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8tate Treasurer Hall Refuiei to
Issue Warrant on Voucher Hot
Duly raised Upon.
(Trom i tff Cr.rre'n4.nt
urs'COUN. May i:.-nf"-tn-tata
Trtirr Vail. In Ihc nrirlly ff watch
dog r-f tb troaattrv. b JIvcid an
other condition wM-ii he derma of
riont lmir.rt a nc to demand an explana
tion f.n the fart of tb" hour nhlch haa j
the tnanagonu-nt of the matter.
RerentH o memher ot the firm of F. M.
ftlnrho ft P.. hl'l r eonlract
for the rrectieit of the new hulldtn at
tb "eni Nrrmil nrhool appeared nt the
atat houae Ith a voucher aimed by
Preaident Vtrle and "eeretar.' Cavlne.
of the Hulf Normal hnard. railing for
warrant tor r..1Kai.:i "art novment
on th rontrnct for the bulif'ina.
The law. acverdtng to Treanr Hall.
iliKlnrH that all bill mini mme refer,
th Ptt Narmal tx.ard for artlon. He
HTi that thl hill ha never been bf
for the board and t'-at thr. board he
had no meeting to a-t unon thla hill or
other Mil. II told Mr. ni-h" that he
would pay no warrant until the board
had ordered It -aymnt and that the
preatdant and wretary had no right to
O. K. Tourhern for thja or any other hilt
without action of the hoard at a meet
ing. Mr. Ri-he' departed, but ' today Mr.
Hull received noflco that there would be
epeclal meeting of th State Normal
hoard, ol which ha li a member, neat
Friday at 1 clocK In tha morning.
Treaaurer Hall aaya that the Normal
boar official cannot put anything of
thla nature arroaa without proteat and
ha haa tha payment of the warrant,
ha fr.nalilera that he te m a
make hie proteat aiand for eomethlng.
Ha rropoaea that In tha futur tha Nor
mal board ahall hava regular monthly
meeting where all bllla can be ronald-
red and feela that the prealdrnt and
aecretary of tha board eicead their au
thorttr when thy. order payment of
vouchers without action of the board.
Hear of Piraan a. Mart.
Tha beard of pardon will meet at the
enltentlary tomorrow where the appll
ration of Jullua PrltcharU of Oego county
for a pardon will be heard. Frltchard
il aent up for twenty yeare for a atau
tory offenaa on a young girl It la doubt
ful that hie application will be granted aa
there la a strong proteat againat It from
GaKe county official and from the Judire
who eentoneed him. There wtll be the
urial number ot application for parole.
r! Mars DetertlT'.
Pcen after the adjournment of tha leg
ttlature It waa discovered that ome Indi
vidual had twined the alal carpet which
ran froaa the main door of the aenata
chamber to tha frcaldenfa dcak. Bc.
tary of State Pool In the capacity of
modern Sherlock Holme, took up the
trail and a day or two ago became o
well convinced that he could locate the
carpet that he gave public notice that Tie
knew where tt wee." Thla rooming when
tits Janitors opened the annate door the
carpet was found lying In a, roll on tha
floor- Parties dealting tha arrvlce of a
gnod jtectlv may conault Mr.' Fool with
-od reaulia.
hi inwi m mmmS&
Knights Hold Election and Continue i
j Old Guard in Spite of Some
' Insurgency.
(From a Staff Corrennnndent.)
LINCOLN. May lal )-The
Knighta of Pythlaa and the Pythian Hla
Icre held their .elcrtlona thU forenoon,
and. after the tnelallallon of the aamc In
the afternoon, closed the eetini.
ffi-er of the KnUhta arc:
Jran I chancellor. Ceorue W. Men.-ditli,
A "lilnnd.
Irand vice chancellor. Gcorse T. Wll
io. Kcotta Bluff.
Grenn keer record nnd aoil. Will H
Love, Lincoln.
Grnnd keeper of record and eal, Will
Wrlaht. Lln'cln.
Orand pr'late, fharle? P.. Hartford,
fJrend rnfter-at-arm. f'harle t Har
il. (lion.
