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    fllK BEE: OMAHA, MONDAY. JUNE 21, 1015.
V Legislature Declined to Make Pro
iiioa for Clerki Required
by Aato Law.
seolemt hbiszlf is jojuvq
(Trofp a Staff Corespondent.)
LINCOLN. Jun . lD-ec ro
tary of Itfl Pool ta In trouble. The
legislature Shifted a Jot of e-atra' work
upon hie Vprtme.jt and made no arrro
prlmlon to cover th expense. He can
not let the work no aad lMI to Mr
th help to keep It up and do U on"tlck."
The atibnooMio tHietne) ia cajnatne; all
the trouble, . Mn Pool baa bora , com
pelled to put on a fore of half a dotcw
extra able bodies' men and In addition
to that baa to work him-If. The bill
, passed with low n-toqr clauoo ao thai
work: had to begin right away and no
money to. py the fiddler.
All of too teen I A4 by wwaan of auto
mobile gwa to. that road fund except
rent, whhh ta "Suppose, to pay for the
auto tags. Thia to seat la ay th dif
ferent county treasure and t paid Into
mm artwrW fund of th 4t. Mr. Pool
ha to pay for th tase and the postage 1
for aerating them ooit ay mall, which
take aboat half of th 3 cent, and
I hare is. vry Indicnttas to ehow that
th state did a poor loo In forcing this
work on to a, department a ad making no
provision for jpeytng for the help to ad-J
Mr. Pool la xinaideraMy. worried over
th eltuatioa for there appears to be no
let-up and Just now he La trying" to ar. ,
ranee things in bis office to take asy!
crowded conditions. The big bank of
fice or work room kmks lfite a' bargain
counter sal ia a ten enl eter wltb th
hugh pi la of boses containing the tag
which have been shipped tn ajid as more
room Is needed ho will be ooanprlled t
hany seme of th crk ta th front
Liberty Bell Man.
Tb liberty bail cerurttte of Lincoln
Is making an of fori to take a coat oal
of liberty with tbe old. mblen of liberty.
Efforts ar being toad by tb commit
te to. blub a to the ol4 reia stU pull
It around th streets so tbmt everybody
ego ace It and U iKtrti pf U city b
used alike. It wg proposed to- twitch,
th cr containing th boll from th
Burllniton to th Missouri P,clM fhen
rtl U onto th Omaha-Lincoln Beatrtc
interurban. then switch It to the Lincoln
Traction company and take It up In front
of the atat house ao that Abraham Lin
coln could see it from hie poet at the
monument en the t house laws. How
ever, it ia understood that the wheels
a the liberty bell ear will not run on
street railway rails and so tb bell will
be permitted to stay ea th raSread.
Omaha Ceei.l Wed.
License to wed., with 1 oermrny by
County Judge H laser was th resnlt of a
' visit to the court house here yesterday
by Alonao ftallsbtiry of Omaha, aged 33.
and Anna M. Young- of th sain city,
aged II i ' '
Petrograd Says Battle for Lcmberg
Is Bringing the Campaign to Crisis
PCTitOUUAD, June JO ( Via London.)
The arrival of the aaeembled Auatro
Ucrmnn armie liefore tile nrodrk poal
lions, west t Lemberg and along the
Tanew river, which runs easterly acroea
the eoutherw pert ef the pretrinns - of
Lublin, has brought the Caliclan cam-
palgn to definite crisis.
The Kuasbui ability to reUIn lembers
and eastern OsII' Ih depends. It la verier
ally agreed In Potrograd, upon thla last
atrung line of defense, which mw alone
pn;te"t T'niletK from the onwaid runh
of the (iernianlu aririlea.
The ftuama.i forcce ate strongly forti
fied on the li'ig!it eart of the Orodek
Inkes, and the AtiMro-'lerman assault
in there noxftlona will present greater
difficult i than were encountered In
breaking down the Ituaelan defennea on
the runajec and Han rivers, whlcli
yielded to the number and conrpactnesa
of the new Uermaa toimation that
harked a way through OallcJo.
The (lerman forces further north,
which croiaed the nunalan border, ar
mestiag with strong rerstaoc on th
part of Ruselan troops from the province
of Lublin. Thug far th (iermana appear
to bv teen hrld at the Tanew river.
