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    HIE BEE: OMAHA, TUESDAY, JANUAItt' 2(1, 1915.
DonglM Couiitj Member Ei Bill to
Levy Tax that Will Draw in
Two Millioii. '
Supreme Court Holds Kansas Labor ,
Act Gives Unions Undue Advantage
Jan. . The .Kansas then the ame Individual hu a right t
Join the union without the conaer.t r
(From Staff CorTepondent.)
UNCOIL, Jan. S6.-8peclal Tele-mm.)-
flet.resentattve Oiimlwrt of
roulna county today Introduced a bill j co"rt-
to provide for a sinking fund to gather
sufficient funds with whloh to build a
new capital building. A special levy of j
M per eont ef mill la provided for In I
the meaaura to ba Imposed for four year.
Thl wil raise. It la estimated, tha aum of
$2,004,000 baaed en the valuation of 131 1 j
DrueeedoW would atop tha le of liquor
In place whrr there la 'awed frea
lunch or In restaurants and hla Mil WtmlJ
alao prevent tha trading of chlpa or
ticket won in, games for drink. 11 baa
second bill rataing tha penalty for the Intoxicating diinka. '. 1
Vr n Ananati.
r?ley baa an Important bill which. If
It become a law wll prevent constitu
tional amendment from being defeated
by voter who rote neither way on the
. proposition.
His bill provide a majority vot on all
propoaltlona for and against providing
the vote la 2S per cent of the total vote
east at the election.
Bill Affectlma Voter.
The Douelaa delegation In tha house
thla afternoon anlted on three new mees
uree aa follows:
Of forMda hauling voters to the polla
la Douglas county for registration pur
Another require that lodging house
keeper and hotel tnunt make to the
election eofumlnaloner aworn Hat of all
Votem living In their' place within a
specified time before election or primary
ay. - '
The third cure a defect In the re ti
tration taw whecrln the penalty wag left
out, regarding Illegal registration.
Miner baa a bill today which give the
railway commissioners power to compel
electric light and trolley companlea to
rarrr their wire certain height above
railway track, the former a minimum
of twenty-seven feet and the latter
twenty-two feet. Hunter Introduced c
bill which provide for the assessment of
real estate at It actual value with cer
tain provision.
Itlehmond would give any member of
fraternal Insurance company the right
to bring eiitt agaJnat the company In the
county In which be reside.
o-called coercion etatute, making It un
lawful for any Individual or corporation
to coefee or Influence any person to
enter Into agreement not to Join or re
main a member of a labor organisation
aa a condition of auch person eecurlng or
continuing In tb employment of auch In
dividual or corporation, waa today an
nulled a unconstitutional by the supreme
The derision waa regarded aa of the
first Importance In the labor world, and
waa announced by Justice Pltnen. Strong
dissenting opinion were given by Justice
liolmea and Justice Day. Justice Hughe
concurred with Justice Day, leaving Chief
Justice White and Justice '. McKenna,
Lamar, Ven.Ievanter and MoRejmoldt
concurring with uatlce Pitney. ' ' t
The decision waa In the of T.' B.
Ooppage, a superintendent of the St.
lxjuia A- Kan Franetaeo railroad at Port
Scott, Kan., convicted of violating ' the
law in threatening A. H. Hedge, a switch
man, with discharge If be did not sign
an agreement to withdraw -from 'the
Switchmen' union.
"The court Intimate nothing Inconsis
tent with the right of Individual to Join
labor unions," said Justice Pitney. "Nor
la the legitimacy of auch organisations
questioned so long aa they conform to the
law of the land, aa othera are required
to do. But the Individual ha no In
herent right to Join the union and still
remain In the employ ef one who la un
willing to employ a union man, any more
Avoid Duplicating
j... -Public Utilities
(FYoro a Staff Correspondent) '
LINCOLN, Jan. 85. (SpoclaX)-To pro
hibit the establishment of a competing
publlo utility In a community except on
certificate of publlo convenience and
necessity issued by tha railway com mis
sion will be the object of a bUl which
will be Introduced In the legislature on
the request ot Railway Commissioner
Hall, 11 ha can find someone who win
take the responsibility. ,
This measure 1 ostensibly Intended to
prevent the Installation of duplicate tele
phone plants, but Its application ' will
cover all kind of utilities. Including
atreet railways, electric light and power,
waterworks, gaa and steam heat. Mr.
