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Sunday Calls On Church People
for Activity in Personal Work
Lilly Sunday spoke thin afternoon on
"Personal Work," no text. He ssld:
There art million of people In this
i-nllithtened Christian land that are In
open rebellion against Ood or anytlitna:
that savors of Ood. They say, "We will
not have thta Man reign over us."
That I the heartleaa rry that ring"
from office, factory, shop, store and
home. In nnlvernlty and i-oll'', nnd
everywhere. There are multitudes of peo
ple who aelect from the Hlble wiat th-y
personally like; they think they ran
codify Ood and eliminate what they don t
like. If they read something In th Hlhle
and don't like It, they will aay they don't
belle va It; they are Just foolg enough
to not realise their, reaponitblllty to be
lieve. A fact la a fact whether you have
eenae enough to believe It or not. A man
can say. "I don't believe there U a hell,"
hut that dnran't change the fact that
there la a hell, almply because he la fool
enough to aay he doesn't believe It.
A man may any, "I don't believe Jesus
tlirlrt la the 8on of Ood," but He la,
whether you believe It or not
Multitudes of people say, "well, give
a the aermon on the Mount, and give
u the decalogue mlnua what a don't
like." Multitudes of people will not do
thing utile they personally desire to
do them. They nnt wait to think,
whether their doing that makes It harder
tor somebody else to do right. Thsy do
It and they don't give a rap what God
ays, and they have the audacity to call
themselves Christians. Tou art not
Christians If you are fnlng contrary to
the will of Ood. Ood says, "My will be
done." and I don't car. If you are going
contrary to the will of Ood, you are not
There la a denomination I will not tell
you what Its nam Is because I do not
want to shame It, you have It hero In
Omaha that In Minnesota, according to
it on report, has 300 churchi-s of that
denomination In that state and they
spent 1300,000 In a year. They held ,ono
prayer meetings, Sunday school meetings
and revival meetings and only eighty
seven people joined the auO churches In
on year on confession of faith. You
wouldn't have the audacity to call that
Insiltutloa a church.
ia Chicago, the average number of new
church members last year was five to a
Last year T5.009 churches rrnortsd not
on new. member on confession of faith.
i hat sustains my contention that peo
plu don't .have a, rellguU experience.
I'eoplo are on the church rolls, but they
are not Christians. What la lacking?
Why the meager results with this tre
mendous expenditure of energy and
money? Why are so few people coming
Into the kingdom? I will tell you whet la
the matter thera la not a definite effort
put forth to persuade a definite parson
to receiv a definite Baviour at a def
inite tine, and that definite time la now I
Pon't think that because you can or
icanlse committees, and put people on
those committers, that the work will be
done. We are daffy over organisation
today, and have put tho supernatural
out of our religion.
Onoe, when Alexander tho Great was
(Itting In hl tent, one of hln generals
appeared before him, bewailing that the
enemy they were to fight the next day
outnumbered thorn so greatly. Alex
ander sprang to hi feet
"How many do you count mo for to
morrow T" he cried.
That's th question. How many are
you counted for with Ood?
Rellalea Nat Oalr rallar.
Now, listen) This clement of failure
la not confined almply to. religion. Nine-ty-nlne
per cent of the 'business men of
this country fall; 74 per cent of the
law)ers abandon their profession without
success; 60 per cent of tho doctor fail
to make ncn,i, so this element of failure
I not confined to religion. it I In
buMnesa, in professional life, as well. In
the caae of theae three classoa, the bust
nose man, lawyers and doctors, 1 think
It is due to a lack of definite, systematic
work and no application.
A politician will work harder to get a
vote than the church of Ood will work
to have souls brought to vmtit. vteiuti
soma of the preachers go down .tho
aisle. They drag along like they had
grindstones tied on their fee. j
No political campaign I won by any
stump apeaker or any spellbinder on th
platform. It is won by maa-to-man can
vast. '
Take th presidential campaign of ltes
when Benjamin Harrison was elected
president over Q rover Cleveland. Every
body knows that New York state la re
publican and Nw York Cits la demo
cratic and they thought that a republican
majority would come dowa and overcome
the majority of New York City. . They
knew thera waa fraudulent registration
In New. York; thsy anew that there waa
ballot box stuffing what did they dot
They went to work and cot an expert
business man and gava him charge of
New York City, and he wetit to work and
dlvidod that ilty Into little districts, and
the district Into wards, and then sub
divided the wards; then they atib-dvlded
every sub-division until they had a man
In every block. Tho leader said to
tbe-e men:
"You are not responsible who la elected
president; you are not respon ble who I
mayor of tha city, but you are responsible
to know the nam of every man who Is
la your block and bow he votea You
are to keep tab on every man," and they
especially watcbed the fraudulent sec
tion and when the vote was taken the
republican majority rolled In and
swamped the democrats and Benjamin
Harrison went Into the Whit House In
ctead of O rover Cleveland. Th name of
this man. whom they appointed leader,
waa never known.
