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Chief Objects to Step Which Areer
ictn Commander Had Already
Been Ordered to Avoid.
WASHINGTON, March 20. Gen
eral Carrania bat formally pro
tested against American troops oc
cupying Canal Orandea in their pur
suit of Villa and the American gov
ernment baa replied that the troops
bare been ordered specifically no
to occupy Cuas Grandes or any
other towns or cities in Mexico.
The protest and reply were In
tended in an exchange of notes be
tween Acting Secretary Polk of thr
State department and Ellelo Arre
ts endo, ahmassador, designated to
the United States from Mexico.
After a conference today between Presi
dent Wilson and Mr. Polk It bwamt
known that Mr. P01-, In a note for
warded to Mexico yesterday, said In
structions had been tent to General
Ftmaton to keep hie troop away from
alt town a.
The Stat department today had not
received a reply from the request aent
to Carrania for the una of Mexican rell
roada In transporting auppllea to , the
expeditionary force. "
Bvery effort la berng made toy the State
department to disseminata In Mexico the
Information that the United States has
no motives of aggression In sending
troops across tha border. Following1 out
the same policy the American troops
now In Mexico have been given Instruc
tions to ba careful In their dealings with
Mexlcana generally.
Tn urging tha use of Mexican rail
roads for that purpose. It has been pointed
out to tha Carransa government that
elmiar permission waa granted Carransa
troops for tha use of troops last fall.
Mr Polk declared today that the United
States had not requested permission to
take over railroads In Mexico, but had
merely asked for permission to transport
General repots from Mexico today were
optimistic In character. Mr. Polk denied
emphatically reports that tha govern
ment had any reliable Information of
plots to bring about armed Intervention.
Oeneral Carransa, it was learned to
ds )r, had been urged by soma of his
closest advisers to offer a large reward
for tha apprehension of Villa.
Box Car Situation
Regarded Settled
(Prom a tSaff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, March iO.-Speclal
Telegram.) Representative Sloan is in
receipt of a letter from tha Nebraska
State Railway commission thanking him
for tha efforts ha put forth in properly
bringing before tha Interstate Commerce
commission tha car shortage stluatlon
with, the ? further Information that the
grain car situation had become about
normal, which would probably render it
unnecessary further to press for a hear
ing before tha Interstate and foreign
committees of tha house.
"The railroads of tha west ' furnished
me with the material and I went before
the house and aarly In February the sit
uation commenced to progress," Mr.
Bloan said.
,"X demanded of the eastern roads a
statement of conditions and their response
wsa the granting of twenty , additional
care. Tha fact that it was heard before
the Interstate Commerce commission
hurried mstters along a great deal.'
"I regard It aa a very valuable adjust
ment of a serious situation for our farm
rrs and grain dealers of tha northwest,"
R. W. MoGlnnla of Fremont and Un
.'oln and his wife stopped her last night
lnd left today. They have been in
Florida and are on their way home.
Good Roads Special
Starts; Out at Boone i
, assssaas
BOONH5. Ia March K. -(Special Tele
gram.) Iowa's famous good roads spe
cial, which will travel over thousands of
mile of Iowa's railroads, started at
Boon this morning with a rousing meet
ing attended by prominent railway offi
cials, stats officials, farmers and club
women from many parts.
Addresses wer made by officials of th
Department of Agriculture aent out from
Washington for tha trip. A motion pic
ture maohln Is carried to aid lecturers.
The Northwestern Railroad company fur
nished th entire equipment for tha train,
which will be out six weeks to two
months educating Ioaa people as tt the
value of hard surfaced roads. .
Ifotee frwas Colaaahae.
COLUMBUS. Neb., March W.-lSpeclel.)
Th board of directors of th Columbus
Commercial club has decided on Tuesday
evening, March IS, for holding th annua
meeting for th election of officers and
a banquet.
Nebraska Harness Makers' association
hss decided on holding its annual meeting
in Columbus this year, th dates having
been definitely fixed for May 3. 24 and S&.
Tna Columbus city band will have a
membership this year of between thirty
flv and forty plecea and will be one of
tha largest bands In th state numer
ically. Th band will open Ita concerts
this year about the middle of May. In
structor L. F. Stoddard 1s how giving re
hearaals on new rnus'c and Is bringing
about results.
