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    the iu:r;: omaita. thcksday. iECKMm;n .:. i:u.
FARMERS' CONGRESS ' Public is Warned
Trt nPAW ronwnc Against Bad Checks!
Scores of' Fanners' Organizations
Will Be Represented at Conven
tion Next Week.
I'rlnil Co., Itii; Ilonarii utrirt. hc
notifhvt the pollve that five for1 rhork
ra rising fntn IT to to I-1" have been rr
turned to thorn for payment. The firm l
confident that there1 nre several more In
circulation ami la anxloua that no on
else la taken In by the forjterle.
l.naa; of Oraanliat Ion )latr '
tlanlflerf Their Intention of I
Neadlaa; Delegation to the
Blar t.atherlns.
Shepherd Pup Travels Thousand
Miles to Find Mother is Gone.
Score of farmers' arsniilSHtions of the
atate, representing? various specialised In-!
duatrlrs on the farnia of the state,, will
be represented by from one to a dosen
delegates In the fifth annual convention
of the Nehraaka Farm Congress, which
meets In Omaha next week, December
and 10. There arts special association
dealing with problems of the dairy busi
ness. There are commissions and com
mittees that are considering the rural
school problem. There are seed corn as
sociations. And there are doiena of otltcr
1'lsI and state-wide associations that deal
with special topics. All thcac are to be
represented by delegations In the farm
congress. Thua the farm congress Is a
sort of clearing house for the working
out of big problems that confront the
narlcultural Industry of the state In gen
eral. Organisation Represented.
A muni; ih" organizations that have al
ready signified their Intention to have
tielcgatioii at the convention arc: The
Cheyenne County Jkrrlraltural society,
raBmnt Farmers- institute. Farmers'
Kducjitlonal and Co-Operative. JState
union. Springfield Farmers' Institute,
faijndera County Agricultural association,
rommlttee on the Improvement of rural
schools, Dunbar Farmer Institute asso
ciation. Improved IJe Slock Breedors
association. Farmers' Mutual Insurance
association. Farmers' Institute pf 8troma
burg. Farmers' Institute of Atkinson, Ne
braska Pure Grain and Seed Growers'
association. Farmer' Society of Equity.
Farmers' Union of South Bund, Farmers'
Grain and Live Stock association, Ne
braska Corn Improvers' association, Man
ty Co-Opcratlve association, Hamilton
County Agricultural society, Nebraska
Home Economics association, Nebraska
Fruit Growers' association, Sheridan
County -Fair- association, Nebraska Col
lege of Agriculture, Farmers' Co-Opera-tive
Merchants' association of Uhllng.
Is Generally Well Up to High Stand
ard Set by Authorities.
1ln of (he Palrlea Are Far e
tbp lleiinlrementa of the !
tintrrnlna Italrlea apl
Ini Milk to Omaha.
Omaha dulricn ere kept clean during
the month of November and the quality
of milk sold was up to the stringent rs a result of Frank J. Cannon' ant'.-
WOMEN HOT AFTER SENATOR I lieutenant tipton ; rLrj;r.rk "T
- ! BACK FROM VACATION u.e ... j
Get No Satisfaction from Hitchcock
When Committee Waits on Him.
Reaolntlona tdnpleil tfter Senator
Tell Visitor There, la Need
for Action on the netln
of I'nlxamr.
Tlie Omaha Oman's M'sslotiarv fedora
lion la after Senator Hitchcock. It is all
U. A. nnlen Kami I Took Urate to
Yatoo, Mlaa.( Ml -Vrr.ka Aaro
When Mnvlnv to Their
evr lloiue.
Policeman is Held
Up in Saloon Till
Reserves Come Up
John Barta, plain . clothes policeman,
was forced to throw up his hands for a
few minutes, until help came, when
Thomas Doyle shoved a gun In his face.
Jim Jackson, colored, waa shooting dice
When Barta appeared at the aaloon
door. Doyle poked a gun In his face and
made -him throw up hla hands. Barta
argued with him until Officer Sullivan
and Leahy come along, when the pair
was soon cleaned up and taken to the
station. .No Injury waa done except the
loe of some akin from Barta' band,
where he hit Doyle when he floored him.
rJn Gua-WJck.' pla-, wneji. T.lumas Doyle
'. and Frank Burns, both-white assaulted
him. He ran to the police station for help
nnd Barta was sent down. , .
