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    THE r.KE: OMAHA, SATURDAY. AlTifST 14, l!t.".
sai TwUm t W.w Bmim Trm
aWsstul faaa, ST.. Bura.-Ornd.a
Tatar's Coaayl ! mfna'
sJaassfkt Uco tooar. a ad tppnn la
n EXCLUSIVE!!, rind out what
nihiM mmrin ptctun iktUrt of t.r.
Tot Safety rirtl In Llf Insuraiic. mtr
V?. II. Indo. general afrnt Btal Mutua)
Llf Aimnnct Co. of Worcester, lias.,
en of In oldeat (71 years) and beat on
(aniea on earth.
Kowlay t rhUaaslphl Word wi re
ceived In Omaha thl wrek that Harry
Bowley, formerly foreman of the Use
Printing company and la tor advertising
snanaser Ot the George Lee rompaiiy, had
tteen promoted to manager of the Key
ton Type foundry of Philadelphia,
teal Cb aad Craokara The Hen
Biscuit company. Twelfth and Capitol J
avenue, rw porta to the police that thlevea
grained entrance to one of their cara on
Thursday night and stole two bones of
crackers. John Davis, who lives nearby.,
also makes known that a largo fragrant
Cheese was taken from Ms kitchen,
STla.ty Says for Insulting- CU1A
Hubert Wimple, charged wltn making
Indecent proposals to the 10-year-old
daughter of a prominent Omaha attorney,
was sentenced to ninety days , In the
county Jail. The Incident occurred at
Sixteenth and Harney street, Thursday
night, as the child was sitting In the
family car outside the Owl Drug stone.
The father a pea red against the man In
police court. 1
Tells Hit Washington Agent Not to
Treat with Repreientatire of
the Villa Faction.
Omahans to Attend
Kansas City River
Navigation Meeting
Probably no less than a halt doxen or
ten representative Omaha business men
will go to Kansas City as delegates to a
river navigation conference to be held
thera August 17. J. W. Gamble, Robert
II. Manley, Congressman Lobeck and
UVnlr TTus-hM ua imM those who are
pretty aura to go and a half doien others
will go If It la possible for them to get
away at the time. Some of the officials
of the Commercial club will be in the
The conference Is called by the river
navigation boosters of Kansas City.
They have called for delesats from all
th liver towns that have any interest in
the navigation ot the Missouri river. The
conference will take up the matter of
fighting to have the Missouri river de
velopment continued. The preliminary re
port of Lieutenant Colonel Dekayne of
the United States army corps of engi
neers was not favorable to the continu
ance of the development with federal
money at this time. The congressional
policy as outlined and worked out a few
years ago contemplated the expenditure
of $20,000,000 within ten years on the de
velopment of the lower stretch of tho
Unless a vigorous protest, with good
reasons, can be- raised, this plan, it is
possible, may be abandoned by the federal
government following the army engi
neer's report
Local Grain Men
Say the Dardanelles .
May Be Opened Soon
The fact that grain brokers for France
and England late Thursday cancelled
orders In Chicago and New York for
the delivery of more than 1,000,000 bush
els of wheat during September had a
depressing effect upon the Omaha grain
market. The cash market here followed
that of Chicago and commenced eelllne
off from the opjening of the morning
session of the exchange. The loss for the
day ranged from lc.
There was no old wheat offered, but
of the crop of this year, there were
thirty-four carloads on the market, selling-
at $1.09tl.lK per bushel.
Corn sold off In sympathy with wheat,
the decline being waic. There were
twenty-eight carloada, the sales being
made at 7-lQToVtc per bushel.
Oats were strong and steady to 2c up,
the prices " being 50tfS:c per bushel,
with sixteen carloads on the market.
Omaha grain men cling to the opinion
that the drop In prices at this time is a
forerunner of a decline that Is to con
tinue until a much lower level is reached.
They assert that perhaps the drop new
Is due to the early opening of the Darda
nelles, which wHl result In the release ot
the Russian wheat crop of last year that
has been held back.
WASHINGTON. Aug. 13. Presl-
dent Wilson on hi return from
Cornish, N. H., today wag given a
comprehensive account of the Mex
ican situation In all Us phases by
Secretary Lansing.
