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    Tirn OMAHA . SUNDAY, BEE: -FEBRUARY ll. .1915.
iU i L ..Hi
Ilernbership for last Year Three
Quarten cf k Killion More...
Tfcaa Tear Before.
thftn, tbev feet up again and Tire at them
from behind.
"While retratlnir the Turku frrnuontly
discard numerous articles of clothing-,
l't they should Imped their fllsht. Be.
for thrlr rMrrat ha ltd Ion-, they
have nothing on but their shirts and am
munition bejta. . No matter how hot the
flKlillns; la, one cannot refrain from
toughing at th spectacle of -several hun
dred men running at top apeed with their
Ions; ahlrta flapping around their bare
Itss" . . . '
Tork gangBters. weie arrested hoi lent
night after two months of trailing.
Tbmnss, whd Is anil to be wanted In
New Tork for the murder of a. policeman,
recently arrived here from Honolulu.
(Oorrespopdeno of The Associated Frees.)
FKTIlrVjRAD. Jan. . Russia ha re
cently completed several new aeroplane
factories, which are each to supply
twenty or thirty aeroplane weekly for
srmy lue. Undr-r scfvW corulitiiris. the
life of an aeroplxne ir cortilira.tlvrly
fhort, and a considerable pnrt of the
output of these factories will le neelet
to Replace wasUitte at the front.
SX . FrtANClSKYl. Feb: U.-Char)e.
allaa uch Thomas; Penny- Hall,
alia "Stlfter." and t hai lea WllJIams,
aaid by the pollc to be nntorloua New
Ihvestor with mmey read th Real
Relate ads In The Fee. Advertise your
property for alulck sale.
Bead The Bee'a -nusineta . Chances"
And tH into your own business. '
. Skeeter aia;M t'oatntct.
Fkeeter Fanning signed a contract to
pitch tor the Han Francisco enb. t
1 M
The religious bodies of the United,
Flute hare no fans to be dlscourared
over the' results of th year l!Ht The
new com muni can I a, or member, added
made (nod all th loiw by death.
pulsion or withdrawal, and left ft ur-i
j ln of nearly 7rA"Ai. That la, the total
membership I "fiXOTs greater than It was
In 1911. This la tn sveras-e Inrreas of 3
I-rr cent, for all bodlea pre a I and email.
Christian ' and non-Christian. Elaborate
statistical table prepared by Dr. H. K.
Carroll and Issued, by' the Federal Omn
ia of th Churches of Chrlrt In America,
show In detail the rain and loaeea of the
rar. ' - '' "
' The rrand total of member la now
e&.708.1. All th largor denomlnaUona
share In tlx Increaae. Baptist - gained
522.125: Easterri' Orthodox, Roman
ITatholSc. 1-W.RhO; Lueheran, M,J4S; Jr
ran Evangelical synod, representing th
atate church of Prussia, 29415; Methwrtai.
S1,R; rresbytcrlan. H.W9; Protertant
Kplseopal, .ML' ' '
The Protestant Episcopal church has
crossed th 1.0(10. 000 line, having- gained
t.m sine 1910, and over XOO.OCO since 1800.
The Roman Catholic church has gained
nearly 1.25O.0HO alnce 1310, and mora than
6.SVfOO since 1W.
The Methodist F.piscovdtl church, the
aerond largest denomination, gained
-IK.W In mi. and nearly 700,(o since 1800.
The thirty churches, constituting the
'Xai3rsl Co&noll cf th Churches of
. rlrt In America, report, aa will be acen,
nearly 17.SOO.000 members, somewhat leas
than half of tha aggregate for all de
nominations, with 103,000 ministers and
nearly 139009 churches. These bodies
hare a net Increase of over 600,000 mem
. bei-m, or mor than two-third Of th en
tire Increase of all bodies. '
JTla with a ftfUllwa.
There are nine denomination which
have a million and upward, th Roman
Catholic' 1J,7M,(E7: the Methodist Episco
pal. S.SC3; the Southern Baptist. t,592,
217; th National Baptist (colored). 2,
01,MS; th Methodist Kplseopal, PoutH,
2.C05.707: the Presbyterian. Northern. 1,
44ita;. ih lusclple of (Christ, MM,13;
th Northern flsptlst Convention, l,.-!,-X3.
and th Protestant Episcopal, 1.01L,.
