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Five Wells Will Be Completed During Next Forty-eight to Ninety-six
Hours. If All Should Come in Big Oil Stock Still Within Your Reach,
Under Old Price, May Be Advanced 100 Per Cent or Double Old Price.
Thntlftnnrfa at-. aU.a.i.a, i . . a i.
1- Li . 7 . -- u I cull l. I lie puuiic
know this ttock has a great future. Welle near
completion are 104, 105, 106, 107 and 108. Locations
and late report are at follows:
t.SLti.c?hf.Jc.tnt:ntJ on . th PP0slt mid following
a folTow Pl!licrt, development work has progressed
.t.JFi!la net Lf.n No5 1M- "Pcted In Is 1.T10 feet deep.
Mcura big production between 1.718 and 1.73S tret,
xnere is a gas well that hsa produced for seven years
?-atft, at fourteen hundred (H.WOl , foet-only one
! m J?B. w2.y7-Jut "cro tn "he. Kpiayed oil when
2... i .V .Thl. T6'1 can r start at from lw to WW
5Tti'h In high srado oil territory and close to our
Tulsa Uncle gam Hennery-company has other territory
yet to drill around It.
v-v..'! J05, hould be completed within seventy-two
2?iLret' in between two oil wells on one of tho Uncle
Bam leases In the deep territory In Pawnee County. Onn
well on the northwest started at 400 barrels per day and
on the southeast another started at 800 barrels. We ex
pect this well to make, from 400 to l.two barrels for a
w ,WS b?a-.blK Producer for many years.
nee County. Since the. last report the drillers have hart
trouble with the casing collapsing. They got this well
ready to go ahead yesterday and should have the deep
production at 2,iX feet over a halt mile deep by Satur
day or Monday. This well Is located on a line between
the Osage mis hers that have started as high as four
thousand (1.0C0) barrels per day, and the deep Hartles.
vlllo walls In the north end of the great Cushlng Held
that hnve started as high as eight hundred (KM) barrels
per nay. ine lormauona are wgn in mis wen nave
already struck some oil, but the Dig pay should be In
the next eighty to ninety feet. It would be no surprise
It this woll started as nigh as a thousand barrels per
day, while It will mean the opening of a great pool even
to get a 100-barrel well In the deep sand at this location.
Our lease there Is V miles from the northeast to the
southwest and can easily develop Into several million
dollars' value.
Well No. 1Q7 Is on one of the big Uncle Sam Pawnee
County leases, It Is about J.360 feet deep at this hour
and should strike the big production at from X.490 to
1,540. It Is located between a reported ten thousand
barrel well on the nbrthwest and the ttO to SM barrel
Wells on the southeast Our field men believe they have
the connecting trend. This well will be a l.UW barrel
gusher or a failure, with Indications for a gusher. Kormo
tlons are high. The outlook Is as promising as It could
be at this depth. This well should be completed by Sat.
urday. Around It wo have the leases tor a mile and a
half north and south. This field also can be a lid lifter
for Uncle Sam stock.
Well No. 103 Is located Just 4(0 feet from a splendid
high grade oil well on a lease that Joins one of our 12V
acre leases In tho famous lot City oil pool near Tulsa.
The Indications are that The Unci Mint Mil ( Mm n ru
tins one of the richest snots of that rich oil rteia. Like
the other four wells drilling, It would seem that success
and good fortuno was with this independent oil company
at tills location. Wells drilled on the northwest indlcato
that this rich pool should cover the south end of this
flease. where there is room for 8 to 12 wells that our
well organised drilling department can and will put down
In the next thirty days it this well starts as high as
even three hundred (SO0) barrels, and It Is situated right
and only about a half mile from several wells that
started at from POO to WO, and onn as high as 1,600 bar
rels per day In this same sand, that Is In the well only
EO feet from our lease where we will have In this well
No. 10S by next Monday. This new well On the south
came In at about 110 barrels and has been reported as
high as JM to SM barrels. Our Company has from W)
to 500 acres south and southeast of this new pool It It
does not back up on the south end of our big property
on the north. So we are sure to get this rich production
right there by our Tulsa Uncle Sam llellnery, either
going or coming, for this Company Is operating on n
big basis and does not leave any bars down when It
goes after good stuff.
