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Hat Boot Print It Now Beacon Press.
Ufa Monthly Income OoulJ, Bee BldK
SldaUty Btorar Van Co., Dour. 1516.
Xjlfht-Xnoh Electrlo ran for home use,
I7.W. Burgefs-Qranden Co.
Wanted, Good City Loans Prompt
closing. First Trust company of Omaha.
Wl you know tras lighting you pra
ter it. Omaha Oas Co.. 1KB Howard St
XTsnrMka Baring's and IrOan Ass'n.
mutual plan has helped Its members to
save. It Is profitable and safe. IMG Far
nam St.
Menzlss WalTSs Preliminary Wil
liam Menzles, a tinner, held for assault,
waived preliminary hearing In police
court, through Harry Fleharty, his at
torney. Bohllohtlnffs in Omaha H. B. Bchllcht
ing and son of Deadwood, B. D., are In
Omnha, stopping at. the Henshaw hotel.
He Is on of the pioneer business men
of that part bf tha country.
"Today's Oomplet Vovte Frorram"
may be found on the tyrst page of the
classified section today, and appears In
The Bee EXCLUSIVELY. Find out what
the various moving picture theaters offer.
To Try Hw Salt Lew Blck. general
manager of the Bowles Commission com
pany of South Omaha, has gone to Pony
lake, where he will try out a new kind
of fish bait, warranted to land every
Wew Fourtssn-Foand. Boy A fourteen
pound boy has been bora to Mr. and Mrs.
Nicholas Clin, son-in-law and daughter
of City Fire Warden Ed Morris. This Is
the second child born to Mr. and Mrs.
Introducing: Teas and Ooffeas Wil
liam Schwartz of 'St. Louis, representing
Blanke Tea and Coffeo company, Is In
Omaha Introducing the Faust brand of
teas and coffee, as well as the soluble
teas and coffees which are becoming so
Gallup in Hew Position E. F. Gallup,
for six years division sales manager for
the American Multograph' Sales company,
has resigned to accopt the position of,
manager of the new Omaha Conservatory
of Music and Arts, with headquarters In
Metropolitan hall.
Will Spend Two Weeks In Bast Mr.
and -Mrs. Joseph Kecnan and Mr. and
Mrs. H. S. Tyler plan to leave Omaha
Thursday for a two weeks' trip to New
York and the east. Mr. Kecnan is
manager of the Henshaw hotel, and Mr.
Tyler is connected with tho Burlington
Br. Shearer to Burops Dr. W. L.
Shearer has gono to New York City,
from whence ho will sail July 18 for Eu
rope on the Imperator. He will attend
the Clinical Congress of Surgeons of
North America and the International
Dental congress, both of which will be
held in London. Dr. Shearer will be
away until September 1.
To Wyoming; for the Summer Mrs. A.
J. Beaton and children, Orcutt and Anna
Jane, left Tuesday evening with Mr.
lArthur Kecllne for the Keeline ranch,
twenty miles from Gillette, Wyo. In
AUgust Mrs. Beatun and the children
and Mrs. Kecllne, her sister, will be the
guests of Mrs. Gcorgo Voss at Dome
Lake. They will bo away all summer.
Finally Bands in Jail G. W. Gordon,
1703 South Seventeenth street, nppeared
before Pollco Judge Foster for the third
time In as many months, on a charge of
abusing his family. The first time he
Mas discharged, the second time he was
given a suspended sentence of 90 days,
and this time the 90 day Jail sentence
was put Into effect.
Miss Charlotte E. White, national lec
turer for the Child Conservation Iyague
of America, spoke on "Social Purity"
yesterday afternoon at the North Pres
byterian church. Miss White comes from
Massachusetts and plana to remain In
Omaha several months to organlic
branch leagues throughout the city.
In dealing with her subject, the
speaker warned the mothers of the care
necessary in properly bringing up ohll
dren. "Arm your cniidren In Innocence
that Is not 'ignorance and all the evil
of the streets will not harm them," she
said. "The greatest weapons of evil are
secrecy and deceit, the most powerful
armament of good, truth and open deal
ing." She advised the encouragement
of healthy sports as nature's greatest
safeguard. "Fresh air and proper fosd
are also factors for purity," she said.
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Culls From the Wire
Ieslle Ragan, who came to Los Angeles
Sunday from Tucumcarl, N. M., shot anj
killed his wife's stepfather, Charles A.
