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10 .oererreieq. uui
by the Government
Is the Flea of Omaha Retailers to
Christmas Trade.
Immrnlntrly After Thnnksnlrlns;
Moit of thr ,,Storc Will Put
rinrthlnft Vp foV Scn
n Pnrchnaes.
Finish your Christmas shopping
arly," I tlic slogan' of the associated re
fallen of Omaha. They have decided
thai It la not enough to urge upon tho
reople to "do" their Christmas shopping
early, but that they mutt b urged to
grt at It and' actually pet It done early
Ideally worked out. this would leave no
shopping to be done tho last few daya
hefore Christmas, as all would have their
Christmas presents heaped up In the
rloset at home a week before Christmas
day. Of course no one expects that II
will work out -lhat beautifully. But re
tallrs. clerks and customers tlierntdveA
nro nil praying that they can fret most
of thtlr shopping done before the last
The Commercial club is boosting for
carli shopping also. EJvery year for a
Ions time, this ha been the cry. Yet
evor.v year thousands crowdthe streets
and bit: stores the Inst few day beforo
Christmas and Jostlo one another' In an
Effort to irat near the most popular eoun
Kverv available source of Information
Is to be used Immediately by revenue
deputies to ascertain the names and ad
dresses of persons ana corporations tax
able under the provisions of the now In
come tax. law, according; to a bulletin
Just received by Internal Revenue Col
lector floss I Hammond from the com
missioner of Internal revenue at Wash
ington. D. C.
Information- as to whether or not
man's Income la above tho total of ex
emptions allowed by the new law Is to
be sought' from bahkers, corporations,
business men and anyone else who may
have knowledge of the matter, according
to tha official bulletin. According to
Collector" Hammond persona who are asked
to give out such facts will be assured
that the Information Is to be used ex
clusively In connection with the Income
tax work. There, Is a heavy penalty for
deputies who divulge such Information to
Persons subject to pay th- new tax
will be asked soon to tell the Internal
revenue department how much thdr In-
crime amounts to. Blanks for the purpose
are now being printed at Washington,
ana Collector Hammond says they will
be rsdy for 'distribution In Onuha and
throughout tho Nebraska district soon
tu Already the knapping Is heavy, and ! nl fr''w, Mr1'
It Is lral Christmas shopplr also. Most ! 'Phabcal lists of taxable person
win uo iBoui-uea in tue revenue
01 ine unrisunaa noocp cna be a ail on
the counters already, a the merchant
hve prepared for an early shoppta
campaign... While most of the large store have
not yet made their regular holiday dta
?) of toys, they expect to do so Im
mediately aflsr rJicnksglvlr.g. There art
whole floors In th larger stores where
dress goods are being sold today, where
the rntlte floor will b glvsn over to a
toy departweut Immediately aflsr
ThmUglvlng. Filday tha Christina
toy will be on exhibit In moat mi tha
Wg places of Omaha and the toy 'mop
ping will then begin la earnest.
office. DeputlNi will tUrt work at once
to learn the names and addresses of
thoe wh come tinder tho'law'a provi
sions. As the task will be a big one ad
ditional employes may be si-quired,
Increased Mail is
Revenue Producer
for the Railroads
Tha aaveat- of the parcel pout lion In
creased the bulk of maJI froni 25 to 41
per cwit. according to C. C. Hurigarford,
superintendent of tnall weighing In this
section, and Hie amount paid tq railroads
transporting malt has necessarily In
creased proportionately, Railroads ear
ning mall In this section, which Inoludes
all territory west of the Missouri river,
were paid annually daring the last four
years 13,1.3, There nro four ma'll con
tract district (n the United State
"W have Juat finished tho mall weigh
ihg In the east district," said Mr, Huh
liefferd, who I sent out by the depart
Wfflt at Washington to supervise the
wftffMng f matfer In the various district.
''Xhe Increase shown there was close to
43 per cent. Of course H ta not safe to
predict 0tat It will bo aa great hare, kit
Jf It IreveM X per cent It will mean a
great deal to rail roads that are awarded
Kr. Hungerferd la In Omftfca, Hscus4n8
with SupsrtM'mliem Reeel of the local
railway matt service offices preliminary
arrangements fr the mail we4Mng l-r-lod
here, wMcfa will begin Fein-eary 13.
