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    TfTK nr.K: omaha, tit-sdav, atoil -i, ion;.
Attorney General Decides that
Broken Bow Man It Entitled
to Run.
'I'mm Xlff I'orrofxirwIcM )
l.tSCOUS, April I - (Hi' lnl Tlri )
- Tint name of I, A. ltenati of lirriketi
Uuw wiIkIiI 1j.v remelriirl on die (ri-
weiy tiiiUnt a (atnliilate fur the re
to 111 national rfi'ilill n rmiventlcn Itwl
h willed, fiuriUity nf Html 9 Vunl
tilled that a dm j.i-titlnn dll not have
,ffl' lent name In two cnrrlnnl
ijirtrl't (h name coiilil fil o on (M
Mill'. I,
Tli matter iitl up to (lie mioniof
H"i"-ni am Ijij Ii (ItIiIi'I flint tli
li'liilnii footliii1 ni'r then (lie re
iuIimI mimlcr of alfner for tin entire
t! llmt tli (mm of Mr. I!"iiii -n"l't
l.v a ln' on lli Imllot, lADlnc Ma
opiMoti oo a foroiT oilnlon of tin '!
)o on? roiift I" Ihit Jmiklti e.
AflT iwiirlnif thi vlitory Mr, Uaiiea-i
loiilxl.l (lecMe) that lie hart he'll vlmll-r-atat
and will al t)i aecreiaty of
It) withhold hi name from Iha tiiillot,
!, In Hir il(k lr(h,
t 'm til loo1, lih'nle lunar at Oxf'trd,
ImikIkicI, !'( out tmler In din i'a with
rleeilt lo he t fli hertaide of hi mother,
Mm, J'i'lX" it, K, lo'" "I" Ihl ' Hy- Mra.
(loo'l rtrlii llil frioniliiK, wlill' (he not!
friifled to l'"t I" N Vol It oin
time InAnf.
Tha yiwt Mian iiinrriotied horn
hf ililn lo week aid, h''t warn unable
to iim iiik el the lime.
MM, flood wa a efeler of '
vn of NehraK dir.
Pool Hnrnifl".
Heirrtary of Ktata riierll l'wl U wink
life fford a wmi fliianrler, (he report
if lit offi for Oi month of Wardi
ahowln r' l( far In ''" "
month for IM to irevlfu yt.
Tim r'"U'l '"f """"' "'r
$;!,4H I, all In ''li. I'""1 b '"r nl
wolln, "To Tmt I to l!i't, Kl ." Tli
tnoVh of Mr-h, VM, hnwi IXVU.'A iA
fnr llio Hum month of iMt, !,,. IA Til
IwliKlon fli followln ItKow: forrrtlon
lrigt, 'orporntlori pnilll',, I'W;
filing rtlrl of lti'orriortloi, VlfM.W,
fiiiary roiniiilimlonn, $!23; lrnl, I3;
icrilfllil O'l trufiwrlpt, $',V; Uliiiln
Knd trdVliirlM, V,V, null ot iun,
VZV, lon hrk lw, tt; all ollir
wHlf u, U,4J,
Aatomobll Titr:
In tlm uloino(;ll lcirtiniit, wlil'ih In
iilnUlril by &-fnt tat on frh tinm
W twt, i.VA autoinoblln Ht and W
fnolor'-)"!l illn wr -ft out durin
Mrrli. Till tnuUfH total numhr of
mitomoolln rltrlon of t,1) lip to
March Jl n4 of motorcycle r-illr.tlon
of 2,fA for fh firt ttir montha of tliia
ymr, Ttil conllirbly reM tli total
fcidirtl'in for lt yr, th numtwr
for that yr Mnr W.Wi lor uoioMI.
Mr, Tool flifiir'a that th ffJ autmo
ill rltra.tln thla yar will nt fall
much blow tjoziO,
Kiponfllturaa nt tTw 4irtmnt Jn
sonnctli with tha Unfiling lit Vcn
for tha month of March wra: Offlca
auppllea, I16.CS; extra hlp, WIJA; aalarlaa,
tl,M; volt, M; tiumlwr Plata.
i),7, a total of fl,t7..