, The secretary told the president
that official reports Indicated that
the situation in the vicinity of
Brownsville mag of a local character
and that quiet prevailed at Vera
Crui, where there had been aome
anti-foreign demonstrations. He out
lined In detail the discussion of
peace plans at the New York confer
ence yesterday of the American dip
lomats. Look for Early Peace.
Neither the president nor Secretary
Lansing were Inclined to view the sit-1
uatlon as requiring any further precau-'
tlonary measures than have been taken
in sending battleships to Mexican waters
and more federal troops to the Texas
border. They devoted most of their tlm
to a discussion ot the Inter-Amerlcaa
plan on which they aro planning their
hopes for the early restoration of peace
In Mexico. 1
The appeal to all factions has not yet
been sent, although signed by Secretary
Lansing and the ambassadors and min
isters of the six central and southern
American governments participating in
the conference. A list of chiefs, gen
erals and governors is being compiled
and as soon as the locations of all are
determined the appeal will be telegraphed
simultaneously to every part of Mexico.
On the eve of this action came the
announcement from the Villa agency
here tonight that General Carransa ha
flatly refused to enter Into any peace
conference with his opponents. Knrlqus
C. Lrlbrente, Washington representative
of General Villa, gave cut letters which
have passed between him and Kl'io
Arredondo, the Carransa representative
Mr. IJorente began the correspondence
in observing in the press that Charles
A. Douglas, counsel for General Car
ransa, had filed a brief with the State
department calling attention to the pres
ence In Washington of Louis Cabrera
and Ellso Arredondo a Carransa rep
resentatives, and saying that "either or
both of thera, I am assured, will be
glad to confer with any element ot the
Mexican people with a view to further
ing the common Interest and the peace
and welfare of the nation."
Mr. Liorente promptly telegraphed Gen
eral Villa and was instructed to begin
a discussion of peace terms. Mr. Ar
redondo replied that he would refer the
matter to General Cananxa, whose re
sponse came today in tho form of in
structions to Arredondo not to enter into
negotiations , w'v the Villa agents.
The Carransa message -set forts, that
there could bo no negotiations with the
Villa forces becaure their troops on July
12 last attacked a military convoy train,
killing many Innocev people.
The one-day auto booster trip of
Omaha business men into Iowa, has not
yet been given up. Like Banquo's ghost
it has arisen for the third time, having
twice been abandoned on account of rain.
The trip, It la now announced, la to be
made probably within a week or ten days.
It contemplates an itinerary taking in
Red Oak, Qlcnwood, Tabor, Essex. Sid
ney, Shenandoah, Emerson, Hastings and
Wanted to Take Boy ,
With Him in Navy
A pathetic ease came to the notice ot
the local navy recruiting station at the
Federal building when a nice appearing
man entered with a boy about 6 years
old. The man gave the name of Henry
Chandler and said that he was from
Chicago. He asked whether or not ha
could johi the navy and be allowed to
take his litUa boy with him. In his story
he explained that the mother of the boy
had died some months ago, and he had
lost his Place as clerk In a Chicago store
when the firm failed a short time after
his wte's death. Since then he has been
looking for work in several cities, finally
coming to Omaha, only to be unable to
secure a place. He said that he had
promised his wife on her deathbed that
he would not place the boy in an orphan
asylum and that be would always re
main with him, but that he was nearly
out of money and could find no work,
so thought that he might be allowed to
enter the navy and at the same time be
allowed to keep bis boy with him.
Blanche Edwards, colored, arrested on
a charge ot vagrancy, was sentenced to
ninety days In the county Jail. Some time
ago Blanche was sentenced to a Ilk term,
but appealed the case to the district
court- Judge Foster discovered that she
had not paid a filing fee when she ap
pealed so her sentence will now total 180
days, the longest Issued from the Omaha
police court.
Tha Junior school of Prow noli Hall
will be held this year at 138 North For
tieth street. In a house belonging to t.
Barnabas parish. The authorities of ft.
