Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 31, 1913, Page 6, Image 6

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Bntered at Omaha postotflce as seoowl.
cum matter.
Sunday Ie. ona year If
Saturday Dee. one rear
Dally Bee. without Sunday, one year. J.w
lally nee, and Sunday, one year.... 6.M
rDT nrc.rcT fiv A tt It 1 ITU
Evening and Sunday, per month......
Kvenluir, without Sunday, per month. SM
Oslly Bee, Inoludlnc Sunday, per mo.W
Dally Bee. without Sunday, per no.o
Address all complaints of trreKUlarltU
In delivery to City Circulation Dept. .
nm)t by draft, express or postal order,
payable to The Bee Publishing owPJ;
Only 2-ctnt stamps received In payment
ot small accounts. Persons! checks. ex
cept on Omosa and eastern exchange, no,
ticepted. -
Omoha-The Bee building.
South OmahaS18 X Btreet
Council Dluifs-ll North Main Street.
Llncotn-M X4ttle bulldlne-Chlcago-Wt
Hearst building.
New York-Boom UOH 2 Fifth Ave.
St Louls-oOJ Nw Ank of Commorce.
Wahlngio-7ai Fourteenth Bt. W. w.
Communications relatlnc to news nna
editorial matter should be addressed
Omaha Bee, Editorial department
ftate of Nebraska, County of!
Dwlcht Williams, circulation n"e5
ot The Bee Publishing company, being
duly sworn, says that the average dally
circulation for the month of Jun f
Circulation Manager.
Subscribed In my presence and sworn
to before me this M day oIuly, ..
(8al.) Notary Public
Sabscrlbera leaving the city
leraporarlly should bare TUa Bee
mulled to them. Addrei nlll t
chanced u often aa requested.
Tho tray to bring about early clon
ing in to close oarly.
Yes, our cartoonist 1b taking his
racatlon, but ho'll como back.
And now lot's see, what docs that
new law do to tho loan sharks?
In Colonol Mulhall wo got anothor
view of tho "coloael in politics."
It is to bo supposed thoy wilt not
overlook the grapojulco in tho fruit
canning season at Falrvlow.
Gas at f 1 a thousand is oxporinivo
as compared with sorao gas going to
waste for nothing over tho ordlnonco.
That young western widow who
has forgotten her name and address
must be one of tho last remnants of
Reno's golden age.
Omaha's ball team, which won ono
out of seven games, evidently has tho
notion that It may bo against tho laV
to do much winning.
Of course, if Mexico really gota to
itching for" anything right strong,
Uncle Sam may be ablo to find a cow-
hldo or two lying about
Huorta'a sollcltudo for the safety
of. Americans In Mexico, now that ho
fears there may be a chango in the
government, is almost pathetic.
Perhaps Secretary McAdoo is
moroly mlffod because fiecrotary
Bryan and Attorney General Mclloy
nolds eeemod to bo monopolizing all
the cabinet attention.
The present administration will bo
charged with crying "wolf" if It is not
less promiscuous with its talk of
"alnlster Influences." It may have
to make good some time or other.
Returning fronn.tholr Ak-Sar-Bort
entertainment, the Lincoln boosters
omit no opportunity to declare that
they "had a good time." Flnol
Come again, There's more waiting
to be picked.
Secretary Bryan will go back to
the locture platform if the Mexicans
will let him. won't you across the
Rio Grande please hear that, and be
good, at least until after the chau
tauqua season closes?
Anions other things, these bumper
western crops appear to have effectually
bumped the calamity howlers. Colum
bis. Bute.
They always do, but calamity
howlers are almost unknown quantl
ties out here in the bumper west
If the union printers and employ
log printers can get together to talk
It over as they have here in Omaha,
there Is so reason why the striking
carpenters and employing contractors
should not try to reach a mutual
Tho unfortunates who hare to go
to the county hospital or poor farm
are entitled to humano treatment
and decent living conditions. This
rule should be the start and finish
with those in official charge of theso
Our local weather forecaster is
quoted as saying he was afraid the
president might appoint a theorist to
thd job of chief weather-maker, but
Is glad to know be named a practical
man. Practical, indeed, when ho
can run the mercury up to 100 the
first rattle out of the box.