Hall doe not even eicept publicly owned
plant from the Jurisdiction ef the bill.
There i now pending before the rail
way commission an application from a
new telephone company at Starling, comix-ted
of buslnes men and farmer In
that locality, for permission to Uaue
toO.Wv of atock. Tha application Is be
ing resisted by the Lincoln Telephone and
Telegraph company o the ground that
It already serves the immunity ade
quately and that the construction ot a
competing cystem would cause both to
lose money.
that organisation! ' 1
"Just aa labor organisation bar the
Inherent and constitutional right to deny
membership to any man. who will not
agree that during Jooh membership be
will not accept or retain employment 1"
company with, non-union men. and Just
as a anion maa has the constitutional
right to decline preferred employment,
unless the employer will agree not to em
ploy any non-union man, to tb employer
may specify that employea-ahau retrain
from affiliation with the union during
the tertna of . the employment.
"There cannot be one rule of liberty
for the labor organization or Its mem
ber, and a different and more restric
tive rule for employer.
"The employe liberty of making con
tracts doe net Include a liberty to pro
cure employmrat from an unwilling em
ployer or "without a fair understanding.
Nor may the employer be foreclosed by
legislation from exercising the same free
dom of cholc that Is accorded to the
employe." '
Similar law have been passed in four
teen states. Justice Day pointed out In
dissenting. .
"Could aa employer not be forbidden
front demanding agreement that en em
ploye should polo rational guard T"
Inquired Justine Day. "Could not the
etat strike down agreements not to Join
a certain political party. Why not labor
union, whatever member of tbjs court
may think of these unlonr-
Now Bills at Lincoln
From a Staff Correspondent)
LINCOLN. Jan. .-8ueclai.)-Two bills
prepared under the direction of the Stat
S"ood commission, for the purpose of ex-
tcnJing and reeking more speeifie its
Jurisdiction In retcaid to weights . aad
jseaaurea and misbranding of foodstuffs.
wi'.l be Introduced In the legislature.
' One of these meaaurca authorlxea th
commission to divide the state Into alx
districts for the Inspection of weights
and measure. This would, presumably.
rail for the appointment of four add
tkmal Inspectors, besides the two already
employed In that tine of work. The In
tnwus Kit Uutd tufisurn t&
JiiOiorto been kept separate from that of
oil, foodstuffs, cold ctorage, slock feeds
twd seeds. ' '
The stoond bill will require the labeling
'of all Imitation Jellies and preserve wlla
f-L n&oie of each Ingredient
, Hone Bills.
H. R 1117. Hostetler and Harris Prohlb.
Its playing base ball oa Memorial Sunday.
Applies to elites and towns whore Sunday
buse ball Is permitted
H. H. 1M, Nealey iroVldes that a ma
jority of those voting on a constitutional
giitendment shall be sufficient for it
adoption. If SHine be 26 per cent of total
vote at election. Proposed constitutional
11. H. m. Dslbey Anommiate 11.331
for relief of Mrs. lone Ktory, injured
while employed at Beatrice Institute for
feeble Minded.
H. K. auo. rtmllh Fixes time from a.
m. to I p. m. as period for polla to be
oien at all state elections. -
H. TL J1. Uatea ADDroorlatea ils.tnv tor
carrying on putnpinx Irrigation experi
ments la western Nebraska.
II. R. Vn. Driieedow Frohlhlts sale or
lltjuors in free lunch restaurant or In
exchange for check or ticket issued
upon sum.
H. t, iOI, TrumWe Confer authority
of road work on eai h member of county
lioara and abolishes elective district road
H. H. 4. Dafoe and Patterson Amend
ments to pure food law requiring inarnd
lei ts to be named oa label of imlLatloa
Jellies and preaervea.
H. It. y, I'afoe and Psttorson Amend
ments to weights arid meaauree law, peo
vidlnK for Cl.Ulon of Mate into alx Jla
trti ts for purposes of Inapwtlun.
H. R. 2J. Chambers Appropriate 90
per cent of special 1-mill levy for four
jears to ereet new state Capitol,' under
direction of Hoard 01 uonirw.