Barnabas have kindly offeivd one of the
Sunday school rooms of tho new church
for gymnastics and for general assem
bly. Tho Junior school receives children
from tl.e fourth to the seventh grades.
As th number of pupils Is limited, an
early registration Is desired. Th J-mlor
department will be In charge cf the same
teacher a last year. Miss Rathbon.
Smith colletr. and Miss Vker. Mount
Hobok college.
Have a(ilar Baw.l Mnmil.
Tek Vr. Kings Nw Llf I'lUs and
l ave a daily easy movement of the bow
els. Cur constipation. Only &c All
iruggists- Advertisement.
If. Kay, a musician at the Orpheuni
theater, has returned from a three
months' tour through the west. Including
the calirornia expositions.
Mrs. Ida Iewls and daughter. Trevena,
of Kalamazoo. Mich., are visiting U. II.
Williams, clerk at the Castle hotel.
Dr. W. O. Thompson, president of the
Illinois Ptate university, will be In Oman
next Wednesday mornln to visit his
brother and family. U. A. Thompson, who
lives at 4040 Charles street.
On Neck and Head. Cross and
Fretful. Stopped Growth ol
Hair. Trouble Disappeared.
"When our baby was about four months
old. b was troubled with caema on bis
seek and head. That oa his head covering
the whole top and stopping
the growth of his hair. It
caused him to lose all the
hair from tha part of bis
d. It was in th form of
aa Itching seal and w had
to mak him sleep with mit
tens on bis hands to pre
vent Una from scratching.
Ha was cross and fretful.
"Finally, w derided, to try Cutleura Soap
and Ointment. He began to b benefited
right away. In one month's time th
trouble had entirely disappeared, and la a
snort time his scalp was la a healthy con
dition." (Signed) R. . Lowder. OI W.
lmn St.. Chicago. 111. Jan. I. 1W1S.
Sample Each Free by Mall
With S3-p. Mala Book on request. Ad
dress post-card CaitUia, Ipt. Tt laai
at. Sold throughout th world.
! Saturday, August 14, 1913.
-Phone Douglas 137.
& Wilson", "Ideal" and Other Well
Wo will start our
Second Annual August
CI renter preparations,
assuring that it will bo
bigger than ever before.
off 334
Windows aad gaaday
- Papers.
Including "Earl
Known Makes
Shirts that were $2 to $3.00
Sitk Shirts, Sitk Ftbre Shirts, French Madras Shirts,
Cheviot Shirts Penang Shirts, Percale Shirts, Oxford Shirts.
Shirts that were $1 to $1.50 I Shirts that were $2 to $3.00 I Shirts that were $3.50 to $5
IT'S been a long time since you had tho opportunity to share in such wondertul shirt bargains as these.
But here they are Saturday, every shirt in the lot new, desirable, stylish, tho very sort of shirts you want that's what
makes this salo so important. ;
At But a Fraction of the Price at Which They Were Made to Sell
and no man can come here and leave without supplying himself with plenty of shirts for tho entire season. All mado coafc
style, neck band with cuffs attached, either soft or stiff, all izes 14 to ISM;, arranged for easy choosing, wide selection of
good patterns and positively first quality. Made without a flaw to fit comfortably and perfectly. It needs but a glanco at
the shirts to impress you with their unapproachable value.
Frendihip Linki, 1 9c
CJTERLINO Silver Frlend
ship Links, at 10c each
on Saturday and we will en
grave them free for you while
you wait.
orress-lTasli Co mm. lor.
$3.50 Silverware, $1.95
CJUEFJISU) plated ware.
Including sandwich
plates, fruit bowls. Jam jars,
vases, etc.. were to $3.50. at
1.05 each.
nrgeas-Maab. Co Mala floor.
New Fiction
T WO new books. Just out
A "K" by Mary Roberta
Rlnehart. and "The Lovable
Meddler," by Leon a Dalryni
ple. Price. $1.85. Co atU floor.
Women's Pure Thread Silk Hose.
Usually $1 to $1.50, Saturday at 59c
AMAKEli'S surplus of pure thread silk hose, strictly
first quality, with high spliced heels and double soles,
lisle tops and all silk, in colors of black and white; regular
$1.00 and $1.50 quality; specially priced Saturday at 59c
pair. ,
Burrees-sTash Co. Mala Floor.
