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    rrri: kee: omatta. Thursday. February 91
IrrU S. Cob Telia of Many Inter
eiting Experience with War
1111; European Armiei.
That tna European war will last
for a long time parltapa one or two
years more la ttaa opinion of Irvln
a Cobb, faraoua war correspondent,
who came to Omaha for the first
time yesterday, to deliver a talk last
evening at the Auditorium.
Mr. Cobb la strictly Mutual. He ssjrs
he relates what he saw during hla three
months' trip through Kngland. Belgium,
r. n Tl kllva H f
rrinn ana wirmwj. ... --
If the allies should close In Oh rmany
there will ha a flartit ta the last man.
The war has brought frenchmen to
gether la a new national spirit
Ever maa In France today s a
arvidlrr. so to ST." declared the cor'
respondent Hs Is not saying much about
Russia, biit expects to go there during
the early, summer.
her aoldlre Fate.
Correspondent Oobb Is a humorist, hut
he can be Intensely serious and he has
viewed this European war with consider
able sertousnesa He has (haled a
soldtar's fate In the trenches, has trailed
the German army for many miles oa foot
was up In an observation balloon, was
nearly ahot went footsore and hungry,
taken all sorts of chances, and, as Fred
erick Palmer would say, "He knows
how to keep silent m various languages."
Notwithstanding his strenuous cam
paten with a typewriter In Enron. Mr.
Cobb retains his embonpoint and hearty
mile. He seems to enjoy work. He Is
anxious toget hsck to New Tork where
he has a tot of work awaiting Mm.
One of the most thrilling experiences
Mr. Cobb hsd In Europe wee while trail
ing the German army with four other
eorreepomlents In southern Belgium. It
was near Blnche. The Germans were
driving the allies back. The correspond
ents walked until they were weary, but
their enthusiasm overcame exhausted
nature. On a certain day a long train of
auto trucks were being taken In light A
sympathetic) soldier on one of the autos
espied the tired correspondents trudging
along. Cobb and his associates had
walked thirty miles the day before. Cobb
seys his feet were tender and sore. The
eoldier Invited the pedesttlsns to Jump
lnt his suto truck and have a rids, which
Cobb and hla friends did. A little "non
com" sergeant In one of the eutoe ahead
observed the actions of the correspond
ents and called back to the driver to
make them get off. 'The driver replied
that they were Amerlcaln correspondents.
The sergeant grew more Insistent that
tea Americans should get off. The
driver touched Cobb on the shoulder as a
sign thst he had better jump oft. The
auto was Just going down a steep hill.
Cobb's feet were sore and he thought he
would not jump while making the descent
(artrlda-e 'Dnea IV Explode.
At the bottom of the hill when Cobb
had alighted the little sergesnt thinking
Cohb had been dallbsraUlv defiant, 1h-
bed an automatic against the correspond
ent's solar ploxls region. The sergeant
nulled the trigger, but the cartridge did
not explode, which pleased Cobb. Cobb
grabbed the gun to ward off what he be
lleved was Impending death.
At this juncture Hansen, one of the
party of correspondents. In a nonrhalent
manner,, said In perfect 2)iKl(eh to the
little sergeant, "The driver told us we
might ride on the auto."
Cobb knew that Hansen wss a German
scholar and could speak the language
fluently. Cohb said to Hansia:
"Hansen, if you ever spoke perfect
German In your life, spesk It now or I
may never hear you."
Cobb had an Interesting sxperienos In a
Certnaa oliservatlon balloon over the
plateau In front of Leon, along the Alane.
He was up with a Gerrruui lieutenant and
witnessed a battle which spread out Ilka
a vast relief map. He says It was an
iraipressiva sight He could command a
view of the opposing forces and saw grim
r from an elevated angle.
"While up In this obser!oa balloon a
French flyer made an attack on Cobb's
aerial party. The Oftrman lieutenant
trained his balloon cannon upon the
French airship and chased It away. Cobb
took some photographs of the French
aerial fiver
VUeuteruuit, I will have soms of these
photographs ready In about a week, flnall
I send you some and how shall I address
themr asked the correspondent.
