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Om Trains, at Hotel
Rtvi Steads, etc, M
i r
Preaches on This Topic for Fourth
Time Since Beginning
His Campaign in
s Gives Audience Story of Winning of
r Shoe Clerk Who Was Named
, . D. L. Moody.
For the fourth time in his Omaha
campaign "Billy" Sunday preached
on "Personal Work" yesterday after
noon at the tabernacle.
Inspiring examples of miraculous
results from personal work bristled
from the sermon, such aa the win- j
ning of a shoe clerk by personal j
work a shoe clerk by the name of'
D. L. Moody; and the personal work
that won a boy, who, in turn, won
his aged, Infidel grandfather and Mb
saloonkeeper father, the father in
turn bringing about prohibition in
the county and the whole state of
Georgia following Into 1 the "dry"
"Billy" hud the audience in laughter
ornetlmes by hla funny acting- of the
part of a Baptist 'deacon who didn't be
lieve In personal work. The deacon had
"spinach on hla chin," and when he
stroked It, according- to the chuckling '
"Billy," he "scared up a meadow lark, a !
jack rabbit and two (tarter .snakes."!
There were many Methodist deacons in
the audience, some with "spinach" on
their chins, but they laughed with' the
They laughed, too, when he described a
woman, who, being asked by John Vas
car, a famous personal worker, whether
she was a Christian, replied saucily and
"Yes, I am." ' ,
"I didn't mean that kind," said Vassar.
The crowd laughed when "Billy" re.
lated it, and in the midst Of their mirth
he shot at them:
Calls Them Snapping; Turtles. j
"Yes, I guess that strikes some of you i -
Burifm.uSfoe- U?" - .J8""! ton. of -Methodist
But, as Uhe Virginian" demanded, th, , i
evangelist laughed when he said it, and CAUTChes in Omaha MOTCd by
it left no sting. . . , Bishop Bristol's Assignments.
Again and wgatn he denounced the j '
i,'ontwn7e,.CUT1rn,e,mHb HLL COMES TO HANSCOM PARK
nothing to save heir neighbors, friends- . . ,
even their ow, ., utiles. ' ' ' ' .
nvhat V. US ,uVln?nvhit an, you- SeyM MMU. mog
doingT What are you doing ? he cried. lh Methodist pastors are occasioned
"Don't b atisilad. t poke "your " own' ' W . Bishop Bristol's assignment" of
head into heaven whUe you let ail the pastoral . charges. Rev. Charles VV.
cst go to hell." i MeCagkin pafitbr of Hahscoru Park
scripture Verse Rented, j Methodist church for several years.
An interesting feature of the meeting R.,n , that t and 0ecom9 pa8.
occurred Just before the opening prayer A , . , ,, .
w..en "Billy called on members of the tor of the university church at Uni
audlence to give favorite verses contain- vf rally Place. Rev. E. D. Hull, now
Ing Ood a promises. From every part of pastor of Trinity Methodist church,
tne hoube the verses came, some men em- Lincoln, will come "to take RbvJ" Mr.
phasuing their quotations with upraised " , ,,,, , ,
hands.' McCaskill'g place, in Hanscom Park
Mrs. Sunday and Mr. Rodoheaver were , church. s ,
not preuunt because they wero holding a' Rev, Thomas Blthel, now pastor
i.ieeung la Council Bluffs. - of Xrlnity Methodist churoh.. will bo
"Billy'' announced his sermon which he . . . . . ..- , , u" .
will preach both afternoon and evening transferred to Hirst Memorial charch.
next Friday on "The Becond Coming of , Rev. J. F. Poucher of Sta.nton- will
Christ.'! j come to Trinity. Rev! Arthur Atatk,
"1 haven't any cranky views." he said; t pastor of the Benson - Methodist
"no inillcnial dawn HuHselliam to
'u,"- "." " l t lnt,lDa8tor of the Church at Gothenburg '
world was coining to an end last Octo-! PR8tor 01 lne caaa at UotnenDurg. j
dit, oux uie wona is still going ngut
along.". i i j
' j
"p rtArnrr,Jc,'0Jrtv, n
1 11U VlUHmiOOiUllGI '
Endorses Warrants
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Sept. 28. (Speolal.)-FJre
Commissioner HldKe.ll today eqded the
agony by endorsing the warrants Issued
to him by State Treaxurer Hall and pre
senting them at the bank for payment.
