Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, October 11, 1913, NEWS SECTION, Page 7, Image 7

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Tho mere nnnonncorncnt
of this Great Annual Brent
is of lUelf, wo bclteres sof-
quick Interest, but the per
usal of the price herein
listed and an examination
of the splendid quality1 of
tho offerings will still fur
ther add to' the popularity
of this sale. Every day new
offerings fully.' as attractive
will bo added.
Hand Bags
A new lino, ot ,Hno all leather,
leather lined Hand Bags with
safety catch,; regular $3.00 value!
in Saturday's Bain at 98 d
Four other ' special lota of new
Hand Bags at
49f , Sl.2. 11.40 nd st.98
Sample Lines of
Men's Furnish
ings at a Price
Saying of
Almost Half
Outing Flannel Pyjamas, values up to $1.50, in 2Qr
all si2os on solo at vt
Sample flannel Shirts with
military collars, moBt . of
them ooat-tylej tjomo in
blues, 'grayB, tuns and
brown's j regular valuoB to
$3.00, at, ,$1.45 and 98c
BanipIo-XJatlwRobes Elg assort
ment of fine blanket bath robes,
mado to sell up to $12.00 at
$2.45, 93.08, $8.08 up to $7.50
Sample Sweater Coats
Good colors, newest styles,
big assortment of values up
to $7.00 j on sale at 98c,
$1.45, $198,
$2.50, $2.98, $3.50
Fiao Dress Shirts, $2-and $2.50
values, In all. most wanted now
styles and colorings, in two lots,'
Saturday, choice. .$1.48 and 08c
Five Rousing Winter Underwear Specials.
$1.80 and $2.00 Union Suits, all
sizes and styles, at. . .$1.48, 08c
Heavy Wool Union Suits, made
to sell to $3.00, all sizes. .$1.08
Sterling and Globe Union Suits,
all styes, regular arid extra Bises;
splendid .values, ( .
$8.08, 51.00, $2.0B and $2.GO
Heavy and laced or Jersey ribbed
Shirts' or" Drawers", nil sizes, In '
this October sale at 85o
FINE'WOOli UNDEEWEAR, Bhirts or drawers, $1.50
and $2.00 values $1.25 and 98c
hSpecial Sale of Men's Suits
A fortunate purchase of
345, High Class Fall Suits
enables us to offer you in
Saturday's sale
Mens Suits forth $18.00
iniJiiitt'ls worth $20.00-. ;
.'MettV Stif worth $22.50
tonSuits worth $25.00'
Values you'd find it impossible ,
to surpass even in tho cIobo ot
tho season clearance. All are high
class, splendidly tailored gar
ments; snappy new styles in most
deslrablo colors and fabrics.
B sa" n'tTfcft ir f wort o -a-rBi
If You Want to Save 25 on Your Fall Clothing BilL
: Now's the Time.
While you're in let us 'show you the best line of Over
coat styles and values we believe was ever offered in Omaha.
Save you seen your wife in a man's overcoat. Bo sol You'll
like it. So will she they're stylish and solidly comfortable.
.Shoes on Special Sale Saturday
Shoes for the entire family, from the big eastern pur-
- chase, at a BIG SAVING to you."
Men's Shoes. all styles, all leathers, values up to $5
a pair on sale. Saturday in three big lots:
$3.50 ,$5 and $1.98
Women's Shoes in the different styles that are now being worn,
In all leathers, values up to $5.00 a pair $3.5d, $3.00, $2.50
and S1.08
In the $3.00 lot you will find tho famous "Baby Doll" shoe that
Is having such a largo sale. Ask to see these splendid values.
"Women's or Men's warm lined Slippers, felt or leather soles,
all sizes 50d and 396
Jockey Boots for children, with black or brown tops, patent
cuffs, vaue $1.60, Saturday ; .gl.OO
Child's 5 to' 8" Dongola Button, wprth and sold vfor a dollar
Saturday ....... t . ; : ; -756
Stetson and Croaett Shoes for Men; Grover or Quoen Quality
Shoes for Women.
Special Sale and
Demonstration Satur
day and all Next Week
Barter tals special sal this $3.10 Oas
Iron, the very best oaa nada, will
t sold at. . , , Ua
Wa art Omasa agents for tha won-
atrial, Howard Ketr. Twice ta
beat with half tfcs foal. W can
show J on.
Howard Heaters up from. ...f 13,00
Oak Heaters up from .S-1J5
Base Burner up from ...835.00
Perfection Oil Heaters ,...tXS0
Steal Sanges, Caet Bange and Cook
Bto-rea wow on aala at low prioes.