haren Shoal Hut Advaaee Man.
I know a varnish company that pay a
representative llO.uuO a year Just to be a
good fellow. He "hobnobs with th heud
of the railroads; he never offers to sell
them anything, lie doesn't sell a quart
of varnish, but he pave the way for th
representatives who coin on the job. He
is being paid to gt acquainted with the
head of th department, and to discover
their prejudices, and If they want vr
nwh. he has the way paved for th rep
resentative to sell-tha varnish. The man
geU lio.rttt to smile and look pleasant.
loea th church do that? No, You
can't drive the members to It They won t
even speak to the man who alts besidi
them in the pew.
A man went Into a boot and shoe store
and talked to the clerk about Jesus
Christ. He wpa th cleik to Christ lo
you know who tbat young man was? It
as Dwlght L. Moody, and h went out
and won multitudes to Christ. The name
of the man who won him waa KlinbalU
and Kimball will get as rauab reward as
Moody. Kimbail worked lo. win Moody
and Moody worked and won the multi
tude. Andrew wins Peter and Peter win
;.uw at i'entecost. That la th way tiod
works today. CberUr O. Finney, after
lsarniug the name of any man er woman
would invariably ask: ''Are you a Chris
tian''" You can gain ooe soul to Christ
ad t our Uiwrck niemberehig i.h
the meetings are over. There Isn't any
one here who hnnn't drag enough to w.n
somebody to Christ . t
"Are you lonesome?" some one aeki d
a light keeper off the coast of Massachu
setts . "Are you lonesome?' And he shI'I:
"I was lonesome until a ship waa wrecked
on this roast and I rescued five men, and
since that time 1 have never b-in lone
some because now I am constantly on
the alert to see If some one else neeN
Are you lonesome? Pome people sit In
the church pews until they are mildewed
and never ask any one to come to the
Ood of Oods. Oet out of that rut Borne
people thing It la beneath their dignity to
do personal work for Ood.
I'm getting mighty tired of listening to
hot air. You church people do a lot of
figuring on paper, but let me tell you,
I'm getting sick of a lot of you people
loafing when you ought to get busy and
help me out.
I don't mean to say that you are nut
kind, hospitable and appreciative, but I
don't think you are doing all that you
might or could do. Don't you think I am
going to do It all. If I tried to do It all
I'd be In my coffin In a month.
You ministers want to get busy a'.d do
a lot of personal work. You church mem
bers want to hustle around and help us
save the sinful from the devil, and not
Just sit there on your chalra and listen to
what I have to say about aalvatlon.
Pome of you churchers bad better stay
home for awhile, so a to give other
folks a chance to come here and get
front seals.
Perenal Work ef the Savior.
If It Is beneath your dignity to do
personal work, then you are above
your Maater. If you are not willing
to do what II did, then don't call
Him your Lord. The servant Is not
greater than the owner of the house.
The chauffeur la not greater than the
owner of the automobile. The sor
vant on the railroad Is not greater
than the owner of the road. Cer
tainly they are not greater than our
lrd Jetu Christ
If you come to me and have anything
gainst your nrotner, let me tell you
go to film and be reconciled first If the
communion cup I passed down the aisle
and there la some - neighbor to whom
you don't speak, partaking of communion
doea not do you any good. You are Just
going through the form of being a C'lirls
tlon; you are Insulting Ood.
I never saw a revival movement yet
until Ood s people fell on their knee and
renewed their vows of Christianity. There
are a lot of people that never pray, that
never ask a blessing. There are a lot of
people that are negligent in their rellgloue
duties, who drift from Ood. The trouble
la that we are going through a ritual to
tlay; the spirit Is left out. God wants the
spirit, not the ritual.