Up until today Ririgell refused to accept
the inoriey. He said it wa an oversight:
on his part in not signing them In the .
first Instance
The cashing of the war.
rants. It was conceded, will have no ef-
feet on anvsult which tl.n n.i.nt ...
fit to bring.
I d""tr ;a,P'takcn toGeorge6 Washington. tho 'armer '' of what of building. Near the siding
TTl A Wpfl t hot Lo-nital Washington, contumfr py fof hM producU .. jon which the car was placed were a num
J.JJ.U llOatUOi I y .... ' !. A enerl recent Ion .ml .,w ul r.imloi ! her of wooden structures, part of which
t a. m.
a. in.
7 a. m.
i a. m.
a. m.
10 a. m
1 p. rn is
i I: S::::::::::::::S
4 p. m 6,
p. m.'.'.'..;;'.'.;;'.;.M
7 p. in Ml
P- ,n "
Cosapairatlv lor lt-rort.
n.t.I , ' 19'5- W12.
Highest yesterday i 1 5 47
Lowest yesterday..."!.. y0 f4 Su 43
Mean temperature 7 68 64 44
Precipitation Oi .00 .44 .0?
Temperature and precipitation depar-
turea from the normal!
Normal .viuieiM'.ure Ct
Deficiency for the day S
Total deficiency since March 1 4J3
Normal perctutlatton n inch
lefliency for the day "ji inch
T .t.J la nlaii since March L.'H.M n he
Iieflclency since March 1 Inch
Deficiency for cor. perl ,d. 114.. xl Inches
Dctuleiicy for cor. J-er.oO, L1J.. l. Inches
nepuris rni"( PlHtinata nt T P,
fcUUon and Btat
ef Weather.
Cheyenne, cloudy ..
Davenport, clear...
Denver, cloudy
De Moines, cloudy.
, lender, cloudy
North i'lstte, clear.
Omaha, tloudy
pueblo, cloudy
luuid Cliy. cloudy.
Temp. HlBh- Rn -
.04 j
.. U
Salt Lake I y. pu cloudy. O
8anta Fe. clear bt
Sheridan, rain 46
ioux City, rain..... 64
Valentine, cloudy it
erlpl.ftlon. M
a Forecaster.
"1"' I nd cat- i -u e of i
i A. WELSH. Local
by many of his illustrations
in Omaha.
- n-- -
f " i
' (
- F- - -
r-1 A-
r-"'l I
ST'- ... ...... w i V y,
.l frm ct r m a (Imn will
become '
i Klrkpatriri -Nnpertiitendent.
Rev. J. W. Morris, superintendent of
the Holdrege district, Is transferred ' by
the bishop asxignmcula to become pais-
,or or tne urace Metnoaisi cnurcn, lor-
inerly known a the Flrt church of
(Continued on Fao Five, Column Que.)
Dr. S. If. Spalding Has
Stroke' of Apoplexy
i. TIT " 1, ' 4. TV n
at WaSninfftOni U Ul
P ' ' 7
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
WASHINGTON, 1). C, Sept. 28 (Spe-
cla Telegram, )-Dr. B. K. Spalding of
0,wh lrtcken with apoplexy this
morning. He. was at breakfast t the
Sterling when he fell unconscious.
j Spalding, who was with him, at
) called a private ambulance and
t Dr. Spalding a condition tonight is ex
'tremely s-rious. He has not recovered
Peg. consciousness at George Wafchlngton
!'.!.65 hospital, where he was removed. Physl
....55 clans, while hopeful, arc not overly san
....D5 g-uine 0f recovery.
