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    'MK HKE: OMAHA. FIUI)M JULY 23, 1H15.
I th ft ill
JL, of amm
Thursday, July 22, 1915.
IIE lummtr ini to be quit In keeping with tbe quiet winter, and
till more quiet srringtlrua, In that there, it an absolute dlrtb
iMfflnli for society folk.
Time wag when tbe aaaon stretched Itself to Include, tho en
tire part of Jobs and the ear! dart of Jut, at least orer Independence day.
Fire Year. Ago German Sisg-eri
Alio Held Their Eaengtrfeit
in Omaha.
The fiaengartwnd of the Northwest, the
singing eaaorUtlon which la now holding
tU biennial aaengerfeat. or "foettval of
but tbera baa been no auch eplrlt tbla year and except for th flurry of " wouM b tMn,"
IrrUv.U.s for a few victor, and th. plan, of th. debutante, for Mt an- ST .f
tumn, even the aspect of the fashionable world would be till. ' (the northwestern section of the United
The amusement of todar Is Just the very smallest picnlo party. Even flute. '
that la Rlren o thought, but hurriedly arranged for within an hour's time. , Th twr "ties, end Minne
Today '. event of any also U th. luncheon riven at tba Happy Hollow club SJZM. TTZ'.
by tba Kisses Alice nuabton, lielea Biieparti ana Carolyn lioimeuiat. The in Nebraska there are nine, located aa
sueat numbered forty-two and Included eight out of town guests.
At Happy Hollow.
The luiwt luncheon for the day at
the Hippy Hollow club waa that given
by aliases Helen rThepard, Alice Rushton
an1 Otrelyn Ho!miu1"t. Tee gnaate, for
t wo In number, were seated at a large t
shaped table, which waa artistically dec
orated with pink Japan llilra, pink glad lull
and amllft.1. Cover were placed for:
M'iimf- Meedaroee
J. VV. H'leMon. C. II. eheperd.
J. W. Hvlmqulat,
M Vlaeae
TVtotly Waller. Orlnne KIMntt. '
F tuatx-th Crawford. Mergretha Ortmmel,
Htrlle. R.blneon. tiertiude I'orter.
1 wroth v Hainach. Mart Hloom.
lirien Mh.parfl,
Alice Kuahtnn,
Carolyn Koitnquiat,
Harriet haJttA.
I'steraon, N. J ',
Jim Inn Jurleon.
rlm'lv fper,
Nw Ycrk City;
AAi Mavnll:
hi. I'aul. Mlnn.I
Elnnr Kln'iliy,
Hue citv. In.;
Kvriyn Flndlay,
aia Cltv, .;
Lriiora Urnbere.
SUrKnrt Smith.
Mra. C. II. Marlny and Mra. O. B. Coon
tae a Iunchon foanrad by bridge to
day at the Happy llollow club. In honor
of Mra. Jack Coburn of Kanaaa City.
Mra. E. F. Pstaraon had irlx audita at
itincbaon today.
Mr. and Mra. K, A. Bonaon will enter
tiin elora cunota at dinner Saturday
renin at the Happy Hollow club; 3. XL
Jlualiion will have aix (ucate and M. M.
l.yona two.
llijcellaneenl hower.
Tho Mlse Qladya and Hl Fowlar
Save a nilwllanmjiia ahowr at thlr
home Monday eanir.g In honor of M!se
Ilasel Bamr, whom we.Jding will take
I!.ira 8 and ay. July S. The evening waa
l.nit In mri'Jslo and game and the gueata
H. buuhart.
pnh McCoy.
Vildred Focite.
Ml drd rlin.
I cunor Mo iilton,
V lrn Hiihm,
f Hrl Kllniil,
V !nnf A'itln,
l.ury (Arvtn.
Katherlna Krog,
vlyn lflwlch,
U!clrd Khodfa,
V.rlun tllr,
rtora, ,
lr Fuller.
ln Prce.
C!r.trn Laofdon,
Lilra.!ctli Carr.
'"Union llemllton,
,1!. K. Fuwlir.
jtHVrl nrup,
i lir- Hfdn. .
