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VOL. XLIV-NO. 256.
Om Train eat at
Totl Mews taaSe. I
All Buiineu Disposed of Save Big
Appropriations, Which Carry
Items Oyer Which Two
Houses Disagree.
Sta,te School Will Receive Levy that
Will Raise Nine Hundred and
Thirty Thousand Dollars.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, April 12. (Special.) t
With all bills disposed of save the
two big appropriation measures for
maintenance of public institutions
and salaries of officials, the legisla
ture tonight was going through its
expiring throes. .
Tha house refused to accept Rep- j
resentatlve Norton's plan to have ;
one cocference committee act upon j
all the appropriation bills and sep-!
arste committees ' were named. I
pushing business through much ;
more rapidly.
I urtng the day the houm and senate
i-pint'the time alternately acting upon j
('inference committee reports and die. j
poelng of such tag ends of business as 1
occurred to tHc variolic members nt Inter-
iHlremHj (irt ::tO,iMi.
The house and senate compromised on I
the appropriation for the T'nlvermtv of j
N'f biaka. While the senate rain? ! the
rmuunt In the bill SS2.00O above the sum !
fixef by the house, the committee cut the 1
In-rease down to 4,000. This loft the to- '
tnl appropriation to be raised by the unl-!
vtrslty levy at 910,00n.
This report was concurred in by the
I.Misc. by a vote of .".3 to 17 on a standing, the speaker enforcing the travel rule
mid refusing tn liBton to a call for a roll
Hills Agreed to In House.
The house concurred In the following
hills coming trom the senate with amend
ments: S. K. "lO-Oiitntv- tttdMFs' fee bill.
8. P. !(--state aid for vocational train- j
ins in fUKll scunoin.
H. R. 7H4.-e5O.000 for fighting foot and
mouth dtpiase if It should appear.
ii. R. 587 Consolidates stallion registrn
1 tlon board with office of state veteri
narian. If. R. 75-Oeneral claims bill.
II. U. 137 Omaha charter bill.
H. R. iKlRalses tax for free high
school service from 76 cents to fl.
H. R. 6O-$lO,O0O for laundry at Mllford
Soldiers' home.
H. R. 7 48.000 for bakery, machine
shed and ice plant at Grand Island t-ol-
, HXfta-48,ooa far-new bcuding
: H. R. Kfr-tlO.OOO for additional breeding
ponds at the fish hatcheries.
! ; ' Bllh Is Confe resee. .......
jus(' two' Bills jwcre referred .to a con
fcrenpe committee' during the morning
session, as follows: ;
H. R. 7M Maintenance bill.
tl. R. 142 Boundaries of school diHtricts
bill. 'On tliu bill a committee was ap
pointed conslstihg' of Etm'clunil,' Ainlay
and Regan.
The conference committee report on H.
R 820, providing method' for Incorpora
tion of water power districts was adopted, t
Representative Taylor, reporting for the:
conference committee tn tho house that :
considered H. R. 204, raising the salary
of Food Commissioner Herman $250 ai ,
year, said the committee could not agree
and the measure failed.
It . was provided, however. In H. R.
1H)6, which was agreed to. that there
shall be three instead of two Inspectors
In the pure food department, though the
bill called for six. An Increase In pay
from W to $4 o0 a day was provided
The rule of the esv-el wnx heins: en-
forced- regularly, and roll calls weK.-jnew
avoided until Representatives Hoffmeis-
ter. Fries. Koott, Taylor and Anderson
of Boyd sent up communications that
they would refuse to vote longer.
To B:tt Voted On.
These bills were., voted on on third
reading in the house:
F. 12S-Provides that no person can
. he a candidate for office at the regular
election who was defeated at the primary.
S. F. 1it All rest in h ,u...H
St ItM real VU'U. hilt lVV tn h mnAo I
on per cent of ussesmtd valuation. Thetlie ,u,,reme court on the matter of re- j
bill- received slxt.v-threc votes, carrying . , , , !
k. k. ..o'.i If us nir to open its correspondence. The ,
................... , ,u ,.nm .
on me vote without the emergency !
claune, receiving hut forty voles.
Iocal Forecaster.
The Weather
Forecast til! 7 p.
For Council Bluffs,
m. Tuesday:
.",n"""Q vicuuiy
t UuikIih Vrtlrrilav.
