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lOmahan Resists Payment of Judg
ment to Agnes Jaoquith.
linden. Men Will fiet In nnnnlnic
to Mnkc Bill on Nrw Sinle Hr-formutorj-
Jonrnnl Grt
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Neb., Jan. 29.-(Spec!aU
"William C. Sunderland of Omaha lias
appealed to the supremo court from a
Judgment for 17,035 and Interest, In all
amounting to JS.SI0.13, secured In district
court of Douglas county by Agnes Jac
quith for money claimed to be due her for
tho salo of 3)1 shares of stock In the Ne
braska Underwriters' Insurance company.
Tho claim was mode In district court
that It was represented to her that the
stock was depreciating and was not
worth over 75 cents on tno dollar. On
that representation sho advised Mr. Sun
derland tci soil tho stock lr he could at
that price. I!c sold the stock to Mont
gomery & Funkhouser of Chicago and
turned over to Miss Jacttlth 115,075 aa
tho amount. received for the stock at 73
per cent of tho par valuo of the stock.
Sho averred she discovered later that .the
Mock brought $22,110 and sued for tho
Flrire After nnll.
Fred S. Berry, attorney for William
Flege, the Wayne county man sentenced
to tho penitentiary last n'cek for tho
murder of his sister, has appealed to the
supremo court to be allowed to sccuro
a ball bond for his client pending a hear
ing In the supremo court on the matter.
3tlnden Wnns neforntntory.
Louts Paulson and Chris Aable of Mln
den called on the irallway commission to
day for the purpose of making prelimi
nary arrangements for making a bid for
tho new $160,000 reformatory. They were
not prepared to make any statement as
to what kind of an offer thuy would make
but wanted to know what methods to
pursue to get In tho game Mr. Paulson
will be a candtdato for state regent on
the democratic party It he succeeds in
landing the nomination at tho primary.
fyr Fined for aitsbrnndlnff.
Food Commissioner ITarman has re
ceived notice that Mark &Dan!els, a firm
of millers at Spencer, had pleaded guilty
and paid the assessed fine mado by tho
Judgo ior selling mill stuff without
lleport on Crete nrniich.
The report of the physical engineers
sent out to examine, the Crete branch
and other lines of tho Missouri Pacific
railway have reported to the railway
commission that the Croto branch is In
a fair condition In some places, but on
tho whoU Is In need of a general over
hauling. They recommend three things:
First, ballast; second, new rails, and
.third general overhauling. A new bridge
will be built this spring at one. point on
tho road and much repair work and
ballasting has been promised by tho com
pany. ,
Qncxtlon of Coal Weights.
Aro Lincoln coal dealers honest, or do
the scales vary, Is a question which Is
.up for discussion in the capital cltyj
uruuBiu uugui uy wcigning sixiy-iwo
loads of coal by tho city after tho same
had left the scales and were on their way
to tho customer. Of this number thirty
showed short weight to the total amount
of 1.7C3 pounds in a total supposed Weight
of fifty-one tons and 120 pounds; nlno
teen loads were overweight to the amount
of 2,620 pounds of a total supposed weight
of a little over thirty-three and one-half
tons, and seven of the sixty-two loads
wcro correct. Tho biggest overweight
was on aload of two tons which weighed
970 pounds more than the requirement.
Tho largest shortage was 10 pounds on
ojialt ton load.
.Attack Outside Competition,
The State Journal company rome time,
ago made application to Judgo Stewart
of the Lancaster district court for an In
Junction restraining Supreme court Clern.
Harry Lindsay from delivering ie copy
of the opinions of the supreme court No.
K ond K. W. Stevens Printing company
of Columbia, Mo., which secured the con
tract for the printing and the Injunction
has been granted. It also forbids State
Auditor Howard from drawing a warrant
for the samo and Treasurer George from
paying the warrant.
The point brought out Is that the Mis
Eourl company Is a corporation outside
'of the state and that at' the time of the
letting of the bid It had not made ap
plication as a corporation to do business
In this state and had not compiled with
the state law regarding foreign cor
porations. ('heck from Keith County.
