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Jeff Could as Well Have Said a Thousand Legs and Made it a Flock
Drawn for The Bee by "Bud" Fisher
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R.itoce FOR. YOL.
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"Orttor" O'Hourke of Bate Ball
Fame Here for Convention.
Visitor Ran lata Patay Haver of
; t Local Poliro Force and Hoik
Kirkaiiit Ballrttn off'
1 i
i The' man vrbu b nil odds holds the
rotda record? for the .longest career, as
bl player -1s al tltfs contention. .Me
hone other. than!t Vou. than Jamei
V .O'Kourka, of Bridgeport. Conn.. Ora
of. CTRourko. r.a he wits known buck U
fha .primeval aVa ot the Rrii, '
H.U tha only man who, hat oUn!o-J
t.a..half contury.on th glnrnond-r-not
ruiin an hi mi ov proci (jiomii pioyer,
Irt -inoat of ft." '. '.''., -((No
ever,' "Jim- O'Roiirke la a
I'pllnhm fpnlUwa: una ttverf modft
fcn. ! talks of Ma great daya as one
ff the original Ntw Tork nianta, as well
ft A'meml)cr of K'emt tams of
titlwf': tlinaa, but nrver t xplolta hla owi
ai.hlcvvmanta. r V 1- .. '
. '!.r wlndlnj up W wonderful CiHrr
lH 'ear York. Mr. O Hourka rallied to
Ma-Ts.t!v Brldirrcrt. where lie, bqmtht
the team and later became mayor of the
Sty.' - He waa aJaa jtroalUent . ft , ,tlip
trario, all tho while playing, .catching or
at third or In 'the uytfleld. (aa hi teajn,
which ha manWaed' himself, needed him.
H graduated IjOjt frtrn'Tthls team lnt)
' tlw o
- socla
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BIO MOGULS OF THE GAtyE This group of base ball luminaries comprises player, scout, manager, owner, league president and historian. Front row,
left to right: Garry Herrmann, president National commission and the Cincinnati club; Charley White of the Spalding company; Ban Johnson, president
American league! Miller Huggins, manager and second basemen St. Louis Cardinals. Back row: President Britton, St. Louis Cardinals; Dick Kinsella of
Springfield, HL,.big league scout; Charles Ebbets owner Brooklyn Nationals; A. J. Flanner, secretary , to Garry Herrmann; President Barrows, Interna
tional league. t 'T...-, : : - .:v .'
The Want Ad Columns of The Bee Ar i
Read Pally by People In. Search of Ad
vertlaed Opportunltlea.' :
oif Jrtv up base ball now end'taka. It
faayj and so I did to please her." '
'Mr. ORourke foitnd in old bo'yjiood
friend In Omaha, Putey" iiavey, er fktit
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Twelve Racing Cars,
in the Desert Race
NEEDLES, Cal.. Nov. lO.-Just a day
break twelve racing cars, survlvori of tlt
trans-desert race from Loa Arujelesv shot
away toward Prescott on the second leg
of the 7J-mlle race to Phoenix, v
W. C. Duant, who beat Barney Oldfleld
technically by one second Into the check
ing station last night, waa first cway.
Oldfleld waa second out and ttte other
ten cars followed. v " ' "' .V,
Olin Paris. Mo. 4, winner of last year's
Phoenix race, waa ' first past Kingman
today In the sprint ever the mean tains te
Prescott Within five minutes four, other
racer went by Beaudet, No. l;.Durant,
No. t; Nlkrent. No. i, and Oldfleld, who
waa running ls car on flat ttrea, On
elapsed time Oldfleld was second.
t.TON8, Neb.. Nov. I. (Special.) The
Lyons High school foot ball team plays
the Wayne. Normal at Lyons next Sat
urday. .The team here Is one of , the
fastest in this section and expects to hold
the normal school to at least a low score.
genial old player-writer. Tim Mumana of
the Boston Ulote. Time waa when Tim
. v. u u itm p wyr ,1JII. bill iruin 1 1 1 1 '7 uum r. . . . .