J. These severe denominations aggre
gate ever ,ooo,ono members, of more than
three-fourths of the entire aggregate of
the 170 rsllglous bod lee.
The effects on church membership of
the Europoan war In ' narrowing the
stream 'of Immigration were probably
ii'ilte small, ae only the last five month
cf the year were Involved. The emigra
tion of" men to tak part In th great
conflict, would not b e very larg fac
tor for Mh same res ton. The (jtarman
boillfjI.uthersn,, Reformed and the rep
iceentatlve of the Prussian Ktate church,
all show unusual gains for l!il On the
other hand Roman Catholic gains are
oulte small.
The summary show thai th total In
crease, of minister was 3.213, which Is
unusually large, while th total Increase
of churches was which Unusually
small. , . . .
QTTTT 'J 1 I I 1 11 1 I ""-J I' f TT i
Automobile Show Guests
Are cordially urged to make free ustf
of these stores' many utilitiesRest
Rooms, Parcel Checking Booth, Tele
phone, and then other conveniences.
B Great MountairiSs of 'M
Powerful Prices Are
- " " ' ' ''' " r - J J -r- " . jgc .t . - . . -Jil i Ear't ' ', -
Special in Calling Cards jj
Zntraao Pompeian Boom.
Coatings '& Suitinsrs
A Worth to $2.50 vdJ
.Monday we olfpr at this little price the entire surplus stocks
f eoatln&s and'suitings that our buyer in New York just
purchased of one of the best-known' imynirters. .
Included are'l-iach and 56-inch Matlesse, handsome silk
and wool eponge; sturdy tweed mixtures and elegant broc
ades tha materials most in favomow. t
neatlful new sprina; ahsxlew In both plain and two-ton effert. '
Inrhiflinjf the) new sand shiuW, tlu rrjr popular utlr, tot, '
" -vau.. v .... iiiwij vi mhj viii nti in im i mi'nnjf mil i9.
These would be' rare valiies at $2.50; (l
m Monday Aocse ycir faYcrite, at a yd.
Ddin& Th
se to Be Moved ' O
eir Utm6st to Move
Coates' School " of Dress
Making V ill Begin on Monday
' Secure 6ur ticket Monday forenoonuf you ' '
. 1 wish to learn to be your own dressmaker.
V Tickets for tha Entire Course of
A Fifteen Lessons Are Only 50 Cents
, -As U1.2. number of attendants must be limited, .
it is-advisable to register as eaVly as possible.
Tickets may be secured at the Superintendent's Office,'
Main, Floor., Procure yours early. First lesson Monday.
Spring Wash Goods, Superior
Quality; Low in Their Prices
II On a , M
' denlgns. V
;$i.25 y
vi Beautiful, -lich NeW Sillcs for Spring at Magnetic Prices
HM , . u-lnch chiffon taffeta' (blatk'only), oft ' ' ' ' '' New silks for arjrinir M ' L" ' .1 ' ' M ' '
i nn,sh.,a,itythat,.Lwear spiencliair. VfO ' ',7 I
S-incirhlffon fHllie.. a beautiful wear. i trylnK advanced aeowon'B D 1 1 Sill hi" P ' r
. ai-Vch-ncesali. of od we,ht and .oft. fft Iff tdcflfs, In tll ct c"l- i UU Jarender. Nile, sarid. pu,ty. nnih.
- i nrlnr. . 1 w-mcn siik and wool faille. In all colors. I
rr '. f 1 : a 1 . .r-r I
-J- - , .-i.:u , .iiimm taiieta, -correct t sprlns- I
t , weignt, sort finish,
Hand-Emhroldrred Orffaadl BeaS
tifnl collection. In dain'.y colored de
signs on white backs-round oeie o
in most favored aheei fabrics for
thia comlns; season
tnche wld. Special
priced, n.BO. i.78
KnRllsh Vol! ' .
Black and whit
hairline stripes; al
so shepherd checks,
40-ln. tide. Special
price, .sow, jj
yard. ... DC
U OriaaU in whit
and tinted ' rroundaw
with large floral de-'
sls-na, ! Kche r
wide. Special 'iJP
Smbroldered TUked Toll
white background, co'oredi deals
very new tor hlonnee and
oresres. 40 Inches wide.
a yara
Hag-Hsh Voile Jn prettv evening
shades: embroidered In selfv gf
tonee. 40 Inches wide. Mf
Special, yald ; -.