State Auditor Howard received today a
check for $500 from the county clerk of
Keith county, being the first Installment
of yio $1,700 due on the account for care
of Insane from that county to tho state
Benson Man Who
Eloped With Girl is
in Plattsmouth Jail
PLATTSMOUTH. Neb., Jan. 29,-iSpe-clal
Telegram.) Porter Camp, whu has
been residing at Benson for rfiveral
months, but for two weeks stopped wltn
William Brlggs and wife at their room
ing house at No. 1512 North Seventeenth
street, Omaha, and Miss Adallne Dai
tough, who resided with, her mother trnA
stepfather at the above number, nrrvod
In Plattsmouth last evening and about
7:30 were united In marriage by judgu
M. Archer. James Darrough, the lathif
of the girl, who Is stopping at the Stcti
Charles C. Rosewatcr Tell of Work
Done for Publicity of Resources.
Vttrloua Problem C'nnfrontlnR Cities
of Nebrankn Are Presented nnrt
Dlscasied by Men nt
the Helm.
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Neb., Jan. pcclal.)
Whllo the attendance at the second an
nual convention of the Commercial club
secretaries of tho state. In session here.
Is not as largo as was exacted, tho en
thusiasm and Interest m tho- work dis
played by thoso here has more than made
up for tho lack of numbers Some of
the best papers along boosting lines ever
listened to havo been rend and take It
as a whole tho meeting has been n
hotel In Omaha, telephoned to County An noaress by c. C. Itosowater, general
Attorney C. H. Taylor, and Porter uinpmanaSer of The Omaha Bee. waa ono of j
was arrested within half an hour at'.o-l1"0 interesting talks of the session. Mr.
tho marriage. The girl Is only 15 yeuru
of age, but Camp swore that sha wan
19 years old. The parents and the girl
returned to Omaha this afternoon, Kit
Camp Is In the county Jail and probably
will bo prosecuted for perjury. Jauien
Darrough resided In this county many
years and his daughter Adallne waa torn
about ten miles south of PlattsrhoJ'.h.
Later the family resided In
for a time before removing to Jnana,
Camp's former wife died two weeks uvo.
Commissioner Hall
Proves Some Traveler
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN. Jan. 29.-SpccIal.)-Pubtl?lty
given the use of mileage In one of tho
Roscwater reviewed the work of the leg- j
isiativo committee appointed last year to
prepare a bill for introduction In the leg
islature for the purpose of showing the
resources of Nebraska and giving the
state tho sort of advertising It needed.
Tho bill passed In a modified form as '
regarding tho appropriation necessary to .
mako tho work bring the best 'results. I
but with the $5,0M appropriated a good j
start had been made.
The work of the commltteo had been
mostly In the hands of Dr. George Condra 1
of the state university and he reviewed '
the work done by Dr. Condra, j
Motion pictures showing the diversified i
industries of the state had been prepared
by the committee under the supervision
of Dr. Condra and the work of advertis
ing tho state from now on would go dn
with good results. Mr. Bosewater hono.l
that by tho use of these pictures th
departments under the supervision of tho .legislature would see the need of a larger
irnvnrnnr hoi nrnmnt tl,-t flll ' . .. c "CV'J Ul a larger
governor has prompted that official to
Issue the statement that he will In tue
future require every department to keep
a complete check of what Is done with
mileage books purchase! and where used.
The railway commission has for tho last
year or more kept a complete recorJ of
every mllo of travel made by every mum
ber of the commission and Its employes.
Whenever a mileage book is purchased
an account Is opened with that book, tho
book charged with the amount of mllo
ago contained and as It Is used checked
off. It gives the date used, from what
town and to what town with the amount
oj miles left after return Is made. Ono
2,000-mile book used by Commissioner
Hall showed that ho had ridden 2,022
miles. Another of 1,000 miles showed 1,001
miles. Another of 1,000 mlcs showed
that but 999 miles of riding was Jor.e.
All other books checked out even.
PAWNEE CITY, Neb., Jan. 29.-(Spe-clal.)
