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    TflE BBBt OMAHA, Tt'KSDAY, FEBRUARY 17, 1914.
Wall Paper
Now In
Sale of Dress Trimmings
An Importer's Sample Stocks on Sale Tuesday
at Far Below Usual Wholesale Prices
ill ' . II
I "The Garden fgw m'
50c I p J j iSj tijPJ wi BBKl
Book Section. .BSSSmmH
Surprise Your Palate
You folks who still use ordinary
coffee have a treat in store.
Change for a week to
Old Golden
You'll wonder that such an im
provement in flavor can be possible.
Thousands of families, after changing
from brand to brand,, look upon Old
Golden Coffee as coffee perfection,
far it contains, in the greatest degree,
all of those elements of goodness which
make you like coffee freshness, full
flavor, uniformity, proper aging, roasting
and blending. One pound snows you
Good grocers sell it ground, steel cut, or in
the whole bean, as you prefer, ' '
TONE BROS., Des Moine
MiMetB of th Foment Tone Bret, $pice$
1 Am
E HAVE all seen yellow hair, rod hair, brown hair, black hair
and, yes, Indeed, gray and whlto hair, and havo admired all ot
these shades, hut now Damo Fashion, who la ever fickle, would
Impose upon ub varied shades of blue hair, green and orange,
according to our favorite gown, or perhaps nationality.
Whether this Idea originated In Paul Polret'a fertllo brain, or whether
It was some other Frenchman's Idea, I do not know. Fortunately, those
weird colors are not to be used permanently, and aro only wigs to oe
changed with the costume.
The new custom was introduced by the living models In the various
shops in New York, but the fact that the stage beauties have hesitated 'o
take up the novolty makes It doubtful If the new coiffures will over bo
come popular, ' "
Not long ago a friend of mlno purchased an automobile to match her
tailor suits. This scomod at first a groat extravagance but assail ot her
suits were dark blue, the shado of the car,' It was really no extravagance.
When I nought of ,the extensive wardrobe of some ot the society women
it came to my practical mind what tho cost would bo to add a wig for each
co&tume, and I asked tho price.
"Twenty-flvo dollars nnd up," said the saleswoman.
Again I becamo curious. "Do you sell many?" I asked.
"Oh, yes," sho said.
She was a good saleswoman,
tttractive Lunohconr
noses, hyacinths and other spring (low
era were used In prprusion (or decoration
at tho luncheon given today n by Mm.
John C, Cowln. Tho guests present were
Mesdamcs Horace Hvrretts oC Council
HJuffs, John I, Webster. Charles Otfutt,
Henry Wymap, Henry W. Yates. W. J.
Conncll, Milton Harlow, Herman
Kountte, C. C. Allison, Casper J3. Yost.
Jdisa Wakclcy
For Hits Harding arid Her Guests.
Complimentary to Miss Carolyn Hard
Inf. whoso wedding to Mr. Justus Fred
erick Lowe or Milwaukee takes place
next Monday, and for her housoeutwU
Miss Bylvia Conant of I'awtucket, H. 1-.
itnd Miss Mary Hughes of Columbus, 0
Mrs. Charles Harding gave a tea this
afternoon from 4 to 6 o'clock at her
home. A color scheme ot yellow was
used, tulips of this shade forming the
centerplwo for the dining room table.
About lortj' guests were present, and
assisting were;
Meslamt-V Mtsdamr
Bamuel ruiV. J- ""TjV ,
Jtalph West. John U. McCauguo, )t
MIS Misses
Way Mahoney. -Mary MeCaguc,
This evening Mr. Harry Koch, Mr.
Heed Peters and Mr. Frank Helby will
entertain at a small Orpheum party for
Miss Harding and her guest, MlM
Hugnes and Mies Conant, atter which
they will have supper' at the Henshaw.
Engagement Announced.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Snceley an
nounce the engagement of their daughter,
Edna, to Mr. Waller SVeldln Talley ot
Trre Haute, lnd. The wedding will
occur the latter part of April.
Mr. Talley and Miss Sweeloy. are grad
uates of Pe. Pauw university. Miss, awee
ley is a member ot the Alpha Phi soror
Bridee Luncheon.