Grand Inner guard. F. J IM'M'-ck. I
catur itianH cuter cuard. W. J. .Morrison.
' Hprlmrfleld. . .
H"nrcme repretentatlve. V. f. Iy1.
Keila City
j Orend lodre trustee, Karl Kramer, l'o-
The name of Nellie appeared to be a
I winner wtt.n toe ryxnian ruicrnnm, me
J j flrat three officer elected enloylng the
f , :rlvllere of that name. The officer
J Orand chief. Nellie Platte. Llncn'n.
. lirnnd aenlnr. Nellie lcwli. Llmoln.
When the itudenta of the t'nlvera'.ty of
Oriutha hold Ihrlr annunl gal day i it
claea Friday one of the moil Interfiling
rtrtf of the entertainment will be a
nhort play written by Mia Illla Carpen
ter. Tha pley will be given by the 1'to-l-lan
ororlty, and the author, Mlar. Car
penter, will have the leading part. The
ketch I entitled "College Cllr!" nd
dtal with life In a large college dormi
tory. Eighteen co-eOa wll take part In
the play, and from present Indication
It promiae to excel aouie of the copy
right akrtrhe aecured by the other
WASHINGTON. .May 12-(Speclal.)-R.
U Metcalfe of Omaha la In Waahlng
ton on private bualueaa. He ha no oonr
nectlon whataoever with the government
on hi recent vlnlt to Mexico. It wa
mad for hi own enlightenment.
Orand Junior. NeUle Oceman. Omaha.
Ornnd manager, Hattle foreman, Fre-
Ornd protector, Luclle Jonea. Benkel
itien. Orand outer guard. France Holt. Ifaat
lnga. i irand inlatrena of the records and cor
reenonilcnie. Llla Richie. McConk.
Orand mlatresa of finance. Mnry Stod.
dcrd. Auburn.
Supreme representative. Millie llardr.
Ccnttal Cltv.
Snpreirt alternate. Ida Compo. Pprlng-
According to Ome of the new member
of the Knight, there wa a little In
surgency In the meeting regarding the
continuing In office of the old guard,
who ha had control of the order for ao
long, but, on account of a lack of leader
chip, nothing could be accompliihed.
Nothing wa brought againat the officer
who have- performed their duties In the
paat. the feeling being among the In
aurgenta that they had been In o long
It weuld be beat to have a change. Will
If. Love ha been grand keeper of record
and mcuI for ao long that many of tha
member cannot remember when he be
gan, while the ame may be ld of John
B. Wright, .maater of the exchequer.
Both have made very efficient officer,
Mr. M. At. Claflln of Lincoln, etat
prealdrnt of the Women' Chrtatlaa Tem
perance union, arrived In Omaha yester
day to be preaent at the luncheon ot the
initiative petition for tate-wide pro.
hlbition. Mia. Claflln wa honor guest
at a large luncheon given by the Omaha
Women' a Christian Temperanca union at
the Flrat Proabytertan church, when 1W
gueita were entertained.
Following the luncheon. Mr. Claflln
gave a talk and the petition were dis
tributed to the women to eeure algna
turea. . .
Petition were alao distributed to mem
ber of the Frances Wll lard Women's
Christian Temperance union, which net
today at the home of tha president, Mrs.
C. J. Roberts. Mr. Roberts will gtv an
illustrated travelogue Friday evening at
the home of Mr. W. B. Howard, the
proceed to be used In the campaign..
and nobody has anything against tbm
personally or agalait their conduct of th
Insect Bites aad Iafeettoa Daa
Apply Sloan's Liniment to any btte,
ting or bruise. It kill tha poison and
heals the wound. Only SJc. All drug
gists. Advertisement.
HARTTNQS. Neb.. May .-Speclal
Tolearam. The attendance at the state
ionvention of tha EasUrn fclar Inereaaed
to more than today. Mot of the time
of today's session wa devoted te ballot
ing for afflcers, th fullowlnf b-lng
choeent ;
Mr. TTarrlet Willita. McCooU, grand
worthy matron; Alpha Morgan. Broken
Bow. grand patron; Mr. Lou Conklln,
Hubhelt, grand treaaurer; Mr. Anna C.
