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    iE Bhfi; OMAHA, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10, 1913.
Thursday, October 9, 1913.
SENSIBLE new style started In Paris has reached Omaha. Until
f this season it has been extreme? bad form to attend Any formal
r social function without gloves, but tho now gowns are so very
dainty, almost sleeveless with the oxceptlon of the angel sleeves
of tulle, tho gloves look heavy In comparison. "Therefore the new fad of
going without gloves," said one of the gown Importers to me the other day.
This new stylo was started In Omaha by Mrs. H. H. Daldrlge at tho
Coronation ball. Mrs. Baldrigo wore one of the handsomest gowns at tho
ball; It was of blue and silver brocade, with bodice and sleeves of tulle,
without gloves.
Miss Mary Muncbhoff, who has concertized much in Europe before tho
nobility, and also In this country, rarely wears gloves when singing. Miss
Munchhoff's arms and hands havo been used as models by the court sculp
tor of Germany.
For those who wish to wear gloves with the dainty evening gowns, tho
shops are showing thin silk glovos embroidered In a design with rhine
e tones.
the uin of the Mendelssohn
choir ot
Reception for Pastor.
The Ladle' Aid soelety of the JUns
eom Park Methodist ohureh will enter
tain this evening in twmr "f Rev. an3
Mm. C. M. McCaakall and Dr. and XI i.
Edward Hlslop. following the reception
a program will be given and all are cor
dlally Invited to attend.
In and Out of the Bee Hive.
Mr and Mrs. Frank O. Gibson of De
troit, arrived Wednesday to visit Mr. and
Mrs. Marlon Olbgon.
Miss Gertrude McCarthy of Chicago,
wjio U tho guest of Miss Marlon Kuhn,
will return to Chicago Saturday.
Mlwi Margaret Wear of Topeka. Kan.,
who spent the week here with Miss Mar
garet Meyer at the Colonial, returned
Tuesday evening to her home.
Woman's Golf Clnb.
Tkt Woman's Got. association will
meet Friday at the Country club and the
day W.ll bo spent pl&ylng golf. Miss
.tJsix.Is. Ximball and Mrs. W. T. Burn,
two prominent players of this club, will
Hit IUI tOlttC3.
Serxine-Miller Wedding.
V quiet wedding took plao Wednesday
t St. llridget'f church in 8outh Omaha,
when Mlas Ed! the Miller, daughter ot
the Me 1ft. C W. Miller, assistant post
lnta'.er of 6outl; Omaha, and Mrs. Miller,
became tho bride of Mr. Morris Charles
Perrine. a prominent young flouth Omaha
cosiratifclon man.
The bride wor embroidered nt over
uhll eharraeas. trimmed with psail
ornament and drpd with pearl. Tho
veil wia held with oiange blossoms from
P.Mat Ixmia, CaL
The maid of honor -was Miss Autli C.
Miller, sister of th bride. She wore
hi2ow lace over pink charmed te. The
best man was Mr- Carl B. Holmes ot
South Omaha.
Mr. end Mrs. Perrlno left for the east
on an extended honeymoon and will be
at home at 4819 Military avenue after
November 1.
Surprise Party. '
A surprise party was given Sunday eve
ning In honor of Mr. and Mrs. J. I 8a
bata of Bee, Neb., at the home of the
latter parent. V. J. FJxa,j7M Bouth
Ninth strest. Those present were:
Mr and Mrs. A. Kuncl.
Mr and Mrs. F. Kuncl.
Mr and Mrs. P. Flxa.
Mr and Mrs. K. Rlche.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Flxa.
Mr and Mr. A. Hurkey.
Mr and Mrs. M- Foral.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Itoucek.
Mr. and Mr. J. Jorash.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Rabnta.
Mr and Mrs. F. Flxa.
Mrs. Janecek.
Marie Sabata,
Kyveln Flxa,
Creatine Foral.
TUay Flxa.
Lillian Flxa,
Kmma lllche,
Anna Flxa,
James Jorash.
Frank Jorash,
Pete 8lp.
Rdment Hurky,
William Hurky,
Italph. Hurky.
