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SfTeral Flan to Hay in the Wettern
Women'i Golf Tourney.
Mlu rarollae '4 easdoa Will Have
I.argr Weddlngr party Rifi(f.
wifit t Mix Myrtle Mawee
la Aannanred.
wlal Calendar. '
M"NrAY-Chllrtren'e mstlnee danos at
Me'd and Carter Iak rluba.
TI'KSIUY-Chlldre n'e matne dance and
dinner-danre al Hppy. Hollow eluh:
Carter I-afce rlub' dinner dance; I'nl
veroal rlnJe,' card artv.
WF.INFnAY l'lnnet-danres 'at Fieir,
and Country cliihn; children's mstlnee.
"nm m rr; irmur MKf i iililllijr V.IUP,
rottssers" njRht, Carter l,ake club.
Tllf KSIAr-Carter J-ake club, dlnner
rtnhre. i it ... , ,
FKI1 AT Women golfers at Peymour
Luke Country lub; children's rnattnee
risnce and moving pictures, Carter I,ske
rluh; dinner-dance, al Brymour 1-uke
Country rlub.
FATIHMAV Fisher - Mullln wedding;
nwk-fnil dlnner-danre at Field, llnppy
II ill low and Country rlnbe; members'
.night at Carter club.
Omaha will be well represented In the
Weatern Woiwn'i Oolf tournament td ha
held at thaUIInadale club, Chicago, Au
gust 14 to n.
,Mr. E. H. Rprsgiie of the Country club
and one of tha bent' players of the state
will leava thla week for Chicago' to enter.
From Happy Hollow will be Mre.-'Walter
fj. fllver and Mr. Karl Linlnger. The
former plans to enter, but Mn. Linlnger
h not yt made her plana..
Mn Brucs'xtoffalt of tha Field club left
lail evn!bff for" Chlrafo and plana to
enter thla tournagiept.
Mrs, Jt. 8. Tubbe nf Council Bluffs, a
member. of liie Women Gcilrers of Omaha,
was formerly of Chicago and i a member
or tha Hinsdale rlub. .Mra. Tlihhs will
enter baih the -weateVn' tournament and
also Hi Wisconsin, wet In MIIaiike.
Returning rom Europe, . j
otnan a travelers who. have heeh abroad
lb la summer are fiartalnly having an I
eliciting- return trip. , , t . if 1
Mr. and Mrs. C: H. Pickens and Mlaa j
Kllzabeth Pickens wera'-fpaasnngers on
tha Mauritania, which put' In Thuraday 1
at Halifax to escape pursuit by German
crulaeri. Tha British crulaer Essex ac
companied tha Mauretanla to Port.' Mr.
rickena wired from Halifax that they
had had an exciting voysge and would
ba In Omaha next Wednesday. They
reach New York Nunriay. i,v".';
Mlaa Jean Wallace la In, receipt of a
letter from her alirttta, the''Mteee "Mary
and Winifred WaV.Hre, who are touring
tha region of the Vtroaaache" In Scot
land, under data of July 2J, In which
they make no mention of the Kuropean
iroublee. They write that theyure leav
ing for England and expert to aall from
Liverpool on the Arabic AUgust V:
Dr. and Mra. C. A. Hull, who have been
abroad for tlx weeka, on tha
Rotterdam ejid reached Omaha Thurs
day. They had a delightful slay In and
near Paris, being entertained at the horn
of a French woman who has a charming
house at Oompelgne. They loft Paria
Just fourydaya befor Ilia declaration oil
war, and wlreleaa message In. mid
ocean gave them the tlrst news of tha
trouble. !
Mr. J. H. Millard, and Mlsa Jessie Mil
lard ' reached home' Wednesday from a
month In Europe, having landed Monday
on tha George Waahingtpn. They passed
in mid-ocean tha Kronprinseeeen Cecilia,
whh-h waa afterwards chased by British
and French cruisers bark to this coast,
and were themselves stopped by a Ger
man cruiser until they showed the Ger
man flag. . , r ,
At Lake and Seashore. ,
Mr. and Mrs. F. II. Davis. Mlsa Ellsa-
beth and Miss Mellora Davis returned
inia wees, 10 wmiu v-ny tiuiu nwir
motor trip through tha Whit mountains,
and Thursday went to Watch Hill, ac
companied by Mrs. Walter Itoberts and
Mrs. Tom Davis. .
Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Weed are expected
horn today from Okoboji, where they
went by motor last week.
Miss Anne Olfford left Friday for Chi
cs go. where aha will stop over two days
to sea, her brother, Pan ford, who la study
ing; at. the university. From Chicago Miss
Clifford goes to Richards. I-andltig, Ont.,
to visit Miss Stella Thummel. . , .
Mrs. K. 8, Cowglll left Saturday for
Plum Lake, Wis., where her son, Win
ston, (a at a boys camp.
Miss Edith Tobbltt left Saturday for
Hturgenn Bay, Wis., to spend her vaca
tion wrt" Miss Charlotte Templeton, who
liaa a House fliers. ' " ' '
Mr. 'fun ""Mra. Will nurrAleft Frldar
fir Okfit.ojl,' to ba the gucnf s?of Mr. and
Mra. fiia Ryrns over Bitndar.
Mra.'.;I.vitter and Mls, Hutler leave
Hundsy 'Kir, Trior' Ike to 'be gone two
weeks.' (.'... ' . . .
, Mra. Vtrlur .' Caldwell and . sons, Jabjn,
and IaUl. hve rvWriwd (jura Christmas
Summer Bantv. . - j
Mlsa JUnliie' !"'., who has Wen spend
ing the hist nioMh In fthsbnygan, Miqh.;
La now at Paw Paj Lake, Mich., for, the
month ft Augrist.. .' . , ... -'
. Mra Dudley llerdllnger 'and daughter
are vIMting New York, Boston and Chi
go. They-will return to Omaha In. Sep
timber, after visiting Mrs. llerdllng's
mother In Dee Moines.
. Dr. C. 8. Phepard is ' back from the
north, where be spent a portion of the
heated t-rm. Mra. Bhepard and their
daughter.. M!s Helen, are atlll at Isle
Royal, where they will remain until Sep
tember. In Chicago, op his return, Dr.
Xhepard waa very 111 for several days
from Etomulns poisoning and was la a
hospital there.
" Mr. Paul Hoagland returned Saturday
from Dennis, Mass., where he went with
Mrs. Hoagland and his family to spend
a tew weeka Mrs. Hoagland and tha
children will return tha first of Beptem
br. .
Mrs. J. K. Summers and son, Stuart,
left Thursday to aprnd tha week-end at
Culver, Ind., with Mr. Jack Bummers.
Krura there they will go to Atlantic City
fur two or three weeka to New, York h
fore returning home about the, middle of
f ptember. Mr. Jack Bummers expects
to Join rhetn tn the east after the cloae of
the Natal Hummer school at Culver.
Mr. and Mra Frank Haller, Mra. Llnln
gr and. Mr. and Mra Fred W. Thomas
return home today from Atlantic City.
Mr. and Mra. liallwr were met by Mr- and
Mra. Thomaa and Mrs. Llnlnger upon
their .return from urope,anS they, all
went to tha seashore for two Weeks he
fore coming home. -
Mra W. R. McKeen left Tuesday for
kaneatals, N. Y., to visit her uncle.
General Marshall. .liudlngton, -and ,laer
HI vi:t an aunt In Boston, wJaara. she
lll be Allied by Mr. McKeen, and they
.ill r.o to lennla. Muss.
Mr and Mrs. C. O. Tulmage and "daugh
ter, Doris, will leave tonight for Quebeo
French-Congdon Wedding Party
0mmts- I . - - -,-- --"- -' ;
1 n n
v 1 M ... :
- J , -
; : '.t . .. 1
' ' . : ... J" . : .