At a meeting at tho court house
yesterday afternoon of the Interested
farmers of tho county, the question of
the advisability of procuring the services
of a farm demonstrator for Pawnee
county were enthusiastically discussed by
tho large number present. THe plan of
procedure outlined was to form a crop
growers association with membership
open to all, and to havo this body secure
the official in question. Pending further
information as to the possibility of se
curing a large enough membership for
the organization the following committee
was selected to investigate the matter
and report at a future meeting; D. W.
Osborn, chairman; Georgo Sawyer and
George Leonard of Pawnee City, J. D.
Barr, Liberty; Q, Sommerhalder. Steln
nucr; Gcorso Cotton, Table Rock, and
Georgo Potts. Dubois. It was pointed out
that $1,350 was already on hand In case
the committee reported favorably, the
Burlington railroad havlns pledged $150
and the balance being provided for In a
state fund.
XetTii Nolo from f'nlrlmrj-.
FAIRBORY, Neb., Jan. 29. (Special.)
A pretty wedding was solemnized at tho
Methodist Episcopal church parsonage In
this city Tuesday night, when Miss
Gladys Willy and Orvllle R. Hiner wcro
married. Miss Mary L. Hlner was brides
maid and Chester McCurdy best man.
Edward Carr has returned from a trip
to Kansas City, Mo., where he acted as
a delegate from Falrbury Brotherhood of
Car Rcralrera of America, No. 259, at a
"convention of conference of this order for
tho Rock Island lines.
Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Buchanan havo re
turned from a trip to Oklahoma City,
At a recent conference between the
Rock Island officials and tho "safety
first" committeemen It was decided to
hold meeting every other month Instead
of monthly.
Owing to a slight advance In the wheat
market Jefferson county furmers havo
been busily engaged in hauling the last
year's crop to the market at Falrbury.
Don. Houck, a machinist In the Rock
Island shops at Forty-seventh street,
Chicago, Is In the city visiting with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Huuck.
Assisted by Quticura Ointment
"will fortify your skin against
chapping, redness and rough
ness in winter's cold, sharp
winds. Cuticura Soap and
Ointment are equally indispen
sable for rashes, eczemas, itch
ings and irritations so preva
lent in cold weather.
Cuticura Sotp sad Olntmtot told tbrouihont tb.
worm. UtMfftl Map), of eMb lulled fre. wits J-p.
took. AiiarfM'CDttcun."tpi.U, Boatoii.
wMen wta tun od ittmpoa wltb CuUcux
BMP will Bad it tat tor ttta ad cip.
Senntor Alien Appoint Committee.
MADISON, Neb., Jan. 29.-(Special.)-Tho
following committee has been ap
pointed by former Senator William V.
Allen to have charge of a primary elcc
tfon for the purpose of recommending a
postmaster at Madison, Mr. Allen being
ex-offlcto chairman; J. C, Reeves, Dr.
A. E. Oadbols. M. C. Garrett. Christ J.
Kortman, Thomas- Lestlna and M. B. Fos
ter. Tho committee will meet at 9 o'clock
this morning and begin Its labors. A. K.
Donovan, editor of the StarlMall. and
H. C. Hasklna have voluntarily with
drawn their names as candidates, leav
ing the field so far as Is now known to
Fred It. Davis, William Bates and W. S.
appropriation at its next scxslon.
On Stnte'n Resources.
Othor papers read were! "Tim inHln.
tlvo of the Secretary," by A. M. Con
nors of Grand Island: 'The Stato Capital
as the Store House of Information." by
W. S. Whltten, Lincoln; "Securing New
and Developing Existing Industries." by
Senator George F. Wolr. vr.n.,.
"Training of tho Secretory," by H. M.
Bushnell, Lincoln Trade Review; "Pub
licity of the Slate, tho City and tho Club."
by E. V. Parrlsh, Omaha; "Traffic Proh.
lems," by E. J. McVann. Omaha; "The
Secretary and the Executive Committee,"
by Fred Ashton. Grand Island! "n,
Junior Commercial Club," by W. D.
r inner, jsorlolR.