1 ililn tmnrt.
h.ium Dd.rcv.
.Matin r'l-id
Tannin l- bmidt,
tiUdya lalor.
Marnart Cxitt,
Huth Norma.ii,
l.illie floovor,
IIm1 Kowlor.
I'lnncti Tltomaa.
!iiiB Knwli-r,
Uiim Oauvreatt.
At the Country Club.
Mr. and Mra. K It. prague gave a dlrt
rrr lut waning at the Country club.
n.nipllmcntary to Mr. and Mm. Jack
Partxir. Covura wre placed for: .
Mnwara, and Melm
Purl'cr. Hprague.
Frt Hnmilton.
S'r. ami Mra. J. B. Bummti
Mr. and iln. F. B. CowglH ent-Brtidr)d
U g-twta at dinner hut evening at the
C ountry club, W. M. Hurtnaa, tov-J X.
J. I.ov, Dirri J. A. C. Kmy, two;
C.oncral llarrlca, thme; Cliarloa) E. Mete,
Mr. and Vr..ll. W. Fpaulding and Mr.
Judcon Ikjulrra will have gueata at din
ner Saturday evening at the Country
Mr. John Hanlglien entertained at din
ner laat evening at the Country club In
honor of Mr. ftoberf. LIUy of LavarUy,
Maee. A large baakat of pink Chlneee
Uliee made an attractive table center
Idoce and the gueeta) present weret
Meanra. and Meadamea
J. J. Manlgtien, F. It. Itonhatetler,
Kanaaa City;
Franone JlocbtP-ler-
FrwJeriok Daugb-
deary Itanlghen.
folio we: Two In Lincoln, two In Colum
bia and one each In Omaha, Ktanton,
Talmage, Grand Inland and Heating,
Jeat fee Maale.
Theae aaaoclatlona are the greatest or
ganlaatlon for alngtng In thla country.
Dealdea having the genlue-epark, namely
the Inherent love of muaic and aong, the
affalra of the organlZationa are handled
In a bnalneea-llke way and with true
harmony. The organisation la free from
the Internal atrife that marka many other
organlaatlona and they have held their
aaengerfeata oontinuoualy from ltt to
the preeent time.
The flrat featlval waa held In Le
Croaae, Wla., in WW. There were aeven
alngtng eocletlfa repweented.
For four years the feetiveJe were held
annually instead of blnnnlally aa now.
It waa entirely a Wieconain organisation
then. In 1W7 the featlval waa held In
Watertown, Wla.: In WS In Milwaukee
and the neat year In Madleon. By thla
time twenty-two aocletlea were ropre
aented. The rule of biomnlal eaengerfneta waa
adopted In 19 and contlnuea to thla time.
The ftrat eaengerfeat bald ouCalile of
Wleooneln waa at Dubuque, la.. In
Plnce then they have been ' held In
vartoua atatea of the weaC
Here rive Veare Age.
The big affair came to Omaha for the
flrat time In f10, at which time alxty
two aaaociatlona wera repreaetited.
The - preaent , aaengerfeat ahould have
been held iaat year, but waa poatponed
! to thte year to enable delegations from
aUUa to th eaat to "kill two blrda with
one atoue" by going to tba axposltlone
on the Faolfto ooaat. . It waa planned to
hold it'ln lenver. A wave of prohibition
swept Colorado and made it Impossible
to it the German najonal beverage in
the Colorado city, aa waa started by
Fest-rrealdcnt Btrelilow in hls address
Wednesday evening. So the meeting
place waa transferred to Otnaha and the
1 I r- a m in I II.. h a lln. HC4.1lIi&A Wfirlf
MlpsAe Miaana
Charlotte Callahan, JtiHa Coburn,
I rri )lflt
r:iirfh Heed.
JoH phln OMiadon,
I.nclle Hwn,
Hnbert Lalley,
Malcolm Maldrige,
Herbert Uevla,
I'hilllp rwna,
Informal Luncheon.
yjt. Harry Jordan entertained eight
gueata InformaJly at luncheon today at
tbe Field club.