IHvelblss, after a quarrel. Then he
started to the telephone to call a doctor,
changed Ills mind, kissed his wlfo and
shot and killed himself.
C. C. Gose. renubllcan national commit.
tteman from Washington, died at Walla
Walla, foluwing Hn operation for ap
pendlcltl performed over a week ago.
Out of an estimated total of 140.000
qualified voters in Virginia, (3,936 have
signed petitions, calling upon Governor
Henry C. Stuart to call a state-wide elec
tion to decide wnetner liquor snail con
tlnue to be sold in the state.
Because Alfred Tuftenes, third officer
of the collier Htorstad. held a Norwegian
navigatot's certificate, the Canadian
maritime Parliament, it was announced
at Ottawa yesterday, has found Itself un
able to punish him as the man held
responsible for the sinking of the Em
press of Ireland, with the loss of mora
tnan j.wu lives.
Dr. Faulk Present Hitching Post to
Board of Education.
Mike Zlirlch, Who Wa Acquitted on
Mardrr Chance, Pnt Under
Bonds to Appear In Dis
trict Coart.
Dr. W. J. Faulk, newly elected repub
lican member of the Boaro or Education,
presented the school district with a hitch
ing post at the high school building last
night. Faulk Introduced the resolution
commemorating his generosity. He has a
team himself and Is a busy physician. Ho
figures that when he attends board meet
ings he must needs be ready for duty and
to that end he needed a hitching post.
Tho doctor has a sense of humor and he
denies that the post has any political sig
nificance. Koutsky-Pavllk won Uia school repair
contracts for repairing Jungman, West
Side and high schools. The sum involved
is $2,360. The board required a 12,000 bond
for the work. July 27 was set as the day
upon which the bids for supplies and coal
were to bo received. A letter from Mayor
Hoctor about playgrounds was read by
the board and then stowed away. The
board has paid no attention to the
mayor's playground stuff. It may be that
his honor will be able to scrape enough
together to buy a fow slides for the parks
should he succeed In winning tho case
that will take 0,000 out of the Interest
and sinking fund and dispose It handily
In other funds
Nothing if doing on big school book or
ders according to President of the Board
F. a Richardson. The board adjourned
last night and Immediately after the
meeting went Into executive session to
discuss purchase of school books and tho
appointment of Janitors. It Is understood
that the board has put Its foot firmly
down upon the attempt to spend a lot of
money for school books. It was also Bald
by members of the board last night that
there would be few If any changes among
the Janitors. "We made the civil service
rule," said one of the board members,
"and we will enforce It. To get rid of a man
good cause will have to bo shown. Charges
will have to be made and proved before
a Janitor can be removed under the new
Tx Henri nir Proceed.
Hearing of the mandamus proceedings
brought by the mayor to compel the city
treasurer to pay over the $20,009, money
collected in back taxes and paid Into the
interest and sinking fund. Into tho de
pleted funds will close today before Judge
Leslie of the district court. Judge Sears
yesterday turned the case over to Juigj
Leslie to complete the hearing.
The morning was devoted to a showing
on the part of John Paul Breen, Hoctors
Omaha attorney, that the law which com
pelled the money to be placed In the in
terest and sinking fund was unconstitu
tional. The argument was continued un
til the afternoon and City Attorney Mur
phy and Assistant City Attorney Winters
will conclude the argument today.
In their opening statement to the court
yesterday both Winters and Murphy told
the court that to grant the mandamus
sought by Mayor Hoctor would be to
take more than 120,000 of the taxpayers'
money and turn It to the continuance of
a political machine that has afflicted the
people of South Otnaha for a period over-
The council postponed its. meeting from
yesterday until today In tho hope of hav
ing a decision on the ease. It Is said.
Mayor Hoctor has been telling people In
different oarta of the city what Improve
ments he will make if he wins tho suit
nnw in court. It Is said. Some of the ad
ministration crowd express great confi
dence In the outcome of the suit, while
the taxpayers at large are with tne city
attorney and the city treasurer.
Zllttch Pot Unur Bond.
Mike Ziorlch, young Austrian, employed
as a driver by a local Ice company, was
bound over yesterday morning to the dis
trict court In the aum of 11,000 for carry
ing concealed weapons by Judge James
Callanan. Witnesses testified that
Zlirlch killed a bad dog. Others insisted
that he had threatened neighbors. Friends
of Zigich say the man . has suffered re
morse since he killed Pete Bablch, a
countryman, some months ago. On the
murder charge Zlglch was acquitted, but
It Is said that he dreams of the dead man
and that for this reason many of his
klnaneonle fear him. The case was ap
pealed and Zigich released under bond.