1813 Birthday Club.
Mrs. J. Novak entertained the members
of the 1S1J Birthday club Wednesday at
luncheon. The afternoon wa spent nt
card and prlres were won by Mesdame
U J. Plattl. I. C. Mynstsr, C. C. Coulll.
son. K. Btrausser, Frank Snyder and
Mlrs Nell Barnum. The next meeting of
the club will be held at the home of Mrs.
1 C Mynstcr.
Chaloutka-Madserin Wedding.
The wedding of Miss Sophia Madserln
and. Dr. Hugo R. Chaloutka ook place
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Wil
liam Wednesday afternoon at i o'clock.
The ceremony was performed by rtv. J.
A Jenkins. The wedding comes a a
complete surprise to their friends.
Dr. and Mrs. Chaloutka left for an ex
tended trip to the coast will visit In
Seattle, San Francisco and other western
cities. They will be at home after No
vember 1 in thl city. '
Luncheon for Church Women.
The women of the Flrt Presbyterian
church will entertain at luncheon Friday
at 1 o'clock In the church parlor. The
hostesses are the officer of the Ladles'
Aid society and the leader ot the dif
ferent circle. Following the luncheon a
social hour will be held and plans for the
work of the year will be made. All womon
of the church are Invited.
Auction Bridge.
Mrs. Charles E. Metx. who 1 entertain
ing at a series ot auction bridge parties
at her home for her house guct. Miss
Alice Judge, ot EL Louis, cavo the sec
ond this afternoon- The room were dec
orattd and five tallies were placed tor
auction bridge
Birthday Surpriie.
A surprise was given Colonel W. E.
Baehr of the National guard, Tuesday
evening when the Rambler club wa en
tertained at Mr. Uaehr' home In cele
bration ot his birthday. Those present
were Messrs. B. Y. Sough, O. A. Speth
ruann, Theodore Tlllottson. W. H. (JouM.
Jr. J. A Bayles, W. B. Baehr.
rTomans Entertain.
Mr. Harlow F. Meyer was hostess
Tuesday evening at a regular meeting ot
the 'Nomans" ot the Dletx club. Those
present were: 1
W. D. Hensley.
John J. McMahon.
Fred Nestlebush.
Andrew Anderson
Henry Veldman,
Effle Lduintng,
Mina Goehry.
Margaret Lage.
Hdythe Maloney,
Nellie Kemp.
Gertrude Tracy.
They arrlvnd two days ahead of time, be
cause of the unusually fast passage made
by the ship on which they crossed tha
Atlantic Mr. Kelly tells mi amusing but
characteristic tale of their reception at
the customs house In New TorU. ' I
"It's rather warm weather,'' he eatd
to the Inspector who greeted him.
"Ves," repUed the Inspector, "but the
wvrld'a series start here tomorrow."
And straightway they fell to talktnu
base ball, and tha Inspection was none
tho mora severe because of the mutual
Intetest In the areat game.
Mr. Kelly also reporta that he has hc
curert uome very Interesting works for
Valuable Discovery in
' Compkxion Beautifier
(From The Home Maker.)
Because of Its peculiar power of ab
sorption, also because It serves every
emollient purpose, ordinary mercollxeO!
wax to perhnpn the most valuable com
plexion beautlfler discovered within re
cent years. If one urs this she needs
no toilet cream. Home use powder af
terward, but this Is not nccojiiary This
rule for upplylng mercollied wax has
been found very satisfactory. Wash
tho face with warm Water, drying light
ly. Before thoroughly dry. unolnt luce
and neck with the wax, but don't rub it
In. The favorllo way W to use before
retiring, allowing It to remain on all
night njid washing it off In the morn
ing with warm water All druggist
have this wax lit original ounce pack
ages. Fur Urn removal of a wrinkled or
flabby condition there's nothing better
than to bathe tho face In a solution
made by dissolving 1 ounce powdered1
soxolite In pint witch hazel. Bent-flr-lal
results are quickly noticeable.
Here's a pure food movement! (fKl-i
' j Mako tho refrigerator sweet and clean, SSBf
Grease, dirt and germs vanish before it. r .a.JljfeJ
I It cleans everything. jpjjpgpjj
II "Lai (hm B9UI DVBT TYMS ttayaef mek"
y :
Committee Entertained.
Mrs. Rose Smith entertained the central I
committee of the Degree ot Honor j
Wednesday afternoon at her home. The I
ne,xt meeting will be with Mrs. Anna
Zeller In two weeks.