Mrs. Jyeonard H. Whltmore entertained'
at a bridge luncheon Saturday afternoon.
The decorations were In red and white,
red shaded candclstlcks being used. Prizes
were awarded to Mesdamcs Bert Hyncs,
C; Overton and Fred Schneider. Those
present were:
Uert Hynee,
C. U. Whitney,
James McDonald,
( Overton,
('. !f, Itlchanls.
O Y. Krlng,
Con Stegnor.
W. K. Foote, .
W, M. Phillip,
W. Q. Jenkins,
J. A. Stuben,
Frank Hoblnson.
W. W. flhlnn,
Fred "Schneider,
Qcorge Itlngman,
Paul Hcanlon,
Harry Hutchison,
For February Bride.
Mr. and Mrs. A. 1). Hlnterlong enter
tained at dinner Friday evening In honor
of Miss Madeline Howes, whose wedding
to Mr. Clement Surbnugh takes place
this week. Covers wero laid for
Misses Misses
Madeline Iiowcs, Josephine Gurnctt.
MnrguerUe Barrett. Cecelia durnett.
Lillian Hanett.
Messrs. t , Messrs.
Clement Burbaugh, John Mullck, Jr.,
Kdward X.ynch... Lester Pcnn.
Thomas Qurnelt,
Progressive Supper.
Kugel Listens to
Pleas, of Pool Hall
Owners for License
Pool hall proprietors appeared before
the city commission at Police Commis
sioner A.C. Kugel's Invitation to show
why thelr applications for licenses should
be granted, as reports from Patsey Ha
vey, special police Investigator, had led
Kugel to decide on a general "clean-up"
of pool halls.
Havey's reports on the following places
were considered: Ferris Brothers, 712 W
South Sixteenth; A, K. Ashmore, 450$
North Thirtieth; F. K. Silvers, 1102 North
Sixteenth; Joseph Keller, 410 South Four
teenth; Tony Boncordo, 115 South Sixth.
Only the place at 419 South Fourteenth
street was granted a license, although
Commissioner Kugel said It certain
things were done ho would recommend
licensing the othcr,places. Among other
things was tho removal of a "pool table
used for craps and'pokcr" from the base
men under' the hall.'
Kugel said' he would compel the pool
halls to close doors opening from tho
halls to saloons. Two proprietors said
they would comply with tho order. This
order will not apply to all the pool half,
for Kugel said tho "character of the
place" had something to do with the
carrying out of his orders.
All pool halls In the city will be visited
by Havoy and. If 'his reports justify It
Kugel wilt suspend tho licenses of tho
proprietors. An ordinance has been
passed by the council giving tho police
commissioner this power.
Jane Sprott Smith, an Instructor In
history In tho Central High school, died
at her home, 1911 Locusystrect, at 6:03
o'clock Sunday evening, after an Illness
ot several months of an affection of tho
Miss Smith was a graduate ot tho
Omaha High school class ot 1SS3, spent
I ono year In the Peru State normal In
I preparation Tor teaching, and taught for
j some years In the Long school. Later
Mia attended the University ot Chicago
The Pollyanna club was entertained utjfor-ono year, returned- tp Omaha and
Ity and. Mr. Talley belongs to tlie Phi
Kappa Psl fraternity.
' The wedding will be celebrated In April.
Tarf'go Birthday Party.
Dr. und Mrs. It. A. Dodge gave a tango
birthday surprlso party Saturday evening
at their hotrte, In honor of Miss IrmoJ
II.. h. LVllnwInff .tttrtflncX u mliltllcrtlt
lunch was served In tho spacious dining
room. A large heart' shaped cake with
twenty-lighted candles served to give tho
party a Valentine effect. The house was
decorated with cuplds and hearts. Thoav
present weret
Jullu Qulnby.
Klliabeth Redman.
Violet Dodge of
Plattsmouthi Neb.
Lillian Dlckman.
flrma Hunt.
Eleanor Ulcmnan,
llertha MoFadden.
Loretta Carr.
Leray Cromwell.
lowaru uranam,
O. Oagnebln.
Kroil Itelsen bcrsr
Dr. and Mrs. W. B, Klster.
