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3- B
Y, W, 0, A. Girls to Give Gymnasium Entertainment
Women Are
Doing in the World
Cluli Cnlendnr.
SUNDAY Mother' day; Young Women'
Christian association vesper service?,
4.-90 p. m.; Clio Study club. Miss Pauline
. Rosenberg, hostess.
MONDAY Social sclenco department,
Omaha Woman's club, 2:15 p. m.; Per
sian history clnxs, public HbraryrlO a.
m.( Omaha Woman" club luncheon for
Mrs. C. H. Oraves, at Commercial club;
Omaha Society ot Fine Alts, room 31
Young Men' Christian association.
TUESDAY-Young Women's Christian
association gymnastic- carnival, Audi
torium; Omaha chapter. Daughters of
the American Revolution, public library;
Monmouth Park Mothers' league. S p.
m French history class, public llorarj
North Side Motlieis club. Mis. K. v.
Miller, hostess; Woman s ChriMau
Temperance un on tederatton, Jaiiiit
WEDNESDAY Story Tellers' section.
Associated Collegiate Alumni, Mrs.
Byron Clark, hostess; .Miller Par
Mothers' Circle, scnool nudltotmm.
Omahn union, Roman's Christian iciu
pcrance union, lecture room Youtw
Women's Christian association; Hook
club, Mrs. W. 15. Shephard, hosts-Mcklmi-y
auxiliary, H'nal unth, jlai 'ji.t
hall, 8 p. m.; Husy Uee Kensington rlnb.
Mrs. 3. 11. J lan, hostess.
THL'IISDaY-uramatlc section, Asso
ciated Collegiate Alumni, Mrs. IS. M. I".
SiilndtriaiiU, no&tess; wyclie Story Tol
lers' league, public library; B. 1C. chap
ter P. E. O., sisterhood. Mr. Huyun
Mycr hostcsx; Bmniti Iloagland Mower
mission; Benson baptist Missionary
circle, Mrs. C. 1. Sheffer hostess.
FRIDAY Nebraska opposed
to Woman Suffrage. Mua junti Aon
roo Wallace hostess; French hutory nml
civics classes, public library; Benson
Women's Christian Tejnpernnce union,
Mrs. H. N. Hawkins hoiitess.
SATURDAY Annual meeting Association
of Collegiate Alumnae, Mrs. J. M Bate
man hostess, Delta Uela Deltu miimi
tty, Mrs. i . F. Kunofl hostess.
will bo hostess for the la-
meeting of the dramatic set--1
tlon, Association of Collegiate
Alumnae, Thursday afternoon.
Amateur Vndertaklng" and
"The New Drama" will be the general
subjects. Miss Louise Stcgner will have
as her topic, ''The New Drama;" Miss
Elizabeth Klewit. "Great American
Play;" Mrs. Ralph West, "California
Grove Day;" Miss Eva Marty, "Greek
Theater of University of California:"
Mrs. Harvey Newbrnnch, "Revival of
Pantomime;" Mrs. J. M. Bateman,
"Petersborough Pageant," and Miss
Theresa Tracy, "Play ot Today."
Mrs. J. M. Bateman will be hostess for
the annual meeting of the Association of
Collegiate Alumnne Saturday. The bust-,
ness meeting and election of officers will
be followed by a reception. Spring
flowers will be used In the decorations.
Mrs. Harvey Newbranch, Mrs. Roy Sun
derland and Mrs. Edward Syfert will
have charge of the refreshments and will
be assisted by Misses Eva Marty, Juliet
Griffin, Blanche Coffman, Olive Coffman
Sarah Sanborne and Elizabeth Klewit.
Musical selections will be given by Mrs.
LeRoy Savell and' Miss Kllzabeth Fry.
One hundred members will attend.
The story tellers' section of Association
ot Collegiate Alumnae meets Wednesday
with, Mrs, Byron Clark at her apartments
In the New Hamilton. Irish, Indian,
Japanese and a selected story will be
told by Misses Mary Phllllpp, Nona,
Bridge, Edith Hatght and Mrs. E. M.
Syfert. Election of officers for the com
ing year and a social hour will follow
the protram.
The last meeting ot the Omaha Wom
an's club for the year, that of the social
science department, will be held Monday
afternoon at 2:15 o'clock. Reports will
be received and officers elected for the
coming year. All members of commit
tees for the Baby Bhow, which was con
ducted recently by this department, are
especially asked to be present as a dis
cussion of the work and effects ot the
contest will take place.
