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Fairy Dreams
of Appetite
One St ii Art's Pjopfpl TabM Will
KnaMe One to fMjwt Any
Mfl, Any Time.
Mako up your mlnl to go to. your nrsf
tifnl with t' drslre to cut what you
Mil and do It.
STY. Jh . . A
....111"!) "
"tstt ul laUn at Ke Vow Since
I'rt B Mn Taking Stnart'e
Syseevsle Tableta."
A f tr that niesl take a Htuart'a Dys-l-ensU
Tahlet ant tear no evil effects
from the food you have eaten for It will
le digested esxlly, qulrkly.
Then gradually fHlty dream of np
retl! will roimi hmk to you and In a
short tiro the old romping appetite will
rvturn to yon, .
All druggist carry and icommnrt
ftiiart Dyspepsia Tablets. & a box.
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Name ,
Stale ,
City Slate,. ,
By MELLITIOIA. Tuesday,' March 23, 1915.
NGEMOLSNES3, thy name g woman!
A Chicago girl broke the monotony of the social entertain
ment, one afternoon last week, by giving a rest-cure party.
It wan a, true Innovation, and the result of a stray shot expres
sion of one of a small group to the effect she was so tired out, so weary
of formal parties, so bored by being a social success, that she longed for
something different to happen.
The something different surprised her a few days later In the form of
a wee note, reading: "Come to my rest cure party, from 3 until 6 o'clock."
All accepted; not a single guest waa missing, and the affair proved
to be a whirlwind success.
When the guests arrived, they found the drawing room with shades
nearly drawn, a log fire popping most invitingly and couches piled high
with pillows and afghans.
The hostess announced that no one was to' talk until moved to do so,
and. then only in the lowest voice. Quite mystified, the guests found places,
and a maid noiselessly passed piping hot bouillon and crisp wafers, while
from an adjoining room, a low, sweet voice sang lullabys to the accompani
ment of a guitar, and read deigbtful stories In low, distinct tones.
Harmony reigned supreme at this Lenten affair and the surroundings
were sufficient to rest a panther or a woman.
University Club Banquet.
The annual dinner of the Unlverelty
club will be held this evening- in the
banquet room of the Hotel Fontenelle.
A special orchestra will feature college
tunes 'during the evening and, the com
mittee In charge of arrangements includes:
.1. 1. Hyrne.
Walter Hyise,
( 'rnsxman,
Ha sea II,
I, eery.
"New Dook Frcci
To very sufferer front J
Name . i , .
'Address . , ,
t.'pon receipt of this coupon I'll mall
vo.i Mv Hook aiKl inv SI Drafts to
Try Free, as explained1 below. Ad
dress Frederick Dyer, Dept. OS12,
Jackson. Mich.
Pot off bore im
Treated '
Thrtragh :' j
Send Today
for this
Tell how to get
rid of. Jliiruma
tlMtt without
Medicine. My
method has cre
ated such A Sen
UK Hon all over
the world by Itx
.ex truer d I n a r y
h I in p 1 t city, as
well a hv 4ia
t-f fectlveneH, mm every sufferer should
irni,ii(ii)i u hi tux e. Men and wo
men tiii) writing me that mv Drafts
hae cured them aTler 30 and 0 years
suffering a whole lifetime of pain
curing even after the most expensive
treatiiieiits and bath hnd falltxl. No
nntri wlml sour e. nor where or how
ceveie tho pain, 1 take all risk of fulliue
en. I nenl you (he lrfl rltfht along
with tny Hook, without a cent In ad
vance. To Try rree.
Then after trying my Draftn. If you
re fully aatlitfled with tlie benefit re
net veil, yon ciin aond me Due liollar. If
not aeep yonr
money. - Vou de
ride and we
tke your word.
Send abov
coupon today
and get my
I r ft, nnd my
illuKtrate.1 Hook, by return mnl) pre
pmkI. Addri'Ka Frederick Dyer. Sep.