For Bride-Elect
Mtsa Hea! Pegen waa hostess today at
a luncheon and bridge at her home in
honor of aflaa Nellie Elgatter, a bride
of nest week. The rooms were abloom
with garden flowers and four table of
player were entertained.
At Carter Lake Club,
Mlas Ne! Leaver gave a luncheon at
Carter Lake club Wednesday. Th table
was decorated in pink and green and a cf pink rosea. The guests
Carrie Mitchell.
Tomthy Merrliim,
Florence Chartibare,
en iteymona.
Aw. II. Jlli!..
Harriet Merrlam,
Ali'e C"hmoer,
l'itle t':oii hiil,
lirtlth luymond,
Jo Hall,
btclla Wilcox.
Adille (lU.llan.
falio Iiete,
The wedding of Mr. Frank A Talbot
and Mlae Bite Florence Peterson
month" time instead 'of th usual two
Omaha, therefore, beside , being .the
farthest west city to entertain th sing
ers, has attained that distinction twloe
In five years. t
eon. The ceremony was followed by a
wedding breakfast at th Hotel Rom.
The table waa decorated with pink oar
nations and asparagus fern and oovere
were placed for twenty-four gueata.
On the Calendar.
The usual fortnightly dance will be held
at Fort Crook Saturday evening.
Fcrtonal Hcntion.
Mra. Mary Van Oteaon will leave Tua.
da tit navt Waak foe Ttria tflfffa T.u1m
k. ir.. e .. i .... , Two others are du within a few dajrs
summer "lend tl.ey will bring texk thej delagatlon
Mr. Chart Kounta and Mr. Iithel,f Chtc "ho went to th ex-
The first of three trains of Medina b.
Tempi Bhriners pnssed througti Omaha.
Kountae left thla morning In their oar
for Iake Okabojl, where they will spend
tbe coming week-nd.
Miss Iren McCalg left last evening to
Join her uncle, Mr. W. A Kamsberger
of Ashland. Neb., and family, at their
summer camp at Alexandria, Minn. They
will return by auto, nutting in Minne
apolis; ft. Paul, lee Moines and points
in Iowa.
Has Jlore in rrcrcrticn to Number
of Feople Carried Than the
Mora lif preservers per capita of
rcw are istorcd on tba "Julia" than
Vera on ttie Lusltanta or on tha Ti
tanic. Captain AV. B. Stevena dors
not,. Intend that,bia crew, which con
tiMi vt a deck hand and blmeclf.
Lfa.ll want for farlllties of ewapa If
llie '"Julia" is tnrpeaoed by a COttoa
oi.l sui Ca the Mlazaurt.
tn We Jnha uim auvbd away
t(7).ty-f UUt Ufa 1-H, all new and In
-xltiRi couditl'in.
"Wlni tu tlio world do you stj with all
rf limee?" t!io cpcin aa arteed.
"I )i-t keen them to nmke aurw." he
il!trJ, aa lio ii'Hl Into the wiilrllpg
wau-r of the Itig Muddy. "To t-ll the
tr.uh. 1 uit tlicm there a yeer'or wore
eeo shin 1 titd to teWe the family and j
filri(l out on the lakes down soma fr
a fi.iianii eiptiiillon. We wanted to be j
': nni rlrve I uw up (n-ie I have 1
Fi r iwi-rn i,'. o elf Tht y don't bother
in l.i re tl.y aro, and they are always
pi i -( t'i.iirf to liae aioniiil."
i'!''.:t (ivn on thi ti-ij has ail brn
ui i' kikI. iiuiln:i cm tii tank ft
t'.- rlvi r at the tt cf te Ir.ira
:rc-t I'r.fH'e, awai'.a tlie loiiiixg tf lli
t i.v-t ' .. c-'.y.
