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Exhibitors Planning to Make Com
ing: Event Eclipse All.
Not Onlr Healers In Otnahn, nut Alio
Those of Adjoining Terrltorr
Are IlnontliiR for Sneer
of the Affair.
With the complete list of exhibits an1 1
exhibitors at hand, Clarke CI. rowel.
li.anAirer of the OmaJin Automobile "how
which wilt bo held at the Auditorium dur-1
Ins the week subsequent to February a, ,
fits In his private office, beams at every
body who comes In to chin aboht pros
Herts for the show's success and then
exclaims In rnpturous tones, "Going to
be some show, believe me." From the
emphasis I'owell puts on the "believe
me" It must be that the ninth annual
display will forever blind any dreams of
past shows or any dreams of the na
tional exhibitions at Chlcnpo or Ne-v
York. For which Omaha Is duly thankful
The Omaha dealers are Instilled with a
spirit of "do or dlo" this year and they
aro working from morning till night Co
operating with Mr. I'owell In arranging
the plans which will make the week of
February 23 tho biggest In the history
of the automobile world as far as the
Missouri valley Is concerned. Dealers
from all the central west territory ap
preciate the fact that Omaha stands
right atongslde Of Chicago and they are
working In conjunction with their
Omaha colleagues to make tho comtng
Bhow a success In every senso of the
Requests for Information are constantly
flooding the office of Mr. Powell and all
tho Omaha agents who exhibit at the
Auditorium. All of which makes Powell
and the remainder of tho stockholders
jubilant because that Is sufficient Indi
cation that tho number of visitors to
Omaha during the big week will sur
pass every existing record.
Already Omaha distributers are pre
I paring their display rooms for the ac
commodation of the visiting public and
ere getting their plans for their display
space arranged. Dy the time of the
show everything will be In readiness so
that there will be no delay In preparing
the Auditorium for exhibition on the
opening night, an accomplishment sel
dom achieved at previous shows.
An Inspection of the list of cars to be
exhibited shows It contains the name of
very well known make of car pro
duced In this country today. After a
visit to the Auditorium nobody will bo
able to go out on the streets of this city
or of any city for that matter and see
a machine the like of which they did not
view at the show. At Chicago the num
ber of cars was greater than will be
seen here, but there was a number of
freaks and untried Cars. Every ma
chine of reputable make exhibited in Chi
cago will be in Omaha. In fact a large
number of the Chicago displays will be
sent to Omaha Intact by the factories.
The following lists will show the com
pleteness of the Omaha (event.
Apixrson Jack Rabbit Auto company.
Aubuin Auto company, "Omaha.0
Hradley, Merriam & Smith.
Bullock Machine and Supply company.
Cadillac company of Omaha.
Cartercar Nebraska oompany.
John Deere Plow company.
Doty & Hathaway.
Drummond Motor company.
Electric Oarage.
Empire Auto company of Omaha.
Ford Motor company.
Freeland AUto company.
R. N. Howes & Co.
W. L Huffman Auto company,
Llnlnger Implement company.
Manon Auto company.
Maxwell Motor Bales corporation.
Mitchell Motor company.
Motor Car Sales company.
Moltne Auto company.
Andrew Murphy .& Son.
ftebraska-Bulck Auto oompany.
T. O. Northwail company.
Opper-Van Vleet Auto company.
On" Motor Boies oompany.
Palgo company of Nebraska.
H. Pelton.
Pfelfter Carriage works.
T. H. Pollock.
Rambler Motor company.
Guy L. Smith.
Stewart-Tooier Motor company.
Traynor Auto company.
Van Brunt Auto oompany.
E. R. Wilson Auto company.
Avery company.
International Harvester company.
Uninger Implement company.
Andrew Murphy & Son.
Nobraska-Buick Auto company.
Orr Motor Sales company,
H. Pelton.
Van Brunt Auto oompany.
Nebraska Cycle company.
W, E. Dewey.
Victor Roos.
Omaha Bicycle company.