If w get run down spiritually, If w
become negligent, put yourselves on pub
llo record before the people; gat right Uh
Thoa seeds Want to Be Bated.
There are thousands of people In Omaha
today who can be gotten lor Chnst If
you go and aak thera to give their hearts
to lllm. That 1 the reason we don't
do more church work. You go and
it in a pew, listen to a sermon and lUtun
to the choir alng and then call that wor
shiping Ood. The whole city will go to
hell so fast you can't see it for dust
1 knew a mother, not personally, who
was a fine woman she brought up her
children In the knowledge and love of
Chrlatt bh was lamenting- to a friend of
mine that the couldn't do much Christian
work and my friend found that not a
person had entered her homo lor years
that she had not asked them if they war
a Christian and talked to thorn about be
.ng a Christian. Kh was ot.e of the beat
Christian workera In the community, yet
her ldra wa tq get on a platform. Uis
abuse your mind; that la the way you
must work for Ood. Listen to this:
There are 13,ftX),O00 young men In thta
country bxtwevn the ages of 1U and 10
years; I2,ou0,o00 are not member of any
church. Protestant or Cat hollo; S,U.0u0 of
tnera go to church occasionally; 7,00u.XW
never darken a church door from m.
year's end to another. They fill tha
saloons and the houses of til fame, the
haunts of vice and corruption, and yet
mt young men have been touched by
some Burnley school Influences; but you
don't win them for Ood and they go Into
the world nover won for God.
I want to tell you If you want to solve
the problem for the future get hold nf
the young men now. Oet tbent for Ood
now. Have your boys and girls. Save
the young man and woman and yuu
launch a lifeboat.
I remember In a town there waa a fu.
neral. The casket contained a very beau
tiful maiden, It waa being borne from the
home. The family didn't me far from
the graveyard, and most of the mourners
walked, well, they all stood around un
til the minister started: "iJuat to duat
ashes to ashes."
Presently a Sunday school teacher burst
lnt hysterical cries: They led her to
her carriage, and she was driven to her
home. The minister noticed her cnlni
and asked her what caused It She re
plied :
"I taught that girl for four years. I
noticed that she waa getting careless and
going to publlo dances with young men
whose character was not the best I did
not say anything to her, but I waa sure
that, aa a minister, you did."
The minister said: "I thought you, be
ing her Hunday echool teacher, would
attend to that You are a woman and
Well, they finally eald: "Let ua go to
ber mother and at her about It"
They went to the mother, and aha re
plied that she knew she waa getting
careless, but she thought that her Sun
day school teacher or the minister would
attend to that There waa a girl who
waa gone, a witness against her mother,
her auindar aohool teacher and the
Half of our Sunday school teachers are
card players, beer gusslere, theatr-goera.
They doat know anything about Jesus No wonder our youths are run
ning wild. Oet down on your knees and
Yea Mast Ceafeee Sine.
There . must be a confession of sins.
Confess your alns of neglect The alna
of neglect, those are the sins. The curse
of the church, the alns of omission. There
must be a confession of etna of unfor-
glvenesa. Confession Isn't loving a card
party more than a prayer meeting. Con
fession is not loving a good novel more
than you do a Bible. You can't eery Uoo.
and mammon.
So many people think If they read good
books, think good thoughta and keep
good company they are all right They're
all wrong. Thta twentieth century idea
of getting people Into heaven is all
wrong, n e are ma xing religion too
cheap today.
Nothing la too hard for Ood to do. I
have a friend. Dr. Broughtoa of At
lanta, Oa. When he waa a young ml a
V?Ur he went to help aneef minister
in a eri-s of me tins. He said that he
never preached to such a lifeless. Indif
ferent, lasy. Indolent critical, petrified,
stiff, stale hunch In all h a life. They
never smiled. Juot eat there and listened
to hltn. While he waa there one nlKht
he said:
"I there any man or woman here who
would Ilka to see anybody converted? la
there any mother who would like to see
her son saved, a wife her husband, a hue
band his wife, a fr.end a frlmd, a busi
ness man a clerk? Anybody who wouldj
like to see somebody saved? Nobody
lifted a hand.
He preached the next nlKht and repeated j whose brain all and races and all
the Invitation. He aald. "Is there a Institutions rave up their secrets, were
woman present who would like to See her j to speak in this building; If I could an
hushand saved? la there a husband?" ' noUnce that Milton, whose blinded eyes
A little boy 14 years of age lifted his .pemed but to give his soul a change to
"Is there a huaband-a wife?"
