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    Tffi: UKK: OMAHA, THUKSDAY. .1AXUAHY 7, 1!J..
By MELLIFICIA. Wednesday, January 6, 1915.
HE Minneapolis Symphony orchestra ! scheduled to appear In
TOmibi Friday evening, February 1.
For the first time In the history of musical circlet here an
Omaha pianist will be heard with it.
MIps Frances Nash, daughter of Mrs. E. W. K'ash, will make her first
nubile appearance in concert at this event. Miss Nash was to hare made
her debut in concert in Dresden this fall. The orchestra and hall were en
.gaged for this event, but all .such plana were destroyed by the war, and
the returned home only a few weeks ago.
It Is possible that Miss Nanh will include In her program here two of
ihe larger Copln concertos, the ame as used In her professional program
abroad. .
Mies Nash was engaged to play with the Thomas orchestra a year ago,
but plans for continuing her musical studies abroad Interferred.
Sinner Before the Dance.
Mr. and MrV F. H. Gaines will enter
tain at dinner this evening preceding the
ftubecrlptlon club's dancing party, The
tab! win have for a decoration a mound
of pink rosea and the guests will be:
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. C. Johnson.
Mr. and Mri. Frank Juriann.
Mr. and Mrn Oerrlt Fort.
Mr. en1 Mrs. W. A. Fraer.
Mr. Lrfirlus Wakeley.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Mc"han will
give a dinner before the dance. Klllsr
ney roses will decorate their table and
Mr. and Mrs. McShsne will entertain:
Mr. end Mrs. On nod Kaatman.
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Davie.
.Vr. and Mrs. Clement chase.
Mr, and Mr. t. H. Haum.
Mr. and Hn. W. K. McKeen.
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Peters will give
a dinner of ten cows this evening at
their home. The guests will attend the
dunce later.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Barker will have as
their guests this evening:
Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Dixon.
Mr. and Mrs. K. M. Falrflel.l.
Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Medic.
Dr. and Mrs. J F.. Hummers.
' Mrs. Arthur R-minton.
Mr. Harry McOirmlrk.
Mr. and Mrs. Oould Diets will have as
their guests at dinner before the dance:
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Tukey.
Mrs. J. M. Metcalfe.
Miss Ida Hharpe.
Measra. Meears
W. Faroam Pmllh. Handell Brown.
Kccent Affairs .
the O-At-Ka club was entertained
Monday evening at the home ef Miss
Kathryn Lawless. Thoae present were:
Mary llavea.
- I ,inia aaell,
Kthel Fheeta.
Mulda Flltei-n.
U-trud.. HIM,
Mies Lydla
Hadle Imnlap.
Mildred llanaon.
Mar)' Welger,
'arrle llanaon.
Kathryn l,awlea.
Hamer entertained lakt
evening tor Miss Ethel KUnker. who
IrSves tor rVdulia, Mo., Monday. The
centerpiece for the table waa the picture
oj the guest ef bonor lnaide. Mlea Klln
ker's gift was a pearl La Valltere. Those
present were:
J. II. Kllsbarry.
A. A. Heath,: 1
I.urlle Cooke,
Arllna Abbott. '
lOte eihook.
Mario f hook.
Marie Peterson.
Lulu Mi'artney,
Joe Cox,
V. n. I lamer.
M leaea
F.v Handera.
Kuth Morrla.
Myrtle Harding,
Helen Morris,
Kmma Reiner, .
I.ydla Ramer.
Ethel K linker.
jean jviai'ern,
Mr, and Mrs. Oeorse Btilrley enter
tained on of the hrldce eluV Monday
evening. Thoae present were:
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Farrell,
Mr. and Mrs. BlaJne Young.
' Mr. and Mr, Chartee Ware,
Dr. and Mr a. J. V. Anson, x
Mr. and Mrs. R.- Carrlngton.
Block-Meyer Wedding".
The wedding of Mlaa Ruth Cora Msyef
and Mr. ' Isaac M. Block will be cele
brated this evening at o'clock at
the. Rome bote.
It will be a rery small wedding, with
no attendants, only tha families of the
lril and grtvom being preaont.
The parlors of the Rome, where the
leiemony will be erformet, will be dec
orated with palms and asparagus fern.
White pedeetala, trimmed with southern
amllas and holding large bunches of
llnk rosea, will form an aisle to, an Im
provised altar of palma at one end of
;tne parlor. The botel orchestra will play
the "Lohengrin" wedding . mar;h, and
'ItahM Cohn will read the marrtsaa lines.