Dr. and Mr. H. A. Dodge
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. r. nedman.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Kimball.
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Crowwell
Mr. and Mrs. B. iP.. Boscoe.
Porter Qulnby.
Paul Tennlry.
Albert Nelson.
Breaks a Bad Cold
in a Jiffy! Try It
Pipe's Old Compound" ends
xri and grippe in a few hours
Don't stay tuffed-up.
Tou cn end grippe and break up a
vere cold either In head, chest, body or
llsnbs by taking a dose ot 'Tape's Cold
Co-cp4und" every tw0 hours Until three
diJ at taken.
It iWMttfitJy opens cloeged-up nostrils
Mr BAMaces In the head, stop nasty
Ms ub ivau or gm mordtK, rollers sick
Mmtmekt, duln. feverisbness. sore
threct. aSMMlng, soreness and stiffness,
XNm't Maj- stutfed-up! Quit blowing
and wiuming! KaM your throbbing head
awthlne else in the world glres such
prttmn rlif as "P' Cold Com-,
paumi,'4 which cts only as ccr.ts at any
drug atora. It sets without assiaUnee,
tajasM alee and cause no lncoaveitlenc.
vr a get the KauhM.-iA4vrrtle
Entertains Club.
Mls Margaret Pritchard entertained the
"N. N. Thirteen" club at, her.' home on
Friday evening. Prites were won by Mls
Emma Passmore and Miss Anna Boehn-
Ing. Tliose present were:
Mlasrs Misses
Frances nlttenhouscKatherlne McMahon.
Hannah men. -Agnes iTitcnsro.
Anna Poehnlng. Kmma rassmore,
Grace IMIey. Kva Donner. '
Margaret Pritchard. Julia narrett.
Mabel Peterson. Fisher.
Uessle Christie.
Celebrates Birthday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles dates entertained
at a high fte party Saturday evening In
honor, of the birthday anniversary of Mr
John Falkner. Prises were won by Mrs
dames Charles dates, John Falkner, W.
H. Karls. A. F. Oates and Messrs.
Charles Oates, W. II. Karls and A. F.
dates. Those present were:
Mr. ann Mrs. A. Bray.
Mr. and Mrs. George (.awrence.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. 'Karls.
Mr. and Mrs. John Falkner.
Mr. and Mr. A. F. Gates.
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Gates.
Mrs. Rdward Falkner.
Miss Vivian Karls.
" 1
Weddins: Flans.
The marriage of Mis Madeline Bowes
and Mr. dement Burbaugh will take place
Saturday morning, February SI,- at Bt.
Peter" church. Kev. J. F. McCarthy officiating-
Miss Josephine durnett and Mr.
Thomas Himm will be the only attend
ant. Immediately after the ceremony the
young couple will depart for an eastern
trip and before returning will visit the
home of the groom, Atchison, Kan., and
In Dundee, la., where a sister resldas.
For the -Future.
Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Dixon, who have
been giving a series of dinner parties,
will entertain Tuesday evening, Feb
ruary I-
a progressive supper at the homes of
the girl members Friday evening. Course
were served at the homes of Mlssoi,
Goldlo Prcd, Dorothy Wclgcl, Anna Hel
gren and Margaret Matnewst the guests
being Messrs. Fred Horn, Hobert Isltt,
Carl Weigel and Kugcno PaKes.
In and Out of the Bee Hive.
irs. uscar uareissen of New York ar
rived Friday to spend a week with her
Parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. H.. Fonda.
Mrs, J. A. Monroe and Ml km..
leave this afternoon In a private car for
" rtDgeics, wnero they will remain
during the rcat of the winter.
Mr, nnd Mrs. Joseph Ualdrlgo' expect
to spend Easter at Atlantic City, where
thftV Will tiA tnlnrwl , V. t .
"v jv..,vi w wivir puna, uun-
ley and Grafton, and Mis
Mrs. Charles Kountre and daughter,
Eleanor, left Sunday for Indianapolis, to
Visit Mr. and Mrs, Meredith Nicholson
for a day or two on their way to Con
cord, N. H., to see Denman Kountxe,
who Is at Bt. Paul's school. Mrs. Kountre
expects to be gon about ten days.'
