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Premier Asqnith Declares Govern
ment Has Decided to Declare
Whole Body in War Arena.
MlnlMrr lllttorlv Klni-ira (.rrmnitft
for "onlng Mlnrft, "njinit llrimrr
fo I'fipi'fnl hliplna tn
Vcrr drral.
' LONDON. Nov. K.-PrcmUr Aiiilth
stated In the House of Commons
today the British government bail decided
to declare tlu whole uX the Nortli eVa
to be In the mtlttary area.
All subjects of the m'mf found on neu
tral vessels, the-prime minister alio said,
would be liable to detention as prls-irer
of war.
, Mr. Asqiiltii also annotineed that ni' and
copper would be declared .-untraiMiid ot
ReferrliiH to mines, the premier said
the tiermuns had resorted to Indioi i iml
nate mine laying In the North nea with
out regard to peaceful plilrpinR, nnd
without warnlnx. The run-pose clearly
wa the furtherance of no definite mili
tary operations, but to rndanrter lirltlslr
trader. These mines mifpiestiunably hud
been laid by fishing vessels illsftulHed as
neutrals, the premier paid. Thene mines
were not co ronstrui ti d ns to become
harmless when loused from their moor
ings, neither were thev kept under Ob
nervation. No steps htd been taken to
warn peaceful Khlpplnfc of this danger.
fonse(iientiy the terms of The Tl.uruo
convention of 1S")7 have been violated.
Forced to Act.
After a number of neutral tithing in 1
merchant vessels and many lives i ;
been destroyed by theso (lerman mines.
Till: Asquith said, the government 'Mil
been forced to adopt eounter measures
to cope with this German poll' y of nine
laying combined with submarine activi
ties. "A mine field was therefore laid across
the southern portion of the North sea."
said Premier Asquith. "in such a way
as to guard tho approaches to the Eng
lish channel. Due warning was given In
accordance with The Hague conventions.
In the last week of October the Hermans
succeeded In laying a mine field off tho
north coast of Ireland, on the main
trado route from America to Liverpool,
via the north of Ireland. More peaceful
merchant ships were blown up and moro
lives were lost.
"These mines could not have been laid
hy .my Clerman ship of war or by any
'vessel flying tho German flag. They
could only hac been laid by some mer.
chant- vessel under a neutral flag, whl li
must havo coruo along the trade route is
if for tho purpose of peaceful conimc rrc.
Meoaeo is tirejit.
"The . menace to peaceful shipping
presented by these wholly Illegal meth
ods of,w;aBln5 war Is no groat that tho
government, has been compelled to adopt
trie only possible means of protection,
namely, to declare the whole North Sea
a nlllltary area und to restrict ull chip
ping' crossing it to a narrow passage
lpng which the atrieteft supervision can
bo exercised. Access to the coasts of
Ureat Britain and neutral countries Ina
thus been made as safe us It Is in tho
power of the British navy to make It.
'Ilia majesty's government is fully
Bwai'C of the unxlety prevailing In the
. I'rH ti-ttK and other neutral coun
tries on these subjects, but it trusts that
jt4 policy will lie fuliy understood. It la
confident that, public opinion in neutral
nun tries will appreciate its earnest de
sire that there be no Interference wl'h
neutral trade. Any Interference hy the
British navy is solely to prevent goods
frornVeachlng tho enemy which would
increase his power In the war against the
British and allied forces."
State Motorists
Ask for Highway
Commission Plan
make a genernl exp'anatoi y statement of
the policy of h(s nm.'cstv's go eminent
on these subjects, l'rctnler Asipiith lin.
rromisevl to reply.
5 . ,Jr. TFfffJ
N , JvJ ,.,f
r .JL
v,v:l :
UUi$ail-LEFT TALK It '
Dealings in Unlisted Bonds and j
Stocks Again Liberal.
