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    Tin: OMAHA SUNDAY HKK: MAKCIt 14. 1015.
,omen Are
Doing in the World
Nebraska Leaders of the D. A. R.
tlfc Calendar.
PCNDAT-Toung Wonwii l Christian as
sociation vesper services. 4:30 p. m.;
free exhibition Fine Arts society at
Fontenelle, I p. m to 10 p. Hi. .
MONDAT-Onmhi Woman club busi
ness meeting, follow by open program
of th literature department; Dundee
circle. Child Conserv ntlon Lague ot
America, Mm. Fred Elliott. Jr., hosteaa;
Ttinvinn Bttiriv circle. M rs. Oeorge
YVaterman, hotes Young Women
-r-t.itian unrlatloti evenlnar party:
close of Flno Arts exhibit at Fontenelle;
Prof. F. M. Fling, current topic lec
ture, city hall. 8 p. m. j
T t.'ESDAV Oi atoi y and French depart
ments. Woman's club; literature de
partment. South Omaha Woman's club.
Library hall; miiRic section, Aasoeiation
of Collegiate Alumnao, Mra. E. L.
Moore,- hostess: Omaha Woman's club
luncheon. Hotel Fontenelle, to honor
State President Mra. A. O. Peterson:
Sunshine club, Mrs. Hirshey. hostess;
General I,awton auxiliary. Memorial
hall: Hermo club. Miss Lillian Owinn,
hoatees: l". R. Grant. Woman's Relief
corps, Memorial hall, !: p. m ; Trl
City Missionary federation, e'VnX Chris
tian church.
WKlNEHlAV Opening Daughters ot tho
American Hevolution convention; recep
tion nt the home of Mrs. J. M. Metcalf ;
Mu SlKma club, Mrs. A. O. 1'eterson
hostess; Woman's club, railway mall
service, Mrs. J. I,. Tjnigfellner, hostess;
Clio club, Mrs. Ualph Russell; literature
department. Woman's club, 10 a. m. ;
Omaha Sutfrngo nssorlutlon tea, Mrs.
Thor Jorgonxen, hostess.
TIH'P.SDAV lsi;ghtcrs American Revo
lution banquet, Hotel Fontenelle;
Omaha Story. Tellers' loasue. public
library: Kinma Hoaginr.d Flower M's
slon;r home economics department.
Woman's club. 10 a. ni. ; noon niusrteale,
Young Women's Christian association:
Onuiha Society 'of Fine Arts, Young
Women's Clir'stinn association. 10 a. ni.
West Central district Baptist Mis
sionary federation, Young. Womcn'a
Christian association, 10 a. m.
FltlKAY Iaixiiteis oi '-he American
Revolution tea, Mrs. Donald Mscrae of
Council Uluffs.. hostess; North Side cir
cle CI. ltd Conservation league, Mon
mouth Park school: Henson Women's
Chi 'alian Temperance union, Mrs. R. B.
Hi'us'ey. hnsiesp:, Mrs. ,N. H. Nelson,
president ct Womnn's club, pt bom to
club members: Remls Park Child Con
servation league, Mrs. ICnno Thompson,
BATt'KUAY Aisoelntion of Coileglato
Alumnae, Mrs. Frank Loomls. hostess.
' (Notices fur this column should bo
limited or telephoned to the club reporter
before, Friday, noon.) ;
HE thirteenth annual confer
ence of the Daughters of the
American Revolution opens I
Wednesday evening: n-lth a,
large reception at the home
of Mrs. J. M. Metcalf. The
opening business session will be Thurs
day morning at. the Hotel Fontenelle and
w ill be followed by a banquet Thursday
evening, at the new hotel. The business
session Friday will be followed by a tea
at the home ot Mrs. Donald Macrae In
Council Bluffs.
