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    THK I'.KK: OMAHA, Tl'KsDAY, A TUT ST 24, 1!15.
Miu Saxe Comet to Omaha to Meet
Local Workers at Y. W. C. A.
Room i.
WITH the presence ot late summer, "Danny" Cupid's pranks ot the
still evenings are the engaging topics of the tea-drinking con
tingent. An Interesting romance, to have Its culmination soon In wed
ding bells, refers to a charming maid of the blonde type of beauty, who lives
with her parent In one of the attractive apartments of West End. She has
spent much time In study abroad and belongs to one of the older families
here. The gentleman in question Is an eligible bachelor, and, as an agree
able coincidence, occupies an apartment In the same building.
Then one of the younger bachelors, whose sister Is to be one of the
debutantes of the winter, is devoting his time and thoughts to a Chicago
girl. He Is a son of one of the wholesale merchants. The many friends ot
the two couples expect engagement announcements soon.
At Happy Hollow Club.
Mrs. XV. 8. Myni riiiertalned thrc
funats at supper Sunday evening" at the
Happy Hollow club; J. K. f'rentlaa had,
threa (urats; It. 8. Iyrne, three; C. C.
Fadler, (our; J. C. Howard, two; J. A.
fViller, four; Morton Hmleman, two;
A. B. Currto, two; H. L. ileum, two; W.
C Rajnaey, tour; O. P. Goodman, three;
Harry Koch, three; V. N. Fmalia, two;
W. C Roaa, three; R. M. Weil, two; W.
B. Curtlaa, two; Charies B. AlclHJiiald,
tx; 1L W. Manow, (our; 11. 8. Suamnan,
four; T. J. Norton, three; K. E. Klmber
ley, five; F. 8. Martin, four; John Mc
Donald, (our; K. J. Hlbbernnen, ati; K. U.
Hamilton, four; A. C. l.uman, two.
Mrs. J. F. llloom entertained six
(uaaU at luncheon today at the Happy
Hollow club,
The Tueaday Morning- Hrlda Club will
ir.eet tomorrow . at the Happy Hollow
club and ' the recular children matlnoe j
will be given tomorrow. I
Reaervallona (or the annual Married
Folka dinner at the Happy Hollow club
on Thursday evening have been made by
C. E. Walrath,"fc. I Prtermn, R. C. Pet- ;
era, W. A. ' Plel, (iuy L.gett, It. U j
Drown, John T. Yates and Norrla Wick
eraham. A small dinner party of Thure- j
day evening will be compoaed or Meaara.
and Meadamos: E. K. Klmberley, U. M.
Durkee and 8. JR. Rush.
Another dinner party Thuraday evenlnie
will Include: Meaara. and Meedamee l. K.
McCague, K. 1L Klleton, F. J. Norton,
Oorge & Mlckola, Frank K. Clark, F. J.
Schorr, I. A. Medlar, C. II. Dunham and
Oeorge W. Palmer.
At the Saturday evening dinner-danre
at Happy Hollow club, Reynolds Yatea
and Halcyon Chambera will demonstrate
the new winter dancea.
At Seymour Lake.
The Sunday evening musical at the
Peymour Lake Country club was in
Joyed by a large audience. Those eniur
talnlng at dinner were J. H. Koplns,
who had three guesta; J. K. Kednar, (lv.-;
W. If. Cheek, two; C. A. Melcher, alx; K.
A. hoee, seven; J. J. Hlnchey, two; lli:ry
Nygaard, eight; U M. Lord, three; J. J.
Fltsgerald, six; W. M. Rerry, Jr., (our;
Ryron Clow, (Ive, and J. M. (Jarvey,
Mrs. L M. Lord returned Saturday from
Chicago, where she spent two weeks with
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Mldlam and son,
Clayton, have returned to their Heymour
home, after spending two wevks in St.
Loula, Fort Worth and other soutlttrn
Mrs. T. Ia Comba ia confined to her
home, the reault of a severe accident Bun
day evening.
Picnio at Kirkwood.