II. K. tm, Nichols, Taylor, IToffmalster,
TRnuntv and Horenaon Prohibits estab-
liahment of a comeling publlo utUlty ex
cept on certificate of public necessity
and convenience, Issued by State Rail
way commission. ... m
11. . w. Tibbete Abolffhe office of
coroner and transfer ha dutls to county
iT'ltl' SoJ. "Tlhbeta Corrects county of
fliers' elucdon law. ellmlnatinjf coroner.
ii i3 Ti.hRi&- k hhLhiu feea to cor
oneia for 'serving process and holding
Iniiuest. . . ' '
H, It. il, Tlbbets Provide that after
real estate has been ol fated twice uimer
eny appraisement by the ahertff it ahall
nnt be roMPuraisea i nnu i.u
,t.i- nf in rtrAC arnraieemoDv.
it t cn,.hm,nrirrovt,iea that noit-
resilient" d'etendnnt Insurance re.tripe.nle
may b snrrt Py any meinoer i"fn"i
s;od stamling in any couni where U
memter my reside.
ii i 911 tii. in,, null Provides that any
tnemlier In good standing may bring ault
siilnKt frnternBl insurance oruor in
H. R. Peterson I'roninita isnion-
ment of street railway or mioruiunn
ttaeWs after one vear'a operation of care
thereon, ur the diversion of traffic from
oie route to another, except by written
nl m .WItv of ndltcent prop
erly owners and requires approval of mo-
rb Iral and county autnoiiiiea i'
.im. ti.lli.Btf r,immililun.
H. R. tlb, Neff of lnox Aoioraum..
rate of speed not to ia
an hour in pamn ir .
II. 11. 11", t-iiinter ci
rr...,t hll be on tne actual vwuw i
sovli.n I'luusa roneming mill
fate levies n" in
.(...ii k. .....i'-h of tl uresent amount.
railway oontmisaina pwc m
liM S'lon of elm trio wires over railway
travlts. wltn a minimum i "-""-."
feet from the rails, with trolley
II. It. 1J iaJlli'll Ol iirm-c-i-f'- -.
aboroiiriatlon of nnrir iu "
che of book at Peru .Normal, imwi
court, Bherlff, uperlntendent and cor-
"sTV. TH. Brookley of Cly-Rrulats
the teaching of rnuslo in Nebraska and
trovMes an exsmlnlng board.
F. Lahrrers of Thayer Provides
for a bounty not to exceed K cent for
tb killing of crow.
8. F. ' 115, lAhner of Thayer Doe
. K. . -ui. iha nnMi nMMfl on Drairie
chicken, aaire chlokenH, grouse and quail
five year. Increases maximum oauy
.n (itltffl. sums. "
m v in uiiAnr af Trrr Butte Pro-
vt.les that all vehlolea shell oarry llghU
at nlglit, ;
Be Want Ad Are tha Beat Business
Jftead Daily by People In beano of Ad
vftu.a Ofportunltira
PralmmOr fer Iowa City.
WAFHINOTON, Jsn. VS.Th preaMent
X'i.iy nonuriMiea mux flayer to be isi
maciur at lc C'lly, la.
(ConUntted from Page One.)
Tea Keeps
four Hair Dark
If ;rsr( !mot!icr' r"cfp to bring
Latk Clor, tl.h 3tiie kdJ lul
J.)rrbxly I Uslcg It aalit.
C?ray hair, however handsome, denotes
advancing oxe. We all know U.e advajv
texea of a youthful sp.'Mrmn. Your
I. air is your thurm. It itukts or man
tl.a fta tvfcfii it favJiif. turns tray and
S, 1.4 dry, "l.-Ty and arncgly, jut a ic
',; ,: al oiit of t-,; 'ln and tiulphur en
hucca ltd ti it-ia.i riee a hundred-f old.
lva t f'y rk ! LsoX young! fclther
!! a.v turj at hoitie or gvt from
r.y ii Jis ..' a W-.-.r.t bvtUe of
" v ytth's rK t.ui e .:, l.ur Conipound."
H.ouimi! i ef f"ii-s re-ciuiuend Oils 1 1 tpaiKtl in, because It dark
ei the hair benitfuily and remove dan
ur. rf, i.i.s It''g ilp aid fulling hair.
