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Monday, May 25, 1914.
BELIEVE tho play, 'Tho Butterflies," to be presented this evening at
the Brandels theater for tho benefit of the Visiting Nurse association,
Is going to be quite a style show,
The other members of the company heard that Miss Margaret
McPherson, (leading lady), had borrowed some Parisian creations from
her guest, Miss Marguerite Falrchlld, of Santos, Brazil, who arrived here
from Paris just in time to be of service. So, yesterday, I happened to be
at a friend's house when one of the playors telephoned for the very now.
est gown my friend had, and I called a messenger whilo my friend packed
her gown in a box. "No, ray new cape hasn't arrived from the dress
maker; perhaps you can borrow one at one of tho shops," I heard her say.
Can you imagine any one lending their very best clothes for any
thing but charity, but whon it is for the benefit of the Visiting Nurse as
sociation, every one is outdoing his neighbor to lend assistance.
Others are lending mahogany furniture and exquisite lamps, and the
millionaire's home this evening on the stago is going to bo most realistic.
Miss Marie McShano has charge of the decoration and was requested to
furnish a millionaire's home without spending one cent.
All of tho boxes have been engaged, and many will entertain family
parties. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Nash will have one of the family
parties, Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Redlck and Mr. and Mrs. N. P. Dodge, Jr.,
will entertain box parties.
Mr. and Mrs. V. B, Caldwell will have as guests In their box
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Caldwell, Mr. and Mrs. 0. W. Wattles, Mrs. H. M.
Caldwell of Tioga, Pa., and Miss Baldwin of Tioga, Pa.
Foitoffiee Clerks Entertain.
The postofflc clsrks will rfv the last
of a rli of social ntrtaJnmnt Tut
day evening at Jacob' hell. A musical
program will be given the first part et
the evening, followed by dancing.
Informal Kensington.
Mm, Henry Doorly nai hostess at an In
formal kentlngton tbla aftfrnoon at her
home In honor of her home guest, Mrs.
Samuel Doerly, of New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Metz will entertain a family party, including
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Metz, Mrs. Albort Weiss of St. Louis, Mrs. Anna
Peycke. little Misses Helen reycke, Gertrude Peycke, Olga Metz and
Master Louis Metz.
With Mr. and Mrs. John A. McShano wJU be Mrs. F. P. Klrkendall,
Mrs. M. E. Barber and Mrs. .Herman Kountzc.
Commencement exercises for the Methodist Episcopal Hospital Train
ing School for Nurses will be held Wednesday evening at the First Metho
dist church. Rev. Titus Lowe and Dr. J. M. Alkln will deliver tho ad
dresses of the evening and C. W. De Lamatre will preside. Tho exorcises
will conclude with a reception to the seniors In the church parlors.
Music for the occasion will bo furnished by the First Methodist choir
lth Thomas J. Kelly directing and Martin W. Bush at the organ.
luncheon for June Brides.
Complimentary to Mis Katherlne Bee
on and Mies Henrietta Flack, both of
whom will be June brides, Miss Alice
Carter entertained Informally at a lunch
eon today at her home. Pink peonies were
used in decoration and covers were placed
for twelve guest.
At the Country Club.
Mr and Mrs. H. Prltchett entertained
at the Country club Sunday evening-, when
their euests were Miss Elisabeth Davie,
Miss Mellora Davis. Mr, Averlll Harrl
man of New York, Mr. Fred Hubbell of
Des Moines and Mr. Milton Denman of
Des Moines."
Mies Louise Dlnnlne had as her guests
Mr. and Mr. Edward O'Brien and Mr.
Charles Crane of Chicago.
With Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Keellnewere
itrs. Frederio Lake and Mr. Emll Gerlch
of Milwaukee. , .
At another table vere Mr. and . Mrs.
Glenn C. Wharton and Mr. and Mts.
Atosher Colnetxer.
Mr and Mrs. Fred Hamilton and Mr.