Id tired and with ita toe nulla orn
down so far that it could hardly stand
up, a shepherd dog belonging to 11. A.
Bolen. formerly of South Omaha, waa
found asleep yesterday curled up at
the doorstep of Its master's father, G.
Bolen. 723 North Twenty-second street.
South Omaha, after making a trip of
about 1.00 miles In two weeks.
That is Koing some for a 2-year-old
canine, and it was nothing more extraor
dinary than homesickness that Instigated
itb trip back through all kinds of wcathet
and over all sorts of roads to see its
mother. But even after such heroic ef
fort on the part of tho poor animal it
arrived only to find that Its mother was
dead, having been shot two weeks ago,
The reatof the story is stereotyped in
that the dog was taken to its new south
ern home about six weeks ago by the
O. A. Holen family when the members
moved to Yazoo. Hiss., and made the trip
In an automobile. The trip consumed
four weeks, and after establishing themselves-
In their new home the family went
on another trip to New Orleans, leaving
the dog at home. It becaruo lonesome
and the rest of the story haa been told,
excepting that It trail, stained from lis
bleeding toe nails, showed at South
Omaha that it had first tried to enter
thn door of the Fouth Omaha Van and
Storage company barn, formerly owned
by Mr. Bolen, and meeting with diaap
polntment there went over to, the elder
Bolen' home, where It looked high and
low for it mother, only to finally He
down exhausted at the doorstep of the
Just before moving to Yaxoo Mr. Bolen
gave the mother of the dog to his father,
ami old scents led the pup on Its long
standard of the city ordinance, accord
Ing to the report of I 'airy Inspector
Claude F. Bossle to Health Commissioner
It. V. Connell. The report follow:
X A M K.
ovelnd . Frtn W.O 15.oflO 4.0
Friesland Farm sb.4 3,6110 4.2
a omito Dairy Co 29.700 S.K
aterloo CYenmet-v Cn im
Morris Piatt ra'.ooi to
Oscar A ndemon
W. Anderson
t. P. Chrlstcnsen
Chrlatensn Brother
H Comeer
Julius Clausen
louls Chrlstensen...,
Samuel Chrlstensen.
D." C. Cbrlslensen....,
John Christensen....,
John Camenzlnd
Anton dirlMensen...
N. F. Chrlstensen...,
!ahl Rrothera
KlmlKirg Brothers...
Christ FroM
A. Kredericksen
.. 87.0
.. K5..t
.. 87.2
.. 87.4
.. M.h
.. 7T.I
tt.non s.r,
a,son 1.2
n.m 14
K21 It
1S.O0O s.2
2.0 3.9
55.000 I S
K. 8.2
Hrt O (B.Oin s.s
7 1 ai.ono 3.0
M O 21, OK) 3 4
K7.0 In.otn 8.7
"5.3 24.0110 3.0
N 1
81.0 iionrti 4 n
P. tlmlieck W.O 27IO 8.8
K Hamlin . 8 min sis
Charles Hansen... 87.0 ijjoon 3 4
I'. N. Hansen 84.2 7S..( 3 4
C. A. Hansen 81 2 SS.ftiO 14
James Horn 87.0 firtftm 3 1
J. M. Jensen a.l fii ism t
John Jacohsen kx 11 IK.noo
Mormon eech at the Auditorium two
wee-ta ago, which arriaeil tl.e church
women mightly. One of their number,
Mrs. Frank Hughes, approached Senator
Hitchcock on thn matter, and acconling
to Mrs. Frank Stewart, secretary of the
federation, was abruptly Informed that
there waa no need for action aa polygamy
was no longer practiced In the Mormon
At Tuesday's meting at the Young
Women' Christian association, Mrs K.
O. MoUtlton presented the following reso
lution, wtiich was unanimously adopted:
We are a mailed at the lack of Informa
tion shown by Senator Hitchcock, aa re
ported to us by Mrs. Frank Hughes. In
regard to polygamy as at present prac
ticed In the Mormon church. We chal
lenge him to Inform himself of the facts.