Thursday morning at 8:30 o'clock the
st.ite board of management win hold a
business session, Just preceding the open
ing business meeting Chapter ' regents
will each give a three-mtnute report of
the work of their chapters during the last
Twentj'-nine chapters will be repre
sented at this, the' first convention to
be held inj the new hotel, and over 100
delegate are expected.' " ( ' '
Among the distinguished guests at the
meeting will be Mra. 'George 'Thatcher
Guernsey of Independence, Kan., state
regent an J a candidate for the office of
national rejront; Mrs. Charles Bassett,
historian general, and Mrs. Drayton W,
Bushncll of Council Bluffs, honorary Vice
president general. . . ' ; ... .,
Mrs.,' Warren Perryi, state regent and
Mrs. Charles IT. AuU, vice state regent,
are in charge of the program. They are
being assisted In the arrangements by
Mrs. C. M. Wllhelm of the Omaha chap
ter. Mrs. R. E. McKelvey, regent of Major
Isaac, Sadler chapter, who was most
active on the committee of arrangements
In charge of the conference, is confined
to her home as the result of a had fall
and injury to the wrist.
Mrs. Charles H. Aull of the Omaha
chapter Is a candidate' for the office of
regent. Mrs. Aull and Mrs. Guernsey.
candidate for the office of president gen
eral of the National Daughters, are
slaters. " .
Monday will be a srala d for ih
Omaha Women's' club. Two guests of'
disUnction will be present, Mrs. A. G.
Peterson of Aurora, president of the .Ne
braska Federation of Women's clubs,
and Mrs. Thomas G. Winter, president ot
the Minneapolis Woman's phib and chair
man, of the literature department of the
General Federation of Women's clubs.
Other guests of honor will be Mrs. G. C.
Edgerly, president ot tho Dundee club;
Mrs. W. P. East, president of he Wom
an's Club of the Railway Mall Service;
Sirs. Metcalf of the Ideal club and Mr.
Page Morrison of the Council Bluffs
club; Mrs. N. M. Graham of the South
Omaha club and a representative from
the Benson club, since the president Mrs.
Silas Wright, is ill.
Following tho business meeting the pro
gram will be in charge of the literature
department Tho program will include
an address entitled "Literature and Life,"
by Mrs. Winter, and a talk on "Modern
Drama," by Mies Ethel Dixon, head of
the English department of Brownell Hall.
Miss Dixon is a Wellesley girl and has
taken graduate work at Chicago univer
sity and at Harvard. The program to in
charte of Mrs. F. H. Cole and Mrs. C.
H. Mullin, loader of the department, will
Mrs. Peterson, who will be the guest of
Mrs. N. 11. Kelson, nreslilont e th.
Woman's club, during her stay in Omaha,
will bo guest of honor at a luncheon
KlVen bv h Ali.K . i... . .
Tuesday. Mrs. Winter will be the house
ue of Mr Cole while in Omaha, Mrs.
Cola also being a general federation
chairman of the civil service reform de
Partment. A number of informal enter
tainments are planned for the two guests.
A noteworthy fact I. that slnoT Mr
1.1V luTcAe1 Mxs- r" Slre
------ ner department has al
iay pumped, a peace pageant for
children. suitable fo, ...LT.V.r.": .
nil""' '. a prospectus of th"
ol a" 'he countrie of the
.vu. y moneru literature.
The Benson Woman's club was enter
tallied Thursday bv Vfr. v- r ir.j
Mm. Mart Armstrong wa leader of the
juue...... iura. j. y. Hooper read a paper
on Spending a Day in OJd Oxford." Mr.
W. A. Wilcox's narrative on "English
Holiday Customs" was Interesting. Mrs.
F. B. Oliver read extracts by Richard
Harding Davis concerning Euglibh poll
tic a. The lesson on English literature wss
participated in by all present Mrs. F. U
Rumpus gave vocal solos, after which the
bJslness session followed. Mesdames
Armstrong and F. M. Paugh were ap
pointed to assist in the child labor ex
Libit to be given In Omaha. Mrs. F. B.
C4r was elected delegate to the annual
' . '
v'. i Ell
V i 7C XVxTTJiTI Taff-rr . S
V "' ll'. Il7;. i Vi til 'im
, , i ;.
... ' ) ;
! 'l - f
-in l 5
i "' )
i " , . ,y . .