Mr. Parrlsh Impressed upon the secre
taries the Importance of distinguishing
between "publicity" and "notoriety." In
this regard, he said, tho newspapers
could help a great deal. "You will al
ways find the newspapers willing to
boost for you," sold he. "and will do It
One man said he had difficulty with a
newspaper man In his town in getting
him to como across with the right sort
of co-operation. '
"Let me tell you something," said Mr.
Parrlsh In reply", "Don't try to pull off
anything on the newspapers. You can't
do It. They are ydur best friend. Treat
them rUht. Give them tho stuff you
have and they will In most Instances be
glad to give It the publicity needed."
Helping: Home ltiatltntlons.
Senator Woltz of Fremont desired to
Impress upon the meeting the Importance
of clubs lending their assistance to
worthy Institutions already located rather
than to securing new ones.
F. I. Ringer of tho Manufacturers'
association demanded that clubs patronize
home Institutions and asked how many
men present were smoking Nebraska
made cigars. One man responded that he
always Bmoked cigars made In Ills home
W. D. Fisher of Norfolk and E, V.
Parrlsh spoke on the methods used In
junior commercial club work In their re
spective cities, tho latter covering the
situation In Omalia very thoroughly.
Resolutions asking tho next legislature
to appropriate $25,000 for tho Stato Pub
licity commission were passed; also
thanking the Lincoln Commercial club for
entertainment, the hotel, fire, pure food
and railway commissions for assistance
rendered and a vote of thanks to II. M.
Bushnell of the Trade Review for effi
cient work In behalf of the clubs In the
smaller towns and general good work.
The following officers were elected:
President, A. M. Connors. Grand Island:
secretary-treasurer, H. K. Riley. Falr
bury; vice presidents, W. S. Whltten.
Lincoln: W. A. Ellis. Omaha: 8. D.
Thornton. Nellgh: J. E. Tlllotson. Har
vard, and C. O. Wertx, Crawrord.
Grand Island nnd Hastings were placed
in nomination for tho 1915 meeting, but
the matter was left to the abovo officers,
who constitute the executive committee,
VALENTINE, Neb., Jan. .-(Special.)
Sheriff Rosslter yesterday morplng ar
rested Van Lewis, a farmer, who is
charged with assault upon Ruth Ayer,
the little 12-year-old daughter of William
Ayres and wife, who farm about seven
miles southwest of here. According to
the girl's story the crime .Is alleged to
havo been committed Monday evening
about 6 o'clock while the llttlo girl was
going horseback after cattle. Van Lewis,
who Is a married man with a family, was
arrested when he came to town with a
load of corn. Tho child told tho authori
ties that she believed It was he, as aU'i
recognized his voice. Preliminary trial
will bo held Friday, January, 30.
IIIbU Price for Cattle.
CAMBRIDGE, Neb., Jan. .-(.Special.)
Record smashing prices for cattle were
paid at tho public auction of thirty
seven head of thoroughbred Hereford's
sold hero yesterday by Mouscll Brothers.
The stock sold represented the- natural
increase of 100 cows for one year. The
bulls sold at an average price of $331. r,
thirty-four being auctioned. Bidders
paid $11,270 for these bulls, the highest
price for one animal being $1,025, paid
for a yearling bull. The next highest was
$910. Eight hundred dollars was the
highest price paid for a cow. The sale
netted Mousell Brothers $19,630.
Perrin's Elbow Length
First quality. Have been nolllnr;
up to. $4.50 pair. Saturday
black nnd colors .
Values in Elbow Length
That woro never before equaled,
Think of buying Perrin's 1C dj-i
and 12 "but. kid Olovos, Sat. P A
Last Remnant Sale Before Invoice
i ,
We take stock the first of February. Wo must rid our stocks of everything we do not wish to invoice before that day.
Our buyers have gone over every item in stock. They havo taken everything that could bo classed as winter goods and
marked it for quick, sure riddance.