Hours. I leaf.
h a. m M
! a. m : '
7 a. in :t! .
Ii a. m o.'i
S a. m ;r.i
10 a. ni 42
11 a. in V.
12 m 47
1 p. in 4
2 p. m hi
i p. m M
I p. m :
.i p. m ,
p. m
p. m 5i
S p. ra ...oli
f'Mmiua I.MBl ReA-. i
1815. 1914. 1913. 1812
lllsliest today 58 87 M 75 j
lxiwest today 31 M : tiO
Mean temperature M 42 t 1
I'recipitatlon .u) T
Temiieratures and precipitation depar- ;
tures from the normal: :
Normal temperature 4? ,
la l4lSS flie til r)OW fkl
K since Mirrh'l Us.
Normal precipitation 10 Inch
Deficiency for the day 10 inch
Total rainfall kinos March 1 1.83 Inches
Iefictenry since March 1 4a inch
iH-fs iency cor. period tn 1814... .72 Inch
K i cess cor. period In 1913 3.43 inches
HrMrts from Stations at T I. SI.
Statioa and State Temp. High- Rain-
of Weather.
7 p. 111. est. fall.
('heienne, clear 2 f, .) I
lavenport, clear 4 . ;
Iienver, clear 7.' T :
Ues Moines, clear iiu hj n
I 'aiint City, Pvirt elouiy 7o 7. 0
Omaha, clear S 5 '
Kapiil City, clear 04 im
Hheridan. .'lear 72 T) .i
ipux City, part cloudy 5:' :f .m
Valentine, clear .V oti oj
T Indicates trace of precipitation.
U A. Local i orccaslei.
sion overturned the lifeboat, whose passengers, one a
woman, are shown in this remarkable photograph clinging
to the upturned boat.
p- v? W - - : n
r 9v ' 111 ""51
Declares It Will Eventually Be a
Boon and Help to Every Honest
Business Man.
L, "To the honest business man who
tldoe.s not .neec ..thestiper-tslon, pfa
federal trade commission and who
complains of bearing the expense of
such an Institution, I would answer
that there is no such thing in this
life as absolute Justice," said Senator
George V. Norrls, in his talk on the
federal trade commission before the
Commercial club at noon. "All must
pay for the depredation of the dis
honest. We have to maintain courts
and departments of justice, while
the majority of those who support
these institutions do not need them.
I think, however, that when this
commission conies into full operation
it must eventually be to every hon
est business man a boon and a great
Senator Norrls traced to some extent man raider were releused, and as .their
the evolution of the Idea of gowriiment ! tuK steamed ty hundreds of British sail
rt gulatlon of large Industries. He pointed ) ' l"cd the decks of their Bhlps and
to the Interstate Commerce commission. 1 1 heered.
!aml nhowe.4 the rclntlom.hlu between the
federal trade commlHslon and the the Cassandra's dock they tossed the.
Interstate Commert o comraisHion. He remnants of their luggage aboard and
: pointed out that the fcdei ul trade com- : danc ed a-oun l like school lioys.
1 mission had the additional power of dc-I w-e see British warships Saturday
'mending the correspondence of a corpor- .' "Ight?" said W. J. Gow, chief engineer
atlon in any Investigations It may be ' of tho steamer Coleby. sunk In the south
! making. This, he said, had not been Atlantic March T,. "We certainly saw
iallowed tho Interstate commerce body in01" and h,ttrl others. I saw one about
its Investigations of the affairs of rail-;
roads. The law was not mieciflo on the
matter when the lntcratate Commerce I
commission was created and the result j
wss that a southern railroad went Into
- .
supreme court sustained tne raiirouu and'1
thus set the' precedent tuat railroads : '' lu ln'" o" w" mar-
ii.eed not yield up their letters. "In j ' clous. We, were running with all lights
I framing the law for the federal trade 1 "llt and at top speed from o'clock Rat
commission." he said. "It was stated that "flay morning, when we headed directly
'the documents of thu coiupnny shall be west.
open to the federal trade commission, . short of ( i and Food.
and It was especlully stated that docu-
,mPntt Bilali include correspondence.
I He commended l'resident Wilson In the
; selection of the personi-.til of ilia new
; commission and declared it to be an
honf st and capable body of men.