No great rush Is noted In applica
Mens from the various counties of
Nebraska for prison labor under the
now law authoritlnr this method of
farming out the convicts. For somo
reason or other ft deep-seated preju
dice against Jall-blrds prevails gener
ally as an offset to any desire to
help along a laudable work of re
Get Your Fitrum Straight.
Slightly over 5.009 votes were east In
th tornado worn! election to which The
Bee refers. Within ti8 of tho same num
ber were cast at tho special election last
spring at which the editor of The Deo,
and fourteen associates, were elected to
frame a new city ol tarter. Apparently
the people were about as eager to vote
under the new system as under the old.
Which reminds us that "Figures
won't lie, but liars will figure." If
The Bee were to compare the ontlre
receipts of tho Water hoard with the
revenues of tho old water company
from sales of water within the limits
of Omaha alone, it would bo called
good and plenty. But that would bo
on a par with what tho World-Herald
man here tries to put acroBs In the
hope of getting by with It undetected,
At tho charter election last spring,
in which Omaha alono participated,
the total vote was D.687, of which
tho editor of The Bee received 3,710.
The total vote In Omaha on the ro
cent bond election was not "within
100 of tho Rarue number," but was
3,8.10, of which 1,044 were for the
bonds and 2,48C against them. The
charter election thus brought out a
voto greater by 1,857, or CO por cent,
than the bond election, and tho pop
ularity of the bonds, specially
boostod by the World-Herald, is
moasurcd by a little moro than one-
fourth tho vote polled by tho editor
of Tho Boo.
While no vital issue turns upon
the controversy, it must bo plain that
our amiable contemporary seized the
wrong occasion "to rise to remark."
But will ho take it back? No, you
Speaking of the Weather,
Now that wo have ft now chief of
tho woathor bureau at Washington
perhaps wo may reasonably expect a
now brand of weather. Though his
predecessor has not been personally
In chargo of the elements for some
tlmoi the old force of assistants would
naturally hesltato to make any radi
cal changes In tho general meteoro
logical policies of thts country, pre
ferring to leave so dolca,te a task to
a new head. '
Prof. Charlos F. Marvin Is now, or
will be as soon aa tho senate confirms
his appointment, chief of the weather
bureau. Tho first thing wo shall ex
pect of him Is to mako good oh the
flrst-of-tho-weok prediction for cool
woathor and thunderstorms. The Im
mediate effect ot that forecast was
much moro humid and sultry
woathor. Prof. Marvin stops into an
office of large responsibility, but
no smaller opportunity. Boinethiug
seems to have been seriously wrong
with the climatic conditions In this
country slnco tho vIsU ot llalloy's
comet Summers have boon abnor
mally dry and hot It la time for A
change, If the new administration
can give It to us, it will get all the
reward it earns. Regardless of po
litical linos, tho people will rise up
and coll Prof. Marvin blessed If ho
can turn tho trick,
Playing Ho Favorites.
Perhaps tho best that can bo said
for Mulhall la that ho Is playing no
favorites in his wholesale bombard'
moat of public men with sinister In
nuendoes, Those who at first char
acteristically leaped to the conclusion
that all Mulhall said must be truo
because defamatory ot prominent
public men now havo ample ground
on which to base a radical rovlslon
ot their views.
It is doubtful it Uio country has
ever had a real counterpart of this
Mulhall blackwashlng, in which no
ono has been sparod whose name it
seomod convenient or desirable to
bandy. This upheaval, It will be re
called, is tho result of the president's
sinister lobby alarm. If tho st&t ot
the president's mind could be made
public it doubtless would show some
very different Impressions than thoso
actuating his appeal for tho probe.