.The bride will wear a gown of white
estln. made tery ahort and en the
Ureolan lines. From the left shoulder
ropes of j.eaiia will be drapmd. to the
: waJut line. 'A. long co'-irt .train will hang
I'rntrt the shoulders, where It la held with'
'l art ornaments. Ph will carry a
hower of bride's roe -a and lilies of the
: valley. Her only ornament will be a
.diamond bar pin, art In jlatlnum, the
iit of the groom. ...... -
The ceremony "will he followed by e
at-ddlng dinner. Trm.4able will Ue den.
crated with a mound of ele trtcttBhled
jink rosea and large bunches of French
flowers placed at each of the four eor
laii. Covers will te praccd ri.r thirty,
fi'. u guests. After -a trip- east Mr.' and
Mrs. Block wtlljbe at horoe, after FVb
Vuary lit. In Atlantlo, la., -at, the Kins
a, artrocnta. , ' ,' f .
Faa-Hellenio Election.' ' ' ' .
The Tan illrllcnlu association have
elected oftiii'ra dr .the' enaiUng yar
with the follow ins; reault: Mrs. P. M. Van
Oradcll. Ielta' lelt I hit, president;
Mrs. Charlea WriKht. Alpha Phi. vice
r -resident;. .Mrs. . F?4 . Cuscadc-iv, .Delta
tiamma, sa-retary and. .tfeasMrer, .This
afeociaUuB boMi lno nwUnii In. the
early spring and the annual luncheon ta
ivca at CtirinUiuLS time wueo the elec-
ton of olficers taka place.
Tuture Afairg. ' ,
The Pan rlutj will s a dan ins part
.J-'riJay eveulng-'at the lU-iue hotel. ,
i i .
I -it
. -A.te a rW
w e-
: t
6. -wai.
i f at
If yoa suffer from Rheumtira er
Tin!tsg rtib the aching parts with
O'l.cji Oil, then ivkp'eie of flan
r,r wiih ttkc Oil. Uy it on the place
t-t hurtj and cover with dry flanm-l.
i , . irr.tntent. hf .brouyht
i a-;.l ( I -?ret-vil rest t' peoj!c "tt hr . :t J.'-Ui-.J. Trilbjiile !.
To Honor Home Guest.
Mrs. O. 3. Ingwersen and Jffs Helen
Ingwerven entertained at en attractive
luncheon today et their home In honor
of Mies Catherine McMillan of Fon du
Lac, who came oa to be one of the at
tendants at the Wolfe-Macrae wedding of
last evet.lng. Miss McMillan Is spending
a few days with Miss Ingwersen before
returning to her borne. . The guests at
luncheon today were seated at small
tables, each having ae decoration. a small
basket of pink roses, rtace cards marked
the places of: ,
' Mixee - ' Misses -
Catlierlne McMillan, Francea Hochatetler,
Martha Dale.
Lucille Hacon.
(Ilarfya T'etera.
Daphne Peters,
Isiulae Dinning.
Marlnrle Howland,
Pyhll NHaon.
Helen Kpenrter.
Marion Kuhn,
Ann Otffrn-rt,
Meeds mea
H. O. Edwards, '
flertruda Metx,
Harriet Met a,
' Halcyon Cotton,
1-oulee Whit,
Helen Murphy,
Allc Duval,
Alice Jaqnlth,
Helnn Inswerren.
O. J, Jnsweraen.
With the Bridge Players.
Mlaa Mildred Butler was hostess today
at the meeting of the Wednesday Bridge
club. Mrs. Dentse Barkalow waa a guest
ef the club and thoae present were:-
Medamea Moadamea
Harold Prltchett, John P. Webster.
Hen Wood, '
Mlsae. Mlaaea
Katherine Thummel, Mildred Butler, N
Mary Hurkley, inisabeth Davis,
jmpnne Peters,
Elisabeth Bruce.
liulse Dinning,
With the TraTeleri.
Mr. end Mrs. Jay D. Foster and Mrs.
Foster's mother. Mrs. K. V. Bmlth, have
gone to California for the winter. , Be
fore returning home they plan to visit
the Kan Dle.go and San Francisco expo
sitions. Mr. Auaten Galley will leave this eve
ning for the east to spend two weeks.
Pleasures Pt.