Over ft stockholders of the' Platte
County Independent Telephone company
will meet in this city Tuesday afternoon.
It la proposed to issue about eOO share
of additional stock, this being necessary
on account of the purchase of the Ne
braska Telephone company's Interest
her. New Improvements are content
plated that will coat In the neighborhood
of fM.S0a. The work of cutting over the
Bell phones Is now completed and Co
lumbus has one telephone exchange tn
plao of two.
Jacob Male died Saturday at t,
Mary's hospital in this city, death result
lng from dropsy. Mr. Malek had only
bees 111 for a few dava. Ha waa a plo
neer of Platta county, living at Tarnov,
and waa CS years old. He leaves a large
family to mourn his demise. , His body
was shipped to Tarnov for Interment
Daaa'reaa ttreaehlal tsssk.
Ir. King's New Discovery will give
quick relief in brombtal irritation and
bronchial asthma. Allays Inflammation,
mm sore spots. All dr us fists. Adver-
t lee 1 ?.
Vertes Submitted by Miis Curaher
and Miis Xatherine
(rFnma Ptsff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. March ).-Bpecial.)-The
task which the committee selected to
chooe a poem for Nebraska arg) satisfy
everybody was a difficult one. so It Is
understood that while they finally as reed
on me one written by Flew W. H. Buss
poems, one by Miss Helen Caraher of
Lincoln and the one by Mine Melick of '
Hsvelock. were so close to the require-
wnn frecu:aiiy an even I
thing except in one or two minor mst
ters. Consequently In justice to the two
young women the state superintendent
has given out the poems, which sre as
'The Land t the Smile of God."
(By Helen Carsher.)
Oh. wonderful, free, golden-hearted Ne
braska, True sa the blue of your midsummer
Sweet ss your green, wsvlng fields of
Hisve ss your blustering breesea thst
Catllnr to heaven your praise, oh, Ne
braska. Waklnc the stars ss they twinkle and
Ilii'hlng the chorus of suns to the music
Blown from the Land of the Glsd Bmlle
of God!
Lend of the Smile of oOd, proudly we
hsll you.
Core of the heart of our own V. 8. A.
Smiles thst reach out to your hilltops and
f matures,
rls where th Platte shimmers sil
ver end gray.
Oh, wonderful, rich, three times bless-ed
Sun. wind snd rain laugh In service for
Nowhere on earth Is a climate more per
fect. Handolasp mors loysl or friendship
more true.
Strong ar your sons, pstriotlc Ne
braska, Fearless to stand both for honor and
Knights or th Plains were your" atthers,
Knights of th Truth till th universe
cease t
Shout all ye daughters and sons of Ne
braska. Heaven gleams down on our proud
Just st th crest of the west is Ne
braska. Glorious Land of th Qlad Smile of
Mis Carsher Isemployed In th office
of the Stat Hotel commission and Is
frequently referred to as tha "State
House Poetess." She has written several
poems which have been published and
her Christmas poems each year ar In
great demand.
Th poem which the committee selected
as equal with that of Miss Caraher's
was aa follows:
(By Katherin M. Melick.)
The shores of an olden ocean
lit raves of a sunken ,
Roe out of tha primal motion
To let th prairie be.
And billows of grain blow over
The grsv where waters sleep!
Crab apple blossoms and clover
- In tba caverns of the deep.
' n. -.
For the Otis In of the ancient Wster
Is loosed from our golden ssnd,
Thst earth's own sons and daughter
May enter tha chosen land.
Her we have mad our garden
in the heart of the desert waste
And w rear our grove of Arden
Where th torrents Interlaced.
We fear not th stormy voices
That call over cornfields bare
The valiant heart reiolt-ea
In keen, tumultuous air.
The valiant spirit knoweth
That after the Titan atrlf
Conies ever the hand that eoweth,
The spirit that Klveth life.
(Continued from Pag One.)
south of there la Kl alle. and from that
point th only practicable way ef bring
ing up supplies is by railroad. Th val
ley converge here Into a narrow, deep
gorge. In which about l.oa people live.
