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Friday, April 11, 1913.
AX BXOAOEMENT of more than usual Intercut Is that of Miss Vlolot
Joslyn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Joslyn, to Mr. David
Tho announcement wan to have been made at a largo after
noon tea to be given by Mrs. Joslyn at their beautiful home, I.ynhurst, but
the house was bo badly damaged by the tornado that the plans wero
Miss Joslyn t not only popular In society, but Is unusually accom
plished, and has been re-elected secretary of tho junior class of the Omaha
Society of Flno. Arts. Miss Joslyn attended Drownell Hall and finished
at the Miss Bangs and Miss Whltans School for Girls, In Rlverdalo, N. Y.
Mr. Magowan comes from Kano, Pa.andila assistant superintendent
of the Swift Packing company at South Ohmtia'. Ho is a graduate of Cor
nell university.
The date of the wedding has not'beon decided.
The New Shade of Hair.
ited hair, $7 and up" I read thl n'
on the wnll a I sat In the chair at the
' hair dresser's ge ttlnit a shampoo, Then 1
K thought of- how much mone y Mme. Otfta
I'etrova at the Orpheum was savlnr '
cause of her wonderful hair.
A young noclety Klrl was Veen to mi
' the Rrmt Polish actrnss, so we ver
a taken bohlnd the scenes. Mme. Tetrova
was most charming to us. The first thins
I noticed was that Mme. I'etrova' nialil
also had red. hair. It was certainly strik
ing, because It was so different. The
- hair of madams Is distinctly Titian, and
it gllstwi from careful grooming. It. Is
the shadp that Is so popular In society
at present.
"I naw Jims. Nazlmova In New Torn
last winter;' ventured my friend by way
of conversation to Mme. Petrova.
"Don'J my I am like Mme. Nazlmova,-'
said Mme. Petrova, "for 1 do not want
i to be like nrnne."
Then she graciously showed us her
gown. Mont of her evening gown nre
1 of the new metallic brocauV with court
trains to match. The gold 'doth brocade
seemed to match her hair, and with this
was worn one American Beauty rose
Another gown wan of silver "brocade and
$laek. The only colors Mme. Tetrova
wears are different shades of green and
blue, and black and white seem to he
' Theater Party.
Mr. and Mrs. Ward nunresa, Miss
i Flora Zabelle and Mr. Raymond Hitch
cock hod luncheon together yesterday
. at the Hotel Loyal. Following; luncheon
they occupied a box at the' Orpheum.
Where They Are.
Dr. and Mrs. H. P.
their home In'Sunset,
taken apartments nt
Jensen have sola
Dundee, and have
the . Potter.
C. C. I. Club Meets.
Tho C. C. It. club members were enter
tained by Mrs. Frank Alvord Wednesday
afternoon. High five was played and
prizes were won by Mrs. Harry .lid
n.ondson, Mrs. Alvord, Mrs. Harry
Staner and Mrs. John Reeves. Mrs.
Henry Staner will be hostess at the next
Orpheum Party.
TheHungry club gave Its annual thea
ter party 'Tuesday evening. After nn en
joyable evening at the Orpheum, tho
members, and 'ladles retired to the Hen
shaw, where an after theater supper was
served.. During the evening Mr. I M.
Van Hcrg rendered several vocal selec
tions, accompanied by Miss Fuller, as
also did Miss Schnartz and Mr. Cols
Yeoman. On this occasion for the first
time the members of the Hungry club
saw the club flower, the "Droba Incana,'
or "Hungry Flower," which the officers
Imported In order that It might grace
the table on this occasion. Those present
Mora Cook,
Kvelyn Jone.
Kdlth Hchwartz,
Mildred Hlldum,
Althea Fuller,
lonn I.lmlsley,
Oanell Cook,
Margaret Oreenslate,
(Jail Yeoman,
BIslo Farrell,
Kssle Aarons,
Ituth Hyrne,
Uda Wherry.
Hay Farrell,
I,ee Wherry.
lAltueT. Hlldum,
U M. Vanberg.
