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    Advertising is the pendu
lum that keeps buying
and selling in motion.
. Cloudy
VOL. XL1VNO. 120.
Oa Traiaa a 114 at
oUU Hm Stents, Bo.
Clubi from Majors Down to Thoie
. Playing ia Class D Mast Ap- 1
prove Action.
Chairman of National Commission
. Before Leaving City, Gird Ad
vice to the Magnates.
Committee on Revision of Constitn
r tion Reports to the Convention.
Two Tkonannd, Bla-fct Hundred Dol
lar la ltlh Water Mark for
Play era In the Weatern .
Lrtnc v
"No matter what action we may take
with retard to the Federal league and
peace with that organisation, that action
must be approved by all organized ball,
not only by the major leagues, but the
National Association of Professional Base
Ball Leagues, from the biggest minors
down to the smallest Class D club." '
- That was the parting word of Garry
Herrmann, chairman of the National
commission, to the Minor League conven
tion yesterday, Just before he departed
"for Chicago. Herrmann spoke before the
convention in session at the Rome hotel.
"I hare met with Mr. Wecghrrfenn of
the Federals four times," asserted Herr
mann. "Monday last I was In conference
with Mr. Weeghmann. Robert E. Ward
of Brooklyn and Colonel Robertson of
Buffalo. Tomorrow morning I will meet
with them again.
"I am for peace. That much I will
definitely state; I am for peace If it can
be obtained through and .sensible lines.
I believe that the Federals think dlffer
ntly now than they did at the start of
the season. They were encouraged to en
ter the base ball war by the promoters
tt the league. And I am sure that if the
Federals had enjoyed double the business
they dd they would still be far shy the
predictions of the promoters
f "Before the Introduction of our com
petitors, I believe organised boll was
Played in too extravagant manner. We
must In the future practice economy; w
' have carried too many players, and ouri
salaries have been too large, from the
majors to the lowest minors.- Henceforth
I believe we shoald take precautionary
measures to obtain our standards In- ac
cordance to what the money taken in at
the gate will permit N
Moat All Be Satisfied.
'But, be It remembered, no matter what
the attitude of the national commission
THE RUSSIANS Czar's men being marched as prisoners of war to internment camp in
East Prussia.
rLo X sH : T fGA 7r -JCilv a
, .. ! - a .a a i
I ; I t 1 .
Innrminn nrtnnn
ucniica awn
Federal Reserve Board Makes Clear
How New Financial System
Will Be Run.
Acceptance of Deposits of Reserves
from Member Institutions One
of Rales.
V Ji .1 1 .Vjr J
J ... aL.i. T . ...
its i
body in organised ball must be satisfied.
v . i Atter Mr. Herwaann'a talk the commit
tee appointed on the revision of the con
stitution -was called upon. President
Kavanaugh cY the Southern association
acted as chairman and recommended sev
eral changes. The first . change ap
proached concerned tho reduction of sal-
(Contlnued on Page Eight, Column Four.)
Mr. Wait Concedes r
defeat by About 800
LINCOLN. Neb., Nov. 11. (Special Tele
gram.) Secretary of State Walt at noon
today concedes the election of his demo
cratic opponent, Charles Pool, by at least
SO .majority. The exact figures cannot
be given until the total count Is In. There
are yet fourteen counties to report.
LIMA, Pern. Nov. 11. A telegram from
Taltal, Chile, says that a steamer arriv
ing there reports that when off Co
qulmbo, Chile, it sighted four German
warships, steaming north. .
Ooqulmbo is about S00 'miles south of
Taltal, and allowing for the time of the
steamer's passage between the two ports,
the warchtps may have been seen on
Saturday or Sunday. Coquirabe is about
4o0 miles north of Coronel, off which the
naval engagement of November 1 was
. The Weather
Forecast till T p. m. Thursday:
For Omaha, Council Bluffs and Vicinity
Tempera tares at Oaiaka Yeaterday
' Hours.
i S s m....
a. m.-r...
New Caje of Foot and Mouth Tronble
Located in Jones County
- Bar is Still Up.
Railroads Are Kreatnc Vp Their
Fight to Prevent the Appear-
aaee of the Traable ta
This State,
7 a. m.m.
t a. mM-
a. m....
10 a. m....
11 a. m....
12 m.
. 1 p. m....
2 p. m....
3 p. m....
4 p. m....
6 p. m....
p. m.
Discovery of another case of - the foot
and mouth disease In Jones county, Iowa,
has caused the Washington authorities
to indicate that a request for the raising
of the quarantine on Iowa .will not be
met favorably at this time.