The Kuaelan lino In the Orndek region,
eight sen mlje In length, ta of auch great
strength by reason of the (harnnter of
tb country that It I believed her a suc
cessful frontal attack would be Impossi
ble. Bouth of tlii region, between Ko
marno and the Dnlenter m&rsbes, tits
eeiintry allowa an easier apprescb, hut
this pnssag ia considered too narrow io
be practicable. A conflict therefore is
exported In the north, wher the Ger
mane ar advancing straight from the
San towards Hadjia. thirty-five mllca
northwest of Lcmpcrf.
. CContinued frem Paga
()', l.- ehutild direct Lbe aeuerai pol
try i,f the wnr.lU(n. II discredit
not ' only the liallisnre, but oven th
motlv ef thue wbotmh contemptu
uuniyi deaorlhea' aa paui(lt nd advo
cates' of 'peae at any rto ' II nvore
than Intimates that (hay ar phyalcul
cowrl n4 that their aVtUude on In-
rt In
a Vh
trnUbl wtition l U to lsr
Uidlly Injury,
"It to not naasr to gniwar Ur.
Roosevelt upon the low plana upon which
ti pitch th controversy. . It, la entirely
possible to credit Mm. with the purcit
notlve and the alncereat patriotimm and
l rauttly oppea th method which
i would tmploy for the atttogueHIng uf
.ba country. ' '
WeaU PraveW "Har.
. "Mr. Roosevelt might be etolvuW front
live list uf ihenatlen'b adviser on al
mattere relating to peace or war, on th
(round he U ao anxious to git tntu
Miy eontiwt thgt involvsa- blood-letting
that be caiuwl be truittg ta deal with
any i! ae f th aubjeiit. . The pi-apareU-r
tioea which be advialea will provok
v, r Inatead of preventing it, and tits
hutreda which it would arouae would do
troy ouc nation moral influuiwe.'' .
Mr. brvttn dei'Uied that Mr. Rooae
vclt'a plow ( nutKing thla nation "a rival
if tii power ol the old world lit military
ud nuvol piii-rollii" would Involve In-
ilfli)ll Uicreftue In expenditure for alilj.a
and men, ."'to be continued ao long as
other Kvkttun loiitlaua to Iticreaae." lie
s?hd If It coulj ba poaatble that Colonel
I'.uo-evelt was anibitlutis to be known to
l Utory a having lauiiched thousand
lilpa" s Helen of Troy In th pot'
iuery Insi'lred by the far-famed beauty:
i thla Hi fC Hat launched a thou.
nd aUtpi"
Tk tiel'a flaa.'
" Mr. Roosevelt piaii. Mr. Oryan aald,
wouM make th Unltd Mate "a vast
armory, with akull and rroaahonee above
Hi doer. nd the dc aiming arcblteut of
the system will go tit and out in uni
form with th proud rons lousneaa that
ur nation n longer t nntalna mollycod
iia or ikllnga."
Mr. Bryan declared, however, that there
s no danger of Mr. Ituevit a organ.
. nation securing a numerous following,
"when It real purpva become kmiwn."
ant) b urged the laboring men of th
country to see that i purpose was
dearly understood and give to ty prl-
,mt aaauramea tf auptt, ta Vronnter
act any Influence that the Jlngota may
aeak to gert."
Of the oyier orgsniaatlon, with former
freaident Taft "Ite moat conapivuoti
kponsor." lr. Bryaa daciared that al
though Mr. Taft himself had beea proml
nanily identified with th cans of peace,
and men auocleted with btm In tb or
aanlitton arr "at least not antagonlatle
te peace." the idea that many peraoiui
may have bad regarding "Mr. Tail's or
kb nidation as, the let weapon with
which U f'.glit th Vtooaevelt urganlt
tla" mistaken on.
Dleeae Taft UrgawUla.
"Whest the plan of tb Taft rganiaa
tioa la understood," twatiued Mr. Vryaa.
'H will b a that Its effect ia to aid
rwther t.iaa obatruot Ui BWosevelt proi
ganda. If the anitiue of Mr. Kooeevelt'a
organisatlos) Is te make preparation for
vr piraaaat. Mr. Taft organisation
may b rarded a furnlalung a plauat
10s pretext for th protection wMch Mr.
i'.ooaeveit adviara"
Mr. Iirian callad atler.Uun te th word
' i rliTid' In the title of the "Lg te U.