OVli, faokaoa, Kioh. Send no money
but the i poll. Do It now,
Van Oridel.
Informal Dinner
Mr. and Mrs. M. P. 0"uld gave an In
formal dinner party Kunday evening.
Deroratlona were in red roses and white
carnation. The gueata entertained were:
Mnspra. and Mesdamea
Marie Uould.
Kffle t'oionhane,
Helen Uould,
fl. II. Arnold.
Harold Iiwe
of Chicago.
M. p. Oould.
Joe Powell,
Kd Proctor.
ox.9 EK01.ISV mrciFS roa oataiu
If you know aumeune who- Is troubled
vlth catarrliat dcafneaa or head ntsea.
cut put this formula and hand it to thorn
and lou will have been the mean of
laving some poor sufferer lrhaps from
total di-afneea. . Kxperlmcnts conducted
In knslaiiU aome Mine ugo cera to prove
lauhal deafneita.
n-ad noleea, etu., were direvny Cauned by
oH( litiv,ly tltat calai
onatltullonal trotiblo. , It was further
brought out that ealvca, aprays. Inhaler,
etc., merely leinporUc Mlh the com
plaint, and roliloin, If ever, effect a per
uiwnent cure. Thla being so, much time
and moi.ev were spent In perfecting a
pure, gentle, yet effective tonic-that
v.oiil'1 quickly tllxpel all tracea of the
catarrhal injlfon from the nyntem. The
preai'ilytlnn which waa eventually fur
mulaletl and which, has arouaed the be
lief that (atarrhiil deafueaa and head
noieea will eoon be extlm-t Is given below
In limit tot mulalile form ao that anyone
an treat themiH-lves in their own home
at tittle expense. ,
u re from your druagtat 1 os. Par
ri!nt louble HtrermtiO k.;-out 'So worth.
Take thla bom and add to It ' pint of
hot water and .. of aranulated nuicir;
atir unti) llH8nled Take une table-
ainmfi'i four tlnwa a day.
Patutlnt le in tin not only
to renin e bv tunic action, the Inflammt-
ti.n and tattling In the Kuatachlan
'! iiIk-o. and th' to euuante the air pr. e
eme on the drum, but to orre l sny
e rc of Mreilona in the mhlciie ear.
Kicip irm oIiii baa catarrh In anv
Torm l .i'itll Rise tin re. I it trial mm
i.-ee t I t iiiielvca frm thla tlcair'u-t ivc
ht n you wh our hair, dou't uec
imp. M..t aoaua and piriwred ahaut
j.n.t ronliii too niwh aiketl. whit hi
U M-r injurlnua. It dri lite tl,
U...I miikca H e hair brittle. ,
Tlie Im h ibitig to uae I laln
i . . I 1 1 1 - .j ,-iHu.iivit oil, for tble la pure
m-mJ tn'.ir'ly grcaaeUae. It eiy
litniv om iaia aoape or anything
lac all to kite e. oil tan get thla
at hm uii. a iu!' . and a tew ounce
v li l....t t I !!. family fur luou'Ua.
f in.)! y niiiuiti n tha Li. if with Maier
aud et i. ( In. Uinta a teaapaiow til la
al ttat la rctjuirrd. . It makes an
h.H'lrn t-t i nil, in am) latuec.
tltanaV'horough.v, and rt'iaaa
ui). The.iuic drlea qobkly a ad
tt'iili, and ta soft, fre-h koktis.
l.i-ifcM, flufly tay and eaay ta
I mi Iw-aidea. it lwru and take
t,wt v,tv pani.ifl 4ut, tllit and
itnlidrt'ff Al ertetrtt
Debutante Bridge Club. .
Miss Anna Olf ford waa hoeteis tbls
aftemnon at the meeting of tha Debutante
Flrldge club. The members present wero:
Ml nee linaes
I.uclle Bncon, Hnruir Meckay,
Janet Hall, lUanche Deuel,
Helen Clarke. Charlotte Callahsn.
Frances llochstetler,
Comua Clnb Party.' . .