Schmitz IS Again
Candidate for Mayor
8aN FRANCISCO. Sept. 28.-Eugene E.
Schmits, who was deposed from the office
of mayor aa a result of the graft proceed-
lng In 1.07. went before the voters of
Ban KraDclsco again at today's primary
, ., , . , ...
election as a candidate for heal of the
city government aa aecond choice In the
betting of a field of eight candidates.
Odds of 10 to T were offered that Msor
James Rolph, Jr., wculd pull a laiger vote
than Schmits.
Schmlts was deposed after being con-
victed on a charge of extortion. The con-
vlotion was set aside by the slate u-
pre me court
Candldates for eighteen other municipal
and county offlcea were to be voted on
' today
' ELLSWORTH, Nb.. Bept. tl. (Special Judge. -elected to guard and car
Telegram.) While beating his way to his fr our interest, to so pollute
horn In Springfield, Mo., Fred Lee. a hemelve with graft, polltlcl 1,,-16-year-old
boy, fell from th Burlington r'"u and fraud, a to land whole city
local freight yesterday Just west of Lake-: forc of uch ervants in federal prison
id and wa instantly killed. The body th hUtory of th last wvmr records.
waa badly bruised and cut. His father.
i "' E- h" or" body seat
' hi horn at Springfield.
TELLER, as he has proved
in the course o his sermons
Dillon Declares Farm Should Be
Factory Providing Employment
Throughout Year, i
t ;
..--. i" . , .
Avei inv..uuwi oiaven -
should be an efficiently organised
factory, busy throughout the year,
in the opinion of Charles Dillon of
Topeka, Kan., a farm magazine
editor, who spoke to (he Farmers
National congress at the Rome hotel
yesterday afternoon. "It should sell
its products through co-operation
with factories," he said. "This is one
of the most pressing economic prob
lems the American public is facing."
"The (updamental weakness of the
American farm aa an economic insti
tution la its failure to give profitable
employment to the owner,-the hired
ma nand the family throughout the
year," he said.
Mr. Dillon' pointed out that the farmer
tne ,owc,,t l'al(1 huslniss man in the
U Decau M aml ni PlRIU are W'
flom four to x pjontll, Ul the year."
A iaci seiuom reauzeu, he aaM:rtel, is
that. of all the army of unemployed in
the United States today 55 per cent is on
the farms. He advocated using Idle time
vy nioauying me system ot arming now
generally In vogue so as to produce more
live stock and relatively less hay, grain
and cotton for the market, in part, by
finishing and standardising the; products
of the farm. , .
Kef lurries' on Farm.
"An army ot people In the cltica is em-
: Ployed In grading stock and otherw.de1
reflnm the products of the farm." Mr.
I Dill6n continued. ' Nearly all of this labor
could be done on th farm quite as well, j noue wa aet orr Dy me concussion or
A farm factory can cure It own meat. I the Sasolln explosion. The second e.
It can organise Itself Into the most com- plo,lt"1 can,e wUhin cond after th
Plete form'of business in producing, pack- fitt
ing, marketing, branding and selling : The greatest damage was done from the
eggea. butter and other products. It can ' thoc of the explosion. Th fire damage
advertise tlietie products. In brief it can I wl11 not eo-ual ,nat caused by the dyna-
organlxe the bUHtness of farming so that
was. held last nitjht at the Commercial ! 'r occupied by negroes, in this section
club rooms In the Woodmen of the World !a two-story frame building collapsed, tak
bullding, DeJeale . from almost every ' fifteen negroes In a pool hall to their
state In the union were there to the num- !"ath. Search pf the ruined buildings
ber of several hundred. Members of the i Proceeded all night and continued this
Commercial club met them tn an Informal
social hour.
The rural school problem Is to come up
this mbrnlns at the session scheduled
for S:30 o'clock today at the convention
hall In the hotel.