-n'ui-' 2'a a td t the declaration
in a !--. u by president IaiwU of iiar-
tril -iei:ty at the recent Milladai
i .x iT.tiUti it waa aJuicd o dis
courage war ly "the threat to uae
"Tbalr lln," continued Mr. Iiiyau, "ia
ta orjrnle an International police force
wtlcb .will ('(tinpel pegc and corniel it
by tlie use of fore. That jneana that we
ahall mak ouraelvea partners wlllt other
nation a Jn the waging of war, Unfor we
can promise te enter Into partnership
with . otbr nation n future war w
must repudla th dvio of Washing
ton, who warned ua against 'entangling
alliances.' The American people will be
very slow to eater Into any arrange men t
which will involve ua In th a u acre la of
What Flew laeelve.
"Tb plan would ala involve a aur
render of th Monroe doctrine. W can
tudly enter Into a settlement of Eu
ropean) dispute and at th earn time
refuse to allow European nation to take
part in th aattlement of dispute in the
western hemisphere. The American peo
ple wvili not look with favor upon so rev.
oJutlonary a change In our national pol
icy." The speaker declared that the plan pro
posed by the league would vest the
power to declare war In a group of na
tions In which th United Htatea natu
rally would not overdue a controlling In
fluence and he felt, assured, he aald. that
It would b impossible to secure a two
thyrd majority in congress for a, reaolu
tiqn proposing Uiq surrender of It right
to declare war. or thai thrpo-four'hg of
the state woi44 gpprov uch constitu
tional amendment It th reaolutlpn passed
Stilt wjiother objection waa urged by
ilr. Bryan atralnat tb league' pla
tjat it wouhl Im a dlrtur from
American position as "th friend of all
naikuia and th oounaollor of many."
Thl. declared Mr. Bryan, ''would im
pair our Influence ' and Jeopardize our
moral pneatlge. Listen net to those who
mcasur 'world power' In unit at fore.
W have born, a world power for more
than a eentury svnd w cannot afford to
exchange th raargl Influenza Which we
now have for the military glory of all
tba jmt4ras tuat have rUon, and, fallen
sine' time began, I appeal to yeu, there
fore, to remain tru to th Ideal of the
fatbara. It remains for th rontmon peo
pl of today to mak known to th prtst
dont their firm adherence to U prlqcl.
plea whc,h hav tn4 us tb foremoet
nation in th, advocacy of peace."
Greeted with Cheer.
Mr. Bryan, who arrived at Cgrnegl
hall aburtly, aftr the' jneallng had
alerted, waa greets with, prolonged
thoerlng by th org crowd that filled
the' hall. , After ' reading his prepared
apeeeh th former aecrUry ef atate oon
tinued for aom minuU tmporan
"Jn g paper thla mornlnc th. losaea
for th flrgt alt month of the war wer
given a ', a,ltf.0yO , killed and l.KU.OQO
wounded." ,! id. "No nun. jn Kurop
today , know from th Up of th r"lr
what thy are fighting about. Tan
month hav pMd and w find Increa.
Uig aufforing. Increasing deatruotlon and
im rcaalng , devastation. Thy have not
only killed tliemeelve, but they hav dls
luibcd nil the neutral countries In tb
world. They hav kept ua busy spending
niency to kerp ou of war.' - ,
I'rere fterinsl Plate.
"If wi does nothing else, it wilt teavh
tl at peac la tii normal aUt and whan
U la over w will hav some law thai
will protect neutral nation. The time
will come, and It la 4 far eff, whn
an offer of mediation will be .In order.
Thla is the natural nation t offer media
tion. Kyery on of thee nation fighting
hav descendant in thla country and our
sympathy la with ally F)very aoldltr boy
that dies over there makes ua aad.
"Isn't It bad enough to hav hatred
preached ovr there without having It
preached hereT Th American peopl
fliould stand to man agaipai war and
for peace."