We are raising this construction capital and will arlll
theso proposed four hundred oil wells. The time lor
you to secure your stock Is right now before a big ad
vance takes effect.
times the amount necessary to make the slock worth
what the company will ask for It. and that whatever
water Is In the slock will belong to the loyal, patrlotlo
oltlsen who purohaxea the stock and not to some man
like J. P. Morgan, who secures his millions by selling
watered stock to the people at par value. When the
stock of the Uncle Sam Oil Company pays dividends,
sufficient to place the stock at par, the profit between
the price the stock Is offered to the people and the par
value will be In tho pockets of the common people of
the United States who liavo patriotism, loyalty and faith
In the ulttmato success of this enterprise and will not
be owned or controlled by any millionaire who waters
the stock and sells It at par. The Uncle Sam Oil Com
pany la founded upon the principle that the commtm
people are entitled to all the profits which are usually
withheld from the Investors and pocketed by the pro
moter. It places Its stock In the hands of the common
peopln at a prion less than Its real value, and those who
are fortunate enough to secure It at this price will reap
all tho prollt which usually goes to tne promoter. The
Uncle Bam Oil Company does not desire any traitors
In Its army of stockholders, It wants nothing but loyal
patriotic cltliens. It appeals to men and women whe
love the United mates and who are opposed to th
crime and greed of the Oil Trust and who favor the
removal from office and punishment of each publto serv
ant who bends the knee to the oil monopoly. Kach and
every stockholder of the Uncle Bam Oil Company li
urged to favor the Increase of the capital stock In orde
that a large additional army of loyal, patriotic Amrrlcar
cltttrns may be permitted to Join us, The funds to b
raised, the board believes, will make every share you
own worth many times its present value and the new
stockholders will be an added strength, which will n
able this company to defeat any scheme that the Oi
Trust may devise for Its destruction."
It you are a sincere believer In protecting the "rlgtu
sf opportunity" as each Individual or concern Is entitled
to under the Stars and Stripes, then line up behind the
Undo Sam flag on the following "New Year's Oppor
tunlty Orter."
Make all remittances to THD UNCLK SAM OIL. COM
New Year s Opportunity Offer
(Continued fTom Pago Sir.)
Already in Kansas an honest Democrat, 'who knows
the tricks of the criminal trust, Is the leading candidate
for the United States senate.
He will lead a fight ajalnst these fake reformers that
seek to betray the public. There are now 3,800 Undo
stockholders th Kansas, about l.tttt In Missouri and
1.000 in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma and Missouri stock
no., ers will organise and Inform the public of the 'secret
alliance of certain fake reformers who reully are the
secretly retained lawyer fixers of the criminal Oil Trust
and the breweries the Invisible government. The Oil
Trust has a willing friend In the present commissioner
of Indian affairs, and Independent men will never let
up on the light until they drive this Oil Trust Indian
commissioner out or force the present Interior depart
ment to admit Its secret connivance with the greatest
of all the criminal trusts. The Uncle Sam Oil Company
Is no respector of persons and will expose a dishonest
cahlnet officer Just as quick as It will a crooked federal
Judge, and Is gaining ground each day. It Is going to
build up the greatest producing, refining; and marketing
oil company In the United States. Its cause Is Just. Itlght
will prevail. Wo only want honorable, patrlotlo Investors
as stockholders. While you will be sending In your check
others will bo doing the same. Also 12,000 stockholders
will hand from ten to fifty copies of this statement to
that many Investors, so It will reach millions of in
vestors at once.
That you may understand the condition that caused
the board of directors of the Uncle Ham Oil Company
to bring about this Increased capital and order this
To Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and
Other Investors Who Were Robbed
By the Oil Trust in the Kansas
Oil War of 1905. .