..., , - V - ; . '.MMewS ..!'. I
. -.,.-. . "V . .,'., ,::..:. i
1 ' " '",' -,..:. ; I .,...;..:':-. : ,, ' ,
' ; ' . ::-::':: i" .' . - I
.-.;:;;-:'' I '
-: ' ' I 1 ;
. : ... i- ' , : v . 3
.. '.; . ' , f t ' ,U ' '
and other eastern points. Thslr Itinerary
Includes the water trip down the St. Law-
renoa river through the Thouaand Islands
to Quebeo. They will return to Montreal,
after which tlrey will make the water
trip through Lake Champlaln and Lake
Oeorga. They will go from Boatoa by
water to New York and Atlantle City,
with atop-ovara at Waahlngton and Balti
more, They will be' gone nearly a month.
Mrs. Matte Jefferla leaves for Chicago
Sunday, evening to meet friends and with
them. will take a two .weeks' trip on the
Mr. and Mrs. Kara Millard leave Mon
day for Canada to visit New Brunswick
and the lower St. Lawrence. Mrs. Millard
will also spend some time In her old
homo, Montreal.
Mlsa Katharine McCormlck, who bag
been at the Gotham In New York, Is now
at Seagate.
Mrs. R. 8. Hall, M'.sa Dorothy Hall.
Mlas Jenette Hall and Mr. Jasper Hall of
Omaha are stopping at tha Wolcott In
few York City. '
Mlaa Rose Welch left Tuesday to spend
a few months fn' Boston and Scituate
Beach, Mass.
Mrs. Harry Welch and Miss Anna
Welch left Tuesday to spend a month at
Clear Lake, la.
To Wed in Chicago.
The engagement was annouaosd In Chi
cago this week of Miss Myrtle Moses,
daughter of Mrs. A. Moses, to Mr. Bamuet
Altschuler of that city .
The wedding will probably take place
thla fall and Miss Moses, who has bee a
prominent In muHlcai circles, plans to
continue with her work.
Miss Moses has a splendid voice and
has been-doing concert work.
Motor Trips.
Omaha people are enjoying extended
motor trlpa thla summer. Many famlllea
are having their cara sent east and oth
ers will motor the entire trip to the At
lantlo coast ,
Mr. and Mra. Fred Hamilton and Mr,
Ward Burgess left last evening tor Chi
cago, where they will remain over Sun
day, going east from thre In the Bur.
gesa' car, accompanied by Charles and
Iwta Burgess, to meet Mrs. Burgess and
Mrs. Joseph !arker. They will all tour
the eaat together, and later Mr. and Mrs.
Burgess will be the guests of Mr. and
Mra Crofoot at their Maine summer
home, and Mr. and Mra Hamilton will
go to Watch Hill. ,
Supper Dance at Kirvood-
Mr. apd and Mra Fred Hamilton 'apd
Mr.-Ward Burgees gave a supper dance
at "Klrkwood." Thursday, -the supper
being sent out from the Omaha club,
and an orchestra furnished the muslo for
the, dancing. The party Included Mr. and
Mrs. Ulenn Wharton, Mr. and Mra
Moshler Colpetser, Mr. and Mrs. Bpragua,
Mr. and Mra. William T. Burns, Mra C. Y.
Smith. Mlsa Dinning. Mr. Brlnkar. Mr.
Fred Berger of Inver and Mr. J. ds
Forest Richards. The party piotored to
Klrkwood about 4 o'clock. In time for a
awlia before supper.
With the Visitori. .
Mr. Daniel McCarthy, Jr.. so a of Colonel
and Mra. McCarthy of Chicago, formerly
"of Omaha.' w ho has Wft" mirt-h 'enter
tained while the guest of Mr. Clarence
Peters and Mr. Harold McConnell, left
Friday to spend two weeks In Colorado
Springs before returning to Chicago.
Miss Hattle Rosenblatt of Baltimore,
arrived this morning to visit her aunt,
Mrs. Mag Orkln. for several weeks.
Mrs. Hsrry Rowley and daughter,
Haxol, of Philadelphia, have arrived to
visit Mra. Rowley's mother, Mra M." F.
Haselton, and slater, Mrs. Fred Goerne,
Jr., for ona month.