A surprise party was riven Monday
evening In honor of Mrs. Claus Oasch,
the oocaslon being her birthday. These
present were:
. Mdamee
M. Mlnnlrk. .
A. Hallhaua,
M. McCanrftoaa.
E, Hwanann,
M. Flllhert,
M. Wagner,
M. Vollatedt . .
A. Oasch.
Mildred Rwanson, .
Nora Walker.
M sacra.
Fllint (loach,
Claus Uost-h.
J. Polvln.
B. Lundin,
Mlaaea -Harriet
Jane (lasch,
At Haoklund.
Horace ach.
Earnest Welsh,
Pan Dancinj Clnb Election.
The annual meeting of the Pan Dan
ring- club was heJd at the Henshaw
Tuesdsy evening. The following officers
for the coming year were elected: Mr.
F. A. Welah, president; Mr. C. B. Whit-
nay, secretary. The directors s re John
J. names, . o. Peterson and P E.
PenonaJ Mention. '
.'Mrs. O. Alexander Touna and dauahter
Miss Ann, are visiting friends In Colum
bus, Neb.
Mlaa Helen" Ingwersen leaves tomorrow
evening ror Chicago to resume her
atudlna at Mrs. Lei-log's school.. Hhe will
oa accompanied, by her guest. Mlaa
Catherine McMillan, who is returning fo
ner nome in r on du Lac,
Flour Prices Up
Under the Higher
- Prices, of Wheat
Following the raise In wheat, the price
of flour has advanced over II a barrel
tn the last week. Flour Is auw selling
wholesale at .price ranging around !.
and the retail price. haa Jumped to 11.T!
and $3-a eack. A week, aao- It sold at a sack retail. Local produce men es
cribe the cause to the wild manipula
tion of wheat speculator who are forc
ing quotations up on the exchanges.
- N -
The' public 'welfare campaign will be
opened Sunday afternoon with a meeting
at, the First Methodist church at 1:34.
Mr. Theodore Hansen,: superintendent ef
National Public Welfare league, will opea
the campaign .wlihian eddiaas en Ths
Otherw Fellow." Babbl Frederick Conn.
president of the local public welfare i
aoclatlon,. will preatde. An Invitation Is
extended to' the public to be present at
this meeting. a
Mr. Hansen and KM d-Secretary Jones
win arrive Thursday morning to take
personal charge of the campaign.
- 1
f In accordance-with - the recent order
given the-department by Pullca Ooinmle Kug. l to atop the ahowlng of wr
pit turea In lo al theatere. Folic woman
Katherine lrummy has beesj detailed to
wati-h -tha- piayhouaea- and report euch
mm that alia beltere to be a Violation
of Preaident WI!eos-neutrality procla
mation, l'ollcnmrn aa well have received
miliar inatrui-thms, altheuah Mrm.
I'rjiuiny la the only officer given speal
uriu tn nit worn. ... i
. - V .sxe
The; Omaha 'Futnlttww Manufacturing
company of RaJaton wt Its annoal met
ing Increased Its capital stock from lit.
e te t-n.(n te accommodate the Increas
ing bualneaa and elected D. D. Miller of
Omaha, formerly of the Miller. Stewart
A. Beaton com.iaoy, as president to suc
tted M. I". Powelt.
Bed the "Ft ' rials" au ir jqu want
barfain of the minute.
Commisiioner Sure He it;ht in
Election Account Bendered to
Board of Education.
Harley O. Morehead. election commis
sioner, seee no chance for a dispute over
the bill " he has rendered the Board of
Education for its share of the November
election espenses.
"The amount, .f 1.28, la not excessive,"
says Mr. Morehead. "My right to make
a charge against the board surely la not
questionable, but clearly defined by eeo
tlon 3M of the election laws under elec
tion -commissioner."
This section, after prescribing the duty
of the election commissioner to -supply
and equip all election booths and polling
places ' and conduct the elections, con
cludes: .
Provided, however, the expense ef hold
ing, and conducting; separately, any city,
municipality or school district election
shall b charaed to and paid bv the oitv,
munk-lpallty or school district holding the
election, s
In the vent that all or any two of
said laat named elections-re held Jointly,
then the election commissioner la hereby
empowered, to definitely fix and certify
to each'of auch bodies joining In eunh
Joint election the portion of auch total
expense which each ahail bear, and upon
euch certification the city, municipality
or district shall contribute and pay to
the county treaaurr tha ),. ..mi.
Formerly Held fteparete.
