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Attorney General Submits New
Clause for Nebraska Covering Uie
of Electrical Appliances.
off Kirkwall, Scotland, en route from Archangel, Russia, to Belfast, Ireland, with a cargo
of. flax, which had been declared contraband.
CProm a Staff Correspondent.)
LtNCJOLJf. July .-Seclsl TelKTani.)
-Attorney OnsraJ Keed today fired a
volley at the Insurance companies and
the methods used In the past by the In
surance department, criticising the forms
used by former Insurance Commissioner
Brian and objecting to them as prepared
by A. O. Beeson of Omaha,
j. (ra insurance uoara mn vine
noon and the attorney seneral read the-n j
Ills "resolutions,- whicn in erreci was an
attack on the clause In the present pol
icy, which reads: ,
"Permission to use electricity In th
within described premises on condition
that the assured shall use diligence to
maintain the electrical equipment In full
compliance with the standr.-d require
ments of the national electric code, it
being- further understood that tnls policy j
does not cover electrical apparatus un
less specified herein." t
In Its place the attorney general would
"Privilege Is hereby irranted for the
vse of electricity for heat, light and
power." !
The board took the resolution under
advisement and will meet again soon.
Mr. Brian, former commissioner, says
that the clause In the policies wss sim
ply a protection to the company and also
to the parties owning the building and
-as of mutual benefit to the company
and also to the owner of the property.
Arraa Property Accounted For,
The etate Board of Equalisation held
a session this morning to which several
county assessors had been called, to ox
plain why the acreage In their counties
had been cut down to less than in for
, mer years.
These assessors satisfied the board thst
the loss In acreage was due to the plat
ting of land Into town property and that
It all had been accounted for in the gen
eral roundup of real estate.
The Lincoln Traction company, on mo
tion of Secretary of State Pool, was cited
to appear before the board to show why
Its valuation did not compare with that
of the Omaha Council Bluffs Street
Ttailway company and other companies
cf llko nature.
Grand Army Headquarters.
According to general orders sent out by
the Grand Army of the Republic state
department headquarters. the head
quarters of the Nebraska department will
be located at the Hotel Sterling. Thir
teenth and E streets, Washington, dur
ing the national encampment, September
17 to October 2. The official train will
leave Omaha, September 28, at p. m.
ever the Northwestern, arriving in Chi
cago at 7:8 o'clock at next morning. The
Pennsylvania line will take the train to
Washington, arriving In that city Sep
t tember 28 at 1:28 o'clock In the morning.
Averasre Passensrer Fares.
Average receipts for passenger fares
over forty-five railroads Interested In the
. recent western advance rate . esse a,
rpresenting 120.100 miles of road, aecord-
' ln to Rate Clerk Powell of the State
Railway commission have been In the
last fourteen years per mile as follows:
Cents. I Cents.
2.195 19(18 ....2.0O2
2.1B4 110 2.006
2.197 1910 2.024
2.1W 1911 2.079
2.070 1912 2.119
2.127 1913 2.I&4
1.175 1914 2.089
Colfax Coaaty Pays.
Colfax county has mads another pay
ment on Its) Insane account due the state.
the amount sent In to the state auditor
today amounting to $1,684.32.
I ,4f- ....
s k '
i f'?i-'is
it w t
"""" siwwii wiiwiiiwimwiwwuiw.y
0: ;
Kaiser Seeks Recruits
in Ty . by Mail
BE1ATRJCE, 'Neb., July 29.-(Sptlal.
Policeman Frank Buchholi has received
a letter from Germany making Inquiries
regarding any men In' this vicinity avail
able for military service In the ranks
of the imperial army. In the letter was
a blank to be filed out by the party to
whom It Is addressed as to whether or
not he would enter the army. These
r letters are' evidently being sent out to
soldiers, who have served under the
kaiser. Mr. Buchhols was formerly a
lieutenant In the German army and
ervsd In the Thirty-sixth wheel ar
tillery regiment.
United State i Senator Norris Says
Doesn't Want Conditions in Ger
many to Prevail Here.