Be to baantifal Blaok Hick! frlnlsb
fBenown" Hang-as, Thar reo.olr no
stova blacking' anywhere.
Cast Iron Ranges up from. ., .!.
Steel Ranges up from.4 t,,$25J3t
Cook Stoves up. from 910.SC
A few mora seasonable hardwari
2to Store Polishing Brushes 19c
10c pkg. Stove Blacking, all make at
J6o pkg. Btove Pip Knwnel, pruali
free ,.,l
Warranted Buck Saw,,... 49
Warranted Axea ,V e
No. low frame Waffle Irura.,.M
No. 8 hleh frame Waffle Iron 79o
Caat iron Pancake Orlddlea. elte S 8
Cast iron Vry Pans, size i , 33c
Big Special Purchase of Ladies' and Misses'
Dresses and Tailored Suits on sale Saturday at aston
ishing bargain prices. A line of values
which we are delighted to show as they provide tho
women of Omaha timely economies in dress without
tho least sacrifice in style or quality and wo know
we'll win many new friends for our busy Suit Dept.
Regular $18 to $35 values, in
311k CharmeUse, Eolionnes,
Chiffons, Nets and Shadow.
Laces; designs suitable for
any occasion. On sale, choice,
Nearly all samples. Como in
tlodfords, Ropo Hntlnes, fancy
Cheviots, Diagonals, etc. Val
ues up to $35,00. On salo
So varied are the styles that Individual description is an
impossibility. You must boo these wonderful values to begin
to appreciate their extraordinary bargain worth.
k ependld assortment ot nob
by styles; special
Tho most complete assort
ment and pleasing value we
have over shown.
Values and assortments you'll find it Impossible to duplicate
elsewhere in Omaha at or near the-oxtromoly low prices tor
Saturday $10.00 $14.00 $19.50 and $25.00
Sashes and Girdles
Sashes and Girdles are very popu
lar this season and we're showing
a line that could not well bo mora
completo; choice valueB Saturday
at from
49c, 98c.
$1.50 to S5.00
35c Ribbons, 15c
An elegant now lino of wide fancy
PritiUHl "Wnrp Ribbons, "big as
sortment of patterns and colors
for selection; 2Go and 36c values;
In Saturday's sale
at, yard t . . .
Saturday Specials
20c Tooth Brushes .10c
$1,00 Hair Brushes; 40a
$1.00 Laco Caps 40c
50a fancy Veilings 2Ho
$1.50 Auto Veils Nl)c
$2.00 Hair Switches 08o
$3.00 Hair Switches $1.40
75a Suodo Belts 40c
Entire surplus of one of New York's best known mills, bought for cash: at an onoroioNjs
big discount, Goes on Sale Here Saturday and Monday at Prices Much Below Actual Worth.
AJl Rugs Offered
in This Sale
Guaranteed jPer-':
feet- $ t
your choice
Of a fine lor of "
3eamless Wilton
Rugs, 9x12 size,
splendid now
patterns and col
No seconds or mis
matched Rugs in
entire stock.
, ' 15-75 .' .
for "your choice
of a splendid
line of 9x12 high
gilo AxminstTer
Ruga; big line
of beautiful pat
terns for selection.
9x12 Seamless Tapestry Brussels Ruga Ex
tra heavy quality, a fine lineof patterns for
selection .' ... .' 9.75
8.3x10.6 Seamless Tapestry Brussels Rugs -Extra
heavy quality, big variety of patterno
for selection .$8.98
27x54 Velvet Rugs Extra
heavy; f ino new patterns- and
colorings; choice 9Bc
36x72 Axminster Rugs High
pile; choice lino of patterns;
on sale Saturday $2.98
Wool Fiber Rugs 6x9 size;
all colors in this sulo. your
choice $3.98
Comparison is the true test of worth. "We welcome the most careful and critical comparison
of these values wij;h-any shown in any store in tho land at tho prices no one who has rugs
to buy can afford to neglect, this splendid saving opportunity. On sale two days Saturday
and Monday. MANY OTHER SPECIALS SHOWN. Plenty of Bugs for all-plenty of
salespeople. ,
At Most Pleasing Pricings
your every hosiery wish can
be certainly . gratified from
the splendid showing here
Wayne Silk IftW, both regular
and out sizes, In all. colors; special
values 91.B0, $1.25, 08o
Wayne Knit Hosiery, admittedly
the best black and colors, with
fancy, tops, nt, pair, 85o
25c quality Llslo nose, plain qr
ribbed tope, black, white or' tan,
at, pair 12 Mc
Children's - 50c , Wool Leggins,
heavy knit garments, while they
last at, pair .25c
Children's Hose to 26c values on
sale 15c and 12 He
Pony Hoso flip Rest..