Safe tor Hnhlca, Bffectlre for
That' Foley Honey and Tar Com
pound. It has tho confidence of y0ur
druggist, who. knows It will give you
satisfaction. W. W. Ncssmlth. States
boro, Ga., saya! "I have used Foley'
Honey and Tar Compound In my family
and Have sold It In my store and It never
falls to cure." And Bob Ferguson, 319
Pin 8t., Green Bay, Wis.: "I had a bad
cough that kept me awako nights and
two small bottles of Foley's Honey .nd
Tar cured me." For sale by all dealers
everywhere. Advertisement.
taught for a short time In tho Kellom
school, then resumed her duties In tho
Stato University of Nebraska, where sho
graduated Just before taking up her work
as a teacher In the Omaha High school.
She Is survived by a sister. Miss Pene
lope M. Hmlth, a teacher In the Central
High school, nnd by two brothers, John
Smith, 2S20 Bristol street, and Robert
Smith, clerk of tho district court
The funeral services will bo held al
the residence, 19U Locust street, on Tues
day afternoon, February 17, at 3 o'clock.
(Interment will bo later). Tho exercises
will bo conducted by nev. A. C. Doug
lass, pastor ot the First United Presby
terian church, of which congregation the
tlsceascd was ap active member.
.Mor Know In JVimt York.
NEW YOP.K, Feb. 18. -Snow continued
to fall over Greater New York and en
virons today, adding to the layer of
nearly ten Inches which fell during Sat
urday billiard. The temperature at 9
a. m. was 17 degrees above zero.
Mrs. Horace D. Corncau, widow of a
police officer who died In the discharge
nt his duties, was granted a (tension of
I0 a month by tho city commission sit
ting as an excise board.
As no provision has been made by
state law providing" means of raisins
the money to pay these pensions the
commission will pay Mrs. Corneati nut
of the salary fund. x
This Is the first pension under the new
law, which provided for a minimum of
KO a month.
Following u banquet at the Home tend
ered to Its Nebraska salesmen by the
Oxwcld Acetylene company of Chicago,
C. K, Baldwin, Omaha sales manager for
the concern, piloted the parly of forty-
five gentlemen to the Gayety theater,
where, through the still further courtesy
of the Oxwcld company, tho party wit
ncssed the highly enjoyable musical en
I Use it always wherever there is dirt J K'
llMi or grease. It clean everything. vG0"D L-tff
Trimmings Worth $1 to $1.50
uoautlful black and Irrldescent
beaded trimming bands, tassels and
ornaments, Also Persian bands, edges
and medallions, fancy beaded chiffons,
novelty lace bands and edges, shadow
laces, nets, allovcrs, etc. This lot actu
ally worth 1 to Si.60 a yard. Special
for Tuesday
Trimmings Worth 75c to $1.00
Fancy beaded bands and edges In
lengths for dress trimmings. Many
to match. Fancy beaded tassels and me
dallions. Black coat ornaments nnd
frogs. Matched sets of rich oriental,
shadow and Venlse laces. 4-yard lengths
In allovers, flounclngs, bands and edges.
Actually worth 76c to II a yard.......
50c to 75c Trimmings
Fancy beaded
trimming b a nd s.
edges and medal
lions. Dew drop
beaded chiffons.
Beaded tassels and
ornaments. Fancy braided
trimmings. Short lengths of
fine shadow laces, nets and all
overs, Black braid ornaments,
Persian trimmings, etc. Worth
50c to 75c, at, each, 15c.
25c to 50c Trimmings
Fancy Persian
bands, edges and
medallions, fancy
colored, beaded
bands, edges and
o r n a ments. Bul
garian braided ornaments.
Fancy lace bands and edges,
nets, flounclngs and allovers.
Venlse lace medallions, etc.
Worth 25c to 50c each; spe
cial at, each, -10c.
15c to
25c Irimmmgs
An endless vari
ety ot short pieces
fancy dress trim
mings. Beaded
bands, edges and
medallions. Braided
bands, edges and medallions.
