihiviuh I tie rt.-el
Lenten Sewing
Hie I ,.l lil -ilr I. I'c " '. Ii'.t
i It i. f iei ii....,- ilb ll. I il"'t l 1'i'H
il 'll-.. M.- -. , li.t ,1 ih-'' I- .inn
i.i f-r I .. I, ..i' ,u . h i '
.'Lot . i I ... In ' ' 1 i i i ' I i i '
. : ,1 ., 1, . ' . (.I.I
. . m-- Oi . f I : . ; '
a i t, I ' VI ... I S i
l l I ' ' I I
Ait Kihsb H '.mm
M i I " . i 1
...I, H. IM!' t 1 I ' '
. . . . ,i I
i i , ,, ....... VI .
V n V '
i , Vi -. . - l.
i ii i i. ' i
il p.i ...
,1 if f .r 1 ' '
1 I VI l i.i. ' -
. ... ' "
Train School "cwi.
The Mot hern' nnd T lo';,,-, ' . Inb of
Ti run nehool held Ih'-ir fccml meeting
Fiklny afleiii'.ou the ..oni'' sl"
A. Hwohode. Tlie fu'l im iol"'ihll "f I1'"
eluh Willi io'iii, lonnlieii ci" pieneiit
A program m gKen wi'h lO I'icil U'i"
I, ii nnd reiiliitmn-i.
Ohpheum Theater Party.
The box iiccujiiinm nt the (irphe'.m
till evening will b" mndc up prliicl
patly f rui-rmui'ti" of two, not partle
In the pantuct of the theater, nld out
early In the morning. Mr, and Mr. Hoy
It. Zachiiiy will give ii parly to aeven
giient. Mr. and Ml. P. W, Mlkell,
,-ilv, nnd piitile of five will ha glvmi
bv Mr. Hick Kitchen nnd Mr, and Mr
I . i. A, Lu keti and Mr. and Mr
Norrl Hrntvn. Mennr. II. C. Nlchnlgon,
II. L, llunlle, Harry Hyrne, , '.
Hedlck. I.. N. Colin and ('. L. Frn
wnrth have tnleii reervatlona for four
Mr. Harry Weller wn hntea to five
guentn nt the miillnee performanee.
Mr C, A. l'ii will he hontei to
twentv-foiir at Hi" T:e'tay matin" and
Ml N. L, li'ickert will have ten guent
For the Wednend'iy matinee, Mr. A,
Cteen hn taken twelve reservation.
Mrn C. II Pratt, l Mr. " ('"n"
rinl, neven, and Mr .1. Koaenlh!. lht.
Mr. C, Hdidrb knon will havn ai
g.enm nt Hie Thurdiiy mnll"",. n
Mr. Haney ban taken fourteen reer
MiHon for tl." Friday club.
Mr. W. A, Vonon ban eight rrnrrva
tlon for Hi" Friday matinee,
At Prairie Park Club.
The Arnembly club 'lam w flven
Fiiiurdnv evening nt Hie Pralrla Park
club houan lo no unuaually large mim
tcr of gneat. Mr. and Mr. Herbert
.....i ... . l,nf,.l tiinrb At
ir'i Kler i on iTiiineo in- - "-.---
Ihelr home after the dance, trie follow
ing go'-nm being prcnent:
Menara, and Mcdiime -It
C Hnrion, 'I. H. Hheam,
V,' W, Kerr, Holtman,
W T Kourkn, A. A. VVedemeyer,
C,'l Mickey, H, Kln.
A 'I. lieclieford,
!,., Viola K Pbllhhir,
Past Festivities,
Mln Loulne Prbach wan hoten at an
biformnl pa.'1' Thursday evening at her
home, Thone ptencnt were:
M'nwa - , Mleae -
A V. 1avld, Icile I rbacH,
M. nnr. - ..,M',Tr."'' u
t I', Wencntt, W, If. I rba-'h,
Hnnlel lebev,
Mr. Irbmh,
Mr and Mr. William He!nrth,
.r. ,md Mr. J. H. Loii'V,
Menorah Society Meeting.
Tim Mmocih aoelely will hold an oper,
meeting Tuendny evening, April 4, hi
their eluh room, at Labor Temple, An
nihlrenn will lie given by Mr, I. !ee, fol
lowed by a inimical and literary program,
Innliillallon of officer will tilo tak
On the Calendar.
McKlnley l,dle' auxiliary of the n'nl
Il'rlth In giving a dancing party In tha
ball room of the olepom thl even
Ink. The ihllnlhe union (it Omaha will
meet thla evening at the Young Wo
men' Chrlntlnn anjcaton.
Credit Men to Meet
in Omaha in August
TUite have been definitely el for tha
convention of the Iletall Credit Men
Notional annocbitloti In Omaha. They r
Auguat 21, V. and ?l. Prenhlent J. VV
Woodlock of Ihe annocliitlon lin written
Ihe bureau of publicity of the Commercial
club aiinouivlitg the date and announc
ing an eagerncn lo co-operte with tha
bureau In the matter of getting a large
nil attendance of delegate a polbln.
Hctwecti nnd '.ffi are expected,
la Amea avenue, from Thlrty-nlxth
street to went city limit, a main thor
oughfurB within the meaning of a law
paanod by the Innt lcglnlatureT The city
commlmloner ore In doubt, (
The matter of ordering thl atreet
paved without iiaiuil petition of property
owner wii hild over for two week,
when the property owner will he given
an opportunity to appear hefore the coun
cil committee of the whole.
If the atreet I to nil Intent and pur
pore n main thoroughfare the council
mny order the pavement. One property
owner hn protented on tha ground that
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