Wa s4M that . mny extra men wouht W
tflven entMoymewt, moat of whom wetlM
be recrMteA freH the ranks or thosa who
already have passed thu rallwuy mail
service emmlFMrtkiii.
Savldge Asked to
Find Man a Horse
teallng In horses, as well aa chasing
devils .and marrying couples, Is thought
by a Glenwood, la., man to be one of
the inany activities of Itev. Charles W.
HaV(dge. At least George L. Stoaw haa
written from that town asking thb min
ister to find him a horse.
The. Iowa man explfWna that he con
sults tho preacher on tho horse question
because "there are so fnHy swindlers"
rnoag tho laity. Ten dollera, la the meet
Kltaw says he can pay fee the aitfmal,
Mid he only waitta a "aloe ware that
would raise a cell"
As a cowunlttlon'for hcfcwnc Shaw make
h deal ftv. KavMga wae 'sent a poatage
stamp, the former exptetotftg, that he-U
a poor man with a. lre family. The
ni later tMnfcs he ha a herae In mind
thkt Vlil e for thu lowan.
rhl&reu ot tho Synflay m.hool clasa -"t
thi nrt Baptist fthuxfY will give n
V)iaHkslvlntf ikctch. this evening
It? the. crept of the edifice. There, will
h forty Su tho cast, which depicts tlie
Jirst Ita j: day amoiiB the Put (tana.
Ittv. C F. UattTholl has written the
lines and arrauged tho -program, which I
will also iRoiufie musical numbere. Thul
trforniMce will etart promptly at Si
clock and there will bo no admission
it. A collection, however, will bo taken
Vl, the proceeds of which wilt bn Given
"Which kIiaII It be In Nebraska City
Hetrotrwtlon? I-lfe? Trogrcss? Commis
sion form ot government? Active board
of health Mothers and fathers It Is tip
to you. Dy your vote, you determine your
own death rate."
Tihs is the heading over a page of car
toona Ip the bulletin .of the Nebraska City
department or health, which l waging
a canlv,!sn, fir pure milk, clenti envi
ronments and nt rlqt quarantine.
The bulletin. .pleads for the elimination
of iKlltle from-public health work.
'For tho m sake of appearanco human
llv'ea' must not be lost," says' the bulle
tin, i
Neglected quarantine la trtitfdcr, soya
the bulletin.
Bomo of tho ghastly cartoons show an
emaciated baby, who walls, "My papa
Voted against me." Another cartoon of
a mlllng. healthy baby says, "My papa
voted for me."
Mother! If Child's
Tongiie fe Coated
if fererish, cen8tlpatl, bill-
ns, stoatarh inw, gtve "Cull
fernl Syrap of Fift."
,h .mittmmmmt m,
A laxative loesy' saves a s4ck dhlld
(orfiorrow.j Children simply will not
lako the time from pi'ay to empty' their
bowel, hlch becem? clogged up with
Watte, Uver gets atugalah; stomach sear,
Look nt the tongue, mother! If eeatod,
of your child Is lletlesa, creea, feverish,
bceath tnd, restles, doesn't eat heartUf,
full b( c-ld or has sere throat or tiny
hthd.' children's aliment, give a) tfaspedn
lfv of "Calirernja Syrup of Flia," then
don't werry, because It Is perfectly harm
Its and In a few hours al thla eenett.
Patio poleon, squr bile and fermenting
wail will, gently more out of the hrr
flr and. rou haire a well, playful child
ugatn.A thorough "Inside cleahaingv is
oftlmea all that Is neceaaary. It should be
the rirst treatment given In any sickness,
'Ueware of counterfeit fig syrups. Ack
ycur druggist for a. Be-cent bottle ot
"California Syrup of Flge," which has
full directions for babies, children of all
ages and for grown-upa plainly printed
on the bettle. Look carefully and- "e
that It If made by the "California. Tig
flyrup Cqmpany." Don't be fooledj-Ad-vertlsemrnt.
In an argument over Gertrude Irving.
Colored, at the home ot W. V,'. Ware.
"HO Cuming street. John Allen (Dusty)
Caltes. colored. MS North Twentieth
street, vras shot in the abdomen and
seriously wounded Monday night The
Injured man was given medical attention
by police aurgeona and then taken to St.
jowpirs nospiiai, -mi implicated are
Ware surrendered to the police a little
vhlle later and Is being held pending
Oaltes cpndltlon.