M. J. Foley,
Charles Htepanek,
Cecil Vaughn,
Wallace Unn,
Dewltt Don. Carlos,
Al Irwin,
Ot-orge Yeoman,
Louis R. Uostwlck.
Fannie Smith,
Ila Ilridges,
Helen Drlscoll,
Emmie Rlevers,
Ituth Hawktnson,
Bthel Clark,
l'lorenee Cole,
Ooldle Alplrn,
F.tsle Housman,
Mable Housman,
a race Uerg,
Dorothy Bayer,
Art Mahoney,
Hert Heermann,
Clarke Russell,
James D, Hunter,
Howard Levlsey,
Olen Hmutz,
Oeorge Morris,
William Pearlman,
Kd ltyan,
Ray Connolly,
Vance Howler,
Taul Moore,
Percy Jenkins,
0. 0. C. Prom.
The big social event for tho Oinnhi
High school students will bo tho 'ide
officers' hop this evening nt Chambers
academr. Ies Hlhoux club and I.nral
club will each have attractive cozy ooi
ners. The hop Is In charge of Foyo Por.
ter and Ralph Campbell
Eureka Whiit Club,
Wednesduy afternoon tho member of
the Eureka Whist club were entertained
In Buying a Piano
Yoi Can't Be Too Careful About
th Quality of thi iRstrHMMt Yin Purihui
YOU DON'T want just a pretty
piece of furniture; you want
tone-quality, you want quality of material
and construction that is going to give you
satisfactory service through many years.
Our RigHlir Line Offers Yon Some
25 Standard Makes fer Selection
Every one of which is the very best pro
duood in its class and ovory one of which wo back
with our absolute guarantee of satisfaction to you.
Our April Piano Sale
offers buyers some rare bargains in Used Pianos.
Some have been taken in exchange, but most of them
nro instruments-whioh have been rented. All have been
overhauled and put in Al condition. See these snaps:
1 Ebersole $150
1 Steinway .-.S275
lEmerBon $160
1 Steger $175
lHardman S150
1 Steger $150
1 Kimball $125
1 Steinmetz $100
IBehrBros $75
1 Hampton $140
lWeiler $140
1 Vose & Son $125
1 Hoffman Bros.. . .$125
1 Ohickering & Son $125
1 Lexington $100
1A. Nay $50
Most Piano Quality for Any Given Price.
by Sim. M. K. Hlnlr, Mrs. Planth and
Mm. F A Newland were guest of the
club. Twelve member were present and
the scores for the gamo were won by
Mr. J. J. Mullen, Mr. Blair and Mrs.
Coulter. The club will be entertained b
Mrs. J. U. Crltes In two weeks.
Dancing Party Postponed.
The dancing party which wa to nam
been given at Chamber' April 18 by the
Omaha Woman' club of the rallwav
mall service ha been postponed until
Tuesday evening, April 29.
Prairie Park Club.
The Prairie Park Needlecraft club win
sew all day Monday at the ciuti nousi
making garments to be distributed by the
relief committee.
Ladies Aid Elects Officers.
The tAdlcs' Aid society of the Emanuel
Ilaptlst church, Twenty-fourth and Pink
ney streets, held It annual meeting
Thurnday afternoon and the officers for
the ensuing year are: Mm. C. A. Sher
wood, president; Mr. C. P Itodmin,
treasurer, both of whom were re-elected
to office, while those elected for the first
time are: Mrs. Jame Army, vice p-esi.
dent; Mrs. Pilgrim, secretary; Irene fc.a
ton, corresponding; secretary After the
business session their wai a social enter
tainment. '
Sulphur Springs Club,
Mr. and Mr. W. B. Roger entertwned
the members of the Sulphur Spring club
Wedensday evening. Two table were
placed for the game of whist and the
prises were won by Mr. and Mr. George
Parker and Mr. and Mrs. D. I Morgan.
Mr. and Mr. W. B. Worley will enter-
tain the Club In two week.
In and Out of the Bee Hive.
Mr. Albert Drelfui, Mrs. Kalrbach anj
son, who have been the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. I-ouls Illller, will leave Sunday for
Denver, where they will reside In tho
Mrs. H. S. Boyee, accompanied by Mr.