'if A J.;, fa l;sU:il:ff Citm doV & frOJlS
!'ivi?'.vr : r 1j tenia a liur.Jred 'OU?i(Jfe,
or i: a l.i. . At tl at l.rtura the boat is
?!; f e i..nT"- of locator ew-ther
w -nt a t-uiicl. 'ihiy UMsd to ferry
i. r !.?! (..a nvif and t'n hax
l i h .;. i I y u r i.1 to Cnaa. Then
t - v I ) i ;y to be t rrii J l'a K mty.
'. t t-d (-! t,r to get It t i.-- i Cji,M.-i( ,.g (IiS tL?-
; l.i D . if,et i-n a lln tha
!;.. iu- ki: and ti.e i..alit nuu t
;-i itr b-tan-i i ujir.r,
t it.o au.iy the t,av t-.ld Caj
5 -i Mi v.- .4, ti n ihe eot now of gc.
t , r. (j i -
.. f at l'!l uun t.ld to Ir
s .. ' . i t 'a t vt! a itsfC.y tu bfcft-i
i: :i J'a j-.. '...,ir I in ti.:i?i,l.a &jd
1 . aa! fjii o. f t.i-tia rj.aha
; ! ' it f iii-Mr tcd t.'.a cj-
! I v I k .i....u t- alv I. ) n
i , i- ;a ; . v t r tu to a
I i i- t.f - i 1 t i.A-d up tri
i ' ':: i i - , ' - ri j - -.S t'.e i;?.r,
.... .- i !i: fciff'J tO Ta.O I'.
r i . ..i -. t a ftl:-! I - t .r.
This Saongerfcst
Largest Ever Held
by tho Association
A bigger attendance at the aaengerfeat
of lr.S than at any of the twenty-five
aaengerfeata tliat preoedod It.
i That la the record that has already been
established by th big event.
In spite of the tack that Omaha la th
fartbeet wt city In whloh tit festival
has ever been held, It Is estimated that
seventy singing associations ana ' re pre
sented here.
In mi at St. rani. Minn., there were
sixty-eight represented. And at Omaha
In 1?H siitty-two association were in the
representation. '
inrwuioia are dellgtited.
And the weather Is not th least de
lightful feature of the affair. It is be
having ttaelf splendidly.
As 'i)l Aithoune, the tenor, said: "U
CVln't reily b. 4ar( and I bav
every reason t believe It wl'4 oontinu.
Whyt Hwi'iM I have lirought tny um
brella and It never rains when I do that."
Mayor Ial.lman In Ms edJresa cf wel
come Wedneeday took credit for the
weather, ton.
Madlnah Tempi I the largest ehrlne
Tempi In America, and about K9 of It
mombvr are on th three trains now go
ing east. 'Tr other two train still due
here wti! arrtvo next week. One Is due
her on Sunday and th other will arrive
tlie Thursday following.
When you want
fresh cake, ask tho
grocer to
Loaf CrJ:c
flavors, freth teery day haa
all the delicacy and flavor of
home-made cake. Mad by
Joea ,Va aacvrf Qovmxt.
Sacare af aaaaaa aiMaKa
I!ascn & Ilalin Co.,
Ths tend quality cf the, pianoforte is of the
ut&iCit izapirU-ca to its slrer v."C3 th.a ilo h
used as tJ tzur. iz':-:':.t. X have thought tor ccno
tin:e cf purcLasin a new l iaso, and, ru yea ray
imobe, I have bcea very careful la cay selection. I
.vrite a lir.e to say that I have decided upon tha
IliLson & Hasilia and have just purchased one of
your ritt&buxgU aent3, hecauaa I believe it com
lines to tin IncotJiparahld dcjTeo the very qsLaiitie3
v, h!ch Rppeal to the truly musical nature. I corrat
tlita yoa ca these unrivalled planes.
Cordially ycurs,
(ci-icd) cnrjaTinn niLLr?..
Jui 1015.
I'ht' UlUiT U tA IcaJlns tovrsna cf the
aC-inj; Air c.;J I.zs a l.'aion 2: Hamlin Pia?i3
l.i L;r vfif lAa FcntzntlU Hotel.
ii . . i .