The new St Paul's Lutheran phurch,
soon to be built, will cost 3 400. This
structure Js to go up at Twenty- fifth and
Kvans streets. W. T, Gernasdt is the
architect. The contract for the building
haa Just been let to George Ilahn for
2&M. The old St. Paul's Lutheran
church was destroyed by the Easter tor-
r.ade, after which the new site at Twenty-fifth
avenue and Bvans street was
purchased and plans were at once formu
lated for (he new building.
BrummUr Wt-reka II Hi I til box
jas eesneHetely oa cougha and colds wreck
lunw. Cure them quick with Dr. King's
, N'ew Dlacovcry. Sec and )!.&. Por sale
A new order received by the local naVy ,
recruiting station from the deportment '
at Washington stipulates that all re- j
crults enlisted for the first time as ap
prentice seamen, hospital apprentices
or coal passers shall be sent to the navnl
training station at Great . takes, 111.
Heretofore they have been sent to the
training station at San Francisco. The
change Is made because ot tho central
location of Oreat takes. It Is believed
that Jt will reduce the average -expense
of sending men, when their final destina
tion s determined, to either coast
I.ucke and Buck turned In the high
i trore of wins at the Prairie Park Whist
I club Sunday. Lucke and Buck turned In
I a score of eight plus. Nelson and Slcklrr
were close behind with seven plus.
I The score were:
i Winners'- Plus.
I.ucke and Buck....; S
Nelson and Blckler.... 7
Bruce and Prlco R
Morgan and Back,..i : 1
Smith and Roland I
rnrmer and Stayer 0
Losers , Minus.
Boss and Robinson 13
King and Metz ;
Ely's Cream Balm Opens Clogged
Nostrils and Head Catarrh Goes
nstjvntly Clear Air Passages; Yon
Breathe Freely, Nasty Discharge
Stops, Heed Oolda aad Dull '
Headache Vanish.
Get a small bottle anyway. Just to try
It-Apply a little In the nostrils and In
stantly your clogged nqse and stopped
tip air passages of the head will open;
you will breathe freely; dullness and
headache disappear. By morning the
catarrh, eold-ln-head or catarrhal sore
throat will be gone.
Knd such misery now' Get th small
bottle of "Ely's Cresm Balm" at an'
dPie store This wect. fragrant balm
dlso!ves .by the heat of the .nostrils;
penetrates and heals the Inflamed, swol
len membrane which lines the nose, hea
and throat; clears the air passages; stops
nasty discharges and a feeling of- cleans
ing, ' soothing relief comes Immediately.
Don't lay awake tonight struggling for
breath, with head stuffed; nostrils closed,
hawking and blowing. Catarrh or a cold,
with Its running nose, foul mucous drop
ping Into the throat, and raw dryness
Is distressing but truly needless.
Put your faith-Just once-ln "Ely's
Cream Balm." and your cofd or catarrh
will surely disappear. Adv$rtlemenL
Gain Out of Business Pric3
on Olothinr tylx Ovtr Hun?
dretdf of Mtn Who are1
. . WilliB,to Skv.
Farewell l).ys at the Brooks'
Storfl Bring Unprecedented
Largo Trade.
Passers by. at the corner of l&th and
Harney Bts., gate Into the George Brooks
clothing emporium, eeo the thropgs ot
eager clothing buyers, then soy to them
selves: "My, but that fellow Brooks Is
doing a- tremendous business."
And Brooks 18 dolhr a tremendous
business these days; but there Is no
profit in the business done, for Brooks
Is selling his entire clothing stock at
COBT, with a view of discontinuing tul
nesa entirely In a VERY short space of
"Doubtful Thomases" are always In
our midst; some omanana (opposition
clothiers aided and abetted by un-oric-Inal
business organltatlons) would have
you believe that George Brooks Is not
going out ot business, and that his pres
ent sale la only for advertising purposes.
But Brooks IS going out ot business,
and thl store room haa already been
rented by other parties. -You know very
well 'that George Brooks could not sur
vive public opinion If he were to say
he was going OUT of business and then
afay IN business.
No more Brooks store In Omaha take
your choice ot any 130 suit or overcoat
In the house at tlt.TS.
