Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 19, 1915, Page 4, Image 4

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Post Mortem Showi Bollinger Baby
'r "Would Have Been Mentally
Defective and Paralytic.
, (Continued from Pare On)
hn s ramlytlo all Its llfw. My opinion
fs Ihitt Pr. llsjselden wss rtjtit In not
illoe-lnjr the baby to live."
Tr. Halselden expressed trrtltude whn
told that the Inquest hsd brrn ordered,
though, ho wild. the' death from
natural causes rendered one hardly nc
rsrsrr Any true Investigation will make it
nor rlear to the public that I am right."
fie aald.
- atafemeat hr IUil
,1n a aigned statement today Dr. Haleel-
gave hl rase:
l,"I ay again that It la our duty to de
tend uursolvee and the future g-nera-tlons'
asainsl the mentally defective -we
allow to grow and Buffer among ua and
dd to our burden and our problem. All
eonsclence save It la our duty.
', -rannera select the beat stock for re
production; the beet seed, without rust or
aieeaee. for aowlng.
J -Poor humana rely only upon chance
and defectives are aa welcome as' any to
enlarge famlilea. Think of It!
'"Ahd only the mother will look after
ie tdlot child. If the mother la Uken.
the rather arid brothers and sisters will
not care for It. It la pitched Into an
institution forthwith and there the bur
den of the poor unfortunate la weighted
down even more.
'Inatltutlona ara an aoomlnatlon. To
herd the tneane or the leseer defectives
tfke cattle, aa a done, la a crime and, a
in. And to make matter woreethla
unfortunate claaa baa no attraction that
la going to draw the keeper, the guard,
the nurse, or whoever taJcea care of It. to
greater kindliness. Those who tae care
Pt the Inaane. many of them grow un
feeling, unkind and Indifferent.
,l"And yet I waa asked to allow mat
fchlH to live, knowing what I knew. I
feel toward my critlca aa I would toward
(.he who would willingly allow a hydro
phobic dog to run In a flock of aheep
and do aa Impulse directed, becauae thin
one ahrar.k from hurting or crowing trfo
f Aaswev fHtlee.
i!"If children of aome of my critlca were
killed or Injured by a defective, they
would aee a good reason for checking tna
aupply of the latter In the world. It lg
only when an argument la brought
straight home. Into the very core of the
home, that reaaon la born. Too frequently
It la true, unfortunately.
."I have talked. t too many mothara of
defective to. aay otherwise. I hare
talked to too many mothera of defeetlvea
o be awayed.ta my Judgment in mis
present caae. Xanjr of tha taiea are
pitiable. .' ' .'
"One woman I know has a eon who la
quite abnormal. .Ha la an aoellent
swimmer and dellhU In th
Once X anld to her: But auppoaa aome
time ha should drownT 'and tha mother,
with tUfAil promptness, answered! ,. j,
"Wouldn't that Ira a blessmfT -,- :
The mother. I knew, did not pray
or ask for tha boya drowning. But,
least, 'the did not hope agalnat It
"So let ua be aenelble, Let ua approve
the aterllltatlon of tha Insane and the
defective khd the children, j of habitual
drunkards, when- both father and mother
are so. , : ' ' .
' Let na reproduce omrntr fn 100 par
cent fashion, to that by tha weeding ont
of our undesirables we decrease their
burden and ours, and lay . the foundation
of a normal race which would result
four generations from now. Let na
venerate a standard with soul and sense.
Instead of desecrating It with crumbling
traditions and mlndltsa sentimentality."
' Prom every corner of tha United Statea
telegrams rama to Dr. Balseldan today
expressing tha thoughts of physicians,
aortal . workers, prominent women and
men' on the strange case.' Tha surgeon
la a bachelor. Ha has 'two adopted
daughters. One waa abandoned by her
mother at tha hospital and the ether la
a New Tork orphan.
' rrlsrlaaJ Df amities.
j Tha principal physical deforraltlee of
the baby are the closure of tha Intaett
hal tract, paralysis of the nerves of the
I Hght side of tha face, the abaenoa of the
Hghb ear, blindness of one eye and mal
formation of It shoulders. - Dr. HalaeU
den." who officiated at tha birth, 'noted
jthe absence of a neck. The brain ha
found to be only slightly subnormal, and
I he cranial nervee were absent or unde
' "If he grew up he would be a hopeless
cripple and would suffer from fits." aald
the doctor.
"Would his mind be clear. Would hie
soul be normally silver' one of the vis
(tors asked.'
"That I do not know, but the chances
are against it"
! ; Dr. John B. Murphy, former president
j f the American Medical association, and
physicians snd professional rn-n and wo-
! men, including a number of clergymen
generally took sldee with Dr. Halselden,
; But his critics were Just aa numerous,
pe' ' h
V-". . 9
V y v
' j ' '0 '-y - -
Dr. Greil'i Affidavit Sayi Ancona
Was Shelled by Submarine
After it Had Stopped.
Jcsnetlclfirian Goldberg
Mis Jeannotte Miriam Ooldherg of
rhilad Iphla. field secretary for te Jew.
Ish Chautauqua society, will owupy tho
pulpit of Temple Israel Friday evening.
The object of Miss Ooldberg's visit Is to
set forth the work of the Jewish Chau
tauqua In America, particularly In re
lation to the religious school.