Jones Predicts Bad
Season for Minors
CHICAGO. III.. April 11 No more than
I trv will be operatlnc a week after the I .
fourth July, according to -yielder A. ,
Jones. who bcfor the Kfderal league,
was president of the Northwest Base ball
.-hn is niansKcr of tne HI I ouis
Jones. ho is mana,. 1 01 tne hi. 1 ouis
Federals, said this situation would be
the result ot the fiiiht naged between
th- federals and the forces of organized
base baH
"I am not certain that all of the minor
oraanlaatlona will open, be said yester-
day. "As for making money
none of j .
them will; that Is a certainty."
Governor Carson
Will Veto Court Bill Colo.. Aoril :2. Gocrnor
fieorge A. Carlson announced ut noon that
later today he uoulil veto tee hills de
signed to transfer the authority und
!utis of the Ju cnile court to the dis
trict couil of Lfeuver county.
Britiih Prisoner on Kron Prinz Wil
helm Says it Had Narrow Es- .
cape from Capture.
NEWPORT NEWS. Va., April 12.
How the German merchant raider
into this port Sunday morning, waa
chased by British warships after mid
night Saturday and barely escaped
capture, was described today by of.
ficers of British merchant vessels de
stroyed by the WUhelm In the south
Shortly before noon the sixty-one
British officers and men of the
steamers Tamar and Coleby were
taken from the Wilhelm aboard a
tug and rushed down the river to
the British horuesbip Cassandra,
which will sail later today for Glas-
I gow.
The harbor wad lined. with British mer
chant ships Ha the captives of the Oer-
"hen tho liberated British tars reached
y " p nonson, ana ii
" f""e, " ruiu mmniKiu on unni
we reached safety In the Virginia capes
u,,out 3 o'clock Sunday morning,
'T,,e Wilhelm seemed to b the faster
l'il. for ai
ihe wurxhln
lnB '"arxnip
ror as time went on the Unea of
grew dimmer until It dlsap-
,.,,Prt ,h- rilnlani..
. The erinan converted
d cruiser. Kron -
prlna Winiclm. the elusive raider of com- I In the south Atlantic, slipped into;
this port yesterday and asked for fuel
and provisions. Many times reported de-
stroyed, tlie former North German Lloyd )
liner had evaded hostile warahine for I
I eight months while It sent fourteen mer-
chaittment to tb bottom. Its officers
said It was foied to steal Its way past
four :ilid cruiseiH off the Virginia capes
to reach this refuse.
We got in without being seen by the
enemy and we can get out the same
way, declared the commander. Lieu-
' v " on rso rue. column One.)
Flier First to Cross
Andes Killed by Fall!
WAHHINGTOX, April 12. -Cecil Mai-
Icollil Peoll an mvluttkt ... LllloH ...l I
, ,re 1ark M ear'here. today, while I
, ,, , of I
I his own invention and In which he had
'planned flights from Washington to New
York and from New York to 8C Louis.
' The ",,h", f ru
xn.i.i r. m. r. lit,, iuiiu
The cause of the acciuent has not lieen
I't-oll in the firt man to flv across
the Andes mountains in South America.
The wicked machine U said to have
beiii tie largest in this country. The
oea.l avl.ito,- a as 2J )ir.i old and came
Ihere 1
here iroNi l.ns Angeles. wlitTO bis
Ex-Dictator of Mexico Admitted to
United States When He Swears
He is Not Going to Cuba
or "Home." j
' i
! Declares He is in Bft Of Health
and Appearance Bears Out
NEW YORK. April 12. General
Victorlano Huerta. the exiled ex
president of Mexico, arrived here
I late today from Spain on the gteamer
I Antonio Ixipez.
i When seen at quarantine General !
j Huerta said he would land in New
! York and for the present would stop)
at the Vanderbilt hotel. He said he j
expected to see his friends here, but
had no plan for his future move-1
ments. General Huerta said he wai
in the best of health and his appear
ance bore out this statement.
General Huerta was permitted to
land after he had taken oath before
the immigration Inspectors that he
was nof soing to either Mexico or
Cuba and had stated his stay in this
country will be divided between
business and pleasure.