Pleasure Cars.
Detroit Electric
Ohio Electrlo
Ranch & Lane Eleo
'tric Reo
Woods Electric
Commercial Cars.
Avery Packard
Bulck Speedwell
Dart White
International Wllly-Utlllty
Motorcycle and Cycle Car.
Indian Thor
Hurley-Davidson Excelsior
Reading-Standard Imp Cycle Car
One of 'the main features of th Chicago
sliovv was the exhibit of the Chalmers
Motor company, In which they showed
one of tho little six-cylinder cars which
attracted a great deal of attention with
reference to Its refinement and beauty.
Ope of these cars will be exhibited at the
Omaha show by the Stewart-Toozer
Motor company, and no doubt will be ono
jf the great attractions of the show.
Attorney I. J, Dunn, will address the
Omaha Philosophical society Sunday
afternoon at S o'clock In the society's
hall, Nineteenth and Farnam streets.
His subject will be "The Monroe Doe
trine" a subject that Is of especial In
terest Just now In connection with the
Mexican situation, After the principal
address the subject will be thrown open
tor discussion.
"I think motorcycling one of tho
healthiest and most enjoyable sports hat
can be adopted by the girl who likes out
door exercise," says Miss Minnie
Schuerger of Washington, D. C.
Miss Schuerger, who Is just IS years
old, was the first woman In Washington
to receive a permit to operate a motor
cycle, and also the first woman member
of the Washington Motorcycle club.
Since she was IS years of age Miss
Schuerger has been familiar with the
motorcycle, having spent much time rid
ing tandem with her brother. But llko
most girls who first ride tandem, the
soon began to want a motorcycle of her
own, and a few weeks ago her wUh was
gratified. During her rides with her
brother she had learned so much about
the operation of the two-wheeler 'hot
sho had no difficulty In securing a
license, and had soon started on the first
long ride on which she piloted her cwn
mount The length of this run was sixty
four miles.
Tho neat riding costume which Miss
Schuerger wears, she designed and madt
herself. The outfit consists of gray buII
with Norfolk coat, close fitting cap of
pray, stout walking shoes and puttees.
Bhe also wears a sweater under her Nor
folk. Miss Schuerger says that while she Is
nt present the only girl In Washington
who operates her own motorcycle, there
are a number of girls In the capital who
are enthusiasts about the sport and who
expect to have motoroycles of (holr own
by the opening of the spring season. And
these girls are planning to have
times together this summer.
Motorcycle Notes
Forty new members Joined the Wash
ington, D. C, Motorcycle club during 1913.
Just four and one-half days Is the lime
It took J. Fred parting of Milwaukee,
Wis., to ride his motorcycle to Decatur,
Ala, The- dlstanco is 745 miles.
When E. G. Baker recently established
a new hour motorcycle record on the
Phoenix (Ariz.) track, he also broke all
world records for ported racing machines
from thirty to fifty miles, Inclusive.
A motorcycle flying squadron, composed
of seven men, Is to be added to the Grand
Rapids, Mich., police force. It Is esti
mated that the addition of these motor
cycle men will raise the efficiency of tho
department 60 per cent.
Miss Bertha Welsner, a bookkeeper,
who lives In Fulton, W. Va., rides a mo
torcycle over day to her work In Wheel
ing. Formerly Miss Welsner drove a
motor car, but has decided that the two
wheeler Is much more convenient.
Plans are being laid In Fort Wayne,
Ind., for the holding of a big motorcycle
barbecue early In the spring. All of the
motorcycle clubs of Indiana and Ohio aro
to be Invited to the feast and the Fort
Wayne drivers intend to make It the big
gest event of the kind ever held.
Vitalized Rubber
se Tires
When you motor you
must be in command of
the situation in any emergency
you must know in advance
that the slightest turn of your
steering wheel will be obeyed
The raised bars on Diamond
Squeegee Tread, running in both direc
tions, push the ooze from underneath
the tire and take a firm grip on the
pavement no chance for a skid.