When oil was first discovered In Southeast Kansas
1803t there were 400 Independent concerns and compa
nies that Invested between 112,000.000 and 15,O00,uoo In
developing the Kansas field. At one time the Kansas
production was over 80,000 barrels per day. At tlrst the
Oil Trust encouraged the producers and paid 11.18 for
eighteen to twenty-alx- gravity crude and n.88 per barrel
lor thirty-two to thirty-seven gravity crude oil. Thou
sands of cltlxens from Kansas. Missouri and Oklahoma
Invested In good faith In the developing of the Kansas
field and more than 90 per cent of the Investments would
have paid out big-, but as quick as the Oil Trust had
succeeded In lying to the public and deceiving thousands
Into pioneering and developing the Kansas field, the Oil
Trust arbitrarily put down the price of crude oil from
Jl.SS per barrel to cents per bsrrel and then refused
to accept only a limited amout rrom the Independent
producer The founder and now president of the Uncle
Sam Oil Company was one or the Kansas producers that
did not surrender, and In the Kansas oil war that fol
lowed the uncle Sam Oil Company was practically the
only company that protected Its life and maintained
Itself against the criminal discrimination of the Kansas
field. The report of the Kansas attorney general's oince
shows that out of over 400 independent concerns and
companies representing J12.O00.00O to 15,0C0,000 invested,
four or five concerns stood through tho fight, the Uncle
Ssm Oil company being the only big company to weather
the storm.
The voters of Kansas that gave the electoral vote
of Kansas to President Wilson were the citizens that
were robbed and whose oil companies were broken up
and killed by the purchasing agent company of the Oil
Trust. A Republican legislature and Republican governor
of Kansas passed laws that curbed the OH Trust In
Kansas and made possible the great success of the
Uncle Sam 011 Company, which Congressman Jackson. pt .the, members, ot, tha .Indian affairs committee ot
. the last congress, openly stated haI 'saved the people
of Kansas J2.000.OOOr per year, by the competition of the
Uncle Sam Oil Company with the OH Trust.
To become a great company and save the people
12.000,000 per year In a dozen states In the Middle West,
the uncle Sam Oil Company needs tho Osage lease or
430,000 acres pending before congress. With this big
acreage on top of our present 27,000 acres the Uncle
Sam OH oompany can save tho people of the Central
West JoO.000,000 per year In oil, and the people of Kan
sas, Missouri and Oklahoma about the samo amount
yearly on domestic gas. To keep the Uncle Ham Oil
Company from securing large acreage of the "raw ma
terial" and thus protecting the public, the Oil Trust
has resorted to every trick and crime to cheat the
Uncle Sam Oil Company's 12.000 stockholders out of this
Osage lease of 430,000 acres and get it for the Oil Trust.
ri.K is Kin st to hkcisiyk msash
As startling as It may seem, such Is the truth until
an anti-oil trust Democrat candidate for the United
States senate from Kansas has openly declared war on
the present OH Trust Indian commissioner. This Indian
commissioner has proof that he could proceed to collect
for the Osage nation about (112.000,004 twelve mlltlon
dollars the difference due the Osages on the royalty
price of the oil stolen by the Oil Trust at a conspiracy
price fixed by former Republican Oil Trust officeholders
Instead of making the Oil Trust pay the Osages their
112,000.000, the present Indian commissioner could collect
If faithful to his publlo trust he makes an attack on
tho Uncle Sam Oil Company's Osage valid lease and pro
ceeds to frame up with the some Oil Trust concern that
raised the black flag against the Kansas oil producers,
and his first act as a traitor Democrat Indian commis
sioner Is to attempt to take a part ot the Uncle Sam
Oil Company lease without a hearing and give It to the
trust on a frame-up deal of a spite bonus paid by the
Oil Trust that already has over 112,000.000 of Osage money
that could be collected with Interest If this traitor Demo
crat Indian commissioner was as faithful to his publto
trust as he Is to the Oil Trust In his attempt to rob the
Undo 8am refiners ot crude oil to manufacture and de
liver to the public In competition with the greatest
criminal monopoly known In the worM.
If each citizen In Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma
who was robbed by this same Oil Trust concern that
now has a "special pull" with" the present traitor Demo,
crat Indian commissioner, will Invest one-fourth of as
much monsy In the Undo Ham OH Company now and
Join with our fighting Independent army, now over 12,000
strong, we can drive to utter rout these OH Trust manip
ulators In high places beat every Oil Trust senator and
congressman In Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri protect
the Osage lease so the OH Trust cannot steal It and cause
the removal ot the present Indian commissioner and the
pladng In his place an Indian commissioner who will
have a suit brought and collected (not settled for IV
per cent on the side) for 12,000,009. Just about the xaot
sum you Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma people were
robbed of by the Oil Trust In the black flag right on
the Kansas oil fields. A former attorney general of the
United States who sided the first fight on the Uncle Sara
Osage lease, received one fee of (1109.000) one hundred
thousand dollars from the OH Trust within ninety days
after his term ot office expired for appearing In an In
ferior case where ample Oil Trust attorneys were already
hired to take care of the case.