The members of the Comus club enter
tained their hucbands lest evening at the
second of their series of parties at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Dlmlck Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Kvernden, Mrs. J. F.
Curran of Oalesburg; I1U. and Mr. Ernst
Moll hede were the guests of the club.
Prises for the game were awarded to
Meadames El It, Ferris, Harry Evernden,
S. V. Dlmlck and Messrs. C. O. Everson,
J. P, Dlmlck and Ernst MelUtede. The
club. will entertain again next week., The
guests present last evening were:
M sacra, and Mesdames
Arthur Hoover, K. Fi. Ferris. '
William Haas. . Charles lnttiom,
3. W. Hood. P. O. Jennings,
Oeorge J. Morris, C. O. Everson,
P. J. Larmon.
Mrs. tello Thompson. ,
Thimble Club Entertained.
Mrs. U ti. Carrier entertained the mem
bers of the Thimble club this afternoon.
Nearly all of the members were prcaent
They Inobulv i ' ' r: ;
J O. Phllllppl,
J. f, liauey,
It U. Ktrelght.
J. H. Dumont,
A. W. Carpenter,
Arthur txickwood,
1. M. Fdgorly,
Hueaell llarrla. ,
Fred Mol'onnell,
Hertha White, . '
Marlon Carpenter,
Orpheum Prty,
Complimentary to Mrs. Galley, who
leaves the first of next week for New
York City to reside, Mri O. It. Piatt
entertained at an Orpheum party this
afternoon. Twelve guests were present. .
Amateur Musical Club.
Mrs. T. J. Mahoney was hostess this
afternoon at the regular meeting of tha
Amateur Musical club.
Birthday Party. ' '
Mrs. K. A. Htggtns entertained this
afternoon In honor of little Mias Dorothy's
seventh birthday. The rooms were abloom
with spring flowsrs and twenty guests
were prvscnt.
For the Future.
Mrs. K. S. Moth will entertsln the
members of the Council Bluffs Bridge club
Wednesday afternoon at the Orpheum.
The Ponca Card club wUl entertain at
the Orpheum Wednesday evening.
The alandard bearera of Hanscom Talk
church will give an entertainment at I
o'clcck in the church parlors. IwaMta
tlons srs extended to all. Admlaaalon
w III be IS rents.
Stork Special.
Dr. snd Mrs. W. I. Shearer are redely
ii.g tonaTatulatlqne on tha birth of a
Ou'itliter. Katheryn Jane.
a A daughtrr. Joan, waa born to Mr. and
Ilaivey Milllkra this morning. Mr.
Mlliiken was formerly Visa r.'lolae Wood.
- Meadantes
Arthur Smith,
I. W. Carpenter,
Alec. Buchanan, ,
J, H. Hunderland,
J. K. Carpenter,
William Hainpey,
Q. W.Clabaugh,
(Jeorge Marker,
Kranela White.
Mary Phllllppl. ,
At Prairie Park.
The Prairie Fark club held their regu
lar week-end dancing party Saturday
evening at' their club house. A surprine
cabaret feature, consisting . of several
musical numbers, was given by the
Prairie l'ark Harmonic acxtette, Includ
ing Mesars. W. N. Clnrk, Oeorge W.
Gardner, E. C. Conley, Howard Orandcn,
Fred Wedemcyer and Kcnyon Smith. Tha
following were present:
Meears. end Meadamen
Dr. W. H. Klater, , William Erk,
Cliarlea C. Haynea, C. 1 Peterson,
William B. W. B, Iiree.
Btewart. Jr.; Dr. O. H. Ballard,
J. lansfellner, A. t"1. Hunt, (
O. rl. Kelt, A. C. lUwson,
I. K. Hmlth, J. W. Morrla,
W. M. Clark, W. L,. Blockett,
fleorae W. Gardner, M. U Kndres.