State Charities and
..Correction Conference
Meets at Fort Dodge
"PORT DODG12. la., Nov. IT (Special. )--The
sixteenth Iowa &tat Confevnc-o of
"liarltles and Corrections baa brought
I.'pO delegates to Fort Podge to get pew
viewpoints' of'-the causes of and treat
ment for unfortunates, either through
poverty or ' disease. Horace Hollings
wortrt of 'Des Moines, president of the
conference, Js presiding over the meetings
in tho new Commercial club rooms. Heads
of the various state ' Institutions have
been heard Mn strong addresses, as have
beveral noted charity workers from out
side the state: The conference will close
"Wednesday. Sun8ay evening some of the
distinguished visitors, filled loeal pulpits.
Iteadjnitninit of the Foreign 1S
chanse Mtaatlon la Heing, Auto
matically Adulated by
Heavier Ksporta.
NEW YOIIK, Nov. T. Further easing
of iwney for virtually all periods whs the
most noteworthy financial development
today. For tin; longer dates-two to six
months the rate was reduced to 5 per
cent, while some thirty-day loans were
made at a shad..- lower. A considerable
part of the money pin. out at 5 per cent
it 'piesntiti i renewals of loans made at
5 to S per cent thortly after the out
break cf toe war.
Call money ranged from 1" to fi per
cent, the lower rate prevailing where
choice collateral was offered. Interior
financial Institutions were free, and sentl
iiunt so far as it dealt with the mone
tary situation, was materially heartened
bv the smoothness with which the new
ban! ip-i svstem of the countiy was putl
imo operation.
Dealings In unlisted bonds and stocks
were again In libera.! volume Jjut no ad
vances from the previous day were re
corded. On the curb additional gains
were scored by the Standard Oil subsidi
aries and In the unofficial market for
actn-e Ilytefl stocks a greater disparity
between bid and asked prices was ob
served. Another advance In high grade copper
to 12 cents denoted a better inquiry for
the metal by consumers, but conditions
in that Industry us a whole continued un
satisfactory mainly because of the Brit
ish embargo on our exuorts A siirnifl-
can development of the export situation
was offered by the renort that a lrir
amount of raw cotton wan being shipped
Ut tiermativ- In American vessels.
Readjustment of the foreign exchange
situation was being automatically assisted
hy the heavier exports. The merchandise
out flow- from this port for tin; week was
Jii.nno.lKtt greater than In the preceding
neck and almost $7.tr0'j.iri more than in the
same week last year. So far this year
l'lKl'1 OX''orts almost. equalled those of
The better r.-eling noted .in steel trade
circles was enhanced hy the announce
ment that borne of the larger manufac
turers have received large orders from
foreign aom-ees for steel plate. Aside
from certain finished speci-iltl. s, however
lnrlu'ry"" i'1"'rovmont in domestic
H'sCOUntS Wr inr.tlnA 1 j .
ni'lr 'rflli l,f ' final' Payment to
ncrow ef n large amount of half-year
trenrurv bills, which will temnori,- v 7J.
Minniv monny rnarkct ot Its free
Tlie .N'biasUa Automobile assoclatoin
held Its annuel convention st the ltom
hotel y. sterday. electetl officers for the
nsu'ng y ar and enactel new legislation
Harry luule of Omaha was re-elected
president of the organisation. Mr. Brook
of Stanton first vice president, Vi. Ovei -ai-rd
of Fremont secretary, and Mr.
Sbleck of Beatrice treasurer. J
The association agreed to extend ef- i
forts towar.1 obtaining a highway com-
mission tiM this Male. A. . Bnt'-h-clder.
chairman of the executive board
or the American Automobile nsoe!atlon,
attended the session and declared Nct
braskn might be Ignored in tin- appro- j
pliallon for Improving roade and high- j
ways to bn pa:sel upon by congress, if J
b. highway ccmmlssion plan Is not
.loited. Nebraska-Is one of nine states,
which have not yet adopted ttv piaJi. '
The bs9C tatlon rtwiiled to remain with j
the American Automobile nsocintloit on !
a new srrile of tse which will make
the feoH In Ihls etato lower. Some talk j paf-sed ef drriplm; fpoin the national .
orpanl.atlon because it was lelt that '
A. A. A. appropriations favoted the etet
ern terrilory to tho detriment of this part !
of tho country.