Previous to this election separate
prlmarlea and the final contest were held
for the choosing ef Board of Education
members. This election combined the two
and netted a smaller cost to the board,
proportionately, In Mr, Morehead's Judg
ment. .
VI have a record here," say a he. "show.
Ing a total of 82,087 for Board of Educa
tion election expense In the past."
Tliel Is true," save W. T. Botirke.
secretary of the board: "that covered the
coet ef both primary and election, but It
waa above the average. Our books show
that the two contests since then, Includ
ing the primaries and elections, cost the
board, respectively, fl,T07.4 and tl.MO.W."
Lnder the present law there are elshtv.
six voting placea In the city, as aaalnst
sixty-four formerly. Allowing 3S to each.
Mr. Morehead shows an extra Item of
I77d here, which conies In for considera
tion. T submitted 'a bill to the Metropolitan
Water district, the same as I did-to the
Board ef Education for Its share of the
expenses." says the election commissioner,
ana tnere waa no dispute on the princi
ple, merely that the county owed the
Water board and the latter very properly
desired to balance accounts."
Frank H. Woodland. Arthur W. Wake-
ley, members, and Carl E. Herring, at
torney for the Board of Education, the
committee to which this matter waa
referred, have not as yet gone Into con
sultation with Mr. Morehead. which, of
course, they will do before reaching a
derlelon. s
D. W. Miller, Who
Beat Doc Tanner in
Race, Omaha Printer
t. W, MlUer, the subject of State Pens,
tor Laurie J. Qulnhy's succeeaful fight
on the floor of the legislature, to beat
"Doc" Tanner .of South Omaha for the
Job ef clerk of the senate engrossing and
enrolling committee, le Daniel W. Jrtlllor.
His Omaha address Is UU North Thir
ty-fourth street, and -until recently he
waa employed aa a printer by the West
ern Newspaper union here. He went te
Lincoln with Qulnhy for the opening of
the legislature, and Immediately started
handing out his personal cards and lin
ing up support for the office he sought
He te registered aar a democrat In the
election commissioner's office, ,
Chicago Mart Goes
" Lower, While Omaha
, Prices on Advance
The Chicago wheat market waa steady
to lower.- while, on the other, hend.
Omaha was up 1 to'l' oerue. Wheat
sold all the way from ! 34 tn 11.3SH per
bushel, with durum going to II M te I1.4A.
During the session of the exchange
corn gained better than a cent, closing
at the high foe the day. Ralee ranged
from M te TH cent per bushel.
Omaha receipts were: Wheat, forty-
seven cars; corn. 131 cars; oat,' thirteen
cars, feeing far ahead of either St.' Louis
or Kanaaa City. k
J. Barry, groce-, was given . It and
costs, suspended sentence. In police court
for advertising twenty pound of sugar
for Si and only giving eighteen pounds
to customers, taking off two pounds for
the deliver'. Mrs. rt Baldwin. M Bouth
Nineteenth atreot, and Mrs. II. N.
fihaner of the ' same address appeared
against him. Barry stated that he In
formed customer of the deduction when
they gwve him aa order for the sugar.
t'nlon Faciflo council No, 10. Royal
Arcanum, will -Install officer for this
year thia .evening In the, lodge's
room,- second floor of the Board of
Trade building, Sixteenth and . Famam
streets. A tunny stcry contest will fol
low the work and musical eelertion will
complete the program.
Dr. F. M. KUng, professor ef European
history at the Vnlverrtty of Nebraak,
will deliver a lecture Friday evening at
the University club, taking a his subject.
"The Fhlloeophy of 11131017." Member
aadi their families have bee Invited to
attend the assembly.
rive Oea.e rrwvea St.
A Generous Offer. Cut out thia ad.,
endoae with I cants to Foley Co Chi
cago, 111, writing your name and addrea
plainly, aad reoaive a free trial package
containing Foley's Money and Tar Cora
pound, for coughs, colds aad croup;
Foley Kidney Pills, for kldoty and blad
der cotm-Uurua. backache, palu In Joints,
roauraauatn; aad Foley Cathartic Tab
lets, a wholesome and thoroughly cleans
ing cathartic try all threa lor t cents,
the coet of mailing, tkild by all dealers.
Frank 0. Odell Tellt Economic
-League Plan it Poll of Oppor
tunity for Speculator!.