Kdwln Cole, H. M. Kent,
C. H. O'Neill . W. F. Guild, V
of Uncoln, Max Smith,
B. A. L.ucke. K. A. Pardun,
Kdward G. Clay, ' John K, Blttinger,
B. II. Coffeen, Willis C. Croeby,
William A. Hmlth. C. I.. Owen.
William F. Reynoldart. M. Cochran,
K. C, Conley,
Ixiula Nelaon,
II. J. Hlckier,
C. W. Fletcher,
Charlea Neff,
II. I George,
C. U Mickey,
Ethel Weldner,
Dorothy Pardun,
Alice Wheeler,
Francea Hons,
France Watt.
Frank CI. Ie,
Dr. C5. II. Koaa,
Fred Wcdnmeyer.
William Kent.
Howard Orandcn,
Robert H. lwls,
K. K. Bralnerd.
Dr, J. Hex Hell,
E. J. "Weberg.
"Ethel Morgans,
Iiorla l'eternon,
Kathryn Smith,
Phyllis Weberg,
Flo Moller.
Gerald Bruce,
Fred Bchoeffler.
Leonard Peterson,
Kcnyon Smith.
Surprise Party-
A surprise party was given In honor
of Mollis gtlefler's sixteenth birthday at
her home Sunday evening. Those pres
ent- were: , .
Mlsaes Miaeea
Bernlce foils. Pndte Blumenthal,
Hannah Cooper, K ether Zalkovitch, .
Kylvla Abrahamaon, Ixittle f-'teln,
I.lbhy Katleman, Mollle Stlefler,
Blanche Groen, Koaalie Goldenberg.
Flora, Blenetock, Beeale Stock,
Meesre Meaera
Jake Fleinhmsn. Abe Warshowaky,
Horace Hoaenblum, . Morris Levey,
Ben Shapiro, . Abraham UirK,
Jake Katleman, Meredith Knyon,
Anihur Friedman, Harry Brodkey.
Ben Stein, .
Shamrock Party.
Tha women of the North Side Christian
church sntertalnod tha Doyal Sons clase
st a shsmrock picking at the horns of
Miss Caryl Burnap Saturday evening.
The evening was spent with tnuslo and
games. .Those present were: .
Laura Koas, -
I ullne .Nestilt.
Klnnche ttard,
Ktta BarentHon,
tiattie Cady,
Katherlis DavISi
Gladys I.yoiiK.
Florence Frlckion,
Eleanor Stewart,
Lucille Peters,
Marv Bu'nap,
. Flora Hobinnon,
Caryl Burnap.
Marie Sawyer,
WiKisley, '
Alvln Korrey,
Arthur Furnap, Murnap,
Kdlth Kwera.
Marie Ewers, .
Charlie Cook,
John Illgsins,
VMMar.i .Stewart,
John Stewart, Mlreiif1ol'ff.
Herman Mlercndorff, Whitehead,
Arthur l.yon. K. Nixon,
.1 ernes Hughbanks, Rurgess
Wallace, i Wendell Kerrchner.
"One bf the funniest experiences ' I
have had during years of work as a
street car conductor happened yesterday
afternoon," remarked g "nickel snatcher"
who draws a stipend from the local trac
tion company for his services. Then he
told his story. .
' The ysrn concerns A backwoods - man
who came to tha cltV to do a little
spring shopping and see the new hotel
and other social centers This stranger
entered the csr, chewing a large cud of
tobacco, and h mistook the money box
on the platform tor a modern receptacle
for the convenience of passengers who
w.lsh to expectorate before entering the
oar. He expectoiated Into the money
bos and, as ha did so. ha decorated tha
inside of the box with tobacco Juice,
which percolated through to the money
la a drawer at the bottom of the box.
The conductor who told the story said
he remonstrated with the uncouth pas
senger and he told him a rev things
about street car etiquette.
"I thought that was a new sanltsry
ct-Bfldor," wss the nonchalant reply.
Moral.. Squad of the Police Ordered
to Investigate Planes Named
in the Lilt. ,
The city commissioners referred
without comment to Superintendent
of Police A. C. Kugel a "vice" report
filed Monday morning by a commit
tee representing the Omaha Minis
terial union.