Th territory In which Villa probably will
remain ia embraced In an Imaginary line
between Chihuahua and Minaca, with the
Mexican Central railroad on dm aide and
the Sierra Madre on th other. HI sol
diers have th advantage over the Amer
icans In that they will travel light with
only a few days' provisions and are sea
soned men well able to withstand th
hardships of mountain campaigning In
that climate."
Dr. Bush aald that he had no doubt
that Villa as spreading stories of Ms
wonderful victories over the Americana.
of how he had raptured Texaa and that
Carranxr. had gone over to th United
Btatea. it would be eaay, he aald, for
him to make tha ignorant peons among
whom he la operating believe th wildest
Calle Raises New Isaa.
Another serious situation baa been
caused by th action of General Call
military governor of Vonora. In demand
ing that the 1 lolorada Mining com
pauy of New York reopen their mine at
Hermoalllo at once. General Callea has
wired the New Tork offices of the com
pany that if th mine la not reopenod
mmedlately h will take it over and
run it.
Tha property ia aald to be a very rich
gold mine and formerly employed l.uoo
Mexicans, according to General Calles.
He declared today that be hud no inten
tion of confiscating the mine, but thatiretary Garrison the president expressed
tha Mexlcana were suffering through be- ! his disagreement with the Clarke amend
ing thrown out of employment and that ment and some other features of the bill,
he Intended to p it them back to work, jbut took the view that he would not act
Th governor said that the l.a Colored ! against th sentiment of the majority of
company waa th only on that had sus
pended operations In Honor and that
there was no reason for lis action, as
ha could and would give them ample pro
DAKOTA CITT. Neb.. March N.-tSne-
cial. At an adjourned evasion of th
village board held last evening a peti
tion signed by thirty-three freeholders,
asking that th question of license or m
liiensa by submitted to th voters at tho
municipal election, April 4, waa granted
and the wets will endeavor to switch the
town from the dry column to th wet.
where It has been for a number of years,
until last year, when th drys carried
It by a vol of T to Houx City liquor
Interests are taking an active part tn the
local fight, la aa effort to jret a foothold
handy to Sioux City. f
Many Priioneri at Anamoia Re
formatory Will Aik for Parole
So They Can Join Army.
DK3 MOINES. March 20. Devel-,nd
opment in the Mexican situation and
the dispatch to the border of regular
army troops Is causing wide comment
n ow
1th some results, which
seem surprising In view of the fact
,nRl "'miiar conditions proDaDiy
never have prevailed before In the
history of the state.
xrAmr a t. - .ki-
It is
said, Is stirring the patriotic
pulses of msny prisoners at
A nam oat reformatory. According to
Warder C. C. MrCloughry, a number
ofthem have Indicated that they will
ask the 8tate Board of Parole for
suspension of sentence ao that tbey
may Join the army and participate In
the hunt for rancisco Villa
"Some of our men have had military
training tha twould fit them admirably
to Join the expeditionary forces," said the
warden. "A number of them have Indi
cated their eagerness to enlist."
W. I Kuser, superintendent of the
school for boys at Eldora, ssys that he
has seven military companies at his In
stitution, each of them composed of forty
members. If troops are needed. In ad
dtlon to those already available, he aald,
h could furnish at least one company of
wel itralned, well disciplined, healthy,
vigorous young soldiers eager t6 serve
their country.
Civil War Veterans Rnllst.
From Muscatine comes a report that
sixteen veterans of the civil war. every
on of them mora than 70 years of age,
have filled out enlistment blanks and for
warded them toth War department at
"We ar all ready to fight again for
Unci Bam," said on of tha veterans.
"We went out In i and w fought for
th union until 'SS and to this day every
on of ua can shoot a rifle a accurately
a a lot Of young fellows,"
Th volunteers Indicated that they
might be more useful for border patrol
work than for any other duty, believing
that their age would render Impossible,
or nearly so, active service in Mexico,
with Its long marches.
Th sixteen veterans who enlisted are:
John Koehler, J. W. Berry, W. H.
Hilton. W. Johnson, J. M. Duncan, Honry
Schmelaer. Paul Rapp. J. P. Stlneman.
August Elchoff, V. B. Huffman. J. W.
Carl. J. S. Long. Peter eOttert. L. 8.
Moss, oJseph Biles and George K. Du
prea. Volnateer Caaapaay Recmlted.