Omaha union, Woman's Christian
Temperance union, meets Wednesday at
2:30 P. m. In the Young Women's Chris
tian association lecture room. Mrs.
Kdward Johnson will give a report on
the recent visit of Dr. Katherlne Bement
Davis. Reports bf superintendents wilt
be received, the meeting closing at 4
A propaganda committee will be named
by the Omaha Suffrage association to
engage speakers and place them for lec
tures In Omaha c vicinity. This was
the decision at a meeting held Wednes
day afternoon. Plans for an active sum
mer campaign aro being made by this
noc!ety. A birthday spoon was presented
to the small daughter ot Mrs. Rebecca
Show, In continuance of a custom ot
the organization thus to remember ad
ditions to the families ot their members.
Wc Arc
Local Agents
We Are
Local Agents
$1.00 Down,
1.00 a Week
Brings One
To Your Home
Gigantic Sale of High Class Furniture
OwIiik to Uio lateness of the season, we Imvo dono very little business on -our high grade furni
ture Tills Is nil new, purchased during .liuiunry, and has lieou on our floors less tlmn two months. Wo
nro determined to sell this furniture, rather than carry It over for the fall season, auid offer all our "high
grmle, complete, sit I tea of bedroom furniture, dining room furniture and living room furniture at apo
dal prices, commencing Monday morning, .May 11th. This Is nn opportunity that very seldom comes t
the furniture buy in public. When you realize the high standard of' nil these, suites offered at special
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Wo nre listing below twenty complete suites of bedroom furniture, twelvo complete suites of, din
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medium grndo furniture. Au)onc building new bo men, contemplating buying in tfto noar future, should
avail themselves of this opHirtuulty.
the author; Miss Helen Sommrr will tell
the story and give a criticism of the
play; and Miss Rosenberg will Speak of
the symbolism.
Mrs. W. E. Shephard will entertain the
meelng of the Book club, Wednesday
morning at 10.15 o'clock.
n. K. chapter of the P. K. O. sisterhood,
which was Just recently organized, meets
Thursday at the home of Mrs. Haydn
Slyer. A 1 o'clock luncheon will preceed
the business meeting.
The Wyche Story Tellers' league meet
Thursday at the public library. Norse
folk lore stories will be told under the
leadership ot Misses Agnes McElroy,
Margaret McEhanuy, Fitzgerald and
The Priscilla sewing club was orzanlzed
at the home of Mrs. C. T. Alsmdn on
Wednesday afternoon. Green and white
wore chosen for the club colors and
meetings will be held every two weeks.
Mrs, Ci L. Hargadine was elected presi
dent; Mrs. Ernest Bailey, socretary, and
Sirs, Paul Alsman, treasurer. Mrs.
Charles Gross, Mrs. Joseph I.lmbaush and
Mrs. Harold Helems are other members.
Chicago is making gigantic plans to
entertain the 19,000 club women who will
attend the biennial comcntlon ot the Gen
eral Federation of Women's clubs, June
9'V). The visiting women will be enter
tnined right royally and will bo conducted
on many sight-seeing tours. Boy scouts
will act as guides In conducting Incom
ing women to hotels.
The Omaha Society of Fine Arts will
meet Monday afternoon at 2:30 In Room
316, Young Men's Christian association.
Election ot officers was held at the last
meeting of the Symposia club, at the
home ot Miss Miriam Davis. Miss Edna
Levlne is the new president, Miss Nora
Pred, secretary; Miss Hannah Kulakot
Bky, treasurer; Miss Sophia Welnsteln, re
porter, and Miss Elizabeth Hart, scr-geant-at-arms.
Mrs. F. F. Miller will be hostess for
the North Side Mothers' club Tuesday
afternoon. Roll call will be responded to
with quotations from English authors.
Mrs. George Crocker will have a paper
on the '"Chinese Republic"; Mrs. Frank
Ayer, "I-ife and Works ot George Eliot."
and Mrs. B. F. Parks, "Resources of
South America." Miss Winifred Travis
will give a reading and Miss Daisy Bor
ton will sing.
The Monmouth Park Mothers' league !
will meet In the auditorium ot the Mon
mouth Park school Tuesday at 2 p. m.
An Informal program will be presented
by members of the organization, to which
all mothers In this school district aro
Mrs. Orletta Chittenden, supervisor of
klndergactens, will address the Miller
Park Mothers' circle Wednesday after-
noon at 3:30. Musical numbers will be I
given by Mr. Will Hethertngton and Mr.