ItlKbt. for (Itlirsi.
"Nothing short of everlasting vigilance
will insure to the great mass of common
citizens their share of rights and prtvl-:
legt s. aa compared to those a little !
higher up In the scale of possible wealth. ,
and hence influence." This was a state
ment of rres!dent W. L. Ames tn his
opening address.
The aastrtion followed hi detailed
! treatment of the subject of lrgialatlon.
"the little Joker," the "invisible" or
, "back door government" and otiier forma
of trick legislation. He declared, "These
: tricks block and delay Justice until pa-
; tience Is worn out and the memory of a
i crime or Injustice la so dulled bv n,u.
ing time that w finally become Indif
ferent to It.
"Conditions are auch that they not only
permit but encourage mayors, police
forces, sheriffs, servants. - and even
I 1 ne prcsiueni attacked the city for
tojUyt" tu lntnt '""'r at th door ot
I (Continued eo Pag Four, Coluian four.)
Authorities Begin an Action
.o Fix Responsibility for
the Explosion and
Railway Men Are Charged with
Criminal Nrgligence by the
ARDMORE. Okla., 8ept. 28. Pro
ceedings to fix the responsibility for
the disaster of yesterday in which a
tank car explosion caused the death
of forty-four, injuries to 100 others,
nnd property loss of more than $500,
000, were started today by the
municipal authorities, who charge
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe railway
oficials with criminal negligence.
This was announced tonight by Rus
seH Brown, city attorney of Ardniore.
The death list tonight stood at
forty-four, according to a statement
from police headquarters. Early of
ficial statements had placed, the num
ber of victims at fifty-five.
This discrepancy was explained to
night by the fact that several persons
previously reported dead wero found
either tn hospitals or in their homes
alive after a close police check with
the physicians of the city and hos
pitals. It la supposed that a spark from a ham
mer of one of the workmen rep.itrtng the
car Ignited the gasoline.
Eye wunessea said flames shot Into the
air for a distance of J0O feet Immediately
preceding the explosion, which scattered
the flaming liquid for blocks, thua start
ing scores of fires In the buildings, which
were wrecked by the concussion.
Most of the persons killed were crushed
under falling walls, soma of them more
than a block away from the scene of the
Ardwore today virtually was under
martial law, while business was sus
pended to permit the work of rescue to
proceed with greater speed. One hun
dred special deputies had been sworn In
to prevent disorder. . . .
Blank llnsed by ExploslOB,
The aowntown ' business section pre
sented a picture of disaster, one block of
Main street, from the railroad station to
1 ina wmuington hotel, having been rased
t - ty tfir expToslon,' many buildings on the
opposite aide of thS street1 destroyed, and
the .late clans fronts et every stie in
town demolished.
Ths greater; park' .of . the city was In
dark hens last night, the' electric light
having been 'cut off owing to the danger
from prostrate wires. Many instances of
heroism and reaklsh result of the ex
plosion were recorded today by person
who witnessed It and themselves escaped
with slight bruises. The terrific report
wa heard for a distance of twenty-two
Tb explosion occurred yesterday after
noon in a tank . car containing 3.U0O gal
lons of gasoline. It caused great dam
age, ix blocks In each . direction from
the Santa Fe freight and passenger de
pots being affected.
' ,Tnnk Lea kins; Gasoline. '
Railroad men who were In the, yard at
the time state that the car was shunted
to a siding on account of its being In "bad
- .order." The car w. leaking gasoline to
(such an extent that a pool of the fluid
; ,ad formed on the ground under the car,
i When switchmen refused to move the car
! further an Inspector wa called,
ir Woods, aged about 40, the car In-
ispector. according to the 'story of those
ho saw him, mounted the car. un
j screwed the cap and peered in. Just ss
ne did this the gasoline became Ignited
land woods; the car and every loosa
I piece of material within 100 yards wa
J hurled through the air. -.
i Dynamite- Also Ksplodes.