TOR Elliott 0. Cowdin, well known polo player of New
York and a Harvard graduate, now in France, has been
promoted to the rank of sub-licutcnant and mentioned for
bravery. It Js said that he destroyed a German taube in
midair, single-handed, in a battle over Verdun,
A 'Kit
f v- i
i - .
Tat on Barhelora.
(Correspondence of the Associated Press.)
BEU1NH, Swltserland, June 13. A tax
on ail bachelor and spinsters over 38
year of eg has been enacted by th
German town of Reichenberg. In addi
tion to the ordinary Income tax they will
be assessed e ner cent on Income lea
than )T00 a year, th rate rielng to It per
cent on Incomes of over 2.u00.
PlaygTonnd Soperriior to GiTe the
Grown rips m Well aa Children
Chance to Flay.
Parents' day will ba held .at tho
public rwroation centers aa follows:
rontenella, Jnly 28;. MUlor and
Bemls parks, July If; Thirty-fourth
and Leavenworth etroeta, July S7;
Ilanscom park, July .30; Kountza
park, July 31; Rlvervlew, August 1.
The following circulars issued for dis
tribution at theae play centers explain.
the new features of the public recrea
tion sohem: " '
' "Parents:
"The above day is set aside . as a
neighborhood festival for the pe. rente and
children who live near t1e park. The
objeot of thla festival Is a get-acquainted
'The new expert plfiyaround super
visor are now In charge of the plajr
gro trade from 11 a. m. to t p. nt. every
day, and 'they are desirous Of making
the acquaJntane of both the parents
and children In the netrhbortiood.
"On this day a very rich program of
games, athletic events, story telling, folk
dancing, a new kind of ball gwm for
boys, stunts, tennis for older ones, vol
ley ball, quoits for 'grown-ups,' and
many other events which will mat the
day complete.
"Tou are invited to come In th mom-
Ing a'tei- W o'clock and bring your lunchea
along and enjoy a picnic under the tree
"Theae are your perks and your pny
ground. Thoe In charge are anxlonel
that ynu. receive the greatest poasfbl
benefit from them. Therefore you are)
moet cordially Invited to attend on thla
John O'rViurke. owner of a farm aAV'
parent to the etorege house of th EX V
Oupont , de Nemours company, ne9
Florence, asks In a suit In district court
that the company bej permanently ev
Joined from storing dynamite, gtaok'
powder or nitroglycerin there, v
The petition allegrcs that these explo
sives are capable of deetroylnjt life and
property for a distance of more thas
one mile. .It agserts that unlee th tn-a
Junction Is granted the plaltitif will suC-j
fer great and irreparable Injnry, forj
which there le no adequate remedy aki
Dw't I eider Caagaa p Calfla.
Dr. Kingfa New Plscovery should hm
In every home for coughs and eoldav
Children and sjred like 11 tOo. Alt
druggists. Advertisement. . , , j
irre. Crandnll. organist at the Houae)
of Hope church In et. Paul and friend o
Mr. and Mra T. J. Kelly of Omaha.;
passed through here on ber way to CsJW
fornla. The House of Hope church Is tbejl
moet wealthy one In the city of B,,
Paul, and lately has erected a new strnne,
tur st a coat of over half a million dole,
lara, containing one of the finest organs)'
t the country. !
The coolest hotel in New York. Overlookinj Central
Park. Within easy distance of ail theatres and shops.
Your address known the world over while you stop
at The Plaza.
Special Dancing Features ,
Siafle Rooms with Beth, $3.50 op Doubts Rooms with Bath, $5.00 aa
Te faaarea looni ee fa taraia fori aw iaforaiatiaa
aSdraca FRbU Slt-.RHT. Maaalia Uu
oney Savers. for Friday ';
About 5C0 Pairs Women's
Pumps ! ' '
In la hseat sijrle and totather. Reoaua
kid, elatli bavek, Mian ktwtbee, whits
btiekakla tweka. Ail white irahwrk with
bioek: tstng, and aattent leather with
e Batty ehath ejsjuten.,
li7 are all aiww.
mmmrm mmn
Our.Once-a-Year Sal of
Odd Hosiery
Weenen'e silk beet and llale and eeatM
lies mls-anatrd). Maatly blaveks and
- whMes, eame ealoee.' Oa eale ea large
bargala eqaara. Taey are wart a
tip I ISe a pair. Prlee fer
afh eteekmg. ,
A .Determined Clearance Salc"Tv)o Days Friday and, Saturday of
T) if
Priced so low that they cannot help but go. In a hurry. ' This is the supreme, moment
for feminine Omaha. 2?ote the prfcea below and then just come and see the dresses.
for another lot ef porch and house,
dresses : wtany sample In this lot.