Felix Splrk. Themeetlng will bo held
In the school auditorium
Mrs. C. H. Graves, wife of the former
ambassador to Sweden, will be honor
guest at a luncheon given by the Omaha
Woman's club Monday noon at the Com
mercial club. Following the luncheon
Mrs. Graves will address the social
science department of the club at Metro
politan hall. All members wishing to at
tend the luncheon are to notify Mrs. Ed
ward Johnson.
The Busy Bee Kensington club of the
Ladies of the Modern Maccabees, will be
entertained at the home of Mrs. J. H.
Hale Wednesday afternoon.
McKlnley Ladles' auxiliary to B'nal
B'rlth meets Wednesday evening at 8
o'clock at Barlght hall. The club rooms
proposition will be discussed.
The Federation of Woman's Christian
Temperance unions of Omaha will meet
Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 at Barlght hall.
(Continued from Page Nine.)
The first Gymnastic and Folic Dance
carnival given by the Omaha Young
Women's Christian association will be
held Tuesday evening, at the Auditorium.
Over 300 women and girls will participate
In the gymnastic exercises, games, folk
dancing and camp drill, which will be
presented under direction of Miss Clara
Brewster, physical director ot the Young
Women's Christian association.
All classes will participate In the gym
nastic drills. Members of the Bernasco
club, Burgess-Nivsh employes, will dance
the Highland schottlscho In Scotch cos
tume, while 150 children will play singing
games. A swimming drill will be given
and Miss Clara Brewster will perform
solo dances.
Most Interesting will be the competition
between relays ot Camp Fire Girls of
America, un organization similar to the
Boy Scouts. The Blue Bird group, under
the guardianship of MIbs Carmelita Chase;
the Ahneahs, Miss Margaret Solomon,
guardian, and the Omahas, Miss Helen
Buck, guardian, have entered Into the
contest. They will pitch a camp, build
fires and cook a meal. At a signal, the
teams, bearing regular camp Impedimenta,
will race to a given point. One girl will
carry bedding, another the tent, others
provisions and faggots for the tire. When
camp Is ready andlie meal cooked, the
first team seated around the fire will give
the camp fire call. At the second' signal,
camp will break, every sign belnsr re
moved, even the embers. Honors con
sisting of ceremonial costumes, beads and
feathers will be the reward.
The program for the evening ia ma fol
lows :
Grand match.
Dumb bell drill.
Junior singing games: "I See You,"
"Carrousel," "Children's Polka."
Swimming drill, aesthetic dance. Aesthe
tic clog.
Zig-zag relays.
Junior relays.
Mass drill. Body building exercises.
Volley ball and polo.
Camp fire relay.
Glow warm drill.
Solo dances by Clara M. . Brewster: J
Bluctte Polka, Challt. Humoreske,
.Wooden Shoes, Chullf.
Highland Schottlsche.
Swedish dances. Illeklng, Kull Danseli,
Swedish Clap, Trallen.
Omaha chapter, Daughters ot the
American Revolution, will hold its an
nual meeting and election ot officers
Tuesday afternoon at the public library.
Mrs. E. C. Conley of Omaha will pre
sent 'a flag to the Grand Island High
school during the stato meeting of the
Woman's Relief corps, which convenes
,ln Orand Island Wednesday and Thurs
day. Mrs. W. A. Dillworth, Mrs. Conley's
mother. Is the organizing regent for a
now Daughters of the American Revolu
tion chapter In Holdrege,
The Pythian Sisters will hold their
state meeting at Lincoln on Tuesday and
Maeterlinck's "Blub Bird" will be the
subject for the Clio Study club at IU
last meeting for the season, at the home
of Miss Pauline Rosenberg, this after
noon. Miss Ida Kulakofskv will civ ..
sketch ot the personality und genius of
Summer Is Here
This certainly lias boon
a slack spring for the Dry
Cleaners. Hero it is May
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three men you meet sti'l
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Living Room and Library Furniture
$175.00 throo-pleco Parlor Suite, mahogany, volour
covering, looso cushion settee, extra heavy, set
complete. Special 8100.00
$135.00 Mahogany Socretary, reproduction of tho
Colonial desk and uooUcaao combined. Spe
cial 805.00
$110.00 English, Gentleman's Lounging Chair, tap
estry covorlng. Spoclal 875.01)
$100.00 Hand-carved Mahogany Chair, tapootry
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ered Davenport, very massive. Spoclal. 870.00
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large luxurious piece. Special 885.00
$90. OQ over-8tuffod Davenport, Colonial stylo,
green donlm covering. Spoclal 875.00
$100.00 Denim Covered Davenport, mahogany feet.
