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Conclude! He Will Take Another
Chance After Making Quite a
Long Wait.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. March . fSppclaD State
Auditor Pmlth has concluded he will take
another chance and this morning pre
vailed upon the aecretary of state to al
low htm to make a filing: for a second
term. Mr. Smith has been waiting pa
tiently to see If there was not some other
democrat who would te willing to go up
' against the almost certain defeat that
will meet the democratic ticket the com
ing election, but none haa come forth
with the necessary nerve, and sooner
than seen the place left vacant he gets in.
He files a statement In which he calls
attention to the stand made by him the
last time he ran, In which he an Id, If
elected, he would run the office Just the
same aa he used to run hta print shop,
and he has kept his word.
Adam McMullen of Beatrice, who
served both valiantly and well In the
legislatures of 1M6 and 1907, the republi
can sessions which made most of the
good laws of the stato and which has
enabled the democrats to get through
on without bankrupting It, although they
have tried to have some of them declared
unconstitutional, filed this morning for
the republican nomination for the state
senate from the Fourteenth district, rep
resented In the last session by Senator
Spencer, also a republican, who has also
filed for renomlnatlon.
W. O. Henry of Omaha has filed for
the progressive nomination for the United
States senate.
John R. Henry of Howella files for re
nomination on the democratic ticket for
the state senate from the Tenth district,
represented by him Jn the last session.
Twenty Wolves Are
Killed in Cass County
WEEPINa WATER, Neb., March .
(Special.) There probably never has been
a winter when wolves were noted In such
great numbers In Cass county as has been
the case this year. Farmers In driving
along the road during the daytime will
see as many as three or four wolves
within a few miles distance. Farmers in
this part of tbe county have been active
to -exterminate them, however,, and or
ganised hunts are being held every few
days. As many as 00 or 500 men par
ticipate in these hunts. In the last thirty
days about twenty wolves have been
, killed by the organized hunting parties
and others have been killed at other
times. A big hunt was held yesterday in
the woods and along the creek south of
town and nine wolves were sighted, but
none killed,
Columbus Pioneer
Dies in Hospital
as Result of Fall
COLfMRl'S, Neb.. March 1 Sneclnl.)
Victor Teraslnskl died here last even
ing at 11 at St. Mary's hospital a a re
sult of a fall on Eleventh street Satur
day night, causing severe interna In
juries, lie was taken to his home and
Sunday removed to the hospital, whore
an operation was performed. He was a
pioneer here, coming from Germany
when a young man. He was 69 years old.
I He leaves nine children. He vu a mem
ber of the Modem Woodmen. The funeral
will be held Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock
at the Catholic church. ,
Mrs. Anna Wurdemon. aged M, living
ten miles northeast of Columbus, died
Sunday morning at 3 o'clock from old
age. Burial will be In St. Paul's Oerman
Lutheran cemetery Wednesday afternoon.
She came to Columbus at an early day
from Oermany and has lived here since
that time.
Mrs. Itta M. Roff of Albion died at
St. Mary's hospital this morning, aged
1 28. Pcrltanitla was the cause of her death.
Tho body was taken to Albion this after
noon for burial.
Broken Bow.Hotel:
is Damaged by Fire
BROKEN BOW, Neb., March .-(Spe-ciol
Telegram.) The Grand Central hotel
here was damaged by fire today to the
extent of 12,000. The fire originated in
he furnace room and burned between
walla to the top of the building. Proprie
tor Elliott had a narrow escape from
auffocatlon when he went to the base
ment to release the fire hose and was
rescued In the nick of time. The fire de
partment did excellent work In the face
of a firty-mlle gale. The loss is fully
covered by Insurance.
Roads Seek to .
Quash Injunction
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
I-INCOLN. March . (Special.) The
Chicago Northwestern and the Minne
apolis & Omaha railroads have filed
W'lth the clerk of the supreme court a
demurrer and motion to dissolve the tem
porary Injunction secured by the .state
to prevent the roads from putting in
effect the raise in passenger rates.
They allege that the order made Is
illegal and that the roads are In need of
the raise in orde rto continue business at
the old aland.
COLUMBUS, Neb., March . (Special.)
Overland Limited train No. 1, west
bound, hit an automobile at one of the j
Nebraska Twenty-Niner Gets
Postcard Shower on Birthday
AfnOUA. Neb.. Mhtvh. fi. i3i-rlnn
jilh but one more blrtiulny before she
rriirhra the age of h years. Mrs. l. urge
Krin:er of this city Is still celebrating
hr ninety-second Mrthdny In the receipt
of postal cards from all over the Vnltcu
Suites. Alrendy she has received 1.7W
edicts and each visit of the mall man
brines more.