Mr. and Mrs. A. I,. Reed, Mr. and Mrs.
C. M. Wilhelm and Mrs. F. P. K liken
dall will give a picnic at Kirkwood, the
summer home of Mrs. Klrkendall, in
honor of Mr. and Mrs. Qurdon W. Wat
tles. The gueata will be:
Meaara. and Mesdames
X Clark Cult, iaaao Colea,
llai.lel Baura. C. It. Keller.
W. A. C. Johuson. Harrv iKMirly.
I . yrJ
Wedding Plant.
The wedding of Miae Roaa Pmytli,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Constantino .'.
Smyth, and Mr. Clarence Blbbernafi, son
of Mr. an Mra. I. Hlbbernaen, will be
celebrated Thuraday evening, 8crninher
13, at the home of the bride's parents
on North Thirty-eighth street. It will bo
a large wedding followed by a reception.
Mlaa Mary le of Chicago, a cousin ot
the bride, will be the maid of hoiur and
the Crldennalda will be Mlsaea Helen
Murphy, Catherine Smyth and Metrl:o
Coad. Mr. I-oxl Blbbernaen, a biT.thur
of the groom, will be beat man. i
Personal Mention.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomaa Reea spent a few
aya last week at the home of Mr. Sam
uel Reea ewv from California.
Mr. Samuel Reea and daughter, Mlaa
Henrietta, left Saturday (or Seattle and
ancouver via the Canadian RooUlus.
atei they will go down the coast to
'ie exposition.
R. H. Weller win leave Tuesday for
Chicago, accompanied by his children.
Dorothy and Robert, to meet Mra. Weller,
who la returning from a visit to her slater
at Marietta, Ua.
Miss Grace Saxe, head of the Bible
study department of the Dilly Sun
day campaign, spent the day In
Omaha conferring with Rev. John W.
Welsh and local workers. Miss
S.".xe met a group of women workers
Informally Monday afternoon at the
Young Women s Christian associa
tion nnd outlined plans for working
up enthusiasm. At 4 o'clock she left
for Denver, but will return here Sep
tember 4.
Mlsa Faxe's work in to organize the
cottage prayer meet Inns into perma
nent neighborhood lllble clause. She con-
ducta a class In TUble study every day
of the campaign In the tabernacle, di
rectly following Sunday's add reus.
' Hcfore .'olnlng Rllly Sunday's party
four yenrs ago, Mlsa Saxe toured Kng
land, Ireland and the continent with Dr.
Torrey and Mr. Alexander, dolnir the
same sort of work.
I Miss Saxe was In Bgypt when Theodore
Roosovelt emerged from the African In
terior, and she was sent tip the Nile by
the I'nlted Presbyterian organization to
report hie apeechea at the mlaslyn sta
tions. She woe a court reporter before
taklnu up religious work exclusively.
i Other women leaders in the Sunday
party besldea Mrs. Rllly Sunday and Mra.
Oeorge Sunday are Miss Frances Mil'r.
who holds a meeting (or business girls
every noon during the campaign; Mra.
William Anher, who works with the
factory Klrls and domestics, nnd Miss
Alice Oamblln, who ia In charge of the
bova' and girls' work.
Kansas City Bankers
Spend Day in Omaha
George 8. Hovey of the Interatate bank
of Kanaaa City, Charles E. Walte,' presi
dent of the Stock Yards National bank
of Kanaaa City, and Asa K. Ramsay, vice
chairman of the federal reserve bank of
Kansas City, arrived In Omaha Sunday
morning for a day's golf at the Country
club. They spent the day playing with
Fred Clark of the Nebraska National, J.
C. French of the Stock Yards National
of South Omaha and other friends.
They were not here on busineaa and
Mr. Hovey found it neceaaary to return
to Kanaaa City Sunday evening, although
Mr. Waits and Mr. Ramsay decided to
stay oer for the Ak-Sar-Ren show .
'' jf
e'' F
O. C. Redlck,
M. C. l etera.
Harry Tukey,
K. W. Vlxon.
V. M. Wllhelro.
(ieorge Prlna,
, T. Eastman,
Charlna Oeorge,
Kd Oeorge,
"W. A. haaer,
Arthur Oulou.