Take your choice ot any IS or 7.S0
suits or overcoat in the store at .only
Take your choice ot any ,t or US suit
or overcoat In the store at only 117.60.
"Society Brand," "Stern Mayer" and
"Btrouse & Bros" garments included,.
If It's, anything In the way of Men's
clothes buy It of George Brooks at Going
Out of Business' Trices. Brooks' stop Is
in The City National Bank Building at
Hon. Wm. Sulzerl
The Impeached Governor of New York,
Will Tell You of
"The Treason of
Tammany9 r
The Most Amazing Politienl Exposo of the Century.
Council Bluffs Auditorium
Monday Evdning, Dc. lst
Admission DO cents reserved scats pn sale at
Clnrk's Drug Store, Council Bluffs, beginning Thurs-
day morning. ' i '
- ,
Orders fdr seats from out of the city must bo ac
companied by remittance and addressed to
Council Bluffs Auditorium Company
Council Bluffs, Iowa
Two of the Greatest Bargains
Offered in Omaha
Our No. 1018 Now Ilome with ball bearings throughout-
hns the automatic lift, instead of the hand lift has the
best sot of attachments,
now at
The No, 8i8 Ruby Sowing
Machine, manufactured by
the Now Home Sewing
Machino Co., can be had
for. . $.25.50
I No,
ills Ifi the Iluby
A llfctimo guarantee with
ercry JTrtv Homo nnd Iluby
Keivlns; machine. Sewing les
sons nro free.
&iiwy Snti una
"An hotel of distinction
with modant charge" v
Within Ave minutes of principal railway ttrminals.
Situation Ideal.
Intty rooms . rr d.y-ts, M. 13, M
Double room . . 5, $4. 17, 1
Double btdroonu, boudoir .
drctttng-room and bth . " " W, ltd, SIX
Sultrt-ParUIr, bedroom and bsth . " 110, fix, U
Eaah room with bath
133-187 Wett 47th 8t, New York City
arm nr iuuwix
The riet klsi of hotel In the rtctit locality, in Uie beart of t the
ater aHstrtct aad a&Jaeeat to the ahopplnf centers. PoaUtveliy are-prpet.
Excellent eulst&e an4 an ezoepUoaal orchestra. A tarce aMtUon jaat com.
pitted, ceatalntnf library. rrtU aa hltUara halt
HajsdsMmely Furnished Kooms, Priy&te Bath,
Frera Grand Central Station, cars marked 'Broad way" without transfer;
Fennaylranla Station. Tth Are. cars without transfer.
Booklet fifon request
is liver I
s. 1
Store Will Close All Day
Thursday, Thanksgiving,
Do Your Buying
choice, at
Store Will Close All Day
Thursday, Thanksgiving,
Special Savings
Our Thanksgiving Sale of
Women's Garments
Permits you to dress beautifully and strictly -at
a minimum cash expenditure.
One Hundred Beautiful Plush Coats Imported fubrics, in the f
$15, $18.50, $25
very choicest styles, made to
sell at $25 to $40, at. .
Coats worth to $20.00 Nobby Waists worth to 55.00 Pretty
styles, in' Astrakhans, chinchil- designs, in messalines, silk
las, fancy novelties, etc., fine chiffons, laces, etc., vulues that
you'll find match- CA
less, at .I-UW
Shown Wednesday at Half and Less. The snifie high class
twrkninnslup ami materials that earlier in the season you
would expect to pay more than double the prices we quote in
this sale. v
Tailored Suits, made to1 sell
at $25 and $30,
now at
Tailored Suits, made to sell
at $25 and $40,
now at
Scores of Clover, Distinctive Designs for Selection
Sable Coney Coajs
made to sell at $30.00
Thursday $19
XXXX Near Seal Coats.