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BAN VRANflSCO,. Jun Sl-Th go.
cepted theory of th medical profession
that pllepay is a brglo dlaaas aad (n
curabl. waa upaet at th Pn-Amrioaj)
Meiica congreaa convention today by
th announcement of Vr. Ctiarle A. I
Reed uf Cincinnati, president of th Con
greaa. that he had rtleoovered a aurgical
cure. Dr. lted declared h had cured
ltlpy by an operation en th lute
tint "Th ucceas of tM rw dlaoovery." he
aaid. "rrvelutioniie the accented theory
that II tliaeaa haa It aeat in th brain
and that It la incurable. EpiUpay la
primarily not a dlaeasa of the brain, but
la caused by poiaone absorbed Into the
ayatsm from displaced or dieordered In
taatlnea. Ta operatlin whlclt I hav
auiveaafully Uaed ronv'H th condition
of th atoms h and litieatinea aftrr which
lb epllepay gradually Oteappaar.
sapruteanewie at Kenaril,
ST. KUWARD. Neb , June tbpeclal )
t. tdward has on of the prtHtleat
little parks In the aula, and through th
tfforta of th Commercial club a line of
cement walks, with a flower garden and
drinking touutatn la the cenUr, haa Juat
been completed, ard an Iron flag put
acventy feet hlh hag been erected. Th
baJI park aUav.nt, thereto ba been Im
proved by ceting the dtajuond wlUi 1-4
load if dirt. Th city will begin at
ouu laying a line of oetnent curb
through tb busineaa portion, priar.tory
to tl grading and oiling of th lre-u.
rt. i:drd' cliautauqua beg Ina August
It, piepsrationa for which are well und-r
way, and it prtMiiUea to b better thun
Ti Curomeruldl club t ,ta (net 11114 Uat
jvenlsg xuted m this da' carnival and
bargaJn day to b held tpUmbr I
and I, and made arrat-Vnieola to uieul
the Ouialia road t-oontere, who will
be tnrough here, Friday, Jin Jj.
weeka inure for the faction to try to
get together, but In tii event ef failure
the open activ auppurt of th United
fctatea will be given to an entirely now
st of Mexicans a ooJItlon, It I ex
pectsd, of th VillavZpata faction, which
hs demonstrated its wllllna-neaa to make
peace and other elements tndenUflad
with the other faction or parties.
allla-Zarata. ateaaat.
Th agency of th VUlaZapata, govern
ment here gave out tb following state
ment tonight:
"In view of insinuation front aouros
unfriendly I th convention rgua that
the deelr of th convention lender to
negotiate (oward a peacaabl solution
of th probuma of Mexloo iiaa been In
llrcd by weakneas, Oeneral Villa haa
authorized Enrique C. Llorente, confU
dentlal agent of the honventlon govern
ment, to Issue this formal declaration:
" 'Not nly la th convention govern
ment willing to enter at this tint Into
'negotiation for th restoration of peac
In Mexico, tut It wtshea to place itself
on reoord promising that when Obre
gon ia finally crushed, a th convention
government firmly believe h will be,
th offer to meet th unfriendly element
upon a common ground will be immedi
ately renewed aa evidence of the sincere
intention of the convention leader.
"Governor Maytorena, In answer to a
telegram from General Villa directing
him to send troops to rentore order and
protect foreign Uvea and Interests In th
Yaqul valley, state that tin has scot TOO
trpop for tl ordered purpose. They
wer expected to arrive at th scene of
th disturbance yesterday. The messag
conveying tll information to th confi
dential agency came from DIa Lom
bards, secretary of state at Chlhunhun,
last night and by instruction from him
th news hag been communicated to tb
Slat department of the United Blaise.
Thla prompt action by General Villa un
doubtedly will furnish an effective rem
edy to th difficulty.
' ; Condition Qalet.
Coaet of Mexico (Via gan plego, Cat.),
Jun . Conditions are quiet In th Taqul
valley and no further molestation of
American there by Indiana ha ben re
ported, according to radlugram received
today by Admiral Howard. Oomtni'nlra.
tlon between Uuaymae and th vajley ha
been r-eatabllahed.
Two Americana, according to Admiral
Howard's advices, were robbed In a raid
by bandit north of Guaymaa recently,
but neither waa Injured.
Railroad communication between Ne
gate and Ouayma I still Interrupted.
. An organisation of neutral residents la
Lower California la assuming a domi
nating position. It waa reported, and haa
addreaaed communication to both Viita
and C'trrenea, urging peac.