' Mr. and Mrs Benjamin Anchell and
family of Brooklyn, N. Y., are visiting
Mr. Anchell's slater, Mrs. N. Kahn, Mil
Sherman avenue.
Lawn Party for Daughters.
Mrs. a. R. Rush entertained at a lawn
party last evening for her daughter, Mlas
Angelina. Quantities of Chinese lanterns
were used for decorating and dancing
was the feature of the evening. Those
present were:
Alberta Jaeger,
Jeannette Jaeger,
Kleanor Hlabaugh, '
Hernlco Wilcox,
Catherine (Jons,
Kstella Cullen.
William Young.
William Hamilton.
Warren Deems.
Newton Woodward.
Oscar Thompson,
Edgar Thompson,
Jarvis Gofford,
Wallace Miller,
Herbert Barker,
Alice Huntington,
I.oulne McKwea,
Ruth Miller,
Marguerite Cullen,
Helen Nolan.
MarJorle Parks, '
Gerald Tudor,
Kobert Olmstead,
Lanaing Brltcnln,
tiarrv tirlni'iu,
Roaer Moore. -
Jack Drleoull,
Herbert Welsh.
Clifford Ruaaell,
Dancing Clubs to Entertain.
Tha Coronado and Cacti clubs will give
their mid-summer danolng party at
Carter Lake club Wednesday evening,
August St. It will , ba' a subscription
dane,- 'tha committee In charge Including;
Messrs: Wayne 'Moore, George Buchart,
Jack Buchart,' William Nelson. Lloyd To-
land and Clinton Hamilton. Tha grounds
and hall will be elaborately decorated tn
Japanese) lanterns. The club members
are anticipating aa enthuelastlo danoa
season the coming winter.
Surprise. Party.
A surprise party was glvsn In honor ot
Mr. Clyde Spencer at his home Thursday
evening. Tha evening was spent In games
inj music Those present were:
Misses Misses
Cora tioldl, Terea Williams,
Carolyn emrurtner.Mary Dolen
Frances Mtlier.
Teresa Meiill.
Teresa Tromp,
Clara Bailey,
Agnes Vanoe,
Crystal Vlnoent.
A'ine Seldl.
, Margaret McCoy,
Anne IiMI.
tlernlca McConnell.
Margaret goxton,
Messrs '
Clarence McNutt,
Frank tiroes,
Fled Coll.
(leorite Jacobaon,
llsrold Townsend,
Milton Larson,
l iford Nelson,
Melvln Adams,
1:1kt McAilame.
lleien Beaton.
Mabel Mortenson.
Clara DlKglna. .
bertha V. rede.
Anne Bvhlnker, '
Clyde Spencer,
Guy Klacy,
joe twiai,
Hoy Benoer,
Virgil Houck,
Mnrv Drlrb,
Eden Mason,
Al. McAllister.
Joe 4reos,
Al. Krlttenbrlnk.
Clyde nice.
Mr. and Mra Spencer.
Ice Cream Social.
- A cabaret Ice cream soeaal will be given
by the woman's auxiliary of 8t. Paul
church Tuesday evening, August 11 '
Bridge Luncheon for Quest.
Mra. John, W. McElroy of South Omaha
entertained at a bridge luncheon Thurs
day In honor of Miss Eunice Enaor of
ttotTnesterr i: Y.,'who- le the guest of her
mother, Mrs. X. U. TLoaor. Tha guests
were seated . at email tablea which had
an attractive decoration of green and
white. High scores were made by Mrs.
T. H. Ensor and Mrs. William Queenan.
Those premmt were:
C. A. Melcholr,
N. R. Hrysun,
J. J. McAllister,
J. W. Grlbbell,
B. II. Elliott.
W. H. Uueenan.
Mlsa Eunice Elisor.
T. H. Enaor,
C. P. 8. Tobin,
George Park,
William Mhawgo,
A. 11. Murdock.
Fisher-Mullin Wedding.