Feeling also runs high at Paton, la.
Ther flfty-on young menheaded by Jo
seph A, Schwab,' who Is as enthuiew&tlo
as ony of his recruit, although he is 61
years old, have offered their services as
Iowa's first volunteer company In th
campaign against Villa.
Officers of th Dee Moines recruiting
station of th rnltcfl States' navy, are In
receipt of th following letter from Mr.
"Hare Is a Hat of names of young men
eligible for military duty, ranging from
11 to H years of are. All of them can
handle a gun and ar good marksmen. If
you ar In need of these men, I would
Ilk to have a commission as captain to
take eharg of them. If you need volun
teers let m know as one."
The letter and th name of th would-
be recruits have been ofrwarded to th
Navy department at Washington.
French Occupy
Three Villages to
North of Saloniki
LONDON. March 80. A atrong French
column with light artiUery from the f-
lonlkl entrenched camp has attacked 14 d
occupied th villages of Maclkovo, Kara-
dagh and Kosuna. which had been en
tered by Teuton and Bulgarian forces,
according to a. Reutar dispatch from Sa
loniki dated March IS. Th French had
only a few casualties. Owing to th en
croachments of th Teuton allies Into
Greek territory and th consequent ad
vance of the French th neutral frontier
son which had been agreed upon between
th Greek and Bulgarian governments
Is now eliminated.
Forces of the central powers and of
th entente allies are face to face, th
dispatch adds, and shelling, sniping and
grenade throwing ar In progress In the
neighborhood of the above mentioned vIN
lages, about thirty rille north of Sa
loniki, aa on th other fronts where th
adversary forces ar in contact!
President Says
He Will Sign the
Philippines Bill
WASHINGTON. March V President
Wilson has told congress leadera he will
sign the Philippine bill, including th
Clark amendment for Independence not
later than four years, despite his din
approval of aome of Its details. The pres
ident discussed th bill today with
Chairman Jonea of the house Philippine
commute and Senator Simmons. It Is
planned to take the measure up In the
houso aitrr the army bill.
In his correspondence with former Sec-f
both houses.
tFrom a laff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON. Msrch JO. - (Special
Telegram.) Pensions grsnted In Ne
brake: F.lla E. Hall, Hastings. 1J.
Rllsabeth Oenterl. Holstein. i:, Bsrbsra
Wade. Burkett. Ill
Postmasters sppolnted: Miss Marguer
ite A. Riley at Dawson. Richardson
county, vice A. K. O'Grady, resigned;
Miss Aulta Eldridge at Rowe. Lyman,
etiunty, S. D.. vie Z. T. Butley, resigned,
lng steadily south, 'but roving north
Ths Postofflr department haa accepted
the proposal of G. A. Heraog to renew
th leas of present quarters of the post
office at Harvard, Neb., for ten years
from May I.
Benjamin A. Brewster waa nominated
for postmaster at Chadron, Neb., today.
(Continued from Psge One.)
the Carransa commsrtdrr at Juarei, at
points along a line reaching north and
south from Oaleana to Namlqulpa. a dis
tance of about seventy-five miles. By
the same accounts he hss not been mov
ing steadily south, but roavlng north
M,t. Tn1 mountainous, cenyon-
spilt, roadless country In which he is
operating adds many miles to the coun
try he has covered as compared with its
distsnce on the msp.
The reason for the Carransa troope
moving to the border remains unex
plained. It is Impossible even to make
a fair estimate of the number of men
under General Oavlra at Juarex. The
large staff at his headquarters and th
fact that new troops are .arriving dally
indicate that his fore is a large one.
The most conservative estimate places It
at .V. and calculations range from that
point upward to 1.000.
Kept Oatslae Town.
Kvery precaution has been taken to
prevent the farts being known, and most
of the men ar kept outside the town
among th hills. Reports from Agua
Prleta and Ojtnaga tU of Mexican rein
forcements reaching those points also,
but nothing is known aa to 'their num
bers. Ther la no question that th serious
and growing uneasiness In El Paso
haa been sharply accentuated by the
problem which haa arisen over th re
quest of the Unttedx States government
to General Carransa for th ua of th
Mexican railroad to transport supplies.