Iloyce' mother, Mr. If. J. Boyo . of
Chicago, spent a' few days this week vis
iting the former' parent, Mr. and Mrs.
. C. Patterson.
Mr. and Mr. Charlen F. Weller have
returned from an extended southern' trip,
having visited Tampa, Orlando, Chat
tanooga, etc., and are at home to their
frlond at the New Hamilton.
Mr. and Mr: Tllchard - Hollen of Chi
cago nre spending Thursday and Friday
as the guest of Mr. ami Mr. Harlev
Moorhead. Mr. Hollen wa formerly
Mis Julia Hlgglnson of thl city. They
are returning hpme from a visit In Den
ver. !
Personal Gossip.
A daughter WaV born Thursday to .Mr.
and Mrs; Ira Merle Myers. Mr. Myern
wn formerly Mis iessle Free.
Mr. John A.! Townsend of Detroit,
formerly,' Mtn Mary B. Meyer of thl
city, la vlsltjng at the home of Mr. and
Mrs, Dexter U Thomas, iGU Farimm
Every suit in this $15.00 sale
is of a quality and style for
which you would willingly
pay $25.00, $30.00 or $35.00.
An occasion of unusual im
portance to women who de
sire a new suit combining
style, quality and economy.
To Those Who lad Their Home
Damaged by the Recent Cyclone
Our representative who lives in Omaha and whose home was to
tally destroyed has appealed to us to help In the relief work. And
we wish to offer &H those whose homes were damaged all paint
necessary at actual cost of manufacture. Call or write our Mr.
Phillips, 4924 Davenport street, Omaha, Phone Haruey 2l33.
We guarantee that there Is no better paint made. A guarantee
can be no stronger than the firm that offers It. We are th,e largest
exclusive paint manufacturers In America.
Burbarik Pleased
With Outlook for
Beautiful Hotel
"I venture to predict that Omaha will
have one of the most attractive hotels
In America," writes William It, rjurbank,
lekseo of the 11,000,000 hotel, to A. U
need, treasurer of tho company.
With Thomas It, Kimball, the architect,
Hurbank Is making a tour of Inspection
of eastern hostelrles, getting Idea for
the new Omaha structure. He Is pleased
that the board of directors secured the
additional twenty-two feet west of the
slto given by Arthur Brandels and John
It, Kennedy. He says he can reallzo his
Ideal of a hotel In Omaha's new jna.
Samson Invites All
to Buy Carnations
Samson has Issued an edict for alt
loyal subjects to help the young women
to help the tornado sufferer by buying
carnation today. Following Is the edict.
Saturday, April 15, will be home carna
tion day, when carnations will be sold on
'the street and the proceeds of the
flower will be turned Into the general
relict fund for the tornado sufferer. Sam
son mukes a special request for all mem
bers of Ak-8ar-I)en to assist these young
ladles In thl good work.
Mrs. J. C. Hurkhart Is chairman of the
organisation and will have ISO young
ladles assisting her. The carnation are
to be bought at wholesale and sold at
a moderate price. Thera will be different
stutlon In arloua part of the olty,
where flower will be sold, and from
which young ladles will go out selling
The Store for Women
An Annual Event that Interests Every Woman
Semi-Annual Sale of High Grade Tailored
Suits at One Popular Price
Following our usual custom, we begin tomorrow our semi-annual sale
of Ladies' High Grade Tailored Suits,
marked at a price that is within the reach
of every economical woman.
We have assembled for this event
hundreds and hundreds of beautiful new spring
tailored suits for women and misses, in all the
prevailing new styles, colors and materials, actually
worth from $25.00 to $35.00.
Your choice Saturday for only
To those who have previously attended these sales, the mere announcement is sufficient and hundreds will again be on
hand for this one. But to those who may not have attended our previous sales, we wish to state that it will pay you
well to come here first and inspect the values we are offering. We are willing to let you decide whether to purchase
or not. Our entire second floor, with plenty of extra salespeople, will be devoted to this great semi-annual sale of wo
men's $25.00 to $35.00 suits for $15. Sale starts at 8 a. m. Saturday.