It waa also voted that a cipy of this
resolution should be sent to Senator
Mr. F. A. Putnam then Introduced the
following resolution, which waa also
unanlmiMutly adopted:
Resolved, Tht each demonomination
represented In the Woman Missionary
federation take definite action looking to
l,t 3.1 'ho aollcltatton of Representative 1-
12.0H0 8.2 beck a support In the Important incexiire
Lieutenant T. M Tl.-ton. In ,hge of MR. AND MRS. ARTHUR JONES
the Omaha re ruitlng slHtion of the navy, '
hsa returned from a week's trip to I'hlla- j
dilphla, where he witnessed the Armv-
Navy foot ball name. , Arthur .lone, punha.lng sn.-nt for the
"The Army won It biv auae It hail a i Hankers Benlty Investment 1 ninpany . w h
better team and a letter style of play. ' wan married lent week to Mls Augusta
he sav "They h i. I the best team In I llarnsben y of Ash, ami, No h , haa re
their hist. 11 y." I turned with ils bride to Omaha. Mr.
At least 2.".,rti people from other cities and Mis. .lone will mnke their home at
lslted I'hllndelphln for the big annual , Camden avenue.
Alt hough sixteen vacancies at salaries
of from fii to I..K40 ier year were pen,
only two applicant appeared t the fed
eral building to take civil service ex
amination for appointment to fill the
pusltl'iiis. Miss Vlo'a Coffin, secretary
of the local civil service bureau, report
that seversl others had algnlfied their
Intention to take examinations, but failed
to appear Monday or Tuesday for the
Schmoller & Mueller's 55th Annual
lill MEM
Jessen Brothers.
I'oter Jeppeaen..
I'etcr Jensen
Jopp jHppersen..
C. C. .lunl
Chrla Jensen
Fred Johnmn....
I P. Jense
C. If. .lencen....
C. M. Jacobscn.
I Johnson
l. r. Jensen HO. 7
I. N. Jense sa o
Ja-obsen Brother 80.2
Knnte Knudsen 82 n
Ant. m Irsen Rj.t
89 ft !.(ii) 8.2
87.0 2.40 3.2
i.4 DO.0110 3.8
88.7 ft.,VJ0 3.4
85.0 !,I00 4 0
8K.1 12.K10 3.2
of the anti-polygamy bill,
The Rev. O. A. Ilulbert of the St. Mary
Avenue Congregational church addressed. I
In an Interesting way, the federation on 1
"Home Missions." I
" S 4 so'ooo s " P"""1 through Omaha yesterday. The
U". H.O h'ifiO s'S' ,'"r rrlvc,l m Omaha at 7:30 over the
Formal dedication of the new home of
St. John's Episcopal mission occurred
Tuesday night. Bishop A. I Williams
was in charge of the ' exercises, which
were largely attended.
Bishop William revlowel the history!
of the old St. John' mission at Twenty
sixth and Franklin streets, established
by the late Bishop Worthington In 8S7,
and praised . Rev. O. J. Cleveland, who
Is to be pastor of the mission. Music
was rendered by St. John' choir.
Service will be held each evening for
a week.
Missouri Pacific
May Delay Building
of the New Viaduct
Construction of the Dodge street via
duct, assured by the supreme court' rul
ing that the city ordinance ordering It I
legal, will not begin for several months.
Missouri Pacific railroad official have
intimated to the city legal department
that the road' track will be raised over
the streets where viaducts may be neces
sary In the near future.
"This would forestall the city in order
ing more viaducts," aaid City Attorney
John A. Rlno, "and it. will .probably be
done. Railroads In other large cities have
raised the tracks over the street to
eliminate the dangerous grade crossings."
The city legal department has received
no word from the supreme court concern
ing the recent opinion and none 1 ex
pected within leu than two or three
At a meeting of the South Omaha
V.agle. the following officer were elected
for the ensuing year: Joseph C. Walker,
president: V. V. Foitlk, vice president;
K. O. .Suilivan, chaplain; C. Christlan
ben, secretary; J. A. tFred) Parks,
treasurer; M. V. Boyle Inside guard;
John H. Burns, outside guard; John
Frlgga. trustee; Dr. F. A. Beck and Dr.