Prominent Chicago
Brokers Accused of
Misuse of Mails
en 1CAC.O, April 12. Indictments against
Jt-hn Farson. Jr.. and his brother. Wil
liam Farson, and six other men charged
v ith misuse of the malls In the sale of j
securities amounting to in a .
voiorauo irrigation aeai were annopneeu
today by tho United States district attor
r.ey a office nere. i
Tha Farsons are members of the firm ;
of Farson, Son Co., with offices In
Chicago and New York. The charge la
.bat the bonds were sold on the repre
sentation that the project was completed
and that profits on the investment would
be speedy. Federsl officials said that
the work was not finished when these
representations were made.
Those Indicted with the Farsons were:
Roy A. H. Thompson, Chicago; George If.
Oaborn, Cheyenne, Wyo.; Harry E. Par
rott, Chicago; Charles F. Tew, Greeley,
Cola; William Illff, Denver, and iattrual
Tb Indiotments were returned in eoitrt
Saturday but were suppressed for servtca,
Tew, Ilirr and Phields. alleged financiers
of the company, are charged with ' Con
spiracy. The others are charged with
conspiracy and of using the mails to de
fraud. .
Bryan Asks for Ship
to Bring Americans
Home from Tampico
12. Secretary
Bryan today asked the War department
to furnish
an army transport to bring;
cans at Tampico who are de-
those Americans
sirous of returning to the United States.
Three hundred Americans have filed
requests for transportation. Threatened,
famine, continued fighting on th out
skirts of Tampico and the lack of work
have caused an exodus of foreigner from
No dispatches were received today con
cerning the sltustlon In 'the vicinity of
Olapa and Irapuato, where big forces
under General Villa and Oeneral Obregon
have been engaging 'In skirmishes,
Assurances have been received from1 church Is to be built at Oaklsnd.
General Carransa that while ha cannot i . . .
agree to the neutralisation of the ritylQViir WoTrTQrOT
of Mexico or of the railroad leading from tJilljJ 1 1 tLjT IHI Ol
tha capital to Vera Crus, he will provide j ' yr a i ' ' rri J
every facility for the transportation of: xllt DV XOTPeClO
food to foreluners whenever his forces!
regain possession of Mexico City. ! . ,, ,. ,, . ,,
I LONDON, April 12. The Harrison line
Former Sultan is
Tinder British Care
lNDON, April 13. -Abdul Uamld,
former Sultan of Turkey, Is now In
Smyrna, In the house of a former leading
British inhabitant of that city, which la
nnw ripr I ni Ari t v thax mllltt-v t-imm nrla nt
i, ,. ,K no -,..
xthen's correspondent ',he sUtement thet It hss been 'struck
"Abdul Hamld I. lieing rherined wlth!hjr -"-pedo and is being towed Into
.dou, car thr eorreepondent adds, Qu"nstown. They s re not sware of any
..,0 that he rtn u,e1 n CI1IM. of , j casualties on board.'
revolution In Constantinople. At present I Th Wayfarer was 506 feet long ' and
k. 1. 1. . ltlairH s tn mni It - hunt 1,. n.i-
i o "1. . . v uiiii.aiiiiriv( i rxcl-
nt and the secret police have the situ-
tlou well In hsnd.
"The Young Turks, a few days sgo,
agreed to ask the neutral diplomats, to
pelc'e. A d'lXmat attempt thls""
alon. but Great Britain rejeeted It aad
nothing came of the effort "
For gmuicmcnti the vigitor
in Omaha, is provided with
a choice of theaters cater
ing to all varieties of taste.
The high class traveling
shows all play here; we
have fine vaudeville and
good stock company enter
tainments. Our enterpris
ing movies are constantly
up to date.
Appeal Bond of Mayor Robert is
Fixed at Sixty Thousand Dollars
INDIANAPOLIS. Ind., April U-Vayor
Donn M. iloberts of Terra Haute., who
wan described today by. Judge Anderson
a the "arch conspirator," was sentenced
to serve six years In the federal pntUen
tlary at Tort lavenworth. Kan., and
pay a fine of S2.W In federal court here
Twenty others of the lt percons. who
have been convicted or pleaded guilty to
the federal- Indictment charging consplr-
lacy to defraud the I'tilted States by crtf-
ruptlng the election .f November 114,
i also received sentences to the Tven
worth prison. Pour were given suspended
. sentemiea. Judgment was reserved In the
causes mf four at the request of Vnlted
IXstrlet Attorney Dalley and the
raroainaer . wre given eitner sentences
In the local Jail or fines. '
Before sentence was passed Judge An
derson overruled motions for new trials
on behalf of the twenfy-aeven men found
guilty by a Jury last Tuesday, and fo
arrest Judgment. Rxcepttnna were taken
to the court's decisions.