"It is a policy of watchful waiting
now," according to E.' Buckingham, gen
eral manager of the Union Stock yards.
The local yards had Intended to formally
request the raising of the quarantine on
western Iowa and to that end ordered 1
A. Stryker, secretary ot the Live . StobH
exchange to "proceed .-. t rom BostoA.'itb
Washington to present the demand. 'Be
fore making a formal ' request Stryker
was directed to reel out the situation.- A
private conversation with A. D. Melvln,
chief of the Bureau or Animal Industry,
gave the yards 'to understand that a re
quest for a discharge of western Iowa
from quarantine, at this time would not
be favorably received. In consequence ft
will not be asked.
Moat Trace Disease.
Before such" request would be con
sidered every state will have to be can
vassed by the Bureau of Animal Industry
and all disease centers located. All live
stock that has passed through the Chicago
yards since October, 6 must be traced to
its final ' destination and carefully ex
amined for traces of infection. I
Infected cattle at Olendlve, Mont., yes
terday . were discovered and 106 head
killed and 800 other cattle were placed
under stringent observation by the au
thorities. Railroads Still Active.
Local officials of the roads operating
into and out of Omaha are proceeding
rapidly with - the disinfecting of stock
cars and expect to complete their labors
by the last of the week. Up to this time
none 'of them has any advloe indicating
that the foot and mouth disease Is
spreading Into Omaha territory. On the
other hand, they are advised that It is
being held in the localities where It
broke out. '
Assistant General Western Agent Du
val of the Milwaukee has returned from
Michigan,: one of the quarantined states,
and asserts that while the farmers and
stock raisers there are considerably
alarmed, ' co-operating with state and
government officials, they are holding
the disease In check. The disease Is not
general throughout the state, but has ap
peared in a number of localities.
Cattle Are Stepped..
Burlington off icials . find themselves
confronting a problem , that they are un-
...tfi Oregon, on .the .Montana line, they re
...'.39 celved a trainload of sheep consigned to
Bloody Hand to Hand Battle
Contines in West Belgium
LONDON, Nov. XL The hundredth day
of the war, "which engages virtually half
the world,' both in respect ta land area
and population finds the Teutonic slllos
practically on the defensive, . according
to opinions expressed today by English
students of the situation, at least tempo,
rarlly, in bpth the main areas of hostil
ities. This role Is, perhaps, more pronounce
In the eastern field of operation, where
the Germans have been thrown well back
behind their own frontier linns at several
points m Bast Prussia and Posen, than
in the western field, where, although the
successes of the last two weeks have
enabled the forces of Great Britain,
France and Belgium to Inaugurate a vig
orous offensive, the Germans are atlll
disputing every foot of ground with,
bloody hand-to-hand fighting, which is
proving more deadly than has any pre
vious phase of this most sanguinary
war. The names of some towns and vil
lages occurring with .monotonous reg
ularity day after Any In the official
reports,' show how stubborn ' has been
the struggle in the country centering
around Tpres, In this land the opposing
armies have ' burrowed until It has be
come a veritable human rabbit warren.
The report of renewed tentative! for
peace' on' the part of Germany, which,
however, has not been confirmed, with
the purpose of detaching Russia from the
other allies, as Germany is believed previ
ously to have tried to detach France, is
accepted in London as an indication
that Germany is becoming aware of the
difficulties of the task it has un
dertaken in prosecuting an offensive war
fare against foes on two fronts, and the
supposed' failure of these overtures, If
any have actually been made. Is coupled
with the continual movement to. the east
of German troops front Belgium.
Circular Gives Expected Definition
' of Commercial Paper.
Conditions that Have Ariaen In This
Conntry and Thronithoat the
World by War Are
WASHINGTON, Nov .ll.-The scope of
the operations of the twelve federal re
serve bunks to be opened for buslnees
next Monday was do fined for the first
few months of their extstem-e. In a
circular Issued today by tho Federal He
serve board. For the present the banks
will not exercise all the functions given
thenr by congreaa The board, concur
ring with the directors and governors
of the twelve banks in recent conferences
here. Indorsed this plan of operations:
Acceptance of deposits of reserves, from
member banks.
Dlecount of bills of exchange and com
mercial paper. '
Acceptance of deposits of checks drawn
by member hanks on any reserve bank
or member 'bank In a reserve or central
reserve city within their federal reserve
Other powers msy be called Into play
as the establishment of safe and effi
cient organisation permits.