With tho names ot some of the most
conspicuous leaders ot the democracy
caught up In tho vortox of the storm
of Mulhall's evidently reckless, state
ments, It is easy to bollovo that the
administration would now welcome a
finish of the affair,
Anti-Tippintr Ordinance.
Tho St Louts clty council has
passed an anti-tipplng ordinance,
making it unlawful to give or receive
a gratuity in a publlo eating place.
At once men shako their heads and
Bay it cannot be enforced. That has
been the common American view, but
London is credited with having 850
tipleso hotels and restaurants. Tip
ping can be xlono away with in Bt
Louis or any other American city, as
well as in England, when employers
and patrons do their part toward its
abolition. The part for employers Is
to pay a full, fair wage and relieve
the patron from the onus of piecing
out the pay ot tho employe after he
had already probably paid too much
for his Bervlce. The part tor the
patron is to put aside false pride and
stand on bis rights and sense of Jus
tice and refuse to bo filched. Per
haps a law or ordlance rigidly en
forced will bring such participation.
It so, tipping will go, In nine cases
out ot ten, as folks well know, a tip
Is given simply because It is custo
mary. If bo, the scheme works In St
Louis, why not everywhere. .
If President Wilson does not take
the advice of Mr. Hearst on some
thing soon he will give the tmpres
slon that Mr. Hearst exaggerates tho
telMtapoeed estimates of his great
rROM dzk. files
JULY ill.
Thirty Year Afto
The big telegraph strike leads The Bee
to renew Its ndvoeacy ot postal tele
graph. There Is an Item In tho city council
proceedings, a resolution by ttancall, au
thorizing the mayor to employ C Cle
ment Chase aa secretary at $75 a month,
provided that hq also act as assistant
and copyist to other city officials. There
wan considerable discussion of a humor
ous nature and the resolution woa finally
referred to the cotnrrilttefe on finance.
The benefit ball for the striking teleg-
taphers came off at Crounse's hall, and
was pronounced a complete success, over
COO tickets having been disposed of.
Tho possibility that President Arthur,
now traveling In the west with General
Sheridan and party, may atop In Omaha,
Is arousing Interest In ths method of re
ceiving him.
Another precinct has bean added to the
list In Douglas county to be known as
"Waterloo" precinct by a division of the
old Platte Valley precinct
News Is received of the death of Mrs.
M. G. Kidder, wlfa of the Pacific Express
company's, agent In Grand island, who
formerly lived In Omaha and was weu
known lure.
Mora lumber has been sold and used In
Omaha thus far than tiny precodlnir
building season In Its history.
James Knight has accepted appoint
ment and qualified aa member of the
police force.
Twenty Years Age-
John W. Cutrlght of Lincoln, private
rucretury to Conuronman W. J. Bryan,
came up from Lincoln.
"Spud" Farrlsh was sitting up for tho
first tiTno slnre his Fourth of July In
juries. He Is expected soon to ba out and
around. ,
Major J. B. Furay of the board of pub
llo works was confined to his home with
V. B. nitchle of Woodman-Rltohla
returnod from a three-weeks' trip, during
which ha visited Chicago and St Louis.
City Comptroller Olson suffered & re
lapse and was back In bed.
Jacob X Goos, a driver employed by
Christopher Bharnweber, was run over
and instantly killed by a B. & M. train at
the South Seventeenth street crossing
about 8 o'clock In the evening. Ho was
returning from his dally work In the
vagon. Goos was 88 and unmarried,
lirnest Kamatr, who lived near and saw
the accident, said Goos did not see tho
train approach.
Colon?! Tilly, building Inspector, was
having tho time of his life chasing river
squatters, who persisted In pltohlng their
little huts and shacks along tho river
front and bottoms.