The Safety Tread Bars made of tougn,
thick Vitalized Rubber are full of wear
they will not grind off or chip off. This extra
thickness of Vitalized Rubber on the tread
at the point of contact is your assurance of
more mileage.
Studebaker Firm's
Best Catch Phrase
of Unknown Origin
"Readers of ndvertlMng the world over
are thoroughly familiar with many of
the short, snappy phrases which one
comes to assoclato with various commod,' explains E. R. Benson of the
Studebaker, when speaking of publicity.
Most of us can name off hand at least
a dozen of the best known. As a rule
they are something moro than well
worded sentiments In praise of goods.
Sometimes one of them Is almost photo
graphic In Its production of the moving
sentiment of an entire manufacturing and
sales organization. This convincing sort
of slogan Is, in fact, the one that the
rtader bears longera In mind,
"As often as not, these slogans are tho
result of accident. Some dealer or some
customer, by one of thoso happy turns
of speech, voices his belief In a product.
The wise salesman hears of It, recognizes
Its value, and tho phrase becomes known
all over the world.
"For some time our advertising has fea
tured the phrnse, 'Buy It because It's a
Studebaker.' Often I am asked where
this sentiment was first phrased tn its
adopted form. And always I am forced
to admit that we don't know. One of our
dealers Insists that It was first heard In
his salesroom from the lips of a Stude
baker owner who had escorted a frlond
to his store and was helping the sales
man In his proof of Studebaker superior
ity. Thero Is a traveling representative
on our staff who Insists that he brought
such an Incident back to the factory from
ono of his trips, and told It to a num
ber of friends. At tho South Bend Stude
baker headquarters thero are veterans
who Insist that 'Buy It because It's a
Studebaker' dates back, tn Its first appli
cation, beyond tho days when automo
biles were known as horseless carriages.
"Whatever Its origin, we all know that,
since wo have been using tho phrase In
our advertising, It has become a focus
of Studebaker sentiment to which every
member of our organization looks often.
tonsclously or unconsciously for guld
ance In his day's work."
Saxon Car Will Be
Exhibited at Show
Owing to the fact that the space was
nil taken up at the Chicago Automobllo
show, tho Saxon Motor company was un
able to get spaco In the Auditorium. They
secured a building on Michigan avenue,
which was packed with people during the
whole week, anxious to see this new
little car. Mr. O. E. Toozer of the Stow
art-Toozer Motor company, who are the
agents for the Saxon car In this territory,
took great delight In riding around Chi
cago In thla little car. Tne Saxon factory
wilt turn out 16,000 of these little oars
this year, all of whtch have been sold.
This car will be exhibited at the Omaha
Automobile show by the Stewart-Toozer
Motor company, and no doubt will bo
one of the greatest attractions,
Motor questions and answers
Oil In the Combustion Chamber
0. A rrtit deal ef Oil wotkl up (tt the ptitoni into
the combimloa chamber of Ite cylinder, of mjr
entlne, emilnf lot of citboa. VVhil It the ret
on for Ihli ini low could U be remedied C. 5. P.
A. The presence of oil above the piiton
and the resulting carbon 'deposit in the com
bustion chamber is due, very probably, to the
condition ot your piston rings in the motor.
The usual type of one-piece rings found on
most piston heads has faults in design that
allow this to occur as soon as they become
slightly worn. Their bearing on the cylin
der wall grows unequal and their ends work
into alignment around the piston head pro
vidinc free ingress for surplus oil.
The one design of piston ring we Know
of that will obviate this completely and
finally is the Vicooo- Piston Ring. This
is a rine composed ot two interlockW sec
tions, each one closely sealing the opening
in the other. These sections have opposite
points of expansion and thus obtain perfect
and equal tension against the cylinder walls
They are the only really leak-proof rings
You can get them any s'ue at all garages
and repair shops they are easily adjustable,
The following supply houses are distributors
Omaha, The Baum Iron Co., 13th and
Harney Sts., Powell Supply Co., 2119
rarnam ot., western auto ouppiy -o.,
1920 rarnam ot.