What was that $100,000 padded fee for? What Is trie
OH Trust promising" or paying the present United States
Officials who are doing the eamo Job for the Oil Trust
now? This former United States attorney general aided
the Oil Trust with the same seal as the present traitor
Democrat Indian commissioner.
Join the Uncle Sam OH Company today and aid In
this righteous fight against treacherous officials and tako
reformers and help make the OH Trust dig over that
112,000,000 to the Osages and help protect the Uncle Sara
Osage lease and the Increase on your Uncle Sam stock
will make back your former loss caused by the Bams
Oil Trust gang that now seeks to rob the Uncle Sam
Oil Company's 12,000 American stockholders of the valu
ablo MO.COO.nere Osage lease thereby turning It Into a
prollt through tho success of the uncle Ham Oil Com
pany on a blc basis which Is certain, for Its efforts are
along lines that win the approval and support of honest
men and women of all parties.
offer, tho following part of the report of the board, ot
directors to the stockholders ot November 51, 1913, ex
plains Itself and Is as follows:
"The board, desires to Impress upon the stockholders
the Importance ot voting In favor of the Increase ot the
capital stock. It mny not bo necessary to sell any ot
thin Increased capital Mock, but the board desires to
provide an opportunity for the patriotic American citizens
to take part In this contest against the criminal OH
Trust for tho rights of this Independent oil company to ex
ist and do business under tho laws ot the United States and
in case It Is necessary to sell any of the proposed In
crease of the capital stock, that the patrlotlo citizens
of the United States be given an opportunity to enroll
themselves ,as members ot this corporation, enlisted In
this army, pledged to battlo for Justice against the rreod
of the 'criminal Oil Trust, to free the American peoplo
from the blighting Influence that reaches Into high political
positions, robs the people through Uie "nets ot publlo of
ficials who use subsidized press to keep the people In
Ignorance of the facts and blinded to tha truth.
"The Uncle Sam OH Company has never taken a
backward step. Prom the date of Its organisation It
has fought tho battlo of tho people. It has been at
tacked by every power the Oil Trust could control, in
cluding men occupying the highest public position. Tho
fiubllc press has been utilised for the purpose of libeling
ts officers and belittling their efforts, l'orsons high in
authority have been used to persecute the officers ot
the company. Departments of tho government of the
&eople, which should have protected this company, have
sen used us Instruments In Its persecution. 1'rlccs ot
oil have been cut; freight rates havn been raised; oils
have been damaged; our refineries have been set afire:
our officers have been falsely Indicted: these false In
dictments have been published throughout tho United
States and other persecutions have been conducted
against the officers of this company, all for the pur
pose of preventing It from competing with the criminal
OH Trust, and preventing tho people from being aroused
and exercising against the trust, the power of their
righteous Indignation. Under all theso adverse circum
stances the Uncle Sam OH Company has grown and ad
vanced until It has acquired property of the value ot
13, 000,000, and It Its Urge Osage lease should be validated
by congress, by development Its properties can easily
become worth many millions more and It can become
an effective competitor of the Standard OH Company In
several states In the Mid-Continent Held. It can curb
tho trust as no other Independent company can. It can
Vay Its stockholders a fair dividend and furnish oil to
he people at a fair price and In time It can spread Its
distributing stations all over the nation, The recent In
dictments of Us officers Is an outrage, the Americans
will resent when they know the facts. President II. 11.