The public , warehouse as general
proposition waa again threshed out last
night when the Kconomlo league got to
gether at the court house to hear Fratrk
O. Odell dlncuss the subject. . There were
two sides to the subject, end the members
found both sides,' Odell said he did not
wish to be regarded aa against a ware
house aa a general proposition, but, he
said, T am not In favor of any old ware
house bill. There are things to be guarded
against." .
He said among the' evils to be looked
for were the mixing of grain, .which re
sult In an advantage to the dealer. and
wwrke against the best Interest of the
farmer; the possibility of the warehouse
men thetneelvea dealing In the . grain or
becoming themselvee speculators In the
grain they store; the Jrmlttlng of the
speculative element to dominate the
terminal. He said also, that a Public
wsrehouae must. have federal Inspection
If the beat results ere to be obtained.
Mr. O'Dell reviewed the history ef the
co-operative grain elevator movement and
led up to the movement for public ware
house which has brought them ' into
existence In Missouri, Kansas, Minnesota
and Illinois.
Abase a Market In a.
"The abuses In grain marketing led to
the demand for puhlio warehouses," hs
said. "But the publlo warehouse haa not
been eufflclent to correct the evil of a
giant business. The owner or 'operator
of the warehouse should be performing
a public function and should be Impartial,
affording an equal opportunity to all to
store their STiln. But by device nr.
ated In defiance of the law, creating a
pimiro warehouseman, he ha become a
competitor t every legitimate tracer tn
grain and with special advantages which
renners competition practically impossi
ble." Prices la Kaaaaa. -
Tom Tibbie quoted General Test at
length In favor of the public warehouse.
He said the general had made a .tndv
Of the subject fee veara anrf Ml .1
that grain waa 'boiirht fi rnt. . v.k.i
leas In Nebraska thnn In "Kan... k-..-
"Nebraska has
C7. Vincent answer him by Bavin that-l
'-'wBe. s
v uniTiirut-v in inn nrira nr ari-et it.
Kansae.City and Omaha Is the difference
me price or rrelght "A law creating
public warehouse In Nebraska-. h.
said, 'Is about as Immru.t . i.
for Nebraska regulating the business of
oyster dredging or the operation of cotton
Jest Argalag a Little.
Tom Tibbie persisted In breaking
the argument. He shook hie gray locks
a DBi-ame nested. Vincent said: "it
Is -unfortunate that this f1IIafA, a.VA..1
tlr up bad blood."
ThT U no bslrl htrvrl " yr.UA m.i.
a - I'HVi A IU-
Mee. 'We are Just getting up a little
excitement ever this. A question that
can't arouse a little xcitn..t
worth a hiU of beans."
Police aid hae been asked bv
plasterers' union, which Is anxious to find
A. E. Jacqua. former Omaha nlaatarer.
whom they accuse of peculiar actions In
connection with the burial of his wife,
who died last Monday. Mrs. Jacqua' body
waa taken In charge by the Dodder com
pany at Jacqua' request, after which he
The body was held aa long aa Doaalble
and then buried yesterday, the union pay
ing the expensea
PARIS, Jan. 1 Another1 son of General
RJoclottl Garibaldi and grandson of the
great Italian patriot haa been killed In
action, according to a serol-officlaj note
Issued tonight." -
He waa killed while leading a charge of
Italian volunteers against the Germans
tn the Argonne diatrlct.
C.' Blaale, ISIS William street, fell oft
a moving southbound street car at Thir
teenth and William streets and sustained
a broken right leg and Internal injuries.
lis wss taken Into a drug store at 1251
Soath Thirteenth street, and attended by
Dr. C. "J. Nermec, -who ordered Ms re
moval to St'. . Joseph hospital. .
The Seat Mealclae for own ha.
The first dose ef Dr. King's New Dis
covery helps your cough, soothes threat;
get a bottle today, fioc. All druggists.
set Style Neveltlea Klayvd.
'.ROCHESTER, N. T.. Jan. .-Novaltle
in shoe, styles were condemned at the
attou of traveling afroe awleaineo.
Div Frederick Langdon, formerly as.
BlatmJlt t-itv nhv.l.-l, k.M . j
at Butte, Mont., haa returned to Butte
after apendlng the holidays In Orawha
Mr.- aad Mr.. -Hugh E. Wallace of
Minneapolis, who were recently married
at Kuluth, have been ,Je Itlng the tor.
mere parent a, Mr. end Mra-Omrn Ik
Wallace-. during the' holtdayaT Ur Wal
lace U a graduate nt th Omaha Htgh
school and tha University of Kebraake-
When Headachy
Take Cascaxets
For the Bowels
Get a 1 decent box now.