Cards have been Issued for the wedding
of Miss Katherlne Douglas Mullln, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Mullln.
and Mr. Robert Earle Fisher, son of Mr.
and Mra John W. Fisher, which will take
place Saturday morning, August IS, at 10
o'clock, at the home of the brlde'a par
ents. At Seymour Lake Country Club
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Donohue entertained
at dinner Friday evening. They had aa
their guests s
Mr. and (Mrs. O. M. Smith.
Mr. and Mrs. William Gunlock of Chi
Misa Gladys Gorham of Hampton.
Mr. W. F. Bovlnger of Hamburg; Ger
many. Mr. John Barnes.
Dining together were:
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Cheek.
Mr. and Mrs. Jamea C .Dahlman.
Mlaa Mary Cook
Messra Messrs
J. W, Cook, W. 11. Cheek.
V. H. K. Hmilette
of Rapid City.
Dr. and iMrs. M. L King had aa their
Mr. and Mra. William Conboy.
Mrs. W. a King.
Mlas Elisabeth MrOrath of Sterling, I1L
Miss Catherine McGreth of Walnut, la.
Kev. Father Moran.
Dining with Mr. and Mrs. U I Raber
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence.
Misses Misses
M. King. I,. NelBOn.
IL Chapman. Hattie O'Rourka.
Messrs Messrs
Frederick Stafford, W. Hahn. .
Edward Hawley,
Nate C. Houston entertained at a din
ner party Friday evening. Covers were
laid for:
Mr. and Mrs. Elwood Zaugg of Alton,
Mra. Jessie Davis.
Misa Uuth K. Itovls.
Miss Luclle bmllh of St. Louis.
Jack Dugdale entertained at a dancing
and watermelon party for:
Misses Misses
Mumaret Hoffmann, Annabel Sinclair .
Dorothy Fleming,
Messrs Messrs
Edward Alperson, Paul Duffy.
Mr. aud Mrs. W. B. Tagg had as their
guests: .
, Mr. and Mrs. Hsrry Boyd.
Miss Jennie Ionard of Louisville, Ky.
Miss Mildred Gross.
Raymond Owens.
J. M. Cook entertained at dinner Fri
day evening for:
Mlsaes Misses
Maurlue Murdock, Miry Cook.
Messrs Messrs
F. 1U K. Hewlett Austin Galley.
Miss Louise Mote ot Plalnvlew, pianist,
and Mr. Frank Bordner Pilger, baritone,
guests of T. J. tshanahan. contributed to
tha entertainment Friday evening, fol
lowing a dinner party .
Mr. and Mra. Harold M. Anderson are
entertaining Mrs. Al A. MeoDlerinld
and Roy W. MacDlarmld of Detroit at
their cottage.
Another dinner party Friday evening
Included: Mr .and Mra. A. S. Mtdlam. Mr
and Mra John Urion, Mr. and Mra H. E.
Paid. Mlsa Margaret Vrlon. Clayton Mid-
Seymour Lake club losee Its house
secrets y, J. V. Brennan, who has ac
cepted a position In Sheridan, Wyo, Mr.
James P. Sullivan, who has been secretary
of the South Omaha Board of Education
for a number of terms, will succeed Mr.
Mra. M. R. Murphy entertained at
luncheon and a card party. Those pres
ent were:
Mesdames Mcvdsmea
C. I". Crowley, Edward Hayden,
P. H. Phllhln. Adolph Htora.
WllliHm Hayden. Thomaa Flynn,
Washington. P. C.
Miss fadie Hayden.
A lunVhnon and Kenslncton waa given
by the membera of "the 1 1. F. B. club.
Those preaent were:
Mesdames Meadnmes
F. E. Ames.1 F. Prurha.
George Davis, F,. O. Furen.
J. I, Hush, George Frsncls.
W. F. Nitche.
Miss Blanche Buh,
Msster Byron Frsncls.
Seymour Lake Country club golf men
will play the qualifying round for the club
championship on Saturday and Sunday,
August 8 and The play will be In three
flights. Much enthusiasm Is manifested
by the players, and a large number are
expected to enter In the qualifying round.
Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Cohn entertained
at dinner last evening In honor of Ambert
Haley of Kanaaa City and A. B. Cohn of
Pan Franclaco. The evening was spent
in dancing. .