John A. McHhan
John L. Kennedy,
O. M. Hitchcock,
(tohn IwuMlierty,
Jr. and Mra. f. C.
Frank Hamilton,
W. J. Fove.
K. Hue hols.
M. Colpetaer,
till tin Wharton.
I.uthi r K minim,
t'neilea Kountse,
Will burns.
Frank Judaon,
Howard Haldrtge,
W. T. Page.
Kd Bwobe,
Victor Caldwell.
F. H.. Hochateller,
Dr. and Mra. J. K, Summers,
Miss Daisy Doane.
Measra. Messrs.
Frank burkley, E. W. Hart,
liands'l brown. Council bluffs;
len Warren, Dick Stewart,
lr. I Hoy Crummer, Joaeph barker,
Luther Drake, Wright,
O. W. Hull. . . Council Rluffa;
Harry MOormlck, Stockton Heth,
Iiuclus Wakeley, - I
At the Country Club.'
Supper parties were given last evening
t the Country club by Mies Margaret
Bruce, who entertained eight gueata; Ed
ward A. Crelghton. three; M. J. Colpet-
er, four-, R. C. Howe, four; Fred Ham
ilton, four; W. N. Chambers, two; Oeorgs
Bowman, three, and Mark Coadv eight.
Pleaturei Pait
Mr. and Mrs. U & Clark entertained
informally Thursday evening In honor of
their daughter, Lola's, birthday anal
veraary. Those present were:
Mr. and Mra. D. K. Clark.
Mra. M. U. Clifton. ' '
Clara Holm,
Marlon Kerr,
t iara Cntielhardt,
Veisna Au'AMtldrr,
Irene 8-liti-ii ot
Council liluffa,
Ixla Clark.
It. Hoi brook,
(iug a.iaon of
Council bluffs.
Harry YVldnor of
of Council bluffs.
Joel Clara,
Sewi of the Wayfarert.
Captain Chandler, formerly at aliened at
Fort Omaha, but now In the Philippine
lalanda, has been ordered to Fort Leav
enworth. He will assume his new duties
at Fort t-eavenworth In two weeka' time.
Dr. and Mra . Robert Ollmore and
daughter. Amy, who have been touring
California, are now at the Arlington
botel la anU Uarbara. Cal. '
To Honor Visitor.
The Mioses Hasol and Carol Howard
entertained at bridge this afternoon in
honor of Miss Polly Cole of Worcester,
Ma., the gueat ot the Misses Catherine
aud Alice Wood worth. Four tables wre
placed for the game.
At ths HeJd Club. . " -
Mum FZUna Riley will give a dancing
party tl.U evening at the Field Club In
honor ot her gueata, the Messrs. James
and Albert Fleming of Hcranton. Pa-Twenty-five
eouplts will be entertained.
Mr. and Mra. Abe lltrxberg have re
turned bums from a six weeka' tour la
XLmit car te Newport.
Fern Schnell of
Council bluffa.
Eva Jubnaon,
louae Kempf,
Kva Wlliiana of
loulsvllle. Neb.;
Florence Martin,
Clnrk Noi ls.
William Jankowskl,
Oua linrreil,
Wilkinson Adams,
Chester Clifton.
Saturday has been exchanged for Mon
day as the principal shopping- day In the
retail district, according to Secretary J.
W. Metcalfe of the Associated Retailers.
"Why, I cannot say," said Metcalf, "but
It Is a fact that any big retailers will
tell you, that nowadays the crowds are
flocking In the retail stores and doing
their shopping on Monday Instead of
urdy." Saturday is, of course, still a good buay
day, but, according to the retailers, the
shift of the big business to Monday has
been made within the last few years."
Mrs. C. P. Ioblnger as Shanghai. China,
formerly of Omaha, spent a few hours
In the city today, the guest of Mrs. C.