Defines Commercial Paper.
In its circulation the board gave the
long expected definition of commercial
paper, which is to be the life blood of
the new system, the basis for the new
federal reserve currency and the means
by which the nationals circulating med
ium is expected to meet the expansl6ns
and contractions of trade and Industry.
The rate ot rediscount was not an
nounced. ' This step probably will not
be taken until Monday. The rata will
not be uniform In all the banks. ' ,
. The . definition of commerce. I; paper
is. .broad sna relies-to' a targe degree
upon the language of the currency act
The board declines at present to discuss
j (Continued on Page Two,- Column One.)
.40 the Omaha market.' When the canslrn-
!!.'!"to west was free from the foot and mouth
i M disease, but when the sheep arrived at
J Billings Nebraska and Illinois had quar-
!""!! antined against . Montana . and the states
!"'.!!&) farther west had followed suit. This
M fact made It Impossible to ship he
?i sheep on to market and' made it Vjually
7 p. m 67 i impossible to return tliem to the points
' p. W 64! from whence they came. As a -result
Comparative, Loeal Record. . ! there is nothing to do but hold the sheep
1814. 1913. 1912. mi. land In the meantime the expenses for
. 64 52 ag 4i feeding and care at the Billings ' yards
' 50 40 s? J ' re running up rapidly.
. .00 .00
President Sorry He Hasn't Front One
that Admits of Shortening Like
Phil Kearney's.
Executive Says There is Something
Very Noble and Admirable la
Causes for Which War la
Undertaken Occasionally.
. j
Teutons Capture Over Fire Hundred
Men and Nine Machine Guns
, with Belgian Town.
, s
Highest yesterday..
I.o west yesterday..
Mean temperature..
Precipitation .......
Temperature and
tures from the normal:
Normal temperature
Kimu for the day.
.00 .06
precipitation depar-
y HI
Total excess. since March 1..; 731 1
Russians Ready to
Advance on Cracow
WASHINGTON, Nov. 11. President
Wilson, speaking today at the unveiling
of a statue to General Phillip Kearney at
Arlington National cemetery, declared
that ."there la nothing noble or admirable
in war In Itself, but there 1 something
very noble and admirable, occasionally,
in the causes 'for which war Is under
taken, and there is something very noble
and admirable in the characters which
war develops.
"If a man's character can go through
the fire and come out resplendent," said
the president, "then you know that It Is
of the true quality of the best human
stuff." . ,
Typified Best Leadership.
Mr. Wilson said General eKarney typi
fied the best kind of a leader produced by
the United States, adding that "there has
been many another man who. stood
alongside of him with the same qualities
and the same distinction of service.
"The government of a great people,", he
added, "can always count upon great
services ; and the beauty of our govern
ment, the pride that we all feel Is
that -It is a government of a great people,
prodigal in their gifts of service, always
ready to provide those things which con
stitute the stuff of heroism and elevate
a nation in the annals of- mankind."
, Speaking of the habit of General' Kear
ney's soldiers of . effectlonately calling
him "Phil," the president , said, he had
always been sorry he did not have a
"front name Which admitted of shorten
ing." .
Waits la the Cold..
'. Because of the lateness of a special
train bringing suo civil war veterans from
New Jersey for the unveiling ceremonies,
f resident W'.lsoti waljed In the cold at
tho cemetery for more . than an hour.
He spent the time examining the graves
or noiea soaiers ahd sailors. .
The statue was unvoiled by dependents
Ipt General Kearney, while a field. bat-
f i rum rort aiyer Tired a major gen
eral's salute of seventeen guns.
PETROGRAD, Nov. lL-Via London.)
Normal precipitation ot inch I
'JefU'lenoy for the day 04 men I
i i . , . i. . ts i . I
iui ruiiaii Biuw muni. i,,.n.iv ncnei . , , . .
Deficiency since March 1 1.40 inches That lvance on Cracow, Ga-
Deflctency for cor. period, MIS.. 1. 41 inches licla, is imminent, seems to be confirmed
.Deficiency for cor. period. W12.. S.60 inches by a report that the commandant of the
Temp. High- Katn-
7 p. m. est
Reports front Stations at T P
Etation and State.
of Weather.
Cheyenne, clear
Davenport, cloudy
Ixnver, clear
Iea Moines, clear
iKxlRe t'tty. clear
North Platte, clear
Omaha, clear
Puablo. ilear
Kapld City, partly cloudy. eO
a.U Lake City, clear &0
Burn (a, cloudy s
fheridan. cloudy 63
Moux City, clear. ...... ...B4
Valentine, rirar &z
. .60
L. A.,yJk.UilV Local Forecaster.
Austrians had Issued an order expellng
all noncorabatanta from the city.