(From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOIiN. July 29. (Speclal.)-Unlted
States Senator George W. Norris was In
Lincoln today and addressed the picnic
of the Odd Fellows at Electric park this
The senator confined Ms address to
matters pertaining to the fraternal orders.
When asked how he stood on the presi
dent's plan to Increase the fighting
strength of the army and navy and
whether he would back Mr. Wilson In
this. Senator Norris stated, it depended
on how far the president would go In
the matter.
"I am not very strong on the military
side," said the senator. "A short time
ago I was In Germany, and in traveling
through that country on the trains I
noticed that in the hay fields there was
always a dosen women to one man doing
the work, and at night 1 would be
awakened by the tramp of the men
passing through the town on military
service. I do not desire such a condition
here in America."
Operator at Calhoun
Accused of Robbery
BLAIR, Neb., July 29. (Special. ) II. F.
Olds was arrested In Omaha and brought
back to Blair this evening by Sheriff
Compton. charged with having robbed
the Calhoun depot of some cash and a
new typewriter belonging to Agent Marr.
Ho will be given a' preliminary hearing
before County Judge Eller tomorrow.
Olds was employed by the Chicago, St.
Paul, Minneapolis Omaha railway at
Calhoun, and to make his getaway, had
wired Blair asking that the midnight
freight slow down. Under the name of
Joe Clayton, Olds hsd Just finished a
sentence in the Douglas county jail for
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. July 29.-(Spoclal Telegram.)
It Is probable that the Rock Island Rail
road company . will make a test case of
this afternoon and It was hinted by the
attorney for the company, K. P. Holmes,
that the action would be tested In the
Drcesen's Condition
Remains Critical
Mclnrlch TDreesen. who was seriously
burned In the basement explosion and fire
at Sixteenth and Howard streets several
days ago. Is still In a critical condition.
Flra Warden Morris has not yet been
able to decide what caused the fire,
although he la working on the theory
that some substance that gave off ex
plosive gas had been scattered about the
room. As yet he has no tangible evidence
of this, but he believes that In no other
way can the peculiar explosion be ac
counted for.
The Nebraska Chiropractic association
Is to hold Its annual convention in Lin
coln. August 1 and 1 The Llndell hotel
la to be the headquarters. Dr. Lee Ed
wards of Omaha I to lead a discussion
on typhoid fever. Dr. W. R. rurvlance
cf Omaha la a member of the prorrsm
committee. A substantial progra of uslo
and scientific papers on various phases
of the practice Is to be carried out. The
officers of the association for the ensuing
year are to be elected on the second day
of the meeting.
BEATRICE. Neb.. July 29.-SpeclsJ.)-Chrlst
' Thomsen, east of Beatrice, fin
ished threshing a twenty-acre field of
wheat today, yielding forty-three and
one-half bushels to the acre. This is the
heaviest yield yet reported.
Minden Officer Has ;
Battle with Robbers
PIERRE, 8. D.f July 29.-(Spec!al.)-At
the afternoon hearing of the cases In
whlrh Joe Klrby, a prominent Sioux
Falls attorney, was called to answer to
contempt and disbarment proceedings for
alleged statements that the court dared
not act on the matter cf disbarment of
George Egan for fear of political effect
upon the court, Klrby took the stand Ir.
his own behalf, and whlla denvlnff some
the provision of the law which Secretary I of the details of the publication, admitted
of Rate Pool construes as requiring It the statements in ths essential features.
io pay a corporation tax on the entire
value notwithstanding only a part of the
line in owned In Nebraska. Former Sec
retary of State Walt held that the com
pany only had to pay on the Nebraska
valuation which amounted to a tax of
1680. Pool holds that the road must pay
on the entire valuation which will be
The board upheld the secretary of state
Sale of Steamer
These ar soma of the most
wonderful values we hava ever
offered. Made of fine basswood
box, covered with heavy, oil
painted duck, bound with vulcan
ised fibre, hardwood slats, and
heavy leather straps; good brass
ed hardware and lock, neatly lined
and fitted with covered tray.