E. M. Fairfield were, together.,
Mr- Ben Gallagher had as his guests
MUs Mildred Butler, Miss Elisabeth
Bruce, Mr. Gerald Wharton and Mr. Hal
A. C. A. Meeting.
Mrs, lit Roy Havell was elected leader
of the musical section, Association of Col
legiate Alumnae, at a meeting held .at
the home of Mrs. Roy Docherty, Satur
day afternoon. MUs Elizabeth Fry Is the
assistant lender and Miss Mabel Kelly,
secretary'treasurer. Italian muttc will
make up the program of study for next
year The following program committee
has been named: Mesdaines Le Roy
Cavell, Roy Docherty, H. U Mossman,
Miss Avllda Moore and Miss Dorothy
Frants, The department wilt enjoy ev
eial picnics during the summer months.
Tor the Future.
Mrs. T. D. Olln will entertain the
monthly social meeting of the Chrlstlsn
church Wednesday afternoon. The hos.
tess will be assisted by Mesdamtts -McKay
Martin, C. D. Oauldln and ?. D. Hill. .
TJ.i C. T. Banquet
The regular monthly gtt-togethe.
meeting and banquet of the 'United Com
merclal Travelers waa held Saturday
evening at the Henshaw hotel. Thote
present were:
Dorothy Suntteld,
Edith Jones.
Jerome Latch,
H. E. Greelev.
u. it. mce, or uncoin nta.
Mr. and Mrs. T. D. Olln.
Mr. and Mrs. I. W- Pope.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard Martin.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F Harkleroad.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Dystra,
Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Leptin.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Rose,
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. West.
Mr. and Mrs. R, E. Smith.
Mr and Mrs. If. Cuntleld.
Surprise Party.
A pleasant surprise was given Friday
evening In honor of William. Cathroe Jr..
at his home HOT South Tenth Streetj The
evening; was spent In muslo and game.
Those present wtre:
Mlxssa Mtrsea
Hattie bletsch. Ruth nickard,
Nellie Hanna, Fannie Uilllan.
Fannie Kane, Helle Cathroe, .
Esther Fisher, May Cathroe,
wiukui Asuciofo, jonnsen,
Moines and Mr. Emll Gerlch of Milwau
kee. Mr. Sylvlo Burkenroad, who has re
cently signed as one of the soloists with
the Metropolitan Opera company for next
season, will arrive in Omaha June 15 for
a four weeks visit with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Max Burkenroad.
At Happy Hollow.
Miss Marlon Carpenter will have twelve
guests at dinner Tuesday evening at
(Happy Hollow when she will enter
tain Miss Hcnnrletta Flack and Mr,
Miles McFayden And the members of
their wedding party.
Entertaining at supper Sunday even
ng at the club were A. F. Williams, wno
had covers placed for .two; E, J. Wolf.
two; J. O. Yelser, Jr., two; A. II. Howell,
six; E. T. Manning, tour; M. F, Engle
man, two; charlea Burke, two; Dr. A. H.
Hippie, ; A. S. Prentiss, three ; F. n.i
Aldous, four; Dr. J." E. Pulver, two; H.
A. Thompson, two; 0, W. Updike, three;
C. H. Marley, four; W. G. Silver, four. .
Coronado Club.
The Coronado club will' be entertained
Thursday evening by Miss Helen Howell
at her home, Forty-first arid Uard
Ringwalt-Stowitta Invitations.
Mr. and Mrs. Gterge Francis Banchard
have Issued invitations for the weddlmf
of their granddaughter, Miss Marguerite
Htowltts to Joseph Oarneau Rlngwalt.
The marriage ceremony will take place
Thursday evening. June 4, at 6:80 o'clock,
at St. Paul's church at Fafayettevllle,
Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Rlngwalt will be at
home at 1 Lexington avenue, New York
City, after July 1.
In and Out of the Bee Hive.
Mrs. M. Hemelster of San Francisco
will arrive Thurwday to be the guest of
Mrs. T. D. Olln for several days. Mrs.
Hametster, who Is a former resident of
Omaha, Is on her way to Aberdeen, 8. D.