Tinamt Qunllty Bilk and
Cotton Crep d China
40-IboIi wiAe, la beaaU
ful ev.nliut shads for
party dressaa, blouses,
danolns; frocks, 0
to. Bpeotal for XhJ
Mftny. , yard . V
'3-lnch, extra heavy -tub' silks, .'striped
?7 - Inch" J printed' "alt-silk. ; ahantunr
Si-)n printed poplins, in beautiful destro".
h moire; 40-Inch ell-1'k rajisltneres.
Mj 40-lnr
E 1 t Ktal ' Ila. k FaifV The much
M admired null and drss fabric tor
t surmg, ii&;nas just been re-
it reived. This exquinlte llk Is 42
inches -vjae. well worth 13.50, but
at, a yard P2sDU
(Modish Htrlpce fucb
-this spring are the
striped patterns and
msny In crepes, taffetas, radiums,
satins snd poplins; the widths 36
and 40 Inches. Spe
cial, yard. 08c to. . . N
wmvm,: as-
sninblcd In two eomprr
hensive lot and -prrd
very sprcinlly for a grvat -, -' . w J '
Monday sale. ; j- JfQ.
in vogue I'aUlM Matrrlals thai still fci-t
sway in fashion's realm, in a spe
cial offering; Monday, Suiting
faille, 42, inches-wide, in all of
the newest colorings snd worth
to $1.76 a yard; nn
Monday, at, yard . . . . J 1 .aW
Monday, yard
Ilordered Voile
Imported Voiles
40 Incheti wide. Irr"
white and . plaiit
shades. Bpe- ey f
claU yard. OUC
A dainty fabric
for the new ruffled dresses; i 45
inches wide. SpecialA Monday,
at, the ' np
yard .....i.,...r OOC
4cV-Inrh M:erccriipd
Ilatlste Specially
adapted to ellps,
Unlnga, f-o u nda
tlons, , etc. White
and plain oq
shades; yd. 3 C ,
Cotton Ovorg-ett Crepes,'
For,blouBf arid dresses.
In plain shades, al
white; 40 Inches s?r
wide. Spe'.dally IjC
priced, a ?'ard .
Tissue Filet A dainty now print--
and chil-
rood OT
4'-tnr.h silk' and wool noverty faille. In tb
ed fabric for women's
dreifs wear. Floral and scroll de
signs. 8 6 Inches wide
Special, yard
ran (re.
we show
newest colorings most favored for sprl n g.
CassbnCre Cliarmeune All Bilk,
in a good weight; Just th mate
rial or the three-plecd spring
suits; in new- grays, Bulgarian
blues, brown, navy, etc. Splendid
$2.00 'value. Monday, A ia
per yard . . J) 1 i7
Dress Good
Rarely Sell
War Time Offers v
Roads to. Wealth . '
To Alert -Traders I
(Correaivinclf'nce of the Ammclatpd Iresi" )
IXfSDOS, Jsn. Men of bUAliieaa with
a rvsdy ev to clmnslnir conditions liav
found tnai war-tlm offers many nrw
roada to wealth. If thr opportunity is
e'l7,e4 quickly. Alinoet evrj day e!;ic
thn war lean sasue alert IlrltUh mann.
faclurer or trader has found npenirias in
The khaki boom, s!Hl at Its height, re-I
sultf j In tl: uadia Mitai'llshnient cf !
liiine faoloriea In tlie heart of London. I
JiiMidieds of youtiK women Iff t aood '
placvs In. th Jiiia Ed phkle fiw unlcs '
near t.y f.,r the frk f iiiaklnf uniform. 1
TallVirs and pretmer, who wore glad to '
earn 10 a week In norma! tlmeis, are able
to take' In three times .that sum at)
preaTat. .
A prominent hardware manufacturer In I
hu-mlnKhsm put his fa. lory Into th. ;
l'snda of a niauaifrr at the, beginning of
the war and himself hurried to a nearby '
town and f rot tAcJ a plant for the hnuiutai'.
ture of . emlilrnid anil buttons, lie ha.