Trie boy raised his hand.
Is there a sister wants to see a brother
seven , ana me noy linen nis nana.
jie reeieu u. i nw aia mcen nis nana.
After he reached his hotel ho heard a
rap at the door. He opened It. In came
one of the deacons. It wes a Baptist
church. Stroking hi long pious whiskers,
he came In and said, "How'de, doctor?"
My friend replied: "How do you do.
oeaconT Pit down.
i cnousnc u was my ouiy io come up
here and tell you. I'o you know that boy
down there?"
"What boy?"
"You know, the one who was lifting
his hand."
"Well, that boy ain't overly bright, and
I thought that I would come and tell you
that he Is making a fool of you."
My friend replied: "He Is not making a'
fool of me. but of you. and the other '
mi'inli ra Af lh tttnivti I ! I . .
spiritual life than the whole crowd of you
put together."
"Well, I thought I would tell you you
can do what you please. You better tell
him to stay away."
My friend said: "I'll pay him 110 a day
He I. the on.vldince of life!
i. If yo think I mugolnK to I
to come.
I see here.
put the only spark out that Is In the
church, you don't know me.
My friend preached the next night, and
hn he asked the questions, again no-'
body moved but that boy. That night the
preacher sioke to my friend,
"I have to go away In tr.j morning," he
said. "I wa going to preach on Hunday
morning, but I want you to preach for
me. I wish you would throw the doors
of the church open and ask If there is
anybody that wants to Join."
"Join what?".
"Why, tho church."
My friend said: "You don't need an
evangelist here; what you need Is an
The next night, when my friend got
back In the hotel, there waa a knock.
ome In."
And then In comes this old deacon.
"How'de doctor?"
"How're deacon? Sit down."
He say: "You're going to preach Sun
day r
"Well, If I were you I wouldn't throw
the doors of the church open for any
Jiners, 'cause there ain't any."
My friend said: "Deacon, look me
straight In the eye. Did you ask me not
to throw the door opeq ' because you
knew there were'nt any Joiners, or be-
ause there was one that poor boy and
you did not want him to join the church.
because you wanted to keep him out
I. v "D uiuiw wvuiu vm soniv, enu ypu
lid not wanL the mm, ia Imi In T m
V.II l w . k ....... I ., .
tolng to throw the .doors open."
Sunday morning my friend said: "If
here la anybody here that wants to give
heir heart to Jesua Christ, com down
tnd we will take them by the hnnd."
That boy got up and came down the
tial. Dr. Broughton asked him some
questions, and he said he never saw or
.caid clearer answers to Biblical ques-
ions In all hla life. Then he aald to the
"ou all heard th queetlona I have
sked him and you all heard the answers
he gave me. Now. accord. ng to the rule
of the church, all who are In favor of
receiving him into the church say 'aye.'
Two farmers, who knew nothing about
he boy, said "aye." Not a person said
Dr. Broughton aald the ayes have It.
The boy went home. The boy'a mother
wa dead, and he lived with his father
anl hla grandfather.
Hla grandfather was an old man. I
nearly HO year of age, an Infidel, who
hat) not darkened the church for sixty
veara. lie went up to his grandpa and
Lad flat Grandpa Jola C'hareh.
"Grandpa, they took me Into the church
and baptised me. And now I sin a mem-
ber of the church. If you come up thev
will take you. I'll tell you th answers
to aay." Th old man aald: "Don't
bother me now."
He kept after him and th next Sunday
when my friend. Dr. Broughton. asked
If there was anybody wanted to Join the
church, down the aisle came that Idiotic.
boy leading hla old grandfather. 80 years
of age. The old man wanted to sar a
few words. He said:
"You all Vnow rae. I arr. an old man.
and this Is the first time I have been
In church for sixty year. My little
grandson U not overly bright; his mother
Is dead. He came home a week ago and
ild that they had Uken him Into the
church and that they would take me In
also. If It is not too late I would like to
Join, and spend my few remaining years
to the glory of Ood."
Monday morning the boy went down
town, his father waa a aaloonkeeper, and
he said: "Pa, grandpa and me have
Joined the church, we have been ban-
Used. If you come up they will take you
H aald: "Go on away. This la no place
for boys." and I think that the mere fact
that minora cannot enter a saloon Is
enough to prove the fact that It Is a
dirty, rotten, stinking place, and not fit
for men.