Note these prices and come see,
the trunks; you couldn't do better
30-inch AC (JA
Trunks OeOVI
HASTINGS, Neb., July 29. Following
the holdup and robbery of two men at
the town of Minden last night -of $87, by
a pair of desperadoes, the sheriff of
Kearney county this evening traced the
robbers to their hiding place, four miles
out of town. A demand by the officer and
his deputy that the suspects surrender
was replied to with a volley from their
revolvers and a running fight began,
extending over two miles, .when both
the robbers were shot and captured.
One of the men had his hip fractured
by a bullet, and Is in a serious condition.
The officers were unharmed.
Mrs. Johnson of
Mead Kills Herself
but declared that when making the :
statement, he intended it to refer to the
state political machine and not to the
court, it being his belief that the organisation-was
the motive back of the move
ment. . No arguments were presented by either
the state or the defense, both resting at
the close' of. testimony and the court
taking the case under advisement.
FREMONT, Neb.. July 29.-(Spec!al.)
Mrs. Anna Kruhl, - who dropped dead at
Plattsraouth while visiting her sister,
for years operated a hotel In Fremont In
the pioneer ' days. From Fremont she
vent to Dodge, where she continued In
the hotel business. She retired several
years ago, removing to Walthlll, where
ahe had made her home with her
daughters. She was about 65 years of
age. Her husband died several years
ago. The body will be brought to Dodge
for burial.
FREMONT. Neb.. July 9.-(Spectl.)-WlUlam
Jennings Bryan will be here for
the opening of the third National Power
Farming demonstration, which begins the
week of August Mr. Bryan will be tn
Fremont that day and address the
Chautauqua In the afternoon following
the power farming demonstration. Gov
ernor Morebead has sent word that he
will be here to attend the tractor meet.
He Is said to be In ths market for a
runur i niTf w Theater.
FA1RBURT. Neb., July . Special.)
A Chicago company has decided to erect
a large motion picture theater In Fair
bury and work will be started Just as
soon as building material can be de
livered. C. W. Bartlett has been tendered
the management of the new concern.
The building will have a seating capacity
of S)0. It will be fully equipped for road
shows and a company of fifty or Ixty
people will have ample room on the stage.
Aaaeylas; Saramrr Csach.
The first dose of Dr. Bell s Pine-Tar-Honey
will help you. It kills the cold
germ. Onlx 25c. All druggists. Advertlse
m r.t. ,
WAHOO, Neb., July 29.y(Speclal.)
The body of Mrs. David C. Johnson, liv
ing one and a half miles north of Mead,
was found hanging to a rafter 1 1 the
cob house at her home there this morn
ing about 7 o'clock. Coroner Swanson
left to hold an inquest there today. Last
week the Johnson home wss struck by
lightning and Mrs. Johnson was stunned
and It Is thought that she: had not fully
recovered from the ahot. No other
reason is known. She was about forty
years of age and leaves a husband and
one daughter.
FAIRBURY. Neb., July 29.-(Speolal.)
John Modlne, a young farmer living
near Helvey In this county, died from
a broken neck st 9 o'clock tonight when
lils automobile upset a mile north of
Falrbury. Modlne and W. O. Norman, I
another farmer, were returning from 1
Falrbury when they attempted to pass
a horse and buggy at high speed. The
machine turned over a number of times.
Winu Will Vot On Reiver "Bonds.
WAUSA. Neb., July 2. (Speclal.)-ln
response to a petition signed by sixty-
six resident freeholders, the village board j
has called a special election for Fri
day, September I, to vote on a propo
sition for the Issuance of sewer bonds.
The preliminary survey and plat of the
proposed system have been made. The
estimated cost of the proposed system,
Including disposal plant, la 120,000.
Weak, unstrung nerves a
"shaky" feeling, agitation and
excitability, resulting- from mental
Stress or suffering caused by lack
of phosphates in the nerve cells.