Mrs. Stanley Hartman of Chicago ar
rived Friday to spend two weeks with her
father, Mr. Albert Cfthn.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. ICoerpel of New
York, who have been the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Julius Drelfuss, left last even
ing for thtlr home.
Miss Rose Wolfncr of Peoria will ar
rive this evening to be the guests of Miss
Mildred Ttutiel.
Mrs. B. M. Achtenberg and small daugh
ter, Beatrice, of St. Joseph, have ar
rived to spend a month with Mrs. Ach
tenberg's parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. Robin
son. Airs. F, IV. Brown of Lincoln and her
sister, Mrs. Wade of Omaha, started east
Thursday to be absent until fall They
will visit Jackeonvllle. III., Niagara and
other points east before going to Boston
to spend the summer.
Mrs. John A. Dempster has returned
to her heme after visiting her cousin,
Mrs, J. A. Elam In Lincoln.
Accepts Dahlman's Recommenda
tions in Detective Squabble.
Wlthtiell Prepares Jfrvr Specifica
tions to lie Used In Cnc (he
CHr Deride In Itepnlr Old
Cilr Unit nnllem.
pointed liens Nrf;her did presidents of
the United States give away golden pens
with which they signed Important bills
In congress, and thus stark the dens cf
the senators high with souvenirs. So
fenator Millard has an old nulll pen
which he keeps at the bank for his own
personal and private use.
Avoid ninn.l Polnon
by using Bucklen's Arnica "alv3 on nil
wounds, bruises, sores, scalds, salt rheum,
etc. Prompt relief for piles. 25o. All
druggists. Advertisement.
City commissioners are baxking up
Mayor James C. Dahlman In his fight to
expose the plot alleged to have been con
cocted by the Dally New against city
and county officials by tricking them
Into accepting bribes, through Bums de
tectives. At a meeting of the counoil In committee
of tho whole the mayor's recommend
ations In the matter were accepted and
his statement placed on file "to be
brought vp later." I
The mayor's recommendations are In 1
reference to the installation of a new
bolter plant at the city halt or the se
curing of heat from The Bee Building
company's plant. The boiler Inspector s
specifications havo been tabled.
Commissioner C. H. Whltnell has pre
pared new specifications for use In cas
the city decides to spend $15,000 to repair
the old boilers. These specifications will
be submitted to the council Tuesday,
P. J. Corcoran, for nearly twentr-seven
years a letter carrier at the Omaha post
office, died Monday morning at his home,
JVM Charles street, of tuberculosis.
Mr. Corcoran was born In Liverpool,
Febrpary 7, 1S37, coming to tho United
States when he was little more than a
boy. Ho started his wprk as letter car
tier here in February," 1SSS. Besides his
wife, he is survived by two brothers and
a sister; Mike Corcoran of Green River,
Wyo., and William Corcoran of Concep
tion Junction, Mo., and Mrs. W. E. Met
calf of St. Joseph, Mo. Funeral sen-ices
wilt be held from St. Cecilia's church
AVednesday morning at 9 o'clock, con
ducted by Father Harrington.
"Joseph H. Millard" signed with n
goose nulll appears on tho petition for
the candidacy of A. W. Jcffcris for con
gress from the Second district. Senator
Millard Jlkes some of the old things In
life. One of them Is a good old goose
quill pen. Back In his boyhood days
there were no steel, gold nor dlamoni
it s Good!
That's one reason for serving
Heinz Spaghetti.
Another is its high food value.
Still another convenience,
Heinz Spaghetti
One of the 57 Varieties
An ideal summer dish, appetiz
ing and nourishing without being
heavy. A welcome change some
thing new prepared with tomato
sauce and a special cheese.
It's Cooked Ready to Serve
. t Your money back if
it ever fails to please.
Try it today. For
sale by all grocers.
H. J. Heinz Co.
Ovr 80,000 Vitltor Impact Hlna
Pan Food Kitchens Every Year
Delicious Pastry
and Cake
depend largely on the flour.
To avoid disappointments uso
a prepared cake flour.