Tho ast-ociatlon also asks that thj- '
theft of no automobile be a penitentiary j
offense. Many motor crs are Molen tn j
Nebraska and tho association declared
that prospects of a term In the pcnltentl- '
ary Is the only ruling which will dls-j
courage that practice.
Changes In the by-laws were discussed.
One change was made, permitting clutvs .
of ten or more members to .loin the i
state association.
With regard to betterment of roads
the nssocjntlon will co-operate with tho
Omaha Auto club In efforts to !mproe
.Nebraska highways as much as nor- '
slble. . !
Mayor' T)h!Ynn welcomed the autolsts
with a, eech to which Harry Laurie I
repllej for-the-auto men. About fifty I
Department Order".
ASH INtiTON. Nov K - Tele
gram.) - Nebraska rnsi.ins guint-d
norence K Hhelden? I M.bvUle, $1.', Ilai
rlett Lawrence, liner. In. 4I.V
tn recommendation of 1 'cniocr.itV t'ont
ifltte-m.-tn Wade. I Ms M li I conua
and 1'. V Mm'tr haw h i li appointed
peiijcon suieeiis at mien and I 'i li. K.
Ali'lenson at tlltetsel, In
Nebraska powtoiticcn di-., ontnoa d t'e
iii. licit c"i:ni. mail to .ti tivf u. I'nli.i,
Itoi k iO itt , m ill to I . Hi; line lii.'l
ton, Sheridan loontv. to Kuiuhain.
The Want .VI t'olumns o." The Bee
Bead laily by Benpl- m Search of
vrrtlsed i 'ppcrtunitlej.
Warmcr Weather is
Predicted Thursday
AslllNiJioN. Nov. i; - With the
temperature below rero from northern
Miiunsnt.i to the Montana line mil a
t;enerl t n I II i st of the meivuiy fi.m
plains states eastward to thi Atlantio
and southward to the gulf of Mesloc,
weather bureau experts today predicted
warmer weather toward the end of the
week in the east and in the Interior val
leys on Thursday. Fair weather pre
vailed today and was promised for to
morrow throughout the country. Some
snow has fallen along the great lakes.
del-gates from
state attended.
different parts of thi
Ames High Settles
Dispute with Lemars
AMES,- la., Nov. 17. (Special Telegram )
After what very imminently looked to
be one of the most embarrassing rows In
the history of tho Iowa 1 nt'erscholastlc
Athletic association the Ames and Le
mars High schools settled their differ
ences In Lemars this afternoon, when Le
mars withdrew Its petition filed with the
Board of Control to have Ames High
thrown out cf the high school conference,
for Ames cancelling the Lemars contract.
Ames acted on the advice of a member
of the state board by sending a committee
of two, a lawyer and a college profossor.
to make an agreement satisfactory to
Lemars. The committee succeeded In Its
mission and Ames Athletic association
will reimburse Lemars High for all finan
cial loss claimed as a result of the can
celled contract. Ames plays West Pes
Molncs here Friday.
Jack Johnson and
Willard Will Meet
LODNO, Nov. 17. Articles were signed
today for a boxing bout of from twenty to
forty-five, rounds between Jack Johnson,
the heavyweight champion, and eJs Wil
lard, an American "white hope." The
fight will take place during the laat two
weeks In March at some place to be
chosen February 15. It Is said that the
battle ground probably will be Mexico.
Each of the boxers deposited tl.OCO to
guarantee his appearance at the ring
side. Johnson Is to receive fno.oiv) for
Omaha Concerns Are
Benefited by Orders
For War Material!
Markn Bros.' Saddlery company. lliXi i
Howard street, and J- H. lianey com
pany, 313 Mouth Thirteenth stree.t. ' have j
received orders to supply J175.W) worth I
of artillery harness and cavalry saddles
for the British government. The orders
reached Omaha through the St ud baker!
corporation of South Bend, Ind.