J. J. Humpal, aerie hysiclaiis.
A Bitter Tonic
aid digestion. Klectric HTiters will In
crease your appetite, help digest your
food and tone up your system. Sue and
I. All druggists. Advertisement.
New officers to serve for one year were
elected by Grant post, No. 110, Grand
Army of the Republic, at Its regular
meeting held Tuesday evening in the
(irand Army room at the court house.
They arc: R. P. Tuten. commander; M.
R. Rlsdon. senior vice commander; p. J.
i lot man, Junior vice coimnanGer; I). M.
Ilaerly, quartermaster; A. D. Hulett, of
ficer of the day.
Fire Warden Ed Morris ha issued an
order to merchants prohibiting the uae
of common cotton aa "snow" decoration
for Christmas display window.
"Asbestos cotton may be used," said the
fire warden, "but the danger from fire
make it necessary to prohibit the use of
the ordinary cotton.'1
The-fire warden will inspect how win
dow with the city electrician and all In
flammable stuff will be ordered out.
A. M. Larsen..
Ham Lnrsen.
W. Mennffh
Molgard A Anderson
C. Mortensen
Jim Mllgard
Max Mittleman
Otto Marrnay. ........
IS elson & Co
Nordqutst. Bros.
A. Nelderberg
Ij. N. Nelsnn
N. J. Nelson...
R. Norgard
Krank Nufer wt.O
Norgard Bros sr.i
R. R, Nelson sr. o
Olsen & Pedersen. 8fi.3
S. Flo n Olsen srr 1
Jack Petersen 88.4
Oeorge Petersen 78.8
Max Petersen
Pete Petersen
Anton Petersen .
o. Petersen & Co. ...
H. K. Paulsen
R. M. Pedersen 82.1
Charlee B. Poet R5.4
C. Pedersen gM
Hans Petersen 87.5
C. Spangard 89.0
8. P. Sorensen 85.1
M. C. Sorenoen 88.8
J. M. Spangard 91.4
it. rmeanin..
Ia C. Scott
82.3 1 40.000 3. 5
88.0 12.ri00 3.4
fin.OOH 3.3
45.000 3.2
16,01 3.4
2.4O0 3 4 3.2 j.s
15.0no 3. a
75.000 4.1
3R.0I1O 3 2
36.000 3.2
6.8110 3.4
fiO.OHO 3.8
35.000 8 4
70.000 a.
32.5(10 4.0
27,00 3.
42.0T10 3.
88 0
... 89.0 i;.0(10 8.2
.... 86.0 8.000 3.2
25,0110 8.4
45,000 3.8
35.000 8.8
12.500 3.9
13.000 3.2
8,500 3.7
8,500 3.2
85.0U0 3.2
57.7 6S.0U0 S.O
87.8 15,000 8.2
83.8 30.000 8.6
.. 84.1 128,000 3.2
85.000 8.2
60,000 3.6
12.000 8.2
9,000 3.2
27.OU0 8.2
18.0ri0 8.2
15,000 8.3
28.000 3.8
88.0 75.000 3.2
87.2 21.000 3.2
The first through car. running from St.
Paul and Minneapolis to Ixis Angeles,
Northwestern and left on the Ix An
geles Limited on the t'nlon Pacific at
11:55. The lay-over of the car all morn
ing wa arranged to give the travelers
ample time to see Omaha and make pur
chases here, a requested by the retailers.
In order to obtain rock bottom figures from the manufacturers we were obliged to
buy over three thousand pianos to be delivered during the year 1914. The unfortunate
condition in the south caused by the cotton market, with the holding back of the wheat
and corn crop by farmers in the north for higher prices, has created such a depresion in
our piano business that we find ourselves largely overstocked with nearly one thousand
instruments on hand and in transit, and only four weeks time to dispose of them. Rather
than store these pianos, we will sacrifce prices in order to place them in as many homes,
and get the benefit of the advertising herefrom.
will sell iWaiiUnil SKW I prlKliis. reKular $3."VO and $:W0 value, at 17.1 to $2.V; w Player
Manos. revulai l.fO to ftmo values, nt fv'H to tytffft. NKW lrnd Pianos low I2. I4NI will
snap up thoo haruaJns quickly, so we advine an rrly aelertlon.