KKArlN-rTr, Nb., Aprlt l.-tflpcll Tl-
rtrum,)-Tha elty alatlon at K!arny,
wiilih taka trM tomorrow, haa tn
on of tha moat hotly-ontt4 cm
linliim In many y'ara, four mambrira of
ilia c:liy connrll ara t h ,tttfA, and
ona H'-'pHon tha warda hava from
two to flva contnalanta. T1i main Imu
Involved la whathr tha city will rronllnu
I ha policy of tha laat yr of paving and
H'lvrral !andldata hav annoii)icd that
ln-y will flmrmnd pavlnf ptltlona from
rculdmla l"fore crcailn now dlilrtcta In
iid of followlnif tha prraent law, which
kJIo tha (ounril to rranta a dlntrlct,
lug tha proprty owncra an oipor-
i iiiliy lo proiirt agalnat tha mova.
HK-rwl inllcx of trfflt lmprovimrila
Iihvk i,cii pui In under tha 'lm, whll
nra of effort to K' l p'opla In aln iv
irii; p ililoiiM htva fii'kd. Tha lahorln
limn rt almoal aolnlly whh -tha nd.
dnlia wlio fbvor puvlng, while tha rrHC
iloiiarlea nro found iilnioU wholly among
lllf ut T ICidi nt.
A I i:nll A, Ned , April 3 (Hproiil ) An
plll Iim.I nVe. Bun iiiij on llir I'lmt
;iiiioiin hMnli of (till illy Hul'irilay
iru the ilnom of I In- om nfnmi o
sivlhH Imi'lt, n iii. of nil of tin' con.
I'm and iiiiinlpiilMloii In ITinhli-iil T, i:,
V. llll-lhli. hihI i nuKlniiinlii, f 1 1 i i 1 1
MiiiaiiiH clom'd nil iliiy long ami ili.l nol
'pin i'i 'mill pi o'i i.i u In tlie iviiiiim
I hM i m Han flili il nli fnrmeia mn
rnrrn of tl'lll lni'1 In iu hlinllllux Willi
(In- Mil Null.. inn, I 01 1 nnali lv anoihi-r
1 '"' liM'l rimiigh nm lo npitm o Hint
li ifllu ill,) nut flop
I'l A Tlili y:
I' M r mki i Mi;
II i Lull y le.
N'eli , A n II j tepr i I
I uii'n i,ieflnv of IhU
l11"'! II Oll-miliUC NlrltlOii
In I
on VPUph it on iiihi!
of l inn
I elfih i a air , I',
dinlaili h,i ni,,i Wliu.l
hi II ft'
VI i l. mi
I In' ,1.
V fill" in laliol ,liili ,,o ih
..,nt.r l,r 1 1 n I, l,l H HhiiiI.iV
"il " in if ami
(..r Kin I inn.lei r,,i f,
i.iimii'i Ui II'.. mn. II
1 "Ml nl
nt. N't' Thi' ! will
i .
I I h
t.,6 Mil I'l lll l.t
)l Kt I .S iH N- 1. . ill . l I H
Hi" . I ll III It lUll h III 'tfli ..
'.I I.H lrtl,, a I 1 l4'cc
li Hll Ml HI I ill" I i I' ! i I ..'i
f li" ..inv iii lie i ! i- t Hi
' i I i.t i a t" t 1 1 r I t i" i I i hi ait
' 1 Jin aiy t '(!. p gii.iiff ,
$ tin I t a lth 1 ,,iitt pui
e 'I, ,, (ho . '..,. '',(-.'le vih
" ' t -f n i'l'l i I i l i ll '
'. .' i,i a 'i1.
I.. Maine Mi k Men
" 'ifct aa I In HI. ,.ii ai.. ef'e-
Vi-'.l in, I, a i, .,. ,,., ,( if
ii-'i ! I'n a ii i,i i.. , . i t . ii,
.' I i ,,!,,,!, m i ,, i ., ,
I ,. He l'-. U ' .