, , - v, tha home of Mrs. H. Agor were Mrs.
Nt'ii True M. Glltner and Mrs,. P. C. Patton.
, j Mrs. Thomas H., Matters, retiring presl-
rderit, and Mrs. Agor, whose wedding an
niversary ' it was, were presented with
1 . hououets of flower. Other off ioera elected
t -'i- , I ar": Mr- G W' Tribble. recording sea-
' I retary; ' Miss Frances Chandler, corre-
1 spqndlng secretary; Mrs. Beta Johnston,
t """v' rf-Ni s treasurer;; Mrs. H. Agor, chaplain; Mrs.
" '' ( ' 1 .' JV.J A. Shropshire, , guard; Mrs. Zella
' " ' I " Bryans, Journalist, and Mrs. T. M. Gilt-
" l" . ner, organist.
k , " ".' j
1 1 - , ;
!' - ; ,
' ' '' '
v i, ..
- ....... .
' v.. l.. . .
. MRS. C. M. WILHELM. . t. .
- . ' -.
secretary, were re-elected at the meeting
held Tuesday or last week. The officers
are now as follows: Mrs. Charles M.
riotts. president; Mrs. P. C. Iatham,
jvlce president: Mr. Jessie Daniel, secre
tary: Mrs. O. H. Bun-ham. treasurer. The
program committee includes Miss Btta
Smith, principal of the school; Mr.
Hurcham and Mrs. Galbralth. The next
election will be held In September, follow.
Ing which election will be heW annually
instead of twice a year.
wa one of the early divines of the Ban-'
tlst church from Virginia. '.
The charter members of the charter Jj
re: luesaames par a Barren, ivunn v.ui"-
land, Minnie It. Crltes. Anna Tierce, Bes
sie Bralnard Russell, Ieona Rustln, Annl
Sands, FJliabeth O'l.lnn Pmlth, Kate
Smith, Llxle Sparks and Jessie BralnaWI
Wheelock aud Miss Helen Pairs and Miss
Amy Paine.
Officers were elected for the followinis
ear a follows: Mr. Elisabeth O't.tnn
Smith, regent: Mr. Minnie 11. Crltrs,
ire rcBenl; Mrs. Annie Sands, secretary;
Mrs. Sara M. Rarrett. treasurer: Ml i
Amy l-elght Pnlne, hlatorlnn; Mrs, Leon
Riistln, registrar; Miss Helen Daie. cus. )
The meeting of tl-e tllo Study club, xhic'i
a to be held today, has been postponed
for two weekn on account of the Krelsler
concert this afternoon. The elub will be
entertain.')! for the next meeting at the : tod is n; Mrs. llsle Sparks, cl.aplaln; Ml?
i home rf MN Pauline Resenberg, when a I K.llth Copeland, organist. Mrs. Annie
piogram on Rostand 3 "I Alglon w llit Sands was elected altcrnalo to the tato
be given, ' , conference. An address by the state re-
j I gent, Mr. I.ula Correll IVrry of Fair-
I The oratory depurtmcnl of the Omaha bury.
i Woman's dub will meet Tuesday morn- j
cb., was read to the members. i
The Omaha North Side circle' of the
Child Conservation League of America
will meet at 2 o'clock Friday afternoon
in the auditorium of the Monmouth Park
school. The program on "Play," which
was arranged for the meeting two weeks
ago, but was not given owing to the in
clement weather, will be given at thU
; All officers . of the Monmouth Park
Mothers' club, with the exception of the
Ing at 10' o'clock to rehearse for the de
partment a open-day i rogram. Ihis pro
gram will be in two parts, the first con
sisting of three dramatic rendlnas and
tho second, a sketch' Itr' which- n num
ber of the department wllOiartUipate.
The Flench department' of 'the Omaha
Woman's club hit again ehiuiKcd Its
time, of meeting and tor the balance of
the club yenr will meet Tuesday after
noon e.t';30 o'clock, . at the resldcnec
studio of. the. Instructor, Miss May Ma
honcy. Tho CHo club win observe St, rutiick's
day as a guest day at tho home ot Mrs.