He went back, but kept after hla father
until he. like his grandfather, came up
and accepted Jesus Christ On that day
the father said to th people: "Come
down tomorrow and I will burn all th
liquor that la In my store, and I will
break all the barrels and let It run out
I feel myself commissioned by Ood to be
the apostle of the saloonkeepers in this
country." Well, he went to work and
gave hla testimony and created senti
ment until the saloons were put out of
business from lack of patronage, and
from that day to this there hasn't been
a saloon in that county. Long before they
had prohibited by a state law there wa
got B saloon In that county, and It farted
with that Idlotie boy, and you have got
aa much brain as he had.
. (Copyright. William A, Sunday.)
AUSTIN, Tex., Sept 81-rioyd Rey-
nolda, aged 11, is dead today aa a result
if an Injury received last Friday in
loot ball scrimmage. A Mood vessel In
his hes.i burst
What if Christ Should Come to
Omaha? Sunday Wants to Know
"Rllly" Hunday, In his sermon here la.t
evening, an Id:
Text: Luke xlx, 1-Jesua entered and
passed thmush Jericho.
The announcement of the coming of any
historic character to Omaha aould
arouse deep Interest. If I could announce
I that Hhakespeare. under the alchemy of
- see more; If I could announce that Croro-j
I we!I( whoeo Spartan devotion to duty re-
, m.,1- pmnlre: If I eould annmmee
I that f;hr).topher Wren, who could dream
, cathedrals as easily as you or I could
our dinner, and who could swincr
domes of marble In the air with the care
less abandon of a "boy blowing soap
bubbles; If I could announce that Michael
Angelo, who Imprisoned his dreams and
Inspirations on Immortal canvaa and In
deathless stone; If I could announce that
who comes In his writings to
soothe the pain and prompt the prayer
to stop ail doubt and eolve the problem,
the immortal author of Fllirrlm's Prog-
ress, which seises us In our childhood
w Ith the strong hand of Ita power, which
brings our manhood to surrender to tho
spell of its sorcery and relaxes not itn
grasp upon us when mingles the brown
of llfo with sober gray, the man whj
has done more to draw the attention of
tho world to matters of suprcmeat effort, i
W'hn hns nlntit th Ka n V. ..1 i : I
!.w finnan iirsu in imurrrr sjrmpainy
and more thrilling tones than uny man
since the apostles; If I could announce
that Oconto Washington, the father of
his country, first in peace, first In war
nd fl"1 ,n tho h,ar, f countrymen.
W" to honor lhl" c,ty ,th h"
excursions would run from every section
of this land, and no building has been '
erected by the hands of man that would
hoW the crowd" ,hat ud icnther.
I. He's lllshvat
Kapreaalna In Re.
1 1 ,!- !
But I neod not argue that tho announce
ment of the coming: of Jesus to Omuha
would awaken an interest and eend a
thrill of expectifnry beyond that of any
other character of history. The concern
wo would feel would be different, not
only in its magnitude, but In its essence
a well.
Wo instinctively feel the difference and
we aocotint for it This la true because
His name ia inseparably associated with.
relUlon. and. after all has been said, re
ligion Is the measure of concern of men
It's the real base line of character.
Men may revile It, Ignore It. and mls
reproxenl It, but In their hearts men feel
that In religion life finds Ita hlKhewt ex
presslon. Years ago Walter Wellman. tho eminent
correspondent. In speaking of the power
exerted over the common people bv
Bryan and Uoosevelt said that no small
part of their power lay In the fact that
they were "preachers." Then he eald this
significant thing:
"Thrre is nothing- men like ao well aa
being ' preached at provided they don't
know It la a aermon they are getting, and
tey don't have to go to church to get
it." .
Many ytypea of men challenge our Jn
terest, but It Is the apoatle of religion and
the herald of Christianity that has tho
superlative influence.
The merchant prince is known In all
markets where men buy and sell am!
the crowds applaud him and hla millions. ,
Ho la a useful man to hla age; but he
dies, ard In a few years no one would
kniw where he waa burled, or remember
that he lived. If It were not for the costly
monument erected by his family.