Thrown Through
Windshield When
Two Autos Collide
TMT,Ml-:il, N''., April J.-- (Mpcilal I
llowmd Krown of Crab Orchard "d
tloro Muharrr, a traveling auli'imiiin
from tsh'i, la., n piilnfully, hut not
nrloimly, Injiicd In an auloniolilln col
Union at 10 : iii loi-li MiiIiiiiIhv niKbl Tha
accident a on lh road from f'rah "r
chard to Teeiiiieli lier Vel. llnmn
w biliiKlng Mahany to T" iimnen to
ralch a inldniuhl Irnln, ,lnue Morphy
a iciiiinlng lo Ma hon near Vinin
Tha lirown car and tha Morphy car 'ol
lld'd Willi terrific fo P. Mahnrty
tl rown ilirmiKii the wlndahleld by Hi"
Impai I from lb (olllolon and (offered
liicernllonii of ihe one aim and III
faca fiom broken glaaa. Ilrown w
thrown out on hi cheal and anffeied
from (he effe la of Iha fall, Mmpby waa
lull. nllKblly Inhired It l not known
what cauae'l Hie H'lilnf. Holb ia
wern carrying HkM',
ole from lberlaod.
M-TIII-:HI,ANI;, Neb, April l- 'Kp-
elal I Tha Went Cenlial Nebraaka decla
matory contest Ik to be held here nrnf
Kiit'inlay, April , Tha rofilent wn (o
occur at North Malta thi yar, bol o
epidemic of a acrlona nature canned tha
change In location. Fifteen or moi
a'hoola In the dlntil' l will he repienentel
Tha l aat Kt, Jymla Jtrblg company,
which ban the contract for count ru ling
tha atiile aid hrblga arroaa the )oilli
J'latla river immediately ami'li of f4nilie.
Iiiii'l, la making at rungeioenla ptellm
Innry to acloal opemtlooa
A, U month-old daughter of Matty Ma
on, realillng aoiilbeaat. of town, bnr-
Jled Thiitaduy. death having reunited from
the cffci la of Injiifba recelvnl In a tun
away a day or two prevlonaly, 'fba child
and Ita mother wers thrown front
wagon agalnal a wife fence. The moMi
l'a InJ'irlea were aetloiia.
HAHT.W, ,Nb ( April 3 . -.fXpaelal 'lei
'gram,) M, A, llatrla of t)fnb alnrtcl
ptoceedlliga to erhnma )b body of John
O'i'onnor for I'lenllfbaflon by lie alleged
won, John Klfk'nan of Omaha, (it Ida )t-
(er'a anil for the Mitffi O'f'onoor 'All.e,
Jluirla alatea that a pecnll ir l one foi
million ban been discovered In the body
of John Klrkman and other eeneratlona
of h family. To prove that Kifkioan
and ottora Inherited theaa bone for-
mallona from John O'Connor, It la derd
that tha body of the reepiae; l,e ehiltried
for enarnlnallon by X Itay,
I'cnnlt to nrhijma tha body n nhfoad
by Mayor MalKetf, but. f'ny f'lerk f!rl
ton on the advlca ut ''Hy Attorney linn h
nmn withheld hl algnatiir wllhonf,,
whhh II la Inoperative. Mr Hoifhtnafi
characterized tb mova aa nothing more
than a "flatting enpedlflon for avPhni"
to g'lbalantlafg theory of bona pee illarl
Ilea." He aaaerted that the Omaha peo
pla had nothing tangible iipon which to
make good their clalma that eucJi an
glraordlna.ry mova ahonld ha allowal.
Tha county judge a I no refoaea to act.