I iva, no ittid m.1 pvi,ibly tell, as It
tsiktvis so tiut.i.hiiy Slid You
i. .Lit. n a ;-irc-) or aoft trefh HU It,
; li g tms tlx Obi it th h:r, taking one
t. .e.;l atrat.d at a tune. I y Jimmiug tlx
bair liioa; ' ire: after a.-.uther appli-
tt or to , i 'Aii.nU t"ior Is ii-tr4
t 1 It e ,ir, t,-.. !'., a wty and lust rotta,
nfH, J19. Rurgess of Douglaa In ad-
verse po.ssion ot wtiea, sw. "
deem may nut o orouii '
..iii n tha litis nas itta -."
- ...,UPU r,.- Inn vttrL
1 rr it o tvirk of Howard Divorce
t. .ranted on the plea that either
tarty hoa b adjudged tnn by
L.-fltf oreamaed IkhIv or board.
i a icm hii.IiIiib of Dawson and
And'ereee t' C-.o-r.'-'Vldti tor t
c ail ihhool l-snds row uni or wis
..'. .i.. i. tut been apnralited prop-
eiiy. and providing a new system of ap-
PHl"K,, j by Tety Mrmbera-Tor-reni
ayatetii of l"d rcstnuatlon. fp
titai to th rountlea after a vote of the
lc-4 votvra upon a frop p
ii R, a-O. Fulva ot- f urn
homesteads from th prrsr-nt
.....'!. H.vuf-nt of rent
rerun. '. ..... .
H. !(. 4. r uns tM- i
bill to veetlng llio Ufa roSacaaion of
the hon.eele.d In the surviving partner
In the union. , 4,
H t-L Iwigiaa County Daleaatlon hniing voters to th polls for
1-eniBt ration rrl"''S. Kiner.encV clause.
ii l, . rountr li'-Ule-
An.emi'ment to Knvtil"l
ut t. iiatntt'.iMi ef v..trrs la IXiuflas
count v. Kinerxency clauee.
II r trf, loi!(tla County fteleaatlon
Avoilea- II pUM-nl ltUIa fr falee
i,.,isi ratl.-n and ei.iiiuc of votere to
(Mimha Utlon coinii'iMiijner law. i.ttter-
' H 'r!': Rrynui Is of Uncoln Fm
i.'er tlie" ft ate Uilv
1. i ,,.t to build ciosains
where the Und on both id 1
bv th ssnna person.
If u fii. tnoond ff Poua'as-ror-
. . A . l u w nf mora thftJS U,viAt tO Sil t
i4.i ii: iiutiiru . 4., nut "r
niejornj vi tuw
It neceesary that I promptly -select bis
successor. I offered the position to Judge
Sullivan, who bad already served ' six
year upon the supreme bench to tha
entire satisfaction of th bar. X feet that
hi expertone would at one enable bin
to take up th work laid down by Judge
Hollenbeck. but he did not ee hi way
clear to accept and, a w have tta law
that will permit of drafting men for
publlo service, hi decision uurt be nine.
aaallfioatlona f "Mr. Horrteeey,
"My aoqualntanea over the state with
the men who are qualified for this posi
tion la very Urge and X have endeavored
te make a selection that will prove to be
ttuti tuiui j iu vi in ntvmumfm vi ! inw-
fesaion and for the good of th state.
have decided to appoint Andrew M. Mor-
rlsey, the present deputy attorney gen
ersJ. aa chief Justice of the aupremo
court of this etat. J hav been pereonally
acquainted with Mr. Morrlaaey for flfteet
year a K served aa my aecretary for
two year. Meeting htm each day gave
me a splendid opportunity to know hint
a well aa It La possible for on man to
know another nan.
During my bosineaa experleno I hav
never met a man for whoa I kav a
higher regard. I am thoroughly satisfied
that he peeesa 'all th qualification
necessary to fill this important position.
I am fully confident tiro will preva to
th litigant and attorneys who may
hav oases before the supreme court of
our state that Mr. Morriasey will have
but one object in view, and that t to
adjudicate these difference la a just.
and honest way."
. Tafaea the Oattku
Mr. M,orrissey took th oath of offlot
thia afternoon and Immediately took up
the duties) of chief Justice.