The lieutenant gave the address of his
another, a baroness, explaining: "l may
not be here in a Week. I may be sou
somewhere. I am the. third man In three
weeks In this balloon. Two others wer
killed. The average life of a war bal
loon operator Is six daya." was the grim
reply of the aortal lieutenant
Cbb talked along with the lieutenant
who wax a fine companion, well educated,
patiie. quirk In action, fearless
"When we go into tbla kind of service
e my good-by to all ef-our relatives
and frlcnda. Only slngletien go in theas
baliona Tou send the photographs te
my mother and maybe I win see them
some day maybe. I will them." c
ttnued Cobb's aerial companion, as they
talked above the din of battle. Than Cobb
locked Into' the distant space and ob
serves ths French flyer fading from view
Mr. Cobb saw the effects of ths 43-
conilmeUr guns and was on the firing
10a aiong me Alane. lis bears witness
to the wonderful brvry of til llel
glana In their hour of.natlunal grief.
9 A
sv- waw r hi 1 s r -a asti x mx w m iw
p -av it ss'irA 1 1 i m 1 1 a far
J. J. Iodls.
() O. Ouinter,
lv K Kohler.
1 I,. .Ton neon.
K. Hecox,
Wedding Announcement.
The we.ldln of Mlsa alary rnaien ana
Mr. JFarry Willis Rawson was celebrated
Monday at high noon. Miss Minnie
Phalen end Mrs. James Peanlon. cous
ins of the bride, were the only attendants.
A dinner followed the ceremony at the
home of the bride's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Phalen. Mr.1 and Mrs. Raw
son left Tuesday for Montana where
they will reside.
Pleasures Fait.
The fhllathea class of the First Chris
tian church Bible school gave their
Washington birthday psrty last evening
at the home of Mrs. J. II. tSlsberry. The
rooms were decorated throughout with
red roars and carnations and numerous
flags. About twenty-live guests were
entertained. '
The Jolly Dosen club entertained Mon
day evening at the home of Ruth Nickum
at a Washington's birthday party. Those
rresert were:
Mildred Rockwell,
Oertrude Allen,
Hnth N Irk urn.
Paul Wilcox,
Byron Wilcox
By MELLIFICIA. Wednesday, February 24, 1915.
OCIETY g up In the air tonight as to Just where it will go.
With ao many Interesting; attractions to lure, tbey ara some
what fussed aa to the choice of path to follow. One would not ex
pect auch a pick-up in Lent four Inviting evening entertainment
are on-the calendar so It la no wonder their social temperaments are a
trifle disturbed.
The "Potash and Perlmutter" attraction -at the Brandeis is tempting
all against aa Instinct to see something more serious now. irvln Cobb,
the Saturday Evfenlng Post war correspondent, Is giving his war experi
ences at the Auditorium. His well known fund of humor will be hard to
resist. Then there Is Madame Roslka Schwimmer, the Hungarian peace ad
vocate, who wllK speak In the interest of universal peace, In the council
chamber of the city hall. Last but not least, for the particular benefit of
the men, the Knife and Fork club will give their first banquet this evening
at the Rome hotel. The men ara planning to attend the banqudt, which,
they say, In the words of our friend, Harry Leon Wilson, "is to be com
posed of food."
Entertain Concordia Club.
Mrs. Martin Oberst and Mrs. Irving H.
Arey entertained the members of the
Concordia Knealngton club at their home
In Dundee Mondny afternoon. Musical
selections were given throughout the af
ternoon. The guests inciudea:
Meeds mes
G. lwersa-n,
A. Bloom,
T. R. Brodcn,
J M. fow,
W. P. Warner.
Orace HHllrv,
I "orothv Wlloox,
Ruth I"nney,
Kdwln Holomsn.
Jtilea Merle,
Richard Reynold.
Et-A-VirpClub Dance.
The Kt-A-Vlrp club gave a Washington
party at Jacobs' hall Monday evening.
The following guests attended:
Measr. and Meadames
W. 11. Thorp.
franklin bmlth,
Clyde Bwancutt,
A I Lines.
Robert Bheldon.
John P. Williams,
wiuiam a. Morton.
Theodore O'Keefs,
v. r- uuuamar.
u. w. Knight,
1.11 lie Rohlff.
IiOuIk fchumata.
Ijoiitea K Inert,
Myrtle warren,
Genevlov New-
A. D. Wurmer.
Thor Anderson,
Clarence Hall.
Charles Pundblad,
Oeocjte Rowtea,
Harry Deema, .
Carl Haarmann,
IT. H. Gsantner.
Oraoe Tucker,
Helen Grady,
Winifred loree,
Elva Graham.
Margaret Wagner,
ICvalyn Wilson,
K f . ' :
' " . i '' ' .
Flattsmonth Man Appeu Ag-ainit
Eead, Who Forges Hii Kame to
Worthlesi PapeT.
Bceing In The Evening Bee that his
name had been signed to a 175 check by
Elmer A. Reed on th Hi.iro.