Kenew the nerve-force, and brae
the nervous system by taking
Acid Phosphate
Keep s settle h year ksae
She Couldn't Find Her
Pudding Pan
So the chemist's wife took one of her husband's queer-Bort-of-glasa
things a battery jar and baked in it, better
than she'd ever succeeded in doing. .
That's why we sell you today .
Pyrex'(Fire-Glass) Dishes for Baking.
They are made by a fine old house that has
won and held Us fame by everlastingly-proving
that nothing Is impossible. ,
- You remember the day before good train
lighting when the conductor came for your
ticket, holding a lantern on. his arm. That
lantern and Its mates had to suddenly go out
side, for signaling purposes to be met by rain,
cold wind and, for a long time, its principal
condition was, with "broken, smoked globe, al
most useless. The Corning Glass Works said,
"We'll make you lantern globes that will stand
the strain." And they did.' '
Then railroad yards become more complex
and signal lights grew in importance. The glass
face of the signal lamps couldn't break without
Inviting disaster. Said the boss of the Cornln
Glass Works, "We'll make you lamp fronts that
won't break, and we'll make them so that they
will not diffuse the rays of light, but hold them
close as a close-shooting gun holds the shot."
Signal lights are strong, without glare are
not annoying to the engineer's eyes.
Then came the percolator the coffee pot in which you see the
water boll up Into the glass top. No glass top would hold otherwise
the percolator was the "best coffee machine "
Bo the Corning Glass Co. made glass that the heat and cold and
boiling didn't bother. . ,
Here are the things we have-! of Pyrex:
1- quart Pyrex Baking Dishes
t 75.
2- qusrt . Pyrex Baking Dishes
t 81.00.
2-quart Pyrex Covered Casse
role at 81.75.
8tt-nch Pyrex Bread Baking
Pan at 75.
8 -inch Pyrex . Pie Plate at
Pywx oval or round Shlrred
Egg Dish at G5.
' 6-ineh Pyrex oval Baking Dish
3 -inch Pyrex round Custard
Cups at 20.
Mrs. Rorer Lectures Friday
Morning and Friday Afternoon
At a vote taken by the ladies at Mrs. Rorer's lecture, It was decided to
have the lecture, scheduled for Saturday afternoon, on Friday motn
Ing instead, as many felt that they would be unable to attend Saturday.
Friday at 10:30 a. nie-
"Simple Desserts and Pastry"
Friday at 2:30
"Meat Substitutes"
On the Fifth Floor.
No Lectures Saturday
Mrs. Rorer believes in Pyrex Glass baking dishes.
Orchard & Wilhelm Co.
414-416-418 South 16th St.
Freling & Steinle
"OnaW. Beit Baffip Builderi"
1803 Farnam St.
What work today, Madam?
Washing? Cleaning?
Try doing it the
Fels-Naptha way
in cool or lukewarm
water. Save elbow work; save
fuel; save time and temper.
It's worth while.
rdikCa, Pblladslsbla.
K i in ii i in n . j, " .iirflTf'CTMssrn
After the game is over you will
find a cold bottle of Krug
most delicious. It will not Jf
cost you any more, then why not
insist on a beer of quality.
Save Coupons and get free premium. Phone Doug. 1889.
Apartments, flats, houses and cottages can be rented qu,
ly and cheaply by a Bee For Rent.
Factory Announcement
We wish to announce that
L E. DOTY, Inc., 2027-29 Farnam
Street, Omaha, has been appointed dis
tributor for the VELIE MOTOR CARS
in Nebraska and Western Iowa, succeed
ing the John Deere Co. of Omaha, who
formerly handled this factory's product in
this territory.
q The VELIE line comprises
some of the most popular six-cylinder cars
in the. middle West.
GI The new Biltwell Six at
$1065 is a remarkable car both in per
formance and appearance, and before
territory is closed, dealers should see it.
L. E. Doty, Inc., will carry
in stock at all times, parts for all models,
and is in position to supply the demand
without delays in delivery.
Velie Motor Vehicle Co.
Moline, Illinois