We Want You to See These Beau
tiful "Wirthmor" Waists at $1.00
IT la really revelation to hum the high character of these walU.
The styles In Wirthmor waists are always anl lien tic, attractive and
appealing; the workmanship of the beat and the fit as near perfect
as can be. Theae waists arc giving so much general satisfaction that
we rn unhesitatingly recommend them, knowing that everyone who
bnys will be more than plcnwed.
All new niotleU shown for the flrwt time Saturday.
. Wirthmor Walsta sold only here are always worth more.
Clearaway of Fine Blouses
Continuing our August sale of blouses Including laces, nets, lin
gerie, georgette crepes and crepe de chine.
Georgette crepe hlouHew, were 15.95, now $4.87.
Lace and Chiffon bloiine. were 90.50, now $3.25.
Hand embroidered roiles, were $10.05, now $3.48.
Lingerie blouaes, were $5.O0. now fU.BO.
Lace and chiffon blouaes, were $5.05, now $2.48.
Crepe de chine blouse, were $3.00, now $2.70.
Barg;as-Jrash Co. Second Floor.
All Short Lines of Women's $3.50
to $6.00 Pumps now $2.35
are.Ta C Mala Tloor.
Your choice of
any man's sailor
Straw Hat in stock.
formerly $2.00 to
$3.50, Saturday
arys-irash Co. Toart Floor.
Drugs and Toilet Specials
KEMAUKABLE clearaway that should
and will bring forth a generous re-
uponse Saturday. The short lines from our
entire second floor stock offered like thla
and including:
XffhitB nnmns
" " r , ,.
a ruin vur
$3.50 to
white canvas pumps.
natoTit. t-flri AnnrtM nnrrma
patent colt pumps LlnM
kid skin pumps CO 35
dull calfskin pumps
argsss-sTash Co.a.eeBd rioor.
Exquisite New Conceits in Fall
Millinery Here Saturday at $5
FRIDAY morning' express brought In, from our Millinery Expert,
now in tha East, a charming array of new Fall Hats to sell for
$5.00. Turbans, sailors, etc.. Individual in styhs an unusual variety
for such an early showing. Co. a.cond Floor.
Clearaway of Women's Summer Dresses
That Were $15 to $25, Now
White Ivory manicure pieces, SOc
values 22c
Removable chamois buffers. loc
Powder puffs, sanitary pkg..lOo
Thermos bottle, 1-ut $1.70
Carafe, quart Rise $3.00
Colorls bottle, 1-quart site, 14.00
value $1.08
Thermos lunch boxes and cups.
Pebecco tooth paste, SOc size, 20c
Cantbrox shampoo, SOc site.. 20c
Poisonl's powder, 60c size... 21c
Abonlta powder, 60c slze....tfc
Mnie. Isebell's face powder, OOc
slxe 10c
Amolln powder, 26c slxe 17c
Jergen's Benioln and Almond
lotion 18c
Williams' talcum powder .... lOc
Bath salts, 00c slxe SOc
Falniollve shampoo, f.Oc size, A4o
Rlce powder, Imp'd., 60c slxe, 20c
Abonlta toilet water, 25c site, 10c
Jergen's violet glycerin soap, Oc
Sloan's liniment, 26c size.. 10c
Sal Hepatlca. 25c size lflc
Jad salts, 75c size 40c
Hill's cascara quinine, 26c size,
for l2o
Esksy's food, 76c slxe 02c
All 86c caps 10c
All 76c caps 42c
All $1.00 caps OOo
Eani-flush, 25c can . 17c
Ivory soap, cake 34c
Toilet paper, 6c grade, 8 rolls, 2Ac
Toilet paper, crepe finish, 10c
grade, four rolls .20c
20 Mule team borax, 1-lb Oc
Household ammonia, 1-qt 13c
Kirk's bath soap, 10c cake. . .Oc
Liquid veneer, 60c size 87c
Borax chips, large package.. 10c
Come On In, the
Water's Fine, Bath
ing Suits at Price
EVERY bathing suit In the
house bas been given notice
to vacate, and If the price has any
thing to do with It they will go
out rapidly Saturday.