Tuoker, Jr., Is Indicted because he published an adver
tisement In The Kansas City Journal requesting loyal
American citizens to petition their congressmen to sup
port the bill now pending In congress to validate our
lease with the Osage national council. William C. l'lumo,
a stockholder of this company, Is Indicted because he
had the bill Introduced In congress, and Albert L. Wilson,
general counsel. Is Indicted became he appeared befora
the aub-commlttoe of Indian affairs In Washington and
urged the committee to subpoena witnesses whose testi
mony would uncover the rascality and crime of the OH
Trust and throw the light of congressional Investigation
upon the conduct of tho unfaithful publlo servants who
have been doing the bidding of tho OH Trust. The board
has determined that the American peoplo shall know
the facts In this Infamous outrage. The board believes
that the time has not yet arrived In tne United States
when It Is a crime to urge loynl American citizens to
petition congress to do right or to Introduce a bUI in
congress providing that Justice shall be done Or to ap
pear before the committee of congress, urging It to In
vestigate tha OH Trust and Us tools In publlo office,
and If the stockholders ot this company agreo with the
board and vote the Increased capital stock, the loyal
American citizens will bo given an opportunity to enroll
themselves as comrades In thts army ot stockholders,
pledged to see Justice done. In thts contest with the
Oil Trust th American people will gladly take the part
ot the Uncle Sam Oil Company, for It has been honest
and It Is right, and the power of the American people
cannot be withstood by all of the dirty dollars which the
trust now possesses, or the henchmen they can employ.
"The subsidised press and the tools ot tho trust in
publlo office may raise the cry ot over-capitalization and
'watered stock' and 'fraud,' but the fact will remain that
the present value of the company's property Is throe
5,000 Shares $ 50.00 Q 50,000 Shares
10,000 Shares .$100.00 Q 75,000 Shares
20,000 Shares $200.00 Q 100,000 Shares
25,000 Shares.., $250.00 Q 250,000 Shares
40,000 Shares $400.00 Q 500,000 Shares
State in your letter who you want the stock issued to. Write each address very plain. Allow
the office ten day to reach your turn. Place an X opposite the amount you make payment
for and sign plainly this order blank.
$ . . .for the number of shares of stock as per schedule above.
Signed f
If you remit J.VOOO on this stock you will own prac
tically one oil well. You could not go and secure a
lease and complete a well for less and It might bo dry.
This company submitted this proposition, realising Its
merit and knows the capital la certain to be raised.
With this capital paid In the company will, during the
next eight months, get down the balance of at least
300 producing oil and gas wells. With even fifty more
wells drilled such wells should enhance the value ot
tho properties until they would command roady sale at
$5,000,000 or $4,000,000. Htook Is worth what tho property
would bring and the proceeds pro-rated. No one could
buy the Uncle Ham Oil Coinpany for 3,O0O,OOO now. The
stockholders would vote the sale down. With K.WU.WW
additional cash put Into drilling 409 moro oil and gas
wells completing a main trunk pipe line nnd enlarging
our three refineries to a combined capacity ot 30,000 bar
rels per day will build up and enhance the value of the
Uncle Sam OH Company so that it should sell for 111,000,000
to 120.000,000. Now figure the proposition over for your
self and you will have to admit that this is a real in
vestment opportunity. The oil business ts ranking today
In the Middle West ahead of farming nnd merchandise
or banking. Over M per cent ot oil and gas wells drilled
In Mie Oklahoma field are successful. When completed
they will produce oil for years. We havo a well organ
ized field department. Can operate thirty or forty drills
with more economy than three or tour. We cannot go
to the big banks and trust companies fop capital be
cause they are all moro or loss dominated by the "Money
Trust," which Is the "Standard 'OH" clique ot financiers.
However, wn know that right here at home In Kansas,
Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado
nnd Illinois states where the products from Oklahoma and
Kansas crude oil are needed by the people that In these
states wo can easily find 10,000 patrlotlo Investors who
can Invest an average ot 1200 each and thereby take all
the stock and complete thts big enterprise and keep It
In the ownership of the people and with these nw stock,
holders we can force a real square deal In the Osage
lease fight. If we can save the Osage lease It will put
the stock up twenty times over night.
Ths treasurer of the company Is under a $100,000 bond,
Tho secretary of the company ts a white-haired deter
mined Methodist, an old settlor of Kansas, formerly from
Pennsylvania, from tho district where the first oil wells
were drilled. Our general counsel, who devotes all hlr
tlmo In helping to build up tho company. Is a tormet
Floneer Kansan whose brothers Joined the Union army
rom Kansas as quick as they were old enough to do so,
All money coming to the company Is deposited In tne
company's name each day in the Kansas Trust Company.