To Uppoae l.andlag.
'NOOALKS, Ponora, Mexico, June 80
Qoverner Jgs Mgytorena authorised th
atatement today that th entire forces
under hi command would bo .used if
necessary to reaiat the landing of Ameri
can marine on the west coast to protect
foreign settler of th T4Ul valley from
Indiaps pow t war.
A detachment of pearly 1,00 troops ent
to th Yaqul valley yesterday, he aald,
waa dispatched primarily to protect set
tlers and their crops from the Indiana,
but they had order to resist any landing
of American pililtary force.
According to advirea Maytorena haa
received, th American warahlp under!
th command of Admiral Howard ar
xpected to arrlv at Tobrt bay lat to
day, Tb Vllln troop dispatched by th
governor will encounter burned ralroad
bridge and ether obstgclen north of
WMl Warship Arrives.
SAN L ItlOO, Cel., June X-Th cruiser
Colorado, flagship of the Tgclflo fleet,
which sailed from her Thursday, should
arrlv at Uugymgn. honor. ometlm to
night, according ta last advke. Admiral
Thorn U. Howard to aboard, nlth thr
conipanlca of rnarinea, four rapld-flr
field gun and two automatic, and a
ship complement of tw ffiur and
11, of whom 5rt ar avallabl for hor
dutj. The protected cruiser Chatta
nooga, wtilcli followed th Colorado,
should arrlv at. O nay ma tomorrow
morning. Uh 4SQ officer and men, of
whom ar available for shore duty.
Vllta Favor ll.tlr City.
r.u PA Ml. Tr., June . General
Pranclstg YHI favor Mexico City a
lh plac for holding a peac conference,
according to a ttment Usued at Ague
t'alleute. Vtlla take the poaltlon that
Mexico troublo ar national; that to
ii.wiv. nr mni.irai', uuiaiu III cguniry
would lessen th dignity of th nation;
iui 11 piae no uuterenc wnat troop
may oocupy Mexico City, th people of
Mexieo should settle ibstr own affair
within their own country.
The rcpuit from Vt'aahlngtoQ of a apllt
in th Carrana cabUct waa in aub
Jsv't uf spirited comment in Mexican cir
cle here, but pending further ilevclop
nienla, nun would ventur a prediction
a to its effect on Mcxlcau affair.
Hogbie Hnjhes and Charley Keene
Signed Up to Race ia Omaha'
First Annual Race.
Huchle tluchffi and Charley Keen r
the Inteat of the world's Brent drivers to
sign up to pilot their racing craft around
tho new Omaha apeedwav t the first
annual race n July 5. !. J. MrBhnne.
director of rente! n. signed theae two
daring driver In fhlcatto Saturday.
Hughtg and Keene will drive two ef
the Portrr-Knlicht cars, which were de
signed and built by Flnley H. I'orter at
the ttearns factory In Cloveland last
winter. They have not a a yet competed
In a race, but will bo christened at th
Chicago race, providing that la run off
Saturday as scheduled. Omaha will be
the second track where they will race.
Both' IttiRhea arid Kcene qualified t
Chicago at a rat of over nlnety-flv
mile an hour. Keen pushed his mount
around at ninety-seven mllea an hour.
Of Bovine Dlepoeltlnn.
Hugh and Keene ar tw of th moat
distinctly drivers tn th world. Wer
It not fur th fact that ha left Kngland
a number of year ago to aeek hla for
tune in the. land of th Stars and
fitrlp?. Hughe would now be fighting
th kaiser. He Is .u adventurer born
and bred, a man who ha1 knocked about
from on corner of th , glob to th
other. HI presence on th Flnley R,
Porter team. Incidentally. I quite nat
ural, Inasmuch M ho and Kinlsy R. Por.
tcr became famous together, on a
driver and tb other as designer of th
Mercer that won th Kavgnnah trophy
contest la ml.
Hughg has always been of flighty na
ture. After driving at Savannah h was
an outlaw driver for a while, Then he
took up with th Maxwell team and
copped th Tacoma Potlach cotitaet In
11. sJIwrtly afterward h quit th Max.
wU, probably for no better reason than
that h wanted a chatig of scenery.