""o l"u
P''na were confirmed early today. A
quantity of dynamite In the freight store-
mu 'n1 Son- The dynamite demol
morning. It Is In wrecks of these build
ings that other bodies are expected to
be found.
The Dead.
The following dead have been identl-fii-1:
lit A WOODS laliorer.
CHARLF.s SMITH, former policeman.
M. U. ATKINS, drayman..
A. f. OOlM.Ii, Huckster.
BRFSTON BLAZK. Santa Fe flagman.
Rt'HEN WAKKUN, farmer.
TOM till. KEY.
T. E. SIMS, Santa Fe flagman.
Th body of an unidentified 16-year-old
gird, an unidentified Indian, an unidenti
fied boy and five unidentified negroes
were at the undertaking establishments.
It was rm possible to ascertain the name
of th other victims.
The Bcc
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Half Billion Loan to Allies Is All
Arranged, Announces Commission
NEW YORK, Sept. 28. Tho An-Fio-French
financial commission an
nounced tonight that the proposed
credit loan to Croat Britain and
France would be $500,000,000, and
would be issued on Joint Anglo
French five-year 5 per cent bonds,
offered to the public at 98 and to
syndicates of underwriters at 86.
It also wa announced that the
bonds would be Issued in denomina
tions as low as $100, and that the
subscribers might pay for them by
Register Shows Cornhusker State.
Well Represented at the Grand
Army Encampment.
WASHINGTON. Sept. 28. (Spe
cial Telegram.) "From Nebraska."
You couM pee them on Pennsyl
vania avenue, in automobiles, in Ar
lington, at the tree plantlns exer
cises, in Potomnc park, ou tho
streets in the downtown section of
the national capital. You could see
"From Nebraska" almoHt as often as
you could see veterans from the
older and more populous states of
New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania.
The Nebraska delegation to the
Grand Army of the Republic, meet
ing for tho forty-ninth time since its
creation, in the capital of the na
tion, which the "oBys in Blue" made
imperishable, arrived this morning
headed by Department Commander
George C. Humphrey or Grand Island.
Quarters were established nt tho Hotel
Hterling, banner and rings imllcatinr
that "Nebraska" was on the srouivl
made memorable by the march of Sher
man's army fifty years ago thrmigh
Commander Humphrey, upon his ar
rival at headouarters, directed hi aides
to secure if possiblo the name of every
Nebraskan living In the pralrlo slate
and those who formerly lived thero, at
tendant upon the present national en
campment. Tonight tho register at the headquar
ter Indicated that the following veter
an from Nebraflka, wero , In. the i clUv
om accompanied by their wives: y '-.
tjummander Gorge C. Humphrey.
urand island: lluah Perkins. Iluy
hpiinKSt John Lett. Lincoln; Artls I.
Tlioinitlke. Hooper; Oeorge Crass, Kalr
;lury; James ilouck, Tobias; J. 10. Rnvn,
Albion; Unuiila Tracy, Cedar Itiipids: K.
1 A. Parmale Omaha; Alex Hchlegel, Lin
coln; W. H. Heel, North Loup; Wesley
Itaner. Central City; F. H. liurlsch, I'ly
moiitli; H. llohaiiiiHn, Ord: J. F. Wheat
craft, North Loup; Sheldon Peek. Hlalr;
I. H. Johnston, Central City; edorse W.
, Kearns, edneva; Henlor Vice Coniniunder
! W. H. BtewHit, Oeneva; John F. lltiilie,
; Hooper; Alfred lirown, I'alnter; J. C,
ivnapp, rainier; ojHcph k. Hpencer,
Heemer; U. F. Hmilh. Junlnta; John
Matthetus, OrHnd Inland: V. C Mullen,
Clraml Island; F. Merryman, Kearney: V.
J. lilystone and wife, I.liic.iln: John Fen
nell, I nlvernliy riaon; W. . F. Dovrey.