The soldier makes and unmakes the map
f the world at will and empires tremble
tt the glance of his eye; he, too. may do
a divine work, but he die and clowna
Vindy hi name across the footlights. .
The scholar concentrates the essence of
hi life In a book, that soon grows yel
low In the dingy comer of a library. He
may be a faithful servant of hltrh Ideals.
but ho dies and only a few students re
member him and enjoy the result of his
y 1 ,iwuRuy uvea me moral taw t. .... ii ... . .
ana serve his feneration, foraettlne-
Himself In the Immortality, and we turn
to Him for spiritual authority' as natur
ally as a flower turns toward the sun or
a lily lifts its Immaculate lips to be
khwf-d by the sunshine and the dow.
Beauty may plea so ua, truth may
strengthen ua, but roodneas commands
us. A genius charms ua, a philosopher
Instructs us, but a saint feed us. Art
makes the world attractive, learning en
rtohee tha mind and dignifies life, but
religion regenerates the souL
Christianity haa always been a personal
Jeaus waa no organiser, like Caesar or
Mohammed. He formulated no plana He
founded no. ecclesiastical system. He
mustered In no armies, drilled no emis
saries. He Inat'tuted no social or religious
machinery; there waa no framework or
scaffolding to His kingdom. Ho taught
no school. He had no set time nor place
to speak. He wrote no books. He did not
seem to go out of Hla way to preserve
In written form Hla teaching.
His beatitudes and His parables seemed
like precious seeds scattered with a
prodigal hand over tha unfenred field
of humanity, and yet without an organi
sation, without an army, without a
literature. He haa become the central
figure of all the civilisations of all tho
Christ so completely represents the per
fection of character that you cannot
escape Christ without ceasing to be your
best seif.
It is of this Christ of which I with to
speak today.
Whet Weald City It Jrs Casaet
If Christ came to this city: When roy
alty enters the city, the city puts on Its
holiday attire . but the most momentous
day in the history of any city la the day
when Jesus Christ gives It a special
visitation of His power and presence.
If Christ came to this city, do you
think He would be received differently? j
I would like to think that He would. '
but I am not so sure. I do not believe !
you would have to go outside of this city j
to find people who would vote to crucify '
Him If Ho should enter Omaha today.
If Christ came to this city, would I
be glad to see Him? Not appear to be
glad, but really be glad to welcome Him?
Whether or not you would bo glad to
welcome Him la an invariable index to
your character. He is always welcome
where all ia well. , There ia a line of
scripture which reads as follows:
"And when Herod, the king, heard It
he was troubled."
Men. who have been living like Herod
are always troubled when they hear
that Jesua Is In the neighborhood. Jesus
' In th way of tho M-ni. Jesus
In th way of th adulterer, the thief,
the libertine and the oppressor.
JWeitM the presence of Jesus give yen
l'ni-o ann sirenKin or wouiil it worry
you: n u would worry you, you may
know that you are living In sin. By
this you may know all that eternity can
ever reveal. If His presence would trou
ble you, it is a bad sign.
If I hrmt came to this city, where would
i went mm to rind me? Would I want
Illni to find me In the saloon, in a house
of shame, plottlng-to ruin some confiding
Sirl. or with eom" crowd of scoffers?
If Christ came to this city, what would
I want Him to. find me dolns;, Would I
want Him to find mo shirking a duty, do-
Int,' a questionable, thing or attempting to
win men to Him?
W hom W oald Jeans Visit In Omaha
If Christ came to this city, with whom
would He spend most of His time?
I know that He would ko wherever
there was a sinner and not be afraid of His fine linen by going either.
I know that He wou.d go wherever
there was anyone in neod, and He would
no reKnraiess or class. He wou.d s-o as
freelv r li . .
in the poorest tenement as He would go
'to the comfortable home of one of your
millionaires, and vice versa,
I I think lie WOUM Un UrhiMV.. 11..
' was anybody w ho needed help on the
deeper things of life.
But when 1 ask where He would epend
most of His, I am not thinking of
theso places I have mentioned, I am
simply asking In whose company He
would rind the most congeniality.
I cannot answer that I am only asking
' ,7,., , .... .... i .
- ,...,. ."m w vmict in;1, w nut am i
donB that He would commend? Am 1
'"'"a to Ilv a Chr.stlan life; am I try-
,n" to Influence others to do likewise?
Am 1 dea.lng honestiy In business? Am
o"nd behind every Influence for ood?