.. ame T,.yed Tut'ZZ Z ngTeen
... . . , . ' f, I - I ' "-vcj a-uuH. nm is Dase uai
ot Aetire frir Tbree Team. personified and, exudes - it ajand good
; "I have not ..bVpd ball foMbree yeArs,'' humor kll over.
i the grand.-, bid ; man. MtvtV In t , f- ! . ' ' "- ' ' . "' ' '
fact, disposed tof my im .r dnt a-at. 1STWAJC AJ IVflmr . J" Wpweas. A
the ;uet of tnj' wlfe. Vben slie'knew ItiiilV Ad. UDllL VI ' ,t "v' I hasVrUrn In
he-was dying she said to me, 'Won't I - nTtTIJt .-urn "il !5i ?,!...
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a free hand in regard to dlckerlngs with,
the Federals. While the minors may be
vitally . Interested In peace agreemeataj
for their own salvation they must not
hinder any action Uiken byithe hlg.boya.
That a the purpose of tthe resolution
primarily. ' . .
' Loyal to t law. " ;
This la the resolution: ..'
An linilallafitrtnrv COndltlor.
profealoiiul Iwao nau aur
ycat In certain aectlojia o(
our luHsdlctlon and ..
Whoross. The practtc of oneourajrlng
and Inducing certa htll' players to diar
reKard their ohl gallon to Oixtnlxed base
ball has -raised a doubt In. the minds of
the publlo as to tho honesty and m
... ... . . . 1 1 ine puDiio os io mo nonmi nnu mi
and one of the rooaA .pjipular members in th national iSKrcemcnL They-desiro ' terrlry of ball players ss a claaa and .
ef OmaUa'i pollre force. And they are representation on the National commla. I Whereas. Certa n , newspapers have
toll ing ovar.uhos old days bank la drar s on. whkk now mly, Inoludes Han 3ehn-1 Ll!? .Z" .? T..1ifVJ
MIlrWiiKiit, H'iA "Alkd. Jttrtiscr.'- hVv son. aw ry Hcmnnmi, John B. Bruee, Joe n4 flieloyalty In the ranks of the Nv
In IHUf A'l'W(lH.-'tJt,X"r.t)rr.,wat 4 'laine n aovernor Toner. Ao they , tlonal Aasoclatlon of Profensional Base
iT.-S'4 .Vveh-'Immi and Jack Martin, how ; hop -for -proper" te.4 station which wUti p?.n Iff B"es: theieforo. be it
mr thp.r' t - i. i, I,., k. . i i .v TL. . j. . Resolved. That we, the repreaentat ves
are theyr And so It goes, it has bi-en place the minor-, bod rs on such firm ' k.n i ik.
and solid basis that they will be self-i longuos. at this ( ml aeenlcn of our four
usta nlng ana. not'ilependant to a large ! teenth annu-t meeting moat emphatically
j,. ... . ' . i. ,v. and unni'iivorally reaffirm our allelanre
d- gr.e on sales to the major league clubs. to 0rF.n,tw) D. th, flea, Jonol.
7 hla laat they bore for in aiHi of another tlnn for the future prosperity of the
or.ta.nlia.tlon of auch an outlaw Icasue as - grat national frame: and be It further
ncsoivea, i nni inese rosoiuiions re
a long time slnte the old tr'ciula met,
hut at that Patsy aays he knew Jim at
first sight.
Players Old and
Meet and;
the Federate.
.The fal'rg off of the draft has hurt
the minors dwp'y. In his report read
m it r f ' - .to tne copvoniinn yosteroay necreiary
lalK UVCr (iame rnU-volged th infvimatlon that the
arart ana rurcneses ror amounieu
made part of the recorda of thin meet
In a; and he given to the press as the
iKnrrsilin of our view on present condi
Gsvrraer Falls to Cam.