Notloes of appear mere filed for the;
New Structures Planned for Docens
of the Towns 'of Nebraska to Be
Built This Spring.
While Omaha is experiencing a
great deal of activity In the matter
of large real estate transfers and
building arrangements, much build
ing is also planned tor all part of
the state. ' Especially ia there much
planned tn the way of public and
semi-public - buildings - for-varloug
parts of the state. As -there isno
definite point at which reports of
this kind center there is no definite
way to Kt at an accurate list.
terd reports of plana, of contracts
let, of bonds voted and of appropria-
I . - . I W..llln. I.
IIUUS UJUC lUi trilKIH iiwiiuiui in-
dlcate a splendid activity that ri soon
to begin. '.;
A new. modern sxchange building' for
the Monroe Telephone' company Is to be
built at Hewmen Grove. A' new library
,0 cot g,ooo Is to be built at Cottonwood:
A. J. Beumann la planning to build tw
new fists at Grand Island.' Williams A,
Harlan are planning to build
mill at FalrbUry., ; ' : ;
-heat at Wiaaier.
Wiener la planning a nw school build'
Jng, to cost $J,W. ; Beatrice la, lartainfc
iw w... .w --
$K,rjflc: "trreenk-ootf TsWhartr m sw Metnj -
odlat church to coat tT.Ooe.' and Leu iv Ills
a . new . Methodist ohuroit ,ia et ts.OUO.
Oakland ,ia to hava, a addition l Us
school bulldlpg to coat' K.ono. state
tubercular hospital M ta bs built at Torfc;
Broken Bow is ; to hav a nw library
building, 'kearney Is to have. a new. addi
tion to Us stata tubercular hospttat.'.' Ilari
vard la te have a Carnsgle library.1 To
tal Is to have a tsvw grain slevstot. '. "
At North Bend a Catholic church to
cost' lao.COO Is to be erected. . Benson Is
to have a new city hall. - A farinets' ele
vator is to he -built at KIsing City.' The
HoselSnd Ohtfn and Anpniy company is to
v,..nA a Rnselsnd A new
,.-. ta , .A un c.w.rH
Th. Farmer,. BtaU b.nIt at Ctg t,
. k .,
vicv i gavw vuij Kg)) iifj a?iir vi I uin
lull Is to tract a new bank building. A
new school building la to be built at
Bcott's .Bluff. A new 'Ancient . Ordet
of United Workmen halt la to be built at
Trenton. A new school building rs going
U4i at Fremont.
Praria City has vofkd 120,000 fpr a new
school building. Broken Boa Is. to, have
a new Odd Fellows', hall.- Loup City Is
to have a new high school building to
I cost t XO0O. A new English Lutheran
i steamer Wayfarer ha, been .torpedoed
and sunk by a German Submarine, ac
cording to a message received tn Londoa
by a newa agency.
Another message from Liverpool ssys
the Wayfarer has not gone down,' but
that it Is making' for Qtteenstown in tow.
Tho vessel was torpedod-off th gdlly
Islands, according to th's report '
The owners of the Wsyfarer confirm
j . . . ... " -
' In 103 snd wss owned in Liverpool.
'It left Galveaton January H for IJver-
jpool, where U arrived February 17.
j " 1 -
j ParOled COnVict Wh0
j Broke Jail Caught
j TEKAMAH, Neb., April ll.-(6ctal
I Telegram.) Bert Richard, aged Tl. on
'parole 'from the slat penitentiary at
. Lincoln, who earaped from the Tekamah
county tail here Sunday night, was
; caught this afternoon in a swamp, near
J the Missouri river., (
! Hherlff Rtanrleid, wtih a posse of half
;a dosen men, made the capture. Rlckard
had been staying a Ith his step-father,
Fred Falsman, aince ha broke all. ,
H waa ia Jail awaiting trial on a
charge of burglary. He escaped while
th Jailer wss sfter a bucket of coal,
He said b was cold and- asked th
Jailer to get the coal.