Mar Get Incinerator.
South Omaha Is to have a gigantic
garbage incinerator If the plans of pro
moters and capitalists do not miscarry.
Headed by Beach Taylor, a number of
Omaha capitalists spent yesterday after
noon In South Omaha going over the
matter of a franchise for a new in
cinerator plant. It Is understood that the
Washington Affairs .
A conference will be held at the White
House tonight to smooth out differences
over conservation legislation now pending
In congress, mong the participants will
be, President Wilson, Secretaries Lane
and Garrison, Democratic Leader Under
wood ana tiepreseniatlve Ferris of Okla
Senator Reed of Missouri, democratic
member of the Judiciary committee,
urtred that the Interstate comnurcn nnrf
Judiciary committees should work out the
trust legislation Jointly, with a view of
consolidating all pending measures on the
The senate confirmed the nomination
of Ira Nelson Morris of Chicago to be
minister to aweaen.
Movements: of Ocean, Steamers.
Tort Arrlred. StllM.
PLYMOUTH K. P. Wlltwlm..
HAVRE - Cirollnt.
flOUTHAMPTON- Prw. Grant.
8HAN01IAI,-. Dn of Rutbrui
ANTWERP ,"rdlgnhlr...
COPENHAGEN... .Frederick II....
NAPLES Oceania
LONDON Mlnnewaika. . . .
BREMEN . . ...JUrbroa......O. Karfont.
OHERBOl7Ra.,...K. P. Wllhtlm..
CHERBOUlia... .Vaterlaod ,
FinaUARO......VIanituU. ..
ST. Mtchaelt.. Bonn.
NEW YORK . . ,LpUnd
DOVER , JCroonland . -
plant wilt be a targe one. The council did
not meet yesterday afternoon, however,
as per schedule and the promoters con
tented themselves with going over the
matter Informally with city business men.
It tho plant Is constructed It Is said
that it wilt give employment to a largo
number of men and at the same time
will clean up the city. Since the Union
Stock Tards incinerator plant has been
turned Into a potash manufactory for
hog cholera treatment the hope of the
city to dispose of Its garbage to tho
stock yards has been dissipated.
Mower tor Police J mine.
Fred Mower, well known Ivagle and
prominent In local republican politics, will
enter the race for police Judge, It is
thought, some time this week. Mower Is
well known In South Omaha and lias
worked In the packing house and at his
trade as a painter. He Is one of the stal
wart workers of the Eagles and Is now
trustee of the local lodge. He has served
In the office of tho tax commissioner and
In the county court house. He has been
urged to enter the police Judge race.
Mower stated last night that he had not
made up his mind to run, but that he had
the matter under consideration.
H. W. Iteed, Jim Austin and J. B. Heath
are also candidates for the republican
nomination for police Judge.
Mastic City Gossip.
The Mystic Worker will meet tonight
at Odd Fellows' hall, Twenty-fourth and
M streets.
George H. Brewer left yesterday on a
business trip to Columbus, O., and other
eastern points.
Office space for rent In Bee office, JJ18
N street Terms reasonable. Well known
location. Tel. South 27.
Chester Chliek, who lives In the west
ern part of the state, is the guest of
his uncle, J. V. Chliek.
The Merrymakers' club will give a
dancing party at the Moose home
Wednesday evening, July 16.
James KraJIcek hns returned to his
work In the city treasurer's office after
a vacation of two weeks.
Inquests upon the deaths of James Ham
ilton and Clarence Jones will be held this
morning at Larkln's parlors.
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Lades
laus Wolskl died Saturday night. The
funeral was held Sunday afternoon.
The Misses Julia and Hannah Bronsi
nan have returned home after a visit of
two weeks spent at Wntson, Neb.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Bheldon of Per
clval. la., are visiting at the homo of
Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Chlzek.
Woman wants to take washing Into
house. Telephone South 028
There will tut an Ire cream social at
the Christian church. Twenty-third and
i streets, on next Thursday evening.
Tho funeral of Jnmes Lawler was held
from the St. Agnes church Sunday after
noon. Burial was In St. Mary's ceme
tery. Joe Vocasek, former councilman In
South Omaha, Is visiting here with his
brother, Frank Vooasek, Joe Vocaack
now lives In Dodge.
C, M, Rich, former member of the South
Omaha School Board, has filed for the
republican nomination for county com
missioner from the Fourth district.