Newest models, remark
able bargains $59
Muflpon Fur Sets, at
$14.50 to $25.00
Russian Pony Coats
Skinner satin lined, made
to sell at $40 $25
Fur Sets, made to sell to
$10, sable and black coney
now at $5.95
Red Fox Fur Setsi, to $5
values $25 and $35
Linens for the Thanksgiving Table Most Attractively Priced
Un ho mined Pat- Hemstitched P a t- Circular Scalloped Hemmed P a 1 1 orn
tern cloths - size tern Toblo Cloths; Pattern Table Table Cloths, size
. 8x10, all Jinen $6 full size $3.00 val- Cothsi all linen, $5 8x12, pure linen', $4
each!!'. . 33-9i S?: ; W5 a?, . .$3-50 tT:. , , $2.50
VOUXL probably have many
f things to be thankful for
Thursday, Thanksgiving, but there's one
thing you cna bank on being thankful
for, if you buy here Wednesday:
Viz: That you're well and stylishly dressed
and that you've saved from 20 to 40 on tho
price of one of tho best suits you evor wore. ,i
All Broken and Small Lots of Hart, Schaffner & Marx, and
other high grade suits that sold at $18.00 to
$25,00 hav6.,b.een grouped in one big lot foi?
our Thankgsivmg sale, at
Got in early Wednesday and look over the choicest lot of
suit values you'll find in any store in Omaha, all up to tho minute styles, fah-
ncs and colorings all fully guaranteed.
Wash ttttfs Sietim, lomtstic Inm
Ambskeag Ginghams, blues, browns and
greens, 7Vo values. 6c
Outing Flannels, good weight, 10c val
ues,; at r 7V2C
UhDleachqd Muslin, 3G inches wide
8Vc values, at .-.5MiC
Bleached Pattern Table Cloth,-2 yards
long, a'sfiorjpd 'patterns, $1.25 value. .$1
Bleached Table Damask, 58 inches wide, .
50c values at . .39c
72x90 Made Sheots, good muslin, 50c
values, at 7 393
Amosfcoag Outln'g' Flannel, good weight, 12c
value?,, at . . . .'. 10J
Mikado Crepo, for kimonos 18c valuea, now
at -......'...'.V. 12t
.Robeland Fleece for Bath Robes and Kimonos,
25c Values 15
Cotton Bat., Satrison, large siie, 72x90, will'
make comforter, 59c values, at, 50
Others from SI to $&
Flannelettes, good' patterns, lCc values. 12$a
Table 0)1 Cloth, UghtTand dark colors, 4.5 inches
wide, 20c values, at ..155.
Cotton Dress Goods ; Winter Wash Goods
lBc bright Plaids for
school dresses . .13V40
39o Printed Etlierdown,
. vry heavy t".38o
50d Silk a'nfr'Cotton Oro
cades 38o
85c Silk and Cotton llro
cafles BOo
S1.00 Bilk and' Cotton
Brocades 70o
38c Mercerized Poplins,
Cor SSc
Best 36-lnch Percales
for ....
3 6-tnch Superfine Flan
nelette .... ....lajo
32-lnch Scotch Q In (ft
hams .... ...,....l6o
Extra special on Blan
kets and Coilifortera.
Wedmsday's Specials in Drug Dipt,
50c size .Icelandic, or
Carmine I'Mce Powder
for ..33o
10c Pyslcfans and Sur
Reon's or Saymon's
Koap for ,.5o
1 lb. pure Imported Cas
tile Soap for 13o
hree bar of . Ivory or
Wool Soup for ....100
25c size .Mistletoe Face
Cream for IBe
2Bo Blze pure Hydrogen
Peroxide for Bo
75c Hudmtt's Violet
Sec or Plnaud's Toilet
Water for 89p
50c Hind's or Pond's
Ext. Cream for ...S7o
5-gr, Aspirin Tablets at,
per dozen ....... . .Bo
2 or 3-gr. Quinine Cap.
sules, per dcz. Bo
100 Illnkle's Cascam
Tablets, tha one . beiit
laxative: regular price
50c. our price . ...IGo
10 bottle Jad Salts S9o
WssK at Just ;t ;
ular Price.
$4 Wellington Syrlngo
and Bottle, guaranteed
for five years, .,.93.00
12 and $2.50 Fountain
Syringes or Hot Water
Bottles, extra quality.
. guaranteed perfect, SI
$2.50 8pray Syringe for
women, for 91.00
$1 "Rapid Flow Fountain
Syringe; snap at..39o
Good Things to Eat for Thanksgiving
rcMrias, .ttrr, (Amh, Tr
tabl, TraMa, Oraekcr. Tmj, Oot
ftM aai ICaata. If s qtuUty foods
at a MVtac or V to C.