Ladies' Kid GLOVES
At each price we offer you tho best
qualities, the best styles that our
money can buy. We know you can
buy no better.
Monarch and Derby French Kid
Gloves, the best over,, at
$1.50 aml $2 00
12x10 Button Lambskin Gloves up to
$3.60 values, white only, on sale At
$1.98 nnd $2 50
$1.00 quality Lambskin KQ
Gloves; special Saturday... OaC
$1 Silk Ruffs, 25c
We're closing out Saturday
a big lot of black chiffon
Neck Ruffs that were made
to sell at $1.00; all at one
price, choice 25c
350 Nemo
, Corsets
New goods that are slightly
Boiled. Extraordinary values
in Saturday's sales. '
Cornet worth to $4.00 Odd lots
and broken lines of high grudo
standard makes, big assortment
for selection, at, djl JiT
choice ipl.O
W, B. Loco Front Corsets good
length, medium bust; no
while thoy last aOC
Women's Shirts, values up to
$2,60, .all' colors and. sizes; big
assortment QQ.
Saturday JOC
Sweater Conta Underprlced Chll
dreu's Sweaters, made to sell to
$2.60; (J1 r-
Bpeclal P X .TJ
Ladle' Sweaters, made to sell to
at3"00' $1.98
New Neckwear
A splendid lino of now Nockwoar
ndvelttcB, including fancy Modlcl
Huffs, Plealngs, Coat Sets, Lace
Collars, Chemisettes, etc.; very
special value at bur neckwoar
countor Saturday,
lOcS 25. 40d "i OSd
The Greatest Meat
Market in Omaha
for the People
Fresh dressed, beat quality 1913 spring
Chickens, nothing finer 1 o
per pound IOC
The best quality No. 1 lamb hind
quarters, pound 12i
The best quality No. 1 lamb fore
quarters, pound 0'4
The best quality pork shoulders,
Pound 13d
The best quality pork butts, lb... 15
The best quality picnic hams, lb. 13 4
The best quality No. 1 skinned
hams, pound , . .18
2,000 pounds good lean breakfast
bacon, special, pound 15
1913 Milchner Herring, keg ,05
1913 Milchner Herring, 3 for 10
The best Sealsbipt Oysters, quart. 45
21 Pounds Best Granulated Sugar for 5L00
48 -lb. Sacks Best High Grade Diamond H Flour, $l.iO
10 bars Deat-'Era-AH or Diamond C
Soap, fqr ..03o
10 Jbs. best whlta or yullow Corn-
meal, for , . , , ISo
lb, beit bulk laundry Htarcli, aSo
Tht beat hand picked Navy Beans,
per lb Bo
Uallon cam aolden Table Hyrup. 40o
le-oz. cans J'et. Carnation, Colum
,b!i. or livery Pay milk, fur . .. ,8jo
Tall cans Alaska Balmon., for,...10o
1-lb. cano amtorted Houpa. fyr . .7H
Advo Jell, Jellyoon or Jull-O, per
Pkff. 7Ho
Grape Nuti, per pkjr, 10o
12. C. Com Flakes, per pk& ...... So
Jsarge bottles Worcestershire fciuce,
Pure Tomato Catsup, Jcklei, as
sorted kinds, or Mustard, per
bottlo BVio
The beat Domestic Macaroni, Vermi
celli or Spaghetti, per pke. . ...OVa
S-lb. 3k. Diamond U lelf-rlslng Pan.
cake Flour, for BVjo
tmh buztjsh, gkbiisb axto
BwrBmnrv iuuikzt of omjlka
The best Carton Creamery liutter,
per lb. . , . , , , ,. . . .35o
The. best bulk Creamery nutter, per
lb. 330
The best Country Creamory Butter,
par lb, 3to
The best No. 1 Dairy nutter, lb.. Oaa
Neufchatel Cheese, each 3a
Full Cream Wisconsin Cream Cheese,
par lb Iso
2 lb Good Butterlne ...Sao
Good Table Hutterlne SSo
Fancy Table Butterlne, equal to
creamery butter, lb .....SSo
Souvenirs free with every pound
of butterlne.