Mrs. R, C. Brannan and her two daugh
ters from Fullerton nre visiting with
their uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. C. T.
Wright, 1.126 North Twenty-eighth street.
Tho funeral of Clarence Jones, who
killed himself yesterday, will be held this
morning at 11 o'clock at Iukln'a parlors.
The body will te sent to ih fid home
of the Jones family at Lveland, la.
Miss Isabelte Flaherty, stenographer to
City Attorney Henry C. Murphy, will leave
this evening for a fortnight's vacation In
the Black hills. She will visit Deadwood
and Hot Springs. S. D., with her aunt,
Miss Nellie Lavelle.
A. C. Watson of Plalnvlew took the
hlcftiest prise of the year yesterday
when ho sold a load of cattle on Mon
day for prices ranging from 17 to 1SM0
per 100. The last named figure is the
blue ribbon price for the year.
The funeral of James Hamilton, who
was killed In an accident at Armour's
plant Bunday. will be Vld Wednesday
morning at 10 o'clock at his late residence,
S11S IT street. Rev. Dr Robert U Wheeler
will preside nt the funeral services and
Interment wilt be made In Iaurel Hill
Mrs. W. Frisk, 4S10 O street, celebrated
her forty-seventh birthday by giving a
dinner for her friends. Those present
were! Mrs. P. Nounds. Mrs. J. Blrda.
Mrs, R. Hathaway, Mrs, O. B. Bruce.
Mrs. Chealk. Mrs. Finley, Mrs. Taylor,
Mrs. Nugenburg. Mrs. J, Smith. Mrs. J.
G. Jacobson, Mrs. B. Homenuent, Mrs.
G, Pearson. Mrs. ft. Rlsley. Mrs. Swan
son, Mrs. J. Natchtlgall. Mrs. De Mory,
Jiaason nna .miss .Madson
Jerry Howard Gives
Five Dollars for
Irish Defense Fund
"By way of example find enclosed JS,
my humbto contribution," writes Jerry
Howard, "please forward It to Michael
J, Ryan to assist In arming and equipping
the Irish volunteers."
Jerry sends a Ions explanation along
with his money, part of which follows:
"I desire to cnll attention to these long
distance Irish warriors hillside men who
are everlastingly finding fault with tho
Irish Parliamentary party, and continually
shouting physical forco for Ireland's
emancipation that the time Is ripe for
"The Irish nationalists should be grate
ful to Sir Edward Carson for setting th
example by organising tho landlords'
tools, the Orange fools, at the dictation
of the English torles to oppose with arms
homo rule. With such precedents who
shall blame the Irish people for organiz
ing and procuring arms to add emphasis
to their contention for self-government.
John E. Redmond has commissioned
Michael J. Ryan of Philadelphia, presi
dent of the United Irish league of Amer
ica, to appeal to the Irish In America to
participate In Ireland's defense by con
tributing towards the arming and
equipping the Irish volunteers,
"Tho rank and fllo of Irish-Americans
are alt right. However, there la a little
coterie, or clique of them, having head
quarters In New York, and clsowhere,
who claim to be the legitimate owners
of the Irish cause, although these fellows
never did anything practical In their lives
towards tho frewlom of Ireland. This
clique of dictators have a few disciples
too In the two Omahas who are likewise
obstacles obstructing Irish-Americans
from doing something tangible towards
Ireland's emancipation. The proof of the
pudding Is In the eating, consequently I
desire to put theso 'Moryagh' hillside
warriors on record."
The current Leslie's Weekly contains
portraits of two faces familiar In Omiina,
President A. L. Mohler of the Union
Pacific, referred to as having begun his
career as a clerk, and Averell llarrlmai,
von of the late K. II. Hnrrl.nan. Just
appointed vice president of the load at
the age of 23.
Chnmberlnln'a Colli1, Cholera
Dlnrrhora Hemnly.
"I advised the 'boys' when they en
listed for the Spanish war to take Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy with them, and have received
many thanks for the advice given,"
writes J. H. Houghland, Ktdon, la. "No
person whether traveling or at home
should be without this great remedy."
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Tucedrty, July 14, HIM.
HTOHK NKW8 FOU WKDNKSDAY. Sixteenth nnrt Hnrncy Ktrccta.
Our First Great July Clearing of
Formerly $7.50, $10 amd $15, Choice Wednesday, $4.95
IaNUIjI DM) m this great clear-way is every trimmed f Smf
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