Miss Goldberg arrives In the City Fri
day morning and will remain over the
week-end, the gurM. of Mrs. J. N. Kopald.
The twenty-four annual asanmhly of the
Jewish Chautauqua which Miss Goldberg
represents, will be held In St. LOUIs, De
cember 24-SO.
effldavlt by Dr. Ocll Grell, the only
t atlve American survivor of the Ital
ian liner Anrona, directly contradicts
the A uotro-H unitarian f overnment'g
official Ktatement that the ship was
not shelled by the attarklng subma
rine after It stopped. The State de
partment today was notified of the
existence of the affidavit by consul
The text of (he message which was
sent by American Consul Mason of
Algiers follows:
"Oecllle Crelle Klrelll Intelligent. Im
partial witness, deposition not conclusive
us to whether any effort was made to
escape by Aneona. K1rt Intimation dan
ger when she wss In dining saloon. Dis
turbance on deck. Mtoppajrn. followed!
shortly-' by shots which struck vessel.
Testimony preiisan (probably means
proves) that bombardment lasted forty
five minutes snd wss continued after
vessel had stopped, killing and wounding
many persons. fllie saw destruction
vessel by turpedo; saw red and white flag
and six cannon on submarine. Knows
nnthlns; aa to other Americans. Informa
tion AUiers and lilserta considered to
demonstrate .conclusively thst thirteen
vessels were sunk from the November
I to 7, by submarines, . going from Gib
raltar toward Anaoona.'"
'vrtll Await More Farts.
Ferrtary I-anslng will take no action,
however, until Information of a more
definite character regarding the more
esuenllal details Is received. Huch in
formation is expected by cable from
American consuls and posnlbly from the
French government, whlrh Is understood
to be taxing depositions.
The State department considers thst
Mrs. r.rell'a rhnrge thst the submarine
fired on the Anrona after the ship
stopped, may be taken si conclusive ev.
denre. Whether ' warning wss given still
Is an open question. Secretary Lansing
considers that the evidence on that fea
ture la Inconclusive. It was polntjd out
today that beca m Mrs. Greil was the
only native American survivor of the
disaster much weight would attach to
her statement
'onrul Maon will sttempt to get more
sfflda(ts from citizens of other nation
alities, preferably from neutrals.
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In. And It wookl be practically iioi
with "Simon Pure." We retain j Ii H
who holds that death U preferable t
the life In a defective."
The telephone rang. tr. Kalselden
answered It and talked five minutes with
woman. She pleaded with him to save
the baby's Ufa. When he returned from
the phone, he smiled, sadly:
She called me names," he said. "It
la strange what a fuss people are making
over this case, when all these abortions
go unnoticed."
The little bundle, which waa the cen
ter of all eyas, stirred and a feeble cry
waa heard,
"Not much longer to wait little one,"
aald the doctor, gently, adding to those
near htm, "ha la dying."
I'B) to Nat are.
Dr. Murphy aald today:
"The baby's life la In the hands of a
higher power. Nature will provide the
best remedy,"
Dr..- Rosalie M. . Ladova, commented:
"A life ia a life and I wish Dr. Halselden
.would step aside and let someone else
operate." ,
Clarence D arrow, the lawyer, known
also as a humanitarian, remarked; .
- "Chloroform unfit children. Show them
tha same meroy that la shown beasts no,
longer fit to live.", . f
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Appetite t
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NOW TORK. Not. IT. Thirty surgeons.
Including specialists In vmrlous branchea
of praotioe, and thirty-six nurses called'
today on the steamship Noordam for
London, as the second Harvard unit to
nurse wounded soldiers. Trie party
probably will be stationed at a base hos
pital In France.
Don't Be Bilious,
Headachy, Sick
or Constipated
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Wake up with head clear, stom
ach sweet, breath right,
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Mother Reaaalas Near By.
, sirs. Anna woiunger. tne mother, re
mained In a room nearby.. Many times
she asked:
le It dead"
She remained steadfast In her belief
that death was best for the little one.
Ehe has three healthy children and th
plight of the condemned one la believed
to have been due to an attack of typhoid
fever which the mother Buffered recently
! The authorities took no action further
than to determine that no death cert If!
ine annum oe usuea until alter an in
vestigation by the coroner.
in cisruaaing his stand in the rase to
dsy. Dr. Halselden cited the case of Roe
well Smith, a supposedly harmleee defee
tlve, who. after reaching the adult atage.
auieg utile Haaei Weinateck. for which
bo was hanged. A visitor, however, re
marked that Fyodor Dostuvesky. born
defective, and an eplletlc, developed Into
a great novelist and one of the greatest
physcologlsts In Kurope.
Treat It ae l aeaaaf, '
Moat of tha visitors today treated the
baby aa If it were uncanny. Dr. JIalse.
den. .who had condemned It te death
aione treated it Ilka a human being, it
rareased Its little twisted cheeks and aaU
"He will be desd before the night
it would be a moral wrong.' he con
tinued, "ts allow this baby to -live, ft
seems to me that a city whkh allows
Ma.'H bana outiage every week, a thou
sand abortions a dsy and an automobile
sect-lent every round of tha clock
hardly 1 a aoelliuu to critics a I
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