run Fnonn
lied Itlver ISarty Ohio Potatoes, best
quality, 16 lbs. to the peck . ...tso
Fancy Holland Seed Cabbage, lb. 7tto
Fresh Iteeta, Carrots, Parsnips or
Tumlps, lb. tUo
Red or Yellow Onions, lb, .auo
t heads frash Leaf Lettuce Bo
4 bunches fresh Radishes Bo
Fancy Cape Cod Cranberrla, per
quart 7Vi
2 large Soup Bunches for Bo
Try HAYDEN'S First
A ton day's salo
ovont of unusual eco
nomical interest to
every buyer in Omaha
and vicinity. A sale
which helps reduce tho
high cost of living with
out the least sacrifice of
quality in your purchase
No Matter What
Vnnr Chfrt W
ifTom uie8o uctooor ssaio unaorweai
and Furnishing Goods Specials you
aro certain of quality much moro than
commensurato with-tho salo pricings
Ladies Union Suits All wool aud silU
and wool, greatly undorpriced in this
salo at. . . $2.98, $1.08 aud $1.45
$1.60 Union Suits Fine cotton or
fleecod, white or gray, in all sizes and
styles 98c
Heavy Fleeced Union Suits White
or cream; choico bargain at
69c, 49c and 39c
Children's Union Suits $1,00 quality
in all sizes for boyB and girls , . .49c
Children's Underwear VeBts or pants
in sizes up to 16 years, medium or
heavy, at 25c
Outing Flannel Gowns or Taja
mas, values to $2.00, on Sale
at 08c and $1.50
Other gowns at 76c and 40a
91.00 and 91. 50 Knit Shimls of
Shetland floss, white nnd colors,
all new, perfect goods,
at 40c and 25c
Ladles' Short Sklrtn, rtiado of
good quality outing flannel, epo-
clal 40c
Ladles' Knit Skirts, white nnd
colors, to $3,00 values, on
sale . . ,D8c to 91.08
811k Bloomers, values to $3,50;
Knyser make. . ; $2,50
Saturday is Children's Day
In the Busy Cloak Department.
Offering iuyors tho greatest monoy sav
ing values of tho year in children's fall
and winter weight coats and dresses. ji
1.000 Children's Coats &t Prioes Aotuallv I II
t .
IaWs thsLn Cost 'to Mike;
$10.00 an4i $12.00 Saturday $6.95
Sizes 6 to liVbara; in all tho nobbiest
now styles in, Astrakhan, Chinchillas,
Plushes; Fancies, etc All colors; match
less bargains, at, choico $6.95
$7.50' and $9.00 Coats, $4.95 All most
.wanted colors and big assortment of
Btylos, you'll find cannot bo duplicated
for lees than $7.50, at $4.95
Children's Wool Dresses Regular values to $5.00; in pretty
serges, plaids, chocks and plain colors; fine as$ortment of.
stylos; all sizes . ,v .$2.95
Children's Wooi Dresses Regular 90,00 and $0.00 coata at 92.05
values to $3.60; pretty fall sfrlas BkeB 0 to 14 years, ln Irish friozo
in n,nniM w.vo J. and rancy noveltlos; all new fall
In wanted weaves and (f CA And winter styles; well worth $5
colorings, choice P A .UJ Q
Other' choico values in Children's Drosses shown Saturday
at) $4.95 $6.95 $7.95 to $15.00
Sale of
Inverted Oaa Burner, complete, ready to
put up, bla value 33o
lOo Inverted and Uprlfht MantveH. i
tor itto
lCo Inverted and Uprlfht Mantlui. 3
for , 85o
tic Inverted and UprJcht MhuI-'h,
each , 19o
Inverted Oas Globes, z for lOo
Upright Qas Chimneys, 8 for too
Stationary Department
Specials Saturday
1,000 Boxes of Writing Paper, fine ugl
ily paper, all clean, but boxes hliKh'.lv
soiled) to TEq values wll be I g
closed Saturday, choice for., " "
Bo bottles Xnk for .10
J pint bottles Ink, regular 25c vuluu,
Saturday ICo
1 quart bottle Ink, regular 90c quality,
Saturday CSo
NewFall Hats
Including a broad assortment
of the popular blttes, grays and
browns, with- velour or ribbon
bands, at
S2.00 and $2.50 .
But worth more.
Hats, In full lino of tho ne,w
fall shnpos shown here,
at S3.50 Up
Fifty dozen of them; new,
snappy styles, mado to sell to
$3.00, at S1.45 and 95ei
Boys' and Children's Hat
Salesmen's sumples, values up
to $1.00 30,
Letthe Boys run in These Suits
They're built to withstand tho
hard knocks Incident to tho life of a
real live wire American boy,
of 42 S Fancy Norfolk and Double
Breasted Suits, made to sell at $5.00
and $6,00, the greatest lot of bar
gains uhown In many months, at our
sale price Satur- jg
Bring the boy Saturday, fit him
out ln one or more of the very best
suit values you ever saw offered.
While here, settle that OTercoat
question, too. Completeness of our
showing will be a surprise to moet