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Nebraska i
r I
Nebraska Senator at Lincoln Thinks
Diplomatic Controversy Will Be
Handled by President.
(From a Puff Correspondents
LINCOLN. June .(Pperta1. United
Ftatca Senator George W. NorrU is In
the city today. Penator Norria la to de
liver the commencement day address to
morrow before the Temple High achool
of the University of Nebraska.
The senator doea not believe a special
islnn of congress mill be called unless
mar c'ompllcatlona should present them
selves, which In his opinion are not likely.
He thinks the situation Ik being handled
in good shape and that the assistance, of
congress will not be needed.
Many Brldaea Damaged.
Assistant State Engineer William
fctecklcberg of the Irrigation department
returned this morning from a trip up
the Elkhorn valley. He aays there has
been much damage to bridges on account
of the high water and that the bridges
at West Point and Wlsncr have been
damaged seriously. Much repair work
is scheduled for this summer.
Thomas Mnltea Speeches.
State Superintendent Thomas returned
this morning from Wahoo, where he de
livered the commencement address last
night at the high school graduation ex
ercises. Tonight he speaks at Ulysses
and tomorrow at Tlldcn. On Saturday
afternoon he will make two addresses at
county eighth grade graduation exercises,
the first at Wayne at 1:30 o.'clock and the
other at Wanton at 1:30 o'clock.
Twin Mast Be Branded.
All binding twine coming Into the state
must be branded according to law, ac
cording to the opinion of Food Commis
sioner Harman. wbo has charge of tha
weights and measures department of the
state and tha enforcement of the law
overnlng that department. The law has
been on the statues for fifteen or twenty
years and the enactment tf the weights
and measures law puts it up to the de
partment to enforce It. The twine must
be branded with the name of the manu
facturer; number of feet to the pound
contained in the ball, material, tensile
strength, percentage of oil, date of manu
facture. The penalty for failure to
comply with the law la fine of 10 cents
per ball.
Grand Island to Have
Sunday Fourth Fete
GRAND ISLAND, Neb., Junn l.-8pe-clal
Telegram.) According to present
plans Grand Island will this year have
the first Sunday Fourth of July celebra
tion in its history and not unlikely the
only one In the state. Thonuur Brad
street mill hold automobile and motor
cycle races, state-wide as to entries,
hanging up fine cash prises.
It was first planned to have the races,
jj i celebration., on the Id or tth, the
Fourth falling on Sunday, but Mr. Brad-
, btreet was at the time depending upon
the Commercial club entertaining- the
nowda in the morning and evening;. The
Commercial club declined to participate
to the extent of thus providing enter
tainment or to any other extent, and the
venture, a purely private one, has there
fore been' fixed for Sunday. '
The celebration will take place three-
m'.les' from this city on what is said to
be the only two-mile track In the state.
Heavy Rains Send
River Out of Banks
CAMBRIDGE, Neb.. June l.-CSpedal
Telegram.) Tm-o Inches of rain fell here
today. Four Inches fell In certain dis
tricts. Medicine creek and the Republi
can river are out of their banks. Toams
and men .were busy today protecting- the
grade to the state aid bridge. -
(Krom a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. June 8. (Special.) Accord
ing to a list prepared by State Treasurer
Hall, from April 1 to May 30, warrants to
the amount of IP44.6t6.S5 ' were paid by
During the month of May bonds were
bought by the state for the trust funds
as follows:
Msv 1., X20.000 school district No. S,
Kimball county, i per cent, for the per
manent school fund.
May 13. school district No. 2. Holt
count, & per cent, for the agricultural
college endowment fund.
.May 15, 116,000 electric lighting bonds,
village of Lyons. 5 rer cent, for the per
manent school fund.
May 19, Kt.000 school district No. M.
Knox county, S per cent, permanent
school fund.
May . f-'O.OGt achool district No. 8.
INance county, i per cent, permanent
h hool fund.
Notes from Beatrice.
PP1ATRICE. Neb.. June I. (Special.)
Announcement waa received here Wednes
day of the death of Albert H. Miller, for
many yeara employed as a conductor on
the Burlington road, which occurred at
his home at St. Joseph. He was also a
former resident of Lincoln. Tha body
mas Interred at Blue Springs today.
A packed house greeted the senior clsss
In its p'.ay. "The Htubbornneaa of Geril
dine," by Clyde Fitch, at the Gilbert
theater Wednesday evening. All taking
1 art acquitted themselves with credit.
Floyd J. Patton and Miss Florence O.