Americana her do not believe that Car
ransa dare grant this request, especially
aa it ia understood that Oeneral Funston
proposes, if It is granted, to take train
crews and equipment Into Mexico and
Place military guards at the stations.
Th presence of American soldiers on
Mexican railroads could not fall to ba
misunderstood by th peons, and it Is
feared would be sure to provok out
bresks. Road Badly Needed.
On th other hand there are many in
dications here that the Mexican railroads
ar sorely needed by th American mili
tary authorities to ship supplies to th
troop in tha field. At th present time
these supplies must go forward over a
desert and mountain trail by wagons and
mules. The pressure Is Intensified by the
fact that almost all the forage for th
cavalry horses must be sent from th
basla as th corn and oats fed mounts
of th troopers of th United States
could not live on the diet that will sup
port a Mexican pony.
Ominous report are received here that,
the transportation system la already over
taxed and it Is this feature of the situa
tion that causes tha deepest anxiety and
the most apprehension. This anxiety has
not been lessened by th news that Car
ransa has deferred th issue by a request
for more information from the Washing
ton government.
Aeaaraaces at G are la.
At the same time Andres Garca, Jai-
ranxa consul hare and known to be In In
timate relatione with tha first chief.
maintains that there la no danger of fric
tion over th question of the shlpmen'. of
American army supplies over th Mexican
railroads. As long as it was merely a
question of supplies, Mr. Garcia adld to
day, n was a matter of small consequence.
Roumania Will
Enter War on Side !
of Entente Soon
ATHENS. March 1. Via Paris. March
K).) The Impression prevails In high
political circle at Athena that Roumar
nla shortly wilt abandon 1U policy ot
neutrality In favor of the entente allies.
Defense latrodace Testimony.
CS pec lal Telegram.) The second phase of
th Ford murder trial began this morn
ing with the introduction of the evldenc
of th defense. Th shooting of Boyd by
Ford la not denied. It ia contended that
it was Justified by numerous threats
mad by Boyd allegedly against Ford
and evidence of Instances wherein the
two had trouble previously are being re
lated. Th case la expected to go to the
Jury possibly by Wednesday evening.
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kidney trouble by th us of Dr. Kil
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der troubles to good health.
Very truly youra.
1491 Roycroft Ave.. LAkewood, Ohio.
Personally appeared before me this Uth
day of October. 1915, B. J. Fenatermaker.
who subscribed tha above statement and
made oath that th same la true in sub
stance and In fact
Notary Public.
lttv to
Dr. lUliae a Cc
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send ten cents to ur. Kumer Co,
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Sixty-Five Aeroplanes Drop Tom of
Explosives on German Aviation
Station at Zeebruggee.
LONDON, March 20. Olxty-rtre al
lied aeroplanes today bombarded
the Belgian coast town of Zee
brugge. All returned.
The following official statement
waa made: '
"In the early hours of today a com
bined force of approximately fifty Brit
ish, French and Belgian aeroplanes and
seaplanes, accompanied by fifteen fight
ing machines, attacked the German aea-
plane station at Zeebrugge and the aero
drome at Routave, near Zeebrugge.
"Considerable damage appears to have
been done. Th machlnea on the average
carried S00 pounds of bombs. All the ma
chines returned safely.
"One Belgian officer Is reported seri
ously wounded.
"All the British machines referred to
were naval."
Zeebrugge Is on th Belgian coast.
twelve miles northeast of Ostend. Slnoe
the German occupation this port haa be
come of considerable importance, par
ticularly as a German submarine base.
It la one of the principal points from
which submarine operations In the North
Sea are directed.
To Care a Cold In One Dar.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
Druggists refund money If it falls te
cure. E. W. Grove's signature on each
hn. 9Rt A A vartlumant
Farmer Mar l,ose Ills Scalp.
AURORA, Neb., March 20. (Special.)
George Crumrlne of Phillipa. the aged
farmer who was badly Injured when his
automobile ran over him last Thursday,
was reported today as having had a very
bad night. He Is aome better today. His
head Is causing him great pain. It is
not known yet whether the scalp will
be saved. It waa nearly torn from his
head In the accident.
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-"Th. Smilins Beauties 1..
Three aatlrea: "The Beauty rarlor."
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