Mr. J, M. McOuIre had three guests at
dlnnet last evening, after which other
guests Joined the party for dancing.
At the Country Club.
Mr. Francis Oulmet, the natlrnal open
golf champion. Is expected here Monday
and will be the guest of Mr. and Mra.
M. C. Peters for the week. Chick Evans
was also expected from Chicago, but la
unable to get away from business. V. F.
Sswyer, Warren K. Wood and Mr. Stnn
diah are coming with Mr. Ou'.met and
there will be some Interesting matches
on the links during the week.
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Georgs entertained
at dinner Saturday evening at the Coun
try club, when covers wers laid for ten
Nathan Merriam entertained a party of
ten; Charles Mets. three; Mark J. Coad,
five, and Ralph Peters, four.
At the Field ClubT
Among those who entertained guests at
the dinner-dance last evening at the Field
club are Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Hyson, who
gave a dinner for Paul Emery of Genoa,
Neb., when covers were laid for twenty
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Rogers enter
tained at dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Frank
lin Harwood of Kansas City, formerly of
Omaha, when covera were laid for ten
A. J. Vterllng had eleven guests; M. A.
Buehler, three; C. N. Richards, tour; O.
C. Stora, twelve; R. H. Manley, two; H.
B. Morrell, six; J. O. Llford, four; Dr.
A. P. Condon, six; J. Q. Adams, three;
John Lavelle, two.; G. Stors, eight; H. C.
Nicholson, two.
At Happy Hollow.
Entertaining at dinner Saturday evening
at Happy Hollow were Mr. and Mrs.
A. O. Edwards, who will have covers laid
for seven guests; A. H. Doran, eight; J.
E. Pulver, four; T. J. Nolan, four; W. C.
Ross, six; W. C. Klopp, two.
At the Boat Club.
Mr. Byron Reed entertained at dinner
at. the Boat club. Lake Manawa, Thurs
day evening. Covers were laid for Mr.
and Mrs. . Banelle. Mlas Veronica "if.
Mr. Charles Hanley and Mr. Uyron Reed.
Change Plans.
Mr. and Mrs. Howsrd BsJdrlge and
Mrs. Rachel Scott of St Paul, who were
booked to aall last Saturday on the Vater-
land are now sojourning at Atlantlo City,
with no prospect of reaching Europe for
tha present. Malcolm Baldrige la visiting
at Buxxard'a Bay.
Motor Trips.
Mrs. Georgs F. Relm, Miss Minnla
Nygaard, Miss Anna Reim and Mr.
Julius Nygaard loft Friday morning In
their automobile and will motor to Lake
Okobojt, Bptrit lake. Laka Minnetonka
and Minneapolis. They will return In a
Celebrate Birthdays.
Mrs. C. Myers and Mrs. Myrta Barber
entertained eighty children at Ftontenella
park Friday, afternoon In honor of the
birthdays of their children, Viola Meyers
snd Clifford Barber.
Universal Circle.
Tha Universal Circle will entertain at a
card party Tuesday afternoon at Its
hall, Twenty-eighth and rowier streets.
Mrs. N. E. MlUer and Mrs. C. Jacobson
will be the hostesses. v
In and Out of the Bee Hive.
Miss Mabel Bennett leaves Tuesday for
Nswmsn Grove, Neb.
Miss Ida Kaley returned from a five
weeks' trip to Colorado.
Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Stevens left Friday
for the Yellowatone park.
Mlas Elsie kets left yesterday for a
stay of two weeks In Manltou.
Mr. and Mra. Louis Naah left Friday
for New York to be gone two weeka
Mr. and Mra. A. A. Buchanan are
spending tha summsr In Gloucester,
Mlsa Myrtle Brady left Saturday for
Portland, Ore., to ba gone until Septem
ber L
Mlas Martha Hall left Thursday for. a
vlatt of a month In Billings, Mont, and
Cody, Wyo,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Richards re
turned Friday from a stay of ten days at
Lake Okobojt.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Z. Oould left Sunday
for a month's visit in the lake region of
northern Minnesota.