Governor Morehead, who had Intended
jto wi,870. while in W1I the amount was ! an address of welcome In he-
naiE vi aiam. waa auwni Decsuso oi
over-exertion In tho recent campaign.
Aa Innovation waa Introduced by presi
dent Sexton. He asked that a committee
on credentials bo- appointed. A motion
waa made to that effect, and D. B. Dug-
Caeaanlttoo Aspotated
The committee on revision conalats of
W. K. Kavanaugh. , president of th. ! of. 8etU' T- .M- Chivlngton. prest
Houthem aaaoclat'On: at. Baum. orea-! deBt of tha American association, and
ldent of the Pacific cU.t I,... M r. i N, P. Corn!sh, president of the South
Ltop Ragan, one ot many ball players, .$t,oeo. The loss of over 11.000 eut
present and past, at the convention, baa. deeply into the profits of the little fe
had the honor of chaperoning .his big.' leaa and they have no wish to experience
.htf ' r''i. . "ST. L-KI-l. 1 UPAlr1M l.b.A ...W
....... -. ... . .-. ... rwyiip . l vum II, .lviur UU ID T
aroMita aaamireouring mm to Trienas.
Mr, Ebbets has let It L-e known te Don's
fcofeie folks that he thinks a whole lot of
the husky pitcher.
Anion- other Omaha players about the'
pJ-we ar Ous Williams, Chick Autrey. ju,oe president cf thii Central asso'cla- ' AtUntlo league, were apotnted to sans.
Bupuy Carter. George Btoije, Bill Kchlpke , ton; john h. Farrcll. secretary of th i Never before has a committee on cr
and Artie Thomason of the present team. National trace atlon. and Bexton. ' D, appointed, and It U thought
Tommy, you know. Is wa'klng de'egat president of the National aaaociatlon! thftt tn won is to exclude any chance
'n ui piayeia union in tnese parts, tie
Ciie up from his old coon hunting
ecniunds at Liberty. Mo., whert he says
tbl ' wsthr is fine and farmers ar
over the big crops.
Among th playora of other days la
old' Ellly llarle, harpy, smiling Bll'y, who
That committee will n.ttt this morning
and pass Judgment on all proposed
changes to the constitution. .
It was suggreted at the convention yes
terdsy tftat Ban Johnson and Oarry Herr
mann make a talk giving their views on
any r-rooon-d chansea. Ed Barrows was
protbl has been in more Ungues and on d enated to bring them forward, but
M T ' "an any ouier living men. they dec ned at that lime. Herrmann
unVsa possibly It la Jsy Andrews. Billy promised to speak thla aftemom. but
Is I favoilte, still. He was one, a great Johnson lft last night fur Chicago and
x.s a very spcoiacuiar catcner. now ne ' will b unable to make any address.
Is t ring an engine In Detroit.
vyd there U old Ed Dugdale, now
on(rr ot Ui Seattle team in the Pacific league. I.d and Frank Handle of
Onii.h used to play together "away back
alt j-ait th skyline of history." But they
haijnt met for twenty odd years. Handle
fcnw DugdoJe, but Dug didn't; know
Krr.k. Jim Rourke of Orand .' Island
, and Omaha introduced them without men
tioning Handle's name. f .
"Kaine?" kd Lusda'e. ' .
Other t'oaaaalttr 'Naaaed.
Two other committees were arpolnted
yesteiday by President fxton. The new
Audlioriu mcommlUe w 11 consist of A.
Lyon. Jim O'Rourke and K. H. Fassett
The new resolutions cor.iinlttee will ron
sirt of Tint Murnan. Edward Barrows
and T. K. Moll.
Tti convent.oo was estteriained last
nlyht at a theater party at the Oi pheum.
Miwt of th lower floor waa occupied by
IhA m Wlik t. mnA . in. tnnmn.UI. v .
-Bandle." and th Omaha man grinned, ,ra.,L. .r. H, r. ......
ramages by nonsupporters of Organised
ball In the convention halt.