Plmpon. Omaha, grand secretary; Mr
Josephine . Stwigart. Gordon, assistant
grand matron; Mr. Marie Hoffman,
ilavelock, grand conductreaa. Th placa
for the next state convention wHI be
chosen tomorrow.
The Pilgrims, wa presented tonight
by th Urt!nr chapter.-
. Natea frasa ba C .
BKATRICFX Neb.. May .-f!peclal)
Roy Hcojsln. the fnton Pacific fireman
who was seriously Injured the other day
at GarrUan Crr-Mtng. Kan., Is Improving,
and It Is now thought that ha will re
cover. '..
At th annual meeting of th Beatrtc
Building and Loan association Tuesday
the following officers ware elected:
President. C. P- Fall; vice 'president,
Ernest Schaekel; treaaurer. T. B. ttiel-
don; secretary. K. T. Klmmerly: dlrec- j
tors. II. E, Packetl and C A. Janssen. t
Frank Eworak, aged U yeara. and Anna j
Zarlbnlcky. agad & years, both of Odall. (
were married by Judge WeJdeu Tuesday.
Charles Perkins was brought back to
Beatrice Tuesday from Exeter. Neb., by
Sheriff Actoa on the charge of raising t
check laeued to him by J. 8. Rutherford,
with whom he wa employed, from W.5
to tbS.M. He vii arraigned before Judge j
Ellis and pleaded not guilty. He was,
lodged in tha county 311 on default ot
tl.ooe bond. I
Suit Offering
Extra Special
A bit purchase of tailored salts froa
Now York inaaufac t urr allows us to
offer eboica of about 425 sulfa Thursdart
For Tailored Sample
Suits, worthto$30.00
This wonderful lot contains tailored salts
. that wars made aa sample garments and
show the seasons' most lateat idea.
Womeq's and mteaos' slsea; every good
color and every good fabric that Is tn
demand. ,
For Choice of 175
Tailored Suits, worth
to $22.50
Among this lot will be found soma of
th smart eat of tbe lata season's new
Ideas, many bar no duplicate, being1
ample garments. Snappy new colorings
and fabrics. Every good slie. Including
some extra stses.
May Sale of Undermuslins
Specials in Our Big May Offering
Bilk1 Underbodlces -Had of good quality crepe de cblne, lace trimmed In the front and 1f
back; fleah and whit. Worth fl.SO, Thursday, each 7C
Kin Creek Maw Killed by Trala. j
KEARNT. Keb.. May M.-i Special j
Telegram.) C. J. Johnson, proprietor of j
a livery barn at Elm Creek, was Instantly i
killed Tuesday evening w hen he stepped j
tn front of a ft-movlng I nlon TacUlo j
mall and passenger trln. Th accident j
occurred us4 opposite the depot at Lira
Creek, the body being dragged for eonie j
distance and then thrown againat th
building. Johnson wae watching a freight !
train pulling through and failed to nattce
th passenger -train, according to wit- j
nesses to the accident.
Bpeclal Lot of Gowns About ' SO doien
gowns, made of fine nainsook and lingerie
cloths with lace and embroidery, ribbon run ;
big. full cut garments. About 20 f ff
different style, worth to SI 00. . . . jrl.VU
Envelope Chemise and Combinations This
is specially selected lot of garments laid
out for Thursday selling. About 35 different
models, dainty laces and ambroid- f ir
eiies. Worth to 11.50, each yl4D
SO Doxen Corset Covers Made of dainty
all-over embroideries, many different
patterns; all sites. Worth 60c,
Bpeclal Sale of Skirts About 40 docen
white petticoats, with new lacs and em
broidery flounoe. cut full and d Afi
rtntooa run. Worth to 2 uu. bale I 1 1 II
prtoe. each apaeVW
lrrl(tls tCwterrHee Revive.