Wlneland. two well known young people
of Blue Springs, were married Tuesday
at the borne of the bride's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. C. W. 'Wlneland. Rev. Mr.
Rounds officiating. Mr. Patton Is as
sistant cashier of the Bank of Blue
Medals Awarded at Pera Normal.
PERU. Neb.. June I. (Special.) The
tneda'a for debating were awarded y ester
flu y. Joseph Boyd, Trenton. Neb., was
awarded the medal for tha beat debate In
the Junior class and K. E. Erl'son. Oak
dale, Neb., the medal for beat debater
Df the aeniora. Mr. F.riraon also won the
Moore medal given by Superintendent C.
B. Moore of Osceola to the best debater
In the achool. The debating pennnant waa
won by the seniors.
Ir. Bell's Plav-Tar-lfoaey.
Get a i&c bottle today. Keep It for
your cough or cold. Good for children.
I adult and aged. All drugglsta Advertise-
W-nt . . .
"The Indian." the annual published by
the Junior class of Bellcvue college, will
be dedicated this year to John IX Has
kell, a banker of Wakefield. Neb..
Mr. Haskell became interested in
Bellevue about two years ago. Later he
was elected a trustee of the college, and
now he is one of Its most loyal support
ers. He has given large sums of money
to endowment; maintenance and gym
nasium funds.
Lincoln Youngsters
Capitalize Bad Road
(From a Staff Correapocdent.)
LINCOLN, June 3.-(Speclal.) Twelve I
resourceful Lincoln lads made several
autolsts going to Capital Beach pay
tribute yesterday by steering them into '
a carefully prepared mud hole and- then '
appearing at the psychologcal moment j
and lifting the machine out for $5. i
One "stuck" motorist asked a friend
in a machine to try to pull him out and
the boys volunteered to aid aim, but '
when the rope kept breaking. It was
found the youngsters were pulling- instead j
of pushing. - I
Finally some of the wiser drivers in-1
vestlgated the usually traveled road and ;
found It in perfect condition and not a '
boy In sight.
STELLA, Neb., June S. (Special.) John
Howater, who lives with Charles Smith
south of Dawson, has been swindled out
of a Kinkald homestead In ' Thomas
county. It la alleged. He proved up on the
MO-acre tract, but owing to 111 health de
cided to leave the sandhills country. A.
man grving the name of Willis and pur
porting to be from Seneca. Neb., talked
him into trading the homestead for a
residence In Grand Island supposed to be
worth $3,000. After the deed was made
and delivered another man came along
and described a splendid timber tract of
260 acres in Washington county, Georgia,
and induced Mr. Howater to exchange
the Grand Island residence for the Georgia
timber land. Mr. Howater then having
his borses. Implements and potato crop
on bis hands again met Willis, the man
who had traded him out of his homestead.
Willis, so he stated, had 250 acres which
joined Mr. Howater's nerw Georgia land,
and he traded this to him for the horses,
Implements and potato crop.
Mr. Howarth became suspicious and a
few weeks ago he took: two warranty
deeds for 200 acres each to F. P. Page, a
real estate agent at Dawson. He found
the deeds faulty but the. abstracts ap
peared genuine. He wrote the men who
gave the deeds, and the lotters were re
turned undelivered. At last the agent
wrote to the treasurer of Washington
county, Georgia, who replied there waa
ho such land in the county as the deeds
Mr. Howater Is nearly SO years old and
unable to do any manual labor. An effort
will be made to see if there is some
way whereby he can recover his loss.
Tree Has Hard Lark.
Birdie Cree of the New Yorka Is to
date the only American league player to
he laid un with a broken bone In mhlch
respect this league ia luckier than tha
aenlor major league, which has suffered
eight such accidents.
Make Your Home
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The Diamond Match
I .. fe '
fry;.' 1
at Chadron School
CHAT RON. Neb.. June S. -(Special)
The third annual comrencement of Chad
ron Normal school -losed yesterday with
pietentalion of diplomas and Male cer
tificates. The aalres was made by Dr.
A. K. Wlnshlp of Hoaton, who spoke of
(rathinx as a high art. The diplomas
were presented by President B parks. The
list of graduate follows:
Itrgular course:
Plirrtow. Ray
CalHine, .lainea C.
t'arly. Olmence
MoiTlssev. Nellie
.rtionk. Ilea trice
Si-huehol. l.ou O.
Hcott. Klina
stsrr. rSmnia A.
Ruth .1.
Smith. Margaret I.
W!hliu:-n. .Iele
Cocknll, Kuth
Conr. 111;
Grewe, Frances
Good. Naomi
Gruhb. Kffte
Johnson, I .aura A.