It is understood the local concerns have
five months' time in which to fill the
FORT DO DOE. la.. Nov. K.-fPpeclal.)-Negotiatlons
havo been completed for the
sale of JfcO.OOO worth of T, per cent bonds
to s Chicago firm by the city to finance
the building of a new city hall. The
contract for the construction of the build
ing will be awarded November 21. The
new elty hall will house the entire city
administration. Different departments
now are scattered over the business dis
trict and the saving in rentals after the
new building Is completed will do murh
toward paying the Interest on the bonds.
The building and site will cost HOO.ono.
Contributions of school children for the
Thanksgiving collection will be taken up
next Tuesday, instead of Wednesday, as
originally planned. The chance was de
cided upon at a meeting of the advisory
committee of the charities of Omuhi.
The donations thU year will be handled
by tho Associated Charities, City Mls
tion, Salvation Army, Old People's llomt
and other charitable organizations, and
the collection of articles will be made
at the Independent Telephone company
Echoes of the Strife
To Move lor Roberta Shaft.
LONDON, Nov. lfi. In order to lose no
time In providing a suitable memorial for
Lord Roberts, Premier Asulth will move
In the House of Commons tomorrow to
King George asking the king to give di
rection that a monument to tho famous
soldier be ereeten at publlo cost "with
an Inscription on It expressing the ad
miration of this house for his illustrious
military career and Its gratitude for his j
devoted services to the state." j
Rim Army Advancing. I
LONDON, Nov. 1. A dispatch to the J
Router Telegraph company from Amster
dam says: "The sub-prefect cf Manlen
werder. West PrusBia, lias issued a
proclamation of warning that the Rus
sian army is advancing between Thorn
and Soldau. East Prussia, but that on
the German ide of the frontier it is ex
pected It will lie met with strong forces
whlrh will soon force It Into battle."
Aaqalth to Ulscass Question.
LONDON. Nov. 16. Premier Asipuith
w'll discuss the questions of neutral
shipping and contraband in the House
of Commons tomorrow. Blr Gilbert
Parker, conservative member of Graves
end, has brought forward the subject by
a question, to ask the prime minister,
whether, in view of the anxiety of pub
lic opinion in the United rHates with re
gal d' to th search for belligerent re
servists In American vessels, the publica
tion of ore and copper as contraband
and the mining of the North sea, he will
iit.lviiritiai ni uni uij'jul
FORT DODGE, la.. Nov. 17. (Special. I
The Webster cpunty grand Jury at the
end of tts session yesterday returned five
indictments against six people. Ai.drew
George;, a foreigner living in the inl'l
district, i charged with the murder of
his wife on the lyght of September ?a.
Mr. and Mrs. Klrner Murgrum were in
dicted for robliery with aggravation.
They are charged- with holding up a
young man driving an automobile livery
between Callender and Gowrie. It Is al
leged they took his watch, bound and
gagged him and then took the car. When
nearly surrounded by a posse they -caped.
They were arrested in South Da
kota ninety nilles from a railroad and
were brought back for trial.
Two indictments were returned for rub
bery and one for pub-irig worthless
LONDON, Nov. M. A casualty lini
dutei November S, Issued here iorn.'nt,
gives he name of twenty offbers killed,
thirty-four wounded and fttteen missing.
In this list the Irish Guards are heavy
Nebraska-Iowa Football Game
at Iowa City, la., Nov. 21st
Tlif Hock Lshunl will run n fpffial train of Pullman
bk'iicrs ami coaches, leaving Omaha :'.() p. in., Nov.
L'ntli, returning', leave Iowa City 10 p. m., Nov. Ul st.
Kound trip railroad fare $11.02
Hound trip Pullman fare
IVr stand;! nl lower berth $3.00
Per standard upper berth $2.50
Per tourist berth $2.00
li eji-e
iHifr ?T luriner lniormauon impure at
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