Ten Years Ae
The Omaha Buullo Library board re
elected Its offloera as follows: Presldsnt,
Lewis S. Reed) vice president, Victor
Tlosewattr: secretary, Alfred C. Ken
nedy; librarian, Miss Edith Tobltt
Moses P. O'Brien left for Indianapolis
nnd took with hint all the office fixtures
and furniture of the office of ths grand
exalted ruler of the Elks, which had been
held for the year by George P. Cropk In
Omaha, and passed to Joseph T, Fanning
of Iridlunapolls, Mr, O'Drltn was the sec
retary to the grand exalted ruler.
It was announced at headquarters that
the Union Pacific would ofMer thlrty-on
new locomotives as soon as the directors
could decide on the typo to ba used.
Offleors of tho Trl-Ctty DrlvInK club,
who had beon In correspondence with
aorge It. Ketchum. owner ot, Cresceus,
the world's champion trotter, announced,
that he had finally been sscured for a
run at the Omaha tracks on Septem
ber Ifc
The World-Herald flatly refused for
tho seoond time to produce any book or
records to the city council showing any
thing about tho circulation of that paper
as a basis for Us claim to city printing.
J. L. Drandeta & Sons bought in the
overlap bonds of the city of South
Omaha, F. N. Clarke negotiating the
deal for them with the city council.
People Talked About
Mrs. Flndley J. Shepard, nee Helen
Gould, has the distinction of owning the
largest and most elaborate basket ever
woven by the Attu natives, the expert
basket weavers of Alaska,
There are more than 90,000 members
In the girls' tomato clubs of the southern
stata. The record to date Is held by a
M-year-old Alabama girl. Arle Havart.
who put up l,Hl three-pound cans of
tomatoes from her tenth-of-an-acre gar
den. F. C. Wardale of Bognor, Sussex, 'Eng
land, bequeathed fJ,600 to his servant,
Annie Norman. "In recognition of her
constant efforts for many years to min
ister tq my comforts, as I consider thqte
who help to smooth life's dltflcutUss for
ono every day itro mora entitled to such
recognition than blood relations whom
one seldom sees."
To ttdd xest to the summer scenery of
Chatbinooga, Tenn., the two Atwood sis
ters did the "Venus at the Bath" act on
the rtr.h, the Interior of ths Atwood
home botsjr too warm for lavatory exer
cise, Prudlfh netghbors screamed to the
police, ths nymphs were taken in, robed,
and plnrttM for UO each. Wasn't that
Postmaster Central Burleson appointed
Miss Jessie Vachon ot Balllngham,
Wash., as an elevator conductor In the
Federal building, after having once re
fused to do so. Senator Polndexter, ot
Washington, represented to htm that Miss
Vachon was perfectly competent to man
age any mechanical difficult! that
might occur, and his arguments con
vinced the postmaster general.
H. W. Atkinson. United States Internal
revenue agent on accounts at Nashville,
Tenn., Is said to be the most remarkable
lightning calculator In the country. As a
test of hi ability he recently made sev
eral mental calculations of the value oZ
tobacco stamps tn his office, comprising
more than forty denominations. The total
value of the stamps aa he got It and as
he proved by an adding machine was
Ilev. 8. d. McKenny. a Baptist preacher,
school trustee, overseer of (he poor, milk
Inspector and dispenser ot charity at Al
ton. III., was charged with playing favor
ites as inspector for a consideration. The
accuser made the rhargo In person, and
is now resting Ui a hospital as comfort
ably as a lacerated frame win permit
Rev. MoKenny Is pursuing his varied ac
Uvlttr unmindful or Jits popularity as the
"white hope" of Altoh.
1 V 1 .
Twice Told Tales
The Kindest linn.
Lady Constance Stewart Richardson,
who has come to America to dance be
cause she Is, as 'she puts It "stony
broke." said the other day In New York:
"Some of my happiest hours have been
passed In America. The Americans are
the kindest people In the world. When I
think of them I am reminded of George
"Everybody has heard inri nf th
meanest man well, George Grave waa
Known as the kindest man.
"One of tho sories about George's kind
ness tells how a friend asked him:
'"How Is Biggs doing?'
" 'Bad,' George Teplled. Very bad, In
deed. Poor old Biggs!'