Dr. and Mrs. F. 8. Owen and daughters
have returned from Colorado, where they
si-ent the last three weeks.
Mrs. Ida .Mabel Rolfe of Mlnneapolla.
Minn., arrived Saturday, to be the guest
of Mrs. Nancy J. Moors for several
Mra Bart let t Richards and children
were the guests of Mrs. Richards'
brother, Mr. J. De Forest Richards, last
Miss Blanche Deuel returns today from
Chicago, where she haa been the guest of
her aunt and uncle. Mr. and Mra. Joy
Morton, at their country place.
Mrs. McFerron and her son, Donald,
who have been the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Stewart in Council Bluffs,
returned Wednesday to Chicago.
Mr. Soott Cuscaden returned Sunday
from the eaat. where be spent three weeks
la Boston with hi brother. Prof. Robert
Cuacaden, and visited relatives In Phila
delphia. Mr.- and Mrs. Themes Bennett - sad
daughters, Grace and Bess, leave Tues
day for an extended trip through Idaho,
I V v
1 ' - -
- ',. V. S
f -: ' - !
Tfttes lUyrile JUos&s
Montana and Utah, where they will visit
Personal Mention.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Winters of Kanaaa
City are the week-end guests of Mr. and
Mrs. W. J. Mortng. enroute to the north-
ern lakes.
News comes from Norwich Cnnn nt
the birth of a son 011 July 2H to Mr. "and
Mrs. l,eroy Robbing of that cltv. Mrs
Robblns was formerly Miss Jennie A vcrfair
ot Omaha.
Mr. gnd Mrs. Halleck Rose and thlr
family moved this week to their new
home Just completed on Thirty-ninth
street and Thursday they left In their
car ror usakla. Minn., for the remainder
of the month.
Mr. Howard Kats. who has been m.
ployed since the first of the year at tha
smelter, gave up his position last week
and lert for Rolls, Mo., where he is to
be married and will later return with his
brida to Kisslmmee, Fla.. to make his
home there.
Mr. Frank Benbow. who suffered a asrl.
ous attack of appendicitis last Saturday,
nas been pronounced out of danger at
the Swedish hospital. Mrs. Benbow and
children,': who - were summering In Wy
omlng. where Mr. Benbow expected to
Join them, returned home Wednesday
Matters Asks for
a Continuance of
Hearing of Case
. Tom Matters hss asked for a continu
ance of his case from Beptember 1 to
November S and haa also asked for a
change of the place of trial from Hast
ings to Omaha. United State District
Attorney Howell has been requested by
Judge Smith McPherson to appear at his
residence at Red Oak Monday, where he
will hear the arguments on the motions.
Taxicab and Auto
Truck in Collision
William H. Taylor, driver for the Cen
tral Taxi company, and A. J. Glddings,
auto truck man for the Fairmont Cream-
Iiry company, are under arrest for reck
less driving as a result of a collision of
their two conveyances at Twelfth and
Farnam. The accident happened as Tay
lor was making a hurried trip to the
Union station with two paaaengers for an
early train and as Glddings wss deliv
er ia- Ice cream. Two traveling salesmen
In the taxi were badly shaken up and
Assistant Truckman Pete Pollco ' was
brulsec! about tha knees.
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Few can resist Its charm, it comfort, iu freedom from trouble. And
why try to resist it? Tha Wood is the most economical car you can
own. You know what it will cost to run it. Many ten year old Wooda
car are giving- satisfaction today, If so substantially built that
nothing ever "happens" nothing- to fuss with or learn abSut. v0u
Just drive and forget the car as a piece of machinery.
The 1915 Woodg Models show me
chanical refinements not obtainable
on any other car. In style, easy rid
ing and freedom from trouble they
ara a year ahead. Do you want ti
DO siiownr Just telephone.
256I-70-7J Farnam Street,
. Omaha.
Telephone Harney 409.
Every Effort Being Made to Keep
Indian Supply House Here.
