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Published Bach Tuesday
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Elcctrio Fani Have Taken Various
Forms This Year.
Lnrse-Tltnilcil Fnna for Storm and
Large nooma Have Distinct Ad
Tnntnsre Which la Kasllr
k Private Branch Exchange Keeps Your
Business at Your Finger Tips
2. Eliminate business- 4.
losing "busy" mes
sages. 5.
2. Sort incoming calls.
3. Give quick com-'
munication between 6.
Make your super
ision easy,
Conserve the time
and energy of your
office force. i
Make every movo
We have a private branch exchange
adapt able to your line of business.
g An
The man coming up the walk to the
front floor wondered whether the eavago
lookins doer on tha porch was growling
nt Mm or at tho weather, but he kept
on coming. A woman opened the door
Just n mite nnd'then with nn oh, threw
It wide open and ran out to meet the
article which tho man carried. The man
walked off and she carried the article
Into tho house, started It to work and
rat down to enjoy Us pleasing little whirr.
The dos came In, stood close by and
stopped his growling. The electrlo fau
had. oome.
It was one of those small !ghtlnch
fans which are designed to bo moved
easily about from serving tablo to kitchen
table and to make a good cool brtcze
wherevor it goes. This email-sized fan
has become very popular "at home" ani
Is often nickel plated, which gives It a
rich tone and adapttt it to any room in
tho house.
Tho original clectrlb fan which stood
upon a table or desk and butted like a
bumble bee has more cousins almost than
could be expected in a family, the oldest
member of which Is only 21 years old.
There is tho eight-Inch fan which the
woman bought. It weighs only fpur anil
a halt pounds and is vory convenient
for household use. Them thera is the
larger twelve-Inch residence fan, which
is Just a tittle heavier to move about,
and the small "bracket tans" for the
home, which fasten to the wall and blow
as, do all thoir kind.
Offices have .a little way of keeping
cool by turning tho switch on a twelve
or slxtcen-lnch fan, which is sonicwhat
heavier and made to make Itself felt in
larger rooms (and heavier atmospheres),
Fans of the oscillating variety turn and
coolly bow 'to each corner of the room In
turn. They kbep up this courtosy contln
ually that Is as long ask tho power Is
supplied them.
Large-bladed fans ore attached to the
coiling In stores, rest rooms and dining
rooms and such place, and from this
point ot vantage have a Tory marked In
fluence upon what would otherwise be a
heavy atmosphere.
Another sort ot a fan which has been
seen In public places Is the upright. It
aspires to such lofty eminence as a halt
tree or Indoor lamp standard.
Here is Another
New Wrinkle in
Electric Irons
lClectrlcal appliances have become so
numerous and ot such varied styles and
workmanship that the housewife and
others must tako a choloe ot these thing
the same as they do of any old-fashioned
pot, pan or Iron.
Will Buy Very Best Elcotric Vehicle
for Service.
Four Clnnea ot Mnohlne llav Ileen
Adopted for the Different
Kinds of Government
Tl'ere Is an electrlo iron which has the
switch for controlling tho heat placed at
the end of the handle within easy reach
of the fingers ot the Ironer. The heat of
te Iron Is thus controlled In the easiest
possible manner. The heat belnr thus
controlled the cord Is permanently at
tached to the Iron.
Cranes Could Lift
Two Locomotives of
Very Great Weight
Electrlo cranes are keeping step In else
and capacity with tho other electrical
aids to big industry. For the mounting
of machlnorr and equipment on the Valer
iana, sister ship of. tho Imperator, thera
has been erected a huge elect rio crane
having a capacity of 200 tons. The for
ward arm of the Jib, which has n total
length ot Slti feet, can be raised to n
height of 330 feet above tho water.
Two independent lifting appliances, ono
a crab which can lift JMHons at a radius
ot 113 feet, or 110 tons at 178 feet, and a
revolving traveling crane capable of run
ning the entire length of tho top of the
main Jib, are used in conjunction with the
main purchase. This auxiliary crane can
lift ten tons at a distance ot 240 ftot
from tho turning center of tho main
crane, giving it an area of about 189,93)
square feet. Only two men are employed
to control the crane, which is driven en
tirely by electricity. '
Klectrio vehicles purchased by tho
United States government during the next
tiscai year-July 1, 1913, to Juno SO, 1014
wilt havo to comply with rlitiil snoclflna.