Relief Work to Be Considered Sat
urday Evening.
Will K-cln11r Tnkr lip Contem
plated Action of Hip brU
Drlesntloii nt the Xn
tlonul 'Capital.
A mas meeting 'of the citizen of
Omaha Is called for this evening at
rtie r.lty hall to consider questions In ref
erenco to the relief work now being car
ried on In Omaha. The matter mentioned
especially In the call of Dan B. Butler,
acting mayor, 111 'n reference to what
Omaha should ask from the Nebraska
delegation at Washington.
Following (b the cajl for the meeting:
In vlow of the telegrams that have ap
peared In the paper from Washington
In reference to the tornado and tho cpn
templated action of our representatives
In Washington to secure assistance from
the government, the mayor has thought
It advisable to call a meeting of rep
resentative citizen and civic bodies of
tho city Saturday evening at 8 o'clock at
the city council chamber to consider the
situation and determine what action
should be taken In reference to advising
our representatives of our wishes In the
The governor and other state officials
have been Invited to attend, a wcjl a
the officials of other stricken communi
ties In the state. DAN B. nUTL.HU.
Acting Mayor.
The rtaapke Grocery company, Eleventh
and Howard streets, became the property
Thursday of Jacob and Louis Blmon of
Council Bluffs, where they have bem
engaged In the retail trade. They camo
to Omaha twenty-eight year ago and
since then have been associated with
their father In business, the last eleven
years of which were spent In Council
The business there will hereafter be
conducted by the father and another
rod, the style of the firm being B. Simon
& Son.
Louis rtaapke Is one of the oldest
grocerynien In Omaha, haying been en
gaged In the business for the last thirty
two years,
Simon Brothers company have opened
negotiations for larger quarters at
Twelfth and Howard streets.
William Denizen, bigamist, was bound
over to the district court at bonds placed
at J1,KK In police court. Denizen, on
April 30, 1912. wa married by Judge Fos
ter to Minnie Dlekhotf under the as
sumed name of William Ubeland. Denizen
told hi bride that he had used the name
Ubeland through an error made by the
clerk whllo Issuing the marriage license
and that It would be corrected Inter.
Minnie Dlekoff knew that Denizen had
rtoxall Tooth Paste at..l0o
Harmony Toilet Water
nt aso, SOc, 70o
60c Pebcco Tooth Paste. S9o
60c Poiuneian JUassacn
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P0MPE1AN JOsCofln hnmS "Ve CrC"i
MASSAGE . COc Hind's Honey and Al-
CRFAM ' mond Croam 39o
I-'alrbunk's Falrv Nnnn ao
25c Sanltol Tooth Paste 19o
10c Williams' Shaving Soap 3o
2Kc Packer's Tar Soap 14a
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25c Victor's Tooth Powder 13o
Ivory or Wool Soap, -i-j
3 cakes for I IC
l-lb. pkg. 30 Xul Team Borax.... Oo
Tim 1 hers So, 10o, 16c, 30o and
30o a package.
Demonstration at 16th and Dodge
Store, by Miss "Blllie" Murphy of
and all the other. Wlllard White
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tions. Sold at cut price at our
Good Bulb
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Sherwin-Williams Paints
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Been on the market for DO years.
M pint Family Paint 15o
1-gal. con Outside Paint $3.00
1 pint good Varnish 35o
1 quart Inside Floor Paint 50o
1 quart Mar-Not Floor Varnish .. .85o
Sherman & McConnell Drug Co.
.. ii.muiia vrr inn 1'VJUIl U.UiltlV JW'JAAlJIJ BTUHKO,
Sherman & .McConnell Drug Co., Corner 10th and Dodge.
Owl Drug Co., Corner 10th and Harney. The Harvard
J.oyul Hotel IMiarmucy, Hotel Loyal Hlock.
Pharmacy, Corner U4th and Knrnam.
been married before, but asserts that he
said he hud secured a divorce. Sho met
him when she made a trip to Utlca, la.,
t marry his brother, but Instead ran
away to Omaha with William. The couple
lived together In this city for about a
month, during which time Denizen worked
In the Union Pacific machine shops. Min
nie, who was acquainted with Denizen's
first wife, wa confronted by her one
day and made aware of the fact that
Denizen had never Becured a divorce.