Mule Discarded in
Favor of Motor in
State of Michigan
The.quarternuster'a department of the
state of Michigan has definitely discarded
mule-drawn vehicles In favor of those
motor driven. In the event of mobiliza
tion of tho troops of the state for war
or for any other purpose, tho vast amount
of hauling made necessary would be done
with gasoline Instead of with horseflesh.
Colonel Walter O, Rogers, the quarter
master general, has been using n Reo
motor truck stneo Its purchase for his
department June 1. The truck has proved
Itself at Lansing, at the Calumet strike
duty camp, and on the state military re
servo at Grayling.
It Is a two-ton vehicle which docs the
work on an average of four teams and
wagons every day sometimes more than
that, hardly less, Thero are some steep
hills about Calumet and Houghton, but
the truck hauled tentage and supplies
from ono end of the district to tho other,
day after day, without faltering. At
Grayling, It was used for weeks haling
brick and lumber and other building ma
terial over soft, sandy roads. It Is five
miles from Grayling to tho reservation,
and the truck was kept busy.
One hundred and five thousand miles
In two years Is the actual record made
by a Cadlllao used In the service of the
police department of Birmingham, Ala.
This patrol is In service day and night
and Is obliged to make Its runs In all
conditions of weather and over all kinds
of roads. In spite of tho hard wear It
has received, and the extra weight It
carries, tho car Is apparently good for
many more thousands of miles.
The patrol wagon was built on a stand
ard Cadillac chassis, with a body, built In
Birmingham, which weighs 700 pounds
moro than the ordinary body of a five-
passenger Cadillac Frequently the car
carries from twelve to fifteen passengers
In addition to this extra weight.
E have one dealer who takes 1000
carloads of Overlands every twelve
That's 5000 cars.
This dealer wired us a few months ago
and wanted 7000 cars. But we could not
supply them.
Other dealers take 2500, 2000 and 1500
Overlands apiece.
Even the 1500 car dealer takes more
cars than the majority of large single factor
ies in Europe turn out in a year.
' There are over 200 American automobile
manufacturers who do not make as many cars in a
Council Bluffs, Ta.
tail mil
CnnthUf.U PaaW 35 hor,Bpovrr mo,or 33 x 4 Q. D. tires
Lomttleteb Equipped Ul-lncli vrkwlba. Brewtter frreenbody,
. b, Toledo
Henry Ford Pays
High Tribute to
Designer Perrin
Comments ot a complimentary nature
from ono motor car manufacturer to an
other aro rare enough to deserve mote
than ordinary notice. Trobably the high
est tribute ever paid to John O. Perrin,
the veteran designer of tioxler cars, oc
curred during the recent Now York show.
In a conversation between Henry Ford
and Duncan Curry, well-known newspapMr
man, tho talk drifted on the new modrls
nt the show. "Have you seen the new
Ioxter Four?' was risked of Mr. Ford.
"M.i t fallA.t tn ... It, Til .vMU.t I
on my hurried Inspection of the show."
he replied, "but If It wns designed by John
Perrin, It must rank with the best cars
built In America, I consider Mr. Terrln
the greatest automobile engineer In this
That the Automobile show la a per
manent and established national Institu
tion, that this Is proven by the constantly
Increasing Interest from year to year,
and that this season's shows have so
far been more seriously patronised than
any In the past, Is tho flat statement
of J. J. Cole, president of the Colo Motor
Car compnay.
Continuing, Mr. Cole says, "The au
tomobile shows of the present season
have been unique. They have had a new
atmosphere about them, a sort of air
which suggests a new era. There has
leon less fuss, loss bragging, less un
certainty, '.ess affectation. There has
been greater crowds, moro real interest,
better cars, more reasonable prices, a
firmer grasp on the part of the user on
what constitutes real automobile value.