In our stock you will find such iilKh.nrnl and world-fa mcl llanos, an STKIXWAY M)XS,
Never Equalled in the Middle West
Hero Arc a Few Samples of Bargains in New and Used Instruments:
Sample of Pyramid Pllo Kerned''
mailed freo for trial gives quirk relief,
stops Itching, bleeding or protruding
piles, hemorrhoids and all recta
trouble, in me privacy of your owi
home. Poo box at ali druggists. Fre
ample for trial With booklet mallei
free In plain wrapper.
Ferguson Tells of
Electrical Motors
Frof. O. J. Ferguson of the electrical
engineering department of the University
of Nebraska gave his second lecture last
evening in the Young Men's Christian
association' popular industrial lecture
course, lie talked about street railways
and motors. Thursday and Friday even
ing K. 11. Hagenalck, superintendent of
line for the street railway company,
will speak on "Klectrleal Traction." His
Thursday lecture will be Illustrated.
The course Is under the direction of
Educational Secretary J. W. Miller of
th association, and Is intended espe
cially for technical men and for employes
of electric companies who wish to learn
more of the theory and practice of the
Jim Berensen S7.T "JS.OOO 3.2
8am Sorensen 82.6 105.000 S.6
i-. in. w inter KX 0 62.00) S.d
W. R. Wood. Arwood 93.8 3.5O0 4.2
W. Jl. Wood. Arwood
Special 45,000 S.
Average bacteria of all samples taken
during November. S2.0O0.
Bacteria standard. 100.0HO.
Butter fat standard, J.2.
Commercial Club
Renews Membership
With National Body
The Commercial club of Omaha will
renew It membership In the National
River and Harbor congress. This wa
Just decided by the executive committee.
Thl move grotrs out of the renewed
Interest Omaha business men are now
taking In tho possibility of Missouri river
navigation between Omaha and Kansas
City. The executive committee ha de
cided to send a committee consisting of
. W. Gamble and Robert II. Manley,
commissioner of the club, to Washington
next week to meet with the National
River and' Hurbnra congress there.
These are the two men who a few week
ago made a trip to Kansas City to In
vestigate the Missouri river navigation
project, which has been in operation be
tween Kansas City and St. Louis for four
fiU Pyramid Bldg., Marshall, Mich.
Kindly (end me Free sample of
Pyrasaid File Ra4r, In plain wrapper.
Street .
City mate
Former Sale
rnc rrice
$400 ChlckerltiR Practice Tiano $ 5
$450 l,lght Co. Practice Piano 25
$f00 t'hickerine; Upright Piano 1(M
$400 Stanley AV Sons Upright SlUis
$350 Schmoller & Mueller Upright $105
$.100 Davig & Sons Upright SKlllH
$400 Sieger & Sons Upright
$350 Knierson Upright 8150
$550 Hard id an Upright SllliO
$300 Schmoller & Mueller Upright 8150
$4 00 Sieger & Sons Upright.
$500 Steger & Son Upright . ,
$250 Kimball Upright ,
$800 A. H. Chase (Irand
$1,100 Stelnway Orand 8450
$500 dough A Warren Player Piano 8250
$700 Stuyvesant Player Piano 8-40O
zd lecnnoia rinyer Piano S'tOS
$600 Schmoller ft Mueller Player Piano... 8375
$800 Wheelock Player Piano 8485
Exctuslvo Agents for the Complete Aeolian Lino of Pianola Pianos
Make Your Own Terms
Me will gladly accept term aa low aa $14.00 a
month, ami will liohl any piano you
select jnow for A mas delivery.
R. R. Par to Out-of-Town Customers
i hit-of-town iieople contemplating buying
Piano for ChrlMmuH should write at once for bar
gain Hat No. 37. Itallroad fare refunded to all
purchaser between sew and ?aaw 1115. Write today.