Spoclal 875.00
$52.00 mahogany large Lounging Chair denim, cov
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$58.00 mahogany frame, over-stuffed Chair. Spe
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$75,00 Hand-carved Mahogany Chair. Spe
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ering. Special 860.00
$05.00 Mahogany Wing Chair, tapestry covering,
Spoclal 845.00
$55.00 Mahogany Sottee. Special 840.00
$00.00 Mahogany Arm Chair. Spoclal. . .$40.00
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Fumed Oak Living Room Furniture
$;t(i.00 Fumed Oak Morris Chair, Spanish leather
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$12.00 Craftsman's Desk. Special '39.75
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$52.00 Fumed Oak Ilockor and Chair, loose cush
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top. Special 850.00
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Spoclal 827.50
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covering, 4-Inch corner, best Arts and Craft de
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Bed Room Furniture
$079.00 Adams Antique Mahogany Bedroom Suite,
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inch dresser, highboy and Dressing table.
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Dresser and Chiffonier, solid mahogany, a repro
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Bed Room Furniture Odd Pieces
$250.00 Gcntloman's Mahogany Chlffo-roba. Spo-
cM Svl'SO.OO
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spoclal $67.50
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Spoclal S60.00
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Bed Davenports of Highest Type at Less
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Dining Room Furniture
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Mahogany Dining Room Sulto, consisting of
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sholves and mirror back, table 54-lnch by 10 foet,
2 lamps for buffet and 6 chairs. Spe. 8750.00
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Sulto, consisting of twelve pieces; 72-inch buf
fet, 56-Inch china, mirror back and glass shelves;
tablo 54 inches by 10 feot, tea, cart, 2 buffet
lumps and C chairs. Complete for. . .8500.00
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buffot, china closet, serving table and G chairs.
Special 8525.00
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Sulto, twisted legs, carved chairs. Complete
tor 3300.00
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inlay, dark brown finish, consisting of ton pieces.
Special $280 00
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and Mary design, twisted legs, consisting of nine
pieces; 6 chairs, table, china and 72-Inch buffet.
Special 3210.00
$264.50 Nine-piece Fumed Oak Dining Room Suite,
legs on table, chairs and china closet all twisted
the famous spool pattorn. Complete suite
for si no on
$250.00 Scotch Gray Dining Room 8ulte, inlaid,
consisting of ten ploces. Special. . . .3175 QO
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long, 4-inch post. Special 885.00
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posts, plate rail back. 8peclal $75.00
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cial S40.00
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cial 850.00
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feet, Colonial post. Special 875 00
$140.00 60-lnch Mahogany Buffet, Colonial scroll,
beveled plato mirror. Special 890 00
$120.00 72-Inch Mahogany Buffet. Spo.. $90 00
$57.00 China Closot, Mahogany, claw feet. Spe
cial 830.00
$45.00 China Closet, mahogany Sheraton lines.
Special 825.00
$120.00 Mahogany Table, 54 Inches by 10 feet, Co
lonial scroll. Special 875.00
Rugs at Special Prices
$750.00 12-10x14-7 Austrian Hand Tuft. Sp-
dnl $450.00
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- - - - -. ..... .- . rjj OiltUV
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inft nO 10.(1x12 nnvnl Wlltnn HnnoUl d-t-'rv
u;,iM! luu-u uigeiuw Arueuei, special
$60.00 9x12 Blgelow Ardebel. Special.
S53.50 7-0x4-10 Arrnn rtllmrnn Snnclnl
' ; - ---- j.vvrvF
nu.uo ..-uxiu-o Argos uumren. special. .828 50
$101.00 2-8x24-0 Argos Rtimren. Special. 80500
$12.25 2-3x4-10 Hand Tuft Rug. Special, S8.00
S25.50 2-3x4-10 Hand Tuft Tlntr ' Rnaxlnl
$26.00 2-3x4-10 Hand Tuft Rug. Special. $16 OO
$31.00 2-3x4-10 Hand Tuft Rug. Special. $20 00
Beaton ? Laier Co.
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415-17 South 16th St. you live out of Omaha,
Ti a a . - 4 1 . .
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