Ralph Russell. St. Patrick's tiny dco
ratlona will Ve used and Mrs. F. New
cuinl), leader of tho prcgrani, has ar
ranged an attractive program ot games
and music suitable to the day. Mrs.
Robert Grant will sing Irish songs and
Miss Josephine Craig will also glvo vocal
selections. ' Each member will be per
mitted to bring, one ruest.
"The Rise of Dramatic Music Verdi,"
will bo tho subject of tho program Which
tho muslo section ot tha Association ot
Collcgiato Alumnae will give Tuesday
afternoon, at the home of Mrs. H. D.
Moore. Mrs. Herbert Woodland la leader
of the program and those who will take
part are: Misses Irma Jones, Alice Fryc,
EUxabath Fry, Charlotte E. Graves, Mrs.
Prank. Johnson, Mrs. Roy Dougherty and
John Schwalenbcrg. Mr. Edith 1..
Wagoner will be tho accompanist.
The Sunshine club of the George A;
Custer Woman's Relief corps will be
entertained by Mrs. Hirshey at tho home
of Mrs. George Campen, SU South Twen
ty-sixth avenue, Tuesday afternoon.
"Nebraska Day", will be observed by
the Woman's club of the railway mall
service, Wednesday afternoon, at the
homo of Mrs. J. t Liangfellner. Mrs.
M. H. Blackwell will be leader ot the
program on Nebraska and roll call re
sponse will include Interesting facts about
The next meeting ot the Tennyson
chapter of the Chautauqua Literary cir
cle will be on Monday at the home of
Mrs. George Watorman. Roll call will
be answered with current topics. Miss
Eunice Friend will le id the lesson In
"Through England With Tennyson," and
Mrs. Ev Benedict that in "Democratic
England." Mrs. J. R. Webster will give
the history lesson, "Tito Assassination, ot
Thomas A Becket." The class will read
the fourth act oC "Harold."
The formation ot a new chapter of the
Daughters of the American Revolution Is
reported by the state regent Mrs. Warren
Perry of Falrbury. This makes twenty
nine chapters In Nebraska, with eleven
other chapters in .the process ot. being or
ganized, most of them having nearly the
reqplred number of members and hoping
to be formally organised in the near fo
ture. '
On Thursday evenJagr-'March 4, a
Daughters of the American Revolution
chapter was formally organized In tiiad
ron. Neb., at the home of the organizing
regent, Mrs. Elisabeth O'Llnn Smith. The
chapter was named after the ancestor ot
Mra. Smith, Rv. Reuben Pickett, who
The sern-io club will be entertained at
luncheon at the home of Miss Lillian
Gwlnn, 1S44 North KlKhtcettth street, j
Tuesday afternoon. For tho program I
meeting Mrs. C. W. pcrgen will read a!
paper on "Marys in the Bible" and Mrs.
H. H. Mess will read a paper on ".Ian.
Tho Omaha Suffrage association will
) give a tea Wednesday afternoon t the
! homo of Mrs. Thor Jorgens-n, 1X2 Turif
J avenue. Mr. F. A. Follansbee, leader cl
j Ihe social 'science department of ill.
I Omaha Woman's club, will tell how the
woman's vote would aid public welfire
I work and Mrs. Slvrman Felt will Ull
about suffrage campaign work In N-w
York state. Vocal selections will be
given by Mrs. M. Brillhart
Takts Pride in the
of a
"What ia the correct
time?" Do you erer ask'that
question because you are
not sure of the accuracy of
your own watch?
There le a great amount
of satisfaction In carrying a
watch that you can rely
upon, and we should like to
show you our splendid col
lection of dependahlo time
pieces and remember ev
ery watch wo. fell is backed
by the strongest guarantee
we know how to make.
-1 KJ- VU
There is No Coffee
jast like
Try it today with the
expectation of securing
the most delicious
coffee you ever
It will not fail yon.