You're bilious! You hare a throbbing
sensation In your head, a bad taste ta
your mouth, your eye burn, your efcin
Is yellow, with dark rlnge ander your
eyee; your llpe are parched. ' No wonder
you feel ugly, mean and tll-tempered.
Your system U full of bile not pro party
pa seed off. aad what you need la a r'trn
Ing up inalde. Don't continue being a
blUoua nuisance to yourself and those
who love you, and don't resort to harsh
phyek-s that Irritate and'lnjwe- Re
member that meat diaordera of the attorn-
aca. liver and bowela are cured by room
ing with genUe. thorough Caecareta
they" work while you aleep. A lo-eent
bos from your drugglat will keap your
liver and bonela clean; stomach aweet.
and your bead clear for months. Chil
dren )ive tu take Caacarets. bet-auae they
taate good and never gripe'or sicken.
Boosters for Shipping on the Mis
souri hj Boat to Assemble in
Omaha from Many Parts.
Delegations of river navigation boosters
from up and down the Missouri will at
tend the big nubile meeting at the Com
mercial club Friday evening. A number
of Interested merchants and manufactur
ers from" Bloux City will come, the Coun
cil : Bluffs Commercial elub will send a
delegation, and Nebraska City will also
be represented.
A. W. Mackle, assistant tethe preaident
of the Kansas City Missouri Biver Navi
gation company; v W, 8. Dickey, multi
millionaire merchant of Kansas City, and
president of - the ' river navigation com
pany, there, and W.. T.' Bland, a promi
nent director, of the concern, will be the
three chief epeaker at the Omaha meet
ing rrlday to boost for river navigation
for thia city. -
Other Kanaaa City boosters of the pro
ject are expected to come to Omaha for
the meeting and make talks. Among
them will be B. M. Clendenlng, secretary
of the Kansas City Commercial clnb; C.
D. ' Parker, . a hardware and supply mer
chant, and -O. .V.. Wilson, a wholesale
grocer. The l.Oter two are big shippers
and now use the river navigation service
from Kanssa City south. They have
been Identified wtlh the movement to use
the river for freight barges ever since It
waa started.
MavLle Chief Speaker.
Mr. Mackle, who will be one of the
chief speakers, Is said te know more
about Missouri river navigation than any
other living man, as lie baa studied it
and haa been practically Jhe head of the
modern navigation movement ever since
Us Inception.
A the meeting Friday will be an open
one, to which everybody la Invited by
the Commercial club and ether interests
backing It, many citizen are planning to
attend and swell the large attendance of
manufacturers, jobbers, wholeealera and
other merchants, to whom the river navi
gation ' project will give lower freight
rates and be a great help In their trans
portation ' problems. Many Improvement
olubs and other civic bodies have author
ised delegate to attend.
"Put Your Diamonds
in Safe Place," is,'
Warning of Police
"Put your diamond' In a safe 1 place
upon retiring," la the warning being la
sued by the Omaha police) department,
which haa within the lset week been
notified of the theft of several thousand
dollars worth of gems from homes.
Two houaea were entered Monday eve
ning and night and a number of spark
lers taken, aa follow:
Frank Maboney, S2U South Twelfth
street, scarf pin. valued at $100. -
Mr. M. Fay, 223 Farnam street, ring
with one and a quarter karat. -
Bull Moose Party
Dead in Illinois
' . . - - v - .
SrniNGFXEIJD, , Jan. . . Politicians,
here for the opening of the Illinois legis
lature, tonight witnessed what . they
termed the death of the. progressive party
in Illinois, when Medill MoCormlck, mem
ber of the progressive national committee
and a member of the bouse., together with
II. 8. Iltcka of Rockford, the only other
progrcaaive In the lower house, entered
the republican house caucus and an
nounced their Intention of voting with
the republicans -during the eession.
MoCormlck made a' speech, before .the
caucus in which he said he "waa glad
to get back to the party of my fathers."
He waa Interrupted by - cheering and
violent handclappiror.