Last February at Han Francisco h
drov an Ono to third plan In th a rand
Prise. At Indlanapolla h wa relief
drvr for Tom Orr f th Maiwell crew
and h finished th rac for Orr, winning
ninth money,
Hugh I on of U- greatest driver In
th gam and only ndg tn control hlm.
self and stick te on thing long enough
to cash In In splendid styla.
Keesj aa Ivor.
Keen la th man who ao astounded th
racing world In UU by appearing -at In
dlanapolla with a car of hla own build.
w hich he called th Beaver Bullet. When
Keen and hla novel craft appeared at
Indlanapolla he was th subject for much
good-natured crlUelam by the rallblrda.
who could as - nothing good In ithcr
Keen or hi car.
Keen had a pet theory. It waa that
th front wheel of a car should b bigger
than tho rear because H was easier to
push a large wheel ovsr an obstacle than
a amall one. Bubqunt vnta, however,
Justified Keene' confidence in himself,
iot n outlasted thirty-six of the forty-
four original candidate for honor and
finished tn alghth plac.
TW year, with a. car fit th lateat pat
torn, Keen should vak a grnt nam for
himself. Possessed of great mechanical
Instinct, and Inventive talent of no mean
ability, he 1 nchedled to outdistance
many In th race for fame, who merely
know how to handle a eteering wheel.
Edward Miller, a prominent technical
engineer of Kansas City, was In Omaha
yesterday, and while here he took a peek
at th new Omaha speedway. "Soma
track," wa Miller' exclamation, when
ha first cast his orba over the apeed-
"It houd be th fastest traok In th
woirll," declared MUIr. "it curves
should stand any apeed. A driver can
put hi foot W th pedal and leave it
there. Horn records will surely be
That already 200 anced nthuiaat of
Kansas City ar Manning to com to
Omaha 1 th word of Mr. MIUer. 'Th
number will probably god that flgur
when th day of th raeca ome. but
eva now that number' ar aur t come.
Katewd Car Lla.
Work on th grading of th extension
of the street car line direct to the speed
way will tart Monday, waa announced
yesterday. Th car lin will turn at
Fifth and Locust streets and Psvceed to
within a few feet of the main entrance.
A soon aa the grading la finished rail
will be laid- It la believed that the
work 3 n b finished tn a week or ten
days, so that good car servlc can bo
had to th track during the elimination
trial and practice. Bom 1,300 feet of
pur track, on which car will be placed
to wait for the finish, of the race, will
also l laid.
Sixty-Seven Golfer Take Part in
Eighteen-Hole Handicap Match
Against Colonel Bogey.
."Ixty-aeven golfer took part In th
elghteen-hole handicap game against
bogey at the Harpy Hollow club Satur
day afternoon. The eight lowest scorer
qualified for th play for a prise pre
sented by ft. K. Wllcog. The following
score wer turned in:
Handicap. Down.
.1. W. rarlsh
F. J. Norton
W, B. Hhafer
L. A. miih...
JS. A. PeWau
J. C. Kariler
f, S. Fttsirerald...
V. R. Gould
Thomas J. Kelly.
W. C, Kraser
W. Q, Hhrlvr....
J. fi, Ooodrlch...,
ta. w. AHhur
J. B. Pulvt-r
22 '
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bUTROlT. June jn.-VH,r wwrld's
champWnt pacara rlrwt urn I. l:St; Frank
ftoaaah. ir.. IWi: Willlum. Z.oii. end
I Anna Hradford. 2:04-aie entered In the
IC.000 froe-for-all. which 1j an add d fea
ture of the hlu ribbon Orand Circuit
meeting bet July J to lineal driving
riub official claim llyt nev'ir Kfur
haa a quartt of au. h Ixumua t a tis met
in the same ia-
Prof essional Men
In Japan Become
Drug on Market
(Correaoondcnre of tfhe Aaaoclited Press.)
TOKIO, June 21. Sanaa Twkata, the
president of Vasexla university, founded
by Count Okuma, the prime minister.
ha been created a meruber of the House
of Peer by Emperor Yoahlhlto. Thl
honor la in recognition of hi distin
guished aervlie to Japanese education.