This report is printed In the Russkof
Blovo, which also announces that the
'.00 Gerroaa generals. Von Makenge and Von
00 ; Llebert, were made' prisoners In the
JJj fighting around Bleredxl.
.00 According to the evening 'newspapers.
OJ the action of the Persian government In
banishing Sheik Abdul Nabl Lowla for
'.0,;' alleged agitation in favor of a Mohara
.00 meran holy war against Russia is con-
jjjj sldcred In Russian official circles as proof
i of Persia's friendliness to Russia thus far.
CHICAGO. Nov. It-Spread of foot
and mouth disease among the S36 prise
cattle under quarantine at the Chicago
Union Stock yards assume! such alarm
ing proportions today that it was feared
ths Infection could not be ' prevented
from spreading to every animal in the
herd. The cattle arc valued at 12,600,000.
Dr. 8. K. Bennett of the federal bureau
of animal Industry, said that forty new
cases were discovered In the herd yester
day. The newly infects 1 cows were
taken to the veterinary hospital where
fifty-two other cases from the dairy
are under treatment. j
Tnrkiah Offenaive oa Cancaaloa
Frontier Is Maintained, According-
to Reports front
LONDON, Nov. U.-Tlto following Ger
man official statement, issued this after
noon, contained in a dispatch from Ber
lin transmitted by the Marconi Wlrele4
"We made good progress yestei-day on
the,Tser branch of the .Yprea and look
Dlxmude by storm, capturing more thin
500 prisoners and nine maoli'.ie guns.
"Farther south of Dlxmudo our tr.'i.TS
crossed the canal and went o' Langn-tre
captured the first line of the enemy's
position. About 2,000 infantry were taken
prisoners and six machine un were rap
tured. South of Tpres we have driven
the enemy out of St. Elol.
Hold the Heights.
"Despite fleroe counter attacks ly the
British the dominating ne ghts to the
north of Armentleres temaln in our
"Our attack has mode progress to th
southwest of LlHe. The French suffered
heavy losses while attempting to recap
ture commanding heights to the north of
Vienna Le Chateau In the forest of Ar
gonne and to the northeast and south
of Verdup French attacks were everywhere-repulsed.
' i
"No Important Information Is at hand
from the eastern theater of the war.
"It is officially reported from Vienna
that heavy fighting at tfhabata andiLes
nltxa wasi continued through the night
and some of the . enemy's positions ' war
taken: To the east of Kupanje, the pur
suit . of ' the. enemy is being .continued.
' Meveaaeata of Haaalana. '''
'.'There' are movements of strong Rus
sian, forces In east Gallcla and in Bes
sarabia a government of -southwestern
Russia this apparently being In connec
tion 'with' the Turkish war. '
'"General headquarters - at Constanti
nople report that although snow is falling
and lns pita of a heavy atmosphere, our
offensive, on the Caucasian frontier is
Part of Strait Near ,'
Vancouver Island is k
Closed to Navigation
OTTAWA Oht Not. !l.-. was of
ficially announced todty . that the .west
ern .portion ot Brouglftod strait, hear
Voncouver llsand, has been closed to
navigation for purposes of defense.
Shipping has been notified that vessels
between Johnston strait and Queen Char
lotte sound must take the Weynton pass
age and Blackflsh sound. ' '
Vessels going by way of Ellen Point chan
nel are In danger of being fired upon, ' it Is
announced. While no reason has been
assigned officially for this action, it Is
popularly t believed to be due to appre
hension as to possible attack from the
German fleet lhat defeated British war
ships recently off the coast of Chile.
SEATTLE, Wash., Nov. 11. The closing
of Broughton strait, north of Vancouver
Island, by the Canadian government will
Oblige all shipping using the Inside pas
sage to Alaska to deviate from the course
hitherto followed. ' "
Although no German .vessel has yet en
tered, tho north Pacific, and the British
cruiser New Castle, Swlftsure and Rain
bow and the Japanese cruiser Idtumo
are patrolling the coast, the people of
Victoria, Vancouver and Prince Rupert
have been extremely nervous over re
ports that the way was operi for a Oer-
man naval attack on British cities. The
Strait of Fuca, near, Victoria, has been
mined, guns have been placed command
ing the narrows near Vancouver and
other defensive steps have been taken.