Hons, Including requirements' covering
uniformity and atnndardlxatlon ot
parts. Tho government Is n largo user
of elcctrio vehicles, especially those of
commercial types, and manufacturers
hall with appreciation tho now order.
Klectrical CXllcrta in th Unit! Hint
bureau ot standards and other depart
ments will prepare tho specifications and
purchaso ot vehicles will bo under
authority and supervision ot the iren-
oral supply committee, which was re-
ntiy created to establish system tn buy-
: gooas ror uncle Ham.
'our classes ot electrlo vehlclen
been adopted tor the dlfforent kinds of
government sorvlco. These are. an elc
trio wagon of 1,00) pounds' capacity, prin
cipally for the postal department, and
trucks of 1,600 pounds', two tons' and
threo tons' burden. As these tiro tho
types ot elcctrio cam that the manufac
turers havo mude so successfully for pri
vate enterprises, they aro glad to find
that tho government hns irlvnn Itu
approval and practically specified them In
preference to gasoline vehicles and horses
and wagons.
Examination far Kiialneers.
The United States civil service or. m in In.
slon announces a comoetltlve exnmlnnHrm
for senior electrical engineers to fill va
cancies on the staff ot the Interstnto
Commerce commission. Salaries tor theso
Positions rantrfi from M.000 tn xl.tuo. nml
from 1,$W to 12,700, with expenses. Appli
cants should havo a thorough technical
training, with several yearn' nracttcal
experience In construction nni operation
Of electrical properties, and should bit
'active, Intelligent and dlsoreot, and ot
good epoecli and manners." Applications
must bn tiled before July 3L
"Why "Not Enjoy Cool
Breezes All Summer
Relief from summers sweltering heat is ob
; tained in no cheaper or surer way than by
, utilizing an Electric Fan. On the porch,
in the dining room, or in the sleeping room,
', the comfort gained is a rich return from the
few cents a day that it costs to operate an electric fan.
Electric Lighting Rates Cut Again
Oa July first tho rales for electric lighting wcro. reduced from 126 per kiloWatt hour" for tho first 30 hours' ubo. After the
. first 30 hours' use, tho rate is Gc per kilowatt hour. Electric
Light is cool, safe and convenient. Avoid the uso of dangerous
; matches. Does not consume tho life-giving oxygen and does not
. heat the room. Electricity in the homo permits the uso of many
labor-saving devices that aid in making life really worth living.
You should have your hojne wired now.
N Write or Telephone Today.
Omaha Electric Light & Power Co.
Thomas. A.. .JEflUon, who Ja. rather hard
of hearing, said Veoently that on one ot
his rare visits to Now Tork a man was
Introduced to him who preceded at con
siderable length to mfrke suggestions as
to the direction In which, for the blessing
of mankind, Mr.' Edison's Inventive
facilities might be applied. Then the
man switched to the question:
"Mr. Edison, why don't yqu use an
"What's that?" asked Mr. Edison.
"One of those things that help one to
hear better."
"Oh." said Mr. Edison, 'Til tell you.
By a carefully conducted aeries ot ex
periments I have discovered that tho
gray matter of' the average person fraz
zles out before hit vole does."
Government Bare Carbon Lamps.
Cavbon-fJlament, gem or metallzed Car
bon-filament lamps are forbidden to be
used hereafter in buildings of the United
States government All such lumps In
Stalled before February 1 are to bo re
moved nnd replaced by S-watt Tungsten
lamps. Tho supurvltlng architect ot the
Treasury department recently Issued uit
order to this effect Inefficiency ot any
but Tungsten lamps Is given oa the rea
uon for their substitution for carbon
lamps. Electrlo America.
For Wrlr In Nlnaiirit Itlrer.
WASHINGTON, D. C, July JJ. After
more than ten years' Investigation the
International Waterways commisiilon to
day, through the president, recommended
to congress the construction of a sub
merged dam, or weir, in the Niagara
river to raise the level of Lake Erie and
Its upper waters and result tn extensive
Improvements to harbors and docks.