'J. M. Buhl, swltrhmsn on the Burlington
railroad, appeared at police headquarters
and Identified Read as en old acquaint
Buhl told Chief of Itntlvci Maloney
Wednesday morning that he had worked
with Read in the railroad yards at Iu.
clflc Junction and that Rrad aloln
checkbook froln hint, bearing the head
ing of the First National hunk of Platts
mouth. At that time Burl had an account
with the IMhI turnout h batik. After glanc
ing at Ilia alKnature on the had check
which the Rrandcls Stores rasacd, Buhl
declared it to be a very clever forgery,
and no excellent imitation of his own
Owing to the fact tlmt Road when ar
retted had enough money on his person
to make good the f75 check, prosecution
on this partic ular check will be dropped
unlraa Buhl insists on punning a charge
of forgery agulnst the offender.
Read was arraigned on a chare of ob
taining money under false pretenses, the
complaint naming only the check for IX
made on the People's Trust and Havings
bank of Carroll, la., which the fellow
also passed on. ths Brandcia Stores. He
was bound over to the district court with
bonds fixed at 1750.
stein has announced that her delicate and tapering fingers,
and hers only, will smooth the brow and tend to the wants
of the divine Sarah Bernhardt.
Investors wi;h money read the Real E
taio ads In The Bee. Advertise your
property for a quick sale.
Women Storm the .
Mayor's Citadel at
tlte City Hall
Mayor Dahlman's announcement that
he does not expect to appoint a woman
on the new public welfare board 1ms had
the effect of arousing various women's
organlsatlona to increased activity.
The mayor's office was visited today
by scores of women, moat of whom urged
the eppolntment of Mrs. C. W. Hayes.
These women declare they will not give
up the fight.
The mayor Is facing the situation com
plscently and hopes to be able to with
stand the attacks of the women.
Many women who could not leave their
housework and little ones hsve tele
phoned the mayor's office. The mayor's
office hours are from 10 to 12 and from
i to i.
' 1 e
xs,y.',l'iv 111 I ' j ' ' "
- i ir'tf 5 i . .. f J i,(t'v
m mi d
. j
Following Is an additional list of box
holders for the suffrage play, "Your Girl
and Mine." which will be given at the
American theater, beginning Thursday
evening: W. F. Baxter, J. P. Whito.
Frank Crawford, C. F. Harrison, George
Doane. jr.; C. J. Ernst, who will attend
with the Board of Education.-
U tr .
i ;7
t r. -r - t - ' ,
Here Is the experience of one wo
man: "1 read your nd in The Bee
and at once attended your demonstra
tion. Result 1 let my maid go
an am not only saving the maid's
salarv. but have cleaner, more sani
tary dishes. I cnloy my home more,
and aa to .time 1
Wath My Dimhtt in Sevmn Mmuttt
then have plenty of time to do the
balance of my housework. Rvery
afternoon I attend bridge and theater
parties as usual.
every woman In Omaha' to see your
deinonftration and follow my plan
of cutting the cost of living."
Demonstration Sally.
Bring This Ad Oat 10 Discount.
Writ for Booklet.
Phone Bona. 1911. 1110 Tarnam Bt.
Investors with money read the Real
Estate ads In The Bee. Advertise your
property for a quick sale.
New Card Club Organised.
The Fon tensile Card club was organ
ised at the heme of Mrs. B. Manafleld
Tuesday afternoon. The members will
play rassle-dassle. The first meeting will
be held at the horns of Mrs. Mansfield In
two weeks. . The members are:
M. Novak.
R. Rleroe,
F. Z. Frary,
Ida Brown,
Mead a meal-Id
ward Smith.
William fthletda.
George F. Terry,
B. Mansfield.
Comb Sags Ted
Into Gray Hair
Ladies' Try Vis! Uara?ns beauti
fully and juoJxxrjr can tcil Rrlngs
back lu gloss aud thirkneas.
Commo. gutem cnl., brwwod Into a
heay tea. with sulphur and alcohol ad-
f'j' ,Bm T' akea ai.d faded
ba r beuutuUy Uark and lasuxlant; re
move .very bit ol dandruff, atop -alp
Wcnlng and failing hair. Mixing the
rea and Bulphur receipt at borne, though.
Is troublesome. Aa staler way to to et
th rcady-to-uaa taslr. coating abutit (0
nt. a larg. Untla. at drug .tores,
known as -Wyeth'. Bags, and Bulphur
.onpound.- thus avoiuu a IX of fcsM.