Omnha: J. U. Forbes. Kenuliliean U-tv:
i'aptain Phelna Paine. Omnha; Simon
Young, Lincoln: C. V. Fuller, Llnrnln;
11. T. Hrown, Hcolt's Hluff; J. W. rJIsr-
ton, Aurora: P. ,-. Funk, Funk; F. M.
Clay, Hnldreec: John Walliue. Onmha:
Ocoige F. Hyun. Grand IhUihI; SI, H.
Mmonton, Falls Cllv; tl. L. Smith. Ulys
ses; Dr. S. K. SpuldlnK and wife, Omalia;
n. w. runon, isnrKeHMt; HiirrlHon Horn
ham. Cored; Charles K. Wheeler. Iti-ken
How; Jonathan JCdwarriK, Onmha; Theo
Hnker. Ord: H. J. (-oIllnH. Did: It. ri.
-ooley, Waverly; Orlli Rdwards, Fort
i Took ; roHt Uepnrtnient Cninnmnder A.
XI. Trimble. LIlKiln. who is also asslHl-
ant adjutant general and BHslNtant iihi-
lermaHier general or tne nepa rtinenl.
Hand Army of the Republic of Nebraska;
Dr. C. A. Fllppiti and wife of Orand
Island; J. F. Jones and wife. Marquette.
Drlearatrs In Attendance.
Representative to the forty-ninth na
tional encampment present:
W. J. Hlystone, post No. 23. IJneoln:
John Fennell, ost No. 318, t'nlverslty
Place; Jonathan Kdwards, post No. 7,
Omaha; John F. Heine, post No. 1"S.
Hooper; If. W. deorae. ixjst No. 9i.
Iiroken How; h.. A. I'Hiincle. pot No. I
110. Omaha: Ben F. Smith. Post No. M
Juniata; Jerome Forlies. post No. 21,
Republican City; Alt lirown, post No.
2fKl. Palmer.
Alternates present: .
P. C. Funk, post No. Ill Holdrege; II.
R Beachell, post No. 3H. Verly: J. K.
Spenrer, post No. 1. Wisner: John W.
Klarton, xt No. 44. Aurora: W. J. Mul
len, pout No. 11. ranl Island: H. Murn
ham, post No. f"'i, Coxad; Daniel Stone
bligh, post No. 2S. Sheiton.
Hellef Corps Urlraates.
Th following members of thu
Woman' Relief corps of Nebraska regis
tered today at NV-braska headquarters:
Josle C. Bennett, dcpartm-nt president,
;Harvard; t'harlutta Allen Osceola;
.Mary J. Blysloiie, Lincoln; Lou li. My.
i era, Osceola; Ada Heine, Hooper: Mary
FJ. Fell, 4'h'ttterton, Vn., holdi member
ship In Net ranks: Julia Heine, llooer;
Mrs. H. hanimenton. Kalla tlty; Mra. M.
J. Hull. F.lKiii". Fidelia M. Jtiipliier. de
partment commander and prist depart
ment president Harvard: Jennie L.
Johnson. rieleytte-wt-.ii-e, llirvard;
Jennie Martin, Central City.
Harrows at Vrteraua' Sleet.
P. A. Barrows, Lincoln representative
of The Omaha Bee, Is a delegate to the
thirty-fourth annual encampment of the
Son of Veteran now meeting In this
city. He la jo.t commander of the Ne-
braaka division and after
week In
Waahlngton will go to hla old home In
Plymouth county, Massachusetts,
for a
short vacation.
IOWA CITY, la , Sept. 2K. -(Special
Telegram.) The Iowa Woman's Chris
tian Temperance union met here today
for an annual convention under difficul
ties. First the delegates were met by a
German saloon band which had awaited
their arrival thscugh th we snial houta.
I Secondly some of the delegate refused
. to use the local taxi because the driver
smoked cigarettes. Finally they found
out that low City w aa pronuunuedly
Wet In many iiuarters. They argued, how
! ever, that this wss a good field In which
, to renew endeavor.