Schmoller & Mueller Piano Co.
1311-1313 Farnam St., Omaha
Headquarters for Victor
Vlctrolas eV Qrafonolas
Mr. A. Melcher wa elected president
of the Jewish Iridic' Relief society at a
meeting- held Tuesday afternoon at Con
tinental hall. Mr. Philip Bchlnifer I
the new vice president, Mr. II. M. Maro-
witz, secretary, and Mrs. J. Rosenberg,
Drink or Drugs
Destroy Manhood
Any reputable physician will advise
you that the poison of alcoholic liquor
or narcotic drug retai, id and "atored
up" In the irstem weaken and paralyse
the nerve and tissues of the body, and
finally destroy mental, moral and physi
cal manhood.
The Neal Treatment act aa an anti
dots for these polsor.s. eliminates them
from the system, chance detre and
craving into a loathing for liquor or
ilrugs. overcomes the diseased condition,
"build up" the system, snd restores
health and real manhood.
We recommend that all natirnls spend
a few day at the nearest Neal Insilt'ite,
but where this Is Impotwible we rimran
te that In any ordinary esse, of drink
habit the Neal Treatment mav be
caafully taken at home hotel or . . j i.
Kor full Information .nil or add!.,
the OMAHA XKAl. IXSTIT11K. ii r
r'outh Tcnili Ptieei, Omaha.
I.ea moisture fell In Omaha last month
than in any previous November In the
history of the local weather bureau, ac
cording to Forecaster Welsh' monthly
report. The precipitation W'a .M of an
:.-ih, two-thirds of which fell on the last
day of the month. ' Tho mean tempera
ture also was higher then It haa been In
November for ten years, with the excep
tion of :13. There 1 now an accumu
lated excess of 1.05 degree of tempera
t'ire since January 1. There were only
three cloudy day during the month.
Everything to Be Sold at a
Bare Fraction of Orig
inal Price.
Store Was Opened Early This
SpringEvery Suit and
Overcoat Latest
Now I your chance, men of Omaha.
Be wise and save enough on your win
ter clothing Mil to buy your Chrlatms
It I a deplorable fact, but nevertheless
true, that this high class store will close
iia aoors in tne very near future. Early
this spring It opened it door with the
flneal lin of men suit and overcoats
that the market afforded. It catered to
the beat dreasera of Omaha, but for rea
son we do not care to make public. It
will soon be a store of the past.
You can rest asajred you will find the
best of apparel selling at
practically wholesale prices here. Do not
nasa lin this irotutarful nrwui,li,niiu .
w- - - luuiij IU
!.ie t'onie i t nne an the tallies m ...
In a hud fire at their !iery in t.m city ' f .-, r!l... .urelv ni,l reduce th. .
ji'oaiher c Hon sustained a liwa of llu.O, fl. ..!!. and overeats nulcklv
I iu me uiiiiuing ana stock, hut l'i.t no1
Cheek C roup Inatantly.
You know croup 1 dangerous. And you
should also know the sense of security
that comes from always having Foley'
Honey and Tar Compound In the house.
It cut the thick mucus and clears away
the phlegm, stops the strangling tough
and gives easy breathing and quiet sleep.
Take it for cough, colds, tickling throat.
hoarseness snd for bronchial and la
grippe rouughs. Contains no opistes.
Every user is a friend. For sale by all
dealers. Advertisement.
Kates of laaktoa.
YANKTON, S. D.. lec. 2.-1 riperial.)
Mr. and Mrs. John Fox and their Infant
daughter are slowly recovering from pto
maine poisoning, whli h followed the eat
ing of some canned oyters. All were at
O'-atli's door for five hours.
69 Neal Institutes in Principal Cities! ea.rr'.T'11'''
M y. Kf!
to the :. lent of Mini
11 I'ainani Street
opposite Famm llot.-l.