The cost of the improvement is esti
mated at $3,190,000. The' commission
recommended Its location at QUI Creek
on the American chore and Hog Island
ou the Canadian. Just above Wetland
river. Tho commission ajeo report ud that
the weir would eliminate any injurious
effect up the tako Brie level of diversion
of waters at Niagara Pails for water
power purposes and would reduce the
range of oscillation of Lake Erie H oor
cent Diversion of water to tha Chicago
drainage canal, to the Erie canal and for
power plant purposes at Niagara Falls
has considerably reduced the level ot
Lake Erie.
Uarr iu llrsnne from Shcxik.
In dealing with persons suffering from
electrical shock, If the vtctim remain in
contact with the circuit his body must
not be touohed by the rescuer, but the
latter may pull him out of contact by
hauling on the clothing, or he may take
off his own coat, Insert his hand In the
sleeve and then handle the victim with
little or no risk.
Airoosi any article or Clothing or
material may be used, provided It Is dry
and of moderate thlcknese. Dr. Morton
points out that death from electric shock
Is only an apparent dtath at first, and
that there is practically always a time
which It ! possible to resuscitate the
victim by artificial respiration.
Wireless on' Philadelphia Cbtirnb
A wireless outfit has been Installed In
the Firth Street Methodist temple ot Phil
adelphla by the pastor. The antenna la
mounted over the apex of the roof and
consists ot four wires, span elxty-flvo
feet long and eighty-five teut abov the
level ot tha street
The Best Known
Washer in Omaha
Nerr Hauge Una Qlnss Door.
The electrlo range with a glass door Is,
a late Innovation' which many housewives
tiro enjoying. It Is quite, a' teaturo ot con
venience to bo able to see; ljjhy'tlfo. ex
tents of the oven are progressing Without
having to open the door to Investigate.
When you nre buying somothing
that docs not go out of style, it pays
you to get tho best. It means econo
my for you in tho cost of operation,
upkeop and length of service. That
is why there are. more than
' Electric Washer
Wo placo our Self-Working Washer In
your homo ai iiAYU' PlUbSiu
TllIAIj without any exponuo to you. o
auk. uo cash tn ndvnnco nor any security
whatever. Whether you keop tho wnnhar
or rotum It, thoro will bo no charge for
tho ubo of It during tho trial period. Tako
tho outfit do two big- wnishlngs with It.
If It won't do nil we nay It will, notify ua
and wo will call and got tho machlno
without a cent of risk or oxpenso to you.
We will even holp you got Btnrtad right and also aid you in tho
future It occasion arises.. Order ono now and bo convinced
(Either Cash or Easy Payments)
1900 Washer Company
Tyler 1011. 308 South 18th St. E. B. Williams, Mgr.
Also Water,
Gasoline and
Hand Power
Those young women
whose voices you hear
calling "Number?" are
important personages in
telephone affairs.
It is the patient, cour
teous "Central" girl who
makes it possible to in
crease the joys of living,
facilitates the. activities
of business and who sum
mons help in cases of extremity.
A Human Element
It is the operator who
applies intelligence to a
machine that never stops
the Human Element
that acts to control the
wires as they summon aid
in times of disaster, calls
the doctor in, illness or ac
cident, or connects sub
scribers for a friendly,
social chat.
Courtesy and consider
ation in dealing with
these girls will make it
easier for them to give
better service to all.
Wireless Outfits
And other specialties
are now for sale here
1810 Farnam WOLFE ELECTRIC CQ. Tyler 1414
Sole agent for the Edison Co.
101 Omaha Wat. Baa Bldg. p sola
Omaha Electrical Works
Electric Elevator Repairs
Westinghouse Motors
loa-lfl XT. lit Bt. Fhona Sour. lint.
New families ai;e constantly
coming to Omaha who
want rooms.,...
If you hava an57 rooms
apartments or houses to
, rent, you should let theso
newcomers know and the
way to tell them is through
the Bee classified pages,
, People who come into
Omaha always read the
Bee first. It has a national
reputation and everybody
looks to it for information.
Better put your "for pent"
4 ads in The Bee right now.
Tyler 1000
"It mutt be great to be a fan."
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