Must not be invoiced. They must bo sold Friday. Come to Brnndeis Stores Friday and you will shure in tho biggest
values wo havo over had to offer you.
10,000 Yards of Wash Fabrics
2 to 8 Yard Lengths, worth to 39c Yd.
Ono largo table filled with desir
able remnants of various Reasonable
Silks nnd Vclvota. Lengths of 2 to
10 yards. Suitable for dresses,
waists, petticoats, linings and trim
mings. Wide variety of colors and
stylos at & Price. Mnln Kloor.
Mill sampler; and romnantB of Vel
vets for dress trimmings, fancy work
hat trimmings, etc. All colors and
black. On salo Friday, each piece
2c to 39c
SILKS on Bargain Square
ii.000 yards fancy Mcasnllnos, plalu
Mesfinllnes. Chiffon, Taffeta, Poplins,
Crepo do Chine, Scarfing Crepes,
Foulards, Marquisettes and Silk
Stripe Gnujsc. Qualities worth to
75c and 98c, Friday, at, yard
39c aind 49c
Plain Voiles
Printed Voiles
Printed Tissues
Plain and Fancy Tissues. . .
Plain and Fancy Crepe3
Silk Stripe Voiles
Dress Linens
Poplins Worth 19c, 25c
Hvmalava Suitiners . . 39c a Yard
Deatrnblo remnant lengths of fash
lonablo 3C-Inch Suitings, Serges,
Whipcords, Diagonal Serges and
llonrlottas. Lengths. of 2 to G yards.
Included aro qualities regularly
worth up to 50c, on salo OP
Friday, at, yard ftOC
Main Floor.
500 remnanta of high grade all wool
Dress Goods, dross longths, nklrt
lengths, coat nnd Jacket lengths.
Serges, Novolty Suitings, Broad
cloths, Cream Sorges and Diagonals,
worth up to $1.G0. On salo at
49c, 59c, 69c
350 elegant full Dress ratternsveach
with ample material for any stylo dress
or suit. All new and fashionable weaves
Including nil wool costume serges and
crps. Worth $3 to $C. On bargain
square, at. each
$1.95 to $2S.9&
Unbleached. 17 Inches Toweling on sale Friday 30 Inch size, with red Unfinished, for single med ready for uso. 20 8FREADB Full sire In
wide, very ahaorbant, In tho base- Oln borders. 200 doxon of or largo beds. Easy to Inches square. A lnn?e various artlstln putterns.
Good for kitchen towels, inent. at, yd fcaU them the kind that launder and very deslr- lot of them to bo dls- Good, flrni quality
Cc quality. Nut nioro DAMASK REMNANTS sell at 10 cents, Not able. Worth up to $1.00 posed of Friday and a always sell nt $1.60
than 10 yards to n cus- Thousands of yrts.,worth more than 1 dozen to a each. Special for Krl- npeolnl attraction each, on salo tomor-
tomer, at QloP to 60c, special In OCkn customer, nt Rinn day, at, JQn sale price, tin row at SI IQ
yard O v tho basement, yd. -Vv each U2U CBch . 5lU at, ench u only Il13
Front Lace
Correct stylo for medium and
slender figures long over hip,
with 4 heavy web supporters.
Sizes 19 to 26. Also a model
for largo figures. Durablo cou
tll with rust-proof steels. Long
skirt, with adjustable bolt over
abdomen. Extra good qo
values at JOC
Perfect fitting Brassieres for
one day only at 19
Camisole Corset Coverings, Shadow Laco
Flounciugs, Shadow Lace Bauds and Allovors
Dew Drop Chiffons, Plain Nets and Qfln
Cluny effect Allovor, worth to 75c, each . Juu
LAOE REMNANTS Laco medallions, laco yokes, silk nets, odd nnd ends of colored
veiliugs, Vi to one yard lengths, worth to 25c, at, each
Silk Embroidered Allovors, in fancy colors;
fancy beaded Chiffons, short longths of em
broidered and shadow laco flounclugs, white,
ecru and fancy colored bands, etc., worth up
to 50c, at, each
r..TPV f Scores of styles to chooso from fancy trimming buttons, pearl buttons,
l I cioak anj BUit buttons, buttons In gold and sliver offects. Thero are an lm-
BUTT0NS porter's sample line, almost a thousand styles, worth to $2 a dozen, each
Mill Remnants Fine Muslin and Fancy prints and Dloachod Canton Doublo fold Fancy light and Romnants of Silk and Cotton
mercerized pon- pillow casing, the short lengths of and Shaker Flan- mercerized Black dark outing flan- "dB - Dro" Ster?L"
gee, poplin, crepe medium a n d yard wide per- nel, three rogu- Sateens, 30 Ins. nels and fancy ft ,nsh8( 24 to 2?