Tho sum total of the shows, so far, has
tended to prove the solidity of the motor
car Industry Itself, and at tho same time
the publla has shown a very serious In
terest Instead of the old halt flippant
attitude, which used to bo In vogue."
For One Dealer
Van Rnmt Antnmnhilp Rn distributors
Ull HI UIH iimuiimmm wm
The Willys-Overland
Specifications :
head aid
ila.h 111.1.
TTiree-quarter floating
rear axlo
Titnken and Hyatt
tftk$fsmuu OvtrlMd Delivery WhU
Gasoline Big Item "
in Cost of Autos
Thero are approximately 1,000,000 auto
mobiles In use In America alono. It Is es
timated that these will average (.000 miles
per year, making a total of 5,000.000,000
miles traveled by motor cars In America
per year, which I equal to going around
the world approximately 100 000 times,
Figuring the average miles gotten out
Of a gallon of gasoline for all slsos of cars
t ten miles per gallon, It will take 600,
0,OW gallons of gasoline per year to run
the motor cars In America, whloh on tho
basis of 10 cents per gallon means $100,-
000,000 Is America's gasoline bill for motor
cars In a year.
Theso look like startling figures until wo
consider what we spend for other things'.
for example, our Ice cream bill atone In
America Is said to be :0O,000.COO por year,
The Weldely motor found In tho Tremler
car, displayed In tho New York show,
proves one of the chief attractions, as this
motor has probably gotten further than
any othoer motor In the lowering of tho
gasoline consumption per mile and a sav
ing of a minimum of 40 per cent Is figured
In this motor as against other type.
which would mean a saving of 140,000,000
a year.
It was only a few short years ego that
the motor car, still fighting a strenuous
battle tor consideration by tho public,
was considered absolutely as a summor
proposition and every owner prepared to
store his car In the winter time.
Now practically everyone uses a car
all the year around and tho closed car
has been gaining In popularity every
winter. The growing demand tor n
closed car Is evidenced by a report of
tho Ford Motor company which says
that tho demands from their agents for
closed cars Is greater this winter than
ever before.
The use of the closed car was Un
doubtedly helped along by the taxlcab.
I'eaple seeing how the taxis operated alt
winter came to the conclusion that they
could use thrlr own cars as well.
year as our one single 5000 car Overland dealer
takes in the same period.
If you think this over for a moment these
figures will mean something to you.
. It certainly is reasonable to assume that we
must be giving more car for less money than any
other manufacturer in the business.
If we were not, we could hardly be doing the
largest business.
That's sound logic.
If you will just take the time to make a few
specification comparisons you will find the cost of
the Overland is 30 less than that of any other simi
lar car made.
the 1914 Overland today. Thone our
Company, Toledo, Ohio
nicker and aluminum
Deep upholstery
Mohair top, curtains
and boot
Cowl dash
Clear-vision, rain
vision windshield
Stewart speedometer
Electric horn
Flush U door with
concealed hiage'
Grfrd enl WtilffUHUtf Truth. Full inftrmati m rwtt.
Th EsiUit Kdlni CwlnThtAfcrU
Tho weight and carrying:
capacity of i car dfctermlno
tho povvor noccaeary. Too
llttlo Is disheartening too
much 1b unwise, expensive.
Do stiro your car has
enough resorvo power to
tako caro ot the hard pull
through a bad road or to
tako you up a stcop hill.
Noto Sts "pick-up" ita
"get away."
Many a high power car
losos much of Its pull in
tho transmission of power
to tho wheels.
Boo that your cor Is of
rational proportion in tho
matters of power, weight
and carrying capacity.
This Is one of a series ot
talks on how to buy an auto-
mobile. The complete aerlos
containing a wealth ot valu
able Information may be hid
In booklet form by asking'
Marion Automobile Co.
U101-S103 Far ii am Street.
Omaha, Nob.
C. W. McDonald, Mgr.
2040 Farnam St,
Omaha, Neb.
Phone Doug. 8207.
With electric starter and
tmtrattr, f. t. i, TU4