NORTH rIATTE. Neb.. May It-'Pn-!
clal ) An ersanixatlon of Irrigator who j
have under consideration' the cleaning
and repairing of the old south side ditch
met here yesterdsy and made piani te
foim a eorcioratlon. Tbe ditch when com
pleted will put many mora acre south
of th river under cultivation. Many
Promluent farmer In th county ai la
tereeted In th venture.
Weddla at Stella.
iTf". LI. A. Neb.. May It specisj
Mary Renie Namy Harm a ad Henry
Johnson of Humboldt will be married at
eota TliursUay at th home of her par
ent. Xr. tnd Mrs. Henry Harm, six
mile southwest of Stella. The marriage
service will be read by h bride pastor,
Hv. A. K. JacWfon of t'ottage church.
Mr. CUa Jlilf. th bilde'a Sunday echool
teacher at C'ottate arranged a aurprts
party In tier honor Wednesday afternoue.
&it room auick with a Pea Want Ad.
Gigantic Apparel Sale
Thursday, Friday and Saturday. May 13, 14, 15
In Our Big Bargain Basement
An unprecedented sale of huge lots of ready-to-wear merchandise,
which we have purchased in the pant few months especially . for this
great bargain festival, and much of which will be offered at less than
cost to manufacture.
Women's and Misses' Apparel of all kinds, suits, dresses, coats, petti,
coats, underwear, millinery, hosiery, handkerchiefs, corsets, shoes, etc.
Men's clothing, furnishings, shoes, etc.
Never before have you had an equal opportunity to secure spring
""and summer merchandise at such low cost. We will not guarantee that
anything will. last until after Thursday. Come early.
New Six $1400
i"' Mv
A Thoroughbred
THE Stork has visited
the Chalmers dealer.
He left a real, live, little
It is full of "pep" and
It is more than "a chip
off the old block."
Although it shows a
marked family resem
blance, it has a different
type of texture and a
finer physical frame.
It has a full high fore
head, a long rangy body
and a running gear that
is bound to set sl new
world's record in the
cross country class.
You can see it without
charge or take it home
This is the lowest price
ever fixed on Chalmers
Quality. -
Stewart-Toozer Motor Gp.
2048-52 Far nam Street Omaha: Nebraska.
( Telephone Douglas; 138 v
-".a '.
1 . -; " ' ' v,1;
Scenic Route to the Expositions
When planning your trip to the Expositions bear in mind that the
Union Pacific affords you a larger variety of routes to select from than any
oiner unc 10 ine racinc vosi.
- 1 ' '
1 fS faAJ m
of a direct route to San Francisco, or to Los Angeles thence to San Francisco, or
(C daaav m ja a a P4llffi ' t rVMPMf A A Cal1a MM V. T Vl r 1 sTif trail At rfMkeVim df fV a
San Francisco & Portland Steamship Company between Portland and SanFrancisco.
A complete circuit tour includes both Expositions and one way via the North
Pacific Coast. This tour costs $17.50 more than the regular reduced price round
trip Exposition fare, but it is well worth the money for it enables you to see the
oest in tne west in a single inp.
I f ym
The Cool, Comfortable, Northern Route to Both Expositions
Double tracked, automatic electric block safety signals, and a selection of seven
splendidly equipped daily trains to the Pacific Coast shorter and faster than
any other line, Omaha to California and the Pacific North West, allowing
more time for sight-seeing.
Stop over at Denver, Colorado Springs, Salt Lake City without extra expense.
For slight additoinal expense during the Season you can visit Rocky
a xt." i r-l. -l- Vll - k-'-l! i T
lviounrain iNaiionai raris., voja., icgvwire iauonai air, lkac
Tthoc and Yosemite National Park.
. Cut out coupon and mail today for Exposition Guide book which
you will find helpful in planningjrour Western trip.
Visit Old Faithful Inn. YtUowtton
National Park Exhibit at Panama
Pacific Exposition.
Tnm OMAHA mm Bstwa .
f Bt Esltteu
L. Bala4rff. &F.AT.A.
I 1 :l mX
in fitkQt
mt ctUf.
tten beoaiet de.
scriptia ot California '
and th Lzpotitioai