$1, $13 and fl.50 values. jMad
of fancy crepes, fin ginghams and
percales, ehambraya, etc, light and
dark pattern; a broad rang of
sixes, aa wall as extra sizes f?0e
fer stout women .....UvC
Several hundred children's colored
wash drosses, ages 2 to S and C to
14 years; all good wash materials
In all the newest styles, 60c, 75c
snd $1 value. Crepe, fine ging
hams and chambray, etc., suspert
dsr styles, middy and sailor effects,
etc. splendid dresses for early
school war. Batter buy In
s supply now, ,
Your choice ef any summer dress In the basement, made
slimmer wash fabrics, all newest up-ts-dxte style; over
choose from. Worth from S&6 up to S'-oO, all
pretty styles. Gawd range ef sire from 11 to, 44,
black and white comMnatlone
of fine
300 t
Several hundred very pretty white and colored street dresses,
porch dresses, heoe dresses; made of good wash At OA
fabrics. Sixes In thla lot run up te 63; 13.50, S3 and SI j
13-50 value. Also many fin all-black lawn dressa . . .V
Hundreds ef white and colored waah dreasse ef every kind street
dresses, porch dresses and house dresses. Elaborate whit dresses,
fancy colored dreeees as well as plain. Materials are meet any
kind you can think of fine ratine, novelty wash materials, fin
ginghams, pique, repp, vol la, tleauaa, etc women's misses' ' ng
and Junior six. 11.60 to M.00 ar th farmer price. Frl- M
day and Ssturdey for, July clearance... , waVa
Your, choice of about 400 women's
end misses' house dressas. 60c, 7So
and $1 value, all grouped Into on
lot for July clearance. All good
style snd materials percale, ging
ham, chambray, -etc
for odd and end ef girle' wash
dressee and romper ; 25c and 39o
values, all good wash material,
many different styles, moet- Q
ly 2 te S-year eizee IOC
girls' dra,
th bseement
Your choice of any
white or colored, in
department, former price . f
up to $1.60, at UiJC
Extra Good
Linen Value
, r5 AXD ISe MM EN'S AT le
A saoaete lo ef faary Itaaaa, eaa
statins af daillea, eatnlae. et
suaktlr sailed, aw tsa perfect too.
- One lot af epreads hi the rrvrhet
klao. aavS baUtara ka alajwaillaa pat
aaraa, h ana aiil eode, regalattea eUa.
see PAliia IS
AW 1 Wu-aa af M bwk'itMi
aaeiiing, tae Ova b la flaacad atarfx far
r taoi.
see Ti urv see
AKrnt t IK'S yarde at biavAd aad
ee.aia labia daaaaak. all tat dcairaiiW
leaatae an rao l pattaraa.
AD la t AT ,
9 WW mtla af UUL blaa.'BaA aal
aAwakraKl, lira. Iluwia tat
Uaaa, la a aa4 ie-yaia leagtka.
Cotton Fabrics f dr Hot W cathcr
lias eaatUy dreae aaaajaa sank wall
kam an aeelrabl
BCvaratt ilaaata. Ma
Bate aad atheva. Valaaa ag
la lSVa yd., riMay awly, yd.
11-Iah Sreas gtaghaiaa, par iadlga
dye. ka all tae laaSimg elaaeka aad
ere affaaaa, aaaatataly
fast eaawa, ee vataaa, rrl
day, yard . . . . ;
I fabric.