"I have nothing further to say at
this time in connection with this re
port. I stated my position Monday
morning lyfore the city council com
mittee of the whole and the" minis
ters," was ihe reply of Superinten
dent Kugel when asked 'for an ex
pression. The. "moral squad" of the police de
partment has been directed to Investigate
the places referred to In the vice report
f the ministers.
Mlalsters' ta Meet als.
At a meeting of the Methodist minis
ters of the city It was resolved to ssk
Trealdcnt A. C. IJouglass of the Minis
terial union to call another meeting of
the UYilon far the purpose of discussing
the report rendered by the special com
mittee, the expressions of the city com
missioners Monday morning and ; other
matters' In this connection. One of ths
ministers appearing before the council
committee of the whole Monday morning
made the statement that It Is probable
that this vice report will be brought to
the attention of he Commercial club.
Woman's club and oher organizations.
Rev. C. N. Dawson, chairman of ths
Ministerial union's special vice comm'ttee,
has no 'further comment to make just
now regarding the work of his, committee)
or the attitude of the city commissioners.
Commissioner C. It. Wlthnell has re
ceived many expressions regarding his
"speech" Mondsy morning. The fact ts
h was the only commissioner who wss
silent during the proceedings.
Dies from Injuries
Received, in Easter
Tornado in 1913
Mrs. Archie Miller, who was Injured
in the Baster tornado In Omaha . two
years sgo. died lust two years after that
fine from the result of those Injuries
Mrs. Archie Miller, formerly Ne'lie E.
Bigclow, was born In Iowa October It,
H71, and was united In marriage with
Archie Miller near Kearnny, Neb., Sep
tember M, 1W They took up their tesl
dence In South Omaha and have Ux-ed
rkambrrlsla'a Coagk Remedy,
. From a small beginning the aala and
use of this remedy has extended! to all
parts of the United States and to many
foreign countries. When you have need
of auch a medicine giva Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy a trial and you will un
derstand why It has become so popular
for coughs, colds and croup. ' Obtainable
every whera. Advertisement
Arthur Hansen, 17' year old, tiunter of
US South Ninth, street, had his left arm
torn to shreds Monday evening by a
shotgun which exploded as he was try
ing to make a landing from a liver boat.
Hansen had been out on the river islands
hunting and 'shlng. Towarda evenlng"ho
ran the boat In towkrda the bottoms near
his home. In making a landing he Is
thought to have used the gun as a staff.
The weapon exploded lacerating his left
arm from the wrist to the elbow. Dr.
Hugo Chaloupka attended him and then
sent -him to St Joseph's hospital where
It was said that the chancea are In fa
vor of saving the arm.
there the greater part of the-time since.
the wss a lifelong member of the Meta
O'ilst Episcopal church.
Funeral services were) held In the Meth
odist Episcopal church. South Omaha,
conducted by Dr. C. Pewsnn. a former
pastor, assisted by Revs. Sinnef Cornish
srd Dr. R. L Wheeler. She leaves her
husband, one son and one daughter.
Abe Boh warts, 3W0 North Nineteenth
street, reports to the police that thieves
entered his barn Monday night and car
ried away a set of harness, twelve
bales of hay snd a 100-pound sack of corn.
i Bail Bond Filed in
Omaha for G.B.Darr
A ball bond in the sum of $."0On has
been approved and filed here In the of
fice of the clerk of the district court for
Oeorge B. Darr. . the Omaha capitalist.
He was Indicted last week at Lincoln on
charges of aiding and abetting President
H. It. Luebben of the First National banl ,
of Button, In violation of the national
banking laws. Arthur H. Denton sn:
Ralph W. Emerson of Omaha, are Psrr'Ji
bondsmen. The bond will be forwarded,
to the Hastings division of the federal
court, m which Parr's case will be tried,
unless he removes It elsewhere.