ratine and sols- heavy grades, 30, cnles, on bargain lar 7Vc grades wide nnd 35c val- flannelettes, 10c BaloS( all doslr. Incll03 wldo aro
otte, worth up to 42 and 45 Inches squaro Friday at will bo sold at, ue, on bargain and 12Mio values nui0 fabrics, aro worth to 30c a
25c yard at yd. wide, at, yard per yard per yard square, at, yard at, yard worth to 20c, yd. yard, at, yard
5c 8k 3k 4k 15c lie 7k 10c
Boys' Clothes in Basement Basement Shoe Specials
Bovs' Suits and Overcoats Another big Friday attraction. w ' Himea nt Greatly iicduced Prices maayt
ri , 4u ; e;.,a 01. n Q cuita in ?i7PH f? tn 17 A A fir WOMEN'S FINE 1UIKSS SHOES WOMEN'S SLIPPERS U."c PA1K
Overcoats nx sizes 2 to , suits in sizes b to it. ffifl nr latent mA ,dull leatierB( nlB0 odds tmd onds of Woraen,8 Folt
Have previously sold at ffJ and $6.0), sale lUluay tyJa,&,U velvets, odds and cndB, worth up and Crochot Slippers, worth up I'd
Younff Men's Long Pants Waist measure 27 to 31 to f3.oo a pair, at 81.00 U.oo, at, pair , 25d
..11 l.f.fl,c T?r.mi1nr 1 W nnd 7ri vnluos Fridnv at 85C CHlWmEN'S SHOES VIcl Kldokln and Dull Calf leathers In button
all lengths. Kcguiai !i.du ana .i.f j alues, i imuy ui oju nnd ,ttC0 Btyl08good fltyios worth to $1.75. at aba
Our Boys' 50c special Over- I Boys' 50c Shirts, plain and woman's storm iiunwais-AU sues and worth G5c at, pair 39d
, 3 1 or. ,' , . ok WOMEN'S $ SHOES, i?1.08-Good styles In tan and gray nubucif
alls for oUC Stlipea at tSOC and volvet with dull kid tops all well made, worth $3.50, pair 1.98
One of the best values in Friday's salo 40 inch Fanoy Orepe, worth $1.00 yard, to bo sold at only 39o. Blues, rose, qq
pink, maize, corn, helio, lilao, light green, cream, ivory white and black. 100 pieces to go in this salo tomorrow, yd.. juU
Herman Shomshor of
Fremont Kills Self
raraifiNT. Neb.. Jan. 19. (Special
ToleBrnm.) Herman Bhoimlior, 1333 North
C street, committed aulcjde this mornint,
by shooting. Ha was a crlpplo and pro
pelled hlmiieir around' by two canes or n
a wheeled chair, and for some time has
been mentally unbalanced. About two
months ago a complaint ror insanity was
filed against him. He was always pf an
Irritable and quarrelsome disposition and
for some time had not got along well with
his family. Ho owned a valuable farm In
the county and city property. A widow
and three grown children survive.
Old-Time Cold
Cure-Drink Tea!
Nolo from ltcnlrlc.
BEATWCE, Neb., Jan. ). (Special,)
The directors of tho Young Men's Chris
tian association held their annual meet
ing Wednesday evening and elected these
officers: President, D. S. Dalbey; vice
president, n. V Grant! secretary, J. E.