.Danger That Economy May
eadto Hysteria
!A short time upo wo listened to an address delivered to the students of one of our Great Colleges by the
professor of Economics. The hall was crowded with tho students and many of the influential men and women
of the town. The professor referred to the destruction over seas and its, effect upon the incomes of many of
the people of this nation. He advised economy the cutting out of foolish and wasteful expenditure, "but
warned his hearers against the danger of their economies developing a wort of saving hysteria. He was abso
lutely right. There is today that serious danger all ovor the nation people whoso incomes have not been
affected a particle, people whose incomes are so large that even a reduction of income or passing of a few
dividends cannot seriously affect are all-cutting down this year. Xok before they know it their attitude and
the attitude of other thousands will affect all the business interests of the country, and that will mean further
reductions in income ami more unemployment. That's the hysteria of economy. Don't you acquire it. Act
as nearly normal as you can. Think of the sufferers across tho ocean; help them out of your abundance. But
don't forget what vou owe ;
As an inducement to noniiiil activity, THOMAS KILPATRICK & CO. have done some pruning of prices
for THURSDAY. Many sales start with the opening hour; others are time sales, all arranged for your oon
vonience as well as ours.
1ST At HUU Counter 8:;t0 A. M. A lot of Waist and Dress
Lengths of Plain ul.d Fancy Silks the season's odd pieces
worth up to $1.00. at 39 a yatd.
Near thl nection Is the Dress Goods Department where the
excitement is ln'ieiifo over the HK1KT making for ONK DOLLAR.
ONLY 8 DAY'S MOHK Sale haa been phenomenal. Skirts made
to .measure, fit warranted or no take. Latest models to select
from. Think of It skirt made for $1.00. No advance lit the
Ul At Glove Section Klrbt sale of fine Mocha gloves, per
haps the best glove made for wear. New tills enHtn giay,
brown, black sizes from 5 to - Splendidly made and of
course guaranteed. Our price Ih 91.25. JU8t 'or one day aB
a stimulus to early buying J)8 fer pair. Hale starts at 9:20
and is held on Thursday to give us a chance to fit you. May not
lam till noon. .Should not, and would not if you knew as much
about the merit of this glove as we do.
ai Here Is a peculiarly attractive offering. Timely, ap
propriate, elegant and most acceptable.
A big assortment of beautiful Silk Hosiery plain and fancy,
mostly plain. Practically every color. Formerly sold up to $2;
Thursday at 10 A. M. -Not this hour of starting plena-.
98 Cents Pair
SKCOXD FLOOH All the livelong day help on band In
abundant numbers from 8:30 to the closing hour, ti !. M.
A tOAT HALF. FX T ItAOIt DIN A It Y Which will cause coat
wanters to sit up and take notice. Corduroy coats, Velvet roaia,
satin lined, full ripple i-klrts belt setin sleeves, deep cuffs,
wool velours, etc. And so forth.
$15.00 the Price
and at this figure wa believe a PACK I'ltlCF KFTTKlt.
5TIL And this will be a great drawing card. We have
laid out a big lot of new suits suits which sold up to $85.00
have classified them In three lots and marked them so low that
we miss our guess If we don't clean them all out long before
the clock strikes six.
Group Number One Sold up to $30.00, at S17.50.
Group Number Two Sold up to $50.00, at 820.50.
Group Number Three Sold up to $85.00, at 847.50.
And now we want to impress you with 2 THINGS Firat,
the absolute neutrality or this establishment. We have kindly
feelings for those in every warring camp. Not excepting the
sick man's country. Next we want to draw your attention to our
Card Calendar and Book Section as much in your interest aa
ours, and to this end we will give away freely to every purchaser
regardless of the amount of the purchase, a Dutch Calendar.
Appropriate, Isn't it? Holland Is still neutral.
This Is where the individual plum puddings are sold,. What
pranks the devil plays (the printers). One paper changed our
wording completely when we wrote "The proof of the puddln;
is in the eating."
There is quit an attractive line of holiday goods on our
Third Floor Trays, Glove and Work Boxes in tapestry, Kensing
ton Bag In fancy silks, 8weet Grass Baskets, Knitted Bedroom
Slippers with wool soles. One lady bought a lot to send to the
poor Belgians. Not a bad Idea equally good and comfortable
for someone at home.
Do not fall to get your newspaper on Friday- We will hare
a mighty Interesting story for you and the best of it Is It will
be true.