Minnie left him and went to live with
her parents. She Is but 18 years of agi.
Omaha bowlers are rallying to the sup
port of the tornado sufferer. At a re
cent meeting or tne uaie utty lesgue a
collection was taken up among those
present and added to the money left III
the league treasury. A check for this
' amount was Immediately mailed to The
I Omaha Bee, to be added to the relief
1 fund. Thl make the third bowling
1 league to contribute to this fund. The
Oieater Omaha Bowling association set
the example by contributing the entire
amount In the treasury, and all leagues
under its supervision are following suit
Recommended fur K Good Reason.
l' II. a rant, 2 Waverly 8t. Peoria.
Ill, ray: "Backache and congested kid
neys made me suffer Intense pains. Wa
always tired and floating speck bothered
; nit. Took Foley Kidney PHI and saw
! big Improvement after third day. I vkept
! on until entirely freed of all trouble and
I suffering. That' why I recommend
' Voley Kidney PHI. They cured me."
For sale by all dealers everywhere. Ad-vertUemtint.
T. iTf Hit
e-j p eft ii'
Color Effect s U
The color blends in this
season' millinery while
quiet daring have been
readily accepted by fashion
and such color as Nell
Iloae, Cerise and Bulgarian
hade are the popular color
effect this season. Thl
color effect I truly reflected In my
entire display of artistic millinery.
There's much In the
knowledge that; your hat
is distinctive ana in con
formity with the require
ments of style authorities
the asknowledgcd pre
eminence of my millinery
as a dependable authority
I offers ample assurance to dlscrlm
I lnattng women.
Economically Priced Millinery
The discriminating woman will find keen en
joyment In browsing through our display of
economically priced Spring Hats. Hat com
bining grace and dignity with chic lines, In
small and medium shapes ore shown. Hinp
braid, Neapolitan. Milan Leghorn, Straws,
Chip Hat and others with Silk or Mallne drap
ing. Trimming of ribbon, velvet, small flow
ers, braids, ostrich feather, rosettes, floral
wreath In vividly harmonizing or solid col
or. The price, too, 1 sure to suit, $3.50 to $10
for hats originally priced at from $5 to $20.
To our old patron we need not say anything about our
service, but tne woman wno nas never visuea our snop we
-. n . . . l 1 m V. a . -up ahAn'ii annnlntM am nro f 1 1 ! p n t Vn 1 1 1 1 n m with
artistic ability, capable of recognizing and suggesting style appropriate
to individual requirement.
Price Milliner
Bnos v
Saturday Specials
If you need a Go-Cnrt, n Rocker, a Cedar Chest, a Shirt
Waist box or a Bath mat, it will pay you to come to this
store Saturday. We are offering in those lines, for; Sat
urday only, the following special values:
This Collapsible Go . Cart All This Fibre Rush Rocker
steel frame, gear, spokes and a comfortable rocker for
hubs. Round tubular handle Up- ,,vi r bedroom or
holstered la good quality lmita- . . . .
Uon leather, Adjustable back, porch' Extra 8trons and
foot and hood. Locks securely durable. Hand woven from
when open; folds easily. An ex- 3-ply fibre rush. Colors,
tra strong go-cart, sold regularly forest green or baronial
at $7.50. A special JC Cv brown. Satur- d 7C
value Saturday at... J)0OU day price ..... pO0
Cedar Chests and 8hlrt Waist Hoxes We have a new shipment,
making our assortment the largest and best ever shown in Omaha.
As a special Saturday feature, we offer matting-covered box
27x14 inches, 14 Inches high a $2.50 value (jjj QEJ
Other boxes S2.75 to 813.50
Bath Mats We offer Saturday a special bath mat, washable, vari
ous sizes, your choice of colors. Made in the old-fashioned rag
rug style. - Can be used In bedroom. Saturday j
For Odd Pitc at Odd Pricma Visit Oar Bargain Batemtnt.
Beaton Laier Co.
415-17 So. 16th Street
- HI MtlttMM -