Whlla wUpy. gray, fVt hair to not
inful. w. n Wr to ruun-0ur ouih
U sPPwrtacs andV.vretlva.. , By
darkening your hair wteh WyaU'g Ba
nd Bulphur. idomnji tell, bscauss It
e it a aaturally. so avaaly. To
J"t dampen a epotuie or soft brush with
it and draw this through your hair, tak
ing one amaa strand at a time; by morn.
all gray hair, hava dtoappMu-ad.
After another application ar tw yaur
hMr bocomaa brauttfuRy dark, gloMy,
(.It and luxurUmt aod yoa appMT years
Xoiuuar.- AavtrtlMDMut.
At Prairie Park.
The Needle Craft Guild of Pralrta Park
entertained Tuesday aftenonn at the club
house.' Mesdamea B. Jeftras. A. B.
Northrup and J. R. Bell were the hos
tesses of the afternoon and the guests
of the club Included Meadames Whitman,
Hammond, Van Dorr and George. Ilano
numbers were given by Miss Francos
Roes and llttla Miss Katherlne Ross a
vocal solo. About thirty grueets were
Present. The next meeting of the club
will be oa March at the club house.
Afternoon Bridg Party.
Complimentary to Mlsa Iietla Raoon,
Mrs. J. M. Metcalf entertained at
bridge this afternoon at her home on
"outh Tenth street After the bridge
game tea waa served In the dining room.'
which was profusely decorated with pink
earnatlona The table centerpiece was a
huge mound of .earnatlona In the deep
pink ton a Mrs. Met calf. iinti were:
Meadames- , Meadames
Walter Grirftth! Rrayton "arson.
Frank Hacon,
Ml wee- - Mleses-
I.uclU Hcon. TOnanor Mackny,
Francee Horhstetler, Blanche IVurl,
Ptulla Thummal, Anntffrd,
KiiKvnle Tatterson, Marion Kuhn.
Hln t'lark. Helen Van lnieen,
Nellie Wakeley.
Wednesday Bridge Club.
Miss Katharine Thummel was lutstess
It la afternoon at the ' meeting of tha
Wednrsdsy Bridge club. .Those present
were: '
Mlaaee Misses
r.llaahrth Bnico, Fl'b-th Psvla,
Katherlne Thummil. Mildred Butler,
klary Hurkley. Cindy a Inters.
Meedamee MMianiea
l'en Witwd. John fuller Web
Kalph 1'eters, ster.
Adxya.Ta.ytk Locke
Miss Adrya Fsyth Locke of this eity
has gone to Lincoln to Join the "Wright
company," .which Is . touring under the
management of the Brttt Lyeeam bureau,
Rhe studied With Prof. H. W. Muneon,
dean of the drsmetto department of Fre
mont college. Her plana are to appear
at ehautauquas during next summer.
Mlsa Locke has received many congrat
ulations upon her success on the tyceum
and Chautauqua platform.
With the Visitors.
Mrs. Wbitmaa of Timber Lake. S.
is. the guest of Mra B. Joffres.
8ew for Belief.
The .tiuadee circle of the Belgian re
lte( was entertained this afternoon at
tha home of Mra Esra Millard. About
twenty-five members wsra present
Distinguished Guest Here.
Rev. fherrard Billings, assistant head
.SI KABiaU: ! I
Tii cats fua-nt. rcttcs
h cow ji'.tfo xRiica"
master of Oroton school, Groton. Masa.
was In the city Tuesday and Wednesday
at the Omaha club. , Whlla here Rev.
Blllmga waa entertained by Mr. and Mrs.
.', wnose nepnew, John
Knox, is attending school there. .
For the Future.
Covert lodge. No, 11, Ancient, Free and
Accepted Masons, will glva a dancing
party on Friday evening at the Scottish
Kite cathedral. -
Dancea Tonight.
The Ctnoaam Dancing club will enter
tain this evening at ths Scottish Rita
The. Wednesday Evening Subscription
Dancing club will entertain this evening
at tha Metropolitan club. Those present
win ne: , - ,
Messrs. and Meadames
r. R. Hastings, W. R. W lit son.
Keens Abbott. C. C. Padler.
BoSneV A "cluh".
Hungry Woman Who
Walks Streets Goes
to Station for Food
Mra Bern Ice Hsss of Santa Cms. Cel.,
arrived la Omaha Tuesday., afternoon
from Rock Springs. Wyo., and having
spent her last penny for railroad fare,
had not eaten since leaving the Wyoming
town. After wandering about the streets
sll afternoon In an unsuccessful search
for employment she finally came to police
headquarters end was taken In charga
by Polios Mstron Ellen Gibbons, who will
attempt to secure work for her.