The Day's
War News
The German war machine has
battered Its war Into the Belgian
town of Dlxmude. The official
French statement contains the ad
mission that the allies were
obliged to fall back from thin
point of vantage In the great bat
tle for possession of the eastern
bore of the British channel. As
an offset, the "French war offico
states that the allies' forces have
advanced along the North Sea
coast, pushing back the Germans
and taking I.onibnertrtede, a small
Delglan town a few miles north
t east of Nleuport.
Along the remainder of the
battle lino, says U French war
office, there Is no change, except
for slight progress by the allies
at a few points. The Berlin view
of the situation, hoVever, is op
timistic, comment is madeathere
of the use of the expression "good
advanens" In the latest official
German reports concerning the
fighting In the west, being .the
first occasion on which such terms
have. been employed In this con
nection. Paris also Is hopeful as to the
outcomo In Belgium. Military
critics there take the view that
the Germans aro faced with, the
Imperative necessity of defeating
the allies,' In order that they mar
turn their attention to the menac
ing armies of Russia.
The German crown prince is re
ported to have been placed in su
preme command of the German '
and Austrian forces In , the east.
Petrograd contradicts the Ger
man claim to an Important victory
along the northern border, assert-'
ing that a brilliant, success has
been won there and that the Rus
sians have begun aTKlnvaslonvof
' east Prussia. On the southern '
end of the line Cossacks are ap
proaching Cracow, while the In-
. vestment of Prxemysl, from which
the Russians were swept back sev
eral weeks ago, Is said to have
been completed for a second time.
There were further indications
yesterday the Turks were offer-,
ing determined resistance to-the
Russian advance. Official Turk
Russian advance. Official Turk
ish statement laid claim to con-'
slderable success Jn operations In
the Caucasus, as wejl as on the ;
' Jiyptlan, 'frontier.' The Turks an
nounced also Jhat thay had occu
pled a fortified position at El
Arlnh, Egypt, a point On the Med
ittiranean, near the boundary of
Egypt and Palestine. ' .
Kaiier Said to Have Approached
Cc&r with Suggestion of Negotia
tion for an Armistice.
Eumor from Cologne Hit Holiness
Will Attempt to Get Power to
Discuss Terms.
IOWA CITY. la.. Nov. 11 rsuicui t.i.
egrem.)-Over 600 men. woman ami nhti.
dren fought an unsuccessful bsttle against
iiamesvwnicn today wiped out, the busi
ness section of Hills, seven mHes. so. uh
of here causing a Ions of over toO.100.
There was no Insurance. "
RESTAURANTOne of the best In
' Omaha. lomplete!y flttad Good
lixatton. Unable to operate properly
on account other businrss. Worth
double. Cost me K.iOO; will sacrifice.
Consider trade, balance payments.
ror farther laformsMoa about
this opportunity, see the Want
A4 aeeUuB of today's Bee.
One Progressive May
Hold the Balance of
Power in Idaho
BOISE. Idaho, Nov. 11. Whether the
republicans will control the Idaho house
of representatives, or the one progressive
member will hold the balance of power,
Is to be decided by tot when the state
canvassing board meets November U. In
tah county, the republican and demo
cratic candidates for representative each
received 1.M5 votes. The stste law pro
vides that tie votes shall be decided by
the casting of lots. ,
- If the republicans gsln the Latah
oounty member they will .have SI mem
bers to 28 democrats snd 1 progressive.
If, however, the seat goes to the demo
cratic candidate, the republicans will
have 30 members and the democrats 29,
giving the lone progressive the balance of
power in thes haplng of legislation.
Mob Excited by the Defeats of Sun
day Attacks the KaiseT's
Army Officer.
lira Promoting Movement Aimed at
Germans and Vossg Turks Are,
Arrested and Shot- War
, Beeomlnsr L'apopnla.
LONDON, Nov. ll.-A dispatch to the
i i nirti of ii vuuife,njr I rum
Atnens says:
"It Is learned that a conspiracy was
discovered at Constantinople against the
I Germans and young. Turks. The chief
conspirators ware arrested and shot.
"The population of the Ottoman capital
becoming very excited, as a result of th
Turkish defeat on Sunday, visited re
sent ment on a number of German non
commissioned officers, whom they at
A dispatch from Athens to the Post
says: ...
"According to dispatches received .here
Turkey is much depressed by the dam
age already inflicted by Russians and by
the unpromising nature of the present
situation. It . la v already repenting Its
rash adventure and . may refrain from
further military action. .