' 'Why, what's the trouble with hlrrtf
" 'Well, you see,' said George, 'I've had
my salary reduced on accpunt of tho
hard times, and so I'll only be able to
lend Blgga half as much aa usual this
year for his vacation.' "Detroit Free
Iff. Too, Wnnlfl lie (irncroni,
Here la one that was recently told by
former Chief Foreater Glfford Plnchot In
showing that there nre times when one
may well afford to be exceedingly gen
orous. Some time ago, according to the story
re atd by Mr. Plnchot, a man rambled
Into a German butcher shop in a metro
polltan city and asked the prico of sau
sages. tr'"" b'!C' htt" gon P'" thoughtfully
bound." nW Chttrga you 25 Mnta
"That is entlrelv ton ..v.i - ,
Jh customer, Just a little heatedly, -r
cents!" Bcnwoitter's for so
.,r,Eef, dot .'or' "tu"J Hans, with an
unfeeling glance at the othsr. "Veil, vy
don't you I" '
h.!'I.V0U.l.(, an,w the customer, "but
4lnT ?i)',.?Ut,0f thm 6t Present"
"Dof'vf l gleefully laughed Hans.
Uot vas gootf Eef I waa oudt of dem
sausages 1 vouM a 1 .01 atm
toor-BM,,,,,- Sum "n " CenlS'
Connected with a religious Institution
n a certain city, the congressman said,
r," boae ba ten composed ot
U-year-oM youngsters. Some time ago tho
team go', a challenge from the club of a
similar Institution and wising to oncour
age tho boys, Uia minister gave them 5.
tells them to spend It for bats, balls,
gloves or anything that would help win
tho gamu
Came tH great day and the minister
went down to tho ball field. Glancing
around he saw the name old parapher
nalia. Not a single new article was In
"Come her a minute, Wllllel" said he,
calling the aaptaln. "Yhero are your
new bats, bals and glovssT"
"Wt havenSv got any new bats, bolls
and gloves," mid Willie, glancing from
the dominie to the opposing team.
"You haven't," exclaimed tho surprised
pastor. "Didn't I glvo you $5 to buy
"Tes, sir," rcplltd Willie, "but you told
us to spend It In any way wo thought
best to win the ff.tme. so we gaVe It to
the .umpire." PhUtwlelphla Telegraph.
Editorial Snapshots
Boston Transcript: Then, too, Mr.
Bryan has an Englitih son-in-law, and
usually they are verr expensive.
Washington post: Earnest tariff de.
bate has at least thtown much needed
light upon such common household ar
ticles as pyrogalllo iiold, alazarln and
Philadelphia Ledger: Whether the Bul
garians or their enemies are committing
the greater atrocities depends entirely
upon where the reporter of them hap
pens to be.
Brooklyn Eagle; There ought to be
n.oto sympathy with Mexloo since United
States bonds havo eo'l down to StfW. but a
fellow feeling doesr.'t always make us
wondrous kind.
Chicago Tribune: Uncle Sam'o parcel
post, In short, proves to be a paying busi
ness enterprise, thank you, despite the
edemn warnings ot the disinterested and
altrulstio express companies,
Baltimore American! The biggest fish
stery of the season comes from Italy,
where earthquakes are heating the sea to
boiling point and throwing up fish al
ready cooked, ready for eating,
Washington Star: It la understood thit
Colonel Roosevelt's trip will include Aus
tralia and that he will be away for a
year, As a symbol of long Jumps, the
kangaroo may'suprfodede the bull moose
as a partyvmblm.
New York World t Postmaster General
Burleson will Issue at onoa final orders
for the parcel post reforms already out-llned-a
larger general weight limit and
lower rates for the first and second
nones. The Interstate Commerce owm
mission evinces no desire to stop the
parcel ppst buzx saw with an Inquisitive
finger. 'The consent of the commission"
required by the law may be, and In this
instance will be given without a hearing.
The Forward Paoe
Press cloih for use In the manufacture
ot vegetable oils ts being made In Franca
from human hair.