AUTtOHA, Sub., April 3 -fKpaulat,)-Ipeaklrig
to a large audience at Iha mari'a
meeting of tha young Metre (Thrtattan
aaaoclatlon Hunday aflernorm, Judge
Jacob Tawcett of the Nebranka auprema
eourt, declared that the future of the
American republic reata In the Integrity,
courage and good common aernte of the
common people of the country, The re-,
publlo waa eatabllnbed by the common
people, he aald. Had been defended and
maintained by the common people and
thelre la the greateat concern In Ha per
petuity. Judgo Fawetfa addreaa waa of
a pntrlotlo nature and met with a hearly
reception from the men of Aurora,
Attorney ffeneral Willie V Iteed will
be the apeaker at the meeting net Hun
day afternoon, J'. II, (iroavenor, Aurora'
new poattnaaler, will aieak oti Iha after
noon of April 10.
I'reTenla Infeciloe,
Hloan'a l,lnlmeiit aplbd to a aora, cut,
wound or brulae preventa Infection and
blood polaon. 2,ir, All drngglnt.-Advcr
i 1 1 , n i a i, a i) v i it 1 1 a i t i i ,
Vote For
Judge James R. Dean
I I Mr i'i 1 i't .f " H' l,.,l
t VM'lI'Mt nm
Judge Supreme Court
';:: .
Registration at
Beatrice is Heavy
flKATIilf'K, Neb, April . tHpeclal J
rnmpf't aia tbul a big vot will be
polled at tha c(ty election in l Tuieda),
aa 'If, Volera had reiilelered When the
regialiatloo board ch,c. (la book n1
ftia city hall Hatutdny evening raiull
ilalea, thine for Iha nminb eloni r iliill
and threii for the manager plait, aie in
the race, and tbire are lo b eleiled
Tha city ha been iind'l the comtnia
eloni r mihiii Iha (n at few 'ni, and nl
the rli'itloll Tuemlay lh Volel will be
given an oppoitunlly I" vote fm the
plopoaed pew ayatein, The i niiilldiHea for
the oriiiiilmeotier avulem era J I! I',
rield, J, V, faundeta and U T, llenida,
and for iWm manager plan II. A. Tnomp
on, K. 1 lleli lonn aicl ( otirao ftitoh
Another liia lo he foiighi oul Willi the
ballot I for atid again) lh aaiwma
IPalilce at preaepl ' Wet," and the
high IPeniia workera believe they will
telalti Iha aalonoa, ahll (be opp.nlMoii
la eiiilly i)iifldili( thai th' will lone
out. Cor membeia of the achool boiint
the cindlddle for lb" abort term at
A. W, llurge, i' A gielmn, Vernon
If, Andrew, In W, Maiden and ,
I, Hereon, and for the long teim, ). A,
Harnard, Mi. I.aui I'o'k ytahoa' h and
A, (I, llutkelt,
'Flnm a aiaff l'oieaior,d' nl t
1,1 VOl, N, ,Veb, April lcpel 11 i
y'rank Atnold I'ailerami of liotdott be
gn Hie pra' tpa of deniHy In ciciirl
without Itoublmg lo plocora a Iheliee to
ptailice The alate boa id of dental
arrtier were taking atepa lo tmil
htm under fh dental law, when I'ai
lernon applied to Judge tVentover for n
lohmction, wbb b waa granted in Aug it,
The i utm i niii- mi fm hearing Mrh
fi and upon the argument of lepnty At
toiney lieuml 1enter '(, liarrel), Judge
W'eeloier tloild III" iae and d.S
aolved the lfiiincllon,
Mr, Ket f it contendei) that I'alfetaon
bad failed (o aisle m can" of ' 1 1'iti In
hi petition, (hat Iha cetl allegation
of hi petition wrie Impropeily Joined,
and that. I'alleraoit had ail gdpiia rem
edy at law, All of the contiiiion we
auaiaincd by Judgw Mtaiovet
etr 4 bereb for flrldgepert,
liUII'UKI'iiH'r, Neb, April J . rntpe.
clal.t-Tbe f'atholb irf ItlPtgepoit have
pufhaaed a alle for new t hun h build
big and will atari a hendnome edifice !
otie Although the ('aiholba have held
ervbe her at tegular Interval ever
alma the town w rmililn d this
Ida flref effotl which ha been made
lir erect a chufih billding by thai tl
a u
YA To little hearts and big ones, too m
28 flip Wrifflov SnpiirniiMi :ro riilluif IA
RjJ calling, every day:
Their message is one of good cheer
about this refreshing, beneficial goody
that costs so little but means so much
to comfort and contentment.