Prepared ;
Is prepared especially for cakes
and pastry. It holds the In
gredients of tho cako In alight
fluffy compound.
Order a packago of your
grocer by phone and try it.
You will bo delighted with tho
results. Valuable coupon In
each package.
Write for "Cako Secrets." a
valuablo book of cake, pastry
and pudding recipes. It .
Igleheart Bros,
DeptQ Eransvillc, Ind.
Your family will like Swans
Down Pure Wheat Graham
Flour and Swans Down Pure
Wheat Sterilized Bran.
Ask Your Grocer i
For Swans Down Products
Mrs. Jtan Oerman
A- It. Hoffman,
O. It. Peters,
Marion OUlI&n,
Joe Vaaoua,
Ed. Kmpf.
Jim Robinson,
"Win. A. Cathroe,
Joe Phelffer.
win cathroe.
Hugh McKirer,
Fred Shipley,
Arthur Cathroe,
Elmer Nichols,
Kroeet Cathroe.
Itarroond Rlckard,
Mrs. A. Mattaon. Lo Annlu
Mr. and Mrs. William Cathroe.
Mr. and Mrs. William Rlckrd.
Sermo Club to Meet.
The Etrmo club -will meet Tueaday at
tho homa of Mra. J. P. Barnhart. Luncn.
eon will be followed by a program on
"Meilco,' and papers will be given by
Mrs. J. 3. Mess,. Mrs. Paul.. Tnerean
aon ana Mrs. C. W. Bergen. Mrs. J. E.
Goodrich 'will give current event.
Pertonal Mention.
A number Of out-of-town visitors who
Pnt the week-end hero and were enter
Uliied at the Country club returned to
their homes Sunday evening, Including;
Mr Charles Crane of Chicago. Mr. Fred
Hubbell and Mr. MUtcn Penman ot Vt$
Make this
A nourishing, satisfying strengthening dish that tempts
, the palate and gives stomach comfort after the digestive
organs have wrestled with high-proteid foods
Shredded Wheat Biscuit
With Strawberries
Nothing so delicious, nothing so easily digested, noth- '
ing so easy to prepare. The only breakfast 4 cereal
that rnmhinM natnralltr xxriV Kai'ao on nik 4V. . ; .
' it
Heat one or more Biscuits in the oven to restore crispness; then cover
with berries or other fresh fruit ; serve with milk or cream and sweeten
to suit the taste. Better than soggy white flour "shortake" ; contains
no yeast, no baking powder, no fats, no chemicals of any kind just
the meat of the golden wheat, steamooked, shredded and baked.
The Shredded Wheat Company,
Niagara Falls, N. Y.
Pretty Wash Dresses!; Q4R
worth $4, $5 and $6 Lk
Nearly four hundred beautiful
lingerie and colored wash dresses
In fancy crepes, plain white lln
Eerie, striped tissues, fancy ging
hams and other dainty fabrics. In
atzes 14 to 447 Many are manu
facturers' sample dresses. They
are very pretty designs. Regularly
worth J4, J5 and $6. Cholco Tues
day In the basement at $2.48
Sale of House Dresses
Women's house dresses of good
ginghams, chambrays, percales
and lawns. Light and dark pat
terns In checks, stripes and plain
colors. Several hundred dresses in
various styles; low or high necks,
long or short sleeves. All worth
1, ?1.26 and $1,50, 7
on sale In the basement at. . . U C
House Dresses
Women's good quality percale
nouso aresses. cut liberal and
full. Very well made. Worth
75c. On sale Tuesday
In the basement at
Pretty little dresses of fine
wash materials for children 2 to
6 and 6 to 14 years. All worth
75c and 1. On sale on
in the basement at JcC
Child's 25c and 39c Dresses at 19c
Children's wash dresses and rompors of good serviceable wash
fabrics In stripes, checks and plain colors. All 25o and S3c values.
On sale Tuesday in the basement at 19c.