Wen making thi-ee tiovnlilea In nar-tiiu
dfliina by the million at a handnom
Profit. t , !
A lithographer found a similar (Told
jnlr.e by turning his entile plant over to
the printing- of pairlotlc postcard while
a strucfc'iinit novelty dealer h as put his
. Ui.nh c."!. on lin feet by the ih of I'll, W I
or mur sewing kits for soldiers.
jf-SM-r urfcnM have been achieved by i
ti.e men hu Iia iimrkoUd uh minor V 4
ariikilt-s fr aulillKia umo aa a lxut-li(. a Jr.i
1 ii e liKhter and a patriotic brooch. An I I
Aiuerit'a traveWr at the UiKtnning of P
tr.e r chanced to learn that the supply .
f cheap buttons In h'ngland was precwi- 1 E J
imly 1, niuht t f th KiiKUsh supply 1
havdiK t.rcn Importrd from Autftrta; h i
tix, limiu mw orders lu tM-half of an ' ks
A;m--ncan firm at prices presumably well
ahove the ordinary,
H.n wr ha. brought moderate 'de
sre cf prof-peilty to maker acd dealers
In fn.d, vlothlnr, medical supplies, war
inuiiitions and an Immense, number of i Fl
mail artl'-Ns required by l,nd or sea 7j
f,,r,.,. Ship bullijera and ship owner m J
eorr-d hvily, nd the Prttlwh fa
;nn'-r Is tnlU.'i prlc rue-. 4
hts prodticis. Kven trie dn'int. have had
I..... share cf mar luini?, for It Is a
j.t.e.ury that the man ho in (uliig ti ?
the front to trrve th kins In ster-fillod
t.fnt h4 should bsve Ins teib In sound
ii5i- if he U ta enjoy the excursion.
Two Forts Taken
lifiHrted French
it chiffon flnUsbA
Uood weight, so
All the new wanted shades,
special, Monday, . CI 1 Q
, per yard pJlf
Such As Tiiese
For So Little
ains in Quality Linen
54-Inch All-U'ool Epinelo Dress
and suiting cloth. In a beautiful
range of new spring colorings.
specially priced tor
Monday,, per
40 and StVinch All
V o o 1 H e r K .
IVtpe. V"hliiH(l,
(Jranltm, Novelty
Vort!, H 1 a c k
ond VMslto t'hecks,
Ktc, fr:fcr )n anle
in llHcin"Tit Do
part iiutst, at, yard:
3Sc and
yard X 0 f
Here's Extreme Value Giving
. I'ilrrKirtllnai-y sale of new Ail-Wevi Dfvh and
Multing MaterinlM Monday All the newest
coloring worth to f 1.75 yard.
JWInrh lre-shrunk SierRcs. .
.M-Inrh French rWjre.,.,
Fancy Suiting.... ,
44-lurri All-Wool Poplins..
5'J-lnth AIMVool Melroso. .
44-inrh Alt-Wool IMagouals.
12-lnih Ail-Wool Tftffftas..
4'Jlnrh Atl-Wrwil Oc-ix-s. .
5(1 and Rl-Inch Ail-Wool lUack
and 8uiting4 J
r ji... . . ' .
later nri! 'n-T"frPe fa,n tMI Unen prices surely wlU be higher
later on Th.-re is the rertainty ot a great linen scarcity, mat una it
highly advisable to supply all linen Btx-ds Just 4 soon si poibl
""""" naun iamasit.iju ratlin , od.l Ki.if.rv..., i.,. an ,
-" "a.ia aAfu VI iaUtiinca
Specials ir( Basement Wash Goods
r.jnrTY ?r t The colored drees linen tliat cannot crush or
AaUi'JvlCUOll'v crease. "Xon-Krush" linen promises to be
' ; r?"BT,w J even more popular for the season 191 B. It is
. " made In Ireland of Jong saaple pure flax, ab
solutely rree from totv and hemp; yarn dyed. Thirty different slutdes.