Thompson; treasurer, Carl Schaffer. The
directors are AW W. Black. H. L. Demp
ster, J. E. C. Fisher,. It. W, Grant, 11.
M. Garrett. W. II. Kllpatrick, Wallace
Robertson, J. E. Smith, Peter Janscn, V.
It. Johnson and K. F. Nelson. A num
ber of improvements will have to be
made, as tho association work Is out
growing tho present facilities.
Ulchard Harmby of De Witt the other
day found four milch cows which bad
been suffocated in a straw stack on his
farm. Ho places his loss at 3240.
Isaac Roblson, an old resident of this
city, died Wednesday evening, aged 74
years. Ho Is survived by a widow and
three children.
Mrs. John Freeman, living near this
city, Wednesday received a telegram
from Galcsbiirg, 111., telling that her lit
tle niece, Evelyn Schroder, had been shot
and killed at that plnco whllo playing
with a revolver.
Judge F, E. Crawford has resigned as
city attorney of Wymore, and Mayor
Iteullng has named E. N. Kauffman as
hie successor.
Key to the Sltutlaon Bee Advertising,
Peterson of Sherman
Visits State Capital
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. 29.-(&poclal.)-Thlrty-six
years In Nebraska and nover visited
the stato capital Is tho record of F. r.
Peterson, a farmer of Sherman county,
who came to the state houso today lo
see Secretary W. n. Mellor of tho St'ite
Boardiof Agriculture. Ho wus taken to
the office of Governor MbrehcAd and in
troduced to tho executive.
Mr. Peterson came to Nebraska In
March, 1878, and settled In Omaha, whero
ho lived until 1S90, when he went to Slier
man county and took up furmlng near
the county seat of Loup City. Ho has u
wife and three, nearly grown boys und
girls and says now that ho Is going to
let the children look after things mnr
and ho expects to take life a little cai'cr.
"I didn't have nny Idea Lincoln was
such a big and prosperous place," Paid
Mr. Peterson to a reporter In the sov.
ornor'a office, "and from now on I ex
pect to como here oftoner, I am boIiik
to como to the stato fair this yoar lcr
suro and see what tho rest of tho stajo
m-lir!cnh Offtx-rfc Installed.
HUMBOLDT, Neb., Jan. .-(Speclal .
Mies Florence Wagner of Omahu, grand
warden of the stato of Nebraska Degir.o
of Ilnhfknh. In If.t.nKnl,!. w,i...
day night and Installed the officers- etc t
or urcaceiu lodge No. 10, as follows. Pas
grand. Miss Bertha Simmons; nobio
grand, Mrs. Sue Norton; vlcn grand. Ml
Lula Bost; warden, Miss Mary Mattltbws;
chaplain, Miss Mildred Wilkinson. An
elaborate luncheon was served after the
Sick Tito Yearn with Iiidlfirrtlnn.
"Two yearB ago I was greatly benefited
through using two or threo bottles ot
Chamberluln'a Tablets," writes Mrs s
A. Keller. Ellda. Ohio. "Before takln ;
thorn I was sick for two years with in
digestion." Sold by all dealers. Advertisement.
Get a small package of Hamburg
Breast Teo, or aa the German folkn
cal it, "Hamburger Brust Thee," at an
pharmacy. Take a tablespoonful of the
tea, put a cup of boiling water upon
it, pour through a sieve and drink a
teacup full at any time. It is the most
effective way to break a cold and euro
grip, as It opens the pores, relieving
congestion. Also loosens the bowels,
thus breaking a cold at once.
It Is Inexpensive and entirely vege
table, therefore harmless. Advertisement
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NUT Hand
for underfeed
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HLACIC LILLY LUMP Ono of tho bost
coalf) for furnace or stove, mined In Jack
son county, III. Hand screened In lump
and nut sizes. Our
price, ton
coals como from the best mines In Illinois
and aro free from slato and other Impuri
ties. Egg, lump and nut sizes,
hand screened, only, ton . .
Cots Your
Cool 6 ills
SAPHO, KRUG. SIX RKEI Ji. in and 10c.