Jerusalem and Jaffa are now erect
ing buildings of content construction.
Importing cement from Germany.
The British meteorological office has
established a station for furnishing
weather Information and forecasts to
aviators and aeronaut
Bullet-proof armor to protect pilot
passenger and motor Is required in tho
latest specifications (or aeroplanes for
ths United States arpiy.
Tiny but efficient electric lamps to be
worn on their caps by bandsmen at
night and supplied with current by stor
age batteries have been Invented,
A new German machine cleans and
sorts medicinal tablets, rejecting broken
ones, and parks them In boxes or tubes
at a rate of from 1W.00O tn 800,000 a day.
To make a base ball rr.ltt both strong
and flexible a Washington, inventor has
patented ono with n perforated palm,
the perforated portion being suitably
For the use of surgeons and dsntlsts
an Ohio man has Invented an electric
lamp mounted on an adjustable, bracket
which concentrate- its rays through a
sclera ot lenses mounted In a tup.
Hay Fever.
OMAHA, July 80,-To th Editor ot The
Bee: Hay fever (wrpngiy so-called) can
be cured, and permanently cured, never
again to return, when the patient lives
tho life necessary to keep the blood
stream free from excesses ot poisonous
chemical products, produced by retained
excrementttlous substances Of tissue
waste nnd decay, that should be, and
would be, properly eliminated through the
natural emunctorles, In a well exercised,
cleanly kept (Inside and outside) healthy
body, Into which are not placed Improper
quantities ot foods or wrong Combina
tions ot food, that by undergoing chemi
cal changes within the alimentary canal, ;
or within the blood stream, poison not
only the nervous center, but also the cells
of the mucous membrane of the nose and
other tissues.
This tells briefly the essential cause of
hay fever. It Is not caused by a germ, I
or any parasite. It ts nbt primarily
caused by pollen of any plant, nor by
any form of dust-like particles, floating
In the air, which come In contact with the
mucous membrane of the noso or eyes,
though these floating particles do be
come the secondary or aggravating cause
In those persons wro ar carrying a blood
stream overcharged with excrementltloun
chemical ifubstances, that should have
been eliminated'.
8top putting Into the system tho things
that cause a poisoned blood stream. Sea
that elimination Is not checked or re
tarded, but kept normally active through
out the entire body and that the tissues
and functions ot the body are properly
exercised to maintain a high degree of
resistance to all obnoxious agencies, both
external and internal, and when the life
is thus lived, as tho new knowledge of
dlseaso, prevention and cure, clearly
demonstrates to thoso willing to learn tha
new truths of chemistry, biology, physi
ology and psychology, there will be no
more annoyance and suffering from hay
fever, and many other diseases now every
common will have ceased to exist afd
men rejoloe In their new found knowledge
that obedience to nature's fundamental
laws and principles Is the condition and
requirement of well being
Wide of the Mark -Airnln or TetT
OMAHA. July 30. To the Editor nf Th
Bee. The mathematics ot Mr. Howell.
wnom you can "our great hydraullo en
gineer," Is about as wide of the mark
when figuring: on leaks as It was when
figuring on water plant valuations. Just
take a pencil and check up the state
ment he has lust aiven out and nubllahNl.
He says a leak of 170 gallons of water
in twenty-four hours at W cents a 1.0M
gallons "will amount to TH cents wasted
eacn aay." now at ZS cents a 1.00Q gal-
Inn 7 rflnti will nnv fisi v1Iah, ,
. . ..... -w. wv BUMWH-1 I.Vfc
170 gallons. He says that "If the wast
mounts up to 2.2q in a month, that In a
quarter, the ordinary period for which
a water Din is renaerea, it amounts to
$7.75." A quarter Is thTW months and
three times 12.2a Is JS.75, not $7.7B, to say
nothing, of the practice of rendering the
bills monthly to catch the minimum rata
and makes us pay for water we do not
use. Now watch htm say he was mis
quoted, or blame it on th' proofreader!