At Your Grocer's
The program on ChurchlU'i "The Far
Country," which was scheduled ta l.e
given by the literature department of tne
Omaha Woman's club Wcdntsdav roorr.
ing, has been postponed nn-.ll tho April
meeting. Locke's "The ForfinV.o Youth"
will be given Instead, under-the leadi r-'
ship of Mrs. W. O. Perry, who will tell
the story.' Mr. John O. Yeiinr will give
(Continue on I'sge Nine Column One )
Color Your Lat Year'i
Straw Hat With
federation meeting and Mrs. Arthur How
as alternate.. The committees) for. the-' con
vention! are, to be announced, this week.
The .nextisesston of 'the fclub -will 'be de
voted to: civic discussions with a'speclal
speaker. .- Mrs. ' C. - H. . BurrlU will I be
hostess.. -, ,: .
.. i . ' ' -. - !
The B. L. B. club iof Benson, held. Its
regular meeting Thursday at St. Bernard's
hall, with' Mesdames. Browning- .and , Post
a hostesses. -The next meeting for' spe
cial work .will be held Wednesday at) tho
home of Mrs. Joseph McQuIre. i During
the social , session prises were ;w,on; at
cards Mesdames , .Browning .-. and
Paterna. ., , . I
Tho 'Benson Woman's "Christian Tern- '
pcrarce, union will hold a. special meeting,
to which the public is invited, Friday 'aft
ernoon at' the home of Mr. K. S.'Beaaley.
The postponed lecture by Mrs. N. jl Mo-
Kltrick of - Omaha wlU be given ' at this
ion." ' " ' 4-' '
Have Your White
Chinchilla Coat Dyed
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' ' ' ' '
Invites You to be Present Her
Imported Model Gowns and
V . Wraps
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From Lucile, Paquin, Beer, Callot,
Beginning March 18th
1909 Capitol Avenue
1 1
Spring Millinery Opening
Continuing Through the Entire Week
Mrs. T. E. Brady & Co.
304 South Eighteenth Street, Omaha, Neb.
f .aw -
. km. ll ill'
, Kf-
Benson Woman's Foreign Missionary.
clety met Wednesday, at tbe home of Mrs. '
Artliur Atack. The, membership contest
a closed In favor of Mrs. T. I Bumpua.
A program and social : session, .with ..ap
pointments 'suggestive s of St. Patrick's
day, featured the event., The mxt meet
ing will be held April 1 . , ,'
The Benson circle of .the Child Coiiser
vstlon league' met Friday at the home of
Mrs. H. T. BtahL , Several Interesting
papers were given. Including that of Mrs.
O. H. BUrrlll on "Malnutrition as a Fac
tor In Degeneracy," and Mrs. Lucas John
son's on "The Milk Buppty-of Benson."
Mrs. Arthur Atack spoke of ''The Pastor
and His Work." Several musical 'numbers-were'
given. . '. . .
The Omaha Story Tellers' league meets
Thursday at 4 .15 p. , ni. , In ' the lecture
,m ihA nublic library. "Mexico" Is
the "subject of study, with Mrs. P. M.
Prltchard "111 charge,, of the program,
"legends of Callejon del Padro Lesuoiia."
by Janovler. wUl be told' by Miss Kuin
ThomtHwn. "Nlxht a-t tho Chalcans," from
"The Fair Qbd," by Pw Wallace, wUl be
grven by Mlat Eiolse Iflllis nd for the
selected story Ml Jeahnette Newleaj
will repeat by reuest "The Perfect, Trlb.
ute," by Mary Bhlpmon Andrews. . '
Mrs' W. B. Woodward, the new presi
dent of. chapter E of tho P. E.' O.' I
terhood, and Mrs. S. 11 fieorKe, the new
vie president, will represent th -chaptei
al ihe ,"li.e 1. K. O. convention, which
will' lie 'held la Fu'llertun 'tho' last week I
in June Alternates elet-ted Thiirday' at
Bqrioff's N. Y. Sample Store
V must vacate premises ' ,
Entire Spring Stock of Ladies9 Cloaks,
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. -I
Why You Lose
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. if -:-
r 3
1 1
I -a
' f !