Hyaer. Kthel
Krelfenbeck, K.
Iiweothml, Oorge
Marriott. Charles 6.
State certificate:
Eaten. Elisabeth
Wright. Kdgar
Parson, Mattle
Pinch, Jennie Varlc
Ppangler, Palrh O.
Olllctt. lnes
Oorr, Zena
Ocrton, Clnlre
Newlln, Jessie
TuYche k, Nina
, HiBh si ho il course:
P.euthack, Amimda Northrcp, Kertt
fieuthack, Walter
i.'nrmean, Orpha
Collins. Edna
Fveraiill. Wrrn
Fisher, Raymond
Oillett. Ines
Hjruc, Vivian
Leppla, Madeline
Pitman, anklln
Sparks. Wesley
Sparks. Paul
Tipton. Grace
Tourchek, .Vina
W ortley, Melvln
Wilson, Mary
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tContlnued from rage One.)
quarreled with any of them Of (he
girl's pleasing disposition and efficiency
as a domestic she spoke and doc tared
that the girl mas more than satisfied with
hr place.
Miss Florence Osborne testified briefly
repeating the program of the day carried
CUl Djr nrrnc 1 1 unit in ri. pj nrn 1111111 e.i...
hen she left Mrs. Pykes at tl car. t
Front Done Key t.nat.
J. S. Sykea mas called and Introduced
a bit of evident e not turetnfore made
public, that a heavy monkeym rench
which it waa customary to keep in an
other part of the baaement was found a
few feet from the body of the Smanson
girl, also the key which she carried to
the front door had not been located since
the tragedy. These tmo statements con
stituted absolutely the only new bits of
fact brought out.. Mr. Pykes declared
that the girl had mentioned occasionally
several of the men who had called upon
her In a Joking way, and also that she
a ona time said something about man
from Sweden coming to marry her.
Rev. A. B. Marshall of the Pr"shvterln
been placed under arrest on suspicion.
Five wltnesws offered testimony as i
to his whereabouts on the day of the '
murder, while Mrs. Margaret K. Field. ',
t&M Cass street, who told the police she
saw Lofgren near his home early tha j
afternoon of the murder, was not certain .
that ha waa the man she snw. I
The whereabouta of the key, to the '.
front door of the Sykes home, mhlch has
been missing since tha tragedy, was ac
counted for when Mrs. Alva Olson, sister I
of Ada Pwanson. declared that she had
picked it up with other artlclea when
Ada'a effects were taken from the 9ykea
residence a few days after the murder.
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The esse was glvan the Jury shortly after I
flva o'clock
seminary was the last witness of the
morning to be questioned.
liaysnr (lves NolKtua Mm.
i In the afternoon Talnter John M Oar
I ror. who mas working the day of the
j mur.ler on the Iennls property next door
to the Sks rrsldcnre, seemed slUhtly
, confuseil as to statements he hsd made
heretofore to the police, but adiled noth
; Ing nem- to his previous testimony.
, A complete alibi was established for
Axel lofgten, friend of tha girl who had
l icense Issned at MHe.
BIPNF.Y. Neb.. June S.-tSperUI Tele
gram.) The following marriage licenses
acre Issued today by County Judge
Chambers: Thomss Pearce, Saratoga.
Wyo., and Julia K. Flshel, IVnver:
Thomss R. Jones. Cnllamav, Neb., and
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COt-i'Mnrp, Neb. June .Speclal
Telegram )-The Nebraska Piste associ
ation of local fire Insurance agents Is
met In a conviction In this city today,
mlth hcaduuartera at the Evans hotel.
Secretary Frank R. Martin registered j
seventy-five members, and about !fll mora I
are expected to arrive by tomorrow. The
city Is nicely decorated for the occasion.
U II. Stubbs of Chicago, delivered an
address on "Prevention of Fires," Illus
trated atcreoptlcan views, at the North
Opera house tonight. A smoker and
other items. "
South 16th
Distributor, 2567-69 Leavenworth St, Omaha, Neij
Telephone: Doug. 876
I'ut' h lun h was served St tha Elks' hall
club rooms afterward.
Tomorrow a business senslon and else
tlon of officers will be had, after which
a banquet will be served at tha Orpheus)
lastrtane T.rare Flesnnaa Valley.
VERONA, Italy, June t.-The Austrian
troops sre mlthdrawlng from their post
tl"ns along the Flrmni valley (part of
the valley of the River Avlsla, to tha
northeast of Trent).
They virtually destroyed the health re-
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