The convention, headed by Mrs. Ida
B. W. Smith of Des Molnos, will continue
four day.
CHICAtJO. Sept. 28. Cheers from
scores of Chicago's leading banker
and huHlncss men greeted the an
nouncement at a banquet here to
night that the $500,000,000 credit
loan to Franco and England, the
largest external loan ever contracted
for In the I'ntted States, had been ar
ranged for.
The announcement was made here
by Lord Reading, chairman of the
AnRlo-French commission, who, with
three other members of the body, ar
rived today. ,
Berlin Official Report Announces
Successes Against Allies in
the West.
UKKLlX, ?ept. 28. (Via Lon
don.) Tho Germans not only have
stopped the general offensive of the
allies on the western front, but by
counter attacks have gained consid
erable territory for themselves, ac
cording to today's official statement
ly army headquarters.
The text of the statement follow:
"Western theater: Th enemy contin
ued yesterday hi attempt to break ,
through our lines without achieving any
result. On the contrary he suffered In
many, places very considerable losses, be-j
sides bringing us an appreciable gain In
"Our counter attack resulted In our
rapturing twenty officer and 710 men.
Increasing the number of prisoner taken
In this locality to S.397 men, Including a
number of officers. Nine additional mas
chlne guns were captured.
"At Houches, Angrea and Rocllncourt,
nnd also along the entire front from the
Champagne to the Argonne, attacks by j
the French were repulsed without a break. ;
"In the region of Soualu the enemy 1
actually brought forward masses of cav- j
airy, showing a remarkable lack of p- I
prerlation of the situation. Naturally j
many ot them were shot down and th I
others forced to flee a quickly aa pos
siblo. "During the repulse tf those attack the
Saxon reserve regiment and the troops
of the Frankfort-On-Maln division es
peclolly 'distinguished themselves,
'In the Ariionn a small advajic wa
uiiaile on our part to Improve our position
at . La Fills Morte, Th movement
brought US the desired result, beside
eecurina- r-r us as prisoners four officer
and 2M men.
' "On the hill at Combrea the enerny posi
tions wore blown up and blocked up
yesterday and the day before by Intensive
inlnn explosions.
"Eastern theater; Army group of
Field Marshal Von lllndcnburg. Oppos
ing forces, which were pushed hack yes
terday on the southwestern front of
I Htni-k, attempted to mak a stand In a
position situated more to the rear. They
were attacked and repulsed. South ot
Lake Drlsltlata, a cavalry engagement
Is taking place.
; "The operations by the army of Gen
eral Von Etchhorn In the battle of Vllna,
which led to the enemy's being repulsed
across . the Lake ' Marcos- Sinorgon-Wls-chew
line, resulted In the rapture of a
total of seventy officers, 21,908 men, three
cannon, seventy-two machine guns and
large qunndtie of baggage which the
enemy was forced to leave behind. An
Inventory of this booty could not be
taken until now because of our quick
advance. The figures previously reported
are not Included In these given here.
"South of Smorgon Our attack la mak
ing progrrss. Northeast of Wlsrhnew wo
have broken through enemy positions. On
this occasion twenty-four officers and
1,300 men were taken prisoners and nine
machine guns captured.
"Army of Prince Leopold of Bavaria:
The bridgeheads east of Tiaronovlchl are
J now in our possession after a battle for
inein, t'rleouura to the tiumnor of
are raptured.
"Army of Field Marshal Von Mucken
sen: The situation la unchanged.
"The army of General Von Llnalngen
has forced Ita way across the Styr below
Lutsk. I'ndcr pressure of this success
j the Russians are In full retreat north of
Dubno along the entire front."
Mrs, Margaret Lewis
of Shubert Is Dead
STELLA, Neb., Sept. 28. (Special.)
Mrs. Margaret Lewis, 86 years old In Au
gust, died at Shubert Monday. She was
tho last survivor of the heads of the thir
teen Welsh families who rame In a col
ony from Ohio to the Prairie I'uion neigh
borhood northeast of Stella In the fall of
lst.5 and the spring of ltMtf.