Tariih Aid to Meet"
The Parish Aid society of All Saints'
church will meet In the Wattle Memor
ial Parish house Friday, October 10, at
.a p, m.
yoang People's Meeting.
Th Young People's society of the Tem
ple Israel have postponed It meeting
from Sunday. October it, until Sunday
evening, October 1. at t o'clock.
Kellys Qe.t Back from Europe.
Mr and Mr. T. J Kelly and Mr &g.
mucU fjindsberg returned Wednesday
'rpw Ui!r iiirajwr vaiation m Europe
PrincessLuise Scarf
If you want a scarf distinctly out of
the ordinary, learn how to make this. Note
the unusual side border. The stitch, too,
is new and at the ends there is a clever use
of the beautiful new Fleisher's Silkfjake
Wool. You will be surprised to learn
how easily and at what little cost this strik
ing and stylish scarf can be made. Send
the coupon below for complete directions.
The yarns used are Fleisher's Highland
Wool and Fleisher's Silkflake Wool',
two of the sixteen
The Fleisher Yams have been the standard for three
generations. They arc carefully spun from the choicest
wools and possess wonderful elasticity which enables
them to resist wear. Garments made of the Fleisher
Yarns are soft, warm and comfortable. Whatever kind
of yarn you need, always insist on Fleisher'slook for
the trade-mark on every skein.
Knitting Wonted
Ilr lira Saxunr
KpanUh Uorte4
Urrmanteiru, Zenhrr
M- and -fld)
Ktderdvwn Wool
HlUtOak Wool
I riiflTff " 1
Sa4wter lee Wl
rameU HbHIsad
IlUhllnd Waol
J'uhQitrf Yarn
kniorm Weel
0U Vara
CUp Ceivoo n iu line
D Mail this Coupon to S. B. Sc. B. W. FLEISHER, PhllaJelpWa 77
Kan .
ijlfltrret , fitate ,gl
Advance Notice
Siturday hii will coniluu
everal extra special salee.
81.00 ICld Olove at . . 85o
$10 Trimmed Hat at tA
Women' 815 Cloaks at 10
Tine Leather Hags, wortu
np to to.00, at $1.69
a.50 Ostrich Plume, 9So
Advance Notice
tfondiy we aiiuou-ice
one of the greatest sales of
Rugs ever held In Omaha.
The bargains will be amaz
ing. Monday we will start a
remarkable le of fine cur
tain materials. See the
Special purchases enable us to offer you some really extraordinary bargains for JBriday in Dress Goods, Silks,
Wash Fabrics, Shoes, Boys' Clothing, Millinery, Cloaks, Suits and other merchandise very desirable right now.
Women's good
quality black cot
ton hosiery: double
neeia ana toe, fast
coior; Dane
ment, at, a
Dress Goods Remnants at Prices That Are Wonderfully Low
MIssch', Boya and
children' ribbed
cotton hosiery,
double heels and
toes, fast black;
an sizes, at,
0,000 jnrda of nil kinds of drens goods bctkcm,
mohairs, llorrlnghnno, dlaKonal8,whlncordB
yrcncl nmlEngUsh vo'llca, etc., In a splendid
range of colors; lengths from 2 to 8 yards;
double fold fabrics, worth to 75c; baae
inent at, a yard
to a yards to each picce. Medium and dark
shades, in plain and fancr weaves. They aro
from a special purchaso and worth to 50c a
yard; for entire remnant, in the base- aq
mont, at aOC
Matched Dress Goods Pieces from the Customs
House. All importers' samples. As many as 8
of one kind to match; specially adapted for
school dresses, boys' suits, etc.; some enough
for sepnrate skirts and house m rv fhr
dresses, at, each 7.T. . . . 1 C"wDC
good assortment of colorings suitable for en
tire dresses, millinery and dress trimmings; an
exceptional bargain at the pricc the most fash
ionable fabric for tho coming season
basement, at, a yard ,
Women's fine em
broidered corner
and madeira en
broldered: many
all pure linen timl
worth lOo to 2 So
each; slightly dam
aged or so:ie6:
also men'd hand
kerchiefs: stmi! n.'l
pure linen, but
at. each.