38 Inches wide, allfast colors.- The name, "Non-Krusli," stamped uu
selvage of every yard. .Sold exclusively by the Jlran dels r r
Store. Special, a yard - - tlSr
Woven Cotton Crepe Blue, pink,
rray, green, brown, lavender and
in black stripes, all fast colors,
and 2 7-in. wide. Special o r
price, Monday, yard.,.. 30C
, Fine Voiles A splendid collection
in white, and tinted grounds; flor
al and Dresden designs, striped
and coin dots. 39 Inches sp
Damask -Du rah t a
Scotch 'and Irish iinea. All new
patterns. Worth $1.25, Spe
cial, juonaay, a
179c and
IT 1
l a iara
'AH - xaaea.
wassv vowels, with wrerth
ror mnnofrrams. Some with
embroidered Jnltlois, J'sjuea
In this lot s.r up t rt
to He.. Kpeclal. ; I 4f
v-, . .v. , l.aMMJ.,,.
1,000 Koarfs. Cnsm sad Ranar
iwvt HionmiDi or ranoy
vrwvwm. , aaues np 10 J..bO,
Bpeclal, Monday, Sacb , . ,
Aapauui An accumulation from
our recent linen" sale. Values in
tnn iot.UD to 1.38. 8p-.
cial, Monday six for. . , '
mmsuaoa4 Oottoa Xaok Tow.
'la riaia a a 4
fancy r d r .
vrlosd. ; if
aak ' V
atla Miritlllti Bad
Uprcads Scalloped and cut
corners,' with embroidered
rujs.,, noisier yirows t
prtce. JI.60. For,
a set
8,000 Bleached Tnraiah Towels Sx.
tra heavy double twist Of
yara. Sis ax43. Befnlar ZaC
id coin dots. 39 Inches
wide. - A yard . .'. . . . ..
Mm Wov?n Tlssu
Fast colors, la broken
plaids, stripes, checks,
. etc. Made from super
fine yarn.' ti
, Inches wide.
Monday, special.
roudatioa Bilks Kedluaa feeavr
walrht, for slips, llninra, aadarmas-
uns, etc a iMankifDi vans' of
vwwrs, aiao wnrc. sa inon.s
wtd.. Upaelal Monday, a
yard lj r ' ...
ortoa'f 1 Printed JTrw-Olota In
1e"' an!S "oral " deslims.
. c rea srounfl. - r"
incna wiae; worth loo. I Tlf vrnsswaf, a
fashion yoaa; Aro"
A printed fabric white
and tinted around. Neat
floral- designs, 'it Inches
vide. Special r
MOndey, at, per 13C
yard. .
Irish SlmltlM Our own
Importations direct from
Ire'ind, Rosebuds, Flor
al - and other designs.
11 Inches wide. Or
' Cliiffoa Crspe Th krlaklca fabrto i
taa Is vary practical for hones
press aad ohlldrsa's wear. m r
rioral aad aea deslrn. .84 I DC
laches wide, Bale prtue, yard . . .v , .
Wntbe Toll Whlta and tinted
jRTounds: floral designs. A new ma-
renal ana very aeeiran e ror 'jc
Embr6i'dcries---A Very Special Lot
18, 8? and 9-lnch Smhrdder. Including Xmbroidrd Crrp.s.
iuonaay. a yara I wide. Soeclal Monds.v. yard. j..
aieroruwm xjnea ony Tat eoloT. in strip. asa plaia
sj4s a, rpUndld fabrlo t or wamw'i and children's dr.sses.
salts aad Moose. 87 tnob.s wtd7KcBday, a ardf
Women Who Look Upon These New Spring
' X Suits Immediately Wish to Own One
uml by the newer modola is theirs;. every stylo is wholly
individual and many ofjtho modeja are fotmd here exclusively.i
ivre anus oiienng a raost versatile range tor se-
m -eve n - tb t
, X "'Si i .iiax
Domestic Specials
A Closing Out of Certain Lots
of Wash Goods in the Basement
Broken lota of wash fabrics In remnants and full bolts extra special
valdes at notable redactions for reusing sale on Monday. v."
Silk and Cotton Crepea 37 and S6 inches wide.'.
Silk and Cotton Jncquards-3 6 Inches wide
sortment. regular 15e qual- Q ; w'oven I?lack and White Striped Crep 27-ln wide
ity Special. Monday, yard. .jJC . yyhite Marquisette 27 inches wid .V . .
Dainty llosehud DatlstM Prettv I -. . . .. .. . .