, Send for the Spearmen's (Iumption book
for younfj and old, illustrated in colors.
Atlilrw Wm. Wrifilcy Jr. Co., HiO.l Kcuner IHtltf., Chkn
(Shew it
alter every
1 mmmm
m t u w m t ..r jm m w er mux. -w - - , m m
Ki'OIT H 111,1 I'K, Nib, Aplll iXpe
ilal I Itettrnin l,danhi, who live on a
Kliikald hotiiealnad eibie. n mile icrlh
of till nit, la In a cilunil C'ii"tit ion u
the teaiilt of a full iwln i Hilinlny,
when u livery team In . dihlng niu
awnv llwant Wiin liitowii onto hl
head and Itoiibb i , til ukull I fia. Imeil
and be ;in oiiiv a mall illume lo te
b Molon las wmk limb I on
g WUly foot blp boellice botldllig
fieUK to lh laiiO n,li', of new III
gen lore (he Mcotl ('luff hool ho. ud
Will be compelled lo biilbl MllollKr ' h i'll
h'lllillmf again Mil" aiiiumer. Tl," e' hool
llH I il lootnlct'il cboWJ li III l1e
of about Z'l boot l,li"lt 'I Hill,) I le
At KT l(,, Nib, Ailll --iflliecial I
The I'tenbyl' i tun ilmi'li fealoird a aiud
nation em m I X iii'l.ii moinln l lcmi
gtulf i oinpleleil lh f)rl alatulaid
lenrher ttulnllig lo'iirc nn'l (ten- aeaidiil
dlplonin lif the ilitioniliinllon The ad
dice and awarding w bv Hr ulna
tlooal iiHiiiilemlent of .Nrhiaeka emod,
frv Kalph lloiineiiiaii The gtaduale
were llev. II tt I'otidU, I'aul A till
fllof, Meadantea f'altiellne M (olidlt,
Unmet M, liile!, N .lahe tlllnioie, Anli
f! t;i.oll and Kale 1,11nbeth I, Inn and
llloo Manila I 'in I Icilnlla K Oillati,
IUlu I', illllati and Moienc (! Jone
IIAHTIN'IC Neb, A III 3- iKpecul I'el
egtvtii i Word baa i'li''d heie of (he
mrtl4e of ,leljlelint ('liarle Heliedlct,
on of Mr and ,"t I'', .1 llenedlcl of
(hi ci. lo Mia MiiiK'i'ei Ihiliol War
ing, l Vncouei, Wnh , M'U'h "A, on
lb day I bat,' w otdered with
hi reKltfient lo Hie Meilcan bolder. Itene
dlc( I a former Went I'olnl fool ball ii
iNmpalgM I Irenerba,
ih':a,tkh'k, n , Apm .1 Mpe. 11
Telefilm I A polill'ul iii'cIIum wa b'ld
at Cllb and ''null lieela thi evening
ddrud by ihe ctidda.te for Ibe cP
manager plan, K, I,, llcielotie, II A
Thompiion and 1 'oiit ad Klot'b, 't'beae
candldalea and (hue for ''ommiloiici
yiilem will be vo(e( 'ion (omoitow,
l.oldeo Wedding el lllierli,
fiKATl! I' l', Nell, Aplll 8 - (ie. ,
Mr and Mm )oit Wilghl of Liberty
Kaiuirtay rebbtated tlielr golden wed
ding aniilveiaaty at their home, nui
rounded by ihelr chlldien and blldten
1 blldien lo the H,!mI and foiitili gmcra
Hon. They have an unueual rei ord for
half a iiul'lry nt mauled life, In that
ym Two
there ha not been a, death In the family
among the children, grandchildren or
gteal grandchildren. Tiny were married
April I, law, and 1 ainii lo Hag county
In )'), where (hey pun henfil the farm
on whl'li they rculde for per aiie,
1 1'roni 11 iff ( '01 riaponilenl i
l,I Vi1il,N, April 3 IHia ' Pil ) Altm
nc-, ilch. nii Herri Ima filed a motion In
fcb ril iiiutt to lllnliila the can brought
bv the Oifftt Noilbern again! acvcral
10UIIII1 I,, lierp the i mint le ftolll col
lectlng Ihe I'lllman 1 at Inn ameKcd
again! I hem.