Flannels, White Goods and Wash Fabrics Notably Underpriced
100-yd. good qual
ity Be wing BUkj
iu colors, Qi,
at, spool, .
Xing' I hread,
black and wblte,
pools. ..
Oelnlold Dollar
Dupport, at, Q.
the card.
Superfine Flannels at 13
Yard Fine, Boft flannel, 36 Inches
wide In pretty designs and color
tnga that are washable; will make
serviceable gowns, kl- in i
mono, dresses and IttC
waists, at, a yard wS
Bleached Sheeting Remnants
of full width bleached sheet
ing; very good grade, on bar
gain square, at, a
Outing Flannels nt OHc Yd.
Thousands of yards white and
fancy striped and checked out
ing flannel; good
grade, at, a ycrd. . ,
Bleached Muslin Rem
nantsThe right weight
and falflh for making j i
i undergarments, at, yd. ' 2v
Pillow Tubing Remnants
of very best grades in the
most wanted widths, -t a
at, a ynrd JLfrC
Remnants of Mercerized
Waisiings and Suitings
Would sell regularly at "T1
25c, sale price, yard. . 2 C
at 5c a Yard
Fine ratine, ma
orame. Bohemlnn
nnd shadow laf e
band and edges.
In widths up to 6
Inches; black,
white, cream and
ecru; worth 15c
and 20c a rn
yard. h(j
at. yard. Uu
Friday Forenoon We, will sell thousands of jFriday Afternoon, Beginning at 1:80 We
yards of all kinds of cotton goods various
grades, from odd and broken lots, fore- OJL
noon only, at, a yard 2 C
sell good grade sllkollne remnants for making
wuiuriBra; on immense oargam square O 1
O 2
in basement at, a yard.
Worsted, cassl
jneres and serges
In good shadings;
S3 and J2.50 val
ues, at,
a pair..
Women's Tailored Suits at $6.98
New arrivals of women's tailored suits, all
new stylos including tho new cutawty coats
and plain tailored effects. The most up-to-
date materials and colors; all sizes for
women and misses in these serv
iceable suits made to soil regularly
at $10, for. . ,
Women's Winter Cloaks, $398
Boveral hundred women's heavy winter
cloaks, long .or lengths, smart stylea, ex
cellent materials and vory well tailored;
long broadcloths, somo satin lined; a h
very special values, for Friday, SH
Women's $1 Waists at 50c
These are cotton waists of excellent quality
,ln all sizes made to Bell up to r;A
baBement, at, each. OUC
Suits Cloaks W aists
From the purchase ot the Hartman Stock.
Children's All Over Aprons at
pretty styles in all the most wanted
uea are here, at , ,,
7 f FJMI
Boys Clothing Sale
Boys' $3.50 and $4 Suits at
$2.95 About 500 boys' suits
in brown, blue and gray cassi
mere, tweeds and worsteds.
Norfolk or double-breaBted coat
models; many have 2 pairs of
pants our spe
cial price Fri
day, basement..!
.$3 Juvenile Suits at $1.08 Russian or
blouse styles, in gray and brown cae
simeres and tweeds; splendid wearing
fabrics basement,
95 c
Boys $1.50 Long Trousers, Dffc Splen
did wearing, strictly wool fabrics; me
dium shades; sizes 27 to 31
waist measure basement, at.
Boys' Odd Pants at 40c Corduroys,
also serHceable tweeds and cheviots;
many are all wool, made with belt loop3
and cut full and roomy; AQj
?1 values, at TCaC
Extraordinary Sale of Millinery, Shapes and Trimmings
Scores of pew trimmed
hata in tho popular styles
for fall; mostly in vttao
new medium and small
shapes; wido variety of
becoming effects,
made to. sell at $3
and 1 4, "at
fJood (fitting 25c brassiere3
of serviceable muslin,
trimmed with cnibroUery
Insertion and i Q
edging at 1 aC
8P I I
Women's Neckwear
Lace collars, linen collars.
Jabots and vests; a big
lot on bargain square
Friday in base
ment, at, each. .