4t-lb. sack Best- High Grade Dla
raond II Hour oothlnr .finer for
your Thanks gt ting' pudding, pie
and cakea. sack 91.10
ITbe best Condensed Mince feat.
per pkg. ..,.. BHe
JAo Jell or Delicious Desert for
Thanksgiving, all flavors, per
pkg. T4o
Tha best Domestic Macaroni, Vermi
celli or Spaghetti, pkg. ...... THo
Iarge bottles Worcester Sauce, puro
Tomajo Cataup, Pickles sssorted
kinds or prepared mustard, per
bottle ...... Ho
Toung Queen Olives, quart. ... .340
I cans Mustard Sardines SAc
Imported Oil Bardlnes, can 8 He
j-id. cans rancy Tarns reaonts,
Pears or Apricots, packed In hravy
syrup, can 17Ho
J5-ounce jars pure Fruit Preserves,
all flavors, per jar 2o
Any kind of Soupk you want, per
can .......alio
J-lb, cans fancy sweet Sugar Corn
for T 7Ho
2 -lb. cans fancy Wax, String, Or en
or Lima Beans ...7Ho
I -lb. cans Golden Pumpkin or Horn.
Iny 7Wt
Golden Santos Coffee, lb. Ho
The best Soda or Oyater Crackers,
per lb. lUe
Fancy Assorted Cookies, 40 varieties
per lb loo
1-lb. cans Plum Pudding S5o
bvttjlk, eaczsn an sqchi
res TXAjncMXTxarci
The. beat Creamery Butter, 1-lb.
carton S5o
The best Bulk Creamery Butter, 34o
The beat No. 1 Country ' Creamery
Butter. Ib. Mo
The best No. 1 Dairy Table Butter.
per lb. Mo
Full Cream New Tork White or
Wisconsin Cream Cheese, lb. ..Mo
Full cream Brick or Mmberger
-Cheese, lb, Mo
The best Storage Eggs, per dox. 38o
vrnvvrm tom ttoto
Bushel boxes fancy Jonathan. Wlne-
sap, Baldwin or Delaware Red
Apples, for
Fancy Jersey Sweet Potatoes, 3 lbs.
for ieo
Fancy Head Lettuce, head, 7Uo-leo
Large bunches Louisiana Radishes
for t .So
2 heads fresh Leaf Lettuce Bo
Large Green Peppers, each, SHo, So
I stalks fresh Celery ,10a
Fancy Cabbage, per lb 3Vo
Sart Stock XfUh, special, lb,....lo
Fsncr Cleaned Currants, lb. IBM
Fan or J -Crown Muscatel Cooking
Ralalns, per lb. 8Ho
Fancy California Poaches. Ib. TH
JIldct Oregon Black Prunes at. per
lb. le ui 18 Uo
Fancy Moor Perk Apricots, lb. 17 ho
Fancy California Seedless Raisins.
per Ib (He
The best Lemon. Orange or Citron
Peel, per lb Mo
Red Jacket pure Apple Cider, per
gallon , Mo
Tke Sec lBsa STKtg far Thasltaw
glrta. r la. ...,..,..,...lTHo
New Fard Dateev, Uo
Kew Hallowe'en Dates, lb 10
New 7-rown Figs, ftr Ib. ....Ma
Fancy Emperor Cluster Qrapes. pr
California Figs, pkg.
mi I. i,m
I.arre Grape Fruit, each. 10c, laVie
Fancy Imported Chestnuts; lb. IBe
Fancy Florida Sweet .Oranges, per
dozen , ........ -30c and 35c
n win pay y;a to sao Sayilsm'a
ftrt fJr yoar IfhanVsgtTtaf Tuzxlaa,
Uacxa, Oeesav Ctilaksiita ojo4 Mxttm.
On account of the warm weather tt
ts Impossible to quote all prices as
we look for a big slump on poultry
and wast to sir our customers the
beneftt of the drop. Bant tail to
see us 'WxlitsitsT.
. 13 Vie i The best Dressed Spring- Chickens,
rue Pr Ib, UKe
The best Bulk Oysters, quart ...Me
All ether meats In proportion.
Our aim Is the people, not th
the corner ot th ' and Harney Bts -
Try HAYDEN'S First
1 py U drtigflfts-AdvertiaMuent-