Ai V D.
8arlna; What Wo Mean.
OMAHA. July 30. To the Editor of The
Be l Some believe that language was in.
vented to conceal our thoughts, yet It
people would occasionally say what they
mean our knowledge would bo greatly
increased, and no ona need be any worse
for It. When a man says his mother was
the best cook on earth he moans that
when he was young he had ar. appetite
like an ostrich, but now since he has
learnod to drench his stomach with chill-
con-came and bad whisky his wife, nor
anyone else, can cook a dinner that will
tempjf his appetite. A man who has Ion
abused his stomach Is always Inclined to
abuse his wife because the victuals will
not keep oompany with his worn out di
gestive apparatus. I have always thought
too, that when a young woman says she
Is tired of life that she only means she
Is too lazy to be useful. She Is suffering
under calamities which might easily be
avoided If she only knew how to turn the
trick. If a woman frames her philosophy
of life and draws her notions of hcppl-
ness from novels ard golf clubs It Is cer
tain that she will be tired of Ufo before
she ever learns that most of our un-
happlness is due to our Ignorance: and
those, therefore, who say they ara weary
ot life simply mean that they are ashamed
to work with their hands, too Impatient
to polish .their minds, or too selfish to
labor for the good of others. By all
means let us say what we mean.
On every silver dollar there is an in
scriptlon which reads "In God we trust"
Which being Interpreted means that most
of us trust tn the all-powerful dollar,
our hearts are continually drawn toward
this plsco of change as a mother's bsart
inclines toward the child at her breast
Wo love the Jtngltvof coin as a tailor
loves the rattle of a dice box. A man
with money can give his desires a loose
rein and enjoy- popularity Tritheut the
trouble of becoming wise; ha can gain a
reputation for charity without depriving
himself of any comforts and be known
as a "good fellow" without possessing
any virtues whatever. 7,Ue Jaw will ra
dress alt his wrongs, and when he com
plains he ts sure to be heard; he can de
fend himself against the bitterness ot
truth, and dismiss from I la presence all
those who refuse him the Indulgence ot
flattery, when w way a nun Is an un
desirable cltlsen, v.e mean ho haa no
money. The parable of tha rich man and
Lasarus should never .be repeated in po
ut company, E. O. M.
Stories in Figures
One Oldham (England) machine shop
employs 10.000 men.
Fly pests ari said to cost the Unlte4
States 1117,800,00(1 a year.
There are nt'W over 2.000.0O0 fanners
using the telephone when their Unas are
not out of order.
It has cost tl,60C',000 to survey the bound
ary between Alaska and British America,
This Una Is 1.507 miles long.
In an average year the Mississippi
carries out to sea 000,000 tons of mini
eral or earth salts In solution and 3ft-
ooo.oo) tons of mud.
Orange shipments from Florida for the
last season (September 1, I91J, to June II,
JUS) totaled (.as.CcO bones, or over 1000,004
boxes more than the beut previous season
More persons make use of the national
forests in Utah than In any other state.
Nearly ST7 per cent of all the permits for
sheep and cattle gracing on th forests
are taken out In Utah. i
"I helped an Intoxicated wan out ef
the gutter several weeks age and put
lUm aboard a car."
"The othor day lie wrete to the pollee
asking them to find my addreee."
'Ah, I sec. He wants to force lle.OOJ
on you."
"No. he says he thinks I must have
Inched his watch. "-Cleveland Plain
BIng The way these colleges scatter
around their degrees Is absolutely nau
seating. Every Tom. Dlafc and Harry
with a little cheap notoriety can figure
on getting one. The whole system Is ab
solutely Indefensible. Don't you think so?
Bang Yes. 1 didn't get one either.
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
"I think Congressman Mutx Is a nasty,
ornery man," said Mjs. Midge, as ulie
tossed the paper aside.
"What's the matter with him?" asked
Mr. Midge.