La.Grippa and Colds
In La Grippe and Colds, Ajttl-kamnla(A-K)
fwblet are unexcelled., aa they stop the
pains, sooth the nerves, and bring the rett
so greatly needed by nature to restore the
system to health. Fhyalcl&ns have ttsed
these tab leu for ovor twenty years. In the
treatment of eolda, fevers and la grippe, and
bar round no other remedy more useful In
gieae conditions. AnU-kamnta Twblsts are
so Inexpensive, so pleasant to take, ao sat
isfactory la their results, and so useful la all
conditions where there Is pain, that A-K
Tablets should always be kept ta the house
lor the time of need.. Many of our ablest
physicians obtain perfect results In la grippe
nd eeids, by cleansing the system with Ep-
som salts or Aetolds", a vary good cathar
tics, putting tha patient on a limited diet, and.
administering one A-K tablet every two or
three hour. This treatment will usually
break up the worst eaae la a day or two.
while in milder eaeea, ease aad eemfort fol
low almost Immediately. These tablets are
also unexoelled tor Neuralgia, Kbeumati
Fains. The Fain a of Women, IndtgesUoa
and insomnia. AU drugglat have them.
Csawiae A-K TMma tea Jke AC
Give Them
a Rest
Now la a good time to have
your heavy suit, overcoat or
jacket Cleaned.
8 pare them to ua for a day or
two and they will coma horn
looking Fresh and Crisp as new.
New Office
We call your attention to our
new Up-town Offloa at SO 16 Far
nam street, formerly Tha Ward
robe). Work left there geta the name
careful attention aa at our main
plant. All Cleaning, Pressing.
Repairing. Dyeing and Finishing;
Is don la our main plant, tha
branches at South Omaha and oa
Farnam atreot being Just receiv
ing offices. .
It you want real Quality Clean
ing aend It hare.
"Good rtesusera and Dyers'
I61S.1T gone . Vhoaa " Baa, sag.
aula a-araaaa au Fhaae Paai. IT.
.sag He. set .. faath Osai
Pitoae Sva. icaO.
V. (X WUAtftM. tarr.
Diamond Bresttpin Valued at $1,500
Disappears While Woman Boards
Train at Union Station.
Among a long list of "equeals" re
ported at police headquarters the most
Important by far ta the report w Ired the
department by Mrs. N. A. Spiesberger.
MM Farnam street, who Is en route to
KVw York with her husband, that a
diamond breastpin valued at B.B00, In
some manner became detached from her
apparel aa she was hurrying through a
crowd at the station to eatch the train.
Confirming the fact that the pin was
either stolen or found comes a notifica
tion from several Tenth street pawnshop
that a Well-dressed Individual nf ahniit 5T.
year attempted to pawn a piece of Jew
elry Identical to that described by Mr.
Fpleeberger. The police are exerting
every effort to apprehend the man. Other
thefts reported are aa follows: Omaha Ice
and Cold Storage company. Fifteenth and
Dodge, waa visited by thievea, who gained
entrance by breaking a window, and car
tied away an overcoat, a quantity of
stamps and several dollars la change;
Fred Croat, 1422 South Eleventh street.
Inform the police that hi room was
ransacked and a suit snd l In cash
was taken. Thirty pounds of butter were
stolen from a Waterloo creamery wagon,
driven by C. K. Williams.
Lemon thieves were also very active
and after breaking a ' window of Che
Swarts & Hlrsh grocery at 1306 Howard
street, snared a box of lemons and sev
eral sacks of potatoes.
Grlirgs Davidson. S01 Harney street,
returned home to find $lr In cash had
been removed from hi dresser by a thief
who had unlocked the front door with a
Skeleton key. ,
John B. Stewart. 705 South Eighteenth
street, declares that while his coat was
hanging In a bakery at 18(8 St. Mary's
avenue, S170 wa removed from one of
the pockets.
The Douglas lunch, 1718 Douglas street,
loot 130 when the establishment was en
tered by a nocturnal prowler who forced
the lock on the side door. -
Seven director to serve for the next
three year were 'elected by members of
the . University club yesterday. J " Those
named are: O. T. Eastman, Forest Rich
ardson, F. II. Woodland. Dr. F. 8. Owen,
A. R. Wells, Dr. E. T. Manning and A. G.
EUlck. On January 14 an election of 'of fl
eer will be held. .