What to Do to Get Fat
and Increase Weight
The fUal Cauie of Thinness '
A Physician's Advice
Most thin people eat. from four to six
pounds of good solid fat-making food
every day and still do not increase in
weignt one .ounce, while on the other
band many of the plump, cnunky folks
at very lightly and keep gaining all the
time. It's ail bosh, to sav that this la
the nature of the Individual. It Isn't Na
ture'! way at all.
Tbin foika atay thin because their
powers of assimilation are defective.
Tney absorb Just enough of the food
tney eat to maintain Hie and a sem
blance of health and strength. Stuffing
won't help them.' A dozen meals a day
won't make them gain a single "stay
there" pound. All the rat-producing ele
ments of their food Just stay In the in
testines until they pass from the body as
waste. What such people need is some
thing that will prepare these ,atty food
elements so thsj their blood can absorb
them and depoalt them aU about the
body something, too, that will multiply
their red blood corpuscles and Increase
their blood's carrying power.
For such a oonuUiun I alwaya recom
mend eating a Hargol tablet with every
meal, fara-ol Is not. as aome believe, a
patented drug, but ia a scientific com
bination of aix of the moat effoctlve and
Lowertul flesh building elements known
to chemistry. It is absolutely harmless,
vet wonderfully effective and a single
tablet eaten with each meal often has
tne eirect or increasing ine weigm or a
tnln man or woman from three to five
lound a week. Saigol Is sold by Plier
iran A Mi Conne'l. Omaha, and other
good drugg'.ats everywhere on a positive
guarantee of weight Increase vr money
Telephone Pong. ts. tjC
Charity Sewings.
The M'ssioa iseaing society met this
afternoon at Jactb's hall.
The Dundee Sewing circle of All Kalnls'
!,unh vm entertsltied this after Boon at
ths hui.i of Mia. Harold Kobotker.
Tha Tuesday tirldae club was enter-
I mined this afitrnoja by Mrs. Dents
' Kcrkalow. The afternova was spent sea.
ing for chanty sad Ihe members fresrat
J,..i.l ( talk.
I- rente K e h,
Jlia irni.k,
Iwnta harkalnw
Mm UuaW-ili t'tmgilua
'.im Mad J a.
Iti.M la le.
Vtaltn !(: its.
'J Hi: UM.UtA V,KK-
Personal Mention.
Miaa Ruth ttraa. euagrst daughter
of Mr. Oaarga K Orsm U slowly Cov
ering from hmr repeat ill a as.
Mr. and Mrs. K H luarfi ee i-
turned 'ran a Us ss ttiw 1 Call
I forme and ' at the New llsmUtea
;it !':.! v a rtntvrta.iei. !, ts aliea4-
' km . at Ilie4f-rl a t U tny Itfad
"j toil. Mass. aiil ap. M hr F.e. . a-
I a ai'h it a K')t la Uoii.i.i
(tlx? 303
i in .1, mn num. li i i ii li li I 1 niiimnmm Has
(!t .1 ; fZ) ' T TNI o
' " "' "'" " "j j r MiinJrf ttnmtwumtttt ! , ,
nhHE Spring Opening Displays offer
& most gratifying opportunity to view
"Fashion on Parade" and the public is
invited to enjoy an inspection of the new
styles of spring as herein portrayed. The
entire store, abloom with newness, gives a
foretaste of the season that now is officially
with us. The modes shown accurately reflect
tendencies of style and depict to a nicety
the modes that are to prevail this season.
Lovely Dresseq for Every Occasion
for street wear
for afternoon '
for party wear JJ
air of bewitching loveliness
and in the styles that have
captivated, fashion's fancy.