Ills promotion to th supreme bench
ha caused, a vacancy to the office of
deputy attorney general, and It will bow
b up to Attorney General Reed to fill
th place. There are plenty of men wMl
Ing t accept. Among them are Edwin
Vail of Seward, former county attorney
Eh B. McDersnott ' of Kearney, . also
former county attorney, and "Hertotj I
Corey, county attorney oi uiay county
Mr. Corey- name ha been connected
with the appointment aa United State
district attorney, and" he may not b
willing to roak a change.
On lavltatloa ' of th house of repre
sentative Chief Justice Morrisaey ad
dressed that body for a few minute this
afternoon. ' '
Senator Dodg Introduce! Bill that
: rroTidet for County Miaiptr
(From a Staff Oorrespondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. . (Special.)- bill to
he known as senate file No. Ill waa Intro
duced by Dodge of Douglas this after
noon, which provide for th short ballot
In county election and a county rnanager
form of government when adopted by a
majority vote of th elector afijsr a peti
tion of t per cent of the registered voter
of a eoynty shall make petition. The pro
visions ar as follows: '
County commlsaloners shall be elected
at larce and reoelve a salary or ow eacn,
and serve for the satuo term a now
Tne coomr atiomer. iromtT curs.. rett-
er of deeds, county treiunirer, county en
gineer, clerk of the district couri, anenii.
countr etiiMrlnLenriemt. auditor and oo ro
per shall be appointed by th cofnmi-
i oners. . .
1 he commlaaloners also shall appoint a
county manager, who need not be a rest
dent of the county, shall fix hla salary
nil have power to remnrve mm.
Th county manaaer shall carry out th
orders of t le commiselrmera, act as pur-
hinslng agent, oversee Oliver erttciais ana
isn contract for suppllea not over fuvO
In value. ,
The bill also provtdea that the county
coiTunhislonere shall adopt an administra
tive code within ninety days after this
act goes Into effect, setting forth the
regulations for conduct of officials and
tha handling of the county business.
pave a pert See Gevermor.
Prof. J. H. Davenport of the political
dene department of Hamilton college.
N. T waa a recent caller on. Governor
Morehead in th Interest of short ballot
reform. i-Tof. Davenport carried a let
ter from President WllsonA.
The professor had a kng Interview with
Director Sheldon of the legislative refer
ence bureau la whloh many phases of the
political situation In this part of th
country were discussed. H seemed
anxious to learn whether any reaction
ary tendencte . had definitely manifested
themselves a opposed to th general
progresaiv ton.
Prof. Davenport goes from her to Colo
rado and to Kansas, where he will eos
tlnud hi personal' research work.
Uncle Sam Evades Recognizing the
Sovereignty of Kaiser Over Belgium
WASHINGTON, Jan. 2S.-The , ratted
State has Bent a formal note to Germany,
which, without dlacuasing th aoveretgnty
of Belgium, expreeee a willingness to
mak auch arrangement aa may be t ac
cessary with the German military author
ise la d facto control ot Belgian 'terri
tory, for tb continuance of American
consular aerrloe there.
The American note should have been de
livered in Berlin today.
Although the first not from Germany
did not explicitly raise the issue, offi
cial of the Washington government la
making their reply carefully avoided any
expression which could be construed a
a political recognition of Germany' con
trol of Belgium.
The decision of the United States ha
been awaited by Central and South Amer
ican government, who Instructed their
diplomatlo representative her to dlacuis
It In th Ian-Americaa union.
Th not from th German foreign of
fice sent Identically to all neutral gov
eminent, announced that certificate of
' ' 1 ' BWeaaasBaas '
(Coatlnuad from Pag OneJ
authority f all neutral consul had "expired."
No reference waa mad la either the
German net or the American reply to
the atatui of th diplomatlo officers.
American Minister Brand Whltloclt will
continue at Brussels, where he la In
active charge of Belgian relief work.
In ita repty the United State declare
that It consider a consul not a political,
but "a oommorolal repreaentativa," who
derive permission to do business. Irre
spective of hi legal right, from the
authorities la direct control of tha dis
trict to which he I assigned. In view
of the German military occupation, the
United State further assert that It "la
not Inclined to question at thla time the
right of Germany to euspend exequaturs."