C. IWIden. Her husband. Judge Charles
8. Ix)blna r, who la head of the Amer-,
lean court at Shanghai, is attending; the
American liar association convention at
Salt Ike City.
Mra. LblnKer Is enroute to Michigan
to vlalt a alater, but will return In Oc
tober to spend several weeka with Mrs.
Ilelden and other friends. While living
here, Mra. Ixiblnger was prominent in
woman's club affairs, and while the judge
was stationed at Manila, she organised
the Manila Woman's club.
Butler to Ask Ure
for Dundee Money
Commissioner Butler of the department
of public accounts and finance states he I
will this week call upon Treasurer Ure to
turn over to the city $4,100 he is holding 1
aa truatee of Ellery Weeterfleld, former
ireaeurer of Dundee.
When Mr. Weeterfleld returned from
the west he paid all but $4,100 of ths
ehortage reported by the city and a few
days later Paid In the balance to be held
hy the treasurer in trust unit! such time
as the Wcsterfleld accounts might be
checked. Mr. Butler believes Mr. Wes
Urfleld has had ample time to check his
accounts and make final settlement with
the city.
Pioneer Resident
of Nebraska Dies
John D. Hamilton ot Cedar Rapids,
Neb., for thirty-seven Jeara, who lately
moved to 3010 Nicholas street, Omaha,
died at Lincoln Saturday. Burial will be
at Cedar Rapids, August 23.
He leaves a wife and three daughters,
Mlsaeu --n and Hazel, and Mra. II. O.
llalbtrcleben, who lives at 424 Wirt
Women Will Address
Good Roads Meeting
at Commercial Club
Mrs. Lee C. Roardman, organiser of
the Lincoln Highway Woman's auxiliary,
and Mrs. Sarah W. Danold, executive
secretary, both of New fork, will ad
dress a meeting Tuesday evening in the
interests of good roads. The meeting
is planned te be held at the Commercial
club. Harry Lawrle, Randall Brown,
Clark Powell and T. F. Btroud ara In
charga ef preparations.
The highway auxiliary aims ta teautify
the Llnooln highway. Not only ths plant
ing of trees, but ths erection of memor
ials to noted men snd the placing of
fountalna and other aids to beauty are
recommended. Mra McDonald Is espec
ially furthering a plan to have each atate
Jravereed by the highway erect a me
morial to some prominent person In that
The two women left New York July
M and are enroute to the coast, ' which
they expect to reach the latter part ot
September. They addreaa women's clubs
particularly In their efforts to organise
more auxlllarlea. On this trip, auxiliaries
were formed at Oettysburg, where a me
morial to Lincoln will be placed In the
square where he hade the Gettysburg
speech; at Everett. Ta., and Canton. O..
where a marker In honor of the late Prea
Ident McKlnley will be fplaced. Othor
auxiliaries are In process of organisation.
Mra. board man was the flret woman to
make a transcontinental trip via the
highway. Both women are member of
the New Tork Woman's Press club.
An Attractive Half Dozen Specials
In Basement Ready-to-Wear
Emphasised Especially for ths Saving In Money They Represent
At 25c
A spsclsl lot of odd and snds
ef Women's Dressing Sscqussand
a fsw 8hoet Kimonos, many dlf
fsrsnt styles crops, fancy lawns,
to. Value to 59c
At 25c.
Woman's Full-Lsngth Long Ki
monos fancy flowers, trlmmsd
lawn and fsney crepes, with belts
and shirring; several different
etylss. Sizes to 48. Regular 60c
At 19c.
Women's Striped Gingham
Petticoats, extra good quslity.
39c vslues.
At 59c.
Lot of Women's Waists, fancy
figured silks, lawns, etc., a com
plete line of sites. Values to $1.
At 38c
A special lot of Wash Petti
costs of good quality sateen, all
colore. Worth to 75c.
At 10c.
Women's Corset Covers, plain
and lac trimmed; all sizes.
Rsgular 19c valuss.
Miss Bess Sanfcrd of Omaha la ma
rooned In St. Louis by hiith water, ac
cording to a telegram from her received
In Una city. The telegram says four feet
of water Is standing In the t'nlon sta
tion In St Ixula and Miss Sanford u
unable to take any train that alii brln
her home.