Mra Hess, who Is about l years of ate,
aald her husband died six years ago of
tuberculoala and since Uiun ahe has had
a hard atruggle to make a llvellliood.
Having heard that work was plentiful
In Omaha she took the chance of get
ting ImmedlaU employment and spent hsr
last tittle fund of money to get here, "I
walked ths streets all afternoon, and
when I passed a bahsry window it was
all I could do to keep from breaking
thlnga I was so awfully hungry, I was
afraid I would do something despsrats.
so 1 learned whore ths station was aud
came down here to see If the pollcs
wouldn't help ma." the HtUe woman declared-
A further continuance la. the suit of
Jerome P. Magee aralnst his father.
Henry W. Magoe of Chicago and brother.
Way land Magee of Bennington, for par
tition of the Colonel Pratt estate has
been granted by District Judge Wlllla G.
Sears. The continuance was allowed to
permit ths eider Magee te attempl a
trip to Sweden In aplta of Tranaatlanttc
and North Hru mine daagers, for the pur
pose of finding out whether or not his
stitter-ln-law willingly and knowingly sold
ber :v.( share la tl- Pratt estate to
Jiruuie Magee fur tOO.OOO.
I.T -T n " miViT - '' i 'i iiiii"iiiTiiii'iiiiiii r iHzfsi .'t11"!
(Board of Trade BIdg., 316 So. 16th St.)
Entire Stock of Men's Fine Shoes 7,148 Pairs Will Be On Sale
Thursday, Friday and Saturday
These Shoes Were Secured By Us At a Fracticn of Their Real Worth Because of the Fire
in the Board of Trade BIdg., 16th and Farnam Sts., Which Has Tempqrarily Forced the
Stryker Co. Out of Business, and Which Caused Them to Seek New Quarters.
They Will Go On Sale Thursday Morning in the Shoe Department.
Main Floor, at These Two Prices--Very; Very Small for Such Shoes:
cor s
$5.00 & $6.00
If j I 1 1 i is t. -a. u
(l fr' y JJssBssssssai
$3.50 to $5.00
Stryker Shoes Are Known and Celebrated Far and Wide for
Their Many Points of Superiority, Their High Quality and Style
forced to dispose or tneir stocks quiciuy ana tor
cash the- Stryker Company came to the Brandeis
Stores, knowing our ability to swing any deal, no
matter how large. Our cash offer was at once ac
cepted by them, and we have this large and fine
stock of shoes to sell at prices far less than usually
is asked for such shoes. v
Included in This Sal
. . Hundreds of Pairs
Topped Low Shoes
You Would Expect to
The shoes that we shall sell are in no wav iniured
every pair is practically perfect. The firemen cov
ered the stocks, protecting them from water. What
few shoes were injured about 20 per cent of their
stock will not be sold now, but will be offered at
a big sacrifice later on. You are assured of getting
not only perfect shoes, but the best shoes made. ,
e Are Not Only the Best Style for Late Winter and Earlv Sorinp. But There Arm
of Spring and Summer Shoes Oifordsia Many of the4!estSvliih Shanes: Cloth
: Dancini and Full Dress Shoes and fWosin Fact All of ihe Kind of Shn-
All Sizes:
Find in a Well Stocked, Wtil Masked, Up-Tc-the-Misute Shoe Store
AH Leathers: AH Styles: All Shades:
More Smart New Blouses Have Arrived to Sell at&RlQR
gaaw T i 1 s 1 , . .
in tms selection will be found all of the new
colorings those that the new season ap
proves. paliomia Rose, Bisque, Corn Yellow
Arlsona S lver. Delaware Peach, flesh. Sand and White,
tier are Just the blouses for the arioue afternooo funetiona
of the present social season. Modea most appropriate to
such occasions.
They are made of excellent quality Crepe de Chine,
vhich is destined to be so popular for spring and
summer wear. And, too, ttiis fact is of interest
Crepe de Chine is getting scarce, meaning that, those
who admire this beautiful fabric will do well to se
lect the blouse they wish soon.
We show now all of the newedt models the very
latest style creations. Among them the new pocket
blouse well-tailored shoulder, with the yoke, collar,
cuff and armholes hem stitched. They are finished
with the dainty pearl buttons, which add much to
their attractiveness.
s- a
Many other Crepe de Chine blouses at
$1.98, $2.98, $3.69 and $5.00
Nw Shantung Pong Blouse specially r m
priced bow at j1.95