Fancy lace allovers and nets,
bands, edges, etc. Each piece is
worth many times tho sale
price. Worth 15c to 25c each,
at, each, 5c.
Maker's Surplus of Neckwear
The sales of the manufacturers surplus stocks of neck
wear, tvo advertised last week, were so Immensely popular,
that wo Immediately telegraphed to our New York otflce to
secure another similar lot. These new purchases have Just
nrrlved, and will be combined with what remains from (he
first lot for another rousing sale Tuesday. Three attractive
lots aro as follows:
At 10c
Linen stocks,
ascot ties, hand
embroidered collar and cuff
sets, hand embroidered
stocks; some with real lace.
Used for fine underwear and
dross trimmings. Worth up
ib 30c, regularly.
At 25c
10c and 15c Laces
Fine cluny and tor
chon lace edges and In
Hcrtlons to match. "White
and ecru color. 2 and :i
Inches wide. Worth lOo
and lEc. Special for
Tuesday, at
Hand e m -broldered
and cuff sets, real lace and
hand embroidered 1 1 n o n
pieces, to be used in trim
ming. Many real cluny, IrlBh V
and filet pieces. Worth up
to 75c.
Neckwear, ac-
tually worth up
to $2.50. Including fine lace
pieces, jabots, collar and cuff
sets, fichus, etc. Real laces
and hand embroidery In
many. You will find scores
of ways to use them.
At 50c
Dress Skirl Special $1.50
Correct, new style skirts, carefully tailored-of
materials that usually sell, at $4.50 and $5 serges,
diagonals, mannish tweeds, worsteds and panamas.
In blue, brown, gray, black and' mixtures. Very
special in the basement at $1.50.
Clearance of Women's SO 48
Coats, worth to $10, at
Choice of 300 good, warm, serviceable winter
coats in black and colors. Numerous styles, formerly
worth up to $10, in the basement Tuesday at $3.48.
Child's Dress 25c
New spring models in
dress for children of 2
to C yoard, in various
stylos and colorings. Spe
cially priced at 25c.
Child's Drawers
Children's drawers of
good quality soft muslin,
very well made. Trim
med with lace. Values to
20c, in the basement, 10c.
Worth $12.50 and $15
Desirable models In
plain and brocaded velvet
and fancy eponge weaves,
In all good colorings.
Pretty styles, made with
the new drop shoulders
and 'Jow necks. Many are
fur trimmed; others with
luce cuffs and neck trim
mings. New skirt effects
including drapes and
tunics. All sizes. Regular
J12.E0 and ?15 .dresses.
Tuesday in basement, at
Sheik Hah-Med and 20 Tribesmen in Native Costume
Direct From the Sahara Desert, Playing at the Brandeis Theater
in the "GARDEN of ALLAH?' iS,
The Brandeis Store, through its connection with tho Brandols Theater, secured the consent of these
picturesque nomads to visit our Oriental rug section on the third floor'where they can be viewed at
close range by hundreds of people who, being unable to see the show, would otherwise not see them,
The band of Arabs will appear at this reception in their full native costume, just as they do dally
In the performance of "The Garden of Allah."
Tuesday We Feature an Opening Display and Sale of
Great Mill 'Purchase Sale of
Rugs Continues Tuesday
Urus&els rugs, north to $18, for ,,..97.98
Wilton rugs, worth to J30. only flB.98
J25 Axmluster rugs on sale at ..$12.98
$60 and 55 Wilton rugs, priced f29.98
S5 small Saxony rugs priced ,,,,.91.98
13.50 small Axmlnster rugs for ,.91.89
New shipment just received. Never before shown.
Sizes Include large, medium and small. All grades of
rugs in those exquisite, rich, soft color tones.
Mousols, Kazaks, Irans, BokarasKhivas, Anatolians,
Carpet size Sarouks, Kermansbahs, Anatolians,
priced at $100 to $400.
Beautiful Kermanshahs. Values to S12C, $ns and
Sarouks. Values up to $175, at $45 to $125.
Mousol rugs. Worth to $75, at $20, $35, $40 and $40.
These ads will start you on the road to wealth