Tlie motion w filed on the ground
that the aillon too iabt ilui' not conl'iln
aiiffpliiit yio'iml for aeiliii
Itraof I oniHirreiel i lnl llooinleg,
:IHNT. Nb, April , iHie"ii i Tb
',101 roimo'i' al 1 1 iii clnluii lo tic (h
banner 01 aaiil'ilioii of ll i ai in ll
I'lilli d i-lnii The illy ha a jmpm.ill i
of 40', eo'l Ihe 1 lull (mm n mmhei hlp
of I'm
The I 'oomieri hil i lub Inm -rud o"t -!
lima to 'ill the loan nl'hg the lliyli Illi"
a Mu foi a I. cM. i 1 1 11 10 ii. F
Ij.chI ipllal will iimlall l.etr In the
mar funie nn up to dale tool, in
' .-inmeiy iiimI butter making plmt
eir Hank al HrMaepnrl.
(il:llHi.;'ti(T, Neb , April I iHie
'tail 'I he Ncliiarka Miale bank. Ilrulge
pott third financial Itiellt illoii, opened
II itoor for biialiir Ihl morning wild
a repllal of I,. It llowey of Mil
coin l the pneldent; J Miller of
lO'tiver I flit vice prenldenl, I', I.
(flceri I arroml vice ptenlilent , T It
(ami, cl,ler, and Will Meeker, a.ll
apt (l.ler
Why Spring Dringi Out
Freckles and Eruption
The guilden apeatance nf fiekle,
aligbl eruption or ftna llnea al (hi
00 I allillnileil liy ,lnl li to tin
acilnlii rai," wlib h I iiimanally a' live
flnrloK Iha mina motilli. Where lb
kln f o affected by llil Influence, If
one will procure an mince of eninirton
nicrcolifted wan at anv ilntg atofe, apply
a llnle of II before retiring, lire com
cream, aha can caally overcome I he (rou
ble HI, 10 the nil la waabed off nail
morning, flaky nam parlbPa eome Willi
It Tha enllie outer cuticle la removed
lo tl.i war In week or two, with all
11 ibfecia No beach could o effect
lie) II v remove fickle or hlemlehe, The
new auifnce la amnoin, Hear, frean look,
log No pain 01 Inconvenience acenm
pimlca llila elml'le llealllielil
to cae of vilnkle which allik beneath
ih, outer akin. 11 olulioii of aatollie, I
or,,, Hited n ij (ilitl elleh banel, makea
a ta.e 1.11 111 wnii 11 i wonoeiriiiiy ei
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Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all dru foists.
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hurry to your grocer', for a
can of Calumet learn your
final and best lennon in baking
bake everything with Calu
met that proved a failure with
other lUk'mg i'owdcrs.
'This in the tent which
proves Calumet the mireM,
.aft-fit Making I'owder in the
workl the mofct economical
to buy and to me. My
mother lias used Calumet for
years and there's never a
bakc-day failure at our houf e."
Received I Iigliett Award.
AVtf (Uok Jlnoi I vt it
ta Slip in I'aunJ Can t'
h fii n p nnn jl j
ft- ri
Is an ideal beverage, most refresh
ing and gently stimulating.
It tones your system.
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Er Want to Hire
f Brains and
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The Omaha Bee
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courteous . service u though
you were dcliverini your Want
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IKU1 H.HVt V J tZ.Ba