"The general Balkan situation is still
obscure, with Bulgaria as the key to the
situation. , Nothing definite Is yet known
as to the proposed Balkan understanding,
which it is admitted in well-informed
circles Is on the verge of conclusion.".
v .
German Report that They Had Been
" Checked at the Fronier Denied v
by Petrograd.
Jap Sea Fighters
-' Leave Honolulu
- HONOLULU. T. U.r Nov. lL-The
Japanese battleship Hlsen and Cruiser
A same, which entered this port yester
day for coal anj provisions, left here
early today for an unknown destination.
- Rumor has It in the Japanese colony
that the warships will rendesvoua with a
Japanese fleet now nearlng the roust of
Chile, where It Is supposed to be seek
ing the Oerman omlsers which defeated
Itear Admiral Sir Christopher Cradock's
squadron. .
Two Japanese merchantmen at Illlo
are due to clear shortly, but in view of
the sinking of the Emden and known
presence of the remainder of the Oerman
Paclfio squadron off the coast of South
America, It la not believed the Hlsen and
the Asama will be detailed to convoy
Raiding Parties of Cossacks Re
" ported' Near Cracow. v "
Commander ( Seventeenth Corp
' and Staff Taktsn by Caar'a Troop
Resorted Transfer of Oer
sua as to West Unconfirmed.
LONDON, Nor. ,11. Telegraphing
from Copenhagen, i a correspondent
of the Central News says;
"A dispatch received here front
Cologne affirms ' that the ' pop
shortly will endeavor to initiate nego
tiations for peace through the me
dium of a pastoral letter. ;
"The Oerman view of this Is that
any such action' by his' holiness
would raise the question of the
popes temporal power and force
Italy Into taking an attitude against
the proposal."
LONDON, Nov. 11 Coincldont with
the news that every Oerman soldier
baa been swept from Russian soil,
come a whisper of peace negotiations
in ' tho ; report from Petrograd that
Berlin has approached Russia with
overtures looking toward a cessation
of hostilities. . "
Contrary, to German report that the
"gtusalans had been checked on the fron
tier of Cast Prussia, Petrograd declares
that a brilliant success n that , region
has been succeeded by, 'an actual Invasion
ot Oerman territory. An equal triumuh
Is reported from ths other end of the
long Russian battle tine. With Cos
sacks raiding within twenty miles of
Craoow, the commandant of that fort
ress has ordered the civilian population
of the city to leave.
Prtemyat Is said to be fully Invested
again and its reduction Is likely to pre
cede any further advance by the Russian
left wing.
Petrograd is not wholly satisfied . with
the scope of the victories reported against
the Germans for the belief prevails in
military circles ' that ' if the Russian
strategy of the Naponeonlo era had been
followed ' fjurther, even to the extent of
the surrender of Warsaw, the invadera
would never have remained in their own
country with intact fighting prganlsa
tlons. Others fori that political motives
quit Justified the government In Its de
termination to defend Warsaw.
Rnsslnns Use Bayonets.
. Contrary to practice, infantry and not
artillery has been the dominant force
used by the . Russians along the western
battle front In pushing tho invaders back
across the border.' Showing disregard of
I the Oerman . batteries, superior forces of
Russian infantry time after time hava
advanced and won positions by the dm ot
.cold steel. .
i From Moscow comer a report that dur
ing the . fighting near Aerods, en the
Warthe river, the . Russians captured
Oeneral von Maksnge, commander of the
, oT7.uivciti(i urnmn . army corps, ic-
i gether . with members of his staff. It la
.reported also that Oeneral von Uebert,
(Continued on Page Two, Column Four.
BIOUX KALLS, R 1).. Nov. ll.-Hpe-clal
Telegram.) The Mirlners of this part
of the northwest temporarily are In con
trol of Hloux Kails, they having gath
ered to attend a big Hhnne mooting in
the .focal Masonio Temple. Biuux City
sent a delegation of more than 100, winch
was headed by tho national. y famous
souave patrol.
Headed by the patrol the delegation
marched to its headviarters at ono of
the hotels.
The ceremonial aaeaton of the rihrimrs
waS held tonight In the Orpheum theater,
when a large number of new candidates
became full-fledged members.
i 4
MASON CITY. Ia.. Nov. . ll.-poclal
Talegram.) Officers today have decided
to accept the story told by little John
and Panlel Bhlmp, that tramps sat the
barn on their father's place on fir yes
tardsy afternoon, which cost their baby
brother's life. Neighbors saw men an
swering to descriptions given by the'boys.i
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