A'" 1 uncompromising foe of every
What Would Yon Dof
If Christ came to this city, what prac
tices and neglect would He condemn?
What changes would I make If I had
twenty-four hours' notice?
Would you change any dates? Would
you tear up any letters? Would you go
and apologise for anything you have
' snMT W n 1 1 1 .t Vnn t . a. anm A nkl
........ .. v .u ww ('. HI UlJUl
have refused to settle for years 7
Would you deed back property that you
have swindled some poor fellow out of?
Would you go to the bank and draw
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money and pay back something that you
have rhcatcd In order to obtain? Would
you go to men and tell them you had
Led about them? '
Would you tell the brewery wagon nut
to call at your house In the future? Are
there any hooka on your library shelf
you would throw out? Are there any pic
tures on the wall you would tear down?
Are you planning to go anywhere you
would not go If Chrlot were coming to
this city
Would you take anything out of the
Ice box? Would you have to dust the
Bible? Would you make any ehange in
your prayer schedule?
Blessed Is the man who can say with
a certain eminent statesman of not long
ajro. who, when asked what he would do
If he knew that he were to die the next
day, "I would Just go on and .lo my duty
as on any other day."
Christ Ia Here.
1 said "If Chr st came to this city, but
there Is no "IF."
Christ is In this city. Every now and
then someone write a book like W. T.
Btead's book, "If Chrlet Came to Ci.i
raro." but there Is a sort of faithless
ness In every such book. '
For Christ, has never been out of
Omaha. Christ has seen every stone laid
in Chicago, Brooklyn, New York, Wash
ington, Philadelphia, Boston, San Fran
cisco, London, I'aris, Berlin.
He has heard every lie, seen every falne
vote, has known every vicious thought,
every sneer at high end holy things, every
yielding to low Ideals, every corrupt prac
tice, and every injustice, every oath, every
He has moved In the maddened crowd
of every strike.
Ho has seen with a practiced eye the
elements of J'lutlce and injustice that
moved the crowd.
He has been at the council table of
every preat corporation and knows when
property rights have been put above hu
man rights.
He knows the motives behind every act
of every roan since the founding of our
Hla judgments of you are not based
upon the morning newspapers or by a
rating: In Bradetreet or Dun, but by what
He aeea and knows of you every day.
Show at Least Bnrajlar'e Considera
tion. Men of Omaha, the eyes of Christ are
upon you. I plead with you to act so
that those eyes can smile upon you. This
ambition haa been the inspiration of all
the good and noble lives that have made
the world what It Is. '
John Stuart Mill once eald (and you will
hardly call John Stuart Mill a "super
stitious religionist"), "It would not be
m to mm lunm
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louunouof Doonooon
I warn nan Biical ma
easy even for an unbeliever to flu
better translation of the rule o
f v, J
eto t l
"t c
from the abstract Into the concre
to endeavor to so live that Chris
approve our life."
This imacoldnhle Christ! Why
avoid Him? There can be but one rea'
4f you want to avoid Him It Is beca
you are uneaelly conscious that there I
something in your life that He does no
It is a practical imposs'bllity for a m
to put himself fine to face with Jeimi
Christ and unblushingly lead a bad life.
A certain wealthy ramlly rettirnlni
home late one night discovered that i
burglar had rifled their silver chest o
all Its contenta. The drawers were pullei
from the buffet and their contenta scat
tered on the floor. The table linen wn
disarranged, the dining room waa In grea'
But the thing which struck the attentloi
of the family was the fast that a marhl'
head of the Christ which was so sltuatec
that Ite eyes fell directly on the sllvei
chest had been turned with Its face to th
The Mack flnirer prints on the inarMr
bust told the story. The burglar wai
unable to commit the theft with even h
marble Christ looking at him,, and ha
turned the face toward the wall v
May I not hope that you men "
women of Omaha will show at least th
tender sensibilities of this burglar?
(Copyrighted. 'William A. Sunday.)
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ANSELMO. Nc'b., Sept. 28. (Special.)
The cornerstone of the Masonic Templa
was laid yesterday under the auspices of
the Grand Lodge of Masons. Grand Mas
ter Samuel O. Whiting officiated. Music
was furnished by the Ansel mo Municipal I
band and a chorus of women. This bulld-ii
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here, 80x30 feet, full two stories high. X
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