All desirable shades for
early spring wear shown
sand, putty, Belgian,
pink, light blue, gray,
wistaria, and navy, and
of course white and black
Materials, like the fashions
and the shades are in every
way attuned to new fashion
tJ "Crepe de Chine, Crepe
' Meteor, Taffetas, Gros de
Londres. Chiffon nets
and combination effects
if i prviiy itict: ursw- fV
--In all sizes: $15, $19, $22.50, $25, $29, $35,
$39, $45 gradual degrees as high as $95
M'lle Nadje, who is at the Empress this week,
will give a free lecture Wednesday morning
from 10 until 11 o'clock to the women of
Omaha at the Empress Theater. She will talk on physical
culture and give various demonstrations of interest to
womankind. In her lecture she will talk on correct corset
ing and will wear Smart Set corsets from this store,
showing the many advantages of-these very modish corsets.
Hear this "Perfect Woman." No charges will be made.
In the Silks That Spring Has Brought tt
BWill Be Found Weaves for Every Fancy n
.... - . . .. I 1L . t S.1 tt. J' ' 1 ! I - !J ....1... 11 I Ns
H Silk Faille, 36 inches wide, in eighteen of the
(season's most fashionable street shades and in
black, is one of the attractive features of this,
silk showing. These just came to- us and we
il consider them equal to the usual 12 value.
W Our price now, a yard, 11.50.
1 1 40-Inch Silk Poplin Heavy
specially adapted trMhs new style silk
frocks and suits. All colors and black
are Included. Special, per yard, $1.50.
LINE Regular $1.39 value.
.Special Wednesday, ,jer
yard, $1.00.
Satin Radiant, 36 inches wide, a weave greatly &3
in vogue for sujts and dresses. This is in a M
versatile array of the most alluring evening 1 1
and street shades, as well as ivory and black 4
more than 30 shades in all. An especially W
worthy material, priced moderately, $1.00. IJ
lg-inh Tub 61 Ike A beauUfui sJTay of i 1
two and three-tone stripes of splendid II
quality. Large assortment of patterns
tor yoat Mlection. Per yard. 86c
In This Bountiful Selection of Dress Goods There
Is Much to Attract the Attention of Every Woman
Among the score of fashionable weaves assembled here we place especial
stress upon this duet which seems of unusual timeliness just now
Black and white checks, one of the favorites
of spring. Here are ptactically all size checks,
including the larger size coating checks that
ire so much in evidence. A yard, 39c to $1.85
Gabardines, 50 in. wide and more popular than
ever this season. In blues, tans, rjays, putty,
new greens, sand and black; especially intend
ed for coats and suits: Unusual value, $1.50.
Her els Some Good Fortune for Those Who Wish to
Secure at "A Price" Fine Laces and Embroideries
Embroidered crepes, neige, voiles, batiste.
organdie and Swiss flounangs. In 17, 27,
24-inch shadow and Oriental lace flouncings;
42-inch Mack and fancy silk embroidered nets;
36-inch fancy silk all-overs; 36-inch fancy
printed chiffons; 36-inch cotton shadow all
overs in cream and in white .
Worth to St; Wednesday CLCr
j 0
very jpecial. A yard
and 45-inch widths; very pretty craquele lace M
uciU3 aisu uainij iiuiciij ana tuna cuu.i.
A rarely beautiful selection
Specially priced Wednes- (-q
"day. The yard, only eJSfV
Muslin Curtains Intended Especially for Bedr'ms
A complete selection of various deslgnt. plain white and with touches
of color, in which prices also are of more than usual interest
MusIIsj Curtsms TVhs. Bguree or plaJa. Si to ST Mweltn Curtains With Celered Bsrslsre pink. Muo
Inrbee lde. S, yards lonf Specially good aluse. f yellow. A peir
. , Muelisj Curtains Very Uae trade. wl lace edges
" or kesBsMluaed. A pair, $1.40.
MweliH Curtains With Scalleped Kdeo Ptata aad Muetin CurUlne WHS Sstteeieerf THmmlng and
fancy renters. A psir, $181. WuSrlee A pelr, tie.
'"1!! Ill lf P l I PI P ' rf Tie
ili llll.lir I .l l.U wtU a a a n,emlr ft ih pa
N. J Mies V.u-4 i ,.u ut T.l i