Reports from committee show the club
to be doing well, ftnendajly and other
wise. January
. Every one of the hundreds who bought here yesterday,
and Monday la a satisfied witness to the: truth, of on .
claim that this is a "More than ordinary aaje." It of
fers Lace Curtains, Curtain - Materials, Portieres, etc, t r . t
taken from our regular gtock rood. that have been ..
most carefully selected for quality and, pattern, at prices
reduced from One-Third to, Less Than One-Half. L . '
. There are hundreds of items each-as the following t - -1
Lace Curtains, per pair, 49c ; . '., . " ... - ,
. -T-curtains that gold from $1.25 to $3.60 Per pair.
Lace Curtains, per pair, 89o . . H-. ? '.-,
'curtains that sold from' $1. SO to $2.76 per pair.
Lace Curtains, per pair, $1.39 v'-:
. . curtains that sold from $2.25 to $5.00 per ' fair.
Lace Curtains, per pair, $1.95, $2.95, $3.95, $4.95, $5.95, $6.95
representing eyen greater reductions on'firet Quotations,
Remnants of Yard Goods, each, 5c, 19c, 39c and 75c
January Furniture Sales
Beginning Monday, the 11th x "
It is well worth waiting foi big reductions will prevail.
Orchard &
r" PlSJal fWflHi
f W Is IS.
With Kach New Excello Customer We Give Away a Gilt Clock at
Our- Oflce. "
Kxeello is the famoos 8mokeleea pol- lairta and burn) like
hard coal.
Zll South 10lh Street.
JCMcas'a Nwt
The Home of Omaha People
' Visiting Chicago
TX Placm Wiur You '11
Meet Your Friends
And Year Home
ft per U Waiting
tot Yea at
tke Kews A Room
for a Dollar
BostonOyster House
S Court eoas
(Vary Coawesdawae
Canal Fort Guns Big
Enough, but Too Few.
WASHINGTON. Jan. . Governor
Goethals of the Panama canal sons told
the house appropriations subcommittee
on fortifications today that while gun
and ammunition at the ranal were ample
now It was necessary to hsve provision
for duplications. i
"Could foreign warships outrange the
runs of the canal fortifications?" asked
Chairman Fltsgerald.
"No." replied Jhe governor. "Our
gune are of equal range, so fsr as our
Information goes."
Idaho's Governor
Favors "Dry" State
BOISE, Idaho, Jan. . Governor Moses
Alexander delivered his first mesnsge to
the legislature of Idaho, which convened
today, reading It personally and declared .
In favor of state-wide prohibition by leg
islative enactment In order that Idaho!
may "go dry" at the same time aa Ore.
gon and Washington under constitutional
A Oarm IHsease That Cau e Stowed '
By Killing Onai Woloa Cause It.
A good many claims are made for this
and that remedy for Catarrh and doubt
less, if you are a sufferer from thia dla
eaae, you have yourself tried many of
them and received no permanent benefit.
The fact remains however, that there
is a way to get rid of catarrh forever and
certainly the method most likely to suc
ceed and to cure where all else has fail
ed Is one that your own druxgiat has so
much fslth In that he will sell It to yoil
on a positive guarantee of euccens or
money bsck.
Thst's exactly the way that Sherman) '
A McConnell Drug Co., snd many other
leading druggists In this vicinity are sell-t
Ing llyoinei, the great Catarrh geim
klller. a wonderful medicated but pleasant
sn.elllnc air which you breathe Into your1
nose, throat and lungs through a small
inhaling, device .that drugglata furplnri ,
with it Hyomef is made from the pure
healing oil of rJucalyptus, combined with!
other powerful germicidal Ingredients and
it not only clears up the heed and air
paaaagee and heals the sore, swollen in
flamed membrane of your noae and
throat but It goes fsrther and does more."
Its penetrating air la absolute and .pod
tive death to every catarrh germ in yont
aystem. It destroys them utterly. And
when the germs go "the disease and all 1
Its disagreeable symptoms stop. If you -have
Catarrh breathe Hyomei. Its' the
only sensible thing to do and you gain J
nothing and lose much by waiting. Don't
truss, to memory. Cut . thlaput of the
paper now and take it Into your drug
gist the very next time you pax hta store.
Inaist on getting the complete outfit which
Includea the free rubber Inhaler as It is
very necessary .to use this Inhaler to get
beet results.
fc-herman A McConnell Drug Oa,
ery Sale
Wilhelm Go.
Douglas 878.
anr&egt Hotel M
with a Bath
and a Half
of tks)
Most Famous
Restaurant in
West ' X -Tn-m
r ,
Heart of
the Loop
treatment i
Stations,, Shops
Morrison Wotel
Uediaoa and Clark St. CHICAGO