'(On Bale in the ltasement.)
811k Kmbroiderecl Tissue and
Fancy Corded Crepes A large as
sortment. Kegular lSe qua!
Worth from
18c to 60o
At $20'
and $35
lection, featuring the models witly pronounced
military effect, in tho materials that will be most
in favor for spring wear.. , Predominating are smart covert
suits, suits of gabardine, of poplin, of serges and like ma
terials. 'The style variety is sufficient to insure every
woman u model adapted to her taste. . -
Tailored Frocks in Styles of the New Season
price 15c. Special, yard. .
Standard Apron- Check Gin
hams All the wanted checks.
in blue and brown.
AVhite Mcrceriicd IopHn 27 Inches wide.
White Bilk Stripe' Voile 27 lnchea wide.,
Soisett 32 inches wide. . . . . . .'.
Kimono riisse 30 lnchea wide....
i oi
a Yard.
' Charming Models in Afternoon Gowns
Just the drensos for afternoon bridges, teas, mati
nee snd kindred functions, acconipliHhed in smart
combinations cf chiffon, with chsrmeuse or crepe
meteor. In the new shades destined to be most
515, ? 19, .$25 and $35.
Froiui tuU fcroun aeleoting on that pleases tha most fas-.'
tiaious taste ana gives that air of exclusiveuess so much
dosired, is a simple matter. Tailored frocks la the ad
vanced reason a monrs aitpiajinf rara chsrm and empha
elins; fashion ideas not apparent in ordinary frocks add to the Interest
of this display. The prices 15, $10, $59, $63 and $75.
Clever Styles In Spring Skirts
In variety unequalled are separate skirts embodytns
down to the minutest detail style polnta that belong
only to thts hew spring. Kull flafed models, feat
uring pockets, belts and buttons altogether
new A , .
Tt.. .1 TT . A. . . MA e. '
uuu&uAi vjuues at ana vii.uij-
8ecial, Monday
New Spring Prints Grays, blues,
and wjtlte and, black figured ail
the .pew spring patterns, a 1
Special, Monday, yard . . 2 C
l'nhAeatheK Musllu 36 Inches
wide, good quality, . j
a yard' . 3C
lYetty Printed Dimities, Lb
to 6 yard
30-Inrh Comforter Sateen
, lrelty 1 lural dcaigna.
quality, racial, Muu- f
Special Demonstration Monday of '
Famed "Free" Seeing Mactines
Opportunity to buy a "sewm? machine
recogpizea as one oi tne nest inacnines man-
JTintea Dimities, Loa e 1.1 '. . t i rJ
'ttZXY, today,' at prices that are most g
"Mon.. 7ic allractlve. v J' J. .. .. ' .. g
By British Without
yort'r.s 1-palr, and V.
p.r luta. siuUi l 412 kl
Draperies at a Special Monday Price
. u I:
Kootoh Madras I'.egularly
sold for 45o and OHf
80c. Monday, yard..''
X-acs aaa Kissioa Curtains
-AU 1- an'l 2-iatr Iocm,
urii i ana It a
pair, each
Sortma -M'ith plain and col.
ured bordera liaular 20o
valuea i f. I f)
Monday, yd l , I U G
Good -Runs at Prices Unprecedented
day, a yard
.73zo-!ach Xrauratcasd. BeamUss
tmmmKM ' i-min nems. itej
ular J0c quality, Monday,
each , , . ,
T3x0-Jaeh aiasd Bhets
lte-ular 3c cjuality.
t.ial Mundy, eai-h
4itees ana Sx3 Hamst!tcha ViUow
""PS Kegumr price l.ic
Your choice Mondsy
VBih ;
n3 rtUow 8 Up Resulsr sy
10c Quality. Special Monuay, f
each ,
1K . -y
Large roomise rus of varied kinds, but The rags that you will be needing goon can
every one a superior value. Smaller ru-rs be bought Monday at prices which mean a
IiO" of ShlP-lfi Mnn si U pricc3 vvhi emphasize birgain are in- saving of more than one-third in many in
xju, ui t3iubiu cIudcd jn thi3 gre&t offering $mccg Note the size of the barinii
. 'M I.,, j. r. i,c:e w.yjll Hu-s J i 'jiuliir ;2.C0 S 3?10-3 Royal Wilton Hvlss A large i112 Ky Vlltor
at Ad.mi sr.J Kve I nb-jdu. tit Uwrdi-n 1
t..i -ii." riii) a luiic coivura! itfe
k J nf.'h r.ircc iithunt the TtirWs to
iiir- tfci.k of th 1'irni.A aulf.