Th language of the American not re
veals that thla government considers the
exequatur originally Issued by th Bel
glum government to have been suspended
aad not "expired, a characterised In
tha German communication. Thla con
struction la in accord with almllar phrase
ology aed by th United Bute on the
previous; occasions.
Delay Experienced
In Selecting Judge
For Sutton's Place
(From -a Staff Correspondent.) '
LINCOLN, Jan. tS. (Ppeclal.) Gover
nor Morehead Indicated this morning that
It might be several day before he would
appoint a successor to Judge A. L But
ton of th Douglas county district bench.
The chief executive said that the name
of a number were under consideration.
Among them Is S. A, Searla of Omaha,
who was at the oapltol Saturday at th
same time with Judge Sutton, and Judge
W. A, Redick.
The Judgahlp U non-partisan by law,
but Inasmuch as Judge Sutton was a re
publican. It Is definitely understood that
hi successor will be of the same party
affiliation, . . . - . . .
It waa reported tonight that there waa
a alight bitch In the matter and that
Judge Sutton's written resignation has
not yet been received here.
There has evidently been mora delay
In the choice of a suomor than waa at
flrrt expected. In thl connection the
nam of F. A. Molflnger ha been sprung
M a candidate. He ha lived In Omaha
ror (irteen year and originally came
from Seward.
Judge A. L. Button teat night Informed
Tb Be that ha had written hi resigna
tion and mailed It to th governor him
self Saturday night and that It must
hav been received at Lincoln.
Morehead Names
. Holcomb for Board
f) (From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Jan. 85. (Special.)
Governor Morehead today sent to the sen
ate tha appointment of Judge Silas A.
Holcomb to be a member of the State
Board of Control for a term of alx year,
beginning July 1, next. - Tb senat is
asked to confirm tha choloe In accordance
with the law and deliberations will be
held in executive session later., I
, a th eersoanei ; or the - board now
stands, there are two .Jndgea and one
farmer,' and seme member of the ma
jority have Indicated a desire to have at
least one business man Choaea upon this
Important body, but It Is hardly probable
thl sentiment will crystallise into opposi
tion to Judge Holcomb.
Want New Contract
For Printing Journal
' (From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. fv-SrcuU.)-Senatoi
Matte of the special committee ap
pointed to look Into the matter . moved
that printing of the Journal be, discon
tinued. Bushee moved a a subatltuu
that th present method be discontinued
under the same arrangements as made
by the house, which reduced the price
of printing the first edition of the dally
Journal from W.50 to t2.X per page and
out out the second or corrected edltlor
at $1.60 per page.
Howell of Douglas supported Matte.
In hi motion while Qutnby of Douglas,
and Sandal! ot York, got behind Bushee.
Dodge of Douglas, the dove of peace ol
the senate, came to the rescue with a
motion that the matter be referred back
to a committee for further Investigation
and a that seemed to be satisfactory
to both side th matter was left that
way. ; '
Chairman Kohl of the committee on
committee appointed Senator Qulnby,
Dodge and Bushea aa the special com
mittee of three on a new printing con
tract, proposed by Senator Dodge's mo
tion. The motion - presuppose a Con
tinuance of the printing of the dally
Journal. '
Quarter Million
Fire at Rapid City
RAPID CITY. 8. D.i Jan. 2B.-Several
firemen were Injured and property dam
age estimated at tSaO.OOO was caused by
a fire here today, which destroyed the
John C. Haines company department
store, the Pennington County Bank build-.
tng and the. Farlow block.
The fir orlKlnated in the basement of
the . Haines building, but the causa is
Th law library of the later C. W.
Brown, one ot the largest In the atate,
wa destroyed. Buildings and contents
were only partially insured.
and constipation and do not know It A
feeling of dullness and languldness, bitter
taat In - the, mouth, headache, bilious
fever most ot these fsondttlon when you ,
"are not sick, but don't feel right" can
be traced to sluggish bowels and torpid
liver. Foley Cathartic Tablet clean
th system . arouse th liver, banish in- -digestion
arid make you "feel good all
over" light, energetic . and ambitious.