Kansas City. Kas., which la tne designated depository
of the company, by tho board of directors. Kvory dollar
paid out Is by a company check signed by four otneors
of the company. The board of directors can on Ave days'
notice meet and discharge any officer. This oompany
was organised nnd has necn built up for principle as
well as financial gain. The stockholders, directors and
officers have bocome accustomed to every kind of perse
cution and assault on tha company but every attack
makes them more determined to tulld stronger and
Greater. The oompany Is established and It Is backed
y men who have the spirit bred In them that roods
Kansas a free state. We know our proposition Is solid
and that the future will prove that it is a real oppor
tunity. Wo know the Uncle Sam Oil Company with this
additional capital will have a great future. We have
accomplished more during the first few years than the
Oil Trust did In the first years of Us existence. And wn
have had outrageous persecution to meet, with our crim
inal .competitor In control of several departments ot the
federal government and with a purchased press also at
their beck and call. Tha Uncle 8am OH Company la a
needed corporation and will bo a benefit to every oil
consumer In the Middle West, lly Its competition with
the OH Trust It will save thousands of you mora than
you need to pay In for the stock to Insure- Its great sue
cess. If you want to Join a. real live wire organisation
of stayers and fighters in a worthy cause start the
New Yeas right by enrolling under tho Uncle Bam
flag and sending your check attached .to tha above ordet
blank before other wide-awake investors secure what
you know you want.
Respectfully Submitted
By H. H. TUCKER, Jr., President
Send all communications to the company to the Home Office Address, KANSAS CITY, KAS.
William Eberwein of Philadelphia,
Tells of Beating Mate to Death.
I'leiided TTlth Ilimliniul that Hp
'End It All for Mc" tleKnrileiI
It No Sin When She Wn,
Snf ferine So.
PHILADELPHIA. Jan. 21.-Totterlng
under the weight of his SO years, William
Kberweln, .stood In criminal court hero
today and told a simple but dramatic
story ot how his wife, fifteen years
' younger, had pleaded with him to kill
her, and' how ho committed tho deed.
After the old mon had completed tho
story, Judge Waiting of Krle. Pa., tem
porarily presiding; In tho court, surveyed
the bent form of tho prisoner, fixed tho
crime at murder In the second degree
and Imposed tho minimum penalty,
which. 1n this case, was practically a
life sentence. It was solitary conflno
ment In the penitentiary for not icss
than soven nor for more than fourteen
Tells Hlft Story.
Holding on to the prisoners' dock with,
trcmbllns hands. Eberweltu who Is a
veteran ot tho civil war, told the court
that his wife wna an Invalid, and that
one day last Outoner he cams into
their home and found her lying at the
bottom of a stairway down which sho
had fallen. Ho offered to have her sent
to a hospital but sho wouldn't go.
" 'You do It. William.' " Kberweln al
leged sho K-thl.
" 'Do what? I said," the prisoner con
tinued, 'End It for all for me. It's no sin
when I'm suffering so,' "
Unit llonnl In Hand.
"I had a board In my hand, that I
brought In out of the yard. I looked
at hor nnd guessed It wouldn't be a
" 'Go on William.' she said, 'go on.
'Then I tapped hor on the head with
tho board and I tapped her again. She
didn't moan much, and once when I
stopped she kind of whispered: 'Go on, It
won't bo long.'
"So I kept on tapping and she got
Ebcrwcln stopped speaking but no
cno urged him on. Then he began again
and told of his arrest. "If I get out
of this, I want to go to the sailor's
homo," ho said.
M8DOK. Portugal, Jan. 31. Two hun
dred of the ringleaders of the general
strike of railroad men In Portugal were
arrested today by order ot the govern
ment. Warrants against -400 others were
Issued, but the men evaded capture. Tho
strike, which was declared on January
U, has been brokon. Many ot the men
have, resumed work and tho passenger
service has been restored almost to nor
mal conditions.
Two Nebraska Towns
Sustain Heavy Loss
as Result of Fire
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. 21. (Special Telegram.)