Prairie Ft re Dora Damage.
liKKHK. 8. D.. April .-iiipeeial Tel-egranvV-An
esttnslve prairie fire, tha
first of tbe spring In mis section, burned
over a strip of country northeast of this
city Isst night, destroying a large
amount of hay and the unoccupied build
ings on on farm.
twenty convicted men. who 'were sen
tenced to the penitentiary. Judge Ander
son said he would fix the appeal bond,
the same as It wks fixed lr. the dynamite
conspiracy case two veers ago. This wss
at the rats of llft.ftw for each year of
prison term given. Robert's appeal bond
being ..
Kdward Holler, former chief f police
of Terrs Haute, was the. only one of the
elghty-olne who pleaded guilty to re
ceive a prison sentence.
Manrlc Walsh, county sealer of
weights and measures, and treasurer of
the campaign fundi John M. Massellnk.
city Inspector of weights and measures,
and a member of the Ifll Indiana legis
lature: Charles Jloughton. assistant cus
todian of the city halt; Joseph O'Mara.
street commlrstonsr; 'Alexander Acxel,
Inspector of ttreet psving; Arthur Olllls.
progress' clerk on election board:. Jo
seph Ptrs,usa. liquor salesman, and George
flovera, gambler, were sentenced to oa
year and a day .lit the penitentiary and
fined 1100..' Chief of Police Holler, who
had pleaded guilty, as given a year
and a day senteftcA, too. and fined tl.
Denver Juvenile Judge Exonerated
by Inquisitors and Aocuser In :
dieted on Libel Charge.
DENVFCc6l6..: April 12. Judga
Bon B. Llndsey of the Denver Ju
venile court wea exonerated of all
charges of 'misconduct In a report of
the couhty . grand Jury filed Ute to
day. - Frank ii. 'Rbse was indicted on
a charge of criminal libel In connec
tion with affrdavtts reflecting upon
the character of Judge Lindsey.
Jesse E. Fleming and James Will
iams, members of . the State Board
of Capitol 'Managers, were Indicted
on charges of being interested In
contracts Awarded by the board.
Bitter. Fighting
Between Rivers
: ;; y: Appears a Draw
" ' ' .': " : i . .
Ba-RLIN Cv(S; AmsUrdam, and London),
April 11 The main army .headquarters
has mad publio s detailed description of
the battle between h Meus taria the
Moselle. 1 ' 2 . '. .
''Whllaup jt;,ArU, t tM (FTSpoh at-
- viu?imr
th.ortpta - rwinir. - t
ys,yth nm ji gow g'so attacking
th center, artr having gathered fresh
forcaitnegr .' JJlhiel. Hut. eaah suc-
"r .? fr'T .7
man suocs a alt
tna.UcK fronts.
All bp trenches. lost m these fights; have
lB , regained -with th exception; of a
small,, unimportant part.". j .
, The details sn that, fighting of the
flsreeat cbarater, has hen continuous
from Wednesday to ,Frlday. with tha
French troops generally taking , the , of
fenilve at . a frightful, cost, In hilled,
wounded and , prisoners, and with the
Germans occasionally '.yielding a trenoh
or two under severe artillery fire, but
later . .counter-attacking i and resuming
their old positions.
Villa's Troops Are
Defeated in Battle
Below Nuevo Laredo
LAREDO. Tex., April li.-Vllla troops
were defeated shortly- after noon today
In a battle with Carranaa foroe between
Hulaachlto and Jarita, thirty mile south
of. Nuevo. Laredo, according to a tela
phono message received her. The con.
altuttonaJlat -fore numbered about 000
men and the Vil!l-ta army I.W0, It was
said. .. ,
BROWNSVILLE, Tax..'. April .-Thre
was much firing todsy by both Carrans
and Villa troop in. t he .trenches defend
ing MaUmoras. Shortly before daybreak
Villa 'outposts Closed in . on one of th.
trenches during a fog. Tha Carransa de-
renuera went . over tha. trenches after
them, getting close enough' to' use several
hand grenade. , For half an hour there
was a rifl battle that awakened Browna
vllfe In "aorne "alarm. Flnaiiv th. k..v
I shootjng stopped. During, the forenoon
Picket peppered awsy at each other at
leng range. .