Commercial Club Itea Berw
Reasons Why Omaha Is Eco
nomical Location for
Omaha is still fighting to be retained
by the government as the location for one
of .the three Indian warehouses. There
sre five In the 1'nlted Ftates. It has been
decided there shall be but three In the .
future. Congressman Lobeck, after vis
iting In Omaha a few weeks rushed back
to Washington when the decision to cut
down to three was made. At Washington
he snd Senator Hitchcock will have a
fight on their hands to show that Omaha
should be logically retained as the lo
cation for one of the three warehouses.
I.oalcal Location. '
The Commercial Club Journal this week
points out some of the reasons why
Omaha Is a logical locations ss follows:
Every well Informed student of the
situation realises that Omaha Is the best
located of the five Indian warehouses now
being operated. Omaha la 5u0 mllea nearer
to TT per cent of the Indian achoola and
agencies than any other warehouse.
Freight can be shipped from Omaha to various points much more cheaply
from Omnha than from any other ware
house. Officials In Washington know aa
a matter of record that the United States
srmy has been buying supplies tn Omaha
at a lower cost per ration than anywher
else. It is obvious that If ordinary busi
nesa principles are followed and true
economy considered. Omaha will be first
choice as a permanent supply department.
If Omaha does not secure the appoint
ment It would seem that tha decision must
be based on something other than busi
ness considerations. At the time when
the abolition of the entire Indian ware
house system was considered before the
senate and house, Omaha advanced the
most effective arguments and put up the
strongest fight for the retention of the
system. It Is needless to say that every
thing in the power of this club and the
Nebraska delegation In Washington la
now being done to secure a place for
Omaha as one of the three permanent -warehouses.
Jena Karl Lauraen, a young Dane, who
has been In America only a short time 1
snd can hardly speak a word of English,
reported to the Young Men's Christian
association and to Chief of. Police Henry
W. -Dunn that he had been deprived nf ;
IS of his money when he placed It "for I
safe keeping" In the office of a Thirteenth '
street hotel. When Chief Dunn and Gen
eral Secretary E. F. Denlson of the as
sociation took the matter up with the
hotel, the proprietor dented Lauraen's
allegations, but paid the amount lost "In
order to protect the reputation of the
hotel," he explained. The Dane was
given a Job as Janitor at the association
building, so he Is now quite happy again.
Mrs. Katherlne Sumney, secretary of the
local woman's suffrage organisation, In
a letter to County Commissioner John C.
Lynch, chairman ot the court house com
mittee of tha county board, thanked hint
for allowing tha use of tha court house
entrance for the speeoh by RoaaUe Jones.
There la one simple, safe and sure way
that never falls to get rid of blackheads
and thaf is to dissolve them.
To do this get about two ounces of
plain powdered neroxln from any drug
store-piinkle a little on a hot wet
sponge rub over the blackheads briskly
wash the parts and you will be sur
prised how the blackheads have disap
peared. Big blackheads, little blackheads,
no matter where they are, simply dis
solve and disappear, leaving the parts
without any mark whatever. Black
heads are simply a mixture of dust and
dirt and secretions from the body that
form In the pores of the skin pinching
and squeexing only causs Irritation,
make large pores, and do not get the.11
out after they become hard. The pow
dered neroxln and the water simply dis
solve the blackhe&db so they wash right
out leaving the pores free and clean and
In their natural condition. Anybody
troubled with these unsightly blemishes
should certainly try this simple method.
Beautify the Complexion
The. Uncqualcd Btautifltr
Guaranteed to remove
tan, freckles, pimples,
liver spots, etc. Extreme
cues about twenty days.
Rids pore and tissues of Impurities.
Leaves tha skin clear, soft, healthy.
Two sixes, 50c. and $1.00. By toilet
counters or mail.
goU br 8hmas A MoCoaseil Drug Btoras. bt
tea Drus Co.. Uraudsta bras best, sad sUars.
Many a Grouch Has
Been Turned to a
Grin with
Many an old boy with the evening-
slipper habit has been led
to turkey-trotting- and healthful
laughter because it is so easy
to go anywhere in the "Woods."
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