"It say here In the paper that he has
gone down to see the Panama canal
strip," said Mrs. Mldge.-Clhclnnatl En
quirer. Doctor Mrs. Brown has Sent fpr me
to go and sea htr boy, and I must go ax
His Wife What Is tho matter with
the boy?
Doctor T don't know, but Mrs. Brown
has a book on "What to Do Btforo the
Doctor Comes," and I must hurry up
before sho does it Puck.
A boy who had been absent from
school for several days returned with
A Summer Vacation
in New York at
Fifth Avenue and Fifty-ninth Street
is an ideal one, as the Metropolis offers every
facility for enjoyment, and the Plaza every
comfort and luxury.
It is delightfully located opposite Central Park,
assuring peace and quiet. Summer Terrace
The coolest Hotel in New York. Convenient to
theatres, shopping district and nearby coast resorts.
Special Rates during the Summer Season
FRED STERRY ... Managing Director
1 'EZTJ Jr
Announces the appointment of James V. alarrett as Its State Aent
for Nebraska, with offices at 401-3 Pakton Block"0maba
Mr Starrett Is an experienced and efficient under'wrir in
whom the Company has full confidence. Vnde? his "Slnt
you are assured ef a coutlnuance ot the best lire Insurance ee?v15
rSnag" CompaD3r be8peal" tor h!m onerous sha t yow$
Montp4ler, Vermont.
Jlr 26, m,
his throat carefully swathed and pre
sented this note to his teaoheri
"Please don't let my sen learn any
German today; his throat Is so sore ha
can henlly speak English." Scribner'a
New York Times.
It's not tho beln' old and sick and losln'
all you've had.
Nor the comin' to the poor' us at tho
But the thing that goes the hardest and
the thing that hurts so bad
la the havin' nothln' left for you to
I was oldest of the sisters and the
brothers way back homo,
And I minded 'em until they grow too
But there's always somethln' wantin'
you d.n-1 rlad to Sea you como
In a farmyard If it's nothln' but 'the
Then I wont out as a nurse-mold Oh,
tho children I have knownl
But the hnowlu' 'em haa almost broke
my heart:
For they'd wnlt until I loved 'em Just as
If thsy was my own
Then tho folk'd say the tlmo had come
to part.
Oh, It's not the bed you sleep on, nor tho
clothes you get to wear.
Nor the food to cat when all Is said
and done;
Tt's the havin' somethln' look to you and
glad when you come near.
And the steps a-runnln' out to meet
you ownl
XUerenr no- better- sport In- the
(xmatST tfcffl tfc flBJUna yem c
up a tire CU&adUtn. Rockies up
'zonnA Ham. Trout Wg, paste;
frfhttejriiis u fight ers'tUat call
Jorcretr ctaoca of yor etxhu-aoce
trrHI Jttwwiodga of fishing simply
swarm, in Exnsrold Lake an4. la.
Emerald Lake
Chalet at,
n J on holidays, Qnn
ovdoor the Uretang day with, a
dtitshtful hotel always ra easy
reach. And thtp drives up tb
lovely Yoho Valley rides ta
iAUKhlnir P slU.TwIn VIU. WopU
Olscier. Walks to the Vpssli Beds,
and Natural Bridge through tho
aspiring scenery of
Tho Canadian Rooldea
George A. Walton, Oenl Agt.
224 S, Clark Street Cblsaae
- i"
The parcel post makes
It easy to reach country,
buyers. Tho city mer
chant can send small or
ders bo fast that distance
no longer hinders traa
with the people out In tno
state. Let them know
what you can send them,
by parcel post and you
will Improve your busi
ness. Small Bee want ads
will effect tho desired re
suits. Bee Want Ad Department
Tyler 1000
the Bee EnsraTlns; De
partment will make a
drawing and out like this
for (3,60.
IxmlM, OTmI M YloiarT vU the
CWadUnVMlflo, VllnsratUiast.
rle d mill ,pu "IWfifl Oou
TaurVMfXO"! rlt
Supertntendont of Agencies