!Mrs. Kemwr's blrthdny occurred Feb
ruary 29, she having been born at Burle
bjirn, Westphalia, Oermany, on that day
In 1R24. She now resides with her daugh
ter, Mrs. William Welngarten.
Several days ago, a friend of Mrs.
lymper wrote the following nieaanira i
Kansas City Star: "My thoucht
ter on a lovely old ),1v. a wlrinuv
In for many vear uhn
t'ft retains all olher faculties perfectly!
February Z will be her blrthdny. Whnt n
nfPPy surprise a card shower would be
to her." s .
(This was printed in whnt Is known of
the "Chaperon Column" nf th k .......
City paper and the shower nnm
enough. More than a tnnli ,.. f
nhd other remembrances hnve been sent
iicr., Among the mcsaitKes sent her were
the :
flowers. One woman from Smith Caro
lina sent a large pnckaiin of violets.
The only complaint entered by Mrs.
Kemper was the statement of the paper
that t-hft Is M yenre years of ae. She de
clares that she has two good years to
live before she reaches that age.
Mrs. Kemper and her daughter are at
a loos how to answer all of the kind and
loving message sent by kind friends In
this way. It has filled her days with
happiness and alio is grateful for thesi
1.700 messages of good cheer.
HASTINGS. Neh.. March . -(Special
Telcran.) The work of organising the
dry forces of Adnms county was begun
tonljiht with a meeting at Jurists under
the direction of Dr. W. M. P-.iffer of
IVnver. Other meetings will be held this
week at Kenesaw, Prosser and Ayr to
make preliminary plana for the dy cam
paign. t. H. Hardt, druggist, was bound over
to the district court todny on the charge
of selling liquor without a license.
Aldrich Addresses
Y, M. C. A, Meeting
at Aurora Sunday
Al'KOISA. N.b. March .-tSpeclnl.)--"Any
time the church sentiment of this
nation and that of lis friends rises up
and deniniif's something, that something
will be Injected Into American public
life," declared former Governor Cheat r
H. Aldi ieh In his address on "The Hela
llon of the Church to Good Government,"
before the men's meeting of the Young
Men'a Christian association yesterday
The governor's adieds was a powerful
appeal for the united front of the church
people and their friends for tho passage
of the dry amendment this fall. He de
clared that the men of the church In
Nebraska ran without doubt wipe out the
saloon this fall.
Chief Justice Andrew M. Morriasey of
the Nebraska supreme court will ad
dress the men's meeting next Sunday
afternoon on the stifoiert. ''Law and Its
Nut Bar at Jarmln llonse.
SHELDON, la.. March . (Special Tel
egram.) E. R. Jarmln, traveling sales
man for an O'tpaha company, who lives
at Sheldon, Is hsp'py over the arrival of
hta first-born child, named John Edwin
Jarmln. The father waa until six years
ago a resident of Columbus, Neb.
Prairies of Kansas
Are Swept with Fire
NKSS CITY. Kan.. March .-0(Urn
of four counties of wcr.tern Kansas today
are fighting a prairie fire that yesterday
swept a portion of Ness and lne
counties. This afternoon it Is estimated
the area of the fire Is fifty miles long
and twenty miles wide. A stiff breese Is
A boy, name unknown, Is reported to
have been burned to death.
WASHINGTON. March (.Warden Tftl
cott of the Nortlt Hnknta pmltentlnry
today told the cennte committee Investi
gating charges of alleged atemnts to fix
sisal prices that the antl-lliiuor laws of
Ms slate were so effectively enforced that
lie could not get enough convlots to run
the prison twine works. He could keep
only eighty workmen in the plant, he
said, and had only 2N0 in the entire pent
You Can't Work with hand
or brain when the body is
poorly nourished. Get
warmth and strength for the
day's work by eating1 for
breakfast Shredded Wheat
with hot milk. Contains all.
the body-building material in
the whole wheat grain pre
pared in a digestible form.'
Its crisp goodness is a delight!
to the palate and a life-giver ',
to tired brain and jaded stom-.
ach. Made at Niagara'
Falls, N. Y.
--JlUmjIA..m .......
v , r e - . , , ,,, jSTir -
i W ' i III '.! l ' ,.f
crossings at Kichmond, tearing the back
ef the machine away. A cylinder-cock on
the engine was also torn off, as well aa
part of the pilot. The ear belonged to
Antone Vrchota. a resident of Columbus.