A destrt .'o flro ut Qreenwood, which
started lust night In the basement of
the First National bank, destroyed that
building, the telephone office, drug store
of Weldman & Co., postofflce, burber
shop of D. r Wachtell, restaurant ot
Watson Hove, a grocery store and tho.
Farmers Stato bank, cleaning up every
IIE e1
Key to the SUuatlon-Dee Advertising. I II " Sjutf '' J
Blood Eruptions WONT
Return When You Give Your,
Blood a Good Bath
No case of poisoned blood ts ever
cured until tho lust vestlRe of Irrita
tion has been eliminated from the ,
system. And tho only remedy that Is
safely assimilated in tne tissues to
stimulate cellular activity and over
coma harmful eerms Is tho famous
8. 8. a
A few doses of this wonderful blood
purifier will start such pronounced
activities In the cellular tissues of tha
body as to soon show decided changes
in the skin.
Tha skla is bat s Use artwork ot tiny blood
retsels, sad tbe action of S. S. 8. Is deelirrd
h. eminent sntherltles to be a pronouuml
tlmulttlos ot tne actlrlty ot these celli.
CerUla It Is tbst la a lurprUlnsly short time
eren the worst ikln eruption shows a moat
rttuuUNe chance It W-flns to dry up; the
skla pesls off la tlsy flecks, sod sooa a Ujer
f clear, arsltby ssd firm tluoe retails.
Tbe reason tor this Is la the peculiar stlm
sUtlaa et S. 0. B. which enables tbe cells
In Ue skla to select from the blood tbe natrt
stent It mjolies for rrcrsfrstJoa.
Not only till, bat If from tbe pretence et
oros dlitnrblng poltaa there ts a local or
srsersl interference of nutrition to rauae lIU,
carbuelea, abtcratea and kindred troublei,
S. n. 8. to directs the local rella that ,tbla polto-t
Is njeoted and rllmlnatrd frota their j rftore.
This fact baa brrn ilcmontlratnl In nin f
erere skin rrujtlon that bail hensed to be
Toq can obtain S. S. S, at an? wrll ato-kmi
drug store. It yon Insist upon It, but I tar
700 are not talked Into tuaietblos ' claimed
to be "jutt aa food."
B. 8. 0. la prepared by The Swift Specific Co.,
ft Swift Bid., Atlanta, Ot.
building on tho block on tho south slda
of Main street.
Assistance was called for from Lincoln,
twonty-two miles away and & chemical
wugon was immediately sent, but the tiro
had gained so much headway that little
could bo done to savo tho buildings.
Tho flro was started from a gas stovo.
Tha loss Is believed to bo in the neigh
borhood ot $76,000.
WOODBUP-Y, Nol., Jan. 31 (Special
Telegram.) Flro last night destroyed a
general store, a pool hull, an Implement
store and drug store, practically wiping
out the business houses on ono eldo ot
the main street ot town. It Is not clear
how tho blaze originated, but wico started
and fanned by the high wind the intulo
quato fire fightlnit facilities wero unablo
to copo with It.
BHUWDAN. Wyo., Jan. 21,-(Spoclal
Telegram.)-Aftcr eight hours' delibera
tion, tho Jury In the caso of tho state
of Wyoming agultiBt William Hawkins,
chnrged with murder In tho first degroe
in tho killing ot his wife on tho night of
October 8, last, found Hawkins guilty ot
murder In tho second degree. Ho antici
pated a lesser penalty than second de-
grco murder, if not acquittal, having
made arrangements to go to work as
soon as tho jury disposed of tho caso,
Tho homo of Hawkins n few years nco
was on a farm near Bedford, Taylor
county, Iowa, moving from thcro to Ok
lahoma, and from tho latter state to
Wilsons Give First
Diplomatic Dinner
WASHINGTON, Jan. 2L-TUO president
and Mrs. Wilson gavo their first diplo
mats dinner at tho Whlto House tonight,
entertaining the diplomats of all na
tions represented in Washington. Tho
dinner, alwaVs ono of tho most Impor
tant official social functions of tho win
ter In the capltul, was brilliant. In ad
dition to tho ambassadors, ministers and
charges, tho guasts lncludod Secretary
of Stato and Mrs. Bryan, Senators Ilacon
and Lodge, Representatives Flood of Vir
ginia and Cooper ot Wisconsin, the coun
selor of tho State department and Mrs.