I aaa aa
ehala, yaed .
rax ill raiaawiia draaa vellaal SI, M aad
-lark. Bwa:traJ aaaer aaauaa
absahilely fast. Vat- f
U yard, rrktay -jr.
ra-lach drtaa awraala, aaaatly llgai
1 atiittltia" and wraaper amylaa.
1 I tli atandard eaallry.
j vatne, imday y. yard.
laa. aa
- 5c
UaMllfal ea-lach priatafaUa, ka
all taa aaw aaaaaa'e etylaa. Thay
e.iaa la rail aalas aad arnae eaauplae,
rappe atylaa, ai. Khc
rlaa and dainty ISa a
19c vnJuaa. mday, yard
a 84c
fce.eral thaataad yarda aaiB
naate and rataaaata fram stack af atl
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Wash Goods
A beet IB bolts left free ear speeial
paetaaae af high elaaa ImpertM an.
ally waah gentle, aa while aad ere.
off aaauaa, uufia, imna
rlaa ekMaa, ate. T, and
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English araeaded erapa, la plak, blna,
inaarr, lavender, taa. reBhaa.
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value, fl la. wide, yard. v
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atatavials la Jaeuaarde and minted
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Special Sale Friday of
Silk Remnant
Remnant of 24-lnch foulards, meaaaiine, nni
poplin, tfftas and creps, In lengths J S
up to i yarda, worth 60o per yd, at, yd. . . a-9-
JJy Clearance) 5,la Clack IlemiiAnU
Hemnants of 35-Inch and 40-Inch black allk
taffstaa, crepes, charmeuse, poplins, meaaaiine,
meteors, radium, etc., etc in waiat and akirt
lengths, at about one-half regular price.
THwwju! of bupoi'tar's sample piece af high eiaes
at ka, In.-taumg rauiuma. tnxiaiaa, paaay will a
aita. tiffervtte, crrpa, er. 1 r,ee p4eeee ar
rare nargaui a gl.t. ta ruiay apecbU,
Rtcatrti it Sills, vert! ts $1.50, jul CCc
Sl.CS 40-inch Ctep Jt.Chint
tl.CO SS-inch Taffttet
S1.C0 2$'insh Msalin3
17.53 40-inch Poplint
SI. 50 4Q-inch Crtp Meteor
SI 52 43. inch Foulards
Worth to $1.E0 per yard, 1713 at
Notion Box Sale
Each box contains hair pins,
neetHaa. threatd, darning cotton,
pins, saiety plna, tap, school
taLiet, l&rfoj belt, shoe poliah,
LaJf net, clastic, hooais tad eyca,
clasps, and many outer item
which ar not acfwr
tiaed. 1.00 worth of
notions all for.
Household Needs
Diamond C Sap, 10 bar 22 O
20 Mule Team Borax, 1 lb. pag...7o
Johnson's Floor Wax, 1-lb. can. .20 o
Wiaard Fleer Oil, 11.00 ean i'Jo
Jap Crop Toilet Paper, 10c kind,
S roll fer 23 O
Liquid Veneer, $1 site bottle. .. .CDo
Whiak Brooms, wortn 25c, at...fJo'a Silver Cream, 25e !..! Co
Strew Hat Cleaner, with brusr. . . fj
The Clima
of Value Givincf
v J
aaaaaaaaTanT saBAnBanTasaannTan eaaBnanannnBBBBaH
VVC1 C Rracked Friday and Saturday in
Our Daaemen t QotLing DepL
Men's and Young Men' Suits
W 685 euKe from a Chicago manufacturer-st
less than coet to manufacture. These
suits ar pur worsted and caaaimeres. Alt sizes
and color.. fsVSO to $12 values, Friday and Gat.
, urdsy . ... .-.',
1,100 Fair Men'e Pants Pure worsteds, S2.80 and
13.60 values, Friday and Saturday, Ol CA
pair ajj,
Men's and Young Men's
Khaki Pants, $1.00
1513 Dcv: '!a Street
r ri M f f Ft r f7 r? T"?
it.i eV-a sVJ a.i t t d 4 j ' M U fc S. "
, 1 i .