Hr. Takata became president of Vaseda
In laOT and lnce th,t time th Institu
tion ha grown n popularity unffl today
It has about , students President
niktcht Kamada of Keio university was
appointed tn th House of Peer some
time aga. These promotions ar Inter
preted as Indicating the emperor' recog
nition and appieclaUuu of th plac that
duration oicupiwu In madern Japan.
80 great hav boen the strldea made
In popularixing education, that Japan,
like tno I nlted State, tg beginning to
find difficulty In placing the graduates
of its t'niveraltlea. Colleges, bcth gov.
emmental and private, ar crowded with
ktudents wlu ar unable t obtain the
lucrative pilion they have dreamed of.
Not enoutih Place exist in Japanese
comnwrclal and professional life to meet
tho demands of th ateadily lucreaslng
number of graduates. This year" gradu
ate of th law coll,g of lb Imperial
university at Toklo number M and of
thl number only 1W hav ttelr future
positions auuured.
StatlatU show that frotn in to 19M
students wer able to find places In gov.
ernmentat ervic or in business without
difficulty. ei,,c !:. huwever, the stta
ation lu entirely changed. Fifty per
cent of tho gt.tdue.tea have had to Walt
for on to thro year to find iupUy
ment. 1 h large ittiaa are already ever
alocVrj with lawyer, tome oVoctura of
law aro even servtug g polkctueo and
others are experlencirg great ,srdhlp
4a aorning a living.
Owing to th fact that th sven play
er tied for alghth place, th pairings)
wer mad to Include fourteen Inatead of
eight. The pairinga ar follow:
J. W. Pariah, By
E. A. I'egau iZj) against W. O. Sh river
J. J. Fitsgwrald (I) against K. W. Ar
thur (H),
W. R. Hhsfer ti) against Thomas J.
Kelly i).
L A. flmlth (U) against' W. C
fraaer (34).
C, C. Sadler (U) against J. X. Good,
tlrh CH).
v. k. dould aw against J. is. Pui
ver Ol).
P. J. Norton, By,
Th firat round of th match play for
the Howard Ooodrlch prise wag played
Saturday. Th following ar th results:
W. O. HhHver () beat T. 9- 0"Nei: (18),
J."). Fltagerald beat W. O. Silver
(17). I and 4.
Fryo Crawford (Id) beat J. JB. Fulver
Bulgarlia territory. It wa Insisted.
Vould force tt to Join the Trutonla allies.
I Deacrlbea Aaeaalt.
t LON DOM, June V.-A special corre
spondent at the raj-dnIes for JtauU'r'
Telegram company. In a vtvld dispatch
ftescTlWng the general assault on the
Turkish lines on Jun 4. hr which the
filled force scored gains heretofore re
corded In cfflctal emmunletlons, de-
Vote considerable spar to the anugnesa
Of the Turkish position as Indicative of
th tedious trench warfare yet to nu.
"The situation her tend more and
oi to resemble that with which w
uve beom familiar In France." aaya
be correspondent. "Y' hav an ertemy
her lea fertile In resource than the
(Jermans, lea well equipped, less vigor-
ous in attack, but, on th other hand,
be ha advantage which th Germans
cannot claim. He has Ideal defensive
positions. Th narrow peninsula wlt
on flank, hts left, safe frem attack by
s-a, nd both Incapable f being t'.med
by land a they stretch down to th
water's dg.
gepsdy f Reserve.
"Another advantage th Turks possess,
or ought to possess, I a Urge lupply of
reserves quickly available for th light
ing tin. Though th Turk haa no rail
way t feed th peninsula, he still haa a
ahorter dtstanca to bring his relnforce
rnnts, even If they march from Con
stantinople, C an w with all th re
source ef civilisation at our command."
The correspondent add that prtaonera
taken by the allje re HUrlad and Borry
Jooklng, but say that their hard luck
stories must b taken with a grain ef
"Many captives," ha eayt, "profes to
he untrained, put In th rank to fill
gaps statements st which the British
officers smile."
(24). J and .
-. it.
Uariey (I) beat P. M. Garrett (20).
ana .
Th following result war also made
la the first round for th Jack Eeausn
- W. 1. kilver (17) peat Pryo Crawford
(111, t and 1,
Thomas J, Kelly (22) beat B. W. Metl
OH, I up.