For sale by all dealer everywhere. Ai-vortlaemant.
ports .have suffered another revera at
Korassan. la Turkish territory
The question of food supply I being
considered urgently in both London aad
Berlin. The British government hag ap
pointed a cabinet commission to consider
the matter. Th labor party haa de
manded that the government take over
control of British shipping.
As to the food situation in Germany,
t5e Berlin Pros la reinforcing th de
mand voiced at a mas meeting that th
government commandeer all - stooag of
food, and by way of Rome there bar
coma report of bread riot InAoatrla
and Hungary, luring on ef which the
governor of Croatia waa badly wounded
and hi palace burned.-down.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. -SpeciaJ.) Houa
roll No. 0 and house roil No. 61 war read
the third time and passed by th senate,
being the first bill to go to tha third
reading. Tha first of the pair appropri
ate 2a,0W tor legislative expense and
waa not changed In th senate. -
Th second, aa introduced tn th houaa.
appropriate $104,000 for salaries ot mem
bers and employe, allowing $10,009 tor
employe In each boas. Th upper body
amended thla bUl to appropriate nio.OTO
In a lump sum.
Daraesat eram,
WASHINGTON, Jan. Ik - fractal .Tele
gram.) U. J. Turear he been, reapo
tinUd postmaster at Turner, Jeaixr
county, Iowa.
'1 ha National Bank of CVimrneree of
Llneuta tas - avPvwtd a ioMfV
ent fcr the First riaUuual bank, for
aonhera Kansas.
I'uon the recommend ttva ef Senator
Iliicheock Dr. J. C Tuoker haa beaa
apiHitntrd a peimlou surgeon mi
worth. Neb
law cvn-
ut. out a vute oi ii
l,.i KlU'l'-l.-'
N i.A Druniow ef
Deuel e In penalty Iv .llmg ll-iuu Wlttl
f. - 1 1. ....... t.. a f.r !!.-.'.. or SIX
"nonths to a yr la Jail, or
itut Hills.
A K. lint. Or Of Harlan T oVflnk
mi'njiia .1.1 l.i eus dtriinrg ai-a luu-
F I -j. aUUrry of Jtox Butt-E1lml-
I . . ... ... ,il Ct ill til lr?JI.
( j.-. l.o. HutlMu u( K'eoxIa cwee of
t..ikMa iiirn elj.B k -! tner
riinii irw us nuiveiy of umnaa ueuesa
,.i-s,io SI.UKlll to l umi
uiih Iirs 1 or furnished ' auih i -
u.'is slur beo iiul.'.rd in writ
u io
r. iii. i"'
tl- i. ,.U. 1
of Ivouk' Provides
nt of an wi(.n.y sui4
K I. 1'.'. I"" " 1I4'-I
... u.e sl.ui t t.. t and tvi-"'V men.
Vf . - i.m.n.k. i i iji i.n
oil-1.-if.'iei shnit a;.wr,nl;
v atlrny. ilcia, r''irf iil !"05,
uvnt i.i
Hungary Not Tired
Of the War, You Bet
VENIVB (via London), Jan. a Count
Jullu Andrassy, former premier and
minister of the interior of Hungary, ac
cording to a dispatch from BU da peat.
characterise aa utterly mendactoua
report that Hungary It tired ot th war
and la desirou of seeking- a separate
Deaca. and declare that pesos will
concluded only In union with Germany
and on term satisfactory to both couav
trie. '
Cuticiira SouB
Tot tLa ijit i TUkti aa- tJ hy f-ixsa
giuaat UM A Cuuouca (JiuLuictU,
EAcir.Ua Frea by I! ail
fVa u mm 9 i
, VM 94.
Our Paragon
Typewriter Ribbona
and Red Seal
Carbon Paper
ara recognised as tha teadtnc
ribbon aad carbon Unea on th
Renbjtoa Typewriter C
a01-8 8. Nineteenth Street.
Ittoo loulag 123. .
1 ! uri isT ' ' ' - ' '
Tuesday a Truly
Unusual Coat Sale
1 - n , -.
30 'poats of both domestio and
foreign fabHcs, values to $35.00
Tuesday, $7.85
All other Coats reduced.
Tuesday a Great
Clecurmof Silks
Hundreds of odd pieces, scores of
stylish fancy silks, also . many
beautiful things in black.