Mr. Vrchota tried to push his machine
over the crossing, but could not do so in
time to avert the accident.
The funeral of the late Mrs. George
Wlllard, who died In Seattle, Waah., waa
held . here Sunday afternoon. Rev. Mr.
Xanders of the Kpfscopal church con
ducting the services.
Plans are being made by the local
Knights Templar to entertain the dele
gates of the Nebraska grand lodge, which
will hold its sessions in this city in May.
Committees have been appointed that
will see to It that the members will be
royally entertained during their stay in
The local lodge Sons of Herman has
been making Quite an Increase of mem
bership the last few weeks, and at its
next meeting will initiate a class of fif
teen new members. The grand lodge will
hold its biennial session In this city the
third week in May. '
The Klaus Canning company of this
city will triple Ita capacity of all depart
ments in ita plant this year, so states
Manager Frank Klaus. More people will
be. employed and a longer run will be
made. " After the canning aeaaon Is closed
next fall the factory will become a pack,
ing plant for the winter months and will
convert into. pork about 100 hogs a week.
Gasre County Drya Organlme.
BEATRICE. -Neb., March (.(Special.)
The dry forces of Gafce county held
meeting at the court house yesterday and
organized'1 permanent; organization for
the campaign by electing; these officers:
President. J. R. Oueln: vice nrata
E. Sackett; secretary,.' Maynard Spink; J
treasurer, c s. Chandler. An executive
committee of twelve members waa also
elected to assist in conducting the cam
paign. The meeting wag addressed by
W. D. Phelfer of Denver.
Mrs. Frank Bowman died at her home
in this city last evening after an illness
of only three days ot peritonitis. She
leavea her husband and to children.
Miss Louise Gregory, 80 years of age,
died Saturday evening at the home of her
niece, Mrs. I E. Bloodgood, five miles
east of the city.
Body of Duck Hunter
Found Months Later
HASTINGS. Neb., March (.-(Special
Telegram.) The body of Frank Ober
chin, who disappeared while duck hunting
November 7, was found frozen In the ice
on the Harvard lagoon yesterday by Paul
Thlede of this city, who went to search
the place while visiting relatives nearby.
Though four months In the water the
body was Identified by Ed Nowka, his
companion on the fateful hunt.
An Inquest was held at the lagoon, the
verdict being that Oberchln's death was
accidental, caused by overexertion.
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store, pour a ilttle in your hand and rub I
it into the acaip. After a few applica
tions the hair stops coming out and, you
can't find any dandruff. Advertisement I
fFrom a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb., March (.-(Special.)
The reading circle board connected with
the state superintendent's office Is meet
Inn today. The members of the board
are Superintendent Clark of Pawnee City,
Superintendent Poucher of Tekamah, Su
perintendent Davis of MeCook," County
Superintendent Aleta Neff of Phelps
unty and the state superintendent The
board expects to revise the course of
study and will reorganize it along more
progreaslve lines, training of teachers
In service being one of the objects to be
secured and instead of adopting one book
a course of studies or a aeries of books
will be adopted. .
Cms day School Da(es.
W'KKPINO WATER. Neb.. March .
(Siei4al.) At a meeting of the Cass
county Sunday school executive commit
tee held at V'nion dates for the district
conventions In the county were set and
are as follows: First district convention
at Plattamouth April 4, Second district
convention at keeping Water April B,
Third district convention at Wabash
April t The dates are earlier than usual,
with the idea that more enthusiasm ran
thus be worked up for the state conven
tion at Fails City In June. The county
convention will W held at Murdock in
A Child Doesn't
Laugh and Play
If Constipated
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ed, breath feverish and
stomach sour?
California Syrup of Tigs"
can't harm tender stom
ach, liver, bowels.
Mother! Tour child Isn't naturally cross
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Is a sure sign Its Irttle stomach, liver and
ooweis need a cleansing at once.
When listless, pale, feverish, full of
cold, breath bad, throat sore, doesn't eat,
aleep or act naturally, has stomachache,
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bowel cleansing should always be the
first treatment given.
Nothing equals "California Syrup of
Figs" for children's Ills; give a teaspoon
ful, and in a few hours all the foul waste,
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ful child again. All children love tnls
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it never falls to effect a good "Inside"
cleansing. Directions tor hahia. -kiij
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vii trie Dome,
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