C. k fo,4 fti) pst o. t. Ollmor Of).
t and 1.
Among th Happy Hollow golfer
Ured tn th city tournament, whbih will
Start at th Field club today, ami
Ifansld Johnaon, W, B. Sharer, T5lIne
Touug. Johnni iteed, H. f. Uates. P, M.
Oatrett, V. li. Uould, J. Scott, A. W.
Nason and C. C. Hadler.
NEW TORK, Jun .-W, M, Wash
burn woq th Metropolitan championship
single yesterday, scoring hi second hold
ing of th lltl by- defeating Roper Le
roy, vt..-X T-5.
Harold If. Hackett and W, U. Hall won
th double championship, beating H. J.
Hteinkapf and A. M. Lcvlbtrnd. W,
-9, t-9.
v .
A Sinn of ;
J i. a-j il:.ii"ii,t,,i:7,i
V C&r If
I Newbrk'l
VIA. , J
Pliiladelplna 1
: aijt tv uvtvrfrr.jtjr vf
, AtlanlicCoast '
j: ; gVon9 . .
Dlnsit jRouia tr Via '
IBiniAttJ rWw.4m,Ml aetata
tlkamm Tuktt ueioMtviiitntftrtvk
r sw-viaM i.iaa, ae saran
W. H. HOWljiSD. 7Va.. Pmm. An.
tti-tl Hank bull.
1a.. S'rt. P.,. In,'. tHt
'iawaa-w wiia in i.iimiju.i
To th vacationist who tlm Is
limited and who wiahes a eoniplete
chanite of scene and aurrminUlnga,
few tripe offer a great attia-ctlon
as a cruise on the Qreat Lakes.
Starting from t'hlcuRO thee cruise
take two or three rluya to a week,
traveling over a nuiiiLer of different
ruutee and calling -at nearly all
polnle of interest, including Mil
waukee. Mackinac lalitnil, Ueorglan.
Kay, rmluth, Fort William. Detroit,
Cleveland and Buffalo. Combined
with the excellent train' service to
Chicago offered by the Oitcago. Mil
waukee A Ht. Paul railway and th
inoder,t rates named, then cruises
afford a delightful and restful way
of spending your vacation. 'or
foldwa. rat, reaervatlnna, etn., rail
on or adiirep W. K- Heck. Cltv Ps.
senger Agent, C. M. t flt, P. Ky.,
1J1J Farnam St., Omaha. Nb.
Te th vacationist whose tlm 1 Ua.
tted aad wbe wishes a ontplt liaag
of oa aad aurronaaiJiga. few trips
offer as great aruactto as a cruie oa
th Oreat Jbake. BlartUur from Chi.
eag th raises tak from tw o
tkr day e a week. traveUaa ove a
ameer of eurrereut route sad calling I
at nearly all points f atret, laolndlng
Mllwankee, MmUiw Island, OeorgUa'
Bay, Suiuto. ron Wuiiaut, Savrit, i
Clevelasd and Baffal. OumMaed with
the eacelleat tralu erloe ta tktcajo
offared by tbe Caicaso MUwaakee ,
fit. Paul Kaiiway and the moderate
ratee aansed, tkase or wises afford a da
lightfwl and reatf al way of a pending :
your vacation, ror foldere. ratee, rea.
ervations. etc, call oa or addreae W. B. '
stock, tl'" rssaangar Agent. G. Bf. St
St. rani sly. IHJ raxnaain gt Omaka,
Mor Heat
V 1 Le Ali No
Smoko Ask
Your Dealer.
is laid at the door
of the light bottle
brewer. He stands
convicted by his
own admission.
He,no doubt,tries
to make pure beer,
and he could pro
tect its purity, but
he does not.
He offers you the
doubtful protec
tion of a paper
The Light
Bottle Is V:
he admits it, in
fact, warns you
against- the dam
aging effects of
If you would have
pure beer, drink
Schlitz in Brown
Bottles. There is
no purer beer
brewed, and it
costs no more
than light bottle
See that crown is branded "Schlit:
1 VI'. .-w- mm
Fboo. Doug. 159?
Schllt Bottled Ur Depot
723 S. 9th St, Omaha, Neb.
Pton 4S4
Hy. Gerbrr
101 S. Main St.. Council Bluffs
His Beer