Hosiery. Underwear
Men'e, Women'e and Children's
Fine Cotton Hosiery Black and
white; 12'to values, sy
P'r ..2C
Women'e Fine Cotton Vtsts
All sizes, 10c quality, g I
Tuesdsy, each UZ C
Women'e Fine Cotton Ribbed
Union Suits Umbrella style;
all sites. 35c values. rtt
ult ZJC
Mew's, Weasea'e aad Chlklrea's Head
kareaJefa Mala ud lurf bnM
ere4 camera aad faaey aalereS
wane eibratdery.
edaea. aUchtly ia. perfect.
Wrapper Percale
aS-Inrk Dreae aad W
Light aad dark eelera. la aeat eaeeas.
etrtpae aaa data. Hagw-
H valae, Taaaday,
Mrs. Ida P. Pawaon and James P.
Pawecn, U'th ct Coinc! muffs, were remarried-hy
IW. Charlea W. Savidge at
hla residence 6aturday evening. I'dward
Iawxi ot Counoll Uiuffa, the groom's
brotruT, aoeenkpanpd them. Mr. ani
Mrs. Iawaon had previously been mar
ried and divorced.
Liver ramylalat Makes
No Joy in living If your Stomach and
I4ver don't work. Btir your Liver wlt'a
fr. King's New Ufa Pilla. All druggists.
Advertlaeiuen I
You Won't Find Better NotionValues
aaa-ailk, special Tuaaday,
Uaa ai( lot ef Hoae Sup-
partara, pair
K. M C aad O. M. C. Crochet
Cotton, all numbara. ball
Urt bsiae ef Wire Hair
Ptna. boa
atan'e Collar llaada, all
ataaa. avh
Siaa Cenba and Hark Cumba.
apaclal. each
I'at. Treuaar and Skirt
Uangara, sack . , ,
.. 5c
Sanitary Apron, regular tSo
vaJuea, aack
Sanitary Napklna, tee
vaiuaa. doaaa ...
II-Yard bolta ef Btaa Tape,
apacktl. bolt
Bane Hair Puts, tie
value a, doaaa
Build gold platad Uaauty
1'ina. J4o valuaa, eat ,
ISS-Vard apoola Baarlng
Dresa Forms
Pear-aaetkHi Adjaaubla Draaa rerma Caa ba adjust ad at aack. baat, walat and
hip, alae a any katfht. Kack form ka aatra akin marker attached te wire
akirt la aa aku-ta. Th only farm aiade ltk arm
piece t bw tk aaact salting et alaavea, Alaya sails
for tlttS. Tuesday at
Still More Economical to
Enjoy Electricity in
Your Home
The reduced rates for electricity make it even more in
expensive than before to use the many electrical appli
ances which help make home more liveable. If your
house is not equipped for electricity, there is no better
time than this month to have it modernized. If you are
contemplating a vacation competent electrical wiremen
can do the work while you are away, although it is a
simple task to have your house wired at any time.
The new rules and methods of charging will encourage the rise of
many electrical appliances whicQi aro eo helpful in the home. See that
your house has plenty of convenient sockets in closets, in tho cellar and
in dark halls and stairways. Make duro that there aro sockets or recep
tacles conveniently located for the electric iron and the washing machine.
Base-board and floor connections will be convenient for lamps, cooking
appliances and the electric cleaner. (
The new rates are not effected by the connected load, number of sock
ets or the number or size of lamps. You will now pay a specified rate per
kilowatt hour for the current consumed regardless of the size of your
connected load.
These new rates represent our sincere efforts to make a real reduc
tion in the cost of electricity and to make our charges equitable to all
consumers alike both large and small.
Omaha Electric Light & Power Company
Maximum lighting rates have been reduced approximately 40 with
in the pa?t two years due to physical improvements and growth of business.
.. ' I ! f . 4 : , . - .-; H
r-r l! it!
t -miHL. - - t i ?i
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