Corset Dept. Basement.
at 39c Basement
Include black paradise
-effects, aeroplane wings,
quills, feather bands, etc.;
all colors; values on
to $1.50, a"t OJC
Made up in two-piece
shapes of. solid black,
brown, navy' and taupe
all silk velvets; large
oua meaium hats; worth
io $d.uu,
500 New Trimmed Hats-2d Floor, at $2.95
Thee np-to-data fall hata Bong-ht at a great sacrifice from a well
known New YorX manufacturer. They are mado of silk velvet and
erect pile plnjnes in all the beat color, such a slack, brown, navy,
taupe In medtam and small shapes the correct hat for Immediate
wear. Trimmed in aigrette effect, fanoy feather, eaadft, stick-ups,
etc. smart street hat some nxaj ? llko cuts. Positively 95 and 96
value en cojj floor, at ....
Zn Basement.
Women' rront Lace Cor-
Mini i tf coutll for
slender t'yri-K, medium
high lJbt. vvu'l boned, v ttn
2 seta garter at S
tached, basement, at 91
60c Ooraet at 39c Good
quality coutil M-ith lace
trimming and 2 jet (far
ters attached, f.j,- slenfler
and medium figures;
izes IS to :6, at.. u9u
These Great Specials for Friday on Our Main Floor
5,000 Yds. Silk Remnants Price
Best lot ever offored at the price. Lengths for
all purposes in the lot. Silks for linings, millinery
and dress trimmings, Bulgarian, plaid silks, nov
ety silks, crepe de chine, charmouse, satin messa
lines; also very fine black silks on main floor
at Just about halt the regular price.
27-lnch English corduroy velvet cords, in a beauti
ful line of colorings, special price, yard 7f)
$8.50 and $10 fancy brocaded velvets, specially
priced for Friday, at, the yard S5-05
40-Inch black crepe de chine Just received twenty
pieces of beautiful quality, deep black 40-inch
crepe de chine, closely woven and porfect in
weave, regular price J 2.00, at, yard Sl-50
buperb collection In medium and small designs, mul
ticolor effects, Balkan and Dresden patterns, dots,
and Mrlpes of all slwa and widths, specially
adapted for street dresses, kimonos and house
dresses, at, yard. . 506
All the 91.00 36-tach StU Ratine In Ccpoiih.'.e.-tn. 1Mb.
vi mi roo. wisteria, marine, French and RuasUn bluee.
mahogany, new giey. wo xl shades, blank .nid evening
tint, at. yartl
SXCTXNO SECTIOW All the 35o yard wide rilncss
Sattne, In 37 dlffersnt shad, at. yard 19c
36-lnh 73o quality Toundatlon Bilks, In larr range of
color, at, yard - 39o
Every Woman in Omaha
Should Take Advan
tage of This Sale
You can aava ISc the first day you lion
with a Wliard Gaa Iron, In the cost
of gas sJone. You can do a ten hours'
Ironing In alx. as It saves all the steps
changing Iron. No cleaning or wax
ing necessary. It can b regulated to
any temperature desired, for light or
heavy work Thl 1 the only electric
Iron type gas Iron on the market, and
una MivfHja buiu Jbr 9.9U. UUl Dy ap,e
Ha, Miuijiviticm we win
offer this Iron for a
limited time, at,
wui a
Dffacc r!nn1c Pamnni(n Main
Hlfrh prnHn nlaln Anj .
: ! ouu iaucy ureas goods rem
nants, the accumulation of our recent yard goods
?na lrB JbeJenStha are 0,1 B00d- ai1 Citable fo?
.?r!,d BUl dre88es' m,sse8' and children's wear,
Kolft fflftlheeSgufar,fce00r
flannel French challls m the better grades-2 to
!oiHrdJe.gth?' at a fractln t the regular price.
Sold by the piece only.
ifM f. I,aUerns Each containing ample
material for any style garment. The C0,C!
tion represents all the new fall weaves. Includk
the scarce black and white checks, navy serges and
S818' Jameustwn suitings and nobKlxea
suitings so much in vogue values to d -I rv
J3.50: on main, floor, for full patterns ij 1 ,UO
weaves Bedford cords. Sebastopois coVtuJa,i .of
manrusn 8m,,,,,,,. aerrnan brocaded CQ " 'Vj fTA
fabric. French wool plaids yard .. . "C-!'1.'9
Mine. Yale Lectures on Beauty Culture
Brandeis Theatre, Friday, Oct. 17 at 2 P. M.