Mooro, tha assistant secretary ot stato
anC Mrs. Osborne, John Ilarrett, direc
tor general of tho Pan-American union;
Mrs. McDonald Shcrldnn, Misses Qone
vievo Clark, Elena Klrmos, Margaret
Wilson and Holen Woodrow Uones. and
Lieutenant Commander and Mrs. N. L.
Emperor of Germany and His Very Interesting Family
Exclut-e snapshot taken at the n'
.palace at Potsdam showing the Ua'fcer I
innil erur.m-K. surrounded. liv tlu-ir family.
Including all of tiiolr rhlldrcn (except ,
Crown Pnnco Frlwlerlch Wllhelm), son-in-law,
daughter-in-law, the kaiser's brother,
three sisters, brother-in-law, sister-in-law
and nephew. It is probably tho most re
markable photograph ot a royal group
over taken, and was obtained exclusively
hv the International News Pervlcr. In
the background ato seen the omperor nnd
empress, standing. The figures rcsuing
left to right In the back row are. J'ri-ue
Adolph of Hchaumburg-Si.ppe (kaiser's
brother-ln-lartv) ; Prince Waldemar ot
Prussia, elder son of Prince Henry of
Prussia (the kaiser's nephew); Prince
ntnry of Prussfa (tho kaiser's brother).
' Prince Frlrxlerlch-Karl of Hesse (brother-in-law),
the hereditary princess of fiaxe-
, Mclnlngcn (the kaiser's eldest sister),
Prlnee Adallmrt of Prusida i third son),
Princess Frlfd-rl-h-Kurl of llemw (young-
ist sister), Princess Adolph of Schaitm-burg-Suppe
(second sister;, Princess An-gust-Wllhelm
of Prussia (daughter-in-law),
Princess Eltel-Friederich of Prussia,
(dauehter-in-law), duchess ot Ilrunswlck
(daughter) and duko ot Hrunswlck, (son
In-law). In tho front row, left to right.
figures arc: Tho hereditary prince Bern
i hurd of Saxe-Melnlngen (brother-ln-luw),
Princess Henry of Prussia (slster-ln-law),
Prince Eitel Frlcdorlch (tho kaiser's sec
ond son), the crown princess (daughter-in-law,
Prince August Wllhelm, fourth
son), Prince Oscar (fifth son) and Prince
Joaohlm (youngest son).
Chaplain Johnson of
Penitentiary Dead
(From a Staff Correspondent.)
LINCOLN, Jan. 21. (SpoclrU. Telegram,)
Chaplain P. C. Johnson of tho Nebraska
stato penitentiary died this evening oC
pneumonia, contracted whllo at his homo
in Tccumseh a fow days ago. Ha hsi
been chaplain ot the institution fifteen
years and was over CO years of age.
His .illness was not considered serious
until after his arrival (ram home at the
penitentiary Saturday, when he, gTew
rapidly worse. Ho leaves a widow.
Chaplain Johnson was a veteran Meth
odist mlnlator with a long porlqd ot serv
ice to his credit.
Beardsley Siege is
Bringing m the Coin
MA WILLS'. N Y., Jan. Sl.-Doubt was
expressed tonight by persons who talked
with Edward Ueardsley, tho Summcrdalo
outlaw farmer, that ha would walk to
Mayvlllo Jail tomorrow and submit to
arrest for the shootinc of Poormaster
John G. Putnam.
For several days Beardsley has been
reaping a harvest of dollars by signing
picture post cards and posing for his
photograph. He said today ho hated to
glvo up tha revenue. One of tho men
who talked with him tocay asked the di
rect question:
"Well," replied the man who has de
fled arrest for a week. "I will need this
money that is coming In to pay ray law
yers and to help take care of the children
while I am being tried. I might stay
here a few days longer."
Cot da to I) TnKPit Seriously.
Intelligent people realise that common
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and a cigar that adds pleasure lo
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unoklng is thq
of xa, as and co.
It Is of unusual quality and flavor
it has an individuality that at
once creates an impression of
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