The funeral of Mrs. Iwls wss preached
at the home today by Rev. Mr. Peall of
Prairie Union Baptist church. Burial was
In Prairie I'nlon cemetery beside her
husband, John M. Iwls, who died ten
'esrs mo. The six sons worn chosen mm
palb.arer.. They are John Iwls of
Yates Ceiitxr, Kan.; Louis I-ewls ot Peru,
Ju8 ii. of Verdun. Thoma Lewi of
Kearney, David and Dan Lewi of Shu
bert Miss Nellie Lewis lived with her
mother, and the other daughter, Mrs. W.
O. Mctjechle, came from Oklahoma fur
the funeral.
(From a Staff Correspondent)
WASHINGTON. Sept 8.-(8peclal Tel
egram.) The funds appropriated by con-
' Kress for th reclamation project dur
' Ing the fiscal year lai8 have been ap
' portioned to th various projects by th
l reclamation service to the amount of $10,-
M8.OI0. Of this amount the North Platte
project In Nebraska and Wyoming re
ceived -"70o3, th Fort Lararai unit
M4.2:il, the belle Fourch projeot In outh
Dakota I41,4 and th fchoahoo project
la Wyoming tlil,iia.
British Forces Further North Ap
parently Have Been Able to
Check Counter Attacks
by the Teutons.
Germans at Some Points Reach First
French Line, but Are Unable to
Break Through.
rATtlS. $ipt. 28. The French
troops, fighting on the western front,
have made further gains ot ground
east of Souchex and north of Mas
algea, the prisoners taken including
Germans recently brought back from
the Russian front, axsocrdlng to tho
official communication issued by the
French war office tonight.
A heavy artillery action is in prog
ress, in tho Argonne.
Ill I.I.KTI V.
LONDON. Sept. 28. The French
are now battering the second line of
German defenses in Champagne,
while the hrltish to their north, ap
parently have been able to crush all
German counter attacks. So far as
can be ascertained the situation on
the western front as brought about
by the allies on Saturday and Sunday
is about where It was.
The diversion Initiated by tho
crown prince In the Argonne at soma
places reached the first French line,
but nowhere did the Germans break
While German prisoner ar arriving
In FVance by the train load, llrltis i
wounded from Flanders are beginning to
reach London. All have the same story
to tell. They describe' the terrific bom
bardment ot th allies, before which it
seemed Impossible that anyone could sur
vive, and then the sudden slackening if
th fir and th British charge.
How It happened that ao many un
wounded Oermana were captured la pux
sling the public.
Blcht Win of Crawai Friar Drake
PA RIB, Sept. .-Intelllgcnca from th
Champaga front beyond Chalons,, which
reached Parl today, show that it wa
m right or th German crown prince
army which was shattered In the attack
against French works. These cngsge
Cf Friday and Saturday. The crown
prince' center mad furious effort la
counter In th Argonne yesterday, wltli
th result that all railway lines to the
east and north, according to French In
formation, were enaasred lat niirht in
carrying away German wounded.
i rench officers reckon that the crown
prince's army loat men In thla at
tack a.nd the previous assaulta during- the
The plan of attack of thla army ha
been th sending: In masses of twn hi.
visions, or about 40,000 men at a time
ments each one equal in also to some
of the great battle of history have been
dismissed hitherto with brief references
In the Frenrh communications because
the results were only negative. German
captured recently testified that th re
sistance of the French has been as de
structive as their o'fenslve, and that
their artillery fire, of deadly effect a
year ago, ha now attained uch Intenaity
aa to work demorallxatlon among their
la yesterday's attack the German sent
two divisions against the French linej
after a preparatory bombardment Th
artillery fir did not demoralise, th
Frenrh line, which held everywhere when
the German Infantry charged. Th two
German divisions broke, leaving th
ground dotted with their dead.
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