Bethlehem Steel
Makes Great Jump
KW YOrtK. April ti-Anotlier ho
torical movement In Bethlehem Hisel oc
curred In the final hour of today's stock
market, unsettling the balance of the
list. Th, movement Ui Bethlehem Hteel
began around 113 from which figure It
advance id In Jumps of one to two points
to IX, and then back to wo, recovering
to lie, at which price t closed. On the
Plock (xchaag the rise, waa attributed
10 anotner rl against the short ! 1
tersst.. I
PIERRE, H. D , Aprl II ie-pecls Tele
gram.) Articles . of Incorporation war
filed today for the Huron Northwest
ern Railway company, with headquarters
at Huron and a capital of g.0UO. It pro-j
poses a line from Huron to Roalyn, Day
county. 10 mile In length. Th Incor
porators are: F. W. Henderson. Summit;
Walter Pelsam. Pious Fglla; C B. Ad
am Chkago; Charles K. Wolfe, Frank
Pudack, Wahpeton, N. D. Tha same peo
ple have incorporated a construction com
pany'knowa as the Huron Development
snd Construotiog company, with a oapi
Ul at
War Office Withholds Information,
Concerning Reported Naral En
ment Off the Coast of
French Aggressire Morement ia
West is Hat with Fierce
Counter Attacks.
The Day 8 War News
ported that the la-aaloa f B
aary has fceva beraa.
wi'ir.nnirl l lr - ni
era of the art-elpal easiest ta
th est. Altkssih the ""reach at-i
taeks ksre Wa made with, la-'
ereaslac vlr, Berlla rer(s that
tPtaallr wothtagr has sees ae-'
saallaheel by the tatte.
lODOU HKARD ran am teday f.
UKABU raaaovej teday
avl esiKsreiBeait fl
k of ike
aa ether
tswsi attacked hy a Oersaaa'
aadroa aeveral saahe S(.
waa aaak hy m Gcrsaaa aahaaarla.
Th fat f th drew la iiluews.
9aheaatlr It waa reported that'
tk Wayfarer had at ara dews'
"d waa betas towed to QaeeaM
to 'M. j
LONDON, April 18. No official'
ia formation yet has been vouchsafed;
concerning the naval engagement re-I
ported to hare taken, place off the
coast of Norway. While awaiting
detatla of this action the British pub-.
He has been kept interested by tho
newa of sounds of firing oft Scar
borough.: on tha east coast, tha
scene of one of the most sensational
of the German naval ralda.
. Reports Flghtta. .
France continue to report fighting In
the Argonne and beyon th Meus. At th
, ss me time the French authorities admit
ins. wrman counter attacks have
been exceedingly fierce and that en re
sulted In the recapture of a trench. At
Epargea th French have advanced be
yond th positions raptured by them on
April., a Paris admits . also that th
Oerroarui hv rapovared- some ground'
i"r.nif wet oy inem aetween Pont-
s. Maassan ci. aiiiiiei, ami, wvewthsrs
lerap-raniy lost by them between Pont-
th French claim' to hold most of th.i-
galn.'' '.:'-'-.,
LOagr'. Battle la Meaatalaa.
' tha . fighting , in th. C.r-.h.-.
H.lhue. alon- . .-.',. "7
tlhues along a seventy-mile front with ap
parently undiminished vigor, with Russia
claiming to Dave repulsed a determined
counter , offensive on the part of th
Austrishs snd the Oermana.
On the eastern flank the Russians are
drawing near to.tlsok Pass. If they carry
this position they will command another
easy road to Hungary. ,
Interest in th near eastern situation
ha been stimulated by the receipt In
London of two special dispatch, one of
which declarea that tha recent mission to
Berlin of Field Marshal von der Oolg waa
instlgsted by the young Turks, who have
declared that Germany must send a
strong force to Invade Serbia and threaten
Bulgaria In order' that munitions of war
might be sent t Turkey, while th other
quotes the prime minister of Bulgaria as ,
ssylng a new situation haa been brought
about by the actions of the allies In the
east, in which Bulgaria sees a possibility
of realising its national acplratton.
SlaWla ( Relief Ship Fr-ales.
Th sinking of th relief ship Harpiyo
on its return voyage has . created much
comment . her, but th American relief
commission 1 swatting official confirma
tion of the report that this ship wgg
aent down by a German submarine before
making a protest
Interest In prohibition In England con
tinue unabated with th lateat material
for discussion supplied by a morning
paper. 'which asserts that the government
is prepared to take over the industry el
manufacturing light beer, at the earn
time suppressing all other Intoxicating
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