Men's Bathinf Soiti,
Womca's Batuiaf Suits,
Children'! Battling Suit,
Boy's Wash Suits to
$2.50 Saturday $1.00
INCLUDING Oliver Twtat and
reatee styles, combination ot
colors, In plain and stripe I ef
fects. In blue, tan, brown, white;
trimmed with pearl buttons and
nicely finished.
Boys' Hats, GOc.
Boys' straw or wash hats, wide
selection of styles and kinds, were
up to $2.00; Saturday, OOc.
BorgvsaNasBi Co-Teartk floor.
It's Doubtful Indeed if You'll Find
Greater Values Than These
Summer Suits
at '13.65
Suits That Are Reduced From Our
Regular Lines at $20, $22.50 and $25
EVERY garment 6trictly hand-tailored.
Thin is a practical demonstration of
our splendid organization; it will appeal
to shrewd business men men who know.
The suits are superb Burgess-Nash standard
Quality, the broken assortments from our higher
priced lines, ranging from f 18.00 to $25.00.
Men's Palm Beach Suits
Every suit is made ot genuine Palm Beach
Cloth, double cold water shrunk, stayed at
every seam and double welt stitched. A suit
made to hold Its shape and It does. 81xes 32
to 60, for stouts, slims or regulars.
Burgs-aTaaa Oo. Tonrta rioor.
1-plnt size 21c
1-quart size .43c
Vi -gallon size 80c
nrrss-Th Co. Mala Floor.
I'M I I l! "AX
I7 w
DAINTY, summery effect" in voiles, dimitieB, crepes and lin
gerie materials, individual in style and desijrn.
Only one or two of a kind just the sort of dress you want
to finish out the season with. Dresses that were $15X) to
$23.00, in one group Saturday at $10.00.
.NOTE: As the quantity is limited we advise early selection.
Clearaway of Palm Beach Suits
That Were $10.00 to $16.50, at
NATUIiAb Palm Beach shade, also black and white shej
herd checks, made in the smart belted effects, plain
tailored and many other pretty models finished with pock
ets and belts.
Sargasa-BTaah Oo. Baooa floor.
Clearaway of Children's White
Dresses Extreme Reductions
TWO gronps, including a variety of
good, desirablo stylo for girls, ages
6 to 14 years, some soiled and mussed by
Dresses that were
to $2.50, now 59c
Dresses that were
to $3.50, now 98c
Four Tables of Hardware
Clothes racks, 3-n
prong, 10c kind, 5c
Home oil, regular
lOo bottle 5c
Wire coat hangers,
at, 3 for 5c
Clothes pins, spe
cial, 60 for . . .5c
Koll wax lunch pa
per at 5c
Heavy basting
spoons, at ... .5c
Tooth picks, 10c
kind, at 5c
Paring knives, spe
cial, at 5c
Wire strainers, spe
cial, at fic
Combination appla
rorer anit cooky cut-
vtr, t for s
Nickel plsted towel bars, lOc-t
Apple corer and sllcer, 16c
kind, at . , 10c
Clothes Una llo kind. 10
Irn sis. arat.r. apwlal, 10
Japan coal ana iiat noon. i.r
flown 1
Potato ricers, were 26c, 13c
Lot of enamelware coffee
pots, preserving kettles,
etc., were to 49c, at. . . .15c
Ixt of steel , shears,
nickel plated, were to
$1.00, at 25o
Paring knives, asserted. 10c
Wire strainers, assorted, 10c
Clothes lines, 4c klnd.lOo
Aluminum egg and cake
turner io
(.Mouse traps. 10 in box.lOc
BartM-sTah Oo.
f Brooklyn egg and cream
whip, 25c kind 15c
Home oil outfit (bottle, oil
stone and oil can), 25o
kind 15c
Egg timers and boilers, 49c
values 25c
Pocket knives, assorted lot,
t 25c
We Develop To)
r your film free of
charge when order
is lett for printing.
I'll be there aoy
hour you say."