Sold regularly, 75c to ' $2.50;
priced Tuesday 29 to $1.89
Our Annual
Sale of
All This
Tuesday Linen Specials
Turkish Towels .
25c Turkish Towels, 19c
J 45c Turkish Towels, 25o
50c Turkish Towels, 29
75c Turkish Towels, 50c
H. S. Huck Towels
45c Uuck Towels, 25o
75c Huck Towels, 50c
' $1.00 Huck Towels, 75c
$1.50VH'k Towels, $L00
50 dozen 45c
H. S. Tray
Cloths 25c
Bleached Damask by the' Yard
$1.50 72-inch Bleached Damask, $1.00 a yard.
$1.75 72-inch Bleached Damas!r; $1.25 a yard.
2jOO 72-inch Bleached Damask, SI. 50 a yard.
W.n you wash your hair, don't
use oap. Moat sua. pa and prepared
hfmpoo eontaJn too much alkaJl.
which la very injurious, as it tfrlea
the ecU0 and make th balr brittle.
Tne beet tiling to use la just plain
mulalfled rocoanut oil. for thl I
pur and entirely greaseleaa. It's very
cheap, and beat soup or anything
ls all to piece. You eaa get this
at any drug store, and a few ounces
Will last the whole family for montha
bimvJy molatea the hail with water
and rub it In. about a teaavoonful Is
all that U required. It aieae an
abundance of rich, creamy lather,
cleanaea thoroughly, and rlnaea out
eioiily. Tlie heir dries quickly and
evenly, and la auft. freed looklnsr.
fcrtrbt. fluffy. Wavy aad eaay to haa
la JSeaila. It looaena ani take out
very MTUUi of dual, dirt aod dasd
rc ft Advert uwoi eat.
" To Gur Fn:::3 nc j Pafrcn:
Doot let oar Ooaanatttora teU you w do not handl the best grade of
la fact, w aall the Sao QaaUty eoal mined. Our large atoraga ea-
aeity anablaa us t buy OOdJb wba market price are leweeC Therefore
W demonstrated this fact a few day ago by selling genuine orantoa
Mard Coal, the 111. 00 kind, for -KaO
Fen Ki mum cz am
CaCKBOXXX WVt (tbe gaaatn). hand e-et-eaaad i-TI pel ton
g-TBCXaXTT. aVasa aad ara tea
mvriMQMM, araaoy X.taa. kaad yka ...-... .)S-M toa
tai jncTgoioj ctkxt. xxt. xooox wa
World' ratt Xadoo Batartalameat
rnoeai Mat. STga. ao140
aag Batv. gaa. B9-ao, Mat. t.
Baird Warfleld U "TXB AVOTIdstSBB
Befor eleoUag' yowr coat tka OaUfornla Bxaeslttoa, aee th ssevtag yie
tutea ef Uf attd aeeaery ta a Bttur Bot aag Caa-aad Maaatataa aloag th
Chicago, IVtlvsauhce & St. Paul Railway
- nxad OB iiomoi at m taaxm tsxatsb.
See real tstxtiS eclamcij for hsszhis
Daily Matin. 1:1s NlghUs. t.lf,
bendix. 6or c Mack, Claud Gcliten,
. art llo A 'rail to, Orvheum Travel W'kly
rrtMs: slsUaw, sallser. Isc; kwi saau Wsanst
lUtarasr aa4 aoaOaji. ass. NIais, is. M. tv, ba
r-Vjfi tJffTTt Uy Mat.. lB-g8-0a
That Oorso sVlallllstlsf BrerUirie.
THE C0utfl ttuoK
It's what Ue Black Cross
l Babe la Teur lhe Mtt kvu K l.n
Su) as4 a rmpl4 lire liintt as. Tb Umter
Auk Ki prlMMno..
iAlom' Xuaa Matlaee Week Say.
LJOYD 1819
fonlrbt eiety igbt, Aled dt
Tto'v, aai. tliaA BWCm.
awo4o1t. sirnM Act la Co
'Bonoa Wtta MJ.I. ro tal
.. jsckvs wet, aku. kio.
aigsx. fce aag K.
net week i itAoaui ;trii.m.
i - . . r )tH u Jts ' A-i-- f-
1.. UlAi, c.ti vi uuiA
V -. fcn ti VM