Women's $3 and $3.50 Footwear, $1.98
This lot comprises 500 pairs of women'B
pumps and oxfords, all In tie new up-to-date
styles in patent and dull leathers. Exceptional
values selling regularly for $3 and $3.50. Choice
Tuesday, pair, $1.98. Basement.
Men's and
biacic canvas tennis
shoes with good quali
ty rubber soles. Worth
75c. All sizes, priced
Wednesday ojj
at, pair uUC
Tan elkskln oxfords
with elkskln soles for
children's play wear.
Very serviceable. Laoo
Btyles. Worth
$1.60, at
Odds and ends in women's ox
fords and pumps. Mostly small Ca
sizes, at, pair ueJV
Regular $1.50 House Slippers for 98c
Women's serviceable house slippers In strap styles or Juliets
with patent tips and front stays. Rubber or leather heels. All sizes
and widths. Choice of 600 pairs worth $1.50, r0
at pair DOC
Barefoot Sandals with protect" I 8erge house slippers for worn
ed toes. Well made. Pair, 49c. j en. Leather soleB, All sizes, 49c.
On Sale In Basement Shoe Dept
Pure Drug and Toilet Good Show
Thousands who have attended this show during its first two days
were amazed and delighted with -what they found. If you have not
yet been here, come Tuesday sure, for It Is too interesting an event
to neglect. Free samples and souvenirs to all visitors. No phone,
or mall orders.
Horllck's Malt
ed Milk, 50c
boUle 29C
Wyeth's Sage
and Sulphur,
size 29C
Danderlne. Reg
ular 50c on
size bottle LuC
M e n t h olatum.
Tho regular 50c
size on
box CVC
California Syrup
of Figs, on
50c also. 6 !?C
Daggett &
Ramsdell cold
cream, on.
60c size... tdXJC
Malvlna Cream.
Reg. 50c on
size for, . . uoZ
Lyon's Tooth
Powder. 25c
size can l o
for lC
... I, i
Kolynos Tooth
Paste, i
25c size..! DC
Canthrox Sham
poo. Reg. 9Q
50c size... AqC
Beeoham's Pills.
25c size li,
box for... 1C
Azurea Face
Powder. A 1 1
M 1 Btletone
Cream. "t i
25c size,.. 1C
Sal Hepatlca.
25c size 1 C
bottle IDC
Jad Salts. 76c
size bot- CO
Me for... Dal C
S. S. S. for the
blood. Regular
Reslnol Oint
ment. Regular
50c size
Rubber Goods
3-quart size hot water bottle,
made of best red rubber, cloth
Interlined, This bag is guaran
teed and positively worth
$2. Special in drug show..
Maroon seamless combination
syringe and hot water bottle.
Guaranteed and fitted with extra
flow tubing. 3 pipes. d on
Worth $2.60, special at.V--f
Ono of tho Interesting feat
ures of the Drug and Toilet
Goods show Is the display of
the celebrated Abonlta Toilet
Preparations, perfumes, etc.
Every woman Is urged to visit
this booth. See the special
$1 iize, 51c
75c size, 39c
50c size, 27c
French ivory man.
icure set nail file,
cuticle unite, hoof
stick and button
hook, worth $1.25. la
this sale at 49c.
Ingram's Milkweed
Cream, 28c
Universally endorsed by lead
ing beauties, both on and off the
stage. Thousands ot
women know that It is
rapid and certain In
giving beauty of com.
plexlon and skn
Sample Free
Manicure scissors, worth 75c, 24c
Emery boards, dozen package, 3c
Jap Rose
Soap, 5c
Made by Kirk's secret process
from purest vegetable oils gath
ered from Africa. Ceylon and
America, and delightfully pre
fumed with dainty oriental flow
er odors.
Effective June first Sumranr TCt
be on sale to all principal points in the east, including
Detroit, New York, Boston, Niagara Falls, Buffalo,
Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, etc.
Tickets' good returning via diverse routos.
Attractive Lake and Hlvor trips. '
Solid Steel Trains. U'' ?
Office, 407 South 16th St., Omaha. Neb. Phone Doug. 264.
juisinct rassenger Agent.