Fancy Salaries Are
Killing Influence to
Sport, Says O'Neill
President Norria L. O'Neill of tho
Western league is 011.1 strong for putting
th soft pedal ou th money talk In
base ball.
"It's a killing Influence," aaya Tip.
"this eternal loud nolso about money,
money, money. It's got to atop or w
atop. And another thing, as I've con
tended all along, w hav got to make
our salarlea more nearly fit our gate re
ceipts. I like to see a man get all the
money he ran for his services, but paying
exorbitant salaries to playera ia worse
for them In th end than for the owner
hM made his f.cs f.m liar enough. Tn, convenUon ye.tard.y )n-! golden egg. Pay a fair salary, on
Lpt back of all thes old Mlow. la one ! gugu rated a few mmutea before nooal that comporta with th lncom and
, , j , 7t"?1r ' "rtor" ! with the fi.t executive seaelon. Tom1 th ngs will go along all right, but pay
..,u,r,-uu v'." Falrweather. secretary of the Des these fanoy aularles and It's all off."
Tip is not talking new. circuit tor th
Western league. He Is not asleep to th
league's Interest, but until there Is
some pos'tiv disintegration, h ta not
there with tb new circuit" stuff.
1 bay the) saute quality of ma
lerlnl, the best, for use la my rat
ing plarw as I u In my home.
u matter tvhat you pay elsewhere
you are) not ntdtlnn Iwttw, ami
seldom food a you will
et at - ' ' ,
I a y-a? 9 m '
Tii Pure Foo;i Sign.
Qzickserv Cafeterias
luuenicol City hatl U k HMg.
tr llitolitn l,uurlia.- , .
'.'I m.u(Ii I III u HI.
IKlrt lKMlu t.. r-, (
ll.irh. a'Ullllll Fl -
C "
'Moines club, opened th meeting with
jan address of weicom tit behalf of th
"Minn league, its : waa looowea my
Mayor J antes C Dahtman. speaking for
the cltlsens of Omaha. Mike Sexton,
president of the MaUoaal association,
Mayor Dahlman extended th key to
th ctty te th members of th association
and assured them that any persn wear
ing the convention badge would find all
of Omaha open to his pleasure.
. The roll was railed by President Sex
ton and it showed twenty-sis leaguoa
represented, while several more will b
represented by ( moralng.
- Tli first order of business was th
adoption of a resolution Introduced by
President, fexton, afllrmlng " that; the
minor leaguea intended to maintain el-
U-nlajio to Organised ball.
The resolution goes to prov that th
minors Intend to give th major leagues I ther.
A Mexican and a negrets, who hav
been living together as- maa and wlf
under th commoat law, finally duidd
to b regularly married, upon advlo ot
th Omaha polio. But when the man
applied to Marriage Uceaae Clerk Her
bert Hubbendoif for a license to wed, he
waa refused ea th ground that he was
a number of the white rare, and the Ne
braska law prohibits intermarriage of
while and colored people, bo the Meal
can. and colored woman weat to Council
Bluffs tn hop of securing license
. Tte Amtocrat,
Ths GUlett Set in JTrwneA
Ivory, th material so much in ..
vogu tor men's brushes, combs
and other toilet articles, Triplo
Bilrer-pUted Raxor, in boaud- . '
fully designed case of French
Ivory with Blado Boxes to match, ,"
containing 12 doub1a-cdgd $ r . . .
Oillett Blades(5e ahaWntf w
Willi Oold Ragor, $. ',
r ....
INMOST 'men are practical. . At Christ-;
mas. ; uiG rveicomt -agut. u&& us.
gift rthe Gillette Safety Razor that hts
right into a man-s personal life, maizes things
easier foir him and proves, its quality by the way
it shaves.- Give to $50.
v . ratmaa,t ge him a packet of Gillette Bkda 6 Bladei
;H r. j 12 shaving edge), SO cents: 12 Blades 24 shaving edges), '4L