v s . rr but, :i(l tU couiijry U no I
i t 1 r a. l.Ko men. ' live cjo 1 reaJ,
i hux -! TI. t.rati.t Uardshtp Is
- i- i f i :. y c f wat. r. I liav mi haj a j i 4
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' i ii.l to furts kud ti-lc-l
-; i t y.ti-i.Iiy wi'Jiout tie iooa
i-.(,:i. '! i.e Tails l't f riy. fc.iinf
1 l-i.!'. il if tl. TllhS In s. tion .
' A : ..i:i t.n k cf li,.ira U to
i 111 ' -- 1 "i a if &. I, and
t' i Kl . ' 'l L4
viilucs. Vt iy spociAlSy
I'rifod for ?.Ionday, at
vo'.ir r j r-
assortment i in Oriental and Conven
tional designs, liegular $13 and on I
512-50 values. Special for .yjUJ
Ruts Oriental and
Conventional patterns.
Regular $15.00 fSnr
valne3. Special. . y5D
slS Aaininstsr Hug K-aulii-
r, r glUu
tiia T)f;t Bul Woi-ta
ISO 00 ll
Ilartfvird Saxony Ruga A few
discontinued patterns. Sizes
8-3x10-6 ard 9x12. Regular
$45.00 and $50.03 values. Cpe-
fa4 Axadasts Koj Ilag-uUr
for MisUa
3ex7S asmlatr i .
4 lM( Value,
Hf s-ular
7 y"wT ruse
At Special Prices
Kitrlin and lVdrti rKf .
With borders to tjiatcn. L-ight and
medium colors. Worth up to O
6 He. Special. Monday, roll. OC
New I'arlor, Dining lUxun and
More 1'attt-nis With 9 and 18-in.
borders to match. New shades of
tan, brown, green and high light
effects.-worth up to 9c. p 1
Special. Monday, roll: . . . D C
Varattahed Til Ppr for Kitch
ens and luth 1Uhu(s The kind
you can wash, All pattarn sold
with, binders. Special. a
Monday, a roll I'iC
Nrw IJ.iuid Gold rpera With or
without border. All tha sefcaon'r
newiAt stjioa. Jiegalar 18o aluic.
Biieclitlly priced, a nt
rcu ltd rc
TIIE FREE run3 lighter than all others.
Tllf FREE sews faster than all others.
THE FREE makes a more beautiful stitch
, than all others.
THE FREE is easier to operate than all
THE FREE attachments, tark smoother .
than all others. ,
THE FREE is guaranteed longer than all.
others, t
Tho Free is a thoroughly insured machine, needle', belts,
shuttle everything covered by insurance. The machino
itself will be replaced without cost should same be burned
or broken in any way .by moving, etc
The Brandeis plan of buying makes it possible for you
to save at Ieas20 on aewing machines. f '
asBsisBBsSBBBBBBssaBf aBBrssassaHaaiBBBBBBi "pssMaMB mmmmmmmmtmmm
$2.00 Camera, Monday, $1.39
SCOUT CAMERA Takes pictures 2hix3 itwhes. A sim-
pi. camera to operate. Regular $2.00 value. j QO
Special, each. , O 1 JJ
Special Sale of Films
pi., m v.. i i
y474 iMU. Eeciai lor. . . .
Y rv""f 'nf i.j f rmf
-- A.-s . Wife, Bf"J"-Mrr-rsi
Ska 24x4. No. 2A, 6)e'ial for . .23c4
Size 34x44 No. 3, special for .". . . T: 32
i EKTjutr Tovm rzzou Tun wau rausrs in omoxusn.
ibS&3aW4i kiaHtt4 ia.-rk.Ma
"1 f-" j i if ymmi r rmmr yn,n nw ymmm'f T'T Tia f Z
i-iu 1 i 1 1 1 iff l i I n ri t I iiiti i 1 - ti-m t ' - i fiiTtmt iniiifisiil 1 T
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